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1907 Ballenger & Richards 35th Annual Denver City Directory


3 6 0 1 - 3 6 X 9 Wa^ee St. ::: JOHN WICH[...]
_?%g Weigele Riveted
Colorado Sh eet
Metal Works[...]
"The Name a Guarantee of Qua[...]

86 STREET[...]
90 STREET A[...]

S. S h e r i d a n B o u - S Raritan[...]
92 STREHT[...]
94 STREET A[...]
96 STREE[...]
35th Year
Dry Climate Cigars[...]
[...]9 Shops 1495
Coins—U. S. and Foreign. 1467 Dyers and Scoure[...]
Grille W o r k — W i r e a n d[...]
Musical I n s t r u m e n t M a n -[...]
Stable Fixtures 16[...]
[...]Speer Mayor
Elmer E. Sommers
Charles P. Wilson
..Cl[...]Board of County Commissioners.
Charles S. Elder Treasurer T. A. Uz[...]Chief of Police George D. Curtice, S. D. C. Hays, Wil-
T. P. Owens Chief Pire Dep[...]strict No. 3 B. E. Woodward S. L. Phillips Highway Commissioner
District No.[...](Office City Hall.)
Ward 8 E. S. Worrell, Jr. D. A. Barton Fir[...]Parks Attorney Glen S. Duffield, Warden.
[...]Commissioner 32—Seventeenth and Market.
F. S. Boyer Secretary[...]
[...]nue. 517—C. S. Morey Mercantile Co.
174—South Pearl and[...]
«\_/*//7 J.KV3I

[...]Secretary Scott, Fort Collins; S. L. Bresler, Den-
DIRECTORS.[...]. Clarence E. Hagar, Secretary; L. Ward
S. Onderdonk, A. J. Spengel, Allison Bannister, W. D. Peirce, Rev. S. H.
Stocker, J. S. Temple, George Tritch, C. Kirkbride, Puebl[...]ve Department, Capitol Inglis, Pueblo; S. D. Van Meter, M. D.,
Building, Colfax avenue, bet[...]tel, ex-officio; Rev. W. S. Friedman,
Fish and Game Commissioner[...]STATE AUDITING BOARD — H. A. Charles R. Dudley, Secretary; William
Buchtel, Governor[...]beek, Secretary, 806 Equitable Building.
W. S. Coburn, Hotchkiss, Colo., Presi- STATE BOAR[...],
tary; D. R. Stotler, Port Lupton; G. E. Charles R. Brock and James H. Persh-
Harris, Rif[...]
[...]hal South Denver Station..266 South Broadway
Charles W. Bishop Fra[...]rt Highlands Station 2935 Zuni
Charles W. Bishop Clare[...]k W. Howbert Charles G. Baker, Supt.
United States Collector of Inte[...]ed States Mint Joseph LePever, Supt.
S. C. Hinsdale, A. B. Capron
..United Sta[...]United States Gaugers ware street,
W. S. Boynton British[...]Mexican Consul, A. J. Ortiz, 331 Common-
Isaac S. T. Gregg, H. G. Durand, A. P. wealth Building.
Frederick, Charles Riddiford, R. J. Norwegian Vice-Consul,[...]torney; Charles W. Bishop, Clerk;
United States Civil Service Com[...]Chief Clerk District Judge, Denver; Charles W.
Harry Tarbell Coiner[...]D STATES COURT HOUSE AND tice; Charles P. Caswell, Associate Jus-
POST OFFICE BUILDING[...]tice; Luther M. Goddard, Associate Jus-
S. Boynton, Custodian.[...]
[...]G. W. Second Lieutenant John S. Davis
Whitford. C: M. Bliss, H. L. Shattuck[...]ber, at Kala- First Lieutenant Edmund S. Sayer, Jr.
math street, northeast corner West[...]Court First Lieutenant George S. Tiffany
House on the first Monday in January,[...]Captain William M. Morrow
J. S. Phillips, H. D. Colburn; Mrs. Ida Second Lieut[...]Second Lieutenant — Rutherford S. Hartz
Department of the Colorado.[...]nel
Infantry, Aide-de-Camp, Ordnance Offi- S. B. Scholz, Jr., Inspector General;
cer, Inspecto[...]ral John Chase, Denver, Command-
Captain Clarence S. Nettles, Judge Ad- ing; Major A. H. Willia[...]sistant Adjutant General
Colonel Charles A. H. McCauley, Assist- FIRST REGIMENT INFAN[...]Surgeon. Second Lieutenant.. G. S. Pearson
Major Webster Vinson, Paymaster, Chief[...]Company L, First Infantry.
Major Robert S. Smith, Paymaster, As- Captain[...]T SQUADRON CAVALRY—Head-
.Colonel Charles A. Williams quarters. Cadwell Hall, 124[...]
[...]et, between West
FIRST REGIMENT BAND — Charles Cedar avenue and West Byers'Place.
Brown[...]e, 515 Mrs. M. C. Lang, Matron. 1857 West
Charles Building; cemetery, eight miles Thirty-fifth[...]man. Superintendent. Pearl, between
rie S. Hubbell, Matron. Albion street, Nine[...]
[...], corner Arapahoe street. dent; C. S.Charles dent; H. J. Hersey, Secretary; W[...]-President and Secretary; A. L. ident; Charles M. MacNeill, Vice-
Abrahams, Vice-Presiden[...]COMMERCIAL NATIONAL INSUR-
Edward S. Irish, Assistant Cashier; J. ANCE COMPANY[...]pire Building.
Moffat, President; W. S. Cheesman, GERMAN-AMERICAN INDEMNITY CO[...], Vice- —A. L. Osterberg, President; S. N.
President; F. G. Moffat. Cashier; C. S. Mitchell, Vice-President; F. C. Pinkney,[...]Sigel, Vice-President;
President and Treasurer; S. G. Gill, Godfrey Schirmer, Vice-Presid[...]etary; W. B. Morrison, Treas- DENVER—P. S. Moore, President; B.
urer. Executive Committee: J. A. F. Moore, Treasurer; J. S. McCleery,
Thatcher, Thomas Keely[...]
[...]Murphy, General Auditor; Andrew S.
RAILROADS. H[...]Wild, Jr., General Freight Agent; S. K.[...]ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD—
Charles W. Anderson, City Passenger James Culton, Commercial Agent, 805
Agent; S. R. Drury, City Ticket Agent Seventeenth.[...]teenth, southeast corner Stout.
WAY—W. S. Hillis, General Agent. 811 ROCK ISLAND LI[...]teenth, northwest corner Stout
mercial Agent; T. S. Barnett, Travel- streets.
ing Freight a[...]H. Schlacks, Vice-President; Thomas
WAY—T. S. Rattle, General Agent; Keely, Treas[...]l freight and ticket offlce,
Traffic Manager; W. S. Wing, Auditor; Seventeenth, corner Curti[...]ns, President; J. A. Beeler,
Traffic Manager; J. S. Mackie, Secretary Vice-President and General Manager; S.
and Treasurer; B. F. James, Assistant W.[...]Agent; T. E. Fisher, Gen-
eral Passenger Agent; S. S. Morris and
W. M. Bacon, superintendents;[...]
[...]Pierce Publishing Co., Publishers. Of- W S. Wager, Editor. 3816 Walnut street
SEVF/N—3258[...]AND CHIEF—Published weekly.
Hatch, Editor. 408 Charles Building. E. H. Snyder, Editor.[...]
[...]ishing Company. TWO-FOLD BLESSING—Rev. W. S. Ran-
21, 1F24 Curts.[...]WESTERN WORLD (illustrated month-
monthly. H. S. Groves, Editor. 401-402 ly)—C. O. App, Man[...]2 Tremont Place. STANDING COMMITTEE'S.
24 C I T Y RECORD.[...]
[...]E OF THE SACRED HEART— DENVER-Charles R. Dudley, Libra-
Conducted by the Jesuit Fathe[...]ted in Capitol Building.
der, Secretary; Dr. J. S. Jackson, Treas- MILLS LAW LIBRARY—C. W. Mills[...]ILL BAPTIST C H U R C H -
Manager. Fifth floor, Charles Building. Rev. C. R. Minard, Pastor. Willi[...]ADEMY—Conducted by can)—Rev. Charles D. Douglas, Pastor.
the Sisters of Loret[...]
[...]URCH—Noyes O. Bartholomew, Pas-
Rev. E. Barry, S. J., Pastor. Larimer tor. Ohio avenue corner[...]Christian. THE RT. REV. CHARLES SANFORD
Xavier, corner West Forty-[...]
[...]H. Hayutin, Rabbi. West side Twelfth J. S. Payne, Pastor. Lawrence, north-
between Larimer[...]ev. O. B. Waite, Pastor.
TEMPLE EMANUEL—Rev. W. S. Fried- Ogden street, northwest corner[...]UE' METHODIST EPIS-
[...]CHURCH—Rev. O. S. Baum, Pastor.
W. W. S. Dyett, Pastor. Twenty-third Rev. D. D. Col[...]EDISH METHO- TERIAN CHURCH-Rev. Charles A.
DIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH—South[...]RCH-Rev. A. F. Ragatz, Pastor. Rev. W. S. Rudolph, Pastor. West
Ninth street, corner West[...]r. Welton, northwest corner —Rev. H. S. Childs, Pastor. West side
Twenty-first s[...]
[...]e, corner Hooker. Springer, president; Charles W. Coch-
ARGYLE PARK MISSION—Raleigh, cor- ran, Secretary; Frank S. Tesch, Treas-
ner West Forty-third avenue. urer. ,
Fourteenth avenue.[...].
DENVER—Miss Nona L. Brooks, Pas- S. Haughwout, Secretary. First avenue
tor. Clarkson[...]ev. G. D. 1325 to 1335 Glenarm Place. S. G. Pier-
Weeks, Pastor. Shoshone, corner West[...]OF W. F. Meyer, Treasurer; Mel S. Wright,
THE NEW JERUSALEM—East side[...]t Thirty-fifth and West Vice-President; S. Wedeles, Secretary;
Thirty-sixth avenues.[...]Alfred Harris, DENVER WAITERS CLUB — Charles
Divisional Officer. Divisional Headquar-[...]
[...]ident; H. E. Insley, Vice-President; Grimes, S. W.; W. J. Maxon, J. W.; J.
Dr. C. B. James, Secr[...]Charpiot, W. M.; J. E. Macdonald, S.
PROGRESS CLUB—M. D. Barnett, Pres-[...]AND A. M.—Meet at Masonic Temple
ident; W. S. Boynton, Vice-President; on the second and fourth Tuesday even-
S. D. C. Hays, Secretary; W. H. Dick- ings o[...]Cleveland Place. W. M.; Richard McBride, S. W.; J. L.
ROCKY M O U N T A I N PRINCETON[...]asurer. Sherman southwest corner month. S. J. Sweet, W. M.; E. S. Davis,
Seventeenth avenue. S. W.; J. A. Dietz, J. W.; J. C. Graham,
WOMAN'S CLU[...]Card. W. M.; Ed P. Eppich, S. W.; A.[...]Denver. C. H. Jacobson, G. S.
DEN[...]Sixteenth and Welton. P.; Charles C. Smith, King; E. W.
G. S. Masonic Temple. M.—Meet[...]n, Scribe; C. F.
Teague, W. M.; John McDonough, S. Hartmann, Treasurer; E\ H. Snyder,
W[...]ibe; Frank L. Bishop,
man. W. M.; C. J. Morley, S. W.; E. G. Treasurer; Carson B. Wilson, Secr[...]s in each month. C. E. Keepers,
Alfred Saenger, S. W.; W. J. Fischer, E. C ; E. G. Heckendorf[...]venings in each month. F . B. Rice, E. C ; S. C. Peck, Gen.; C. M.
Young. W. M.; J. H. Bergen. S. W.; Kellogs:. C. G.: Ed. F. Highland,[...]etary. DENVER COUNCIL NO. 1, R. AND S.
TEMPLE LODGE NO. 84, A. F . AND A. M.[...]TEMPLE A. A. O. N. M. S —
. W. M.; C. E. Wells, S. W.; W. C. Hold their regular meetings[...]LODGE NO. 86, A. F. AND Chief Raban; S. C. Warner, Recorder.
A. M.—Hold their[...]
[...]l l , 1739 C h a m p a
ris, W . M a t r o n ; S. S. K e n d a l l , W . P a - s t r e[...]C. P . ; G. W . B a r t l e t t , Scribe.
S. O. O. B.—Hold t h e i r r e g u l a r m e e t i[...]Mrs. F . D. O. E . J a c k s o n , R. S.
Draeseke, President; Mrs. Ben Bowen,[...]H e r m a n D o m k e , R. S.
Spencer, T r e a s u r e r ; S. G. Mugrage, U N I T E D L O D G E N[...]C h a m p a s t r e e t . W . S. C h e n o w e t h , N .
DELTA LODGE[...]owning avenue,
Masonic T e m p l e . S. C. W a r n e r , V. M.; W[...]o e t t c h e r . N. G.; J. H . R a n k i n , R. S.
MACKEY CHAPTER RO[...]E. V a u g h n . N . G.: H . S. Willis. R. S.
H. Jacobson, Secretary.[...]t call. J . A d a m s o n , R. S.
G. D. K i m b a l l , M. of K . ; C. H . J a c[...]y e v e n -
G R A N D C O U N C I L O F R. A N D S. M A S - i n g of e a c[...]A. W . K r o s s m a n . R. S.
t e r ; C. H . J a c o b s o n , G r a n d R e[...]K e s s l e r . R. S.
R O C K Y M O U N T A I N L O D G E N O 1, A.[...]M. Culloge. N . G.; A. Pollock, R. S.
s t a n d i n g a r e i n v i t e d to a[...]
[...]rnohan, C. C.; Geo.
N. G.; Mrs. Sophie Unger, R. S. B. Campbell, K. of R. and S.
COLPAX REBEKAH LODGE NO. 11— SI[...]month at Odd Fellows' of each week. H. S. Worthington, C.
Hall, 1542 Champa street. Ida Shattuck, C.; George Clark. K. of R. and S.
N. G.; Ida De Lange, R. S. ENTERPRISE LODGE NO. 81—Meets[...]f each month. D. Elliott, K. of R. and S.
Charlotte Moore, N. G.; Lizzie Nelson. SOUT[...]n the first and B. C. Nichol, K. of R. and S.
third Saturdays in each month. Eliza- COLO[...]L. Cook, —Headquarters, 35 Bank Block. Charles
R. S.
STAR OF THE EAST REBEKAH D.[...]Larimer street, Wednesday evening of
R. S. each week[...]hott, Recorder.
Kelly, District Grand Master; G. S. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT, K. OF P.,
Contee,[...]SECTION NO. 1678—H. B. Osborne, Sec-
week. G. S. Contee, P. S. retary, 1725 South Pearl stre[...]Hall, 1832 Arapahoe street, SECTION 3153^C. S. Barkley, Secretary,
Monday evening of each week. George 1540 Wynkoop street.
D. Hall, P. S. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT[...]ows' Hall, 1712 Curtis street, SECTION 3503—S. F. Blaine, Secretary,
first and third Tuesday ev[...]s. Eliza Wakefield, M. E.
month. W. E. Scott, G. S. C ; Mrs. Fannie Whitehead, M.[...]uesday, August 13,
1907. W. B. Warner, G. C ; W. S. Grand Army of the Republic.
O'Brien, G. K. of R. and S., 409 Conti-
nental Building.[...]G. A. R. MEMORIAL AND BENEVO-
man. K. of R. and S. LENT ASSOCIATION OF DENVE[...]sident; T. J. Foote, Secre-
Ullery. K. of R. and S. tary; J. C. McMahon, Treasur[...]. LINCOLN POST NO. 4—Meet McPhee
of each week. S. Kirby, C. C ; Geo. N. Building on Friday evening of each
Stein. K. of R. and S. week. C. M. Bills, Commande[...]R POST NO. 14—Meet at
L. Sanford, K. of R. and S. Woodmen's Hall, Seventeenth corn[...]- California, every Monday night. J. S.
sonic Temple, Thursday evening of each Paradis, Commander; S. H. French, Ad-
week. John P. Rodgers, C. C ; P. C. jutant.
Newell. K. of R. and S. FARRAGUT POST NO. 46—Meet a[...]Commander; N. T. Cox,
E. Wakefield, K. of R. and S. Adjutant.
[...]he third Tuesday of Au-
Sons of Veterans, U. S. A. gust, 1908. Sam Jaffa, Trinidad,[...]Auerbach, Grand Reporter.
COLORADO DIVISION—W. S. Paul, COLORADO LODGE NO. 1229—Me[...]Junior Vice Division Commander; Al- tor; Charles Kruger, Reporter.
fred F. Gates, Denver, Secreta[...]t 322 Treasurer; W. Conroy, Reporter.
Charles Building. Al. Steinmetz, Cap- GERMANIA LODG[...]Graham, President; Frank Wheeler,
Secretary; O. S. Curtner, Master of[...]Protector; J. D. Mahoney, Secretary; G.
floor Charles Building. Frank Sheffield, J. Hartung, Treasu[...]West Denver Turn Hall, on the second
323 Charles Building, Friday evenings of and fourth Tuesd[...]H E STATE' OF COLO- at tenth run. G. S. D. 414. B. P. Cum-
RADO—W. E. Sweet, President[...]M. Council Wednesday evening of each
W.; R. S. Barney, Recorder. week at[...]
[...]C. V. Benson, A. D. Carroll, Consul; Dr. S. B. Buckley,
Stillman, Head Managers; D. Oliver,[...]onday evening. avenue and Kalamath street. S. J.
J. T. Fitzell, C. C ; H. Lord, Clerk.[...]A CAMP NO. 8564—Meets every
each week. Dr. J. S. Neva, C. C.; B. M. Thursday evening at 1916 F[...]avenue. W. S. Smith. Consul; E. G.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN CAMP NO. 7—[...]Mrs. Linda Blackstone, Recorder.
each week. S.S. Flynn, M. of R.
[...]Supreme Chief President, Denver; Samuel S. Baty, Su-
Ranger.)[...]COURT OF COLORADO—J. L, David- S. T. McDermith, Supreme Physician,
son, G. C. R.; B. E. Ireson, G. F. S. Denver.
COURT PRIDE OF DENVER NO. 4—[...]ursday evening, Bay-
eighth and Walnut streets. S. W. Han- aud avenue corner South Broadway[...]Hall, First
avenue corner of Broadway. S. E. Knights and Ladies of Security.
Maunder.[...]reets.' UNITY COUNCIL NO. 1080-Meets every
S. W. Hanson, Secretary. Satur[...]1100—Meets every Monday evening at
325 Charles Building, second and fourth Horan H[...]
[...]ommander; G. L. Mof-
stead, Secretary; Mrs. Mary S. McGow- fett, Sir Kt. R. K.
en, Financier.[...]L. Wandel, Commander; J. S. Lasko-
W. L. Turman, Secretary.[...]GRAND LODGE OF COLORADO—Stanis
Charles J. Hughes, Jr., President. Oblasser, Gra[...]Social Turn Hall, 1314 Tenth street, on
sey, D. S. R. for Colorado. the second and[...]Secretary; C. H. Peters, Col- each month. Charles Pfafflin, Secretary.
lector; J. H. Kingwi[...]
[...]the second and fourth Thurs- Don A. Swett, S. C , Victor; O. E. Rick-
day evenings of each month. Richard erson, Jr., S. V. C , Colorado Springs;
Morrissey, President; T. J. Lynch, Vice- W. T. Chamberlain, Jr., P. S. C , Den-
President; P. J. Lewis, Treasurer; P.[...]at 310 Temple Court. J. L. Sheard, R. S.
DIVISION NO. 6—Meet first and third BEN FRANKLIN COUNCIL NO. 10—
Friday evenings at Charles Building. Meets every Tuesday evening, 202
P. Bagane, President; Daniel Clark, Charles Building. M. Layering, R. S.
Vice-President; P. Sullivan, Secretary. KENS[...]209 Charles Building. W. T. Chamber-
Catholic Mutual Benefit[...]DENVER LODGE NO. 17, B. AND P. O.
Meets at Charles Building on the first OF E.—Meets on Thur[...]Joseph's Parish. Treasurer.
Meets at Charles Building on the first
and third Wednesdays of ea[...]y. Building. L. S. Kriege, Archon; George
BRANCH NO. 6—Annunciatio[...]he first and third Mondays
of each month at 209 Charles Building. Improved Order of Craftsmen.[...]ernoons at Five Points Hall,
each month, at 209 Charles Building. Twenty-seventh and Welto[...]
[...]at Huffman Hall. O. A. Hines, Col-
325 Charles Building, on the first and lector
third Wed[...]No. 216, F. B.
L. Wandel, Vice-President; Charles —Meets every Tuesday evening at
Judelovitz,[...]l Chambers. Presi-
evenings of each month at 109 Charles dent; Mrs. Martha Watson, Secretary.
Build[...]nthal, President; COURT NO. 17—Meets at 202 Charles
M. Toplitzky, Vice-President; M. Mor- Buil[...]L Mayne Davis, Secretary.
ASSOCIATION—S. Lipshitz, President;
F. Newman, Vice-President;[...]Mrs. Cora L. White, 280 S. Washington,
COLORADO ARK NO. 32—Meets every[...]A. Powers, Secretary. L. T. L., Mrs. S. S. Finch-Williams,
FRATERNAL ARK NO. 90—Meets ever[...]s first and third Thurs-
SILVER STATE HOMESTEAD—S. D. day nights of each mont[...]
[...]each month at Lower Worthy President; S. H. Loeb, Financial
Howe Hall. B. F. Stapleton, C[...]Secretary. Meets every Tuesday even-
mander; W. S. Watson, Vice Com- ing, second floor, C[...]Officers: J. E.
James H. Pershing, President; E. S. Watkins, Supreme President; J. T. Eng-
Irish, Treasurer; Mrs. S. I. George, land, Supreme Treasurer; Dr. J[...]Chief Deputy, 622-23 Mack Block.
month. R. S. Roesch! aub, President; MILITARY ORDER OF T[...]AMERICA—COMMANDERY STATE
CharlesCharles Building. May of each year. Capt. N. J. O[...]OF LIBERTY NO. 2— Street. W. S. McFarland, Chief Con-
Meets at 221 Charles Building. Mrs. ductor; F. D. Elliott, Se[...]NISCHER UNT- Moffat, Treasurer; A. S. McCormack,
[...]DENVER—Geo. Allen, Secretary. Meets
C. S. Thomas, President; Mrs. E. E. Friday ni[...]25
urer; T. Latto, Secretary, 1330 Twelfth Charles Building.
Temple, V[...]20
Charles Building.
International Headquarters. BOILER MAKERS NO. 179—H. S. Sha-[...]t. tary. Meet second Tuesday, 320 Charles
room 432 Charles Block. Secretary. Meet thir[...]day, 320 CARPENTERS NO. 55—Wm. Stocker,
Charles Block. Secretary. M[...]122—G. I. Hillier, Secretary. Meet Wed-
532 Charles Building; S. G. Fosdick, Sec- nesdays. Lindell Hall.[...]
[...]ELECTRICAL WORKERS NO. 68—(In- 216 Charles Building.
side Men)—G. W. Macey, Secretary.[...],
ELECTRIC WORKERS 479-(Telephone 320 Charles Building.
Linemen)—W. S. Campbell, Secretary. ORDER RAILROAD TELEGRA[...]ora second and fourth Fridays, 320 Charles
Holmberg, Secretary. Meet second and Build[...]eet fourth Friday, West third Mondays, 323 Charles Building.
Turner Hall, Twelfth and Larimer[...]20—3258 320 Charles Building.[...]retary. Meet second and fourth Thurs- 323 Charles Building.
days, 320 Charles Building. PLUMBERS' APPRENTICE[...]STEAM ENGI- ond "Wednesday, 320 Charles Building.
NEERS NO. 1—H. S.Charles Building.
IRON MOLDERS NO. 188—Jas. C. Kleese,[...]ys, 9:30 a. m., 1504 Curtis
fourth Mondays, 323 Charles Building. street.
JOB PRINTING PRESSMEN NO. 1[...]E. Murrin, Secretary. Meet
Friday in month, 320 Charles Building. Thursdays, 33 Club Building.
LATHERS[...]— W. H. Meet first Wednesday, 320 Charles Build-
Barnett, Secretary. Meet first and[...]Monday, 320 Wednesdays, 36 Club Building.
Charles Building. SWITCHME[...]
[...]TAILORS NO. 3—James Webster, Sec- S. A. Osborne, Attorney, 419 Ernest &
retary. Meets fourth Wednesday, 209 Cranmer Building.
Charles Building. STANDARD BUI[...]nt, 725 Ernest & Cranmer Build-
WAITERS NO. 14—S. G. Fosdick, Secre- ing.
tary-Treasure[...]blo, Vice-President; L. W.
WEB PRESSMEN NO. 22—Charles Stiess, Hoyt, Secretary. 725 Ernest &[...]y. Meet third Thursday, 320 Building.
Charles Building. COLORADO BIOL[...]sident; Robt. B. Rockwell,
third Thursdays, 325 Charles Building. Secretary. 708 Seventeenth stree[...]Sampson, Corresponding Secretary.
Charles Building. Boston Build[...]nt; F . A. Stewart,
Meets second Wednesday, 209 Charles Vice-President; E. B. Swerdfeger, Sec-[...]ident; LEAGUE OF COLORADO—John T.
Charles F. Strong, Vice-President; Burns, Pre[...]ier, Secretary and Attorney, President; C. S. Potter, Treasurer; John
516-517 Ernest &[...]
CIATION—Charles E. Smith, President, John F. Campion, Pres[...]ra, Secretary. 1740 Stout street.
intendent. 319 Charles Building. DENVER RETAIL GROCERS' ASSOCI-
COLORADO TRACT SOCIETY—Mrs. B. ATION—S. W. Babcock, Secretary, 516-
Herrell, Secretary.[...]—
dent; Mrs. James D. Whitmore, Secre- Charles Heidbrak, President; W. H.
tary. French, Secretary, 412 Charles Building.
ton, First Vice-President; Charles W. L. Clayton, First Vice-President; R.
MacA[...]first SOCIATION (CIVIC)—Charles J
Thursday in each month. A. C. Watson, Munz, President; Charles F. Wads-
President; T. E. Carmody, Treasurer;[...]Logan.
Willard, M. D., President; O. S. Vin- STATE ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE—E. E.
CIATION—Charles Hall, President; LURGISTS[...]
[...]CHARLES BUILDING—Fifteenth, south-[...]
Old Streets Whose Names Have Been Changed
AGNES to[...]
S. C . Peck, Proprietor[...]
54 STREET[...]
56 STREET[...]
58 STREET A[...]
60 STBEET A[...]
62 STRE[...]
64 STREET[...]
66 STREE[...]
70 STRE[...]
72 S[...]
74 STREET[...]
76 STREET[...]
80 STREET[...]
82 STREET AND[...]
84 STREET AN[...]
rt Zang's[...]
[...]t Walter L, cook, r rear 1327 Law-
Abbot Charles H, r 1111 Humboldt. rGHCG
A[...]tt William R, salesman American
Abbott Charles S, mining, r 46,1371 Broad- Steel & Wire Co[...]ABEEL MARIA MRS, dressmkr,
Abbott Charles W, mining, r 765 Olive.
Abbott Ea[...]
[...]NCE Achbach Charles, fireman, rms 1220 W[...]Amos J, saloon, r 128 W 3d av. Charles Bldg, r 2340 Albion.
Abley "Vincent, lab Western[...]Tennyson a Ituart.
Abrams Charles, shoemkr W Cohen, r Ackley Joh[...]Acme Pharmacy, Charles J Clayton[...]
[...]Adams Charles W, prop Drexel Hotel,[...]merce, rms 1144 Pearl.
Adamowsky Charles Harry, steamfitter Adams Floyd R, clk aud[...]s George L, mfr cattle dip, r 2954
Adams Charles F, conductor U P R R, r Perry.
3025 California.
Adams Charles H (Brigham & Adams),
r 2516 Glenarm PI.
Adams Charles H, clk Denver Dry Gds
Co, r 2073 17th[...]1 PAINT
Adams Charles H, student, rms 2181 S[...]lAFOHLProPLLj G L A S S
Adams Charles Partridge, artist, 625 Kitt-
redge Bld[...]merson. C
Adams Charles W, blksmith, r 849 Lipan. THE M MURTRY M F G . C O .
S3 Adams Charles W, painter, r 2359 Lafay- 17*1 ARAP[...]
[...]21 W 7th ay. ADAMS PHARMACY, Charles W
Adams Herbert J, clk, r 3234 Vallejo. Donnen[...]re insurance, 9 and 10 Fer-
Adams John F, jeweler Charles H Clark guson Bldg, 711 17th, r 1320 Fr[...]
[...]AMS WILBER FISK, merchant Adelhelm Charles F (Denver Refinjshing
tailor, 827-831[...]Adkins Charles A, lab, r 3159 Vallejo.
= o Adamson N Fred,[...]ertaking Parlors, rms 2409 15th. Adler Charles, cigarmkr, rms 1754 Lari-
Adamson W, vg[...]denbrooke), r 2432 Newton.
Addie Charles E, clk Denver Gas & Elec
Co, b[...]
[...]nil Agnew Charles C, teller Central Savings
[...]King Screen Co, r 161 S Ogden. Albis Charles B, machinist F M Her, r
Akins Charles B, r 10, 1224 California. 1281 S Cla[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. • g f Z S Z ?
196 BLO[...]Bloomfield Charles T, mining engineer,
3E 10
"UJ 00
tr\[...]nt Adelbert J, lab, r 3623 High.
Bloom Charles A, lab, r es Kalamath bet Blount Cora Mrs, rms[...]Blount E D Mrs, r 809 16th av.
Bloom Charles A T, tailor, r 761 Grant. Blount George D, lawy[...]Bloom Harry, druggist, r 2933 Osceola. Blout Charles J, teacher Denver Normal
Bloom Ida Mis[...]Bloom Jacob, grocer, 1439 lith. Blozo Charles, wks Denver Gas & 'Elec
Bloom J[...]
[...]ctionery, 3140 W 8th av. Alexander Charles D, woodwkr J P Paul-
Aldenhoven Thomas A[...]14th, r 3140 W 8th av. Alexander Charles H E, bkkpr Campbell-
CM Alderfer Jacob D, d[...]Alexander Charles J, clk car acct C & S
Garden Add.[...]an Max, machinist, b 3155 W 22d Alexander Charles W (Lutt Mfg Co), r
av.[...]ry Gds Co, r 1536 Pennsylvania.
Alderson Charles P, fireman, r 2247 Alexander Cli[...]
[...]el. Alison Charles E, 1717 Stout, r 3, 2124 17th
Alexander Pa[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CQ. See Advertisement[...]Alkire Mary A Mrs, r 720 Emerson. Allen Charles, carp, r 2725 Decatur.
Alkire's Pharmacy[...]Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2124 Arap-
-P • Pearl, co[...]Al-Ko-Lo Remedy Co, 21, 808 17th. Allen Charles B Rev, evangelist, r 1651
z g[...]shington.
AIX LEATHER TRUSS CO, F J Allen Charles Fletcher, accountant, 29
I- Babcock mgr, 3[...]Allen Charles L (Allen & Webster), r The
O Bldg, 15th c[...]se cor Wyandot. Allen Charles M, bkkpr, r 355 W Ells-
Allaire Edward G,[...]Allen Charles O, col'd, cook, rms 2124[...]Allen Charles P, pres Holme & Allen
Os IETAllan, see also[...]2241 W 34th av. Allen Charles P Jr, civil engineer, r 2923[...]Alland George, paper hanger, r 747 Grant. Charles R, carp Western Chemical[...]Allard Edwin, wks Colburn's StaDies, 1500 Allen Charles W (Allen's Coffee & Spice
S Broadway.[...]Machy Co, r 1430 Jason.
Allaway Charles, instrumentmkr Wm Allen C P, General[...]2605 California. McPhee Bldg.
Allaway Charles A, toolmkr, r 2226 Court Allen C Russell, pain[...]dward B, miner, rms 1220 Champa
Allebaugh Charles A, clk Colo News Co, Allen Edward H, agt U[...]
[...]len Ollie M Mrs, r 1933 Lincoln. Alters Charles, driver Kuner Pickle Co,
Allen Orlando C,[...]llen Percy Mrs, rms 1902 Champa. Alley Charles, mgr Great Northern Fuel
Allen Per[...]
[...]Allman Charles, engineer Tivoli-Union
Allhands George B, driver[...]ee also Allan, Allen. Alloway Charles, salesman Silver State
Allin Frances Mrs, r 1427[...]ne cor Elizabeth. n
Allison Charles J, painter D & R G R R, Aim Li[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Almy Asa B, carp, r 3820 Steele.
Almy Charles E, car repairer C & S Ry,
S3 r 4560 Perr[...]anklin P Henebry pres, John J Hen- Alvis Charles B, machinist, r 1281 S Clark-
ebry s[...]2__ 3238 W Hayward PI.
Alston Charles W, fireman State Capitol, Alward Ot[...]
[...]tal Bldg, 16th cor
Amaker A Perry, coml trav, 214 Charles Lawrence.
Bldg, r 1242 Race.[...]
[...]506 McPhee Bldg.
o Smith prop,[...]ment Co, 415-417 Barclay Blk. Charles D, wks Denver Pressed[...]
[...]Amos Charles E (Uthoff & Amos), r 2613[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See Advertisement[...]rew E, cigarmkr, r ws
^ ee
[...]Anderson Charles, blksmith C & S Ry, r[...]rson August, lab, r 1067 Fox. Anderson Charles, coremkr Colo Iron
Anderson August, lab, rms 443[...]rson August, machinist D & R G R Anderson Charles, foreman G H Huss-
R, r 757 Kalamath.[...]rson August, woodwkr J P Paulson, Anderson Charles, lab, b 4660 Lafayette.
r 1436 Elati. Anderson Charles, lab, b 5442 Washington.
Anderson August, wks Lindquist Cracker Anderson Charles, lab, rms 3841 Walnut,
Co, r 3543 Walnut. Anderson Charles, organmkr, r 1457
Anderson August, r 439 C[...]rson Augusta W Mrs, r 732 W 4th av. Anderson Charles, painter, r 939 Acoma.
Anderson Augustin H, jobber, r 87 S Anderson Charles, paper hanger, r m s
Washington.[...]rson Axel, blksmith, b 2137 Arapahoe. Anderson Charles, saloon, 4736 Josephine
Anderson Axel, clk genl mgr Tramway Anderson Charles, rms 1114 16th.
Co, r 231 Virginia av. Anderson Charles, col'd, lab, r 2818 Glen-
Anderson Axel, tailor,[...]Anderson Charles A, h a y and feed, 635[...]Anderson Charles A (Anderson & Jack-[...]Anderson Charles D, engraver, r 2838[...]304 Market. Anderson Charles E, carp, r 1038 Lipan.
Anderson A E, mail clk Bro[...]el. Anderson Charles E, mechanical engi- C O
Anderson A E, salesman Gr[...]Co. Anderson Charles E, musical director
Anderson A G, rms Hotel Abbot[...]rson Belle Miss, clk A W Clark, r Anderson Charles G, lab, r 3744 Marion.
676 Jason. Anderson Charles H, chief clk chief en- C O
Anderson Belle Mrs, rm[...]rson Benjamin, r 626 Jason. Anderson Charles H, coml trav, rms 1559
Anderson Benjamin, lab, r[...]. Anderson Charles H, lab, r 1200 Ames.
Anderson Benjamin J r , salesman Ham- Anderson Charles H, mining, 523 McPhee
mond Packing Co, r 626 Jas[...]rson Benjamin F , bkkpr Gallup Anderson Charles J, lab, r 1582 Clay.
Rental Agency, r 222[...]
[...]r 819 Sherman.
Anderson Charles L, pres Orchard Prod- Anderson Edwin, ca[...]son Edwin C, helper R01ERT30M A
Anderson Charles W, city pas agt Bur- Anderson Edwin D,[...]tling Co, rms 538 12th.
Anderson Charles W, machinist Temple Anderson Eliza J M[...]Eliza L Miss, b 1657 Humboldt.
Anderson Charles W, machinist, r 623 Anderson El[...]
[...]Anderson George, baker Charles Lind, 301
I1V1_^11I M i l ,[...]ns, painter, r 444 S Grant.
Anderson Fred, bartdr Charles Erickson. Anderson Harold R, opr Postal Te[...]
BOXES and 7TH[...]
[...]th av. Andre Frank W, collr Charles Scribners
Anderson S E Mrs, mgr Metropolit[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. • S ^ S S S T *
124 AND[...]herokee.
5 Andrew William H, lawyer, 515 Charles
Bldg, r 1110 Clarkson.[...]av.
Andrews Charles E, carp, r 1264 W Custer Andrews Mary Mrs, r 133[...]ws Mary A Mrs, r 3451 Downing.
Andrews Charles W, machinist C & S Andrews Maxy, col'd, ja[...]
[...]Anglemyer Charles A, lab, r 1315 31st av.
Anglen Charles A, dry gds, 2401 Larimer.[...]2053 Delgany.
Angell Charles H, jeweler and watchmkr, Ansen Fred, bakery, 1918 Lawrence.
317 Charles Bldg (Phone Main 2011), r Ansiger George J, physi[...]Anson Charles, S Bronstine.[...]0 Downing. gle, r 1847 Clarkson.
Angerman Charles F, upholsterer D & R Ansteth Oscar M, miner, r 18[...]iron wks, 207-211 Broadway. Anthony Charles, rms 1424 15th.
Angerman Jesse L, jtinner H Angerman, Anthony Charles M, r 1291 S Pennsylvania
r 40 W 3d av.[...]
[...]y James E, horse trainer, r 1589 S Appelstadt Charles, driver, rms 1114 16th.
«D Pearl[...]in Fuel Co agts, retail office 1010 16th, Appel Charles R, sec Wright Iceless Re-
yards 19th and D[...]COAL
Antrim Charles L, clk Colo Fuel & Iron[...]
[...]toni, wks A Capelli, r 2111 • 01
Applegate Charles E, steward Brown'Pal-[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]ichard, pedler, rms 1449 Larimer.
Archibald Charles W, chief clk Hallack Arkins William M, s[...]ARMBRUSTER CHARLES E H, oc-
Arenberg Abe, rms 1727 Tremont PI.[...]W 49th av. Armbruster Charles P, r 4559 Sheridan
Arenstein Louis M, cigar[...]19th.
Co, r 1216 Champa.
_s Arey Charles W, rms 620 20th. f-rmel[...]
[...], 22, 1624 Cur- Armstrong James, coachman John S.
tis, rms 16, 1630 Arapahoe. Fl[...]Armstrong Lee. cashier Cox-Jones Com
Armstrong Charles A, mining, r 1405 Gay- Co.
lord.[...]Armstrong Lucy R Mrs, r 1533 Cook.
Armstrong Charles J, clk, r 3656 Bryant. Armstrong Luvia A Mrs, r 143 Delaware. S.2
Armstrong Charles W, lab, r 1803 W 9th Armstrong Marga[...]
[...]Arndt E E, waiter Tortoni Restaurant, Arnold Charles, rms 1015 15th.
_?* rms 1507 Tremont PI. Arnold Charles A, lab, r 1042 Jason.
Arndt Frank J, clk D & R G R R, r Arnold Charles A, r rear 1818 Albion.
£>• 1231 S Pennsylvania. Arnold Charles C, painter, r 2525 Holly.
Arndt Katherine, clk DANIELS & FISHER Arnold Charles R, wks G A Bruce, rms
e o STOEES CO, rms 1507[...]Arndt Rudolph W, physician, 811 14th, r Arnold Charles W, meat cutter J D Mil-
oz 407 W 6th av.[...]nold Cora M Miss, r 19, 1464 Marion.
Arner Charles W, janitor Mack Blk, r Arnold Cornelius J[...]nold Edward J, cabinetmkr J M Simp-
Arnett Charles, lab, r 305 S Jason. son Woodwork[...]
Star Union Whitelead^ McPhee & McGinnity Co.!W8thA[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]1r0R PAINT
lane Mfg Co.
Arthur Charles, clk E G McGuire, 1713[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street p r h ,T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]tion, r 671 S Clarkson.
Atchison Charles N, coml trav William
A. Sti[...]
[...]38th av.
dealer in lightning rods, 2800 S. Acoma. Atwater Charles Mrs, r 2327 Glenarm PI. 1 <
Atkinson Alice M[...]•t
Atkinson Charles A, cook, r 408 W 12th[...]
[...]Auld Charles F, plumber Western Chemi-
- w[...]t Winnie C Miss, nurse Park Avenue
Auer Charles, r-1377 Mariposa. Hospital, Park a[...]age hand Tabor Van Buren sec, suite 210 Charles Bldg,
Grand Opera House, r 1458 10th.[...]sten Edmund C G, prop The Bucking-
Auge Charles, cigarmkr Solis Cigar* Co, ham, 1540 Washin[...], r Jefferson County. PI.
Augur Charles M, 548 Equitable Bldg, Austin Archie S, p[...]Austin Charles T, mining, 410 California[...]Bldg, r 729 10th av.

o Augustine Charles, shoemkr, r 1710 36th
Augustine Charles H, clk auditor C & S
Ry, r 2517 Sheridan Boulevard.
Augustine Charles M, grocer, 2517 Sheri-
dan Bou[...]
[...]Averill Charles F, salesman American[...]Route, r 2502 Clarkson.
Austin Frank A, lab Charles Humburg, Avery Kate Mrs, nurse, r 3024 Ar[...]ustin John F, bricklayer, rms 1249 12th. Avril Charles, carrier P O, r 1474 S Wash-
Austin Jonathan W, l[...]stin Roscoe O, wks H H Tammen Cu- Axhelm Charles C, mining, r 504 17th av.
rio Co, r 2746[...]
[...]Babcock Charles J, r 1130 Downing.
Kutsche props, 5 Boston Bldg. Babcock Charles W (Babcock Bros), r
B & M Mining & Milli[...]ACK FREDERICK W, architect, Babcock Charles W pres Standard Coal[...]Glenarm PI. boldt.
Baarcke Charles B, clk Tramway Co, r Babcock C C, r[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]Badgley Charles Welling, chemist Globe[...]5Z0 BLAKE 5T.,DENVER,C0L0. Badgley Charles W Mrs, r 1730 Franklin.[...]rms 2943 Wyandot.
Bacon Charles M, clk Oxford Hotel, rms BAEN CLARENCE E, su[...]Baer Charles, plumber Johnson & Davis,
tor Denver[...]PI. Baer Charles W, car repairer C & S Ry,
Bacon James[...]ax, coml trav J P Paulson, r 2229
Bade Charles, lab Denver Sewer Pipe & Downing.[...]
[...]Bailey Arthur D, bkkpr Industrial Build-
BAGLEY CHARLES H, D D S, den- ing & Loan Assn,[...]GLEY HERMAN J, sec and treas Bailey Charles E, coml trav, b 1576 Lin-
Denver Dry Gd[...]
Building Material[...]
[...]on E, carp, r 1041 Mariposa. Baker Charles, lunchman T J Lorimer,
Bair Harry F, carp, r 10[...]S, levelman Peter O'Brian, Baker Charles D, clk J S Brown & Bro
rms 1532 Court PI.[...]W, genl contractor, r 1041 Mar- Baker Charles E, agt Prudential Ins Co,
IC^Baird, see[...]Baker Charles F, cabinetmkr, rms 3805[...]0 13th av. Baker Charles F, florist E E Petersen, r
Baird A B, salesman Na[...]Colo. Baker Charles F, lab J E Kiefer Plumb-
Baird Charles W, motorman Tramway ing Co.
Co, r 1427 Champa. Baker Charles G, supt Fortieth St Sta-
Baird Christina Mrs. mus[...]. Baker Charles O, barber J W Moore, r
Baird Clara Mrs, r[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]o, r 2701 W Douglass PI. Balcom Charles, carpetlayer Standard
Baker Roy, lab, r 330[...]Baldwin Charles P, mining, r 1, 1358 Og-[...]
[...]Baldwin Mark L, stockman Union Stock Ball Charles K, horseshoer James Pen-
[...]O, apprentice Clark & Kelli- Ballard Charles, bkkpr, r 1539 St Paul.
son, r 1801 Boulder. Ballard Charles E, stone cutter, r 1018 S
Ball Cora Mrs, prop The[...]ce W, lab, b 4061 Zuni. Bailer Charles, farmer, r 4498 Pecos.
Ball Walter W, mach[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO,[...]
[...]h av. 1378 Ogden.
Banks Charles, col'd, cook H L Burpee, Bannon Edward J, rms 185[...]Bansbach Louis P, r 1360 Columbine.
Banks Charles B (C B Banks Investment BANTA BROS (R B &[...]
[...]er Myra M Miss, stenographer Mine
(0 Banzhaf Charles F, cutter Banzhaf Bros, & Smelter Co, r 2624[...]Baptist George A, waiter, r 384 S Penn- Barbieri Charles L, policeman, r 3455 Lar-
O -I sylvania.[...]arclay Block, Larimer nw cor 18th.
Barber Charles, electrician, r 1660 Boule-
vard F.

Barber Charles, waiter C & S Ry, r 460
Barber Charles S, machinist, r 1113 W 6th
. av.[...]
[...]contractors Union Depot and curios,
Barclay Charles, lab, rms 1840 Champa. 308 17th.
Barclay Charles, wks Otto Kuehne Pre- Barkalow Der[...]2050 Glenarm PI. Barkdull Charles S, missionary, b 3045 W
Barclay James, mailing de[...]hur, fireman D & R G R R. Barker Charles, janitor Continental Bldg, z oi
Barcus Clarenc[...]Stout. Barker Charles Edgar, student, r 832 E PI (0
Barcus Delber[...]Barker Floyd G, produce, r 905 12th.
Barent Charles, butler 1321 Columbine. Bark[...]
[...]rker John Anderson, salesman, rms Barkley Charles E, contractor, r 334 Fox,
629 Colfax[...]arker Lula Mrs, clk Joslin Dry Gds Co, Barlow Charles C, musician, r 2143 Curtis.
Barnes Charles N, miner, r 2731 Marion.
Barnes Charles T, supply agt Northern[...].
Barnes Charles T, driver Otto Shatz, r
/ WE'LL TR[...]fax av.
Barnard Charles O, insurance, b 220 W Barnes Edwin F, salesman St[...]Barnes Harry E, sec-treas Barnes Com-
Barner Charles G, molder F M Davis Iron mercial School[...]
[...]Baroch Charles J, tailor, r 3831 Shoshone.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]icy Barren, see also Barroll.
Barreth Charles L, refrigerator inspector[...]Sadie M Miss, r 2362 Curtis.
Barrett Charles, clk frt dept Burlington Barrett Thomas, lab[...]t Thomas, lab, rms 1424 13th.
^ ill Barrett Charles F, bkkpr Weicker-Cliff Barrett Thomas E, c[...]Timothy, lab C & S Ry, r 1406
Barrett Charles H, bricklayer, r 1369 Umatilla.[...]Wallace W, printer, 1335 Law-
Barrett Charles J, clk, r 3618 Decatur. rence, r 1615 34th av.
Barrett Charles L, car cleaner D & R G Barrett William, ca[...]R R, b 1037 W 10th av.
Barrett Charles S, lab, r 1938 S Acoma.
Barrett Charles W, salesman F A Ben-[...]BARRICK CHARLES E, mining in-[...]
[...]Barry James, wall paper, 412 Charles
Barron Louis N, paper cleaner, r 1127 llth B[...]ox. Bart Edmund H, mfrs agt, 422 Charles CO
Barrows Mary B Mrs, r 1444 Milwaukee.[...]t wkr C F Helm-
becher, r 1918 California.
Barry Charles D, carp, r 1842 Lafayette.
Barry David T,[...]
[...]BLOOD & BANCROFT Bartholomew Charles, chef St Luke's
(G C Bartels, J H Bl[...]lawyers, 504-508 Continental Bldg, Bartholomew Charles B, special agt Pa-
16th cor Lawrence[...]r Stout. 2d av.
Barth Charles J, 100 Barth Blk, r 3301
[...]3705 High. Barto Charles E, jeweler, rms 520 22d.
Bartle John, tinner Sanford's Furnace Co Barto Charles E Jr (Barto & Bush), r
Bartle John, coach[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Officia[...]Marc Leslie, actor, r 1645 Fill-
Barwick Charles T, carp, r 1138 llth. more.
OS Barwig[...]Bashaw George W, draftsman Burnham Bastian Charles, butcher, r 1120 Wazee.
Station D & R G[...], r 5, 921 13th av.
Baskin Jacob, jeweler Charles Wathen & Batchelder Herman L, teller Centr[...]
Bates Charles H. probation officer Juve- Batione Benicia L M[...]Training High School, r 1655 Sherman.
Bates Charles S, expressman, r 935 Gala- Batione Louise C Mr[...]Batione The, 1722 Larimer.
Bates Charles W, finisher Cooper & Pow- Batman J C,[...]
[...]Bax Charles A, cutter M O Stratton, r[...]uer, Bower. r 3309 W 38th av.
Baur Charles E, dentist, 3639 Lafayette. Bay Restaurant[...]s, r 1252 Eliza- Blake.
Bauserman Charles M, mgr Continental Bayer Claren[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Beach Charles F , cigarmkr Cuban Cigar
00 PLATE[...]Beach Charles W, dep State Engineer, r[...]e ) , r 507 S S h e r m a n . Beaghan Charles F, motorman T r a m w a y
[...]Bearson Christopher, lab C & S Ry, rms
Bean Charles W, foreman South Ex- 1424 13[...]
[...]m F, clk American S & R
Co, r 909 S. Clarkson. Co, r 2626[...]ifornia. Bechtell Charles H, clk Ford Optical &
Beatty Frank S J r ,[...]R, bkkpr, r 324 Lincoln.
B E A U C H A M P CHARLES E, d r u g -[...]
[...]n d B, b r i c k c o n t r a c t o r , b
B e c k Charles, clk M o u n t a i n V i e w H o u s e ,[...]
[...]kler Flora L Miss, mgr Huston Hall, Bedford Charles, r 948 Broadway.
rms Eleventh Avenue H[...]STOKES CO, r 323 Fox. Beebe Charles, feeder, b 4051 Walnut.
Beckman Sarah F[...]SUCCESSORS TO
Becvar Charles A, machinist C E Gart-
man, r 118 Fox.
< Bedard Charles A, driver O P Baur Con- 1741-45 ARA[...]
[...]1959 Welton.
Beeder Charles R, clk C & S Ry, r 2917 Beery Charles W, coml trav John Deere
W 25th av.[...]2d av. Beery Lyda E Mrs, r 1132 Clayton.
Beedle Charles A, brick mason, r 3327 W Beery William Le Roy[...]on.
Beeler Hannah M Mrs, r 12, 1316 Colfax Beeton Charles F, mgr Modern Phar-
av.[...]BEELER JOHN A, yice-pres and Began! Charles, lab. r 3331 Osage.[...]'Mecklenburg, r 61 S Lincoln. Begg Charles H, coml trav, r 212 Ells-
Beeler Margaret H, phys[...],
1560 Lincoln. Beggs Charles H, pres North American
Beeler Shirley V Mi[...]
[...]yers, 241 Coronado Bldg.
oo Behnen Charles, clk A Booth & Co, r
1421 W 35th av.[...]ap Frederick D, clK claim dept D &
Behnke Charles E, elevator pilot Opera R G R R,[...]
[...]Bell Jennie E Mrs, r 14 Sherman.
Bell Charles, lab, r 681 Vallejo. Bell Jessie Miss, music teacher, r 1615 22d
Bell Charles B, coml trav, r 3945 Tenny- av.
son[...]Bell John, cigarmkr Peter Chiolero, r 3405
Bell Charles N, draftsman American S Navajo.[...]Bell John, driver Frerker Livery Co.
Bell Charles O, carrier 40th St Station Bell' Joh[...]Bell John L, r 2340 Welton.
Bell Charles R, lawyer, 415 McPhee Bldg, Bell John[...]Osceola.
Bell Charles S, electrician, r 3055 Zuni. Bell Josi[...]r 714 Vallejo. _;t»°ANDBLAKEM.S. PHONE 12/
Bell Harry G, min[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
Bemiller Roliin A, barber, b 4476 Utica.
Bemis Charles, rms 1830 Champa. Gill), r 38 Broad[...]D R Benedict treas and mgr, moving
Bendell Charles C, pres Goodheart-Ben- vans, furniture pac[...]58 (Phone Main 1260).
Vrain. *
Bender Charles, gardener, r 3750 W 27th BENEDICT & GILL (J[...]er George C, clk Adjt Genl TJ S A, r Benf ord Charles A. coml trav, r 311 W
1173V2 Stout.[...]n. BENGSTON CHARLES G, under-
Bender Lulu B Mrs, clk, r 4563 J[...]
[...]Bennett Charles G, bartdr Majestic Buf-
Benjamin Frances W[...]amin Frank, printer W H Kistler Bennett Charles S, meat cutter, b 1756
Stat'y Co, rms 103[...]amin Fred S, draftsman American Bennett Charles W, salesman Struby-Es-
5 & R Co, r 3435 B[...]Hotel.
Benkelman Charles A, coml trav Colo Bennett Delber[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Go."[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judiolal, Contraot,
CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Off[...]r 147 W Irvington PL
Bensinger Charles H, physician City and
County Hospita[...]Benson Walter A, r 721 Logan.
Benson Charles A, florist N A Benson, Benson William, r 12[...]William E J r (Benson Painting
Benson Charles R, driver, r 4465 Perry. 6 Paperhangi[...]
[...]Berberig Joseph (Brown, Blomquist &
Bentley Charles A, molder r es S Lipan Co), r 2337 10th.[...]Berberig Minnie M Miss, dressmkr Den-
Bentley Charles G, electrician, r 1030 W ver Dry Gds Co, r[...]Berean Baptist Mission, es Blake bet 37th
Benton Charles, r 1954 Pennsylvania. and 38th.
Benton Charles, conductor, rms 1617 Stout sy Berens, see also Behrens.
Benton Charles F , clk Thompson-Atkins Berens Charles J, warehouseman Cruci-
Supply Co, r 275 F[...]
[...]ket. Laundry Co,
Berg Charles P, lab, r 4519 Meade. Bergeron Amelia Mis[...]ahoe.
BERGER GEORGE B, vice-pres Berglund Charles, miner, r 2042 Exposi-v
[...]k Bergstrom Charles, lab Denver Sewer[...]kee. .
Berglund Charles A, joiner Pullman Co, Bergstrom Gu[...]Berguson Mildred G Miss, stenographer,
Bergman Charles, lab, r 3840 Blake. 407[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]k, r 1922 Sherman. Bermele Charles, tinner Pullman Co, r
1-5 Berkey Ola E Mrs,[...]erkley, see also Berkeley. Bermine Charles F , miller, r 927 Navajo.
[...]Berndt Hugo, switchman TJ P R R, r Berry Charles, col'd, messenger Gano-[...]662 Inca. Berry Charles D, examiner Rocky Moun-
Berndt John, bartdr F M[...]erndt John, butcher, b 4627 Gilpin. Berry Charles J, clk Moore Hdw & Iron
Berndt William, trunkmkr[...]r 662 Inca. Berry Charles M, mining, r 1940 18th av.
Berndtson Hjalmar J, shoemkr Capital Berry Charles O B, r 4496 Winona Ct.
City Shoe Mfg Co, r Englewood. Berry Charles W, r 221 Logan.
Berney Harry L, salesman,[...]
[...]Best Charles F (J D Best & Co), r 441
o Bersche[...]
[...]Betz Charles, cooper, 1514 6th.
Best George, sec. Northern Colo Power Betz Charles, lab, rms 902 Larimer.
Co, r New Broadway Hotel[...]ood.
Bettridge Jennie A Mrs, r 327 St Paul.
Betts Charles A, painter S R Weigand
& Co, r 1364 W Da[...]
[...]Pickett Charles F, foreman pressroom[...]iickett Charles F, foreman Bagley-Tully[...]rd Joseph J, lab, r es Inca bet W
Beyer Charles, restaurant, 3524 S Broad- 30th and W 31st a[...]Bernardin Rev, asst St. Eliza-
Blaggio Charles, wks Delmonico Restau- beth's Church, llth[...], r 2344 Julian.
Biays Frank S, clk 604 Charles Bldg, r BIEGEL ROBERT H, mfg optician,[...]ICTBice, see also Boice, Boyce.
Bice Charles M, lawyer, 231 Kittredge
[...]Bigelow Charles R, barber. 523 Exposition[...]Bigelow Charles W, teacher West Side[...]h. Wine Co, r 2244 Marion.
Bienstein Charles H, clk Charles Wa- Blggirs John W, r 1430 32d.
then[...]Elec Co, r 3040 Osceola. Biggs Charles A, chauffeur Scholtz Drug
icy Bierbower, see also[...]Co Main Store, r 3139 Williams.
Bierbower Charles Mrs, r 278 S Logan. Biggs Edgar M, pres N[...]rly Clyde E, conductor Tramway Co, Bigler Charles H, carp, r 3213 Irving.
r 33, 2949 Zuni[...]
Bigsby Charles E Rev, col'd, r 2055 Cur- Bills
tis. Charles A, carpet layer, r 740 Dela-[...]son. Charles N, rms 640 20th.
CM Bilancia Jerry, garden[...].
ON GO, hardware, stoves, ranges and BILZ CHARLES, sole agt "Pack-
house furnishing gds,[...]m Edwin R, bkkpr, r 3330 W 30th
<0<O Billings Charles J, teamster, r 2551 18th. av.[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails,Plat* Clasp, Cement[...]
Main 4 1 3 9[...]1520 BLAKE 5T.,DENVER,CUL0 Bish Charles W, printer Pillar of Fire, r
z Birkhimer[...]rmingham R A Mrs, r 215 W 13th av. Bishop Charles F, investments, 408 Tem-
Z Birmingham T[...]Dunn Shoe & Leather Co, r 215 W 13th Bishop Charles W, clerk U S Circuit and
[...]nge Co, r 1352 Elati. Bivens Charles A, foreman Denver Gas
Bishop Lyman E, student, r[...]Bjork Charles E, clk N L Bjork, r 3523[...]
[...]323 W 13th av.
Black C J, coml trav, 614 Charles Bldg.[...]Black Virginia C Miss, bkkpr Charles
Black Fred C, barber, 335 13th, rm[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]08 Blainey A B, b 1420 Logan.
Blair Charles E, conductor Pullman Co,[...]ressmkr, r 612 W
oo 14th av.
Blake Charles J, clk I Finesilver, r 553
[...]Congregational Church, r 1575 Mil wau-
Blakeney Charles J, lawyer, 716 Symes
Bldg, r 1340 Williams.[...]Co, r 4039 Wyandot.
Blakeslee Charles H, lab, r 1862 W Col- Blanchard Millard H,[...]Bland William F, col'd porter Pullman
Blakley Charles P (Blakley Bros), r 2640 Co, r 2753 Glena[...]essmkr, r 2728 S
Broadway, Englewood.
Blanchard Charles E, painter, r 821 S[...]S3
Blanchard Charles L, student, b 1643
[...]Blazo Charles, rms 1758 Glenarm PL
M 0) J\TOH V[...]Biasing B L (De Lux Studio), 205, 1230 Bleibel Charles B, clk American Beet
E[...]Bleibel Charles B, real estate, 2, 1624 Mar-[...]h. ETBletch, see also Blatch.
Blatt Charles H, r 2738 Gilpin. Blethen Ada E Mrs, r[...]Blatter Felix, lineman, b 246 W 13th av. Blezek Charles H (C H Blezek & Co),
Blattner Charles A, lab Barteldes Seed rms 2004 W 32d a[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street *%? REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]Charles B, hostler, r 2602 W 23d av
nosa Ct.[...]r 142 Perry. Bodno William J, salesman Charles Burk-
IcyBock, see also Bach.[...]Bockfinger Philip N, clk C S Morey Mer Boehme Charles H, bricklayer, r 2514 W
Co, rms[...]
[...]Alfred B, barber, 2400 8th. son.
Boettcher Charles, 404 Colorado Bldg, r Boh John B, wks Hungarian M[...]SnSHWSSSle
E^Bogan, see also Bogen, Bogin.
Bogan Charles E, r 36 Logan.[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURGLARY[...]Boka Stephen, lab, r 5016 Sherman.
Bohe Charles H, fireman Denver Gas & Boke Augusta Miss,[...]Holden PI.
Bohlman Charles L, barber, 1011 19th, r Boldt Benjamin, r 190[...]Co, r 3428 Milwaukee.
Bohmer Charles W, asst F Kelly, 410 15th
< Bohn A[...]
[...]s Clarence H, bricklayer, r 4239 W Bolok Charles, lab, b 4679 Pearl.
46th av.[...], r 2546 Champa. Bolstad Henry B, casemkr Charles Wa-
Boles Odessa D Miss, seamstress, r 254[...]
[...]Conaway, r 1419 Stout.
Bomash Charles, clk M Moses, r 2724 Bond William[...]s (M Bomash & Son), r 2713 Bondurant Charles S, driver J P Paulson,
W Colfax av.[...]Boner Jennie Mrs, r 1407 Platte.
Bomholt Charles, r 4679 Humboldt. Boner John Q,[...]estaurant, 2035 Market. Bonesteel Charles W, agt Prudential Ins
_S! Bonaccord The, 142[...]e. BONFILS CHARLES A, managing
Bonaventure The, 510 18th.[...]Tammen Curio Co, rms 1917 28th av.
Bond Charles M, salesman Kelsey School BONFILS FRE[...]nver Post, 1540-1548 Champa, r 1003
Bond Charles R, janitor Buffet Apart- Cor[...]
[...]Walter W, carp, r 1639 22d av. Boom Charles, painter B L James M &
Bonner Clara M Mrs, r 1140[...]Bootes Charles, foreman Sayre-Newton CO
P"Bonney, see al[...]Booth Alice E Miss, clk A T Lewis &
Bonney Charles M. messenger Pacific Ex- So[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]15th.
Booth Charles H, helper Benedict Ware- Borden Charles E, bkkpr American Steel
house & Transf[...]& Wire Co, r 1743 Clarkson.
< Booth Charles S, draughtsman Board of Borden Louis A, b[...]hael, hostler Ph Zang Brewing
Charles H, r 2200 Curtis.
1- 111 Borcherding Diet[...]
6 © sephine.

Bosworth Charles R, lawyer, Richardson
& Hawkins, r[...]
[...]FRED'K.W. S T A N D A R T PRES. Bourne Charles, gateman Union Depot &[...]Bovard Charles M, lab, r 4412 Osceola.
coln.[...]John, farmer, r Morrison Rd nr Bovier Charles B, salesman, r 2636 W 34th ->i
Sheridan Boul[...]2 «•
Bourk Charles, shoemkr, rms 2234 Curtis.
Bourk Charles O, clk Brule & Bourk Com
Co, r 1510 Vine[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Bowen Hattie Mrs, r 1429 25th av.
Bovier Charles B jr, clk auditor D & R Bowen Hazel R M[...]9 12th.
u Bowen
Charles E, electrician, r 4337 Bower William L,[...]r 606 Mariposa.
t0|£ Bowen Charles H, driver Wells Fargo &
[...]Bowling Charles F (Staples & Bowling),
Bowers Thomas J, teamster[...]rd. Bowman Charles, plasterer, rms 1225 Cur-
Bowes Watson E (A G Bow[...]20 Gaylord. Bowman Charles W, lumber, r 697 S
Bowey James G, stone ma[...]
[...]Boyd Charles L, motorman Tramway Co,[...]Boyd Charles R, barber I L Conger, rms[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]e James A, r 1843 California. Bracken Charles K, clk, r 1075 Jason.
Boyle John, driver John Kallminzer, r Bracken Charles T (C T Bracken & Co),
3925 Fox.[...]Elm and Fairfax, r 2960 Marion.
Boyles Charles, driver, r 2009 Lafayette.
[...]Bradford Daniel W, sec Littlefield-Mc-
Bradbrook Charles, tinner, 3210 Tejon. Shane Printing Co, r 12[...]Bradford Herbert A, collr E W Sargent,
Bradbury Charles E, driver Gould & b 1330 Gaylord. '
Glascoe, r 2[...]Bradford Horace E, lab, r 1445 Niagara.
Bradbury Charles I, shipper Golden Bradford Howard[...]
[...]haw Caroline Miss, r 2520 Emerson.
Bradley Charles Allen, prin Manual Bradshaw Eugene E,[...]aw John, carp, r 501 Pennsylvania.
Bradley Charles A, salesman John C Gal- Bradshaw John (Offi[...]3 Josephine. Pioneer Bldg.
Bradley Charles E, teamster Benedict Bradshaw J F Mrs. r[...]shaw Maude Miss, stenographer genl
Bradley Charles P, real estate, 2, 1528 frt dept Colo Midl[...]chool, r 1828 Ogden. Brady Charles L, helper D & R G R R, r
o Bradley Ma[...]
[...]Braggio Charles, waiter, rms 1744 Welton.
FREDK.W. STA[...]7 Wynkoop. Braman Charles E, machinist Burlington
Brady Margaret G M[...]
[...]cor S Jason. Brandt Harry S. teamster Monarch Lum-
Brand Minnie Mrs,[...]T M MURTRY?V_FG.Co.
Branham Charles A, r 838 13th. TURING CO,[...]
[...]un William, jeweler A J Stark, r
Brasted Charles, r 1309 Mariposa. 1532 S Sherma[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass , 8 ^ r McPhee & McGinn[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]& Iron Co, rms 216 W 5th av. Brennan Charles A, driver T F Galligan,
[...]2th av. Bretz John, rms 2330 Blake.
Brenner Charles W, electrician, r 1513 W Breuch Albert H, met[...]ing Co, r 1513 W 12th av. Breuch Charles C, r 638 Kalamath. co
Brenner Henry, r[...]enner Morris E, engraver, 66, 1622 Arap- Breuer Charles M, engineer Gilpin School,
ahoe, r 2355 Irving[...]sette Frank W, driver Western Pack- Brewer Charles W Rev, r 2531 W 26th av.
ing Co, b 4418 Delgany[...](C"Bretherton, see also Brotherton.
Bretschneider Charles W, florist Park
Floral Co, b 1529 Pearl.[...]
[...]ridges George W, r 1223 Elati.
Brewster Charles O, solicitor Formosa Bridges Harry[...]
[...]ington PI.
Bridwell Charles W Rev, asst pastor Pen- Briggs Minerv[...]H Adams), bicycle repairers, 2540 Wash-
Charles Bldg, b 1911 Grant.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Centraei,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]m C ( W C B r i s c o e A r t Co),
ft BRINK CHARLES H, mgr Boyd[...]W C A R T CO, a r t s p e c i a l -
Brink Charles W, w k s Spratlen & An- ties, 627 Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis.
d e r s o[...]
[...]k. Broaddus Charles F, r 1511 22d av.
Bristow Ralph E, foreman[...]
[...]ick Loretto A Miss, opr Phone Co,
Brock Charles, teamster, rms 1441 Blake. r 3644 Lipan.
B>*_ Brock Charles, rms 731 Sherman. Broderick Margaret Mrs, r 1613 25th av.
Brock Charles E, carp D & R G R R, r Broderick Maurice E', grou[...]Co, r 4517 W 29th av.
BROCK CHARLES R, lawyer, 821- Broderick Quivas.[...]Mrs, clk Singer Sewing Broderick William S. supt International
Machine Co,[...]
[...]y G, driver, r 815 Curtis. Bronson Charles, rms 2257 Larimer.
Brohm Gus C, clk Otto[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. • S ^ E E S T
228 BRO[...]t g Co, 1741-1747 California, r
Brooker Charles M,1 grinder Columbian 1670 York.[...]W 13th av.
Brooks Charles D, liability and accident Brooks Marchie B Miss,[...]oks Mary Mrs, col'd, r 1215 21st.
Brooks Charles M, chauffeur Denver Brooks Mary J Mrs, r[...]Maude Miss, rms 1439 California.
Brooks Charles N, clk Frank A Ellis &
Son, r 2009 Gaylord.
Brooks Charles S, coml trav, r 1462 Ash.
Brooks Charles W, miller Hungarian 1[...]
[...]iam W, electrician, b 809 18th Brower Alpheus S. car inspector Burling-
av.[...]oks William W, r 2128 13th av. Brower Charles K (Brower & Benfer), 3400
Brooksbank Elwood, clk[...]c Mu-
tual Life Ins Co, rms Inland Inn.
Brothers Charles, janitor The Miss Wol-
cott School, r 14[...]
[...]Brown Albert H, carp, r 3817 Yates. Brown Charles, rms 1720 35th.
H Brown Albert[...]Brown Alexander (Brown & Schrepfer- Brown Brown Charles, rms 1825 Champa.
man), r 433 Franklin. Charles, candymkr Jacob Heinin-
B[...]r 1020 Emerson. Charles, cigarmkr, rms 1327 Law-
O -I[...]stone, rms 1314 W llth av. Charles, cook S E Jeffords, r 1012[...]Brown Alfred L, carp, r 2824 York. Brown Charles, foreman G T Roberts, r[...]Brown Amanda Miss, dressmkr, r 229 14th Brown Charles, lab U P R R, r 4242 Pecos
Brown Amanda C Miss, dressmkr, r 507 Brown Charles,
24 th.[...]Brown Andrew, col'd, lab, r 1307 Fox. Brown Charles, restaurant, 2211 Champa.[...]Brown Andrew J, expressman, r 1184 S 1001 Cook. Charles, tailor, 1436 Lawrence, r
Pennsylvania. Brown Charles, wks City St Cleaning
Brown Ann[...]Brown Anna A Mrs, furnished rooms, Brown Charles[...]Jr, tailor Charles Brown,
The Angelus, 1543 Welton.[...]Brown Annias Miss, r 243? W 28th av. Brown Charles A, waiter U G Mosier,
Brown Artem[...]Lumber Co, r 1436 30th. Brown Charles A, waiter, r 1354 Glenarm
Brown A[...]Champa. Brown Charles Cortland, lawyer 336-337
= o Brown Ar[...]Foundry Co, r rear 4431 Vrain. Brown Charles H, butcher, r 220 S Cher-
2 Brown A[...]Byers PI. Brown Charles H, driver, r 54, 2411 15th.
< Brown Augustus H, sec-treas and mgr Brown Charles H, farmer, rms 2123 Law-
Henders[...]Fir. Brown Charles H, salesman, r 8, 330 19th
Brown[...]Ptg Co, rms 1730 Lawrence. Brown Charles H, teamster, r 4379 Depew.
Brown[...]Brown A G collections, 205 Quincy Bldg. Brown Charles H, col'd, lab, r 13 Sand.[...]
Brown Charles J, clk Hendrie & Bolthoff Brown[...]rms 908 21st.
Mfg & Supply Co, r 257 Fox.
Brown Charles J, porter C R Wolever, r Brown[...]Brown Edward E, switchman C & S Ry,
Brown Charles L, hou«e mover, r rear r 16[...]Brown Edward H, instrument man Board
Brown Charles M, clk auditor C & S Ry, of Pu[...]Brown Edward K, sawyer F E Perrault,
Brown Charles M, lawyer 308 Colorado r 54,[...]Brown Edward L, prin North Side High
Brown Charles S, bkkpr Bankers Supply Schoo[...]Brown Edward L, r 339 Galapago.
Brown Charles S, printer, r 1725 Glenarm Brown[...]send & Son, r 916 28th.
Brown Charles W (Brown & Beck), r 1117 Brown Edward N, with J S Brown &
20th av.
Brown Charles W, clk C S Morey Mer Bro M[...]wn Ebenezer, r rear 5 W 17th av.
Brown Ed, bartdr Charles Nolan, r 21st[...]
Brown Jacob, jeweler Charles Wathen & 1848 Arapahoe.
Co, r 145[...]
Barbed Wire, Etc :n> The Hallack & Howard Lu[...]
Window Glass, Lead, Oil, Varnish, Mixed Paints McP[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO.[...]
B r o w n e C h a r l e s S. p r i n t e r L u d l o w - M e r -
r i[...]
[...]Brownson Charles M, warehouseman[...]41-45 ARAPAHOE ST. - TELE PHONE-IOOO Brownyard Charles E', r 3428 W 24th av.
Brownyard Charles H, painter, r 2050 S[...]rowning Richard W, cook Clarke's Res- Bruce Charles A, helper C J Reilly.
s taurant, r 712 29[...]enver Bruce Eugene L, asst purchasing agt
& s. Dry Gds Co, r 811 Marion.[...]^^1010 I61i_ 5T.I
Brownne Charles F, clk auditor D & R
G R R, r 77[...]
[...]ms 1830 Champa. Bruen Charles E, stockman, r 2021 Colfax
Bruce John C, asst for[...]an. Bruen Charles P, salesman, rms 2449
Bruce John W, lab American[...]S Lincoln. Bruggerman Charles A, brakeman, r 2229
Bruce Roy E, tel opr W U T Co[...]35th av.
Bruckman Charles, bkkpr Stern-Prince Brumage G[...]Brumage Milton L, r 4521 W 35th av.
Bruckman Charles T, electrician O P Brumage W[...]merson. Brumbaugh Charles A, cement finisher, r
Bruderlin Albert, ha[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Of[...]liam H, r 790 Magnolia. Bruns Oswald S. cashier Donaldson &
Brundage Fletcher[...]Elati.
Brune Charles W, r 330 Cherokee.
S3 Brune Henry H, car[...]Brunsman Charles, driver Silver State[...]pin.
I — «- Bruner Charles A, printer, 1520 S Pearl. Brunson Henry D, sa[...]press, rms 409 23d. Brunston Charles Mrs, r 1301 17th av.
Bruner J S Mrs,[...]Co, r 4058 Pecos.
ZQ Brunner Charles, lab, rms 1320% Larimer. PAINT ANDVA[...]
[...]1331 Champa.
ments, r rear 1116 Emerson.
Brush Charles, helper Cooper & Powell BRYAN WILLIAM EDGAR, illu[...]v.
Bruso Julius A, sign painter Joslin Dry Bryant Charles, wks Mansion Stables,
Gds Co, r 931 Julian.[...]imer.
Brusse George W, warehouse man Moore Bryant Charles F, dentist, 504 California
Hdw & Iron Co, r 242[...]t James, col'd, rms 2033 Lawrence. o z
Bryan Charles H, cashier Bartels Bros, r Bryant James A,[...]
[...]E* inson, r 1841 S Sherman.
Bryson Charles Lee, copy reader Denver Buchanan Theodore[...]na S Jefferson, col'd, r 2810 Arap-
Bubar Charles A W, coml trav, r 1604 ahoe.
[...]iam H, painter, r 1400 S Buckey Charles W, toolmkr Wm Ains- w
Pearl.[...]39 California. Buckingham Charles L, constructing en-
Buck Burna B, lab, r es S Bro[...]Buckingham Frank E, coml trav Aber-
Buck Charles L, coml trav, 413 Charles nathy Furniture Co, r 74 W Byers[...]Buckingham George H, carp, r 2243 W
Buck Charles M, inspector TJ P R R, r 28th av.
2423 Gilpin.
Buck Charles S, carp, r 3004 Williams. Buckingham The, E C G Austen prop,
Buck Charles S Mrs, restaurant,' 339 W 1540 W[...]1425 Court Pi. Buckins Charles E, porter Globe Express
Buck Charles W, mining, r 1393 Osceola.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]ckley AJrbert, clk Victor Hotel.
Buckley Charles F, r 1627 Pennsylvania. Bucky Gustav J, clk[...]Budd Charles E, blksmith Vulcan Iron[...]
[...]l Elizabeth Miss, dressmkr, rms 22 W Buford Charles W, col'd, janitor Ogden
12th av.[...]Type Foundry Co, r 2914 Welton.
Buell Charles O, Ry Mail clk, r 2434 W Buford Le Roy, tr[...]arbers supplies, 1438 to 1442 Larimer. Bukey Charles F, clk, r 57 Pearl.
Buerger Ella Mrs, r 33[...]
[...]Co, rms 1576 Lincoln.
Bull Charles H, rms 2247 Larimer. Bumpus Alta M Mi[...]ll Clark E, dairyman, r 1551 W Bayaud Bunce Charles W, lab, r 1955 W Holden
av.[...]ll Homer, rms 1835 Champa. Bunch Charles W, clk J S Brown & Bro
OS Bull Jennie Miss[...]Bunda Frank, lab, r 3314 Lipan.
BULLEN CHARLES E, sales agt Bundchu Charles G, car repairer D & R
o -J[...]en Florence Miss, asst W B Keyt, r Bundsen Charles A, physician, 31, 1427
505 W 7th av.[...]nia, r C 1960 Sherman.
Bullock Charles H, beveler McMurtry[...]
[...]NCE UPON RENTS Burbenich Charles H, physician, b 1584 S[...]Burch Charles F, cook, r 2252 California.[...]Burch Frank M, r 3949 Alcott.
Bunker Charles H, mgr Portland Coffee Burch Geo[...]rms 1014 23d.
Bunker Frank E, coml trav, 429 Charles Burch George W, teamster, r rear[...]* DEALERS IN
Buntz Charles S, lab, r 3334 Wewatta.
Buol Paul, cook, r[...]
[...]Burgdorf Charles A, engineer TJ P R R,[...]Burge Charles R, conductor Pullman Co,[...]ments, 17th av sw cor Emerson.
Burden Charles, lab Griffin Wheel Co, r Burger J H, grocer,[...]Clarkson.
Burden Charles E, teacher, r 124 Colora- Burger Lewis E Rev,[...]19th av.
Burdick Edwin N, lawyer, 423 Charles Burgess Beatrice Miss, rms 1377 Bannock.[...]rdick Frank A, lawyer, r 1739 Marion. Burgess Charles W, student, r 142 W Ce-
Burdick George[...]Burdick-Newby Martha, physician, 423
Charles Bldg, r 2934 Zuni. .[...]7 10th av. Franklin.
X (0 Bur Dine Charles G, clk P O, r 1156 Dela- Burgess George[...]
[...]Furniture Co, r 1355 Bannock.
Burgett Charles E, machinist U P R R, Burke Daniel, blks[...]208 16th. 1828 California.
Burgoyne Charles B, teamster, r 3838 Burke James H, driv[...]Burke John, helper C & S Ry, r 3616 Ma-
Burgreen Charles V, stage hand Tabor rion.
[...]B u r k h a r d t Charles, prop Charles Burk-
B u r k e J o s e p h M, r S[...]
[...]SURANCE UPON RENTS Burmeister Charles, apprentice C & S[...]nd Alphonse A, mining, r 1103 Em- CO
Burkman Charles J, lab, r 1737 19th. erson.
Burkocki John, lab, r 5069 Sherman. Burnaugh Charles, butcher, r 2339 Curtis.
KTBurks, see also Berkes[...]ge L, clk A T Lewis & Son Burnett Charles H, r 1368 High.
Dry Gds Co, r 156 S Lincoln.[...]lpin.
verware, hotel supplies, sample room,
322 Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis. BURNETT J[...]h av. 2015 Lawrence.
Burlingame Charles H, messenger Wells Burnfield David[...]ng Co, r 3257 Champa. Burnham Charles F, mining 19 Bank - H
Burlingame E E Mr[...]Burnham Charles H, student, r 1279 Vine. *3
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. Insu[...]Burns Henry, lab, rms 1621 Larimer.
Charles F Neal & Co, r 1520 Adams. Burns Herman J,[...]Burns John, r 403 Downing.
Burns Charles, lab, r ws Galapago bet Burns John C, b 838[...]W 29th and W 30th avs.
Burns Charles F , engineer D & R G R Burns John T, sec C[...]oseph, wks The Shirley, r 820 W
Burns Charles J, brakeman D & R G R 10th av.
R, r 716 Lipan.
Burns Charles J, collr, r 1102 10th. Burns Joseph, col'd, yardman, r 820 W
Burns Charles P, machinist G P Hering, 10th av.[...]Kate Miss, opr Phone Co, r 1136
_j Burns Charles P, physician, 245 W 4th av Inca.[...]
[...]V WE'LL TRUST YOU BURPEE CHARLES L, real estate[...]s T Mitchell, physician, 11, 1434 Glen- Burritt Charles A, 744 Equitable Bldg, r
arm PI, r 1252[...]
[...]Burton Charles A, col'd, janitor Troy
• CO, owners a[...]ding Machine, W J Parrish mgr, 1526 Burton Charles H, lawyer, 407 Charles
CM Court PI.[...]
[...]l Gertrude Miss, milliner, r 2560 9 01
Busch Charles, bkkpr, r 1635 S Clarkson. Cha[...]th cor Stout. CO
Bush Charles, lab, b 4443 Pearl. Buske Robert, rms 1853 Stout.
Bush Charles J, salesman Crucible Steel
Co of America,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]Harry W, driver, r 2059 Clarkson.
Bussey Charles H, grocery, 2460 Marion. Butler Harvey, carp[...]Seed House, r 1332 Elizabeth.
GO Butler Charles M, pres Masons Supply
Co, r 765 F[...]
[...]Butterfass Charles, bakery, 910 Larimer.
// WELL TRUST YOU Butterfass Charles Jr, baker E W Par-[...]& Witt (E O Butler and J H Buttolph Charles, weighmaster, rms 2050[...]
[...]Byers Charles A, driver Guiry Express &[...]I PAINT Byers Charles E, driver Colo Lumber Co,
r[...]Fiber Plaster Co, 708 17th, r 171
o Button Charles A, carp, r 2027 Emerson.
Button James I,[...]County Hospital, r 4334 Stuart.
Butz Charles, bartdr, rms 1928 Lawrence. Byles F Gillett,[...]4418 Sherman. Bynum Charles W, plumber, 135 S Broad-
Butz George P,[...]FUEL c d .
Byers Charles, cigarmkr Joint Stock Ci[...]
[...]e & Co), r 22
Imperial Chambers, 318 14th.
Byrne Charles, wks Denver Omnibus &[...]Byrnes Charles J, lab, r 39 W 2d av.[...]•n •
Byrne Charles, bricklayer, b 1406 Curtis. Byrnes Ka[...]9 W 2d av. OO
Byrne John, machinist, r 130 W 1S..h av. Byron Irving, col'd, porter, r[...]E, carp, r 555 Pearl.
Cabeen John S, lawyer, 421 Charles Bldg, Cadwell E' Eugene, real "estat[...]lin A, lineman Denver Gas & Cady Charles, waiter Clarke's Restau-
Elec Co, r 3135 Vine.[...]bert D, r 139 S Pennsylvania. Cady Charles C, cabinetmkr H R Sadler
Cade David W, coml trav,[...]Cady Charles H, armature winder Tram-
Cade D W Mrs, rms[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CQ. Opp. Insur[...]Cady L I Mrs, r 2536 Vine. Cain Charles, pedler, rms 1122 Larimer.
Cady M[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street ^ T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]MtMcMURTRYMFG.Co. Callahan Charles J, bkkpr Franktown[...]lso Coll, Kail. Fox.
Call Charles, col'd, bootblack, 1707 Arapa- Callahan William[...]roadway. Callan Charles D, lineman Postal Tel-
Call John G[...]
[...]R, mgr A Booth & 01 0
Calley Charles H, grocer, 1110 17th av, r Co, r 7, 1218 Colfa[...]ton, r 3435 Franklin.
Calloway Charles T, clk Colo Honey Pro- Cameron Charles M, Christian Science
ducers Assn, r 2437 W 35th[...]h av.
Calvert Anna Mrs, r 1766 Lafayette.
Calvert Charles T, machinist, r 1150 De-
Calvert E[...]
[...]Campbell Charles A Rev, pastor Twenty-[...]Campbell Charles A, clk Alcott Station P[...]Campbell Charles C, expressman, r 2856[...]nn Frederick W Jr, clk L Wolff Campbell Charles D, col'd, r 2839 Glen-
[...]ampbell George, r 1221 Lafayette.
Campbell Charles M, dairy, r Leetsdale Campbell George B, lawyer,[...]Bldg, r Arvada.
Campbell Charles P, mattressmkr, r 3426 Campbell George D, en[...]Co, r 2726 Williams.
itol Lo[...]. treas Knight-Campbell Music Co, 1625-
Campbell Charles T, mattressmkr G J 1631 California.
Kinde[...]mpbell Gipson W, stenographer, r 2864
Campbell Charles W, sec Dental Spe- W Lake PI.
cialty Co, r 1273 Vine.
Campbell Charles W, supt Alcott Station Campbell Gladys[...]
Barbed Wire, Etc ."The Hallack & Howard Lum[...]
[...]ndrew J, mgr Sigel-Campion Cann Charles, ranchman, r 2504 Glenarm
Live Stock Com Co, r[...]Canning Charles H, clk Denver Dry Gds
Campton Frank A, col'd, por[...]Canning Robert, machinist F M Davis
Canavan Charles, r 1019 26th. Iron Wks C[...].
nyCane, see also Cain, Kain, Kane.
Cane Abraham S. apprentice Winter Ci-
gar Mfg Co, r 1827[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
P r e s i d e n t C. S. M o r e y M e r c a n t i l e Co., a n d D[...]
[...]APITOL NATIONAL BANK, Card Charles S, pres C S Card Iron Wks
George E Armstrong cas[...]hampa. ALFR^S.
Caplan Gabriel, cigarmkr Industrial Ci-
[...]rey Alice B Miss, garment mkr, r 4308 Carle Charles, vice-pres Bitter Building
[...]Carlson August, lab, r 4716 Josephine.
Carleton Charles B, clk Natl Bond Co, r Carlson A[...]Carlson Charles, driver Denver Omnibus[...]Carlson Charles, florist, rms 2423 Larimer.
.Carlson Charles, lab, r 1207 W 7th av.[...]ead glazier McMurtry Carlson Charles, miner, r 2109 19th.
Mfg Co, r 3129 W 25th av. Carlson Charles, tel opr, r 3230 Meade.
Carlin Oscar, cabinetmkr Frazier-Pearce Carlson Charles A, painter, r 1315 S Lin-
Fixture Co, r 1247 Ac[...], physician, 1406 Stout. Carlson Charles B, optician Ford Optical
Carlin Thomas J, physici[...]Carlson Charles E, barber, ns W 41st bet
Carlin Thomas P, enginee[...]3129 W 25th av. CARLSON CHARLES G, ice cream CO
Carlin William[...]15G6 Broadway. Carlson Charles G, lab, r 2924 Columbine.
GFCarlisle, see also Carlyle. Carlson Charles G Jr, with C G Carlson,
Carlisle Florence Mrs, nu[...]Carlson Charles O (Carlson & Fredericks),
Carll Joseph, artist Ti[...]££"
Carlson Albion, tailor, 626 Charles Bldg, r
1220 Acoma.
Carlson Alma. i[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]rv Co. r 444 S Downing. Carlstedt Charles M, lab Argo Smelter, r
Carlson Ida C Mrs,[...]Johanna Mrs. r 41 W 8th av. Carlton Charles E, car repairer Tram-
Carlson John, car r[...]ta. Carlton Charles J, r 1466 Osage.
Carlson John, lab[...]
[...]Carnahan Charles T, pres C T Carnahan[...]Carnahan Charles W, brakeman C & S[...]CARNAHAN C T MFG CO, Charles
T C[...]Carnegie The, furnished rooms, 1506 Court
Carmack Charles E, driver, r 717 W 9th av.
Carmack Jess, warehous[...]. Carner Lee, r 4919 Lowell Boulevard.
Carman Charles H, r 865 S Sherman. Carner Ray H, clk[...]
[...]Carpenter Charles E, mining, r 479 Emer-[...]r 2253 Cleve-
oo Arapahoe.
Carnine Charles F (Callbreath & Car-[...]er Mason B, lawyer, 810-814 Er-
OO Carothers Charles H, carp, r 3740 Boule- nest & Cranmer Bldg, r[...]FUEL
Carpenter Charles C, bartdr Ben Payne,
r 15, 2140 C[...]
[...]erine A Miss, clk City Loan Co,
r 721 28th.
Carr Charles, painter C & S Ry, rms 1201
Carr Charles E, dairy, ws Cook bet 53d[...]™DD°wCLASS
and 54th avs.
Carr Charles P, clk M L Carr, 2826 Lar-
Carr Cla[...]
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]gan. ply Co, r 570 S Grant.
Carrigan Charles D, rms 1327 Lawrence. Carroll John, lab, r[...]artin, blksmith Colorado Iron
Carrithers Charles P, genl mgr Permuta- Wks. r 2930 Blake.[...]Carroll Peter, rms 1424 13th.
Carroll Charles, wks H H Tammen Cu-
(A rio Co. r 2505 Tremont PI.
o)i_!- Carroll Charles H, driver Pantitorium
Cleaning & Dyein[...]IroR P A I N T
ouo Carroll Charles H. r 1458 Welton. •1 YAJRNISH
<io Carroll Charles M, presser Denver
(A(A0. Clothes Pre[...][AR_ETHtPfOPLE] G L A S S
Carroll Charles Mt, mining, r 359 S Broad-
[...]Carson Charles W, clk, rms 1453 Cali-[...]et J Mrs. r 2900 Iliff av.
Carruthers Charles S. machineman Mc- Carson Mary G Miss,[...]
[...]Carter Charles, r S Zenobia nw cor W
4741-45 ARAPA[...]Carter Charles, col'd, fireman, r 3525 Will-
Carson N[...]Sherman. Carter Charles E Jr, butter, r 455 Fox.
CO Carson Pirie, Scott, & Co, 55 Jacobson Carter Charles F, lab, r 4615 Williams.
Carson Robert A, cook J S Ryan, rms CARTER CHARLES M, art teacher,
1645 Welton.[...]Carson Robert P, evangelist, r 1618 S Carter Charles M, foreman C F Hoeckel
Charles Bldg, r 916 Broadway. Carter E Russel[...]Co, r 2534 Franklin.
Carstens Charles, carp, rms 2236 Arapa- Carter Jacob A, car direct[...]hn, col'd, lab, rms 2462 Larimer.
Cart Charles, machinist U P R R, r 2218
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURGLARY[...]Casey Charles L, col'd, cook vice-pres C
oi PLATE—WINDO[...]M L Miss, sheet music, 1519 Stout,
Caryl Charles W, mining, 19 Masonic r 1655 High.[...]R, r 651 Galapago.
Case Charles C, clk, r 342 Elati. Casey Wil[...]
[...]tta B Miss, stenographer, r 2355
Cassidy Charles F, salesman New York Lafayette.[...]idy Minette Miss, s t e n o g r a p her Castner Charles H, real estate, 231 Kitt-
Scott Supply[...]agts, 517 McPhee Bldg, 17th cor
Casswell Charles F, r 801 14th av. Glenarm PI.
IE? Casteel, see also Cassell. Caswell Charles F, associate justice Su-
Casteel Andrew,[...]o Michael, r 1700 Grant. Catchpole Charles T, clk Denver Union
(0(0 Castello Peter, wks C[...]ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Castle Charles, chief engineer Denver D[...]TEL.404O-
Castle Charles E, b 1551 S Pennsylvania.

use Littleton[...]
[...]rson. Cavanaugh Charles, bartdr, rms 1330 19th.
Catholic Cemetery Association, Railroad Cavanaugh Charles, flagman C & S Ry,
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]Cavault Nina M Miss, wks W L Wallace, Caywood Charles L, carp, r 910 Downing.
r 2420 16th.[...]Cavert William, photographer, r 1540 Og- Cazin Charles W, printer, r 2326 Clay.
den.[...]r 2326 Clay.
Cavichia Charles (Cavichia Bros), 1549 Cazza Andrew, lab, b 3[...]3745 Navajo.
055 Lane.
Cavin Charles, bartdr Frank Plummer,

rms 1330 19th.
CAVIS CHARLES F, real estate, 10
11, 1624 Curtis, r[...]PAINT AN_VARNISH MAKERS

_- Cavis Charles P, coml trav George W
Prior H a[...]
[...]ke Co, 824 Cooper Bldg.
Cederberg Charles E, clk E E Ericson,[...]Cerippi Annie Mrs, r 1129 W 36th av.
Celmer Charles, cabinetmkr Frazier- Cerippi Mik[...]
[...]Chamberlain Joseph H G, brakeman, r
Chadsey Charles E, asst supt schools, 1707 Lafayette.[...]rlain Ralph S, physician, 22, 1427
Chadwick Charles A, lab, r 4021 Navajo. Stout, r 16[...]
[...]annock. Chambliss John A, salesman Charles D
CHAMBERLIN FREDERICK J, Chambliss[...]Charles A, clk The May, r 1245 3 2,
Chambers Charles, col'd, lab, r rear 1823 Champion-Trio Mining & M[...]apher, Chandler Arthur L, with New Southwest
314 Charles Bldg, r 851 S Clarkson. Pub Co,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]& Spice Co, r 356 S Pearl.
Chandler Charles E chief clk Adjt Genl Chapin Giles, lab, r[...]pin Henry L, watchmkr and jeweler,
Chandler Charles P. ins agt, r 1466 Fill- 1516 Court Place, r[...]Animal Industry, r 3519 Humboldt. Chapman Charles, lab, b 3923 High.
Chaney Silas W, com mer,[...]1741 ARAPAHOE ST. TEL. 1000.
Chapin Charles C, carp, r 4969 Quitman.

• E E S M H *[...]
nyson. Charles Anna R Miss, r 1021 22d av.
CHAPMAN FRANCIS A, mgr Phoe- Charles Building, 15th sw cor Curtis.
Charles E t t a A Mrs, r 1816 28th av.
nix Mutual Life Ins Co and Casualty Charles Corliss D, clk Forbes Drug Co,
Co of America, an[...]av.
tional Bank of Victor, 517 McPhee Bldg, Charles Daniel Q, inspector Joslin Dry
r 2, 1100 Logan.[...]arl.
Chapman F Rae, clk Linstroth Grocery Charles Gladys M Miss, phone opr, r 1816
Co, r 644 Fox.[...]av.
Chapman Genevieve, col'd, maid, DANIELS Charles Hubert C, chief clk State Audi- CO
& FISHE[...]ona.
Chapman George C, lab Railway Steel Charles Iestyn W, coml trav Millar-Os-
Spring Co, r 4328[...]av.
Chapman George W, salesman, r 863 Charles John, architect, r 1021 22d av.
King. Charles Robert L, physician, 232-234 Coop-
[...]gh School, rms 1032 14th. Chatfield Charles L, asst U S Geological
Chase Edwar[...]
[...]Miss, clk, r 1122% W 10th Cheesewright Charles, brick mason, r 145
av.[...]3537 Lipan.
Iron Co, r 217 Ellsworth av. Cheftty Charles F, lab, r 4244 Eliot.
Chatmon J Virgil, co[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CQ. Opp.[...]& Elec Co,
r 3938 Osage.
Cherry Charles S, 307 Exchange Bldg.[...]THE M MURTRY MFG.CO.
S3 Chew Charles L, clk L H Mayer & Bro, 1741 ARA[...]
[...]Chipman Charles W, carp, r 1236 33d av.[...]r. Chite Joseph, rms 1461 Julian.
Childs Charles R, clk Joslin Dry Gds Co, Chitry Louis E, b[...]Shell, r 2317 28th av.
Chilvers Charles H, conductor D & R G Chitwood Robert E,[...]Choice Alfonso, col'd, lab, rms 2011 Law-
Chinn Charles C, asst wire chief Phone r©nc6»[...]
[...]Dakota av. Christian Charles J, civil engineer, r 3239
ny Christens[...]nsen Carl, r 3772 Raleigh.
Eg Christensen Charles, clk, r 1061 llth.
[...]Christoph Joseph N; salesman Hewitt
Christiansen Charles, engineer, 2407 W Candy[...]Christy Charles W, asst foreman News,[...]r rear 2029 Law- Chrysler Charles N, marble cutter W R
rence.[...]ristman, see also Chrisman, Cris-
Christman Charles, tinsmith J W Fred-
rum, r 1491 Decatur.[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & CO. BURGLAR[...]ll Caroline N Mrs, editor Queen
Church Charles, r 1229 Cherokee. Bee, r 1814y2 Race.[...]rch Chauncey C, live stock, r 2020 Churchill Charles A (Churchill & Gar-
[...]Andersen prop, machine work, lock- Clapp Charles W, foreman B & B dept C
smithing, safe re[...]
[...]Clark Charles, lab, r 273 S Sherman.
Clapp Eugenia B Mrs, teacher, r A S, 1535 Clark Charles, lab London Dairy, 46th av
Grant.[...]Clapp Harry M, carrier P O. r 729 12th. Clark Charles, col'd, porter, r 2955 Wel-
Clapp John T,[...]Clapp Nettie M Mrs, r 1361 Elizabeth. Clark Charles, wks Denver Athletic Club.
Clapp Sarah M Mrs, r 3964 Yates. Clark Charles, rms Victor Hotel.
Clapper Charles D, paperhanger J B Dun- Clark Charles A, col'd, porter Davis &
lap, r 2541 W[...]Clapper Ira E, miner, r 3702 Julian. Clark Charles B, inspector Board of Pub-
Clapper Roy, a[...]B Co, r 2541 W 24th av. • Clark Charles C, porter Shirley Tavern, r
CM Clar Lena Mis[...]Clara George W, machinist, 1621 Blake, r CLARK CHARLES E, dentist, 8, 1st
3345 W 29th av.[...]Clara Grace E Miss, stenographer J S Clark Charles F , bkkpr, rms 1366 Chero-
CNJ Appel Suit &[...]icy Clare, see also Clair, Klare. Clark Charles H (Charles H Clark & Co),
Clare Ira, lab, rms 1902 A[...]Clare Myrtle Mrs, rms 1902 Arapahoe. Clark Charles H, chemist Hydro Carbon
Clarendon The, 15[...]Clark Albert L, lab, r 332 S Kalamath, CLARK CHARLES H & CO (Charles
Breenlow Pk.[...]Clark Albin, engineer Mine & Smelter Clark Charles J (Clark & Kellison), r 2133
Supply Co,[...]Clark Alfred, driver West Denver Stock Clark Charles J. grocer. 2322 Champa.
Yards. Clark Charles J. r 2239 W 28th av.
Clark Alfred, waiter Cafe Mozart Co, rms Clark Charles M, dairy, es Cook bet 53d
1357 Bannock.[...]Clark Alfred B, teamster, rms 1802 Arap- Clark Charles N, conductor, r 2829 W 33d
ahoe.[...]Clark Alfred H, carp, r 1651 Gilpin. Clark Charles R, switchman C & S Ry,
Clark Alfred J, st[...]Clark Alfred W, druggist, 801-803 Jason, r Clark Charles T, accountant, r 2117
55 Bannock.[...]Clark Allison K, clk Western Elaterite Clark Charles W, solicitor Ralph Spencer,
Roofing Co,[...], r 2133 W
Clark Amos A N, physician, 416 Charles 29th av.
Bldg, r 4254 Clay[...]
[...]See Advertisement
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]
[...]curities Co, r 1240 Bannock. Clas Charles F, driver Old Homestead
[...]2921 Marion.
Claspell Charles F, artist, 1721 9th av. Clayton A[...], expressman, r 2018 Clayton Charles (Clayton & Murnan), b
Stout.[...]ss, clk Hannahs Dry Clayton Charles J, prop Acme Pharmacy,
Gds Co, r 1939 Welton.[...]E, machinist, rms 910 Clayton Charles M, stone contractor S
Lipan.[...]Clayton H, lab Continental Oil Co, r 1125
Clauson Charles, lab, rms 3805 Larimer. 29th.[...]Clayton Sidney W, cashier Standard Meat
Clay Charles, harnessmkr Fred Mueller[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]Clem Charles D, col'd, porter Denver Dry[...], r 2308 S Emerson.
Clayton & Murnan (Charles Clayton and Clemens James, lab, r 1212 5th[...]Clement Charles G, lawyer, r 1411 16th av.[...]CLEMENTS CHARLES K, merchant
15th.[...]rry R, student, r 268 Lincoln.
Cleave Charles E, foreman Tramway Co, Clements Helen Mrs,[...]hn J, plasterer, r 5013 W 34th
Cleave Charles T, clk Colo Fuel & Iron av.[...]
[...]ISHER STORES CO, r 1745 Pearl. Clifton Charles, lab Congress Pk.
Cless William H, steamfi[...]
[...]an Michael V, teamster, r 3926 Sho-
o Cline Charles, plasterer, r 3532 Walnut.
Cline Charles C, musician, rms 1438 Cur-[...]t, r 2215 S Colum- Close Everett R, engineer Charles Bldg,
bine.[...]735 S Logan.
Cline George, coml trav, 617 Charles Bldg, Close F D, brakeman D & R G R R.[...]hoe, r 1124 Delaware. Clothier Charles W, bldg contractor, r
Clingner Charles D, wks Phone Co, rms 817 16th av.
8°[...]riage Co, r 4 W Arkansas av.
Clinkscale Charles R, col'd, porter Pull- Cloud Lulu M Miss,[...]
[...]Co, Cobacker Samuel, salesman, r 1220 S. O
r 1064 Galapago.[...]Mrs, rms 3300 Larimer. Cobaugh Charles K, clk Davis-Bridaham o
Clune Charles, fireman, r 2021 Curtis. Drug Co,[...]llie Miss, stenographer Financial Cobb Charles D (C D Cobb & Co), r 917
Bulletin, r 1904 Curtis[...]ssmkr Belcher Gown
Co, r 2040 California.
Clymer Charles C, helper chief engineer
C & S Ry, r 2423 Newton.
Clymer Charles T, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar
Co, r 2423 Newton[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]Cochran Charles, butcher, rms 54 S Sher-[...]STANLEY M.BARRDWC. Cochran Charles, lineman, r 1061 S Wash-[...]Cochran Charles, messenger Gano-Downs
PLATE C L A[...]Cochran Charles E, jeweler, r 2741 W 26th

o INSURANCE[...]Cochran Charles M, policeman, rms 1664[...]Charles W, journalist, 118[...]nd L
Coble James Frank, painter, r 2821 S. Ban- O'Neill), dentists, 41 Barth Blk.[...]Cochrane Charles, butcher, r 4314 Vine.
3| COBY BROKERAGE C[...]kson, mgr Fidelity Mutual
-lO Cochensparger Charles A, porter, r 3522 Life Ins Co, r 9, 1620 C[...]
[...]33d av.
COCKINS JOHN V, asst cashier Coff Charles, lab, r 4 Reed's Terrace.
Central Saving[...]
[...]offman Geore-e A, Yvks TJ S Mint, r 155 Cohen Charles, pedler, r 2589 W l l t h av.
[...]eph, clk Mrs I Laskowitz, r 1447 Cohn Charles S, r 7, 1276 Corona.
Boulevard F.[...]
[...]417 1st av.
Colborg Charles F, fireman D & R G R Cole Charles, r ws S Galapago bet W
R, r 1000 Osage.[...]Colborg John, bartdr H H Zietz, r 1000 Cole Charles L, foreman C & S Ry, r 2107[...]ns 32d av bet Albion and Ash.
Colby Charles E (Colby Bros), r 3563 Eliz- T H K M C[...]
[...]Galapago. Coleman Gordon, machinist, r 2645 S.
Cole John, col'd, lab, r 2500 Blake.[...]
[...]Collet Charles E', lab Tramway Co, r[...]eman Thomas H, paperhanger B L Colley Charles E, feeder H B Owens, r
James M & M Co,[...]mar Annatta Miss, stenographer, rms Collier Charles C, cigars. 2026 Market.
u 326 18th av.[...]COLLIER CLARA E MRS, Dahlia
Colemere Charles, driver Anheuser-Busch
z© Brewing Assn,[...]rion. r 2535 Champa.
Colglazier Charles H, cabinetmkr, r 35 Collier William[...]
[...]Collins Henry, real estate, 423 Charles[...]Collins John E, machinist, b 1847 Cali-
Collins Charles, glazier Pullman Co, r fornia.[...]Collins John L, lab, r 3716 Marlon.
Collins Charles A, inspector A T Lewis Collins Jo[...]Engine & Machine Co, rms Rio Grande
Collins Charles C, sec treas Overland Hotel.[...]Collins John M E Church, W Iliff av se
Collins Charles R Mrs, r 3251 Alcott. co[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & 00. S eOpp.[...]Collins Thomas H, lawyer, 404 Charles[...]Collison Charles C, lather, r 4451 Vrain.[...]
[...]high class funeral furnishings, Charles
E[...], 501
Boston Bldg. ALFR^S.
Colorado Calendar Co, 400 Sugar Bldg.
: i[...]
[...]ft Vice-President U. S. R. & R. Co., Colorado Springs[...]J. D . H A W K I N S , President U. S. R. & R. Co., Colorado Springs[...]Treasurer U. S. R. & R. Co., Colorado Springs[...]
[...]Bar Fixture Co, 1440 Colorado School Journal, 408 Charles Bldg. 9 *1
Blake.[...]08 Arapahoe.
Colorado Pioneers Society, 309 Charles COLORADO SPRINGS INVEST-
Bldg.[...]PPLY Van Buren sec, suite 210 Charles Bldg,
CO, Charles B o e t t c h e r pres, W h i t -
ney New[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]15th cor Bassett, ticket office 17th nw
Charles Bldg. cor Curtis.[...]WAY CO, J F Welborn pres, genl
tion, 426 Charles Bldg.
Colorado Statesman, 25, 1824 Curtis[...]1644 Lawrence. Colt Charles H, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron
0. Colorado[...]
Combs Oliver N (Combs & Sess), r 2923[...]ing Co, 1337
Comer Harry A, coml trav, 619 Charles Lawrence.
Bldg, r 1474 Josephine.[...]on Bert J, prop Denver Pipe Clean-
Comfort Charles B, florist Curtis Park ing Co, 2528 O[...]
Compton John L, stage hand Broadway Conde Charles E, buyer DANIELS & FISH-
Theatre, r 3110 Osceol[...].
der Fire Extinguisher Co, r 1340 Champa Condit Charles E, hostler D & R G R R,
Compton M H, r 1409 Stout[...]Condon Flora H Mrs, rms 409 23d.
Comstock Charles E, printer W H Kist- Condon[...]Condon Guy J, salesman Hallack Lumber
Comstock Charles W, mining engineer, Condon James, &[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES Fi NEAL & CO.[...]ley Lucy Mrs, rms 1254 llth.
Congrove Charles, helper T W Cook & Conley Martin B, clk R[...]ley Mary Mrs. r 2816 Williams.
Conine Charles E foreman Phone Co, r Conley Mary T Miss,[...]hilip, news agt Barkalow Bros,
Conkle Charles C, timber agt D & R G rms 1835 Ch[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street p 7 h ,T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]nover Thomas S, wks J M Goldberg,
Connor Charles W, pres Denver & Pueblo rms 1854[...]
[...]CO, Samuel R House pres, 31 Rail-
Conrad Charles H, stenographer frt dept road Bldg, 1515 Larimer (Phone Main
U P R R, rms 721 Grant.
Conrad Charles P, cigar packer Solis Ci- 492).
gar Co, r 4514[...]John W Springer pres, 102 Continental
Conrey Charles M, teamster E W Robin- Bldg, 16th cor Lawren[...]902 Assn, 306 Continental Bldg.
Conroe Charles E, engineer C & S Ry, r CONTINENTAL CASUAL[...]
[...]0 BLAKE ST.. DENVER, COLO. Conway Charles A, horses, r 2819 W 28th[...]les agt, G25 Conway Daniel P, jeweler Charles Wa-
Cooper Bldg, 17th cor Curti[...]
[...]ettie Miss, clk H E Smith, r 709
Cook Albert, clk Charles Meyers, 1729 21st.
Larimer.[...]Cook J W, porter, rms 1219 23d.
Cook Charles, salesman Old Homestead Cook Katie Mrs, r[...]av. Cook Kitty Miss, r 2042 Market.
Cook Charles C, lab, rms 2117% Larimer. Cook Lemuel[...]
Barbed Wire, Etc :n* The Hallack & Howard Lu[...]
[...]Coombe Emma R Mrs, r 3246 Perry. Cooper Charles B, constructing engineer
Coombe Leonora E Mrs, st[...]Coombe Levi W, clk The May, r 923 20th Cooper Charles B, billiard hall, r 3488 S
av.[...]Coombe Norman F, teacher, r 950 Adams. Cooper Charles B, ins agt, rms 1912 Lin-
(O^Coombs, see also Combs. coln.
Coombs Charles L, woodwkr, r 3737 Frank- Cooper Charles C, interior decorator, rms
lin.[...]Coombs Ernest L, plumber, 3449 W Clyde Cooper Charles D, clk Denver Dry Gds co
PI.[...]Coombs Josephine E Miss, linotype opr Cooper Charles J. treas Peters-Cooper
Smith-Brooks Ptg Co, rms[...]PI. Cooper Charles L Gen, r 1649 Downing.
Coombs Katherine F Miss, lintoype opr Cooper Charles M, clk A T Lewis & Son
Smith-Brooks Ptg Co, rms[...]PI. Cooper Charles M, salesman, r 447 S
Coombs Levi A, porter J S Go[...]3051 Zuni. Cooper Charles S, pres Colusa M & M Co,
Coomer John S, barber, 3[...]te E, Miss, teacher, r 6 co
Coon Charles C, rms 1330 Broadway. Broadway.
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]r Gas & Elec Co, r 2755 Arapahoe. Coppler Charles D, wks Porter Ancell,
Copeland Art Glass Manufact[...]gh B Copeland prop, 1237-1249 8th. Coppock Charles M, engineer TJ P R R, r
Copeland Arthur B, mgr Sw[...]Copu Henry, rabbi, r 2549 W 14th av.
Copeland Charles E, switchman C & S Coquoz John S, lab, r[...]y. r 3133 Downing. Corara Charles, lab, r 3236 Navajo. CO
Copeland Edward[...]Op
Copman Charles, pipefitter, r 1015 Jason.
Copp John D, ag[...]
[...]el L, lab, r 4581 Washington.
Corcoran Charles C, r 1460 Washington. Corkery Frederick J,[...]dain Nicholas, wks McPhee & Mc- Cormack Charles, stone cutter, r 2550
Ginnity Co, r[...]dano Antonio, clk J Cordano, 1628 17th. Cormack Charles F, bricklayer, r 2550
Cordano Joseph,[...]ndry Co, r 528 Elati. Cornelius Charles E, printer W H Kistler[...]tC^Corey, see also Correy, Cory.
Corey Charles W Mrs. r 725 S Lincoln.[...]
[...]onductor, rms 281 Dela- Corrado Charles, shoemkr J G Jenkins, r
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Cosens Charles E (Cosens & Storer), r
OS[...]Coss Charles A, r 223 Inca.[...]140 Cherokee.
__5 mer.
Coryell Charles A, license inspector, r 512[...]
[...]a r l e s , b r a k e m a n , r 2360 15th.
Cotton Charles W, clk F W Rand, r m s
1603 S B r o a d[...]
[...]C^Couden, see also Cowden.
Couden Charles C, machinist J I Case[...]Elec Co, r 249 Delaware.
-*2 Coulter Charles M, tagger U S Bureau of Courvoisier Alida[...]
[...]Cowell Charles B, physician (D M Titus
Covert Joseph O, b 1922 G[...], r 1845 Champa. Cowell Charles W, real estate, 806 Jason, 01
Covert Wil[...]ank, conductor Tramway Co. o
Cowan Charles E, clk Fontius Shoe Co, r[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO.See Advertisement[...]st, r 3946 We- Cox Harry S, coml trav, 620 Charles
watta.[...]imer. Life Assn, r 1117 23d.
Cox Charles F, col'd, porter Brown Pal- Cox Katie E Mrs,[...]Cox Lenore Miss, r 2243 California.
Cox Charles H, clk, r 907 Wyandot. Cox Lizzie D Mrs, r 407 W 1st av.
Cox Charles N, pres Denver Stove &
[...]Coyle Charles, wks Queen City Chemical[...]pVERTENT&AWHl^
Coykendall Charles W, lawyer, 419 Quin-
cy Bldg, r 311 Elati[...]
[...]vings Assn, r 1615 Franklin. Craig Charles, carp, rms 1423 Market.
Craben Annie G Mi[...]PL Co. b 1301 18th av.
Crabtree Charles H, r 1249 Acoma. Craig Estel[...]
[...]Cramer Charles, driver F C Ayres Mer
BRANNEN-STANDARTINSUR[...]s C, carp, r 3933 Race.
r 2628 W 23d av.
Crain Charles, miner, b 4259 Alcott. Cram[...]Crandall Charles P, blksmith, r 2337
Craine Edward, coachma[...]
WALTER S. I M A M & CO. BURG[...]x av. Crapo Charles A, equipment engineer
Crandell Frederi[...]s-Gronewald Madeline Mrs, dress-
Crane Charles T, stockman C D Griffith mkr, r 2536 Rac[...]torney, r 2448 W 32d av.
Cranmer Charles H, lab, r 1923 W Holden
[...]Creighton Charles A, steamfitter Michael[...]CRESCENT REALTY & INVEST-
ZO> Crecelius Charles, lab Mrs R Weilminster,
rms 530[...]
[...]e T Miss, nurse, r rear 2610 Crissman Charles S. r 1450 Pennsylvania.
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]s David B, r 605 Bayaud av. Cromwell Charles, lab, b 5442 Washington
m U
C[...]rtha E Mrs, col'd, r 2465
o Crittenden Charles E, genl mgr depts Arapahoe.
o[...]Crone Charles, rms Inland Inn.[...]0 Champa, r 2210
o Crocker Herbert S. bridge
Tramway Co, r 1638 Hu[...]
[...]ins Mdse Co, r 720 13th. Cross Charles C, col'd, butler W H Bart-
Cronkhite Levi A, carp[...]Cross Philip, mgr commercial dept Denver
Crooks Charles J, carp G W Brown Bldg Gas & Elec Co. r[...]and W Asbury avs.
Feed Co, r 3328 Osage.
Crosby Charles J, draughtsman A J Mat- Cross Walte[...]
[...]rowe Sallie P Mrs, teacher, r 2635 W
Crosta Charles A (C A Crosta & Bro), r 33d av.
10[...]hers Sophia Miss, opr York Exchange Crowley Charles, grocer, 3700 Franklin.
Telephone C[...]
[...]Mrs, wks Herman Kast- Crupper Charles S, teamster,- r 1847 S
ner, rms 706 19th.[...]•ft
Crown Investment Co, 304 Charles Bldg.
ny Crownover, see also Cronover. CRY[...]. Larimer.
Crozier Charles E, driver White Swan Crystal Theatre, ns C[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Offici[...]Cullenbach Charles, molder, rms 351 S[...]Culler Charles M, carrier Stock Yards[...]ev, r 1525 Pennsylvana. Cullyford Francis S (Charles Fullman &
Culkins Raymond P, painter, r 6[...]lton John J, machinist C & S Ry, r
Cullen Charles C, hackman, rms 1842 3440 Downin[...]
[...]Cummings Michael, r 2525 Curtis.
Cummings Charles E, clk County Treas, Cummings Morgan G, r 5[...]Cummings Oscar H, driver, r 564 Dela-
Cummings Charles H, drain layer Stan- ware.
ley & Oldenett[...]Cummings Robert G, shoemkr, 1905 19th.
Cummings Charles T, conductor Tram- Cummings Robert W Mrs,[...]Cummings Roy D, r 2156 Welton.
Cummings Charles W, salesman B L Cummings Sarah[...]
[...]a c e A, s t u d e n t , r 1655
Cunningham Charles, wks J L Taggart,[...]er A T Lewis Cuno Charles W , weighmaster[...]
[...]as Mrs, r 1020 5th av. Currier Charles L, musician Alcazar The
Curnow Hector, machinist[...]Currigan Mathilda M Mrs, phone opr, r
Curran Charles E. adv agt, r 510 21st. 183[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO.[...]
[...]tiss Robert M, mgr Curtiss Mfg Co, Cutshaw Charles L, wks Tramway Co, r
S28 19th.[...]shing Alys G Miss, asst cashier Mar- Cutter Charles A. r 2760 W 32d av.
ket Co, r 33 12th av. Cutter. Charles W, bicycle repairer. 2760 CO
Cushing Charles H, jeweler H H Tam- W 32d av.
men Cu[...]Cutter Charlotte Miss, nurse, b H, 220
Cushing Charles N, fruits, r 1069 Boule- 20th av.[...]
[...]Lumber Co.
Dagget Charles W, coal, 4126 30th av. Dahlstrom Julius, gen[...]nne E Miss, teacher West Side
Daggett W S Charles, r 4 Smith Terrace, High School, r 333 Broad[...]Dailey Mary S Mrs, r 505 Clarkson.
Dahl Charles E, engineer C & S Ry, r
1422 35th[...]
844 Lincoln.
Dakin Charles W, melter U S Mint, r 1026 23rd S[...]
[...]Dalton Apartments, 1761 Pearl.
Dalton Charles, driver, r 2030 Yuma bet[...]ewood Burton I, conductor Tramway
Daly Charles E, wks McPhee & McGinni- Co.[...]
[...]M, dentist, 306 Mack Blk.
Weaver treas, Charles MacA Willcox Darby Lester H, coml trav W[...]ielson William, blksmith C T Carna- Darling Charles A, conductor U P R R,
Id U han Mfg Co, rms 37[...]L---MI
1275 Josephine.
Dankworth Charles, florist, 1441 Perry. R[...]
Daron George C (Daron Bros) 4732 Col- Daughters Charles H, r 1128 W 10th av.
Darrow Caroline H Mrs, r 1210 Pearl.
Darrow Charles F, vice-pres Darrow &
Sharp Music Co, r Boulder,[...], mining engineer, 535 GO
Frank D Darrow pres, Charles F Dar-[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. S eOep pA.d vI ne sr tui sr aenmcee[...]f Home, ns W 38th av bet Quit-
QQ Davidson Charles, driver West Denver man and Raleigh.
Stock Yards, r 1204 Stout.
- Z Davidson Charles B, real estate, 1626
u< Champa, r[...]
[...]o, r 433 S Humboldt. av.
Davies Charles E, chemist Hendryx Elec- Davis Bavis[...]
[...]is Edward C, blksmith, r 2208 Down-
Davis Charles, lab, r 1003 Zuni bet W ing.
ll[...]vis Edward T, boilermkr C & S Ry, r
Davis Charles, molder Griffin Wheel Co, 2447 Grove.[...]avis Edward W, salesman Black Pkg &
Davis Charles, teamster, rms 1600 7th. Com Co, rms Windsor Hotel.
Davis Charles, col'd, janitor, r 2315 Law- Davis E'dwin C, prin[...]W Hayward PL
Davis Charles A, draughtsman Board of Davis P^ferine M Miss, r[...]is Eileen H Miss, r 1271 Lafayette.
Davis Charles A, salesman Silver State Davis Eleanor Miss, teac[...]vania. School, r 122 19th av.
Davis Charles C, wks Bay Restaurant Davis Eliza A Mrs, r 1277 B[...]Davis Eliza N Mrs, r 617 16th av.
§ Davis Charles D, lab, r 1912 30th av. Davis Elizabeth Mrs, r 65 S Grant.
Davis Charles D, rms 1921 Champa. Davis Elizabeth J Mrs, r 112 W Irvington
Davis Charles Elbert, wholesale jewelry, PL
632 Charles Bldg, r 311 S Sherman. Davis Ella Miss, b 1759 Washington.
Davis Charles F, clk Denver Dry Gds Davis Elmer G, salesman Sin[...]Machine Co. rms 216 Lincoln.
Davis Charles H, clk W R Trachsel, r Davis Elmer W, col'd, lab,[...]Haven.
Davis Charles H, vice-pres Pantitorium Davis Emil, with The Gai[...]Davis Emily E' Miss, r 365 S Pearl.
Davis Charles J, florist, 4450 Lowell Boule- Davis Emma Mrs,[...]Davis Emma A Miss, dressmkr, b 1638
Davis Charles K. clk Hendrie & Bolthoff Ogden.[...]Davis Emma A Mrs, dressmkr, rms 711
Davis Charles L, mgr Walkover Shoe Co, 18th.
r[...]Esther Miss, dressmkr, r 438 Broad-
Davis Charles M, printer, 1732-1736 Blake, way.
r[...]vis Esther V Miss, stenographer J S
Davis Charles P, lab. r 4742 Bryant. Brown & Bro Mer Co, r 714 5th av.
Davis Charles S, real estate, 212 Califor- Davis Eunice[...]
L630f ulflSSj NflilSp 18th and Wazee[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]is John Boyd Mrs, r 1065 S York.
Q III Davis John Charles, pres Davis-Bridaham[...]
: 1904 California.
Davison Charles, watchman, rms 1754
; Larimer.[...]- TEL.4040-
JDavison Charles M, car inspector C & S

Littleton Butter[...]
[...]Dawson Martin J, meat cutter, r 909 W
Dawson Charles, foreman Duffy Storage 10th av.[...]Dawson Mary Mrs, col'd r 1420 27th.
Dawson Charles E. bkkpr, r 1820 Wash- Dawson Patr[...]r 1332 Jason.
Dawson Charles W, mgr D & D Com Co, Daws[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. Insu[...]rank A, lab, r 2316 Curtis. D'Clemente Charles, lab, r 1803 Platte.
CQ _j Day Frank B, engi[...]1042 Colfax av. Deal Charles B S, with Merchants Pub
Day Horace G,[...]enia H Miss, teacher Lincoln
Day James S. steamfitter, r 189 S Chero- School, r 215 Ell[...]Day Lloyd S, special agt Continental Fire Dean Charles H, teamster, r ws S Lipan
[...]1540-46 LAWRENCE ST. Dearborn Charles E, carp, r 4158 Vallejo.
WE'LL T[...]gton. Dearden Charles I, bkkpr Denver Stock
Dean Gratz B, druggist, rms[...]Harry W, dentist, 15, 809 14th, r Deardorff Charles M, lawyer, 508 Ernest
1438 Galapago.[...]ilor, 1220 18th, r 1566
Dean Loren diamond setter Charles Wa- Dale Ct.
then f& Co, rms 275[...]
[...]William A, coml trav J S Brown
De Camp Charles M, mining, r 3050 Down- & Bro Mer C[...]
[...]Degeraty Charles J, cabinetmkr Ameri-
Dedominecis Giovialinus, lab[...]Degner George W, clk Mine & Smelter
Deems Charles W, mining engineer, rms[...]
[...]E LACY CHARLES, teacher of
I?[...](Delaney Carriage
Deidrick Charles E, cigarmkr G D[...]t , 1314 L a r -
D e i s h e r Winfield S. sec D e i s h e r L u m b e r[...]
[...]Dellnow Charles E, engineer, r 3321_Wal-
De Lange Mary L Miss, st[...]Laska Daniel, mgr Denver Amuse- De Luca Charles, driver Peter Chiolero.
ment Co, r 3130 Champa.[...]ll Edward S lab, rms 1740 Larimer. Delzell Charles A (Delzell Bros), r 10 S
Dell George, lab,[...]
[...]1605 Larimer. CO
Denison Charles, physician, 823 14th, r 1625 Dennison Sam[...]Dentici Frank (Joe Amato Com Co), r 2228
Dennis Charles S, machine hand C & S
Ry, r 1843 W Myrtle PI.[...]er Frank, rms 1935 Broadway.
Dennis Earl, jeweler Charles Wathen & Dentner Charles, driver DANIELS & FISH-
Co, f 1843 W Cen[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]estic Bldg.
Denver Amusement Co, 430 Charles Bldg. DENVER BUSINESS U N I V E R -[...]
[...]cor Glenarm PI.
Denver City Steam Heating Co, 308 Charles Sheedy pres, William R Owen vice-pres
Warriner pub, 1633 Arapa[...]
m?JW m^m^/mjwm^myw mjw -t_# m7> mjw <[...]
«_§* mi^m" m[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Carrie Miss, r 2333 Court PI. De Rocher Charles W, r 2261 Tremont PI. CO
Deorner Celia Miss,[...]& Foundry Co, rms 825 Larimer.
Depew Charles M. driver Queen City Derr Andrew, por[...]a
Depue Charles R, clk E J Howard, 3212 Desanctis Joseph[...]Desaye & Wishart (J D Desaye and F
De Rateiveille Charles H, r 2604 W 23d av. Wishart), saloon,[...]
[...]Desserich Charles, collr E Desserich, r[...]G . C O . Desserich Lewis, jeweler Charles H Clark
G ©[...]h Brewing Assn, r 1920 S Pennsyl-
o DE SELLEM CHARLES A, vice- devania. Stafford Gerard[...]& Co ( A W Dethloff and J A
o Deskins Charles, meat cutter W J Mc- DeBarbian), Tillo[...]Charles M, blksmith C & S Ry, r
Donald, r 2[...]
[...]rLipan and Navajo.
Charles, salesman Ward
1028 1[...]or Detroit. Devin Charles T, r 1314 31st.
Detroit Barber Shop, 925 17th.[...]1523 Boulevard F.
Deubler Charles W, dyer, 816 Larimer. Devine Mary E Miss,[...]ney James, r 2856 Lawrence. Devling Charles, miner, r 1103 10th.
Devaney James B, wks Bray La[...]Devaney Patrick, wks frt dept C & S Ry.
De Vault Charles H, lab, r 2029 S Chero-
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CQ. Opp. Insuran[...]Wks Co, r 609 20th av.
Devore Charles, helper D & R G R R, r Dewing
1003 Mari[...]Burlington Thomas R, mining, 317 Charles
Route, r 659 Fox.[...]ewar Cleveland, col'd, janitor, rms 2148 Dewsburv Charles I. foreman Club &
[...]Dickenson George B, grocer, 2658« Down-
Diamond Charles, fireman Jewish Con- ing, r 2652 Downing[...]kerson, see also Dickinson.
Diamond Hitch Co. 628 Charles Bldg. Dickerson Charles L, lawyer, 733 Symes
Diamond Isidor, tailo[...]
[...]arm PL Dickman Charles F, clk Colo Seed[...]ickey F Maxwell, meter reader Denver Dickson Charles K, miner, rms 717 Lar-
Gas & Elec Co,[...]ier School, b 572 Washington.
Dickinson Charles E, b Hotel Metropole. Dickson Mary Miss, r 1408 33d.
Dickinson Charles J, r 1611 S Sherman. Dickson Mary Mrs,[...]
[...]Dietrich Thomas T, clk, r 2690 S Broad-
Diehl Charles, meterman Denver Gas &[...]
[...]Diltz Charles, bricklayer, rms 3839 Gilpin.
Diltz Charles H, bricklayer, r 3455 Down-[...]
[...]land Millinery Co, r 4158 Wyandot. Ditmars Charles S, cement wkr Cement
Dinkelaker Charles C. salesman Charles & Lime Products Co, r 123 Bayaud av.[...]Dittmar Charles M R, barber, rms 2212
Dioguardi Charles, barber 1195 Stout. California.
Dionn[...]t Harry, sec Wixson Sample Store
DISBROW CHARLES W (Disbrow Co, b 3529 Wyandot.
um &[...]
[...]Doane Alma M Mrs, r 2073 S Pearl.
Dix Charles N, night depot agt Wells Doane Ge[...]Dobberstein Frank, cabinetmkr Standard
Dixon Charles, rms 1925 Arapahoe. F[...]
[...]helper Tramway Co, r 4422 Stu-
u Dobson Charles, rms 1954 Logan. art.
Dobson Charles A, brass finisher J C Mc- Dodge Charles F, dentist, 603 Mack Blk,
Namara, rm[...]klin. r 629 Humboldt.
H Dobson Charles M, pressman News-Times, Dodge David, wks Phone Co[...]Jr, driver, r Valverde School,
Dockham Charles K, electrician Western S Navajo nw cor[...]
[...]av. Doi S (The Nippon), 435 17th.
Doehling Charles J, saloon, 2611 Larimer, Doidge William C, patr[...]Doench Frank X, salesman Sam Barets Doke Charles TT, coml trav, r 223 23d.
Importing Co[...]Doerner Armin W, pianist and teacher. 73 Dolan Charles J, printer, r 607 20th.
Barth Blk, r 2707 S Yor[...]46 Wyandot. & M Co, r 915 18th av.
Doersam Charles J, jeweler, 405 16th, rms Dolan Frank F, clk, r[...]CO
side, r 4571 Wolff.
Doherty Charles J, boilermkr D & R G
R R, rms 960 Lipan.[...]
[...]741-45 ARAPAHOE ST. - TELE PHONE-1000 Doll Charles E, salesman Nat Biscuit Co.[...]
[...]Donaldson Charles C, physician, 442 S
Dommersnaes Martin P,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]520 BLAKE 5T.. DENVER, COLO. Donnel Charles H, gasmkr Denver Gas &[...]semary Miss, opr Phone Co, DONNEN CHARLES W, prop
r 322 In[...]
[...]na. Doolittle Henry I. r 452 Knox Ct.
Donovan Charles, with M J O'Fallon Sup- Doolittle M C[...]
[...]Dorst Charles, joiner Pullman Co, r 3743
Dorei Charles J, millwright G J Kindel, Franklin.
r 1932 W Holden PI. Dorstewitz Charles J, cabinetmkr, r 3743
_?- Dorer M A Mr[...]
[...]Dougal Charles E, police sergeant, r 355
SURETY BONDS[...]Weigand & "Co, r 1343 W Nevada PI.
Doty Charles C, r 1121 Josephine. Do[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Douglas Thomas S. fireman Denver Gas[...]s William C, pres M J O'Fallon
Douglas1 Charles A (Douglas, Jones & Supply Co. r 1882[...]S Harris ), r 330 15th.
Douglas Charles D Rev, col'd, pastor
Central Baptist C[...]39 California.
_§ nia.
Douglas Charles H, col'd, lab, r 1457 Elati.[...]Co, r 2947 Umatilla.
Douglas Charles W P, salesman, r 2127
[...]Dow William G, r 421 1st av.
Douglass Charles N, fireman, b 137 W C?Dowd, see also Doud.[...]rms The Miles. Dowell Charles, rms 1735 Glenarm PI.
Douthett M Paul, cabinetmkr[...]ow Alexander H, tel opr, r 421 1st av. Dowler Charles Richard, r 758 Lincoln.
DOW ART CO (F E Dow and A[...]way.
Co, r 2238 Lowell Boulevard.
Dow Charles, blksmith, rms 1227 19th.
Dow Charles E, ins agt, r 2841 Boulevard
Dow Corne[...]
[...]Ht c Downing Charles B, engineer Standard
<=>W T M MURTRYMFG.C[...]Downing Charles H, col'd, elevator pilot.[...]Downing Charles S, vice-pres Wellington
o 0.[...]owns Jennie Mrs. r 3939 Wynkoop.
Downey Charles J, editor Daily Mining Downs Lucy[...]
Hotel, r 1762 Downing.[...]Draper Charles H, hardware, 2447 Eliot,
I" K Dozier Celes[...]r 1367 Grove.
Drake Charles, teamster, r 543 Inca.
Drake Da[...]
[...]Peter, porter Volk & Uehlin, rms Drinkwater Charles E, roaster Independ-
636 20th.[...]sser Joseph Mrs, r 333 Cherokee. Driscol Charles F, com'l trav, r 1123 9 00
[...]R_ETH_PEOPLi!] G L A S S Drummond Charles A, carp, r 1346 Grove.
C[...]mmy Thomas A, ironwkr, r 3926 Wi-
Driver Charles, clk John Thompson Gro- nona Ct.[...]lake. 1036 S Race.
Drorbaugh Charles H, machinist, r 2615 W Dryden David W,[...]
[...]Irving L, helper D & R G R R, b co
Du Bois Charles F, machinery, 18, 808 1811 32d av[...]Dudley Charles R, librarian Public Li-
Du Bois William K, coml t[...]& Elec Co, r 1257 Lipan.
Due Charles E, clk Denver Crisp Co, r Dudrow H[...]ence. ington PI.
Duce Charles, r 2434 Lawrence. Du[...]
[...]S e e Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]), 522 15th (Phone 1340), ware-
Duff Charles P, r 1434 Steele. house 1001 to 1007[...]4 Steele.
Duff Walter M, lawyer, 431 Charles Bldg,[...]Duffield Glen S, warden County Jail, Du Frane Charles E, attendant Glenarm
Kalamath cor W[...]av, r 4775 6th av.
Duffy Charles, saloon, 1862 Lawrence, r DUGAL LOUIS,[...]
[...]ugdale Howard A, waiter, r 2126 Stout. Dumke Charles E, physician St An- CO
Dugdale Willi[...]85 S Emerson. Dumont Charles R. grocer, 2601 W 23d av.
Duggan E P, engineer, r[...]H«Jt
Duggan Michael, bartdr Charles Duffy, r DUN R G & CO, mercantile age[...]
[...]an Thomas M, sec Mountain State
Duncan Charles, carp, r 315 .Fox. Fuel Co. r 402 S Lincoln.
Duncan Charles H, driver Turner Mov- Duncan Thomas W, pro[...]Co, 244 Broadway.
Duncan Charles R, lab, rms 1414 Larimer. Duncan Verbal[...]
[...]Dunkirk Mining & Leasing Co, 620 Ex-
Dunfee Charles Ross, r 2406 S Bannock. chang[...]Savoy, rms 1641 Tremont PI.
Dunham Charles, printer, rms 1101 Law- Dunlap[...]Dunlap Robert, salesman Martin Bros & oo
Dunham Charles F . carp, r 2648 Bryant. Co. r[...]GO
Dunham Ralph S. clk Salvation Army[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Officia[...]83 Gilpin.
_5 r 945 Mariposa.
Dunn Charles, watchman, rms 2127 Stout.
Dunn Charles J, genl contractor, 1328[...]unn Thomas, carp, r 2343 S Galapago.
*fl_ Dunn Charles Paine, rms 1266 Curtis. Dunn William H, eng[...]cMuRTRYMFG.Co.
Dunn George W, lawyer, 414 Charles Bldg. SUCCESSORS TO[...]
[...]Du Pont Charles I, cigarmkr Schiele Bros
Dunnagan Lydia Mrs, matr[...]aul.
Dunning Frederick W, actor, r 2635 W Du Rail Charles, agt Co,[...]116 W Archer PI. Durbin Charles K, vice-pres United States
Dunsmore G Daniel, mes[...]ouisa A Mrs, florist, 3269 W
Fairview PI.
Dunst Charles, shoemkr, 315 16th, r 60
Dunst Fl[...]
[...]William, lab, r 4658 Logan. Dusenberry Charles, rms 409, 433 W Col-
Durbin William[...]
[...]Dwver William D, clk Western Elaterite
Dutt Charles, mgr Edwards Coal Co, r 37 Roofing[...]Dybbro Fred, fireman, r 3638 High.
Dutt Charles F, sec genl mgr D & R G Dybbro J[...]atherine Mrs, r 575 Downing. Dye Charles L, chief engineer Capital Ice
Dutton Frank R, ste[...]rms 1529 Lawrence. Dyer Charles, jeweler, r 4639 W 33d av.
Duvall James D, lab Western Pottery Dyer Charles, wks Denver Fire Clay Co,
Mfg Co, r 508 S Logan.[...]hn B, conductor, r 2123 W 32d av Dyer Charles C, r 1440 Franklin.
Duvall Thomas B, real estate, r 3048 Dyer Charles L. loans, 229 Coronado Bldg,
Franklin.[...]r 260 S Broadway.
Dwelle Charles H, conductor C & S Ry,
r 726 28th.[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]Bldg, r 1555 York.
Eacock Charles, policeman, r 337 Chero- EAGLE FIRE INSURA[...]
[...]Easley John S, col'd, lab, r 4114 Steele.
Earl Charles, driver Denver Omnibus & Easley Robert W,[...]Powder Co, r 1065 Emerson.
Earl Charles H, furniture repairer, r 2125 Easling William G[...]treas, 1942-1948 Curtis
(Phone Main 2695).
Earle Charles W, pres Earle Ad-Sign Co,
rms 825 20th.
[...]Williams (temporary hall 38th av cor Eaton Charles W , teamster Bureau of
Williams).[...]East Side High School, Stout bet 19th and Eaton Charles W, r 1205 Ogden.
20th.[...], teamster, r 1211 W Byers
OO Easterbrooks Charles R, plasterer, r £060 PI.
Josephine.[...]on Sarah J Mrs, r 1031 Marion.
Eastgate Charles G, r 1036 W Colfax av. Eaton Stephen, team[...]
[...]_. 2
Eberl Charles, bottler C A Lammers Bot- Eccl[...]Mrs, r 115 S Clarkson. Echart Charles, wks Western Newspaper 01 z
Eberle Willia[...]cook, rms 2524 Califor- Eckardt Charles, watchman, r 231 Walnut
Ebert Alma Miss, r 1014 W 12th av.
Ebert Charles A, pedler, r 609 Lipan.
Ebert Emil H, ciga[...]
[...]20 BLAKE ST.. DENVER, COLO. Eckstrom Charles, carp, r 75 Raritan.
_f" Ecke Albert G, r 1[...]Jonas, artist, r 3326 W 30th av.
Ecker Charles, miner, r 3652 Alcott. Edbert Ed, wks Denv[...]pital.
z Eckerman Charles, cook, rms 1730 Law- Eddie Ellen Mrs, r 106[...]ial School Co, r 822 Colfax av.
Eckhard Charles H. linotype opr Mer- EDDY JOHN S, Christia[...]cor Stout, r Hotel Roslyn, 607
Eckhardt Charles F, pres T R Cudahy 14th.[...]
[...]ath. Edmond Charles C, janitor First Church
Edgar William M, r 1909 1[...]ecomb Oscar L, clk auditor D & R G Edmonds Charles A, r 4025 Stuart.
R R, r 2210 Ogden. Edmonds Charles E, machinist Nock &
Edgell John W, ensign Salvati[...]32 Cherokee. Edmonds Charles M, conductor, r 255 CO
Edgerton Adelbert,[...]n. Edmonds Charles W, painter, r 805 Julian.
Edgerton Harriet[...]
[...]ds George E, carp, r 4845 W 33d av. Edwards Charles, real estate, r 417 W 4th
Edmonds James,[...]& Elec Co, rms 3110 Umatilla. Edwards Charles, wood, 2620 W 10th av,[...]DS J F, Resident Secretary Edwards Charles, r 1155 Galapago.
Commercial Union and Palatine Ins Edwards Charles A, teamster, r 717 Mari-
Cos and genl a[...]Co, 1645-1647 Tremont PI, r 1441 Vine. Edwards Charles A, col'd, expressman, r
Edmonds Ma[...]
[...]Edwards Susanna Mrs, r 4752 Baldwin Ct.
Charles Bldg, rms 420 Colfax av.[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp[...]Egelman Charles F, salesman Donaldson[...]on, Hammill & Co, r 2255 Califor-
o= Egan Charles, b 227 Fillmore.
Egan Dollie L Miss, s[...]Eggeman Godfrey S. r 1315 Broadway.
Equitable Fi[...]
[...]Ehresman Charles, conductor, r 443 Inca.
Ehret Charles J, saloon, 1851 Market.[...]Ehret Gustav A, jeweler Charles H Clark[...]Ehrich Charles, gardener, r 510 S Navajo.
Eggerst August, lab Mr[...]llth.
E'ggert Charles W (Eggert Ice Co), 400 Ehrlich Fred, lab, r[...]Brooks Ptg Co, b 51 W Cedar av.
Eggleston Charles B, miner, r 3615 Inca. Eich Anton J, sausagem[...]Percy, rms 1434% Larimer. Eichholtz Charles E, salesman James H
Egsholdt W O, drapery hanger[...]r Joseph J (Ehler & Hamrock), r 3811 E'ichman Charles A, engineer C & S Ry,
Umatilla.[...]er & Hamrock (J J Ehler and P J Eichold Charles H, painter, 2255 Welton.
Hamrock), saloon, 3200[...]rms 3928 Williams.
Ehlert Charles (Van Sant & Ehlert), 216, Eickelberg William,[...]n George, janitor Kittredge Bldg, r Eickhoff Charles A, r 2301 Washington.
1456 Elati.[...]
[...]Eisenhardt Charles T wks Pullman Co, r
THtMcMURTRYMFG.Co.[...]Eisenhardt Charles Z, harnessmkr Fred
SUCCESS[...]Eisenhart Charles M, clk A T Lewis &
o o[...]llund Clara Mrs, r 338 Barnard Blk, W Eiser Charles, molder, r 440 Kalamath.
8th av ne cor[...]George P, r Oakes Home W 32d av
Einfeldt Charles M, engineer Eauitable bet Decatur and El[...]of Denver, Warren av nw cor Univer-
Eisel Charles, helper Albert Sechrist Mfg sity.
Co, r 4535 Pearl. Eitler Charles, porter Albany Hotel.
Eisel George, lab,[...]sw cor Humboldt. Ek, Charles, lab, rms 1424 13th.
Eiseler Carl F, engr[...]lad Olof J, lab, r 1574 S Emerson.
Eisele Charles L, student, r 25, 1723 Ekblad Oscar C, wk[...]graphing Co, r 1574 S E'merson.
Eisele Charles R, supt dining cars and Ekbom Elmer, barbe[...],
r Perry sw cor W 9th av.
Eisen Charles, clk Novelty Theatre.
Eisenach Jac[...]
[...]Eley David S, motorman Tramway Co, r
Elder Charles E, clk frt dept C & S Ry, 31[...]Eley Jacob, r 322 Dakota av.
Elder Charles S, Treas City and County of Eley Jane Miss, cook[...]Park av cor Humboldt. CO
Elder Charles W, r 55 W Ellsworth av. Eley[...]apahoe.
Elder Thomas, rms 1731 Curtis.
Elderbrook Charles, butcher, b 4418 Del-[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Offic[...]izabeth Miss, stenographer, r 940
Elkins Charles B, salesman John Mc- Pearl.[...]er Bessie Mrs, r 3135 W Colfax av.
Eller Charles D, barber, 103 Xinca Ct. THtMcMuRT[...]
[...]Elliott Lucile, r 2222 Race.
Elliott Charles C, foreman Pullman Co. Elliott Lucy G Mrs, r 1629 S Clarkson.
Elliott Charles E, coml trav, 310 Appel Elliott Mae M Mrs,[...]Elliott Mark F, engineer C & S Ry, rms
Elliott Charles F, teamster Bureau of Lindell Hotel.[...]Elliott Mary Mrs, r 803 19th.
Elliott Charles H, clk Denver Gas & Elec Elliott Mary C Mis[...]Elliott Maude Miss, stenographer, r 2627
Elliott Charles R, r 2942 Blake. 18th.
[...]Ellis King W, carp, r 817 Lincoln.
Ellis Charles A, bkkpr, rms 3224 Newton. Ellis Laura D Miss, rms 429 15th.
Ellis Charles A, physician, 2238 Colfax av. Ellis Lavini[...]
[...]Elmore Charles C, lab, r 766 Navajo.
I62_ ARAPAHOE ST. PHO[...]Elson Charles, officeboy Continental Oil
Ellstrom Agnes[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]Stout. Emerson Charles, col'd, rms 1532 Glen-
Ely Albert S, c[...]Boulevard F. Emerson Charles, r 2343 Marion.
Ely Amalgamated Copper Co, 406 Jackson Emerson Charles E, farmer, r Sheridan
[...]Emison Charles H, carp, r 520 30th.
1540-46[...]Phone Co, r 1243 Downing. Emmert Charles G, r 2842 Franklin .
Emerson William J, r 2805 Hu[...]Franklin.
Emery Charles L, mining, r 2515 W Dun- Emmert Susan N Mrs,[...]mery George W, bartdr James Donovan, Emmons Charles H, real estate, 422 Coop-
rms 1715 Wazee.[...]
[...]er pres, H F Weese vice-pres, H Pfalz- Endicott Charles L, lab Grant Coffee
CO graf sec, W Larche[...]e Life Association, 320 Em- Engel August C, r 795 S. Clarkson.[...]COAL
Enarson Charles (Enarson & Johnson), .[...]r 3830 Franklin.
Enarson & Johnson (Charles Enarson and
J E Johnson), salo[...]
[...]PAHOE ST. PHONES 1950 Engleman Charles F, collr Denver Fruit CO[...]ml
(D^England, see also Englund.
England Charles T, mining, r 1533 29th av. WRITERS OF EN[...]Conaway local agts, 412 17th. m w
Charles Bldg, r 2454 W 29th av. English[...]English William J, barber T A Kilcourse,
Engle Charles, rms 1638 Court PI. rms[...]
[...]Enroth Charles F, r 1356 Galapago.[...]er G, col'd, 1712 Pennsylva-
Englund Charles A, boilermkr McFarlane nia.
Mf[...]s Blanche B Miss, cashier North- Epeneter Charles J, miner, rms 1206 10th.
western Mutua[...]elein William M, clk Joslin Dry Gds
Enos Charles W, physician, 204 Mack Blk, Co, r 562[...]
[...]S Pennsylvania.
Eppich Charles J, clk P O, r 2428 Downing Erb Christian, clk[...]e Co, r 1463 Race. ERBAUGH CHARLES 0, patent
Eppstein Bertha Mi[...]
[...]1 Elizabeth. Williams.
Ehrhart Charles M, pressfeeder, r 2034 Erickson Paul G, r[...]Erijavz George, r 4829 Emerson.
Erickson Charles, cook, rms 1233 Curtis. Eriksen Andrew, genl contractor, r 226 S
Erickson Charles, lab, rms 1902 Arapahoe Downing.[...]en Jens, painter, r 765 Humboldt.
Erickson Charles F (Wollensak & Erick- Erisman
son), r 23[...]Bldg, r 2845 Quitman.
Erickson Charles F, saloon, 1862 Market, Erisman
r 3550 W[...]ewing Machine Co, r 2845 Quitman.
Erickson Charles J, pantryman Tortoni Erlandsson
Restaurant, r 1233 Curtis. A H, salesman Charles Scrib-
iiiu Erickson Daniel, clk John Th[...]
[...]N-STANPAR;G^%E Erway Charles A, brakeman C & S Ry,[...]Erway Charles A, driver American Fur-
INSURANCE U[...]Erwin Charles M, restaurant, 1624 Lari-
FRED'K.W. STAN[...]seph M, prin Boulevard School, CO
Erlenberg Charles J, carp, r rear 1839 W r 4445 Boule[...]Bro Mer Co, r 1559 S Acoma.
Ernest Charles, tailor, rms 1435 Stout. Eslick Deli[...]138 W 1st av. 1529 Pearl.
Ernst Charles, tailor, 1460 Champa, r 1435 Esposito J[...]Espy James W, driver, r 2941 Welton.
Ernst Charles W, r 138 W 1st av. Espy J Rei[...]t av. 29th av.
Errett Charles F, helper Benedict Ware- Esse[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]O (Etoo & Tamura), 1763 Blake.
H Essley Charles H, salesman A Booth & Etoo
Co, r 303[...]Adams bet 51st and 52d avs.
Estabrook Charles J, r 568 S Pearl. Ettinger David E, drive[...]ents, 17th av sw cor Emerson.
Ethridge Charles M, waiter Royal Res-[...]
[...]Evans Charles H, carp,' r 4154 "Vrain.
Evans Charles H, lab, r 2090 S Milwaukee
Evans Charles J, millwright, r 4165 Wi-[...].
Evans Charles L, teamster, b 1424 W Da-[...].
Evans Charles P, r 1112 22d.
Evans Charles W, salesman, r 107 Acoma[...]5 15th.
Evans Catherine Miss, rms 429 15th.
EVans Charles, engineer C & S Ry, r 2014
W 27th av.
Evans Charles, lab Barteldes Seed Co, r
3239 Pecos.
Evans Charles A, carp, b 1872 Race. (TQ
Evans Charles D, clk C E H Armbruster,
r 1720 Franklin.[...]2 CD
Evans Charles F, brakeman D & R G
R R. rms 1, 333 13th.[...]
[...]ver Amusement Co), Marion.
430 Charles Bldg. Evans Llew[...]
[...]NDARTINSURANCEAGENCYCO. Everett Charles E (Charles Wathen &[...]Everett Charles E, 439 18th, rms 510 18th.
FRED'K.W. S T A N D A R T - P R E S . Everett Charles L, carp, r 1015 Marion.
= 22 ARAPAHOE 5T .[...], driver, r 1061 Jason. Everhart Charles A, 1446 Blake, rms 1617 9 *4
Evans Susan[...]Everingim Charles, conductor TJ P R R, r
Evans T J, physician, 233[...]R, r 1061 Jason. Evers Charles, molder Griffin Wheel Co, co
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]Ewry Charles E, grocer, r 1647 Pennsyl-[...]PAINT
r 3036 Zuni.
Ewert Charles J, helper Denver Engineer- .[...]L___™_™5_] G L A S S
Ewing Charles A, dairyman, r es S Jason
bet W[...]
[...]Exline James, r 2152 Curtis. Eyth Charles C, r 2325 Arapahoe.
Exline John A, vice-pres Mid[...]BLING JOHN S, genl agt Pa- Fager Charles R, fireman, r 2949 Umatilla[...]Fahey Jane Mrs, r 4131 Steele.
Faden Charles J, cabinetmkr, rms 2632 Fahey Kitty Miss,[...]pERTENTMWNft
E^Fagan, see also Fegan.
Fajjan Charles A, grocer, r 1729 Ogden.
Fagan Charles A Jr, salesman A Booth & M*%S£i[...]
[...]hoemkr, 814 Platte. Stout.
Fain Charles O, driver City Transfer Co, Fairhurst Fred, clk J[...]Drug Co, r 2525 45th av.
FAIR CHARLES W, pres and genl Fairley Fairlev[...]
[...]CEMETERY ASSO- Faller Charles W, dairy, r 315 S Adams. ^i •
CIATION, W[...]ENUE NURSERY, Fallico Charles, wks McPhee & McGin-
D S Grimes' Son prop, 3032[...]oo
bet S Ogden and S. Corona. Fallis Be[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]ahoe.
Fandrich Ferdinand, apprentice Charles Faris Joseph J, mgr freight dept Denver[...]h.
Fandrich Herbert, apprentice Charles Faris Mary J Mrs, r 2607 Arapahoe.
Fanning Harvey S. tailor Vacuum Farkas John, lab, b 30[...]
[...]Farra Charles, lab, r Anders Retreat Pk.
WE'LL[...]R STORES CO, r 1453 California. F a r r a r Charles M, grocer, 2847 W 37th av.
Farley Nelson, expressman, r 1249 S Pearl Farrar Charles S (Farrar & Guy Lumber
Farley Owen, rms 1333 15th[...]ma.
Farley Theresa Miss, stenographer Min- FARRAR CHARLES S & CO, (C S
nequa Lumber Co, rms 2835 Curtis.[...]ces James, lab, b 5236 Washington. Farrell Charles, helper F M Davis Iron
Farnam Charles H, salesman, 1616 Cali- Farrell Chris, driverand[...]th Alvin C, clk, r 80 S Washing-
Farnsworth Charles P, r 3519 Newton.
Farnsworth Mary E Mrs, r[...]
[...]Fash Charles A, salesman, 321 Opera
2- rms 512 15th.[...]lds Anna E Mrs, dressmkr, r 2522
S3 Farris Charles E, r 4131 Utica.
Farris Earl, r[...]
[...]B O N D S O C L O N E INSURANCE Fawcett Charles L, candymkr Fawcett's
INSURANCE UPON R[...]Fawkes Charles G, vice-pres Fawkes In- CO
1622 ARAPAHOE[...]evieve, cashier DANIELS & Faxon Charles H, engineer Federal Bldg,
FISHEB STOKES CO, r co[...]ames E, cigarmkr, r 1332 S Fay Charles, r 2445 Stout.
Acoma. Fay Charles G, meat cutter W M Gold-
Faulkner John B, messeng[...]Lewis &
Son Dry Gds Co, r 1766 Clarkson.
Favour Charles S, prop Colorado Crispe-
lett Co, rms 121[...]
[...]h av. way, r 920 W 14th av.
Fee Charles P, r 1211 28th av.
Fee Earl W, d[...]
[...]E^Feld, see also Field. Fellows Charles W, foreman B & B dept
Feldhauser Philip, r 1625 C[...]o z
Feldwisch Bertha W Miss, teacher Logan Felt Charles J, tailor, r 1260 Osage.
School, r 11 S L[...]
[...]nnell, see also Finnell. Ferguson Charles, lab, r 53 Larimer.
Fennell John J, bottler Deep Rock Arte- Ferguson Charles Jr, lab, r 53 Larimer.
sian Water & Bottling Co, r 2534 Stout. Ferguson Charles E, repairer Gougar &
Fennell Karl J, hel[...]1 Larimer. Ferguson Charles E, clk Midland Hotel,
Fennell Patrick W,[...]innity Co, r 2339 Blake. Ferguson Charles G, pres Northern Nurs-
[CFFenner, see al[...]r Clark C, sec Landon Abstract Co, Ferguson Charles R, lab. r 4614 W 33d av.
r 1450 Clarks[...]David, cigarmkr, r 511 Emerson.
Fennessy Charles E, clk Mine & Smelter Ferguson Dickson C,[...]nes C Mrs, r 2110 17th av.
Fenstermacher Charles, molder, rms 1242
10th.[...]_ T A E !0IOI6IH«T.i „
Oh Fenton Charles H, bkkpr Denver Gas &
Ztf) Elec Co, r 741 K[...]"DFull_rcd
Fenton Charles W, repairer Felker Auto-
[...]Ferrell Charles, machinist, rms 1431 16th.
Ferguson John W[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]son Anna B Miss, dressmkr Denver
Ferris Charles, turner McPhee & McGin- Dry Gds Co, r 194[...]is Thomas, clk Grand Pacific Hotel, Fewlass Charles, carp Robert Fewlass, r
™ 1452[...]
[...]ca Libert A, tailor 428 15th, r 2720 Bry- Field Charles H, carp, r 3349 Eliot.
ant.[...]mgr Colorado Telephone Co and Amer-
Fichter Charles, lab TJ P R R, rms 1854 ican Distr[...]
[...]iner Block, ws B bet W Colfax av
Fielding Charles B, asst sec Union Lodge and California.[...]elds Benjamin W, col'd, clothes clean- Filberg Charles, tailor, rms 2432 Glen-
er, 210 15th. arm PI.
Fields Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2345 Law- Filbert John[...]
[...]road Bldg. Fine Charles J, teamster Atlas Coal Co,
FINANCIAL CONTRACT SEC[...]Fine Charles C, cigarmkr New Silver[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Finlayson Charles W, buyer A T Lewis &[...]lfax av, r 1413 Market. Finley Charles H, salesman Donaldson &
Finerty C L, w[...]0th. Finn Charles E, clk Denver Dry Gds Co,
Fink Percy P[...]S Downing.
(A T R A N S F E R CO, Charles Fink- Finn J Maurice, lawyer, 421 Ern[...], farmer, r 2700 S Downing,
Finkbeiner Charles, pres Chas Finkbeiner Englewood.
[...]shback. 2712 Stout.
Fischbach Charles P . mince meat mfr, Fish Frank M, opr News, r 443[...]Gas & Elec Co, r 2548 16th.
Fischer Charles, r 1572 Fillmore. Fishback Ory W, conductor C & S Ry,
Fischer Charles B, tinner Littleton r 4203 Zuni.[...]Fishback Robert M, r 879 Kearney.
Fischer Charles H, gardener, r 501 Dale Ct Fishback W P Mr[...]
[...]Mrs, r 340 S Grant. CO
Fisher Adam, mgr Charles Burkhardt Fisher Helena C Miss,[...]M Mrs, r 2232 Ogden. av.
Fisher Charles, tinner, r rear 1948 New Fisher Jean[...]1436 Market.
Fisher Charles C, molder, rms 2161 Lari- Fisher John[...]River Drive.
Fisher Charles E, farmer, r 906 Wyandot. Fisher John, r 629 "Vallejo
Fisher Charles F . r 3227 Bryant. Fisher John B, lab, r 3310 Shoshone.
Fisher Charles G, r 857 S Cbirkson. Fisher John B, painter Pullman Co, r 3949
Fisher Charles J, carp D & R G R R, r Race.
e[...]Fisher John W, conductor, r 1024 S Pearl.
Fisher Charles W, carp C & S Ry, r Fish[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]isher Marie Miss, rms 1627 Stout. Fisk Charles J, electrotyper F Reistle, r
Fisher Ma[...]sher Robert S, horseman Overland Park, Fitch Charles C, rms 2041 Welton.
r ns W Me[...]
[...]Fitzgerald Charles A, painter, rms 2120
Fitch George B, teacher ES H[...]1 Clarkson. Fitzgerald Charles F, mgr Eclipse Ma-
Fitch George L, enginee[...]
[...]vs. OO
Flach Charles, shoemkr, 329 Elati.[...]
[...]eland PI.
Flavan John T, coml trav, 529 Charles Flem Lizzie Mrs, r rear 2109 19th.[...]ing Calvin (Fleming Bros), r 901
Flebbe Charles J, pres Nat Shoe Co r 1348 Clarkson.[...]
[...]Fletcher John S. lab, r 1534 W Cedar av.
F l e m i n g J Ro[...]
[...]h, r 1721 Platte. Broadway.
GO Fliniau Charles C, stockman, r 2251 Stout
Flink Britta[...]T JAMES, vice-pres
Flink Charles, lab, r 3129 Downing. Irving Plumbing &[...]lodin O P, coremkr F M Davis Iron
Flinn Charles, lab Griffin Wheel Co, r Wks Co, rms 842 L[...]Joachim, musician, r 901 Alameda
Flinn Charles H, teamster, b 1452 W Ce- av.
d[...]Flinn James, cook, r 516 22d. Flohr Charles W, lab, r 670 Fox.
Flinn James H[...]
Flora Charles F, stage hand, rms 1024 Flynn Cath[...]orge, cook, rms 1526 Larimer. Flynn Charles H, trouble man Phone Co,
Florence Anna N Miss, nu[...]Flynn Con C, special agt Rock Island
Florence Charles, r 2355 Franklin. Lines, 800[...]u2
Flory Charles, stage hand Broadway The-
atre.[...]9 m
Floyd Charles J, Clk J W Ray, r 3343 2.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. • S K ^ E S Z T
47G FL[...]Foley Charles U, conductor Tramway Co,
5 Flynn John[...]Miss, stenographer, rms
Flynn Thomas S. clk DANIELS & FISHER 1963 Pennsylvania.[...]
[...]nce. Fontaine Charles, waiter, r 1334 40th.
Foley William E, lawyer, 50[...]Shoe Co, 838 16th, r 1715 13th av.
Foljambe Charles, r 1418 St Paul.
Folk Ira, molder, r 3036 S Chero[...]s 724 24th. Foote Charles, engineer Coffin Pkg &
Folltrik Harry, cigarmkr'.[...]Foote William J P, boxmkr Nat Biscuit
Foltz Charles D, engineer, r 2119 W 27th av.
Foltz Chest[...]
[...]T^MCMURTRYMFG.CO. Ford Charles, capt Engine Co No. 4, r 243
_=! °>[...]Ford Charles D, register U S Land Office,[...]Ford Charles E (Ford Optical Co), r 2121
Sg 1741-45 A[...]S. Lincoln.
Ford Charles E, clk Ford Pharmacy, r 3,[...]opless Latimer Miss, stenographer C T Ford Charles M, prop Ford Pharmacy, 939
Carnahan Mfg C[...]less William H, painter, r 4395 Chase. Ford Charles O, mining, rms 14, 1646 Arap-
Foppe Anna[...]Edward J, driver Engine Co No 6,
Forbes Charles D, foreman The Denver r 3755 Hig[...]
[...]children, reception room 313 Charles
Ford Joseph, rms 2253 Champa.[...]is Fore Charles, blksmith Woeber Carriage
Ford J F, rms 14[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Francis P, lab, r 4921 Broadway. CO
Fortune Charles, r 1443 Glenarm PI. Foster Frank, barbe[...]Foster Harry L, baker M Macklem.
Foss Charles A, fireman Albany Hotel, Foster He[...]
[...]11 Stedman Bldg, 14th cor Stout Fougerousse Charles A, coml trav J
(Phone 1824), r 840[...]
[...]r 6, 1818 Lincoln, 1127 10th.
Fowler Charles C, physician. 424 Empire Fox Bianca[...]Fox Charles, fireman Western Chemical
Fowler Elizabeth Mrs. r[...]Estella M Miss, nurse, r. 6, 1818 Fox Charles F, lab, b 1515 W Maple av.
Lincoln. Fox Charles J, carp, rms 4601 W 38th av.
Fowler Ethel Miss, phone opr Joslin Dry Fox Charles J, chauffeur, r 2232 S Fox.
Gds Co, r 250[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]ox Robert T, asst ticket agt Colo & France Charles, lab Elitch-Long green-
Southern Ry, 1[...]& Milling Co, r 4320 Zenobia.
Fox Wesley S. insurance, 19, 711 17th, r France Talbott H, m[...]Ann Mrs, r 1137 W 13th av. Francis Charles, barber, rms 1742 Law-
Foy August[...]
[...]Frank Louis, tailor C S Curtis, rms 1539
Francis Charles, lab Windsor Farm Dairy, Welton.
rms 1226[...]Frank Mary A Mrs, rms 808 13th.
Francis Charles F, driver Western News- Frank Mary A Mrs, r[...]Frank Meyer, tailor Johnson-Noel Co, r
Francis Charles W, clk A H Vose, b 1427 2720 Champa.
Blak[...]ett & Nye, r 2720 Champa. Franklin Charles A, r 1759 Washington.
Frank B, b 1749 Pearl. Franklin Charles B, student, r 1200 Colum-
Frank Carl, dairy, r es[...]avs. Franklin Charles W, lawyer, 834 Equitable
Frank Charles, bkkpr Standard Furniture Bldg. r 1200 Co[...]r 2315 Franklin. Franklin Charles W, conductor Tramway
Frank Charles, helper D & R G R R, r Co. r 3[...]
[...]Franzeen Charles G F, prop Star Phar-
o -i Broadway.[...]Franklin Minnie Mrs, tailoress, r 3263 Frary Charles H, carp, r 1281 S Wash-
Larimer:[...]Franklin Pharmacy Brower & Benfer Frary Charles H Jr, lab, r 1281 S Wash-
to <o props[...]
Window Glass, Lead, Oil, Varnish, Mixed Paints McP[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & CO. BURGLARY[...]Fredericks Charles, mgr Alcazar Theatre,[...]
[...]Freeman Rufus, r rear 2015 Clay.
Freeland Charles F, mgr credits and col- Freeman[...]
[...]PAINT French Charles E, bkkpr, 1, 1608 Broad-[...]Presbyterian Church, r 445 S Grant.
U Charles Bldg, rms 634 13th. French John H, pl[...]Nora E Miss, student, r 1149 Cher-
Frei Charles, houseman The Montview,
1446 Stout.[...]518 Louisiana av.
(ft (ft Fremd Gustave A, wks Charles Hum- Frenzel Anna M Miss, stenographer In-[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. I[...]rence.
Friday Charles H, lab, r 22 Lipan. Friedman Joseph, j[...]Friedrich Charles, miner, b 2598 Wolff.
FEIEDEEICH PETEE[...]nry A, bartdr Windsor Hotel,
I v. Friedhoff Charles (Friedhoff & Hoeffel), r r 1158 Cali[...]
[...]Frisby Charles, painter, r 105 W Alameda[...]Froehlich bartdr Charles Hum-[...]
[...]- _S
Harman Charles H, salesman Littleton[...]Lawrence. rion.
Harmon Charles H (Harmon & Ferris), Haroldso[...]Harp Frank, wks N Fulwider, r 1635 15th.
Harmon Charles M, teamster, r 3453 Wyn- H[...]
[...]r Edward R, lead glazier McMur- Harrington Charles A, bottler * Tivoli-
try Mfg Co, r 20[...]Harrington Charles A, r 219 S Bannock.
Harrington Charles C, cashier Colo Iron
1-2 Harper Eli[...]
[...]lumer Merc Co, 1620 19th, r 924 17th av. Harris Charles, col'd, porter DANIELS &
Harrington Milton, lab,[...]rrington Orrin C, conductor Denver & Harris Charles, col'd, porter, r 971 Tenny-
Inter-Mountain Ry C[...]rrington Orville R, wks U S Mint, r Harris Charles, rms rear 1811 Champa.
1485 S University.
Harrin[...]Harris Charles A, clk H Evans, r 2455[...]sage. Harris Charles H, miner, r 1215 Navajo.
Harrington Patrick S, fireman Denver Harris Charles H, col'd, footman DANIELS
Dry Gds Co, r 2752 Wal[...]rrington Philip, houseman St Joseph's Harris Charles H, col'd, porter Pullman
Hospital.[...]Harris Charles J, lab, r 3947 Vine.
HAEEINGTON-PLUMEE MEE- Harris Charles J, col'd, painter, r 2218[...]ANTILE CO, M C Harrington Harris Charles V, clk County Treas, rms
pres, A W Plumer treas,[...]uce Co, b 1304 Stout.
Harrington Timothy S. mgr Still Alarm Harris David, drive[...]
Nail8,Corrugaied Iron
Barbed Wire, Etc.[...]
[...], col'd, clk A G Clarke & Harrison Charles, driver Denver Hard-
Co, r 824 W 10th av[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]Harrod Sharon L, coml trav Charles Wa-
^ CD ^ .T 0R VARNISH[...]ison James P, with F A Harrison, r Harryman Charles B, salesman Rothen-
708 S Clarkson.[...]Harrison Ralph C, candymkr Austin Hart Charles A (Holcomb & Hart), r 950
[...]Hart Mary A Mrs, r 3465 W 33d av.
Hart Charles K (C K and F G Hart), r Hart Mary C Miss,[...]enarm PI. pago.
Hart Charles M, cook A Trachsel, r 4575 Hart Mary L Miss,[...]Emerson.
Hart Charles N, physician 504 Mack Blk, Hart Milli[...]
[...]Hartman Frank T, driver Charles Stark-[...]tle Samuel, pedler, r 1983 S Pearl. Hartmann Charles, lab. r 4319 Elati.
Hartle Walter B, salesman Campbell-Sell Hartmann Charles F, state cattle inspect-
Baking Co r[...]iams.
Hartman Charles, cook The Famous, rms Hnrtnett Joseph D, co[...]oe & Leather Co, r 1964 Grant.
Hartman Charles stableman H S Dean, Hartnett William, hel[...]936 21st.
Hartman Charles r 819 Delaware, Hartong Frank A, clk frt dept D & R G
Hartman Charles storekpr University R R, r 3415 A[...]
[...]Hartz Charles C, motorman Tramway Co,
S U R E T Y BONDS-CYCL[...]Harvey Charles, bricklayer, r 3032 Down-
Hartung Louise C[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]Harwell Charles, driver C H Hebener, r[...]hine. Haseltine Charles F, sec Swastika Gold
Harvey James H,[...]sland Lines, 800 17th", r 467 S Grant. Haskell Charles B, carrier S Denver Sta-
Harvey John[...]Haskell Charles W, ins dept Great West-[...]rvey Robert N, coml trav, r 724 18th av Haskins Charles W, office 9, 809 14th, r
[...]Fruckledove Charles, lab, b 5442 Washing
Frohwein Charles, dry gds, r 3331 Frank- Fruh Peter, jeweler Charles H Clark 6
• Froimowi[...]Transfer Co, r 2739 Larimer.
Froling Charles-, machinist^ r 1215 36th av. Fruin Harold, r 42[...]son. Fry Charles S. teamster, r 2820 W 26th av
Frost Alber[...]ould R. student, r 941 Kalamath.
Frost Charles, barber J W Noesen, rms Fry Harvey P, tr[...]r 1935 W Holden PI.
Frost Charles, stoker Denver Gas & Fry James[...]
[...]Hastings Charles C, woodwkr Oregon[...]Hastings Charles J, inspector Griffin[...]Hata Robert, r 1332 Broadway.
Hasselgren Charles, car repairer Burling- Hatada T, barber H B Y[...]urist and laryngologist, practice lim- Hatch Charles O, carp, 1846 Arapahoe, r
ited to diseases of th[...]nd nose, 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1111 16th (Phone Hatch Charles S, tinner W C Schmitt, r
Main 3748), r 1317 Stou[...]ng.
Hassinger Sarah Mrs, r 1713 Arapahoe.
Hassler Charles R, miner, r 4517 Clayton.
Hassler John F,[...]
[...]er Jessamine Miss, china
Hatfield Charles, dept mgr C S Morey painter, 524 17th[...]atter Benjamin, rms 1830 Champa.
Hatfield Charles, teamster, r ws Zuni Hatter Martha Mrs, c[...]ck Joseph, stone mason, r 1284 W
HATHAWAY CHARLES L, pres C Custer PI.[...]
[...]. Fuell Charles M, mining engineer, 221
IC? Fryar, see also Fryer[...]sylvania.
Frye Charles F, gardener, r Littleton Rd F[...]ridan. vania.
Frye Charles H, engineer D & R G R R,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]& S Ry, r 3720 Shoshone.
Fuller Charles T, blksmith, r 316 20th av. Fuller Will[...]
[...]Funk Charles W, r rear 1811 Champa.[...]av.
Fullman Charles (Charles Fullman & Funk Ruby Miss, clk, r 1405 C[...]Funk William A, waiter F B Healey.
FULLMAN CHARLES & CO (C Funk William T, lab,[...]Furlong Tessie Miss, r 2225 Glenarm PI.
Fultz Charles B, brakeman, r 1813 35th. Furlong Thomas, pa[...]itor Town Hall School,
r 1400 W Alameda av.
Funk Charles L, teamster, r 3230 Eliza-[...]
[...]Fusha Charles E, carp, r 638 Knox Ct.[...]Furness Frank E, clairvoyant, rms 2558 Fussell Charles A, a g t Prudential I n s
Stout.[...]Co, r 1450 Clarkson.
Furrer Charles G, r 723 W 3d av. Futatsugi Kiroku, ho[...]ator Co, r 1356 Acoma. Gabriel Charles, lab, r 2736 W 26th av.
Gaarn Lars[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. In[...]gh Peter R, driver H Mann, r 1410 Gallagher Charles B, with M J O'Fallon
Mariposa.[...]John, vice-pres Western Brick & Gallagher Charles J, bartdr, rms 1451 Cur-
Constructio[...]ith Anna N Mrs, r 2906 Blake. Gallagher Charles E, lab, r 2939 Law-
Galbraith Annie Mr[...]ith Gene Mrs, nurse, r 1015 23d. Gallagher Charles P, clk Denver Gas &
Galbraith Horace H[...]er James, lab Gold Leaf Dairy, ws
Gale Charles, attendant City and County Munroe bet 52[...]Gallagher John F, mfrs agt, 317 Charles
Gale H, bellboy Albany Hotel.[...]
[...]her Michael A, membership sec Gallinger Charles, r 322 Barnard Blk, W
Colo State Commerci[...]
[...]Gammon Charles, ins, r 146 W Ellsworth
PAINT A M D V A[...]Gannawav John H, col'd, washer Charles
C and Edward P Gallup props, rental[...]Gannon Charles J, illustrator H C Gold-[...]
[...]. GO
Ganoe Charles V, physician, 329 Jackson Gardener Gale L, driver[...]Milstein, r 1511 Bryant.
Ganske Charles E, cashier Life Under- C^Gardiner, see also[...]ord.
Garbe A H, baker Hyman Confectionery Gardner Charles, bartdr, rms 2205 Lari-
& Catering Co.[...]mer.
Garben Edward M D, bus boy Hotel Gardner Charles, musician, r 721 25th.
Savoy, r 226 W 13th av.
Garbutt James E, r 4726 Baldwin Court. GARDNER CHARLES W, lawyer,
Garbutt Matilda J Mrs, grocer, 4726 Ba[...]chinist, r 222 Dakota av.
Gard Investment Co, 319 Charles Bldg.
GARD J L, patternmkr[...]
[...]herer, rms 2358 Stout. Garlick Charles A, r 121 Pearl.
Gardner Julia H[...]
[...]t Chalmer A, real estate, r 459 Og-
Garrett Charles C, meat cutter Sanford
R Levings, r 1497[...]
[...]2700 Arapahoe. Garvin Charles O, clk Albany Hotel, r
Garsh William R,[...]Josephine.
Gartman Charles E, machine shop, 1415 Gary Homer L, lab Ra[...]Gartner Edith L Miss, r 1148 Corona. Gash Charles E, switchman C & S Ry, r
[...]Gates Charles, wks Wilsons Public Ware-
SURETY BONDS[...]nklin. 33d av, r 1309 17th.
Gaskin Charles, col'd, lab, r 2467 Law- Gate[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insura[...]y Lee. col'd. lab, r 3106 Blake.
Gautschi Charles S, grocer, r 2424 Newton Gay Lydia G Mrs,[...]
[...]ent & Awning Co, r 2801 Champa. Geddis John S. carp, r 4731 Decatur.
Gayman Laura Miss, bkkpr Jo[...]ness Directory; James R Ives pres and Gee Charles W, conductor Tramway Co,
mgr, 71 Railroad Bldg,[...]r Henry W, mining, b Brown
Palace Hotel.
Gebhard Charles A. asst mgr Colo Pkg
& Prov Co, r 2253 Do[...]
[...]Geisel Charles H, mining, r 2714 13th av.
[...]Glenarm PI. George Charles, porter Brown Palace
General Engineering Co, 250[...]George Charles Mrs, col'd, rms 502 W * Cd
General Fina[...]fice (employment), 206 Ex- George Charles R, r es S Elati bet W 3 •
change Bl[...]George Dorothy Miss, clk, r rear 3901 Ral-
Charles A Steyn sec and treas, 410[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Offici[...]Gerber Charles, carp, r 1860 S Pearl.
Gerber Charles E, driver, r 1860 S Pearl.
S H)[...]Gere Charles G, bkkpr Denver Gas &[...]erity Emma C Mrs, r 1928 14th av.
_5 Georgii Charles A, expressman, r 111
Gero Charles C, salesman, r 4912 Perry.
GERMAIN GEORGE Jr, r 1[...]Gerrish Charles V, clk Phone Co, b 1628
ne cor Monaco.[...]pv[RTENT&% N ||
German Roswald, coml trav, 420 Charles
[...][crGibbons. see also Gibons.
Getts Charles D, carp, r 4951 King.
Getts Charles W. trav auditor D & R G Gibbonsr 2630[...]
[...]1923 Ogden. Giblin Charles S. salesman Nat Biscuit
Gibbons Margaret L Mr[...]
PHONE HU A D I C C C MCA I 9 Of. See Advertisemen[...]
[...]Gilbert William W. bkkpr Lewis Jewelers'
Gilbert Charles A, engineer Bristol Arms, Supply Co, r 1920[...]Gilbertson M, closer Standard Sewing
Gilbert Charles M, mgr Gilbert Invest- Machine Co,[...]
[...]Health & Accident Ins Co. 500-501 Mc- Gill Charles, apprentice Pillar of Fire, r
GO Phee B[...]Sherman. Gill Charles, rms 813 20th.
Gilchrist Harry B. r 1525 Cook. Gill Charles C (Jennings & Gill), r 2631
Gilchrist[...]Colo Fuel & Iron Co, r 1405 Downing. GILL CHARLES W, insurance
Gilchrist Mary B, Miss, b[...]ILL S G, sec International Trust
Giles Charles H, driver wagon Engine Co Co, Equitable Bldg, 17t[...]atre, r 1934 Curtis.
Gilfellan Charles, b Oxford Hotel.
Gilflllan John[...]
[...]Gillham William E, coml trav, 618 Charles
Wks Co-, r 1668 Milwaukee.[...]an P A, cook, rms 1517 Glenarm PI. 01 o
Gillen Charles J, pressman W F Robinson Gilliga[...]illiland Martha B Miss, clk A T Lewis CI z
Giller Charles H, r 272!) W 23d av. & Son[...]lilland Bernard, lands, 14 Clayton Blk,
Gillespie Charles P, real estate, r 145 S r[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURGLA[...]ilmore Kate Mrs, r 1821 Platte.
US Gillum Charles G, solicitor Ranch and Gilmore Mamie E Mis[...]Arapahoe.
Gilman Charles S, mining, 212 Mercantile
Bldg, r 125[...]ontinental Bldg, r 4120 Vrain.
Gilmore Charles M, cook Sutherland & Giltinan Jame[...]
[...]ing Albert G, woodwkr Card Mfg Girardi Charles, boilermkr, r 865 Mariposa
Co, r 4028 Pecos.[...]Girod Ernest E, grocer, 2662 W Lake PI,
Gingrich Charles, lab, r 4356 Delaware. r 2924 W 29th av.[...]Girvin & Weinman (R J Girvin and J B
Ginter Charles M, engineer, r 2434 Bryant. Weinman)[...]
[...]Glacken Charles G, motorman Tramway
1r0R P[...]Mint, r 1237 Elizabeth.
Givens Charles W, chief clk supt trans Glasgow Alfred C, gr[...]Co, rms 1014 Larimer.
Glaberson Charles, tailor, 27 Pioneer D[...]
[...]e n n i e Mrs, d r e s s m k r , r m s 2816
Glass Charles, t a i l o r A G r o s s m a n , r 2205[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]24 Franklin. Glixman Charles, clk L Bach, r 1 Champa
Glen Pa[...]
[...]ency Co local agts, 1541 Champa. Goddard Charles F , mfrs agt, 605 Charles
Globeville Hotel, John F Schmidt prop, Bld[...]Goddard Ralph A, lab C & S Ry, r 2602
Gloss Charles W, lab, r es S Kalamath bet Lafayette.
W Ari[...]Godfrey A Ellwood, mgr City Park Phar-
Glover Charles H. lab. r 1825 S Acoma. macy, r 1081 Lincoln.
Glover C N. rms 1832 California. Godfrey Charles A, salesman Campbell-
Glover Owen H, col'd, janit[...]Godfrey Joseph I, carp, r 561 Jason.
Glynn Charles F, grocer, 400 Broadway.
Glynn Joseph S. bartdr Parker & Rogers, Godfrey Julia Mrs, r[...]oan John T, clk Lunt & Co, r 4045
Goats Charles, laundrymen, rms 1550 Lari-
Gobel Ep[...]
[...]Goetz Charles F, yice-pres Colo Perfect
PAINT AND[...]Weighing Assn & Inspection Bureau, r Goff Charles L, carp C & S Ry, r 3242
3426 Bouleva[...]2100 Arapahoe. Gogen Charles, clk DANIELS & FISHER
Goeppinger Charles, rms 1339 Acoma. STORES CO, r 1312 Curt[...]34th av.
Goettel Edward P, tailor, 505 Charles
Bldg, r 1745 S Sherman.[...]
[...]o, r 1581 Dale Ct. SET
Goins Charles, col'd, musician, rms 1920 Goldberg Jacob,[...]Co, r 1254 Glenarm PI.
Goins Charles M (Goins & Scureman), r Goldberg Jacob[...]Goldberg John, expressman, r 1341 Grove.
Goins Charles M Mrs, millinery, 2709 Wel- Goldberg John, miner,[...]•_mfe»
Goldberg Charles, sacks, r 2700 W How-
ard PI.
Goldberg Do[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Off[...]Goldman Charles, plasterer, r 1640 Eliot.
[...]Goldstein William, bartdr Gassel & Hur-
Goldsmith Charles, lab, rms 1325 Walnut. witz, 1501 Larimer.
Goldsmith Charles, tailor, r 4445 Clay. Goldstein William, driver Max Goldstein,
Goldsmith Charles A, clk supt Wells 2520 W Colfax av.
Far[...]& Son Dry Gds Co, r 126 Elati.
Goldstein Charles, ironworker Siegelman
Structural & Orname[...]
[...]Goode Lillian Miss, r 1845 Champa.
GOOD CHARLES M, treas Denver Goode[...]
Gooding James A, clk Donaldson & How- Goodrich Charles C, sergt Pinkerton's • 3[...]patrolman Pinker- O
Goodloe Charles, col'd, porter Union De- ton's Protective Patrol,[...]Goodman Anna S Mrs, r 1471 Grove. Goodson Charles H. machinist Griffin
Goodman Benjamin, clk[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]oe & Leather Co, r 1043 Clarkson. Goovoosen Charles, clk New York Candy
CQ S Goodson William A,[...]Goodwin Clayton S, b 1437 Washington. Gordon Charles E, polisher B F Slack
Goodwin De Witt,[...]coln. Gordon Charles P, bkkpr Colorado &
Goodwin Donald R,[...]Gordon Charles V, dispatcher C & S Ry,
II Co, r 4401 Va[...]ah A Mrs, r 8, 1956 Broadway.
Goodyear Charles B, r 1707 Oneida. C[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street ? , T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]tter Henry E, salesman Hug Water
Gorton Charles, cook, r 1232 S Pennsyl- Wheel Co, r 1105 La[...]ie P B, foreman Pullman Co, r 3338
Goss Charles F (Goss-Morris Mer Co), r Gilpin.
[...]Walsh), architects, 505 to 507 Mc- m I*
Gould Charles P, coml trav, r 10, 609 Col-[...]
[...]20 BLAKE ST.. DENVER, COLO. Grady Charles, lab, r 2539 Larimer.[...]ace Aloysius P. painter Grant Paint- Graf Charles, barber F Wyman, r 2013
U ing Co, r[...]
[...]GRAHAM CHARLES A, physician,[...]Graham Charles H, r .3334 Wyandot.
Graham Charles J, printer Balance Pub-[...]Graham Charles M, patternmkr Morse[...]Boulevard. Graham Cleve, elevator pilot, Charles
Graf William, clk Colo Ry Assns, r 2013 Bldg, r 3[...](Phone Main 5150), r 1215 Elati.
Graff Charles, driver, r 2534 Champa. Graham Daniel, bartdr, Albany Hotel, r
Graff Charles M, mgr Graff Jewelry Co, 1346 Stout.
r 1722[...]721
Clay. *
Graham Charles, lab, rms 321 W 14th av.[...]
Graham Hezekiah, watchman Charles Co, r 324 Bannock.
Bldg, r[...]
[...]ger Delia Miss, teacher Emerson oo
Grahn Charles H, bricklayer, r 4368 School, rms 328[...]ranger Jessie A Miss, r 1118 California.
Graichen Charles L, chief clk A D T Co, Granger Margaret Mrs,[...]Grannick Morris, tailor, 505 Charles Bldg,
Gramke William A, carriage painter A[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]tephen, painter, r 3326 W Hay-
< III Grant Charles G, prop Lupton Creamery ward PL[...]OS Depot, r 453 Kalamath.
0_ Grant Charles H, with Grant Painting ell Auto Co, r[...]Co, r 3223 W 22d av.
Grant Charles S, painter Grant Painting
Co. r 322[...]nt James, col'd, lab, r 2355 Arapahoe. Grass Charles E, barber, 1528 16th, r 300
O G[...]
[...]Co, 1625 Arapahoe, r 28 Logan.
Graul Charles, rms 1830 Champa. Graves Joseph[...]Gray Austin W, clk P O, r 65 Pearl.
Graves Charles H, driver Kennicott-Pat- Gray Benjamin, ma[...]
[...]Gray Mary Mrs, r 915 W Gth av.
Gray Charles, carp, r 2890 S Lincoln. Gray Mary[...]
[...]FUEL CO, R, r 1238 Pearl.
Charles Alley mgr, coal, coke, wood,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & 00. Offic[...]Gibb J, butler, r 1415 Washington.
Green Charles, carp, rms 2033 Curtis. Green Hannah Mrs, col'd, r 2930 Walnut.
Green Charles A, lab, r 365 Grant. Green Harry C, col'd, porter, r 1753 Grant
cal) Green Charles A, col'd, janitor The Ma- Green Harry W, pa[...]een Hattie E Miss, musician, b 1430
Green Charles C, clk Lawrence-Hensley Tremont PI.[...]Green Henry, lab, r 4314 Lincoln.
Green Charles H, clk Coml Union Assur- Green Henry, col'[...]Gds Co, r 2160 Arapahoe.
Green Charles H, pres Western Mortgage Green Henry J, as[...]Green Homer, hostler D & R G R R, r
Green Charles I, barber 1028 9th av. 767 Kalamath.
Green Charles L, teamster, r 1137 W 13th Green Hubert. R,[...]coln.
Green Charles O, grocer, 1953 Larimer, r Green H M,[...]
[...]reen Othelbert E, carp, r 1527 S Wash- Greenblatt Charles, a g t Van Noy News
ington.[...]Gds Co, rms 1312 Tremont PL Greene Charles, rms 2157 StouL
Green Vurel H, teamster, r[...]
[...]ade Walter J, waiter, rms 2149
o Greenewald Charles, driver Eagle Bot- Glenarm PI.
tling Wks[...]nwood John, rms 1754 Lawrence.
Greenhalgh Charles E, cabinetmkr, r 2550 Greenwood Methodist[...]
[...]Gregory Charles, lab Argo Smelter, r 1027 ^1 •
1723 Frankl[...]et Mrs, news depot, 11131/. Gregory Charles M, clk Denver Dry Gds
Larimer, r 1249 10th.[...]roadway. Humboldt.
Gregg Charles W, lawyer and vice-pres
Gregg Inv Co, 210-212 Ce[...]Mountain Magazine, r 1427 Welton.
Gregor Charles A, bartdr, rms 2238 Lari-
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. I[...]renfell Nicholas, wks McFarlane Mfg Grier Charles I, lab, r 1515 33d av.
Co, r 243[...]
[...]Griffin William, lab, rms 1635 Market.
Griffin Charles, cook J A Meskew & Co,
rms 1431 16th.[...]ILLIAM A, gas and Op
Griffin Charles M, repairman Smith-Pre- electric fixtures,[...]5), r 137 W 1st av. CD
Griffin Charles W, clk, stationer Phone Griffin Will[...]
[...]Richard, driver, rms 1837 Cali-
Griffith Charles, bartdr, rms 1431 16th. fornia.
Griffith Charles B, coml trav, 617 Charles Griffith Richard B, r 2137 Stout.
to Bldg,[...]chard J, carp, rear 1335 Welton,
Griffith Charles C, r 607 20th. r 151 W Archer PI.
O Griffith Charles D, pres Charles D Griffith Griffith Robert B, clk Leyden Coal Co,[...]375 Sherman.
Griffith Charles D Shoe Co, 14th nw cor Griffith Robert R, carp, r[...]h Roscoe M, bkkpr U S Nat Bank,
3« Griffith Charles E, wks White Bros, 1315 r 1243 Humboldt.
E*[...]Thomas C, coml trav, r 1802 17th
Griffith Charles E, col'd, janitor, r 644 S av.
O -J High.[...]an, r 3821 High. Griffith Warden D, vice pres Charles D
o o Griffith Darby H, expressman, r 1359 Gr[...]107 _0th ave. Griffith William H, sec Charles D Griffith
Griffith Edward M, r 74[...]
[...]W, r 2954 Downing. Grimm Charles, mining, r 1861 Humboldt.
Grim John, pres Silver State Pkg & Inv Grimm Charles F, clk George Tritch Hdw
Co, r 2657 Lafayette.[...]Grimm Louise M Mrs, r 3843 Osceola.
Grimes Charles A (Benton & Grimes), r Grimm Ra[...]STORES CO, r 245 W Yale av.
Grimes Charles B, clk frt dept Burlington G[...]
[...]ross Nathan, wks Denver Athletic Club, Groth Charles J, bartdr Louis F & W J
r 1942 W 12th av.[...]A Printz), 1524 Larimer. Grotz Charles F, painter, r 3929 Umatilla. n
Grossa Frank,[...]nograph Co (Genl), r 1718 Washing-
Grossman Charles, tailor, 620 18th, r 2804
W 14th av.
[...]s S W, sanitary inspector Board of
Grout Charles, clk A J Stark, r 3522 Lari- Public Health and[...]t JoEn A, pres Colonial Lumber Co, Groves W S. lab, rms 1728 Market.
r 1169 S York.[...]Colo Fuel & Iron Co, r 1846 Ogden. Grow Charles R, barber E L Hersekorn,
0. Grout Willjam T[...]allie Miss, clk International Cor-
Grove Charles S, foreman Phone Co, r respondence Schoo[...]ubb Grace G Miss, r 3640 Downing.
Grover Charles F, driver Kennicott-Pat- Grubb Harry, r 41[...]
[...]avajo. Guard Charles, engineer, r 2211 Meade.
Gruber Christian, engine[...]son.
Gruenwald Albert A, blksmith A E Alm- Gudgel Charles D, conductor TJ P R R, r
berg, r 174S S Washingt[...]9
Grundisch Julius, watchmkr Charles Range.[...]3908 Lin- Co, b 2921 Welton.
Grunlison Charles J, foreman Bray Laun- Guerin[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]William, carrier P O, r 1752 Emer-
Guesnier Charles L, genl salesman A T son.
Lewis &[...]
[...]Gunnison Charles M, clk, r 1098 S Pearl.[...]Co, r 2019 California. Gunther Charles L, foreman Earle Ad
Gulmyer Charles, machinist C & S Ry, r Sign Co, r 2425 Cham[...]432 Evans av. r 1000 Jason.
Gunn Charles H, engineer D & R G R R, Gurber George, gu[...]
[...]161 Lawrence. r 1254 W Cedar av.
Gurley Charles D, pres Gurley Invest- GUSTAFSON PIANO & MANTEL
c[...]on James, carp R Pedersen, r 1033
Gurtler Charles, lab, r 31 Sherman. Navajo.
Gurtner Evans, ironwkr, r 3935 Larimer. Gustin Charles T, clk A G Clarke & Co,
Gusadari Kite, la[...]o Samuel, lab, r 726 W 38th av.
Gustafson Charles, rms 1952 Larimer. Guth F William (Panzer & Guth).
Gustafson Charles, baker, r 1849 Boulder. Guth George J, bartdr, r 1641 Arapahoe.
Gustafson Charles, carp, r 3724 Downing. Guth John, restaurant, 3794 Tennyson.
Gustafson Charles E, lab Argo Smelter, r Guth John E, bartdr, 1643[...]Tennyson.
Gustafson Charles W, drain layer, r 2606 Guth William, resta[...]
[...]SURANCE UPON RENTS Guy Charles E, pres Century Loan &[...]Guy Charles W, floorman A T Lewis &
BRANNEN-STAN DART I[...]Guyer Electrical Co, 1509 Tremont PI.
Guthrie Charles E, rms Inter-Ocean Ho-[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]Haberl Ignatius,
Haak Charles F, saddletreemkr T E Jewelry Co, r 2450[...]6 9th. Charles, lab, r 1435 23d.
Haas Anna K Mrs, dre[...]drew, butcher Standard
o: Haas Charles, butcher K & B Pkg &
Prov Co, r 615 E[...]bet 39th and 40th avs.
Haas Charles A, mattressmkr G J Kin- Habletzel Martin J, mgr s[...]andard Meat & Live Stock Co, r es
__ C9 Haas Charles L, glass blower, r 167 S Ulster bet 40th and 43d[...]Mildred Miss, r 1365 Bannock.
I— •- Haas Charles W, clk A J Stahl, r Lin- Habletzel Sola Miss, ste[...]ace Hotel, r 114 Elati. Hach Charles E, machinist, r 2475 W 27th
Haas Danie[...]Haas Louis C, vinegarmkr Otto Kuehne Hackenburg Charles E, grinder Colum-
UI Preserving C[...]
[...]Haffey Willard C, wks Colo Dairy Co, r Hager Charles J, b 1100 Colfax av.
2344 Boulevard F .[...]ager Jennie Mrs, r 224 S Clarkson.
Haffner Charles J, machinist F M Davis Hager Joseph R, car repair[...]nyson. Hagerty Charles B, metalwkr George Ma-
ny Hagar, se[...]
[...]Hagwood CharlesCharles G, molder Griffin Wheel
Co, r 2020 S Huron.[...]H, rms 1448 Bannock. Haigh Charles G, lab, r 4522 St Paul.
Hagood Charles, col'd, porter Morse Bros Haigh J Har[...]& Moving Co, r 742% Delaware. Hail Charles M, r 3529 Zuni.
Hague Margaret Miss, dress[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]t Fred C, salesman Consolidated
Haines Charles, mattress cutter, rms 3624 Supply Co, b 1754 S[...]i Harry B, rms 1851 Lawrence.
•I Haines Charles H, lawyer, 904 Equitable Hakanson Bengt, tail[...]n Lars, expressman, r 732 Dela-
__ Haines Charles H, pipe fitter Denver Gas ware.
&[...]n Joseph, saloon, 1300 W Colfax
Haines Charles S, wks U S Mint, r 3612 av.
Osa[...]Lumber Co. Hald Charles, clk G H Hoffman, 2001 W
Haines Fuhrma[...]s Parry Haines prop, hairdressing, Haldeman Charles, r 1365 Navajo.
manicuring, bl[...]
[...]y Michael, h e l p e r F M D a v i s I r o n
Hale Charles E, carp Nock & Garside,[...]
[...]Hall Charles V, vice-pres Hall Blue Print
PAINT AN[...]Hall Charles W (Hall & Thompson), b
go[...]TfitMcMURTRYMFG.Co. Hall Charles W, carp, r 1431 W 35th av.[...]PI.
Hall Charles (Martin & Hall), r 1401 Hall Fred H, r 1[...]red P, dental laboratory, 208 Com-
Hall Charles, col'd, janitor, r 1948 Pearl. monwealth Bldg, r 2963 Champa.
Hall Charles Jr, col'd, carrier P O, r 1948 Hall Fred W, wit[...]r 1436 Milwaukee.
Hall Charles, b 1458 Pennsylvania.
Hall Charles A, student, r 1204 Race. Hall F Dixon Mrs, r 1424 Williams.
Hall Charles A, student, r 2921 Stout. Hall F Jeannette Miss, teacher The Miss
Hall Charles A, wrapper Denver Dry Gds Wolcott School,[...]on.
Co, r 3100 Vallejo.
Hall Charles E, boilermkr, r 2418 15th.
Hall Charles E, conductor Pullman Co, r
2539 W Dunk[...]COAL
Hall Charles E', estimator Hallack &
Howard Lumber[...]ROCKYMOUNTAIN
Hall Charles L, wks Tramway Co, rms
2527 Welton.[...]B
Hall Charles L, mining, r 2815 Colfax av. FUEL
Hall Charles T, druggist F M Hall, r 2703
Hall Harold M, coml trav Charles Wathen Hall Lloyd, col'd, soda man[...]arl. z to
Hall Harrie S. r 821 Lincoln. Hal[...]
[...]trays and cases, 610 Charles Bldg.[...]ngineer St James Hotel, r Hall & Thompson (Charles W Hall and[...]l Ray A, lab, r 4446 Tennyson. Hallack Charles Jr, 535 17th, r 1315 Cali-
Hall Rena[...]llejo.
e Hall Warren E, coml trav, 618 Charles Hallack 1741 to 1745 Arapahoe.
U |[...]
ny Hallin, see also Hallan, Hallen.
Hallinan Charles A, lab, r 1618 Central.
Hallinan James, r[...]
[...]_TH.PE0PL_1 GLASS Hamberger Charles H, chemist Colo Iron[...]Hamelson P J, fireman U P R R.
Halt Charles H, pres Colo Wire Fence & P"Hamer, see also[...]er Ethel P Miss, teacher Maria
Halteman Charles W, coremkr Denver Mitchell Sch[...]
[...], clk McMurtry Mfg Co,
rms 367 Bannock.
Hamilton Charles B, pres Hamilton-[...]_s
Brooks Co, Oxford Hotel.
Hamilton Charles B, r 1, 1633 Clarkson. School, rms 1566 Broadway. w *
Hamilton Charles C, clk Kendrick Book Hamilton James, carp, r 132[...]r »
Hamilton Charles D, molder Enz & Orr,
rms 1724 California.
Hamilton Charles M, asst cashier South
Denver Bank, r 329 Broadwa[...]i_
Hamilton Charles M, machinist, r 409 23d.
Hamilton Charles P, blksmith Woeber
Carriage Co, r ws Fen[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & 00. See Advertisement[...]W Reed, r 3350 Franklin. Charles Bldg, r 1373 Humboldt.
o Hamilton Jesse[...]J T Tucker & Co.
OS Mining Bureau, 319 Charles Bldg.
O 3
a, «
Hamilton John[...]
[...]mly Walter C, barber L C Ferguson, Hammond Charles E, painter, r 1431 W
r 520 22d.[...]Hammond Earl C Jr, Ry mail clk, r 1552
Hamm Charles A (Hamm & Weinman), Pennsylvania.[...]Hammond Earl S, baker, r 74 S Elati.
Hamm Charles A Jr, apprentice McPhee Hammond Edith D Mi[...]ty Co, r 2933 W 23d av. 74 S Elati.
Hamm Charles E, electrician Denver Dry Hammond Edward J ([...]li9 W Maple av. ?2
Hamm Charles F, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Hammond Eli[...]
[...]800 Sherman. Hamrick Charles P, coml trav C S Morey
CM Hammond Leonard E,[...]ock Georgiana Miss, opr Phone Co,
Hampson Charles M, commercial engi- r 3033 Curtis.[...]TAIN
U S A , Fort Logan.
9 9 Hampton Charles S, cook Hickey Liquor
3 if Co, r 760 E[...]
[...]Miss, r 202. 1131 15th. Hanford Charles N, liquors, r 3480 S GO
Handley Elnora M Mrs, r 1[...]Co, r 3447 W 33d av. pie, r 3261 Lawrence.
Handy Charles Jr, special agt Capitol Hanify John W, dri[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Official[...]Hanks William C, coml trav, 213 Charles[...]ley Grace Miss, nurse St Luke's Hos-
Hanika Charles E, engineer, r 906 10th av. pital.
Hani[...]T"Hanington, see also Hannington.
Hanington Charles H, mining, 124 Boston[...]. rence.
OO Hanks Charles, rms 1542% Market. Hanlon Julia E Miss, clk, r 1018 Bannock.
Hanks Charles M, driver U S Express Co, Hanlon Nellie Miss[...]Hanlon Pearl Mrs, r 2614 California.
Hanks Charles R (L M Hanks & Sons), r
3142 Champa.
Hanks Charles V, lunchman J Roth, 1544
Larimer.[...]] PAINT
C O Hanks Charles W, engineer, r 2951 Foster
[...]nig Joseph A, tailor, 2209 Champa, r CO
Hanna Charles, driver Anti-Trust Oil Co, 2939 Stout.
r 190[...]n. Hannigan Daniel, driver Charles Burk-
HANNA COAL, Atlas Coal Co agts,[...]ebe A Mrs, r 2404 Stout. Hannum Arthur S. carp T F Cunning- m
Hanna Thoma[...]
[...]James C, butcher, rms 1920 Cali-
Hanrahan Charles, lab, r 3416 Lafayette. fornia.
Hanrahan[...]Hansen Nettie M Mrs, r 2163 Stout.
Hansen Charles, helper, r 3919 Walnut. Hansen Olga Miss, teacher Parks Busi-
Hansen Charles, lodging house, 3801 Wal- ness School, r 237 14t[...]n Oscar, mfrs agt, 614 Continental
Hansen Charles II, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Bldg, r 2251 Fir.[...]ansen Otto, lab, b 4650 Josephine.
Hansen Charles M, teamster J H Rau- Hansen Peter,[...]
[...]Hanson Charles, bartdr, rms 1228 23d.[...]8 Fox. S3 Z
Hansford Charles, teamster, r es S Lipan
bet W Arizona and[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]n Dry Gds Co, r 1426 Navajo.
Happersett Charles H, watchman, r 1376 Hardesty Rudd, pres R Ha[...][ARE TrlCPfOPLE] G L A S S
Harbick Charles, porter Shirley Annex, r
1414 Tremont PL C
Harbick Charles, r 778 Mariposa. THE M M U R[...]
Harding Bolivia Mrs, r 1650 Washington.
Harding Charles, watchman Denver Fire HARDWOOD LUM[...]
[...]Harker Charles L, mining, r 1621 York.
HARDY INVESTMEN[...]Harkless Charles F, switchman C & S[...]Dry Gds Co, r "1329 Corona.
Hare Charles, lab, r 4573 Utica. Harley John F, r[...]Harlow Charles C, waiter Mosconi Bros, r
= o[...]
[...]Hausser John W, banana messenger Don-
Haugh Charles, wks Hallack & Howard aldson &[...]on.
Haughton Joseph, lab, r 1168 Stout.
HAUGHWOUT CHARLES S, asst[...]Champa.
(T^*Hauser, see also Houser.
Hauser Charles, packer J G Eversman &
Co, r 3108 Califo[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. I[...]P L A T E CLASS 111 Hawkins Charles R, lab R H White, rms[...]ehman Jewelry Co, r 8, 1707 Franklin.
*<ft Hawke Charles C, student, r 2075 S Col- Hawkins Theodore[...]0
ment Bureau, 1229 17th.
Hawkes Charles T, special agt Mutual
Benefit Life[...]
[...]Hawley Antoinette A Mrs, r 1047 19th av. Hay Charles H, ins agt, r 422 23d.
Hawley Arthur L, miller, r[...]cident & Guarantee Corporation, 603 Hayden Charles H (Tremont Grocers), r
Continental Bldg.[...]ley Henry J, grocer, r 1569 Pearl. Hayden Charles P, clk Tremont Grocers,
Hawley H Rosamond Mrs, r[...]S
& FISHER STORES CO, r 520 20th av.
Hawthorne Charles I, stenographer Rog-
ers, Cuthbert & Ell[...]
[...]y. rms 1661 Lincoln.
Hayes Charles, coml trav, r 919 28th. Hayes Nora Mrs, seamstress, rms 2743
Hayes Charles, solicitor, r 2557 Stout. Welton.
< Hayes Charles C. druggist, r 618 25th. Hayes Orville M, r 1244 Grant. •
Hayes Charles E, salesman Northern Hayes Patrick, blk[...]Kalamath.
Hayes Charles F, solicitor National Ad- Hayes Peter[...]
[...]INSURANCE UPON RENTS Hays Charles I, teacher North Side High[...]Hays Charles L, bellboy The Vallejo.
'••BRANNFN-STANDART INSURANCE AGENCYCO. Hays Charles R, purchasing agt Ameri-
I->II[...]Hayt Charles D (Hayt, Dawson & Ito
Hayes Walter A, en[...]R, finisher H R Sadler Hayward Charles A, lab, r 939 Acoma.
Furniture Co, r 2327 Stout.[...]Hayward George N, fireman, rms 2109 W
Haynes Charles M, upholsterer Pullman[...]
[...]Hazlett Charles, cashier J T Tucker &[...]Hazlett Charles R, r 3021 Lawrence.[...]eorge, stenographer North
Haywood Charles F, r 1420 12th av. Side Y M C A, r 2930[...]Johnson, r 4611 Beach Ct. Heaberlin J Charles, butcher, r 33 W 8th
Haywood Harri[...]
[...]rick Nancy E Mrs, r 4220 Wewatta. Hearne Charles, teamster Monarch Lum-
Heald Alfred W, joiner Pul[...]Hearne William L. clk pres Colo Fuel &
Heale Charles F, tinner, r 1300 Jason. Iron Co, r 1575[...]ey M D, physician St Anthony's Heartz Charles, blksmith, 4557 Franklin, 5" »
He[...]Heartz Charles S, pickled meats, r 4617[...]
[...]William A, salesman Dillon Hdw
Heasley Charles K, boiler inspector, r 615 Co, rms 510 18th.[...]wole John T, engineer D & R G R
Heasley Charles K Jr, musician, r 615 26th R, r 901 Mariposa.[...]ws, rms 1266 Grant. Hebener Charles H, coal, 708 19th, r 223[...]ayward PL Hebert Charles, lab, r 1935 New Haven.
Heath William B[...]ington. Hecht Charles F, foreman Harrington-
[...]Hedrick Charles T, fitter Denver Gas &
Fuel Co agts, retail off[...].
Fidelity & Guaranty Co, r 1616 Wash- Hedstrom Charles, lab, r 4837 Alcott.
ington.[...]Hecox Roy C, lawyer, 726 Kittredge Bldg, Hedstrom Charles J, laundryman Agnes[...]n.- see also Hedin.
Hedden John M, coml trav, 413 Charles
Bldg, r 1320 Elati.[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Opp. I[...]er Frances C Miss, pianist, r 1246 Heidbrak Charles P (Heidbrak Bros), r
Marion.[...]W 8th av ne cor Kalamath. Heidemann Charles (Heidemann Son &
-I Heffron Danie[...]
[...]1721 Marion. Johnson Walter S. adv agt Mining Truth,
Johnson Solo[...]
[...]n n J u l i u s , r m s 933 23d a v .
[...]mkrs, 509 HEITLER BROS & BLOOM (A and
Charles Bldg. J Heitlor and[...]rrace, 26th nw cor Arapahoe.
Heintz Charles, bottler C A Lammers Heitman Kate Mrs, r 95 Broad[...]se cor Sheridan Boulevard, Heitz Charles F, driver Leadville Annex
Heintz John[...]. Dairy, 5304 Harrison.
Heintze Charles, farmer, r rear 2040 Stout. Heitz George, r 124[...]HEINZ GEORGE P, mgr Ludowici- Heitzman Charles E, plasterer, r 2610 W[...]
Heiber Charles J, contracting frt and Hellerstein
• pass agt Wabash R R Co, 17th cor Charles, bottles, r 2608 W Hol-
Champa, r 1756 High.[...]r 2228, Tremont PI. co
Heller Charles, bkkpr IT S Nat Bank, rms
. 419 W 14th av.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offi[...]Champa.
Helms Charles H, plasterer, r 1855 S Lo-
gan.[...]John F, r 70 Inca. Hendershot Charles W, machine hand C
Helmstorff Max, with[...]HENDERSHOTT CHARLES J, con-
W Colfax av.[...]endershott John, r 1908 35th av.
Helvey Charles A, cook J G Rawlins, r Henderson Alfred L, lab[...]Cherokee. 1440 Williams.
Hemberger Charles H, chemist Colo Iron Henderson Charles, col'd, porter, 1950
_S Wks, r Golden.[...]Hembling Samuel D, carp, rms 2619 Stout Henderson Charles R (Henderson & Da-
_ Hemeker Dayton[...]2 Cherokee.
Hemley Charles W, wks J W Lane, 1634
Henderson Charles T (L R Henderson &[...]
[...]00 23d. Hendrick Charles H, driver, r 5103 Sher-
Henderson John[...]
[...]__l GLASS Hendrie Charles C, teller First Nat Bank,
"CM C[...]M F G . C O . Hendrie Charles F, treas Hendrie & Bolt-
174-1 ARAPAHOE[...]r 1304 Vine.
Hendricks Charles, physician Agnes Me-
oo morial Sanatorium.[...]HENDRIE & BOLTHOFF MFG &
Hendricks Charles, r 249 S Jasori.
Hendricks Clarence E, for[...]n Inv Co, ton.
304 Charles Bldg. Hendr[...]CTRO CYANIDE
Hendricksen Viste Charles, driver, r 559 CO, 1738 B[...]
[...]Henning Charles L, teacher, r 3289 Perry.[...]office 1738
Broadway, b Hotel Metropole.
Hendy Charles Jr, mgr Mathewson Au-[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]. ;
Henry Charles, shoemkr Chas D Griffith Henry Kizzie L Miss, clk[...]Co, r 10, 1314 Emerson.
Henry Charles G, opr J H Wilson Sad- Henry Lillian L Mrs, r 461[...]nry Lizzie Mrs, r 4404 W 36th av.
Henry Charles J, r 2318 Emerson. Henry Lucinda[...]
[...]Henze Charles F, wood turner George
Hensel Bernard J, cl[...]
[...]ertson Albert J, teamster, r 3639 Inca Herman Charles G, deputy head consul
o o Herbertson Joseph[...]r E, stenographer New York
Herbolsheimer Charles F, tinner, 505 Ja- Central Lines, r 836 Li[...]Hermann Charles H, lab, b 4763 Wash-[...]
[...]o oto
Herndon Howard V, clk Globe Express Herring Charles E, inspector D & R G[...]E O, conductor D & R G R R
Hero Charles, waiter J T Tucker & Co. HERRINGTON FRED,[...]
[...]Hersey L Ray, collr Charles Scribners
IND£PE H D E H Jo G W[...]Humboldt.
Herron Charles E, teamster, r 4243 Hertz S R, cigar[...]hkowitz Bros (Joseph and Eman- Herzog Charles W, clk auditor D & R G
[...]Heston M James, machinist, r 20 Ohio av.
Hess Charles, lab, Nat Toilet Soap & Heston Sanford, l[...]Heter Melinda Mrs, r 2021 Ogden.
Hess Charles, J, carriagewkr Bryden Heter Merlin E, m[...]Hettrick Charles, rms Victor Hotel.
Gds Co. r 1227% Glenarm PI.
1324 W 13th av. Charles F Neal & Co, r 1241 Tennyson.
Hess Gustav, uphols[...]practice limited to eye, ear, nose and Hewes Charles E, student, r 1664 St Paul. CO
[...]Hezmalhalch Charles C, student, r 1934
Hewitt Elisha[...]
[...]PI, rms 1921 Champa.
Hickam Charles S, conductor D & R G Hick[...]sman Moore Hdw & Hickisch Charles G, grocer, 1375 Broad-
Iron Co, rms 1322 Champa.[...]Mrs, r 720 Downing. Hicklin Charles M, genl western agt
Hickey Anna B Miss, r[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]men and women, 618 15th (Phone
Hicks Charles, prop The Pleasanton, 1757 Main 2865), r 1460[...]turer, 826 18th, r 778 Fox. Higbee Charles E, ry contractor, rms 411
Hicks Henry[...]Hicks Margaret M Mrs, r 2727 Humboldt. Higdon Charles M, policeman, r 1470 Elati.
[...]. 32d av.
Higginbotham Charles O, engineer, r 4728
Higginbotham Margin,[...]Higgins Richard, apprentice Doss Bros.
Higgins Charles, lab, r 700 W Colfax av. Higgins Richard E, r 811 S Clarkson.
Higgins Charles F, clk J Durbin Surgical Higgins Richard W, ma[...]hoe. GO
Higgins Charles W, brickmason, r 1937 Higgins Rose M[...]
[...]Higginson Samuel S, r 773 S Clarkson. Charles Bldg.
OO High Herbert H, pressfeeder Car[...]ceola sw cor W 32d av. Hildebrandt Charles G, lab, r 5075 Logan.
Highlands Stati[...]Charles G, clk, r 3914 We-
[...]Hill Charles U, press feeder, r 3236 Wil-
S U R E T Y B O N[...]INSURANCE UPON RENTS Hill Charles W, carp, r rear 1630 Vrain.
Hill Charles W, lab, b es S Inca bet W[...]Brooks Ptg Co, r 1118 34th.
Hilf Charles, clk The Famous. Hill Eliz[...]°*3
Hill Carrie H Mrs, r 2312'Franklin.
Hill Charles, driver Central Laundry Co,
rms 1155 Cherokee.[...]•o r i
Hill Charles, rms 1511 19th. lOLESALE^'RETAIL
Hill Charles L, mining, r 1801 York. DEALERS IN 5§3
Hill Charles S, assayer J W Richards, r
3009 S Broadway.
HILL CHARLES S, special agt[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Hilliker Charles E, 11, 808 17th.[...]CO, 720 Exchange Bldg.
Hilliard Charles H (Shaw & Hilliard
Realty Co), r 2816 Ra[...]
[...]4-1 ARAPAHOE ST. TEL. 1000. Hinchcliff Charles, r 1435 Kalamath.[...]ilton Annie Miss, r 46 W 1st av. Hincke Charles L, photographer, r 560
Hilton Bertha Mis[...]cke John H, sec C F Hoeckel Blank
Hilton Charles A, ironwkr Vulcan Iron Book Co, r[...]
[...]Lumber Co), r 1224 13th av.
Hine Charles E, piano tuner, r 4440 Ten- Hinkley[...]av. Hinman Charles A, wagonmkr L S Snapp,
Hines Alfred, bkkpr C S Mo[...]dar av. Hinman Charles E, chief engineer Court 01
Hines Anna E'[...]Iron Co, r 221 S Broadway.
Hines Charles R, clk D & R G R R, r H[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, See Advertisement[...]803 Continental Bldg, r 1049 Clayton. Hirt Charles, draftsman, rms 1312 Law-[...]Edward F C, engraver Kraft En-
Hintze Charles F, lab, r 1367 Zenobia. graving Co[...]
[...]Hoadley Charles H, rms 1322 Welton.[...]Hoag Charles S, draughtsman Board of
*<%!.%_ WE'LL T[...]. Hoagland Charles B, engineer Smith-
Hitchman Elizabeth M Mrs, r 35[...]lord. Hoban Charles E, coml trav, r 2925 Race.
Hitchner Hannah[...]
THE HAL[...]
[...]49 California.
W 8th av ne cor Kalamath.
Hodges Charles, lineman, r 705 21st. Hodso[...]OO
Hodgfs Charles S, lab. r 1210 12th.
Hodges David R, clk TJ S Bur[...]Hoeckel Charles F, pres C F Hoeckel
mal Industry, r 1743 Ogden.[...]ml
Hodges James, fireman DANIELS & FISH- Hoefert Charles, shoemkr, 2426 14th.[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURGLA[...]Raphael, tailor Denver Dry Gds
Hoffman Charles B, clk Hendrie & Bolt- Co, r 1254[...]
Hoffman Robert F, carp, r 1136 W 9th av Hogan Charles J, stone cutter D Cox &
Hoffman Rudolph F, r 2820[...]Terrace, W 13th av nw cor Osage.
Hofmann Charles F. rms 1404 Larimer. Hogbin Aqui[...]
[...]redge Bldg, r 107 W 14th av. Holcomb Charles C, r 1340 Steele.
Hogle James W, stoker Denver Gas & Holcomb Charles H, lab, b ns W Iliff av
Elec C[...]
[...]n. Holland Charles, janitor Colo Bldg.
Holden Thomas K, messenger Colo Fuel Holland Charles G, special officer City
& Iron Co, r 1045 12th a[...]1759 Washington. Holland Charles W, bartdr, r 1233 Cali-
Holden William M, carp, r[...], see also Houlding. Pk.
Holdman Charles, plasterer, rms 1540 Lar- "Holland Jame[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. • S ^ S J S T
636 HOL[...]Holley Charles L, wks M J O'Fallon Sup-
< Holland John[...]Holley Charles W, lab Davis & Shaw
Holland John T, r[...]W J, stock boy Gano-Downs Hollingshead Charles A, prin Wyman
Clothing Co, b 1320 Sto[...]r John B, waiter, rms 1827 Glen- Hollingshead Charles F, machinist F H
arm PI.[...]
[...]A/E'LL TRUST Y O U Hollowell Charles A, brakeman, r 831 26th.[...]ell Ernest J, cement, r 445 S Penn-
Hollingsworth Charles E, mgr Western sylvania.
Garment Co, r[...]ll John H, real estate, 1539 Arapa-
Hollingsworth Charles P, dep constable hoe, r 445 S Pennsylvani[...]owell Katherine Miss, r 2114 Stout.
Hollingsworth Charles E, fireman Engine Hollowell Thomas, machinis[...]Holly Charles, cabinetmkr Davis & Shaw[...]ington. Holly Charles, driver M J O'Fallon Sup-
Hollingsworth Sylvester[...]W 44th av. Holly Charles A, col'd, porter, r 2118
Hollingsworth Wilburn F,[...]R G R R, r 708 13th. Holly Charles P, barber John Weinhei-
Hollingsworth William A,[...]Holmberg Ida Miss, rms 1106 Colfax av.
Holloway Charles W, stone cutter, rms Holmberg John[...]
[...]Holmes), r 4714 Franklin.
Holmes Charles G, lab, r 2348 Champa. Holmes Orel, fireman U P R R, r 3434
HoTmes Charles S, rms 1435 Welton. Gilpin.
Holmes Charles T, painter, r 2225 Down- Holmes Revel[...]
[...]painter, r 1503 34th av. Holzgraf Charles G, tel opr W U T Co,
Hoist James, carp, rm[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Officia[...]nd W 12th avs. Honnecke Charles, machinist Nock &
<U Home The, lodging house[...]Honsberger Charles F, r 1759 S Emerson.[...]
[...]611 B a y a u d a v . HOOPER CHARLES E, trav pass-
H o o d F r a n k , l a b ,[...]
[...]Hopkins Engine Co, office 423 Charles
VARNISH[...]tailoress Gano-Downs
_ | man.
Hopkin Charles E, blksmith Tramway Hopkins Samuel 912D,[...]
[...]mma Miss, nurse St Joseph's
Hopp Rudolph, shoemkr Charles Dunst, Hospital.
rms 1444 El[...]dlery Co, r 1812 Curtis. Horn Charles H E, draftsman Denver
Hopper Kate Mrs, restaurant[...]hi
Horahan Charles S, salesman Brooks St[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Hotel Co, r 2536 W 34th av.
Hornburg Charles J, cigarmkr H Beh- Horr Elisha P, elevat[...]orne Thomas F, r 2238 Court PL Horst Charles F, musician, r 455 S Sher-
Horne Wiley H[...]Conrad Jr, helper U P R R, r 4290
Horner Charles, butcher, r 1456 Market. Lincoln.
Horner Charles G, cabinetmkr, r 2136 Horst John, axle fi[...]Namara. r 1064 Navajo.
Hornisher Charles A, mattressmkr Kent[...]
[...]7 WE'LL TRUST YOU Hoskins Charles A, salesman Knight-[...]Co, r 2439 Decatur.
Horvath Charles, musician, rms 1226 17th. Hoss Gus. baker[...]nd dyeing, 1207 Hoss Pauline Miss, tailoress, 505 Charles
Colfax av.[...]witz John, finisher J P Paulson, r 1440 Hostetler Charles A, carp, r 3838 Zeno- 3-2
Horwitz William, coml trav, r 3, 1620 Hotaling Charles E, engineer Tramway
Clarkson.[...]Iron Co. r 1337 Humboldt. Charles J, sealer frt dept TJ GO
Hosek Thomas, lab, r[...]elton Lewis G. driver, r 2047 W llth av Hotchkiss Charles N, clk auditor D & R
Hosey Margaret Miss,[...]
[...], S c h u y l e r H A l e x -
ander and Charles E Owen props,[...]
[...]Charles F Neal & Co, b 2218 Emerson.
Tl[...]Alice Miss, clk, r 924 22d av. to SO
House Charles W, surgeon, 4142 W 50th av Houston[...]therine Miss, cashier S Houston Charles C, grocer, 226 Cherokee.
R House & Son, r 915 Clarkson. Houston Charles R, fireman C & S Ry, r 1 <
House Cl[...]
[...]uston William F, accountant, b 1911 Howard Charles, lab, rms 1424 13th.
Grant. Howard Charles C, r 2829 Champa.
< _ •
Houston William M, special agt Capitol Howard Charles E, mgr Bird & Howard
Life Ins Co of Col[...]otel. Howard Charles H, col'd, porter Schrad-
Houston & Shrev[...]Acoma.
Houtz Charles W, buyer DANIELS & FISH- Howard Edward, col[...]Howard Elsie B Mrs, r 3442 Pecos.
Hover Charles L (W A Hover & Co), r Howard Erne[...]
[...]W, sec Donaldson Howe Charles H, real estate. 4 Howe
Howard Com Co, r ![...]
[...]C, mining, r 1733 Vine.
Howe Hubert S. student, r 2201 S Fill- Howell William R, s[...](Roy C Howells & Co), r
Howe James S. flagman C & S Ry, r 1426 444 Broadway.[...]th K, bkkpr Walter Mfg Co, r
Howell Charles E, machinist C & S Ry, r 776 Newport.[...]& Pilbrow (B L Howes and A G
Howell Charles F, warehouseman Inter- Pilbrow), leather[...]ell Coleman C, bkkpr E R Cumbe, Howland Charles H, motorman Tramway
(ft (ft rms 1, 302 22d[...]ell Damon M, r 2146 Tremont PI. Howland Charles R, capt 21st Infantry U
Uhl Howe[...]
[...]Hoyt Charles D, dentist W K Dameron,
FIRE INSURANCE[...]hn, rms 1530 Market. Hubbard Charles A, clk car acct D & R
Howson Charles E, wks Denver Omnibus G R R, r 741 Franklin.[...]Co, r 2526 Welton. Hubbard Charles F, carp, r 2120 W 33d av.
Howson Henry, wks Denve[...]SAYRENLWTONLUMBERCQ
.1105 Stout.
Hoyer Charles D, floor walker Denver
Dry Gds Co, rms 624 20th.
Hoyer Charles H, press feeder C M Davis,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. I[...]ubbard Leslie E, lawyer, 318 Quincy Huck Charles W, pedler, r 4100 Bryant.
Bldg, r 1[...]
[...]DART JOHN J, architect and Huebner Charles, driver Local Beef &[...]apahoe, r Pinehurst, Prospect av, Huebner Charles C, machinist Mine &
[...]Huffner Charles, lab, r 2434 Lawrence.[...]ty Jay C, conductor U P R R, r 2451
• Huff Charles L, asst genl sales agt Vic- Hug Emerson.
CO[...]. Hughes Charles, helper Dillon Iron Wks,
Huffman Block,[...]. r 2824 Walnut.
Huffman Charles, lab, rms 778 Mariposa. Hughes Charles, lab, r W 32d a v b e t Del-
Huffman De[...]r 1845 Champa. Hughes Charles, b Hotel Metropole.
Huffman Edward C,[...]y, 919 17th, r 29 12th av. Hughes Charles H, apprentice, r 2824 Wal-
Huffman Frank, bartdr Charles Hum- nut.
[...]Hughes John B, sewer builder, r 3133
HUGHES CHARLES J JR, lawyer, Perry.[...]s John D, boilermkr Denver Engi- CO
Hughes Charles M, engineer, r 2508 Front neering Wks Co, r 2832 Walnut.
View Crescent.
Hughes Charles M, col'd, janitor, r 1872
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]Hull Charles H, instrumentmkr Thomp-
5 Hughes Thomas[...]Hull Charles V, painter, r 832 W Ells-[...]12th.
Hughes William T, coml trav, 620 Charles[...]
[...]d Mer Co, r 235 S Clarkson. Hummell Charles, wood finisher, rms 2333
Hulse Percis P Mrs, r 41[...]tgren Esther Miss, rms 1827 Glenarm Hummer Charles C, cook, r 1758 Law- CO
PI.[...]Humphrey E Bert, miner, r 956 Broad-
HUMBURG CHARLES, importer of way.
Rhine wines,[...]r 2537 Lafayette.
Humerick Charles R, clk, r 52 S Broad- Humphrey John H, con[...]llis C, carp C Morcom, r
5013 Wi 35th av.
Hummel Charles, blksmith, r 4780 Will-[...]
[...]Hunley Charles H, col'd, lab, r 3839 W
<s HUMPHREY-JONES PA[...]Hunn Charles T, real estate, 201 Quincy
apago.[...]Hunt Charles, r 24, 4044 Walnut.
Hunt Charles D, sign writer, r 237 S Ma-[...]
[...]Hunter Joseph, salesman Charles Scrib-
Hunt James P, waiter Cafe Mozart Co, r[...]RCO.
Hunter Catherine Mrs. r 2948 Wyandot.
Hunter Charles J, saddlemkr J H Wilson
Saddlery Co, r 24[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]r Whittier
Zi Hunter William J, machinist Charles
Bilz, r 3038 Vallejo.[...]PAINT
Hurd Charles R, pres C R Hurd Broker-
[...]IC^Hurt, see also Hirt.
Hurle William, jeweler Charles Wathen Hurt Bertha M Miss, sec D C Burns[...]Hurt Claude J, florist, 358 Cook.
Hurley Charles, lab, r 1043 7th. Hurt Ernest, with Majestic Buffet, r 1439
Hurley Charles F, clk Timothy P Hur- Court PI.[...]
[...]mer (Phone Main 747), rms 619 24th. Hutchin Charles, teamster C H Hebener,
Hussey John L, in[...]d Samuel M r 1928 Lawrence. Hutchinson Charles M, driver, r 2936
to (0 Husted The, 192[...]
[...]Hyde Ammi B, librarian University of
Huth Charles F, bkkpr Lyons & Johnson,[...]
[...]Hyman Charles E, col'd, rms 1958 Curtis.
1520 B L A K[...]Hymer Inv Co, r 2138 Gaylord.
Hyder Charles E, mining engineer, r 3123 Hymer Raymond T, st[...]322 S Grant. Charles Bldg, r 237 Lincoln.
Hyl Maks, la[...]
[...]IMP 665
Hynes Charles F, foreman composi[...]
[...]Ingersoll Charles B, lab Sell-on-Site Soap[...]fees, William H Lepere pres, 1648-1650 Ingham Charles K (Ingham & Banks),
[...]M Miss, stenographer J Inman Charles, prop The Modern, 908 18th.
H Brown, r 27, 2128 California. Inman Charles W, lab, r 1336 Kalamath.
Ingman Lizzie Miss, rms[...]rocer, 4023 Zuni. Inskeep Charles W, r 2054 Welton.
Ingram George M, clk Thos F Dal[...]ia. to *
Ingram Tolbert R Music Co, 100 Charles
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]N T E R N A T I O N A L T R U S T CO, D H Ireland Charles Bldg, r 510 18th.[...]
[...](homeopath), offlce and residence 1827
Charles Bldg, rms 308, 510 18th. California.[...]ish Jeanette Mrs, r 2721 W 36th av. Irwin Charles A (Irwin & Douthart), r
Irish Jessie E Miss, clk[...]Co, b 125 18th av. Irwin Charles W, clk F W Hildreth, rms
Irish Leslie M, paperhan[...]eld Elizabeth Mrs, r 4625 Thompson
Irons Charles, teamster, r 1529 5th.
Irons Eber C, wks C[...]
[...]g Mabel Miss, rms 2247 Larimer.
Isaacson Charles C, coremkr Denver Iron Ish Margaret B Miss,[...]av, r 1425
Isaacson Kassell, tailor, 602 Charles Bldg, Downing.
r 2301 Washington[...], 614 16th.
Isaacson Robert, tailor, 602 Charles Bldg,
r 705 22d.
[...]T nW.i. S T A N D A R T - P R E S . Ives Charles, wks Denver Fire Clay Co,[...]Hand Laundry, 1659 Broadway. •ft
Ivers Charles, bartdr VonBokern & Som- Iwami Kue, cook, 740 Was[...]house & Transfer Co, r 1180 S Pearl.
Jabelmann Charles, r 738 Lincoln.
Jabelmann Charles A (Denver Steam Dye
Works), r 738 Linco[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offi[...]Jackson Charles A, clk W U T Co, r 1509[...]Jackson Charles A, picture framer New
5 10[...]Jackson Charles D (Jackson & Brubaker),
m to[...]Jackson Charles D, physician, 5 Stedman[...]Jackson Charles E, col'd, clothes clean-[...]Jackson Charles L, clk A Peterson, r 361[...]Jackson Charles L, col'd, lab, r 52 Sand
Jack John M, ex[...]SUCCESSORS TO
Jackson Charles, butcher, rms 361 Gala-
Jackson Charles, col'd, porter, rms 2317 4741-45 A[...]
[...]Lt] G L A S S JACKSON & BRUBAKER (Charles
m 0) C[...]Jackson Thomas M, col'd, lab, r 2117 Jacobs Charles, advt mgr Novelty The-
Franklin.[...]Jackson Viney Mrs, col'd, r 2515 Larimer.Jacobs Charles C, coml trav, 611 Charles
Jackson Vinton, clk, rms 639 17th av.[...]Jackson Walter, plumber, 227 15th, r 1016Jacobs Charles F, gardener, r 1595 W Ce-
30th.[...]Jackson Walter B, col'd, porter, rms 1828Jacobs Charles S, salesman Hendrie &
[...]Jacobson Charles H, grand sec Masonic
Jacobs J, lab Denver[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, See Advertisement[...]Jacques Charles W, gasfitter, rms 2649
S U) U[...]bson I Miss, clk Joslin Dry Gds Co, Jaeger Charles, physician, 44, 1440 Glen-
[...]rs, r 234 S Sherman. 1316 24th av.
James Charles B, asst health comr, James Sadie Miss,[...]James Sam, lab Denver Gas & Elec Co,
James Charles C, photographer, r 234 r 3330 Lipan.[...]James Samuel H, engineer C & S Ry, r
James Charles E, clk Northern Coal & 1050 8t[...]
Plate and
Window Glass The Hallack & Ho[...]
[...]Jeffers Charles F, stenographer Burnham
Jasper Frank, salesman W[...]agle Bottling Jefferson Charles, laundryman, r 3646
Wks, r 4244 Umatilla.[...]Mrs D E Camp-
bell, rms 1752 Glenarm PI.
Jaynes Charles L, mining, r 1330 Detroit.
Jaynes Demma Mr[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURG[...]Jenkins Charles, wks Pioneer Iron &
zs[...]BLAKE ST.. DENVER, COLO. Jenkins Charles, lab R H White, rms[...]rds Samuel G, restaurant, 516 15th, r Jenkins Charles B, stenographer Morris[...]lton Hotel. Jenkins Charles C, shoemkr, rms 1300 W
I Jeffrey Edith C[...]ikar Jacob, lab, r 4626 Humboldt.
Jena Charles, lab, b 4763 Washington. PAINT[...]
[...]Carl, wks Grand Grocery Co, r 329
Jennings Charles, barber, rms 1226 17th. Fox.
Jennings Charles F, engraver Merchants' Jensen Carl O, la[...]Jensen Charles, r 5, 1206 15th.
Jennings Chester, barber, rms 12[...]ings Elizabeth Mrs, r 1265 Corona. Charles G, watchmkr, b 3558 Hum- OS[...]
[...]1 r0R P A I N T Jepsen Charles, grinder Buerger Bros, r[...]ensen Joseph, lab Denver Sewer Pipe & Jerue Charles F, cutter J P Paulson, r
[...]5 Logan.
Jewett Charles W, stenographer J B Johanson C[...]31st av. John Charles B, teamster, r 3926 Wewatta
Jewett John P, R R co[...]S3
Jklesh Stephen, meat cutter Charles Johnke Frederick E, driver Moore Hdw &[...]Raleigh. Johns Charles F, meat market, 923 llth
Jochim Elmer F, driver J[...]36th. Johns Charles R, genl foreman frt dept
Jochim John, blksmith, 3[...]1320 36th. Johns Charles W, grocer, 236 S Broadway,
Jockback K, butcher, r[...]29 Wazee.
& Prov Co, rms Western Hotel.
Joeckel Charles, foreman Eaton's Ware- Johns Emil[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]Johnson Charles A, carp J W Cocherell,[...]PAINT ANBVARNISH MAKEBS Johnson Charles A, cashier Shultz Bros,[...]Johnson Charles A, engineer Brown Pal-
THtM[...]Johnson Charles A, iceman, r 855 Bryant.
SUCCESSORS TO Johnson Charles A, janitor Century Bldg,
3S[...]Johnson Charles A, lab, r W Elk PI se[...]Johnson Charles A, machinist C T Car-[...]Johnson Charles A, shoemkr Fontius Shoe
r- ft- Yale av.[...]nson Carl, lab, ws Inca bet W 29th Johnson Charles. A, tailor, r 3209 Marion.
e* and W 30th avs. Johnson Charles A, r 2348 7th.
Johnson Carl, lab, rms 4215 Lipan. Johnson Charles A, b 44 S Washington.
Johnson Carl, lab, b 4246 Lipan. Johnson Charles B, coml trav Armstrong-
Johnson Carl,[...]nson Carl, pressman Denver Post, rms Johnson Charles B, stenographer Pull-
526 W 5th av.[...]nson Carl, wks Excelsior Stables, r Johnson Charles C, pipeman Engine Co
805 20th.[...]nson Carl A, genl frt and pass agt Johnson Charles C, prop Occidental Ho-
Argentine Cen[...]ania. Johnson Charles C, Ry mail clk, r 569 S
OO Johnson Carl C[...]ron Wks Co, r 1125 W 13th av. Johnson Charles D, cashier Davis &
Johnson Carl E, r 2[...]nson Carl P, carp, r 1356 Elati. Johnson Charles E, car repairer, b 2922
Johnson Carl J[...]ixture Co, r Abbott Hotel. Johnson Charles E, div pass agt New
Johnson Carl J, mi[...]nson Carl J, stone mason, r 1118 Inca. Johnson Charles E, driver Coffin Pkg &
Johnson Carl M,[...]365 Fox. Johnson Charles E, inspector, r 25-1 Ken-
Johnson Carl[...]073 Grove. Johnson Charles E, machinist Colburn
Johnson Carl R, w[...]022 W 14th av. Johnson Charles E, plumber, r 2523 Lari-
Johnson Carol[...]ns6n Carrie Miss, milliner A H Dur- Johnson Charles E, teamster Hallack
kin, rms 1935 Sh[...]nson Cecilia Mrs, r 2535 16th.
s Johnson Charles, barber, rms 1330 19th.
Johnson Charles E, r 1420 Gilpin.
Johnson Charles F, lab Morse Bros Ma-
Johnson Charles, blksmith, r 3745 Hum- chinery & Supply C[...]oldt. Johnson Charles G, lab Argo Smelter, r
Johnson Charles, blksmith, rms 2603 Wal- 3424 W 26th av.[...]ut. Johnson Charles H, col'd, cook, r 1839
Johnson Charles, boilermkr D & R G R Lawrence.
R, r 823 Lipan. Johnson Charles H, taxidermist, r 2921 W
Johnson Charles, carp, rms 3841 Walnut. 26th av.
Johnson Charles, carp, r 221 Madison. Johnson Charles J, clk P O, r 2525 Race.
Johnson Charles, cook J A Meskew & Co, Johnson Charles J, driver Hendrie &
rms 1545 Market.[...]Mfg & Supply Co, r 4665 Vine.
Johnson Charles, foreman Gaffy & Keefe Johnson Charles J, engine wiper Denver
Construction[...]& Elec Co, r 1941 W Colfax av.
Johnson Charles, lab, rms 3928 Walnut. Johnson Charles J, lab, r 2533 W 6th av.
Johnson Charles, lab, r 9 Sand nr 31st. Johnson Charles J, salesman Smith-
Johnson Charles, lab, rms 4764 Baldwin Ct Brooks Ptg Co, r 524 W 6th av.
Johnson Charles, machinist, r 2418 Bryant. Johnson Charles L, asst foreman Phone
Johnson Charles, machinist F M Davis Co, rms 952 Broadw[...]ron Wks Co, r 1300 Curtis. Johnson Charles L, confectionery, 1237
Johnson Charles, miner, rms 5100 Wash- Welton.
Johnson Charles, plumber J E Kiefer
Plumbing Co, r 2856 W 24th av.
Johnson Charles, porter, r 410 W 43d av.
Johnson Charles, b 477 Pennsylvania.[...]^.CQAl
Johnson Charles, col'd, porter, r 2516 La-
JOHNSON CHARLES A (Lyons & ROCKY[...]view Boulevard and Albion.
Johnson Charles A, car cleaner D & R G[...]
[...]Johnson D (Johnson Brokerage Co), r 1171
Johnson Charles M, cashier Manhattan Gaylo[...]ing Wks Co, r 2836 Gaylord.
Johnson Charles O, pres Johnson-Noel
Co, r 1124 Clayton.[...]Johnson D C, wks Tramway Co, r 2232
Johnson Charles O, printer, r 2256 Wash-
Johnson Charles O, plumber, r 2922 W Fox.[...]Johnson Edgar E, lab L M Crawford, r
Johnson Charles P, cupola man F M Da- 2651[...]Johnson Edgar W, bkbinder Merchants
Johnson Charles V, pressfeeder Smith- Pub C[...]Johnson Edgar W, bkkpr F M Davis
Johnson Charles W, painter, r 1356 New- Iron[...]Johnson Edith D Miss, dressmkr, r 124 W
Johnson Charles W, upholsterer, r 1234 Alame[...]Johnson Edith M Miss, b 1560 Race.
Johnson Charles W, lab Griffin Wheel Co, Johnson Edmond C, janitor Charles Wa-
r 1921 S Broadway.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
Building Paper, Tarred Felt
and Roofing Material[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails, Plato Glass, Cement[...]
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street T . T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]Johnston Charles W, painter, r 4431 Ten-
S U R E T Y B O N D S[...]LumbEiVBuilding Material-
Johnston Charles D, glass blower, r 337
S Kalamath.[...]
Jolly Charles G, linotype opr Western Jones Bessie L M[...]es Albert H, mining, r 1435 29th av. Jones Charles, mining, rms 1742 Curtis.
Jones Albert H Jr, civil engineer, r 1435 Jones Charles Arthur, teamster, r 3076 S
29th av.[...]es Albert W, mgr Rapid Typewriting Jones Charles A, tel opr C & S Ry, r 362 c_>
Co, r 5, 100[...]es Alfred L, col'd, rms 2033 Lawrence. Jones Charles B, clk John Thompson Gro-
Jones Alice Mrs, r 3244[...]es Alice Mrs, r 908 24th. Jones Charles B, pres C B Jones Shoe
Jones Alice Mrs, r 1201% E[...]es Alvin O Rev, pastor John A Clough Jones Charles C, painter, r 23 Logan. H 01
Memorial Methodist Church, r 339 Inca. Jones Charles D, grocer, 1600 S Cherokee.
Jones Amanda E Mrs, nurse, r 18, 810 W Jones Charles E. r 1433 St Paul. 9 —
8th av. Jones Charles E, col'd, waiter, r 3763 9 to
Jones Andrew,[...]Jones Charles J, coml trav, r 215 Cedar av
Jones Charles M, bartdr Opera House[...]elephone Co, r 154 W Bayaud av. Jones Charles R, boilermkr D & R G R eo m
Jones Anna Mr[...]Jones Charles R, clk W E Veeder, rms
Jones Anna A Miss, r 2507[...]Navajo and S Mariposa. Jones Charles R, painter, r 2342 Ogden. ra
Jones Anna E Miss, r 1307 Tremont PI. Jones Charles R, helper U P R R, r 3826
Jones Anna H Mrs, r 264[...]es Aiina M Miss, clk C R Hurd Bro- Jones Charles R, rms 516 24th.
kerage Co, r 1115 W 10th av. Jones Charles W, bkkpr U S Nat Bank,
Jones Anna V Mrs, rms 406[...]es Annie Miss, r 2020 Stout. Jones Charles W, carp, rms 1526 Central.
Jones Annie Miss, r 2549 Glenarm PI. Jones Charles W, porter Wells Fargo & OO
Jones Annie E M[...]es Arthur, teamster, rms 1424 13th. Jones Charles W, col'd, bellboy Denver
Jones Arthur, col[...]
BOXES and 7TH[...]
Mountain and Plain B "_^^ r L^ McPhee & McGinnity[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]dell Hotel.
Jordan Charles V, engine dispatcher, r Jordo[...]ipsborn Co, r 1075 Jason.
Jordan Charles W, miner, r 3131 W Scott
PI.[...]2734 Champa. Jorgensen Charles, bartdr Cafe Mozart
Jordan Ethel Miss, r 6[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Junger Benjamin, b 2137 Arapahoe.
Judelowitz Charles, mer tailor, 1413 Cali- Junghaene Fred O, lab,[...]t The, apartments, 17th av se cor
Julius Charles F, barber Philip Strubel,
424 17th.
Julius Jean, tailor G W Eddy, r 4549
Jump Charles M, water comr dist No 2
State of Colo, r[...]
[...]Jurgensen Tony, watch case mkr Charles
o I PAINT[...]r 3636 Lipan. Gilpin.
Kaess Charles, machine hand G J Kindel,
OO r 3636[...]
Kaiser Charles, dairyman, r 3525 W 46th Kallminzer[...]Bottling Co, r 3555 Osage.
Kaiser Charles, messenger Denver Post, Kallminzer Emma, clk DANIELS & FISHER
r 64 W Alameda av.
Kaiser Charles A, salesman Peters Paper STORES CO[...], r 1162 Kalamath. Kaltenbach Charles H, bartdr H P Bled-
Kaiser Ida Mrs, rms 1277 Broa[...]v.
Kalach Morris, junk, r 1413 Canosa Ct.
Kalaher Charles W, helper D & R G R[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CQ.[...]u r y Bldg. Kapeller Tony, cellarman Charles H u m -
K a n c h e r S a m u e[...]
[...]ll Baking Co, r 1944 W 33d av. Karstedt Charles A, asst cashier Conti-[...]Son Dry Gds Co, r 1323 Grove.
Karn Charles, rms 1810 Arapahoe. KASBEER J0AB R, real estate and
Karn Charles A, painter, r 2901 Gilpin. loans, 305 Common[...]Broadway. Kasier Charles A, lab, r 10, 1319 llth. CO
Karns Carrie L M[...]Kaskins Otis, clk, rms 1423 Cherokee.
Karns Charles H, mining, r 996 S Pearl.
Karns Fred C, electrici[...]rns Hortense H Mrs, r 95 S Bannock. Kassler Charles M, sec Kassler Invest-
Karns Dale, printer[...]
[...]atenbrink Mary Mrs, r 1551 Fillmore. Kaune Charles L, barber C Rowedder, r[...]tz Jacob, pedler, b 2830 W Gibbon PI. Kauvar Charles H Rev, rabbi Beth Med-
[...]Kaylor Charles R, glass blower, r 144 Li-[...]Keana Charles M, 317 Kittredge Bldg, r[...]a and Business, 5th floor Charles Bldg.
F. Inoshita) employment agency, 1[...]
[...]ler Ezra, lawyer, 411 Exchange Bldg, Keener Charles P, builder, r 4220 Raleigh.
r 340 S Sherman.[...]Keeney Charles R, lab, r 4381 Sheridan 8»
E'gg Co, rms 2[...]y Co, rms 2045 Champa. 35th av.
Keeley Charles F, clk Noonan & O'Neill, Keepers Albert C,[...]Keepers Charles E', mgr Menter & Rosen-
KEELEY INSTITUTE THE, tre[...]clk, rms 1407 Larimer. 3447 Blake.
Keen Charles L, salesman James G Kil- Keet Nell[...]
[...]Keiss Charles, r 4105 W 41st av.[...]gel Julius F, r 1601 Oneida. Keith Charles E, pres Keith Tanning Co,
Kegel Otto F,[...]ldg, r 1601 Oneida. Keith Charles W, farm implements, 1420[...]STOEES CO, r 1700 Welton.
C*^ Kenl Charles, molder Enz & Orr, r 4250 Keith Delbert A,[...]Realty & Inv Co, r 2311 High.
ON Keil Charles F , boilermkr, r 400 Wyandot. Keith S W Mrs, r[...]Keiper Margaret M Mrs, r 274 S Lincoln. Kell Charles G, packer Austin Candy Co,
[...]rt E. clk auditor D N W. & P Kelley Charles, clk. rms 1645 Welton.
Ry, r 2303 Emerson. Kelley Charles, metalwkr J M Kelley, r
Keller Alfred, waiter The[...]Kelley Charles C, r 3953 Franklin.
Keller August C, driver, r 1509 W 12th av. Kelley Charles H, clk M D Barnett, rms
Keller Benjamin K, grocer[...]ha H Mrs, r 1355 Downing. Kelley Charles L, machinist Vulcan Iron
Keller Charles, prop New Broadway Ho- W[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]pan. Kelly John J, r 732 Jasmine.
Kelly Charles, r 2640 Walnut.
Kelly Clyde S, stockkpr Wm[...]
[...]1438 Curtis. "Kem Charles R, coml trav, 424 Charles
Kelly Thomas A, lab, rms 3951 Hi[...]
[...]Kendall Carl M, driver George Mayer
Kemp Charles D, col'd, porter Pullman Hdw Co, r[...]ndall Carrie D Miss, bkkpr, r 20 S CO
Kemp Charles W, money clk Wells Fargo Grant.
& Co Express, rms 919 18th av. Kendall Charles R, driver, r 3541 Zuni.
Kemp Edward, collr, rms 1[...]Kendall William T, restaurant, 1515 Arap-
Kemph Charles R, painter Humphrey- ah[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Benjamin M, conductor Tram-
Kendrick Charles A, pres Kendrick Book way Co, r 1275 S[...]Kennedy Charles F. b 1733 Lincoln.
Kennedy Charles R. salesman, rms 636
« 2 r 4546 Xavier.[...]ck Myrtle, bindery Smith-Brooks Kennedy Charles T, clk Mine & Smelter
_S V[...]
[...]o, r 3624 Raleigh.
Kenneth Charles B, wks Nat Bottling Co,
oo r 2421 El[...]
[...]her, Shoe Co, r 1848 Larimer.
402 Charles Bldg, r 321 24th. Kenworthy Sarah E Mrs, r 1848 Larimer.
Kent Charles A, carp, b 3222 W Hay- Kenyon Alfr[...]1518 Cook.
Kent Charles C, warehouseman C S Mo- Kenyon Clar[...]744 Inca. 1st av.
Kent Charles W, helper D & R G R R, r Keny[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See[...]in. Kerper Charles, helper C & S Ry, r 2550
Kerin T[...]
[...]Kessler Sherman M, physician, 4318 Fen-
Kersey Charles H, rms 434 13th. ton.
[...]lvania. Hospital.
Kestler Charles, mining, r 1904 Curtis. Ketzl Al, porter, rms[...]stler Eliza A Mrs, r 1904 Curtis. Ketzler Charles F, paper cutter Denver
Kestner Max J,[...]hof Lumber Co, r 3811 Sheridan Boule- Keyes Charles F , r 3012 Hooker.
vard. Keyes Charles H (Keyes Brokerage Co),
Ketchum Joshua[...]Ketchum Victor, switchman D & R G R Keyes Charles S, coal and wood, 2708
R, r 953 Kalam[...]Mary Mrs, r 2427 Washington.
Kettering Charles W, sec Kettering &[...]
[...]uis, r 382 S Logan. PI to
Keyt Charles E, with M J O'Fallon Sup- Kief[...]Kiely William L, tel opr W U T Co, r
KIBLER CHARLES, real estate and[...]
[...]ncoln. Kincaid Charles L, printer Baxter Ptg
[...]King Charles, butcher G Gienger, rms 141'
Kincaid Jo[...]King Charles, col'd, wks P W Terry; ]
Kincaid Ora T,[...]r Co. King Charles A Mrs, r 2476 W 29th av.
King Charles C, bicycles, 119 Broadway, l
KINCAID RO[...]King Charles C, salesman Charles I
Rubber Co, 1435 Lawrence, r 1 Colfax[...]Colfax av se cor Clarkson. King Charles S, grocer, • 1862 Champa, i
Kincaid W[...]office 1618 Champa (Phone Charles Bldg.
X *<• 3113), r 1578 Yates.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. S eOep pAdvertisement[...]rst Lena Miss, clk Denver Dry
I— - Kingen Charles, teamster, r 2412 Stout. Gds Co, r 369 Cher[...]Purnelle), ladies' tailors,
Kingsbury Charles S, col'd, porter, l',31 20, W 14th av.[...]
[...]Fox. » 1835 Champa.
Kinnel Charles J, watchmkr Mrs A G Kinsley James N, wk[...]rms 1835 Champa.
Kinner Charles S, carp, r 1419 S Acoma. Kinsley John T, car[...]Kinslow Leroy F, draftsman Colo Fuel &
Kinney Charles E, balancemkr Wm Ains-
- worth & Sons.[...]
[...]PAINT AN_VARNISH MAKEBS Kirk Charles, rms 909 14th.
Kirk Charles L, treas Colo Towel Supply[...]THtMcMURTRYMFG.Co. Kirk Charles M, purchasing agt Northern[...]ordon, clk Phone Co, b 1232 Niag-
o J Kipp Charles B, clk George Tritch Hdw
Co, r 2251 W[...]ear
KIRBY SAMUEL, mgr Charles 2249 Lafayette.
s Scribners Sons, 50[...]Kirchhof Frank (F Kirchhof Lumber Co), KIRKLAND CHARLES D, photogra-
r 1049 Kalamath.[...]Co, r 2705 Walnut.
Kirchhoff Charles E, genl contractor, r Kirkland Katherine Miss[...]her, r 1023
Kirchner Charles W, purchasing agt
[...]Kiser Charles C, clk Globe Smelter, r[...]nk H, ironwkr F O Kist Charles A, lab, r 611 W 43d av.
Browne, r 350 S Grant.[...]Kistler Charles H, meat cutter, r 2913
Kirkpatrick Rachael[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contraet,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]Kitzmiller Charles, brick contractor, r[...]Kitzmiller Charles A, pres Lewiston Gold

IMDEPE" 0 "^ 1[...]VARNISH
Kittredge Charles M, real estate, 203 Com- | ARE THE PEOPLE][...]nwealth Bldg, r 1035 Newport.
Kittredge Charles M Jr, clk Colo Port- C[...]
[...]7 Lipan. nice Wks Co.
Klein Charles, molder, rms 415 W 14th av. Klein R Miss, wks Nat Biscuit Co.
Klein Charles, tinner Pullman Co, r 3751 Klein Samuel, agt[...]Co, r 1544 Dale Ct.
Klein Charles B, r 329 Broadway. Klein Samuel, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar Co,
Klein Charles L, helper Denver Litho- r 49 S Sh[...]
[...]ling Edward H Jr, candymkr W C Nev-
Klem Charles, lab, rms 1344 Larimer. in Candy Co, r 2[...]ng Matilda M Miss, stenographer, r
Klenk Charles, cabinetmkr, 17 Broadway, 2627 W 29th av.[...]Kling William, r 2409 Welton.
Kler Charles, lab, b 4763 Washington. Klingerman Ralph[...]efe Con-
8° struction Co.
Klewer Charles H, fireman Denver Gas[...]. Klinkee Charles, carp G W Brown Bldg
Klimchen Mary Mrs,[...]B
Kline Charles B, mfrs agt, b 1337 Grant.
[...]1609 Welton. Knapp Charles A, miner, r 2621 W Doug- en s
Kloer G[...]
[...]Knight Charles, pres Rexall Gold Mining
School, r 1240 Ogden.
Knapp William, lawyer, 204 Charles Bldg Co, b Brown Palace Hotel.
Knapp William H (Knapp & Kellogg), Knight Charles, lab, rms 1932 Champa.
3969 Tennyson. Knight Charles R, pres Western Brick &
Krt.pp W J, lab[...]ht Edward J, asst Meyer-Grosser
Knapper Charles M, b 3039 Newton. Undertaking Co, rms 1[...]Gds Co, r 1425 24th av.
Kneip Charles E, asst trav acct and[...]
[...]Knittle Charles W, clk B L James M &
7; WE'LL TRUST[...]night Roger D, treas Campbell-Sell Bak- Knopke Charles J (Knopke Bros), r 4215
ing Co, r 245 She[...]
Plate and
Window Glass The Hallack & How[...]
[...]Koch Charles, clk Robert Gibson, Camp-
SURETY B O N D[...]NSURANCE UPON RENTS Koch Charles F, blksmith, r 2848 Blake.
Koch Charles F Jr, boilermkr, r 2848[...]
[...]Carrie Mrs, rms 2261 Arapahoe.
Koehler Charles A, clk, r 2925 Stout.[...]P, fireman, r 1038 W 14th av.
Koehler Charles C, branch mgr Hurlbut Koewitch Amanda J Mr[...]
Kofsky Charles F, saloon, r 3424 Lari- Kolar William H,[...]Koller George O, driver W H Kistler Sta-
Kohlman Charles H, printer C F Hoeckel tionery Co, r 605[...]nigsberg.
Furniture Co, 1536 to 1546 Lawren[...]
[...]Koppleman Charles W, clk Denver Gas &
i r[...]Pk.
Konnak Charles F, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Kopsho George[...]rfhage Frederick W, clk, r 864 S
Koogle Charles R, artesian well con- Washington.[...]Antonio, cigarmkr, r 3029 Gil-
Koontz Charles, teamster, r 4356 Dela-
ware.[...]2515 Glenarm PI.
Koop Charles H, cabinetmkr Pullman Co, Korn Frank,[...]hing Assn & Inspection Bureau, r
Koops Charles C, foreman Merchants 3127 Frankl[...]Korsick Charles, lab, b 4925 Washington.
uu Kopp Leslie,[...]COAL
X(ft Koppelman Charles W, clk, r 1106 20th av.
[...]R A N C E UPON R E N T S KOUNTZE CHARLES B, pres Colo- (TQ[...]l Hill Sub. Koyl Charles W, chemist, r 3456 Decatur.
Kortum William, dairy[...]Peter J, carp Neef Bros Brew- CO
Kosoff Charles, tailor, 1948 Broadway. ing[...]ctor U P R R, rms Krafft Charles L, salesman C R Hurd rw
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, See Advertisement[...], cabinetmkr, r 1854 W Krause Hans A, mgr Charles Humburg,[...]
[...]er John W, engineer, rms 1135 Krempp Charles A, salesman National[...]Kretchmar Rebecca Mrs, r 2024 Boule-
Krebs Charles E, fireman D & R G R R,
r 902 Inca.[...]change Phone Co, r 311 Josephine.
Kreesman Charles, tinner J W Fredrum, Kreutz Max M, plum[...]rion.
Kreiner George, r 3557 Lafayette.
Kreiter Charles A, clk C & S Ry, r
Western Hotel.[...]
[...]Kroeger Anthony C, clk Charles Hum-[...]FISHER STORES CO, r 1445 Acoma.
Krieder Charles, clk, rms Western Hotel.[...]. 2900 Champa.
Krien Charles A, lab, r 1321 28th. Kroll Bertha Mrs,[...]Cracker Co, r 1532 Central.
Krigbaum Charles A, salesman Solis Kroll Milo L,[...]
[...]otographer, rms 303, Kuchenbecker Charles, cabinetmkr Gus-
433 W Colfax av.[...]tafson Piano & Mantel Co, r 4907 Low-
Kruegef Charles H, flagman, r 2950 ell Boule[...]Kuchenbecker Mary Miss, wks Western
Krueger Charles M, chief clk IT S Land Paper Box[...]M, foreman F C Voss, r Kudrna Charles, wks Charles Humburg, CO
2439 15th.[...]Ernest V Lindamood mgr, S Kalamath
Kruger Charles B, salesman Edward nw cor W Bayaud av.[...]Kurlllng Charles, jeweler M O'Keefe &[...]Lumber/Building Material
Kruse Charles C, woodwkr Niederhut
Carriage Co, r 3464[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO, Offici[...]Joseph R, investments, 408 Temple
4 Kuersten Charles P, dentist, 212 Nassau
Bldg, r 3221 W 21s[...]Kunce Charles A, lab Hardwood Lumber[...]22d sw cor Blake, r 1269 Elizabeth.
Kuhn Charles E, r 1726 Grant.
Kuhn Daniel, tailor, 1342[...]C F Hoeckel B
Kuhnemann Henry W, salesman Charles B Co, r 923 Lipan.
£o_ Kunsemiller Charles F, bkkpr W A Hover
Humburg, r 2720 W 43d av.
Kuhnke Charles G, carp, r 649 S Grant. & Co, r 201 W 1st a[...]Chris H, lab, rms Inter-Ocean Kunsemiller Charles F Jr, clk Merchants'
G O Kujath
Charles H, plumber, r 3371 W 37th MCMURTR[...]
[...]Kushins Charles A, clk Denver Dry Gds
7 WE'LL TRUST[...]ert P, lab, r 814 W llth av. ette.
Kunz Charles H, helper T A Hulen, r ny Kuykendall, s[...]fice Fixture Co, 1511 18th.
Kunzmann Charles, r 963 Lipan. Kyffin Albert, stude[...]R E, messenger Wells Fargo & Co OO
Kurtz Charles, lab, r 1525 46th av. Express,[...]
[...]Laase Otto, engineer Capital Ice & Stor- Labuwi Charles H, clk Standard Mer Co.
age Co, r 2645[...]Rocky Mountain Fuel Co agts, retail Lachance Charles, coachman 2071 Albion.
office 101[...]
[...]Laguardia Vendo, pedler, r 3924 Osage.
Ladd Charles W, r 2724 Curtis. Lahey Edw[...]Emil, clk W L Douglas Shoe Co, Lalng Charles A, wks Tramway Co, rms GO
r 100[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]comr, State Capitol, r Golden Colo. Lamb Charles G. State Veterinary Sur-
Lake Charles E (White & Lake), rms 4780 geon, base[...]
[...]dept British-American and Western As-
Lambert Charles, rms 1431 16th. surance Cos and United Firemens In-
Lambert Charles P, clk J S Dreyfuss & surance Co, 317 to 3[...]mbert John M, contractor, r 639 Gala- LAMMERS CHARLES A, genl mgr
[...]floor Charles Bldg, r 1026 13th.
o o Lamont Walter A, phy[...]Lamoureux Albert, teamster, r 1390 W Land Charles A, student, r 216 Elati.
[...]n W, clk C R Hurd Bro- Lane Charles D, engineer U P R R, r
kerage Co, rms 280[...]
[...]Lang Charles H, clk Hendrie & Bolthoff[...]Engine & Machine Co, rms 1730 Law- Langdon Charles H, bkkpr Scott Supply
[...]phine. 510 Charles Bldg, r 1451 Acoma.
Langdon Emma F MrSj restauran[...]Langlois Lily M Miss, b 837 Locust.
Lange Charles, carp, r rear 4981 Wash- Langrldge B A, Sta[...]der, Colo.
Lange Charles, engineer, r 1223 32d. Langrud Arthur R, engine cleaner U P
Lange Charles A, clk, r 346 Fox. R R, r 379[...]
[...]rist Mfg Co, rms 1935 Sherman.
X(ft La Point Charles A, separator mfr, r 2947 ROCKY M[...]D
r 620 23d.
L a Pointe Charles R, etcher Williamson-[...]
[...]Maple av. Larsen Charles, machinist, r 1441 Fox.
Larimer Samuel D, cigarmk[...]1204 Logan.
R R, r 2426 Lafayette.
Larkins Charles D, mining, r 3719 Stuart.[...]Larsh Charles M, salesman F J Fisher,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. Ins[...]emkr, 3844 Walnut. High.
Larson Charles, clk The New Central, 1737 Larson Lewis O, clk[...]Co, r 2129 26th av.
Larson Charles, lab Morse Bros Machin-
ery & Supply C[...]LARSON LORENZ GUS, real estate
Larson Charles, rms 1916 Larimer. and loans, 508 Quincy Bldg, 1010 17th
Larson Charles A, salesman McPhee & r 3612 High.[...]rson Louis A (Larson Bros), 3859
Larson Charles F, engineer C & S Ry, r Osage.
3[...]son Magnus S, lab, r 5084 Grant.
-J Larson Charles J, engineer Silver State Larson Mary M[...]
[...]ma. Lassen Peter, tailor, 501 Charles Bldg, b
Larson Perry E, stenographer[...]
^^',%. THE HALLAGK & HOWARD LUMBER GO.& Larimer[...]
[...]Lavato Sidney, ambulance driver St An-
Lauman Charles A, r 47 Meade. thony[...]avender Lola Miss, col'd, teacher, r 1226
Laurenz Charles, lab, rms 1030 Larimer. 28th a[...]bricklayer, r 3405 Lafay- Lavey Charles J, gardener, r 1727 Lo- (TQ
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Officia[...]sephine.
Law Charles A, solicitor Spray Coffee & Lawrence Albin, lab[...]Lawrence Angel M, driver Rocky Moun-
Law Charles A, engineer, rms 2242 W tain Fuel[...]
Charles A, clk H Morris, r 1992
Lawson Albin, r 1[...]wyer Livingston S, machinist Peter
Lawson Charles A, lab Western Iron & McFarlane & Sons Iron[...]Bannock.
Lawson Charles L, bkkpr Duffy Storage Lawyer Sarah Mrs, r[...]
[...]Leadbetter Charles F, dairy, es Harri-
Layton Carlos, rms 1831 Curt[...]ylvania. Charles M, mining, r 2340 Frank-
Layton Ethel M Miss, bk[...]Ho
Lazarus Charles, clk H Solomon, r 1110 Leader Franklin. 2340[...]Co, r 2340 Franklin.
Lazarus Charles G, waiter Samuel Lar- Leader[...]Lipan.
Leach Art Studios, 1742 Broadway.
Leach Charles W, molder Griffin Wheel
Co, b 1519 W Ev[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Leas Charles Jr, clk, b 4702 Sherman.
STANLEY MBARH[...]Leasure Charles C, salesman Spengel
Leahy Katherine G[...]k Joseph W, printer, r ws S Jason Leaver Charles E, iron molder, r 4313
bet W Mississ[...]pa.
Lean Charles C, b 1437 Washington. Leavitt M[...]
[...]n 3497). Lee Benjamin H, r 1304 Clayton.
Lebhardt Charles W, roofer, r 661 Bryant Lee Benjamin M, auditor D[...]Lipan.
Lebo Daisy M Miss, supt Nurses' Direc- Lee Charles C, clk The Palace, 1455 Blake. H«*t
tory of Denver, 8/ 1st av. Lee Charles H, painter, r 2611 Walnut.
Lebo T C, Brig Gen, b Adams Hotel. Lee Charles K, clk Phone Co, r 136 W
Lebovitz Bernard, tailor[...].
r 2462 Arapahoe. Lee Charles S, r 1617 Clarkson.
Lebuwl Charles H, driver, r 1233 Boule- Lee Charles V, pedler, r 2018 W Colfax av.
vard F. Lee Charles V, lab H Heller, r 2003 W
Le Cain Charles H, clk D & R G R R, Colfax av.
r 529 2[...]Lee Edna, clk A T Lewis & Son Dry Gds
Le Claire Charles W, student, r 2246 • Co, r 2615 3d av.[...]
Plate and
window c.a.Jhe Hallack & Howard Lumbe[...]
[...]dway. Leesberg Thorwald, bartdr Charles No-
Lee Thomas C, lab Kent Mfg Co, r 2040[...]ter. Leet Edmund, mining. 405 Charles Bldg,
Lee William H, ranchman, r Eaton cor[...]r 262 Fox. 17th, rms 405 Charles Bldg.
Lee William J, stenographer, rms 162[...]
[...]Lehman Charles F, coml trav, rms 1757[...]enver Express, 1445 Cherokee, r
Lehman Charles F, bkkpr J I Case

Ii Threshing Machine Co, r 1629 Lincoln.
Lehman David S. (Bray Laundry Co),
2715-2719 Lawrence[...]Lehman Edward, pres and treas Edward Lehrer Charles W, janitor Edison School
[...]House, r Shirley Annex Hotel (Phone
Leichtner Charles, carp Card Mfg Co, Main 8283). ,
rms[...], barber, 1531 Arapahoe, r
2043 Curtis.
Leimcke Charles R, carriagemkr, r 2346
Leimcke Ella E Mis[...]s (Leimer & Jef-
frey), r 4, 1851 Logan.
LEIMER CHARLES F, real estate[...]
[...]ence. Lengren Charles, r 1417 40th.
Le Miller Roy, baker, rms[...]gar Co, r 2230 Champa.
CN Lemm Charles C, painter, r 1903 S Huron. Lenhart Fred W (F W Lenhart & Co), r
Lemme Charles F, engineer Littleton 223 Fox.
Id[...]A Hills), grocers, 600 W 4th av.
Lemmon Charles B, druggist, r 614 S Lin- Lenhart Thoma[...]
Star Union Whitelead "^X McPhee & McGinnity Go.W*8[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See Advertisement[...]ton. Charles G Popp mgr, mfrs of wire
o Leonie Amanda M[...]schke Otto T, baker Paul Leschke
Leopold Charles J, painter, r 144 Osceola. 2935 W 25th av.[...]d Joseph, expressman, r 1437 12th. Leseberg Charles, expressman, r 270
O i Leper Arthur A, en[...]County. [
Leppla Charles H, sec Bohm-AUen Jew- Lesher Lizzie Mrs[...]Lesher R L, rms 2413 Stout.
tt 3 Lerchen Charles, farmer, r ns Hampden Lesher Stel[...]
[...]Leslie William O, saloon, 230 16th, r 1028 Letts Charles, mgr Consumers Box Co, r
[...]16 Quivas. N C Polak representative, 622 Charles
Le Vasseur Charles, engineer, r 1216 Bldg, 15th cor Cur[...]1 15th cor Curtis and Astor Pharmacy, Levy Charles, clk, rms 621 17th av.
1966 Broadway cor 20th av. Levy Charles, palmist, 1536 Champa, rms
[...]Lewis Charles, live stock, b 125 W 2d av.
Lewis Charles, mechanical engineer, b 847[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]ry Gds Co, 800 to 818 16th cor
Lewis Charles Aaron, electrician, 1530[...]dry Co, rms 815 23d.
Lewis Charles B, sec L e w i s J e w e l e r s[...]p l y Co, r 3218 W 24th a v .
Lewis Charles W, salesman Peters Paper[...]Co, r 1326 20th a v .
Lewis Charles Wesley, pres Lewis Dairy[...]
[...]F U E L C&.
Lewton Charles A, engineer C & S Ry, r[...]
[...]1421 llth.
Lidholm Knud F, jeweler Charles H Liggett Cyrus W, r 14[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. X ^ S S Z T
788 LIG[...]o, r 2259 Clarkson. Lillie Charles M, chief clk legal dept Colo
Light Will[...]ommon-
wealth Bldg.
Lightner Charles S, col'd, r 725 Mariposa.
Lightner Fran[...]Lillybridge Charles S, photographer, 956[...]
[...]s, 1570 Lincoln. Arapahoe.
Lincoln Charles S, painter, rms 2044 Cur- Lindberg Albert G,[...]Co, r 3350 Shoshone. Lindberg Charles, expressman, r ss W
Lincoln Hall, 1415 Larimer.[...]ln Park, bet W llth and W 13th Lindberg Charles (Lindberg & Hansen),[...], see also Linde, Lynd. Lindblom Charles, lab, r 436 Pearl.
Lind Adolph, lab, b 4313 Delaw[...]m PI. Co, r 418 Jason.
Lind Charles, bakery, 301 Elati. Lindburg Jeff, blksmith J MacArthur,
Lind Charles A, stone contractor, r 3023
Lind Charles G, joiner Pullman Co, r
3533 Humboldt.
[...]Lindgren Charles G, baker O J Lindgren,[...]Lindhorn Charles E, watchman U P R R,
Linde N, watchmkr H[...]Bloom, r Windsor Hotel. Lindl Charles, furniture repairer, 1029
eo Lindee August[...]NDELL HOTEL, Erhard Menig Lindow Charles, teamster J Young, ss
to prop, Larimer nw[...]n The (furnished rooms), 1959 Wel- Lindquist Charles A, clk, r 3657 Clayton.
[...]gts Link Belt Co, Lindstrom Charles A, tailor, 1460 Champa,
Goodman Manufacturing C[...]ne Co, 119-122 Bos- Lindstrom Charles A Jr, brass finisher, r
ton Bldg.[...]'d, cook, r 2550 Clark- Lindwall Charles A, plumber J J Wafer,
son.[...]D, supt Denver Pressed Line Charles E, teamster Humphrey- OO
Brick Co, r[...]ion. Inca.
Lindsey Charles A. solicitor National Ad-[...]
[...]Linn Charles, shoemkr Regal Shoe, r 118
Linemeyer Cl[...]Inca. Linn Charles H, chief clk iron mines dept
[...]LIPPINCOTT CHARLES D, drug-[...]7th, r 1600 407 15th.
Linthurst Charles C, clk L E Barker, r LIPPINCOTT S GARWOOD ( L i p[...]Lippner Jacob, vest mkr, r 1539 Welton.
Linton Charles T, clk Thomas Carlon, Lippold Etta Mrs, r 501 Ili[...]inville Sadie Miiss, student, rms 2140 S Lipscomb Charles H, salesman, r 3128 W
[...]May Mining Co, 51 Jacobson Bldg.
Lisle Charles H, teamster, r es Huron Little Minnettie T[...]nock. rence.
List Charles G, saloon, 1416 Larimer, r Little William, s[...]LITTLE & PRATT, sole western
Listmann Charles, meat cutter John selling agts Edison[...]ter Otto Shatz, and sundries, 310 and 321 Charles Bldg,
r 122 W 9th av.[...]
[...]Livingston Charles G, driver, r 741 Lin-[...]Liver B Miss, milliner Joslin Dry Gds Livingstone Charles Livingstone H, r 1234 Humboldt.[...]Llewellyn George, lab, r 4232 Quivas.
Livermore Charles T, collr E R Taggart Llewellyn Irene S Mrs[...]
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & C f t ' S ^ S S T
796 LLO[...]Lock Arthur G, coml trav, 624 Charles[...]Lloyd William, cook, rms 1962 Champa. Locke Charles E, physician, 1355 Welton.[...]
[...]Loechel Charles F, iron molder, r 810[...], rms 2611 Walnut. Loew John, meat cutter Charles Burk-[...]r 2476 W 29th av Loewes Benjamin E, salesman Charles[...]
[...]tus May Miss, r 3, 916 Broadway. Logsdon Charles E, mgr Logsdon &
Loftus Mary E Mrs, r 2733[...]Lohenstein T, rms 1333 15th.
Logan Charles, lab, rms 1441 Blake.
Logan Dorah M[...]
[...]W . S T A N D A R T PRES. Londoner Charles F, clk Armstrong-Tur-[...]24, 1630 Arapahoe.
Lomax Charles S, chainman Board of LONDONER J N, asst supt Pink[...]t, W 50th av r* Cd
Lombardi Charles, lab, b 3335 Mariposa. ne cor Lowell Boul[...].
Lombardi Salvator, miner, r 3750 Kala- Long Charles W, physician, r 339 Clark-
math.[...]FISHER STORES CO, r 2540 Williams.
Lombordo Charles, agt Prudential Ins Long Daniel
Co, r 13[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Broadway. Losche Charles H, gardener, r 1261 W
Lord Nancy J Mrs, r[...]Ralph, lab Denver Fire Clay Co, r
e o Lorenz Charles, maltster Neef Bros 3534 Pecos.[...]red G, with Royal Restaurant, r
8° Lorenzen Charles, cigarmkr Solis Cigar 722 16th av.
Co,[...]Loth Charles L, sausagemkr Burkhardt[...]to Rocco, harnessmkr, r 3345 Osage.
Lorje Charles M, mining, r 1421 36th.
Lorje Euge[...]
[...]Oliver, rms 1713 Larimer.
Lott Charles L, painter Reitze Wall Paper Loughridge Charles, mining, 430 Symes
& Paint Co, r 1637 Wolff.[...]Tennyson.
Co), r 437 W Colfax av.
Lotz Charles A, musician, r 2735 Eliot.
Lotz Henry, clk George[...]Loustano Silvin, r 3000 Colfax av.
Louderbaugh Charles C, tamale mfr, 1848 Loustano S Riche,[...]Love Charles A, pres Empire State Life[...]Assn, rms 2309 Champa.
Loughlin Charles H, salesman, r 1333 Love Charles G, r 1900 17th av.
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Love Robert, miner, rms 2004 W 32d av. Low Charles, col'd, porter, r 1865 Hum-
Love R Louis, m[...]ing Assn, 2109 Tremont PI. Low Charles M, contracting frt agt Colo
Love Sam[...]
[...]r 967 Downing. CO
Lowe Charles C, prop Parasito Chemical Lowenheim Louis ([...]s.__t
Lowe Jetta S Mrs, grocer, 2418 12th av.[...]
[...]2 Mariposa. Co, r 7, 1620 Clarkson.
Mill Charles, expressman, r 702 W 14th av.
Mill R, electricia[...]T A, treas Colorado
3214 W 31st av.
• Millar Charles H, armorer State Armory, Fuel & Iron Co, Bo[...]GO
Millard Charles S, engine erector Fair-
banks, Morse & Co, r 3425 W 33d av.
Millard Charles S, r 1256 Humboldt.
Millard Crockett R, r[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Allen A, wks Grand Grocery Co, r Miller Charles, cigars, 1068 Jason.
2514 Washington. Miller Charles, clk, b 1101 S Pennsylvania.
Miller Alois, asst E P McGovern Under- Miller Charles, collr, rms 1518 Larimer.
taking Co, r 1109 llth. Miller Charles, machinist, rms 808 13th.
Miller Alois J, r 1109 llth. Miller Charles, machinist, rms 1757 Welton
Miller Amie M Mrs, embroidery,*b 819 23d. Miller Charles A, bartdr Brown Palace
taO Miller Andrew E,[...]Miller Charles A, car cleaner, r 1302 S
Miller Andrew L[...]Co, r 1373 Elati. Miller Charles A, elevator pilot, rms 434
Miller Anna M[...]Miller Charles A, messenger Wells Fargo
Miller Anna Mrs[...]Anna Mrs, r 1429 Emerson. Miller Charles A, mgr Hydro Carbon Mfg
od Miller Anna L Mr[...]Miller Charles A, rms 1114 16th.
Miller Anna M Miss, opr Phone Co, r 1-i Miller Charles D, grocer, 808 Broadway,
W 14th av.[...]Annie M Mrs, r 4 Gothic PI, 2. Miller Charles D, lineman, rms 1046
sw cor California.[...]Annie M Mrs, r 1800 Sherman. Miller Charles D, student, r 2531 Welton.
Miller Annie R Mrs, b 753 S Washington. Miller Charles D, teamster, r 2911 Law-
Miller Anton, g[...]. Miller Charles D, wks F M Davis Iron
Miller Anton R, la[...]4625 Humboldt. Miller Charles E, bottler J T Turner, rms
Miller Archie[...]Arthur, student, rms 367 Bannock. Miller Charles E, printer Smith-Brooks
Miller Arthur A,[...]2122 W 32d av. Miller Charles F, lawyer, 708 Ernest &
Miller Arthur C,[...]Arthur L, dairy, es Cook bet 53d Miller Charles F, machinist Denver Rock
and 54th avs.[...]Arthur P, clk A O U W, r 937 Og- Miller Charles F, salesman Tivoli-Union

i-[...]ARTHUR S, real estate, Miller Charles G, shoemkr, 4639 Franklin.
1633 Champa, r 851 Clarkson. Miller Charles H, driver, r 603 Vallejo.
Miller Augusta Mrs, r 1228 W 14th av. Miller Charles H, wks B F Salzer Lum-
Miller Augustus E[...]Co, r 911 S Pennsylvania. Miller Charles H, clk W C Bradbury &
Miller Augusta Mrs[...]Miller Charles H, collr J R Martin, r 317[...]Miller Charles H, lab, r 3106 Umatilla.
Miller Charles L, cotton buyer, r 7, 1411
ZD Miller Benjam[...]Miller Charles L, machinist Tramway Co,
< Wynkoop.[...]Miller Charles L, restaurant, r 2242 Stout.
Miller Charles M, electrician, r 1126 Fox.
CO Miller Benoni. miner, r 785 Lincoln. Miller Charles M, undertaker, 1714 Curtis,
Miller Charles N, grand recorder Ancient Miller Edna A Miss, m[...]Miller Edna M Mrs, grocer, 3116 Walnut.
Miller Charles Roy, trimmer Orrock Car- Miller Edward, brakem[...]300 Curtis. 1357 Curtis.
Miller Charles W, clk, r 932 llth. Miller Edward, col'd, soda dispenser, r
Miller Charles W, cook G C Larson, rms 2833 Glenarm PL
154[...]r, r 2170 S Josephine.
Miller Delanie L, engineer Charles Bldg, Miller Eva E Mrs, r 1101 S Grant.
^ E ^ K " ' T h e Hallack & Howard Lumber Co.&Lari[...]
[...]Moving & _,;*»" AND BLAKL bT-S. PHONE \2/
Storage Co, r 2663 Cham[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
Plato and
Window Glass The Hallack[...]
[...]argo & Co Ludwick Charles C, inspector Griffin
Express, rms[...]
[...]Lumberg Charles, clk Emil Peterson, rms
Luebbert Charles, r 740 Lipan. Phila, Scheidemantel[...]Co, r 940 Kalamath.
Luehman Charles C, bkkpr, r 5019 Grant. LUNBECK ERNEST R,[...]
[...]Lundquist Charles W, stenographer C &
L u n d P e t e r H ,[...]
[...]oR Lutolf Charles P, saddlemkr Colo Sad-
£ 0[...]Lupton A J, salesman Western Elaterite Lutz Charles A, clk Mine & Smelter Sup-
Roofing Co,[...]LUPTON CREAMERY DEPOT, C GLutz Charles E, messenger Wells Fargo[...]Luthe K S, livery, 2061 Blake.
Luther Charles, r 5136 Fillmore.
Luther John B,[...]
[...]Lynch Charles, boilermkr C & S Ry, r 3347[...]C E Mrs, stenographer Ameri- Lynch Charles E, carp, r 4135 W 20th av.
can Furniture Co, b[...]Lynch Dora Mrs, r 3039 Newton.
Lydin Charles A, carp, r 419 Washington. Lynch Ed,[...]r, rms 2309 Champa. Acoma.
Lyman Charles B, physician and sur- Lyn[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]Lynch Maria B Mrs, r 1606 Humboldt. Lyon Charles C, r W 26th av nw cor
Lynch Ma[...]
[...]Williams. McAndrews Charles H, lab, r 4011 Mari-
McAllister Charles, painter, rms 1960 Cur- posa.[...]
[...]McAteer Charles W, engineer U P R R,
S U R E T Y B O N D S - C[...]M c B E I D E CHARLES, g r a v e l roof-
McArthur George D (Buck & McAr[...]M, bkkpr Old Homestead McBride Charles J, wks Denver Athletic
Bakery & Inv Co,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Offici[...]Cracker Co, r 2407 Court PL
McCabe Charles M, plaster contractor, r
1849 Emerson.[...]lister Lottie Mrs, r 2511 Irving.
McCaddon Charles M, mgr Western Wall McCallister M[...]
The Hallack & H[...]
[...]McClain Charles, driver, r 1847 W 33d av. 9
McCate John,'[...]&
McCauley Albert B, r 1104 S Broadway.
McCauley Charles A H Col, chief quar-[...]McCLAIN WALTER S & CO (Wal-
1343 Vine.
McCauley Charles P, carp, r 816 25th. ter S McClain and Charles F Neal),[...]
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]ing & Milling Co, 630 Charles Bldg.
McCleave Sarah Mrs, r 122 7th av[...]McClelland Willis A, coml trav, 406 Charles
»s McCleery Robert J (McCleery & Pen- Bl[...]a Miss, r 2, 1045 W 14th av.
McClellan Charles W (McClellan & Ber-[...]
[...]McClung Charles A, civil engineer R E[...]16th ne cor Larimer. Arapahoe.
McClintock Charles C, plasterer, r 2988 S McClung Samuel, lab r[...]intock James, r 72 Lincoln. McClure Charles W, cashier Brown Pal-
McClintock James A,[...]
[...]McConley Myron A, bkkpr Charles
McClurg James A, machinist, r 80[...]
[...]McCormick J Leo, clk, r 460 Elati.
McCord Charles A, student, r 2731 High. McCormick Lucy B Mrs, r 3522 Wyandot.
McCord Charles G, student, r 1040 Co- Mc[...]McCormick Michael H, troubleman Phone
McCord Charles R, carp, r 2731 High. C[...]Bldg, r 1471 High.
McCormick Charles A, asst draughtsman McCou[...]McCourt Philip D, mining, r 1475 Dela-
McCormick Charles A, driver L M Lu- ware[...]McCourt Susan Miss, r 4554 Stuart.
McCormick Charles H, dept mgr Gano- McCou[...]Gas & Elec Co, r 2435 Tremont PI.
McCormick Charles W, lab, r 2205 Glen-[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO.[...]elevator pilot State
McCoy E l w o o d S. c a p t V o l u n t e e r s of[...]
[...]ott Mary Mrs, r 3749 Lafayette.
McDaniel Charles, rms 809 14th. McDermott Marv Mrs, wk[...]" McDermott, see also MacDermott. McDonald Charles, carp, rms 1335 Curtis.
McDermott Annie Miss, r 4225 Raleigh. McDonald Charles, r 2340 Court PI.
McDermott Anthony, stone contractor, r McDonald Charles B, shoemkr, 94218th av
2835 Arapahoe.[...]x av.
<fl__ phine.

McDermott Charles H, r 4225 Raleigh.
McDermott Eliz[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Go. Nails, Barbed Wire, 18th an[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]McDonough Charles R, collr Lawrence-[...]
[...]McElherron Charles I, train dispatcher[...]adway, branch store 2552-2556 15th, r McElrath Charles S, mining, r 2631 High.[...]ny Neil B, bkkpr, rms 2108 Stout.
mgr of sales Colorado[...]
[...]McFarland Charles L, scenic artist, r 4508[...]C?"McEvoy, see also McAvoy. Charles Bldg, r 3625 Shoshone.
McElvoy George, appre[...]coln.
McFadden Charles L (C L McFadden & McFarland William H, bak[...]
[...]Sayre-Newton Lumber Co, r 3260 Law-
McGarry Charles H, civil engineer, r 2260 F6I1C6
Gl[...]auran John B, editor, rms 1960
McGavic Charles O (McGavic & Co), r 4,
1115 Sherman.
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]McGinley Frank T, coml trav, 424 Charles[...]ty Dennis, lab, r 3530 Wewatta.
-i McGillis Charles, r 3 Larimer.
McGillis Denia M[...]
[...]Glone Gertrude Mrs, r 1116 28th. McGowan Charles, driver, rms 1912 Arap-
McGlone Michael, p[...]
[...]•____5M_*Tli Hallack & Howard Lumber Co.& 7th 81s.
834 McG BALLENGER[...]
[...]McGuire Charles F, salesman Baxter Ci-[...]AGENCY CO. k McGuire Charles J, waiter, rms 1542%[...]McGuire Minnie M Mrs, sec and treas
McGruder Charles E, col'd, lieut Engine Colorado Tra[...]McGruder S L, col'd, b 2024 Washington.
McGuckin Charles G, wks Denver Omni-[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]McJimsey R Lawrence, depot agt Adams
Mclntyre Charles, conductor U P R R, r Express Co, r 113[...]McKaig George H, salesman E' W Robin-
Mclntyre Charles, messenger, rms 1753
Mclntyre Charles E (Colo Cough & Ca- Co, r Englewood.[...]McKane Archibald, piano man Duffy
Mclntyre Charles E', engineer Board of Storage & Moving[...]McKane George W, col'd, porter, rms 2117
Mclntyre Charles H, mining, 208 Kitt- Arapahoe.[...]ry Miss, housekpr The Phoe- •CD
Mclntyre Charles W, linotype opr Eames nix, 1227[...]
[...]McKee Charles, printer, rms 1303 Dela-[...]PAINT ANDVARNISH MAKERS McKee Charles E, stenographer Victor
-1"[...]"cKee Charles R, sec and treas McKee
CD ^ T^M C MURTRYMFG[...]ay William D (Shaw & McKay), r 21 McKeeby Charles B, salesman Stapleton[...]ES CO, r 944

McKean Charles L, genl foreman W U T
Co, r 3115[...]
[...]McKenney Charles F, mining, 830 Equita-
S U R E T Y B O N D S -[...]McKenzie Charles, bkkpr Denver Post, r
E^McKeever, see also Makeev[...]l T, salesman Singer Sewing McKenzie Charles P, col'd, lab, r 2740
Machine Co.[...]*l
McKenna Charles G, with M J O'Fallon McKenzie Tho[...]s, 9 a
Supply Co, r 2164 Glencoe.
McKenna Charles S, helper Denver Engi- b 3463 Blak[...]garet Mrs, wks Kuner McKeown Charles A, lab, r 705 27th.
Pickle Co.
McKenna P[...]
[...]press Co, rms 1722 California.
McKernon Charles C, car inspector, r McKinney William[...]stry Clark R, woodwkr Woeber •
McKillip Charles R, brakeman C & S Carriage Co, r[...]er Armour &
O McKimson Charles E, pressman C M Da-
vis, r 1083 S[...]
[...]McLain Charles E, driver Humphreys[...]rio Co, r 3344 Quivas. CD
McKnight Charles, r 2429 Glenarm PI. (O^McLaren, see a[...]McLaughlin Charles B, carp, r 2109 Perry.
[D^McKune. see also McCuen, McCune. McLaughlin Charles E, press feeder, r • o
McKusick James E[...]5 Larimer. McLaughlin Charles J, cigars, 1109 17th.
McLachlan Deme Mrs, r 628 2[...]1943 W 12th av. Emerson.
McLagan Charles B (Agor & McLagan),
r 900 S Logan.[...]
[...]C McLean Charles A, conductor Tramway
THE M MURTRY M F G[...]McLean Charles H, physician, 330 Empire[...]
[...]McLeran Charles M, teamster Q M Dept
T[...]McLoyd Charles, mining, r 2936 Gaylord.[...]oo
McLellan Charles E, machinist D & R G[...]McMahon Bridget Mrs, r 3642 Humboldt.
McLeod Charles, cabinetmkr Mc T 'hee &
McGinnity Co, r 2460 W[...]M ^ ^
Register Co, r 1441 Platte.
McLeran Charles H, teamster Q M Dept[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]Michael A, steamfitter, b 2626 W McMichael Charles J, carp, r 4317 Vrain.
25th av.[...]liams.
tf) U
McManus Charles, rms Lindell Hotel. McMillan Neil A. wood[...]Balance Co, r 3141 Lawrence.
McManus Charles, rms 136 W 14th av.
< 0. McManus J J[...]
[...]Cleaning & McNabb Henry A, coml trav, 400 Charles
Pressing Co, r 1909 Welton. Bldg[...]e Thomas H, ironwkr, r 3212 W
31st av.
McMurray Charles W, carp, r 715 W 13th[...]
[...]1640 Lincoln.
CO McNamara Charles J, b 1347 Emerson. McNaught Margaret Mi[...]b Co, rms 6, 1630 Arapahoe. McNeer Charles H. news agt, r 2502 16th.[...]8 Platte. McNeil Charles M, broker, r 841 J_ogan.
[...]McNutt Charles C, coml trav, 213 Charles
McNeill Jane E Mrs, cook Charles Brown, Bldg.
r 2304 Curtis.[...]Theatre.
McNulty Charles J, machinist Colo Iron M[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]McPike Charles L, clk, r 2305 High.
McPHEE CHARLES D, vice-pres
•1 u McPhee[...]n.
-I r 1647 Clarkson.
McPhee Charles D Jr, salesman McPhee
& McGinnity Co,[...]McQuade Charles, b 1441 Clarkson.[...]
[...]McVeigh James, grocer, es Huron bet W
McReynolds Charles W, clk C & S Ry. 29th and W 30th avs.
McR[...]arian Milling & Elevator Co, r 267 S McWILLIAMS CHARLES B, real
[...]9 23d.
MacDonald Allan M, bricklayer, r 2935 Mace Charles E, installer Telephone Co, CO
MacDonald Charles W, teamster, r 109 News-Times,George[...]Co, r 1207 Pennsylvania.
MacDonald George G, wks Charles W
Reichard, r 3961 Blake. Mac[...]01 Marion. shone.
MACDONALD JOHN CHARLES, MacGregor Donald,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]nsley Fruit Co, b 1441 Logan.
4-1 MacGuckin Charles G, checkman Denver
Omnibus & Cab Co, r[...]MacKenzie Charles, pressman, r 55 Lo-
H» Machuga Joseph, la[...]Mackenzie Charles L, supt Wells Fargo
Mack Block, 16th se[...]r 3, 1301 Ogden. Washington.
Mack Charles, brewer Ph Zang Brewing Mackenzie Corinne[...]Mackenzie), r 1408 Adams.
Mack Charles L, bartdr Jacob Mack, rms Mackenzie E W, clk[...]Mackey Charles, barber B Webb, r 2508
[...]kley Mary A Mrs, r 1117 W 13th av. MacNEILL CHARLES M, vice-pres o*
Mackley Ral[...]
[...]comber William H, miner, r 1861 W 34th Maddox Charles R, real esetate, 301
av.[...]MacWitz Elsa Miss, r 1215 Elizabeth.
Macy Charles B, shademan, r 4812 W
Hayward PI.[...]igan Thomas J, clk auditor Colo Mid-
Macy Charles T, clk, r 3770 Newton. land Ry,[...]
[...]Maeder Charles A, clk Wm Volker & Co,[...]Maehl John F, trav agt Neef Bros Brew-
Madison Charles J, printer C M Davis, r[...], r 901 Logan. Maggi Charles B, expressman, r 1152 Li- OO
M[...]Maggi Charles G, clk frt dept Burlington
Madlung John E, r 901[...]Magi Charles B, clk, r W 6th av nr Dale
oy Madsen, see[...]
[...]Thomas F. clk Goss Morris Mer
H o Magnuson Charles M, trimmer Pullman
Co, b 3800 Walnut.[...]Magnuss Jesse A, switchman, r 2827 Lar- Mahin Charles H, r 405 21st.
imer.[...](E^Magoun, see also McGowan.
Magrum Charles E, trav frt agt Rock
Island Li[...]
[...]r 1521 28th.
Mahon John, shoemkr Charles F4ach, r Maider Isaiah, carp, r 525 Emer[...]r 749 20th av.
3156 Stout.
Mahoney Charles, rms 1429 Champa. Maileff Robert, packer Middleswarth
Mahoney Charles E, jeweler Denver Com Co, r 7[...]
BOXES and[...]
[...]Cab Co, r Humboldt se cor Bayaud av.
Maier Charles F, florist, 3914 W 29th av. Malloy Joh[...]Mrs, music teacher, r 919 W Mally Charles J, clk G Zimmerhackel, r
6th av.[...]rimer. r 1109 13th av.
Mall Charles J, cornicewkr, r 265 S Race. M[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]ings Assn, 1735 Curtis, r 301 Marion. Malskies Charles, cook, rms 721 20th.
Malone Robert, stone[...]av. Maltby Charles H, salesman Buerger
Malone Rose Miss, tea[...]School, rms 1942 Pennsylvania. Maltby Charles Theodore, clk H T
U Malone Rose D Mrs, rms[...]Holmes), r 4695 Franklin.
o>(ft2 Maloney Charles L, clk Three Rules, rms
1921 Cham[...]
[...]mer. Manlove Charles G, correspondent Unit-
Mangan Earl, lab r 1237 2d[...]Mangan James, teamster, r 1237 2d. Manly. Charles D, carp, r 1401 S Lincoln.
Mangan Mary Mrs, seams[...]r 2655 Champa. Mann Charles E, financial sec Carpenters
Mangini Fred A c[...]Charles J, plumber F C Schroter,[...]m
MANGINI T CHARLES, dancing Mann Mann Daisy Miss, b[...]
[...]ing Edward A, wks C & S Ry, r Mansfield Charles, brakeman D & R G
3039 W 23d av.[...]ing Fanny Mrs, b 2741 Lawrence. Mansfield Charles A, fireman TJ S Mint,
CO CO Manning F[...]
Manshel Charles, pedler, r 1947 W 14th av. r 2138 Joseph,[...]nske Frank, wks C Smidt, rms 1530 Mapes Charles D, carp, r 4411 Vallejo.[...]r 1118 28th.
Manson Charles B, lab, r 4362 Sherman. Maple Grove School, Le[...]9 (Jl
Mantz Charles G, r 1154 Clarkson. Marbach August, ironw[...]Manufacturers' Information Bureau Co, 2 Marchand Charles M, teacher 904 15th.
Jacobson Bld[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]rcus Aaron, dairy, r 1037 Grove.
Marcus Charles, tailor William Morrison, Marihugh Oscar N,[...]n The (apartments), 1362 Marion.
Mardis Charles D, boilermkr, r 1320 40th. Marion
_ Mardi[...]Label Co, r 14, 1226 31st.
Mardo Charles, janitor, rms 1548% Blake. Mark Milton H ([...]
[...]Markman Charles H, woodwkr J P Paul-[...]s John H, agt Simmons Hdw Co, 309 CO
Marker Charles E, painter, r 720 24th. Exchange Bldg, r 425 Broadway.
Marker Charles G, salesman Gano-Downs Marks John H, civil[...]Co, rms 1945 Logan. 14th.
Markham Charles J, teamster, r 4491 Ca- Marley Fred W, salesm[...]Coffee & Spice Co, 1648 Market.
Markham Charles W, teamster, r 4491 Marlow Anna, clk Gold[...]. Marold John, lab, b 4885 Washington.
Markle Charles M, plastering contractor,
r 3729 W 32d av[...]
[...]ents, 1725 Stout, r 1632 York.
Marquardt Charles, miner, r 3493 W Marrs William M, mining, r 1[...]Moncrieff PI. Mars Charles M, r 72 S Washington.
Marquardt Charles, gardener, r 984 S Marsau Fred G, wks Merch[...]Bert, draftsman Phone Co, r 1202
Marquis Charles A (Broadway Carriage Stout.
Work[...]Marsh Donald, rms 1835 Lawrence.
Marquis Charles A, teamster City Park, r Marsh Edward, bar[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass' w«:r McPhee & McGinni[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]37 Welton. Martin Bert W, coml trav, 618 Charles
Marson Fred, lab W A McClellan[...]
[...]Vine. W 24th av.
Martin Charles, clk John Thompson Gro- Martin George, col'[...]r 902 S Washington. Champa.
Martin Charles, lab, r 2305 Arapahoe. Martin George F, instrument man Board
Martin Charles, teamster P W Terry, r of Public Wks, r 1[...]N GEORGE W, genl agt CO
Martin Charles B, architect, r 4270 Stuart Rock Island Lines, 800 17th, r 1353 Vine.
Martin Charles B, mgr B L Martin, r Martin George W, he[...]Water Co, b 3874 Sheridan Boulevard.
Martin Charles C (Martin Bros & Co), Martin Georgie Miss[...]Martin Guy E, sash and doors, 403 Cooper
Martin Charles B (Martin & Olver), r Bldg, r 1453 Milwa[...]Martin Harley, bkkpr, rms 1636 Welton.
Martin Charles E', clk, r 1238 Quitman. Martin Harold P, lawyer, 414 Colorado
Martin Charles B, engineer Denver Union Bldg, rms 1557 Ogd[...]Martin Harrison, col'd, lab, rms 2344 Wal-
Martin Charles H, wks Tramway Co, r nut.
3647 High.[...]Martin Harry B, driver Carter, Rice &
Martin Charles L, lab, r 4539 Lowell Bou- Carpenter P[...]
[...]698 Baldwin Ct.
Martin & Hall (Thomas Martin and
Charles Hall), brick contractors, 213-214
[...]Mason Burt D, osteopath, 307 Charles[...]Mason Charles, lab, r 400 Cottage Lane.
Mason Charles H, stenographer, b 1136[...]& R G R R, r 126 W 12th av. Mason Charles L, stenographer U S Sur-
Marvin M L, r[...]" Marx, see also Marks. Mason Charles R, r 1640 Lafayette.[...]
[...]ning, Milling & Investment Co, 1933
Mason William S. mining, r 2502 Albion, Curtis.
[...]rs Georgie C Miss, clk, r 3129 W
Masten Charles J, assayer, r 1800 Sher- 24th av.[...]th av.
Master Painters Association, 412 Charles Mathers William E F, driver Silver State[...]Pkg & Inv Co, r 2218 Arapahoe.
Masters Charles O, bartdr, r 2257 Cali- Mathers & Walker, g[...]ies Tailoring College, b 1, 1625 Clark- Mathews Charles H, messenger Globe Ex-
[...]Mathis Charles H, real estate, r 1354 Race
B«AHN E N-ST A[...].
Woods agencies, 1624-1630 Broadway.
Mathewson Charles A, lather, r 3815 Gil- Matteson Albert D,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]1 Cooper Bldg, r 1733 Clarkson.
Matthews Charles, cook, rms 1740 Lari-
mer.[...]thews Edward, miner, rms 1314 13th. Mattingly Charles A, teamster, r 666 Al-
u si Matthews Evan T,[...]Mattox Charles R, clk frt dept Burling-
o= Matthews James S, coml trav, 429
Charles Bldg, r 170 S Logan.
Matthews Jay, print[...]atthews John G, draftsman, r 1358 Em- Mattson Charles E, agt Prudential Ins
[...]r 4637 Wyandot. Mauler Charles A, waiter Albany Hotel,
Matzek Fritz, lab, r rear[...]Maultzsch Anna Mrs, r 1850 Champa.
Mauck Charles C, lineman Phone Co, r Maultzsch Henry, r[...]tock Co, r 3346 Pontiac. Welton.
Mauff Charles, florist Mrs R Mauff, r 963 Maurer John,[...]
[...]ll Rosanna Mrs, r 2832 W 42d av.
Mauser Charles J brewer Tivoli-Union Maxwell Samu[...]
Co, r 426 W 14th av. Mayer Charles G, chef, r 1733 35th av. 3[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Supply Co, 418 Charles Bldg (Phone
• III MAYER KARL K, sec and[...]ila T Mrs, editorial writer
Mayfield Charles W, driver Bray Laun- Times, r 5088[...]
[...]Mead Charles H, teamster, r ss W Vir-[...]Mead Ross, teamster, b ss W Virginia av
Mayne Charles A, teamster, r 3625 Inca. bet S Jason and S[...]ayo E Eugene, clk Agnes Memorial Meade Charles, driver Daniel Kelley.
Sanatorium.[...]rs, r 118 S Logan.
Mayo Oscar, music teacher, 527 Charles Meade Minnie A Mrs, r 2513 Yates.
Bldg, r[...]Means Donald G, clk M D Barnett, r 4105
Mazar Charles, pedler, r 1644 Eliot. Umatilla.
Mazzota Prank, lab, r 3623 Lipan.
Mazzulli Charles, gardener, r ws Clay bet[...]
[...]Meehan Charles L, presser Capitol Hill[...]
Meeker Charles, waiter Royal R e s t a u r a n t .
M e[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]r 2739 Clay. mer.
Meilinger Charles A, machinist, r 4208 Melbourne David[...]
[...]Melsheimer Charles, r 207 Walnut.
Melsheimer Charles Jr, brewer Tivoli-[...]lein John N, switchman C & S Ry, r Melvin Charles H, dancing teacher, r 1369
1027 Navajo.[...]len Aaron M, r 224 Bannock. Melvin Charles J, r 440 Kentucky av.
Mellen William B, chief clk vice-pres D & Melvin Charles M, r 2043 Lafayette.
R G R R, 321 Equitable Bldg[...]Kalamath. •
Mellish Charles H, clk auditor Globe Ex- Melzer Charles Mrs, r 6701 Colfax av.
press Co, r 2749 Hazel Ct[...]Mary A Miss, housekpr Detention Mendenhall Charles, patternmkr Flint-
School, 2844 Downing.[...]
[...]es Nathan, cattle dealer, r 2630 W Mercer Charles L, dentist, 722 14th, r 124
10th av.[...]hillip J, grocer, 1001 18th av, r 1804 Merchant Charles E, miner, r 820 Munroe
(0 Ogden.[...]erchant William F, lab, r 820 Munroe.
O -1 Menk Charles G, foreman Silver State MERCHANT[...]
[...]Merrill Charles, mining, rms 1727 Stout. \ to
Meredith Robert[...]A, bkkpr, r 501 17th av. Merriman Charles W, clk, r 833 Champa.
Mermet Hermine O Mme, dress[...]s ^ T PHONE 4 - 2 7

[...]Merz Charles, butcher, r 3524 Blake.[...]Mesch Charles, stenographer C & S Ry,
W 14th av.[...]Merritt C Wendell, collr Denver Dry Gds Meskew Charles (J A Meskew & Co), r
• Co, r 760 Magno[...]Meskew J A & Co (John A and Charles
Merritt George R, policeman, rms 432 S[...]l e s m a n riage Co, r 3110 Clay.
Charles D Griffith Shoe Co, r 931 S Messenger Kemro[...]Army, r 1132 Cherokee.
Merten Charles, r 858 Galapago. PAINT AMDVAR[...]
[...]Metropolitan Sanitarium, 2751 Wyandot.
Messner Charles, rms 1511 19th.
Messner Clara R Miss, stenographe[...]etcalf Benjamin A, sec Stebbins Mfg Mety Charles G, real estate, 7, 808 17th, to o
Co, rms 1506 Court PI. r 1177 York.
Metcalf Charles C, clk P S Hessler Mer Mety Charles P, real estate, 7, 808 17th, PI
Co, r 3841 Shoshone. r 1177 York.
Metcalf Charles S, carp, r 3347 Osceola. Mety Lou Miss, bkkp[...]etcalf George W, driver Denver Omni- Metz Charles M, clk, r 1512 Steele.
bus & Cab Co, r 14[...]
[...], lithographer, rms 708 13th. '
Metzger Charles W, miner, r 513 S Penn- Meyer Carl, physician[...]Metzer John, printer Times, rms 1645 Meyer Charles A, r 804 Mariposa.
Welton. Meyer Charles M, patternmkr D & R G
OI Metzger John C, m[...]George H, cook, r 1116 Champa.
Meunier Charles, blksmith G J Castle, r Meyer George S, oil,[...]LL.4040-

use Littleton Creamery Butter i3£_£__s.
[...]clk, r 1966 W Colfax av. Meyers Charles, driver, r 3532 Marion. CO
Meyer Herman, lab, r 1221 22d. Meyers Charles, lab, r 3240 Lawrence. CD
Meyer Isidore B, druggist, 2559 Humboldt, Meyers Charles, pool room, 1729 Larimer,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]Studio, r 1713 Hooker. Michaelson Charles, barber, rms 2126 W
Meyers Mary[...]
Miekelson Charles J, barber, 1329 16th, r wheels, tires, axles, fo[...]CO
E^Middleton, see also Middelton.
Middleton Charles A, lineman Mountain
Tel Co, r 808 S Loga[...]
[...]Co, r 4430 Utica.
Miles Charles, r 2137 Stout. Miles William J, asst City Attorney, 504
Miles Charles E. waiter, rms 912 22d. to 512 Mercantile Bldg, r 1. 1642 Pearl.
Miles Charles W. col'd. cook genl mgr Miles Willia[...]
Thos. H. Miller
[...]ER THOMAS H, wall paper,
Miller Robert J, jeweler Charles Wathen painter and interior decorato[...]
[...]rms 25-27, 1529 Lawrence. Milliken Charles, helper George Sell Bak-
Miller William D[...]r William E, r 2212 23d av. Milliken Charles R, motorman Tramway
Miller William F, pai[...]Milliman Charles, helper J R Ward Fur-[...]
[...]ills Publishing Co, 712-713 Kittredge Bldg.
Mills Charles, real estate, rms 530 18th. Mills Robert H, sign writer, r 3743 Inca. !?§
Mills Charles A, clk frt dept C & S Ry, b Mills Robert N, physi[...]32
Mills Charles E, wks Grand Grocery 'Co, Milwaukee.[...]
[...]ittredge Bldg, r Mimnaugh Frank P, coml trav, 614 Charles
1155 Jason.[...]Milner James A, apprentice Colo Drill & Minard Charles W, harnessmkr W B
Machy Co, r[...]
[...]1151 Welton.
Miner E Spencer, coml trav, 212 Charles Mink Charles, rms 2743 Curtis.
Bldg, r 1445 Downing.[...]
[...]lfax av. Mitchell Charles, lab, rms 2111 W 32d av.
Minzer Herman, harness, 2054 Larimer. Mitchell Charles, motorman Tramway Co,
Miracle Catherine[...]n. Mitchell Charles C, brakeman C & S Ry,
Miracle Pressed S[...]nda Abino, lab, r 1069 Raritan. Mitchell Charles D, driver A H Whaite &
Mirando Manuel,[...]e. Mitchell Charles H, clk, rms 1999 W
Mirat August,[...]
[...]d Mitchell James R, coml trav, 613 Charles
University Pk.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. " J E M S T
90S MIT[...]CHELL MACHINEEY CO, J L Mitchler Charles, lab, r 1047 W 14th av.[...]Mitchell Martin H, motorman Tramway Mitschele Charles W, printer, r 3117 Ma-
Co, r 2[...]
[...]Moessmer Jacob, clk The Famous, r 3024
Mobley Charles T, bricklayer, r 1021 Julian California.
Moch Charles, coml trav, r 1120 Ogden. Moessmer Paul A, r[...]8 W Byers PI.
Mock Ted, rms 1544 Welton.
Mockford Charles, clk Pacific Express MOFFAT FRED G, cashier First[...]B, salesman Pinkett Bros
business mgr, 5th floor Charles Bldg,
15th cor Curtis.[...]a- Moffett Delila Mrs, r 2317 Alcott.
Modes Charles H, general supt Western
Glass Mfg Co, r 464 S Lo[...]Arapahoe.
Modry John, lab, r 4340 Washington.
Moe Charles A, driver Omaha Meat &[...]_S_?
Com Co, r 2244 Lowell Boulevard.
Moe Charles L, r 2244 Lowell Boulevard.[...]
[...]Patten Charles L, r 200 23d.[...]Patrick Catherine I Miss, r 435 Delaware.
Patrick Charles G, civil engineer, 503 Com-
monwealth Bl[...]
[...]1520 BLAKE 5 X DENVER, COLO.
i Patterson Charles R, expressman, 13 S[...]Robert J, bicycles, 2405 W 32d
Patterson Charles V, mgr Garlock Pkg av.[...]
[...]Mohr Charles E, r 3451 Humboldt.[...]ffit Nora Miss, nurse Mercy Hospital, Mohrman Charles A, blksmith, r 1254 9th.
1619 Milwau[...]gan James T, clk H B E'llis, rms Mid- Moister Charles, rms 1441 Blake.
land Hotel.[...]
[...]Monahan Joseph, salesman, r 736 S Penn-
Moll Charles F, expressman, rms 1912 sylvania[...]Monarch Lumber Co, 16th and Platte
Monaghan Charles N, cigars, 905 Larimer, river.
r 17[...]nd
Monaghan William, clk, b 1865 Gaylord.
Monahan Charles M, cigars, r 1744 Grant. buil[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judiolal, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Of[...]lli Adelia Miss, r 1320 Champa.
Monroe Charles, col'd, porter St Regis Montanelli Augusta[...]oe Henry B, driver, rms 1740 Arapa- Montella Charles, barber, 1012 16th, rms
[...]Champa, r 3728 Milwaukee.
Montgomery Charles B, carp, r 360 Fill- Montgomery W S Mrs, b Hotel Metropole.
Montgomery Charles H, r 1128 W 13th av. Monti Anna Mrs, r 1924 Broadway.
Montgomery Charles H, col'd, porter Ho- Monti Joshua 1713[...]r Joseph A, col'd, carrier Capitol
Montgomery Charles J, granite cutter Hill Station P O, r[...]gh. Montrey Charles, lab, r es Galapago bet
Montgomery E'dgar, clk, r[...]onwealth Bldg. Charles A, clk Argo Smelter, r n
[...]Moore Alfred T, clk Colo & Wyo R R,
Moody Charles A, machinist, r 1026 W 7th rms 1557 Ogden.[...]Typewriter Agency, r 1625 Clarkson.
Moon Charles E, molder Denver Iron Wks
& Foundry Co, r[...]Moon George C, teamster Andrew John- Moore Charles, painter J B Dunlap, rms
son, r 3605 Wewa[...]Moon Harmon D, r 2045 S Clarkson. Moore Charles, wks Vacuum Cleaner Co,
Moon Harry I, mail[...]1815 Marion. Moore Charles A, machinist, r 72 S Grant.
Moon Ja[...]
[...]Moore Frank E, coml trav, 623 Charles
INSURANCE UPON RENTS[...]Moore Frank S, pres Union Health & Ac-
Moore Charles C, hostler d i n g e r ' s Car- cident[...]Moore Fred, driver Golden Eagle, r 2503
Moore Charles C, r 2018 Ogden. 15th.
Moore Charles E, coml trav, 703 27th. Moore Fred A Mrs, millinery, 2905 W 25th
Moore Charles F, student, r 12, 1116 13th av av, r 2539 Eliot.
Moore Charles J, r 12, 1116 13th av. Moore Frederick G, salesman B L James
Moore Charles Leon, printer Smith-Brooks M & M[...]Moore George C, expressman, r 932 Jason.
Moore Charles M, tinsmith D & R G R R,[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street tt REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]Morehouse Charles H, div frt agt A T &
O flL[...]rances J Miss, r 2, 2705 16th av.
as Morast Charles W, r 1125 15th. Morell John F, real[...]801 Oneida.
£ MORCOM CHARLES, contractor
and builder, 1932 La[...]ey Edward I, machinist, r 2726 Bry-
at z More Charles S, switchman, r 3642 Quivas. ant.[...]
[...]. 619 21st.
Morgan Charles, lab, r 4012 Fox. Morgan Heber D, fireman Tramway Co, r 2 01
Morgan Charles, lab, b 149 Josephine. O J-
Morgan Charles B, coachman 1600' Ogden. 1256 Delaware. PI to
Morgan Charles O, printer Eames Bros, r Morga[...]4th av.
Morgan Charles W, lab, r 5 W Elk PI nr[...]
[...]organ Nettie Mrs, r 1221 Broadway. Moriarty Charles, bartdr J W Haviland,
0) Is Morgan Oscar, rms[...]Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis, r 681 S[...]
[...]Morrato Nicholas R, salesman Notary &
Morilee Charles H, cook H R Miller, r 2129 Morrato, r 1[...]
[...]George V, brakeman, r 3108 Clay.
Morris Charles, barber, r 2125 Welton. Morris Gertrude Miss, nurse, r 2531 Clark-
Morris Charles, lab London Dairy, 46th son.
av se[...]s Grey E, student, r 3839 Lowell
Morris Charles, painter, rms 1157 Stout. Boulevard.
Morris Charles A, teamster J F Roberts, Morris Grant M, col'd,[...]t, r 3018 S Delaware, Englewood.
Morris Charles F, student, r 2531 ClarksonMorris Guy F, switchman, rms 3300 Lari-
Morris Charles H, mining engineer, r 2, mer.
CM 1818[...]ris G L, conductor Tramway Co, r
Morris Charles J, painter, r 54 S Ban- 3251 Williams.[...]arold L (Wilson & Morris), r 410
Morris Charles M, pres Juniper Coal Co, Marion.
52[...]Hattie E Miss, sleevemkr DANIELS
CM Morris Charles W (Morris Bros & Co), & FISHER STORE[...]
Star Union Whitelead _ r ; McPhee & McGinnity Co.W[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]Martin, miner, r 2445 California.
<_s V Morrison Charles R, clk D & R G R R, Morrison Me[...]
[...]Morrow Charles, col'd porter, rms 2055[...]orrison W A, mining, rms 1108 22d. Morse Charles E, r 1051 Ogden. CD
Morrison & De Soto (R S Morrison and E Morse Charles M, conductor C & S Ry, r CO
D De Sot[...]Morse Charles W, carp, r 121 Delaware.
Morriss George L, co[...]613 W 33d av. oo
Morrissey Charles P, clk auditor Colo Morse E'dward W[...]
[...]Morter Ruth Miss, opr Phono Co, r 334 Mosconi Charles L (A Mosconi & Son), r
(A M[...]z Samuel (Isaacson & Mosco-
Morton Charles E, r 2003 W 41st av. vitz), 1328 16[...]
[...]Mosier James I, live stock, r 460 Ogden.
Moser Charles M (Moser Brokerage & Mosier Robert A, restaurant,[...]av. Mills, r 1249 Glenarm PI.
Moses Charles F, salesman Leonard Mel- E^Mosley, see also Mosel[...]ark, pawnbroker, 1942 Larimer, r Moss Charles W, carp, r 703 1st av.
823 22d av.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]Mossburger Yodock, car repairer, r 1305 Charles Bldg, r 980 S Pennsylvania.
Lipan.[...]1736 Champa.
Motschenbacher Charles, lab, r 1910 38th av
Mott Alfred A, hos[...]T PAINT
28th av.
Mott Charles E, clk Phone Co, b 1476[...]V ARNISH
Mott Charles E, mgr J S Goldsmith, r[...]
[...]o. MOWRY MARTIN L, city pass and
Mount Charles O, lab, r 26, 2506 15th. ticket agt Rock I[...]Co, r 4353 Vine.
Charles Bldg. Moyer Elmer[...]g, r 1439 St Paul. Moynahan Charles K, clk George Watt, r
K^Mowat, see also Mo[...]
[...]er Martin L, salesman, r 1055 Aco-
Muchow Charles F, clk Dillon Hdw Co, r ma.
3621 Z[...]S Lincoln. Drive..
99 Mudd Charles E, mining, 602 McPhee Muetzenberg Fred, lab Small[...]e Edward R, student, r 2007 22d av.
Mudge Charles E, r 3127 W 28th av. Mugrage Samuel G, p[...]r 2536 Eaton. 1544 Curtis.
Muehler Charles H, meatcutter Buchanan Muir Mabel L Miss,[...]
[...]Elevator Co, 1441
hackel, rms 629 29th.
Mulford Charles W, r 2647 Walnut.[...]ls Bros, rms 724 24th. Charles Bldg, r 76 W Archer PI.
Mulholland Harry W, steno[...]ing & Elevator Co, r 944 9th.
Mull Charles D, troubleman Phone Co, r
2407 W 32d av.
Mullen Catherine Mrs, r 1927 Grant.
Mullen Charles J, casemkr Denver Watch
Case Mfg Co, r 2929 Walnut.
Mullen Charles V, lawyer, r 860 Emerson.
Mullen Dennis W,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & GO. Opp.[...]ligan Francis, driver, r 1305 Osage. Mulock Charles A, clk Denver Dry Gds
Mulligan Frank[...]lin Patrick, r 511 S Sherman. Mulvey Charles, machinist, rms 929 18th.
[...]mford Frederick A, motorman Tram- Munkers Charles, teamster, rms 1344 Lar-
way Co, r 3636 W 26th a[...]uncio John, lab, r 3442 Navajo. Munroe Charles, col'd, porter, r 1919 Wel-
Mund Herman H, mining[...]612 Pearl. Munshour Charles J, cook William Gun-
Mundy Frank F, painter Reitz[...]Munson Charles, switchman TJ P R R, r oo
Munger C Mrs, r[...]nger Flavius J, carp Colo Iron Wks, Munson Charles C, mgr Denver Distrib-
r 3429 Adams.[...]unger Herbert O, broker, r 2502 W 32d av Munson Charles M, lab, r 4671 Sherman. eo
Munger Is[...]
[...]son William E, engineer Burlington Murphy Charles, machinist, r 2226 Meade.
Route, r 2153 Arapahoe. Murphy Charles, lab Fraser River Lum-
Munstor Ova, bak[...]tshank Philip, butcher, r 29 Dakota av Murphy Charles, lab, r 2030 15th.
Murphy Charles B, col'd, lab, r Fillmore
Munweiler Hen[...]z Alexander, r 1424 21st av. Murphy Charles E, pipeman Engine Co
u Munz Charles J, lawyer, 733 Symes Bldg, No 5, rms 2724[...]1192 S Gaylord. Murphy Charles T, carp, r 1734 Boulder.
Murch Clarence H, student, r 153 W Ells- Murphy Charles W, r 30 W Irvington PL
O -I worth av.[...]ork. b The Shirley.
Murdock Charles, lineman Phone Co. Murphy Edward T, r[...]omas, blksmith, r 1047 Kalamath.
Murnan Charles A (Clayton & Murnan),[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Go. Nails, Barbed Wire, 10fU gn[...]
[...]n. 2010 Curtis.
Murray Charles, rms 1530 Court PI. Murray John, lab, rms 1122 Larimer.
Murray Charles, col'd, rms 2036 Larimer. Murray John A, dry gds, r 2538 Marion.
Murray Charles Adam, violinist, 1, 1506
California, r 123 3d av. MURRAY JOHN CAMPBELL, law-
Murray Charles A (Stuart, Murray & yer, and (Murray[...]328 Symes Bldg, r 1535 Downing.
Murray Charles A, hdw dept B I Look Murray John G, lab[...]urray John H, saloon, rms 1921
Murray Charles D, bartdr Windsor Hotel, Champa.
r 2223 C[...]Murray John J, timekpr Denver Dry Gds
Murray Charles H, chief clk asst sales Co, r 1348 Galapa[...]Murray John T, clk C T Villars, r 2253
Murray Charles L, helper D & R G R R, Tremont PI.[...]Murray John T, coml trav, 218 Charles[...]
[...]LEASING CO, R R Foster pres, Muse Charles S, col'd, janitor Denver[...]R H Kane sec and treas, M J Roberts Muse Charles W, wks Churchill & Gar-
vice-pres and[...]ay Robert, miner, r 1821 Platte. Musgrove Charles F, purchasing agt
Murray Robert, janito[...]r 730 Tramway Co, r 2351 Ogden.
S. Logan. M[...]
[...]Myers Avery, janitor Charles Bldg.[...]FRED'K.W. STANDART PRES. Myers Charles, clk, rms 223 20th av.
1622 ARAPAHOE S T . — — PHON ES 1950-1951 Myers Charles, cook, rms 1740 Market.
Myers Charles W, coml trav, rms 1928
Musselman Arthur W,[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Nadler Charles, r 837 Platte.[...]
[...]Nance Louis M, mining, b 1760 Pennsyl-
Nafus Charles, student, rms 1015 13th. vania.
Nagata S,[...]AGLER ARTHUR W, prop Morni- Nash Charles J, driver Deep Rock Arte-
tain Bakery, 3[...]
[...]al Dredging Co, 520 McPhee Bldg.
Nast Charles A, , photographer, 16th ne NATIONAL FILTER[...]
Philip Garretson genl western agt, 1033 Nazro Charles H, mining, r 2429 Bryant.
YORK, Ralph W Smith vice-pres Neal Charles F (Charles F Neal & Co),
and genl mgr, 238-240-242 Coronado[...]36 Stout (Phone 852). NEAL CHARLES F & CO (Charles
National Tea Co, 775 Jason.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]Neef Charles, butcher, r 5263 Fillmore.[...]Stuart.

s! rence.
Neander Charles L, stereotyper News-
Times, r 2966 O[...]Pennsylvania. Neff Charles F, r 24 l l t h av.
Neary Thom[...]
[...]Neilson Christian F, cupola tender, r
Negus Charles B, policeman, r rear 2921 Sheridan Boulev[...]Neilson Robert L, airbrake inspector U P
Neibert Charles, driver Duffy Storage & R R, r 454 S Wash[...]Neilson William A, lineman Phone Co.
Neidhamer Charles W, salesman Corn- Neiman Anna V Miss, s[...]b 58 Galapago. Neiswander Charles, carp, r 4779 Decatur.
Neighbor Marquis L, firema[...]ighbor William H, printer Republican, Nekel Charles, woodwkr J P Paulson, r
r 711 Logan.[...]Nelan William P, baker Campbell-Sell
Neikirk Charles O, chemist, r 3017 Race. Baking Co, r 78 W[...]General, r 2558 W 32d av.
Neil Charles, clk genl frt dept C & S Ry, Nell Louis F, br[...]indell Hotel. Nelling Charles W, cigarmkr Schiele Bros
Neil Guy D blksmi[...]
[...]Nelson Albert, r 3000 Quitman. Nelson Charles, bartdr Charles Erick-
Nelson Albert A, warehouseman Three[...]Rules, r 3114 Franklin. Nelson Charles, car repairer D & R G R
£° Nelson Albert M,[...]av, r 62 Washington. Nelson Charles, waiter Brown Palace
i> Nelson Albin F , carp[...]Co, r 3525 Humboldt. Nelson Charles, r 4413 Gaylord.
Nelson Albin J, clk Denver Dry Gds Co, r Nelson Charles, rms 1952 Larimer.
O9 1846 Lincoln. Nelson Charles E, cashier genl pass dept
Nelson Alexander[...]z Nelson Alexander C, clk Market Co, r Nelson Charles F, b 809 Mariposa.
Nelson Charles G, grocer 2362 Tremont
9 1128 Vine.[...]rms 453 California. Nelson Charles J, carp, r 552 S Wash-
_l Nelson Alice M Mi[...]Cracker Co, r 2537 18th. Nelson Charles J, lab, r 3708 Delgany.
Nelson Allen Miss, saleslady, r 3851 High. Nelson Charles L, lab, r 3453 Delgany.
Nelson Alma E Miss, dressmkr, r 823Nelson Charles M, painter Tramway Oo,
25th av.[...]Nelson Alma J Miss, nurse, r 2857 Stout. Nelson Charles M L, bkkpr Industrial
Nelson Alvin J, clk,[...]Pennsylvania. Nelson Charles N, bottler C A Lammers
Nelson Andrew, bart[...]r 3023 Curtis. Nelson Charles N, bottler Jos Schlitz
Nelson Andrew, carp[...]Nelson Andrew, helper D & R G R R, r Nelson Charles P, shoemkr, 314 Jason.
954 W 7th av. Nelson Charles R, carp, r 209 45th av.
Nelson Andrew, lab, r 2037 W llth av. Nelson Charles T, lab, r 654 Inca.
Nelson Andrew,[...]
[...], 9
Nelson Elizabeth Miss, restaurant, 75 S. b 1919 Washington.
Broadway.[...]G, physician Nat Jewish
Nelson Elsie Miss, r 507 S. Washington. Hospital.
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street *??Se REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]es Clarence S, Capt Judge Advocate
Nesbit Charles, driver, rms 1753 Curtis. U S A , 712 Equ[...]n. acy Co, r 1536 Ogden.
Nesbitt Charles J, coml trav, b 3773 Neuby Etta[...]
[...]2222 Champa. Charles Keller prop, 1539 Broadway.
Neuwald Harry,[...]
INSURANCE CO, Boston, Charles SURANCE CO, N Y, C D Cobb &
[...]ewis & Son Dry Gds Co, r 479 S Sher- Newell Charles C, carp, r 309 Vallejo.
man. Newell Charles O, helper D & R G R R,
Newberry Stephen, wks B F[...]er Co, r 479 S Sherman. Newell Charles S, wire chief Phone Co, r
Newberry & Melick (F O[...]Newell Fred C, linotype opr Western
Newbury Charles A, dep sheriff, r 919 12th Newspaper Union, r 2144 Franklin.
Newbury Charles G, locksmith Denver Newell Herbert C, la[...]_LCl6
Newcomb B B, clk rms 325 W 14th av.
Newcomb Charles, lab Greenlee Stone &
Bldg Co, rms 1517 13th.
Newcomb Charles E, lab Woeber Carriage
Co, r 1580 S Washington.
Newcomb Charles G, carp, r 1580 S Wash-
Newcomb Charles M, caDinetmkr Spengei
House Furnishing Co[...]
[...]ee F, driver, r 1754 S Pearl.
Newlander Charles (Newlander & Rolin), Newman Margarette P Mrs,[...]2260 Market.
(ftOC Newman Charles, lab, r 7 Sand nr
SO 31st.
Newman Charles R, accountant, r 1209 22d
Newman Charles T, cornicemkr Globe
Cornice &[...]
[...]n. Colorado Bldg.
Newmeyer Charles E, advertising mgr Newton L H, s[...]way, r 632 27th. »
Newsom Charles S, mining, r 1256 Emer- Newton Will[...]ton Alice Miss, wks Littleton Cream-
Newton Charles T, clk The Shirley, r 4881
Lowell Bouleva[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See Advertisement[...]Nichols Charles, lab, rms 1635 Market.
Nichols Charles C, cook, r 2051 Curtis.
INSURANCE[...]ude A Miss, col'd, adjuster
Nicholls Charles A, apprentice Great U S Mint, r 1230 28[...]ace E, supervisor Phone Co.
0) Nicholls Charles D, salesman A J
Nicholls &[...]
[...]ls Reuben O, pres Nichols Bros Mu- Nickerson Charles A, asst electrician City
sic Co, r 818 C[...]
[...]Nicoli Charles S, baker J Marchan, r 2030[...]hal Carl, lab, r 2022 Bryant.
Nickolady Charles, lab, r 1006 llth. Niederhut Carriage C[...]Larimer. r 1144 Lipan.
Nickral Charles, candymkr George Sell Niedermeyer[...]
[...]Nilson Charles E, expressman, r 3848 Wal-
Niemann S J, rms 805 1[...]Lawrence.
Nierhoff Charles, driver Columbine Laun- Nils[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Officia[...]Noakes Charles G, clk, rms 1734% Larimer
CO[...]Ninacito Samuel, lab, r 3526 Lipan.
Nipko Charles, wks John Thams, b 1118 Noble Armetia Miss[...]ippon The (Y Omachi and S Doi), Jap- Noble Charles, lab, rms 1610 Blake.
anese gds, 435 17th.
toJ) Nisbet Albert J, pres American Live Noble Charles A, elevator pilot Hotel Sa-[...]Stock & Loan Co, r 4, 1368 Downing. Noble Charles M, printer, 302 Barclay Blk,
NISBET[...]oble Iva B Miss, clk Denver Dry Gds
Nishino Charles, cook M Hyman Confec- Co, rms 1052 Broadwa[...]issen Frederick B Jr, clk A Buechner, Noble Louis S. mining engineer, 930 Equi-
r 816 W llth av[...]Glenarm PI.

ii 1159 Cherokee.
Nitschke Charles W, switchboard opr
Phone Co, r 2837 W 36t[...]ason. G R R, r 1638 Pennsylvania.
Nivers Charles R, gardener, b 2520 Emer- Nock Henry, r 16[...]
[...]r m s 1804 California.
N o l a n W a l t e r S. coml t r a v , r m s 1202
[...]Norfolk Charles S, clk W E Hansen, r
ii Co, r 3309 High.[...]O Norden John, cabinetmkr Pullman Co, r Norman Charles A, mgr Creamery Sta-
1950 Champa.[...]
Norquist Charles, r 1005 13th. Gilpin.
No[...]Northburg A Helmer, r 1726 Lafayette.
Norris Charles A, cook, r 5135 Quitman.
Norris E'dgar V,[...]
[...]S e e Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]rthrop Blanche N Miss, teacher, r 2120 Norton Charles C, bricklayer, r 2166 S Co-
Champa.[...]printer, r 1109 Ala-
Northrup Clayton S. tel opr W U T Co, meda av.
r[...]Northrup Ivan H, meat cutter G R Henry, & S. Ry, r 1109 Alameda av.
r 2203[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street ^ T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]ti, r rms 1944 California.
525 Charles Bldg. Nunes John, barb[...]883
Novelli Nicola, music teacher, 525 Charles Marlon.
Bldg, r 2913 Stout.[...]r 3437 Elizabeth. NUTTING CHARLES W, dentist,
Nuessle Edward, app[...]
[...]Nylander John P, r 2225 Downing.
Nyberg Charles L, blksmith Vulcan Iron Nylander Julia Miss, trim[...]Oakley Charles, barber J R Smeck. rms 9 a
Oak Olsen,[...]kley Fred M (Fred M Oakley & Co), r
Oakes Charles E, fireman, r 1436 W Dako-[...]
[...]berry PI.
US Oaks Charles A, carp, r 837 S Grant. Oborn George W, c[...]r, r Washington
Oberg Charles S, carp, r 631 Pennsylva-
[...]th. Importing Co, r 514 Galapago.
O'Brien Charles, watchman, b 2604 W Col- O'Brien Joseph W,[...]O'Brien J D, rms 1830 Champa.
O'Brien Charles Mrs, rms 2152 Lawrence. O'Brien Katie Miss, dressmkr, rms 539
O'Brien Charles D, clk D & R G R R. Colfax av.
O'Brien Charles P, student, b 1739 Clark- O'Brien Kat[...]
[...]O'Connell Charles, pressfeeder Western
Wks, r 2[...]
[...]'Connor Thomas J, student, r 2360 Stout.
O'Connor Charles R, clk D & R G R R, O'Conno[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. See[...]nell Mervin J, messenger Burling-
O Oder Charles E, repairer Wrought Iron ton Route, r 531 L[...]Range Co, rms 810 14th.
Oder Charles W, mgr Wrought Iron O'Donnell Michael,[...]bet Wesley and Harvard avs.
Oderfield Charles R, salesman J K Mont-
rose & Son, r[...]-826 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.
£ 3 O'Donnell Charles J (O'Donnell & Rock- O'DONNELL & ROCKSTROH (C J
O[...]nd Carl Rockstroh), painters
IL < O'Donnell Charles J, driver Duffy Storage and decorators, 718 19th[...]Moving Co, r 1033 W 37th av.
(ft U O'Donnell Charles J, r 3029 Lawrence. O'Donovan William, rms 1239 Champa.
O'Donnell Charles M, carp, r 952 Broad- O'Drain James, car r[...]
[...]Ogden Loring R, coml trav, r 1337 Eliza-
Oehler Charles E, lawyer, 724 Equitable beth.
Bldg, r 85[...]Ogden The (apartments), Ogden se cor
Oehmler Charles, electrician, rms 2005 Em- 13th av.
erson.[...]terreicher Engelbert, engineer Coors Ogilvie Charles H, dairy, r 2529 Benton,
Golden Brewery,[...]
[...]on. r 17 Sherman.
O'Hara Charles H, mgr S D Lary, 220 Ohlander[...]
[...]M & Co (Michael and Margaret), Olds Charles D, mgr Hammond Packing
watchmkrs and jewelers,[...]anese Con-
tracting Co, r 270 S Gilpin.
Olander Charles A, carp, r 4421 Vrain.[...]
W U S F. NEAL & CO. ?%&?«^1[...]
[...]Olsen Charles E, fireman Western Chem-[...]gineers, wiring contractors, light and
Olmsted Charles S Rt Rev, Episcopal power installations[...]alamath.
Olsen Caroline Mrs, r 3759 Walnut.
Olsen Charles, lab, r 4650 Josephine.
Olsen Charles, lab, rms 1308 Blake.
Olsen Charles, machinist, b 1427 Blake.
Olsen Charles D (Olsen-Kinnear Electrical
Co), r 232 B[...]
[...]n Olga Elizabeth Miss, clk, r 1768 S
Olson Charles, bartdr D Perotti, rms 1719 Emerson.[...]Olson Olof, mgr Denver Fruit & Vege-
oe Olson Charles, driver C D Griffith Shoe table Growers As[...]n Olof J, paper hanger, r 1443 Gala-
OZ Olson Charles, shoemkr, rms 1603 Market. pago. .
Olson Charles, r 6, 322 17th av. Olson Oliver,"machinist Gair & Binderup,
8° Olson Charles, r 1311 20th.
Olson Charles A, wks J H Raukohl, r
4650 Josephi[...]
[...]O'Mara Charles J, tile setter, r 234 Lipan
INSURANCE[...], clk Andrew Paterson. 'Onderdonk Charles S, pres The Onder-
r 514 W 13th av.[...]rs, r 954 Lipan. Onderdonk Charles S Jr, r 2216 Gaylord.
Oltman Charles A, civil engineer Ameri-
can Bridge Co, r 721-G[...]orge, hostler helper, b 3355 THE, Charles S Onderdonk pres,
Walnut.[...]ie Mrs, r 24, 810 W 8th av. O'Neal Charles, col'd, lab H L Burpee,
Olympia Candy Co,[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See[...]Bert, waiter, rms 2204 Larimer.
O'Neill Charles, bussboy Albany Hotel.
O'Neill Charles P, mine supt, r 4609 W[...]
[...]Oram Charles D, teamster, r 159 Hooker.[...]R H, engineer Burlington Route. Orchard Charles H, special agt Massa-
Opie William R, carp, r 302[...]chusetts Mutual Life Ins Co, r 1664 S
Opitz Charles E, asst I N Rogers & Son, Clarkson.
1531[...]Orchard James H, car repairer C & S Ry,
Oppegard Charles F, real estate, rms 1434 rms 2225 W 28th av.[...]oo
Oppenlander Charles G, grocer, 140$ Og- OREGON LUMBER CO[...]
[...]lui tw Ornauer Charles C, cashier Rothenberg &[...]Joseph, r rear 2015 Clay. O'Rourke Charles, blksmith, rms 1170 9th.
O'Reilly William J, engineer Colo Laun- O'Rourke Charles, teamster Morse Bros
dry Co, r 2[...]
[...]Charles, wks Denver Omnibus &
Orr Joseph, painter, r 2347[...]oslin Dry Gds Co, Osborn Charles E, clk Burns Furniture GO
rms 1448[...]nver Typewriter Ex- Osborn Charles F, trav pass agt Erie[...]umboldt. Osborn Charles P, motorman, rms 2737
Orr Martha J Mrs, r 1524[...]Tremont PI. Ppons.
Ortgysen Charles, lab, b 3124 Larimer.
Ortgysen Cornelius,[...]
[...]Osenbaugh Charles M, prin* South Side[...]Osborne Alma A Miss, dressmkr Denver Osgood Charles E Mrs, r 1260 Humboldt.
<i Dry Gds Co, b[...]ghnessy Katherine W Mrs, nurse,
Osborne Charles P, motorman Tramway r 2539 W 37th[...]
[...]O'Toole Charles, lab, r 4550 Fillmore.[...]16th. Ott Charles, horseshoer T P Maloney, r
Osterman Philip (Oster[...]rry D, stationer, r 201 S Lincoln. CO
Ostrand Charles F, r 21, 4044 Walnut. Ott Henry, r 251 S[...]Ott H J & Son (H J and W H). grocers,
Ostrom Charles, driver A Anderson, rms 2260 Stout.
202[...]Ott Paul L, painter Denver Omnibus &
Ostrund Charles, trimmer Pullman Co, r Cab Co, r[...]
[...]Overholt Charles H, teamster, r 4601[...]Louis C, grocer, r 2436 W 43d av.
Otto Charles, rms 1455 Blake. Overland Bowling A[...], 15th
Otto Herman, steel engraver, 601 Charles cor Arapahoe.
Bldg, r 1437 Delawar[...]to Olina. T Mrs, r 3733 Lafayette. Overton Charles T, col'd, porter St James
Otto T[...]
[...]Owens Charles, col'd, lab, rms 1708 Lo-[...]Owens Charles C, col'd, lab, r 1425 31st.
AGENCY CO. Owens Charles H, lab, r 3232 Elizabeth.
SURETY BONDS[...]Owens Floyd E, bicycle repairer, 908 W
Owen Charles E (Hotel Savoy), r 1532[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. ^ r ^ u ^ T
988 OWE[...]rapahoe. cor California.
o Pace Charles W, foreman Cash Com Co, P A C I F I C S U[...]
[...]ACKAGE DELIVERY CO, S C Page Charles, musician, rms 1226 17th.
Peck prop, 1534 Champa. Page Charles E, bkkpr Hendrie & Bolt-
Packard Albert H, office[...]Page Mann Mrs, r 1764 Gilpin.
Padberry Charles, lab Gold Leaf Dairy, Page Martin W[...]
[...]Pressing Co, 1447 Broadway.
Palmer Charles, driver Daniel Huck. Palmer[...]Boulevard.
Palmer Charles, expressman, r 620 22d.
Palmer Charles F, baker F Ansen, r 1064 Palmer bine[...]Palmer Nils F, shoemkr W J Johnston,
Palmer Charles S Mrs, r 1520 S Pearl. rms 20, 1311 26th.
Palmer Charles W, stockman, r rear 626 Palmer[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]re John, salesman Century Loan & Paradice Charles E, clk L Wolff Mfg Co,
t_0 Trust Co, rms 184[...]uist Alfred, lab, r 1132 Pearl. Paradice Charles W, books and station-
Palmquist Anna vMrs[...]3 to 1537 Blake, r 2902 Colfax av.
Palzer Charles, lab, rms 2611 Walnut. Paradice Fred J, c[...]dice Mary M Mrs, r 2215 W 34th av.
Pancaw Charles, salesman Queen City Paradis Dol[...]
[...]Parker Charles, painter, 4809 W 38th av.
Parker Charles A. supt tel D N W & P[...]ark Boyd, pres Boyd Park Jewelry Co, Parker Charles A, prop Lowell Pharmacy,
r Salt Lake City.[...]Packer Charles A, lather, r 2833 Tremont
Park pres, Charles H Brink mgr, jew- Parker Charles E, chauffeur, r 812 W 13th
elers and silversmit[...]Curtis. Parker Charles H, pres and treas Mer-
Park Club Land Co, 1735 Cu[...]ark C H, r 2255 Arapahoe. Parker Charles O, lab, rms 2161 Larimer.
Park Dan S (Dan[...]
[...](Chicago), 322 Charles Bldg, r 1346 Wil- oo
Cooper Bldg.[...]lab, r 3734 Kalamath.
Parker W F, coml trav, 314 Charles Bldg.
Parker & Rogers (H V Parker and Wil-[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...],C0L0. Parmelee Arthur, coml trav, 413 Charles[...]ln. Parmeley Charles H, engineer, r 1930 W
__ Parks Emma[...]
[...]Parson Charles A, r 2144 Washington.[...]015 S University. Parsons Charles, r 121 Pearl.
Parriott William Ray, tinsmith, r 1040 S Parsons Charles C, lawyer, 418 Boston
Partridge Charles, wks Kent Mfg Co, r[...]
[...]Paul Charles, clk D L Mechling, r 707 21st.
Paul Charles W, asst foreman Phone Co,[...]ving Co, r 144 Lipan. Paulin Charles, fireman, r 3913 Walnut.
Patton Louise Mrs, r 321[...]Samuel G, painter, r 1170 Jason. Paullins Charles K, timekpr, r 886 S Penn-
Patton William,[...]
Mails,Corrugated Iron,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Opp. Insu[...]Benjamin S Mrs, r 2705 W 10th av
Pearson Charles F, mining, rms 411 16th.
Pearson Charles J, lab, r 3234 Downing.
Pearson Charles W, leather worker, r 4494[...]|A_n.^P___k_] G L A S S
O U Pease Charles T, civil engineer, r 2533[...]
[...]eck Gertrude, wrapper Golden Eagle, r Pedro Charles M, lab, r 2645 W 19th av.
1433 33d.[...]
[...]Peis Charles Mrs, rms 1513 W 13th av.[...]Denver, r 2619 W 27th av. 18th.
Peglar Charles W (Peglar Cigar Co), r 181 Pellenz Eva Miss, teac[...]r 668 S Pearl
Peglar Charles W Jr (Peglar Cigar Co), Pellenz John P, pl[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Cantraot,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]Pepple Charles, tinner Denver Sheet Met-
CO[...]Perdue Bertha M Miss, r 2817 Champa.
i< Penrose Charles L, conductor 'Tramway
Co, r 2930 Arapahoe.[...]ke, wks Western Union Maca-
Peoples Charles, col'd, elevator pilot The roni Co, r 4044 Pec[...]ler Alfred J, engraver Denver Engrav- Perkins Charles M, mining, r 1724 Vine.
Id ing[...]
Charles Ruter mgr, 17th av sw cor Em-[...]
[...]Frank, lab Griffin Wheel Co, r 1350
o Perrin Charles, lab, r 2 Lee Ct, Raritan
cor W 41st av.[...]S Kalamath.
o Perrin Charles W, lab, r 2 Lee Ct, Rari-[...]Perry Carrie E Mrs, r 1829 Stout.
Perry Charles E, r 3867 Tennyson.[...]nut.
Perry Charles W, bkkpr, r 1184 S Sher- Perry John E, clk,[...]Perry John G, supt Leyden Coal Co, r
Perry Charles W, molder, r 2218 S Pox. 1336 York.
Perry Charles W, printer, r 360 S Grant. Perry John H[...]
[...]. FHONE5 1950-19511 Perryman Charles B, clk Denver Gas &[...]Pester Will-am, meat cutter Charles CO
Perry Sidney J, wks E L Cohig, r 834[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. I[...]2512 Lawrence.
Petelko Charles, rms 1400 15th. Peters Le Roy R, engi[...]iver, r 1343 Fox. lord.
^ ^ ee Peter Charles A, wireman, r 759 Elati. Peters Louis, blksmith Charles Heartz, r
Hi Peter Diana F Mrs, r 2041 Ogde[...]tersen Amanda M Miss, r 730 Inca.
Peters Charles H, carpet layer Denver Petersen Anna Mrs, r es In[...]layton. 25th av.
Peters Charles H, real estate, 310 Temple Petersen Andrew[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street tt' REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]r 3550 Humboldt.
Peterson Charles, cook, b 1427 Blake. Peterson Frank F, engineer, r ws Fox
Peterson Charles, lab, r 1301 W Cedar av. bet W 29th and W 30th avs.
Z u Peterson Charles, lab, b 1023 W Elk PL Peterson Frank L, r 4516 Lowell Boule-
O -I Peterson Charles, lab, r 19 Kalamath. vard.[...]ank O, dancing academy, 106
Peterson Charles A, buttermkr Littleton
o o Creamery Co,[...]Broadway, rms 602 W 4th av.
Peterson Charles A, machinist, r 25 S Peterson Fred, painter[...]M Co, r Englewood.
Peterson Charles E, engineer 2207 W Peterson Fred W, wks R[...]Zuni.
Peterson Charles G, r 3756 Lafayette, Peterson Gabriel, col'd, waiter, r 2507 La-
Peterson Charles J, stonemason, r 2619 fayette.[...]eorge, plumber L McDonald,
«) (A Peterson Charles M, lab, r 1410 Umatilla. r 2619 Gilpin.
Peterson Charles O, engineer, r 1807 W Peterson George F, car[...]er genl
< W A Cotton), mfrs agts, 513 Charles mgr, Colo Midland Ry, r 2700 W Du[...]
[...]t, W 50th av ne cor Lowell Peterson N Charles, cook J E Tracy, rms
[...]Pettis Charles D, driver Turner Moving
Petro Luella Mrs, r 159 A[...]2841 Stout. Pettit Charles W, miner, r 25 Newton.
Petroni Louis, plasterer R[...]ton Bldg, r 3, 1242 Ogden, and Engle-
Petsch Charles F, brickmkr, r 4355 Uma- wood, Colo.
till[...]Pettit Walter P, teamster, r 1723 35th.
Pett Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2033 Law- Pettrillo Jerry,[...]ers, 720 19th (Offlce Phone Main 8786,
Pettenger Charles H, carp, r 490O Lowell res Phone York 1913).[...]Petty William, col'd, cook The Shirley,
Pettersen Charles, gardener, rms 3634 r 2035 Stout.
Blake.[...]Petura Frank, engineer Denver Gas &
Petterson Charles A, vice-pres Svea Ir- Elec Co, rms 2136 Tre[...]ector, 425
Broadway (Phone South 194).
Pettibone Charles H Rev, pastor Boule-
vard Congregational[...]
[...]3Vi Pfister Charles F, engineer Denver Union[...]ong-
u b 3300 Blake.
Pfafflin Charles D, cigar mfr, 1338 15th, r[...]55 Curtis. Pharson Charles F, clk Hewitt Candy
Pfeffer Mathias, pa[...]Co, r 864 Galapago.
Pfefferkorn Charles F, clk John Thomp- Phears Barbara Miss, r[...]Co, r 109. Cherokee.
PFEIFFER CHARLES P, contractor Phelan Nichol[...]
[...]Philberg Charles, tailor, 626 Charles Bldg,
PHELPS ED P, pres and treas The[...]W, bkkpr Northern Coal & Philips Charles H, clk, r 453 Delaware.
Coke Co, r 1153 Elizabet[...]D, sec Phelps-Donahue Phillipps Charles K, lawyer, 601 Symes
Grain Co, r 10, 1010[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See[...]M r s , r 1373 G r a n t .
Phillips Charles, m g r C Phillips Salvage[...]
[...]s Josie B Miss, cashier Golden Ea- Phillipson Charles C, motorman Tramway
gle, r 2816 W 26th av.[...]Hotel, r rear 1555 Pennsylvania. Philp Charles T, sec National Mutual Fire
Phillips Lilburn G, c[...]ays, City Hall, r 127 Elati. Phister Charles S, coal, r 3795 Meade.
Phillips Seymour T,[...]
[...]Pickett Charles H, r 1822 S Sherman.[...]Arthur E, editor A O TJ W Record,
Pickard Charles C (Pickard & Redding), 417 Exchange Bldg,[...]elis, 2212
W Redding)., real estate, 205 Charles Blake.
Bldg.[...]kell Emily D Miss, clk Denver Dry Pierce Charles F, mailer News-Times, r
Gds Co, r 2250 E[...]ken Margaret J Mrs, r 2649 17th. Pierce Charles H, lawyer, 405 Kittredge
Picken Tho[...]
Pierce Charles P, salesman Nave-McCord Pierc[...]6 S Logan. OO
Pierce Charles R, pres Scott Supply & Pierce William, driver Charles W Reich-
Tool Co, r 664 Corona.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Offi[...]Peter C, 1613 Larimer, r 1717 Will- PILLAR CHARLES, real estate,
iams.[...]son Uzal T, mgr L T Pierson, r 131 Pillers Charles E, electrician W A Griffin,
W 2d av.[...]Damase J. r 212 19th av. Pillsbury Charles H L, teller Nat Bank of
_ Pigeon Edmund H;[...]T" E M C MURTRYMFG.CO.
Pike Charles, lab. rms 1917 New Haven.[...]
[...]Pinkett Charles E, sec J D Miller Market[...]a. Pinouch John, lab, b 5 Sheedy Row, An-
Pinegar Charles, clk, r 1544 S Emerson. ders Retreat Pk.
Pine[...]cipal, Chicago, 111; Geo Piper Julius O, salesman Charles D Grif-
D Bangs genl mgr, New York City;[...]
[...](Cranston,. Pitkin &
Piper J Moody, clk Charles Wathen & Co Moore), r 957 Ogden.[...]Hotel, r 90 S Fox. Pitschke Charles G, brick mfr, r 1371
Pippert Herman, r 9[...]n Adolph, pedler, r 2647 W llth
PZ Piquette Charles E, clk McPhee & Mc- av.
* * mm[...]
[...]INSURANCE UPON R E N T S Plant Charles, lab, rms 1740 Larimer,[...]Plate Charles H, teamster McPhee & Mc-[...]C, carp, r 2428 Emerson. Platfoot Charles (Bancker-Platfoot Bro-
Place Enid De Miss, actres[...], r 2424 15th. Platner Charles, butcher, rms 1030 Lari-
Place Fred, clk Bray Lau[...]ropole.
Plandle George, lab, r 650 Elgin PL
Plank Charles D, coml trav, r 3905 Kala-
Plank G[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]16th and 1558 Wazee. Charles Bldg, r 1245 Sherman.
Plattner Samuel, salesman Plattner Im- Plummer Charles L, clk Struby-Esta-
plement Co,[...]
[...]Pointkoski Charles, pool room, 1760 Stout,[...]ummer Hattie J Mjs, notions, 1126 Points Charles E, clk, rms 629 16th av.
Acoma. Points Charles W, asst mgr Oxford Ho-
Plummer John, painter Gran[...], r Arvada, Colo. Poirier Charles C, molder, r 4549 Xavier.
PLUMMER JOHN T, prop Tr[...]Zukoski Mer Co, St Louis, 622 Charles
Plummer Susie Miss, r 1245 Sherman. Bl[...]4 Boule- 1451 Glenarm PL
vard F .
Poblasco Charles, cotter Underhill Mfg[...]Polk Charles T, r 1535 High.
Co, r 3320 Larimer.[...]
[...]George, waiter Brown Palace Hotel
Pollard Charles H, foreman Denver Gas Polowski John A, cl[...]llard Emanuel, col'd, cook, 1667 Down- Poison Charles C, drain layer, r 3350
[...]lliam L, bkkpr First Nat Bank, Pope Charles C, machinist Tramway Co, • <[...]
[...], packer Lindquist Porter Henry M, 308 Charles Bldg, r 1510
Cracker Co, r 3721 Chest[...]rms 2227 Cleveland PI.
POPP CHARLES B, wines, liquors Porter James H,[...]420 Mack Blk, b'920 18th av.
POPP CHARLES G, mgr A Lesclien Porter John, col[...]rs, r 3864 Blake. Porter John H, 308 Charles Bldg, r 1510
Poppino Almeda F Miss, st[...]Porter Joseph, col'd, wks Charles W
Porche Maggie L Mrs, stenographer[...]eral Bldg, rms 1841 Lawrence.
Port Charles C, div supt Tramway Co, r Porter Lute J, c[...]jamin H, bkkpr, r 1115 13th av.
Porter Charles, col'd, janitor Jacobson T H E M C MURTRY[...]SUCCESSORS TO
Porter Charles C, messenger Globe Ex-
press C[...]
[...]Posner Charles, grocer, 2801 Larimer.
Posner Charles, r 3, 319 23d.
1540-46 LAWR[...]Jones, r 2759 Glenarm PI. Post Charles B, carp, r 2311 Clarkson.
Porter R, driver Turner Moving & Stor- Post Charles C, cutter Smith-Brooks Ptg
age Co, r 3045 Walnut[...]POST HARRY H & CO (Harry H
Porter William E, 308 Charles Bldg, r 1501 and Moses J Post), wooden and will[...]E , P o s t P r i n t i n g & P u b -
COLORADO, Charles Boettcher lishing Co, publishers, 1540-154[...]
[...]avid W, tallow mfr; 1111 52d av.
Potter Charles, cook Samuel Larson, rms Potts Frank, farm[...]cor Dartmouth av.
Potter Charles A, teacher, r 1638 Pearl. Potts Frank P, expressman, r 4919 Irving.
Potter Charles E, driver G J Kindel, r Potts Harry A, wa[...]Emerson.
(ft (ft Potter Charles F (Potter & Banks), r 1012 Potts George J, c[...]enry, tel opr, r 1015 W 47th av.
Potter Charles G, wks Hallack & Howard Potts Jesse C, la[...]Lumber Co, r 4625 Thompson Ct. >
so Potter Charles L, clk genl frt dept C &
S Ry, rms 1658 Clarkson.
Potter Charles W, clk The May, r 5, 2140 g^^JPOAjL.
OH California.
X(ft Potter Charles W, state agt and adjuster
[...]B Paul, tel opr W U T Co, r 1815
Powell Charles, rms Victor Hotel.
Powell Charlotte S Miss[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]Josephine C Mrs, corsetmkr, 226,
||| g Power Charles Thomas, policeman, r 3219 1511 Glenarm PI, r[...]s Martha W Mrs, r 1130 Downing.
Powers Charles A, motorman Tramway Powers Mary Mrs, r 1[...]May L Miss, opr Phone Co, r 735
Powers Charles A, physician, 13 Stedman Lipan.[...]Michael, lab, r 1031 W 13th av.
Powers Charles J, r 1627 Williams. Powers Michael, lab, rms 4643 Humboldt.
POWERS CHARLES L, dist mgr Powers Michae[...]
[...]Pratt Charles O, clk A E Erickson Mfg[...]Pratt Perry, 313 Charles Bldg, r 1334
Prall William W, brakeman C & S Ry,[...]surgeon, specialist on nervous diseases,
Prandv Charles H, stenographer Denver electro-therapathy, 313 Charles Bldg,
Fire Clay Co, b 1525 Pearl.[...]on.
Prater A J, car repairer, r 1342 12th.
Prater Charles L, mgr Columbia Sus- P r a t t T[...]
[...]Prentice Charles E, carrier P O, r 324 W
TUMC[...]Prentiss Benjamin,
go Fratte Charles A, r 2225 W 26th av.[...]mas Coal Co, r 1441 Pennsylvania.
Pray Charles H, baker J Robertson, rms Prentiss F H, mini[...]ranmer Bldg, r Littleton, Colo.
Prazak Charles, engraver Denver Post, r Prescott John B, opt[...]W 35th av
Premier Gold Mining Co, 630 Charles Bldg
Prendergast George, butche[...]
[...]rd, r 1235 Pearl. Prezant Charles (Charles Prezant & Son),
Preston Charles A, architect, 453 Equita- r 1435 Gr[...]Prezant Charles & Son (C and J), hay
Preston Cora Mrs, 803 2[...]Prezant Joseph (Charles Prezant & Son),
Bannock.[...]Price Ben S, coml trav, 630 Charles Bldg,
P R E S T O N J A M E S E, coml a g t Chi-[...]clk DANIELS & FISHER STORES Price Charles F, salesman Old Home-
CO, r 1235 Pearl.[...]non Miss, stenographer, 453 Price Charles L, insurance agt, r 1033
Equitable Bldg.[...]PRICE CHARLES S, commercial
Preston Nellie Miss, stenographer,[...]a Mrs, r 9, 1425 Washington. Price Charles W (Price Bros), r 2545 Lar- co
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]ice Ethelyn M Miss, teacher Manual Priday Charles H, foreman Denver Gas &
Q u Training Hig[...]Pridmore Charles H, bricklayer, r 4569 W[...]of Customs, 24 Federal Bldg, rms 429 Priest Charles C, salesman Hartford
CO 15th.[...]ice Herbert rms 1431 16th. Priest Charles M, barber J H Priest, r
Price H[...]
[...]Cigar Co, r 3340 Munroe. Pritchett Charles, waiter, r 1530 Cleveland
Prinn Mary I Mrs, cook[...]ool, r 1331 14th av. Pritchett Charles L, foreman Tramway
Printy Annie Miss, tailoress,[...]ck Furniture Co, r 3375 W 31st av. Pritner Charles E, confectioner, 712 15th,[...]Probert David G, r 1632 S Clarkson.
Prior Charles B, saloon, 1810 Champa, r Probert Jo[...]
[...]obst Gus, rms 406 16th. Proudfit Charles E', clk car acct C & S
Probst Hen[...]
[...]W Herbert, dep clk District Pry Charles, rms 1129 13th.
Court, r 3925 Umatilla.[...]IFE & TRUST CO, Pschudy Charles A, driver Atlas Coal Co, CO[...]RS PRESS ROOM CO, m <
Provost Charles E, fireman D & R G R Banks B Hal[...], rms 1910 Arapahoe. Pueschel Charles, cook J Ludwig, r 3148
(Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See Advertisement[...]a Miss, dressmkr, r 719 22d av.
Pullen Charles, r 3489 W Moncrieff Pi. Purcell Stella Miss[...]20 Ash. Purchase Charles U, driver Superior
Pullen Joseph H, cl[...]nk J, pres Denver Trades As-
-JO sembly, Charles Bldg, rms 929 18th.
Pumphrey Bert O, f[...]PAINT
in Pumphrey Charles, lab, r 1400 W Maple av
[...]Elec Co, r 1105 S Emerson.
Purkaple Charles S, lineman Denver Gas Putnam He[...]th. Pyott Charles P, student, b 508 S Sher-
Purviance Ira, r 3538 A[...]Pythian Triangle, 6, 1528 Champa.

Quackenbush Charles A, helper Kenni- Quaintance Edna R Mrs, co[...]
[...]Quick Charles F, lather, r 1016 13th.
OS Opera House[...]
[...]Quinn James D, prop Quinn's Pharmacy,
Quigly Charles R, driver, r 1631 Marion. r 15, 1675[...]Quinn John T, butcher Charles Starkloff
Quillian Eva Miss, waitress Youn[...]
WALTER S. MCCLAIN & GO. BURGLAR[...]inn William, rms 1830 Champa. Quist Charles H, lab Argo Smelter, r 4431
Quinn Willir[...]inn William J (Quinn Bros), r es Glen- Quist Charles J, watchman C H Shaw
coe bet 37th and 3[...]Supply Co, r 3619 Delgany.
•_. ° Quintrall Charles, teamster, r 1954 S Lo-
gan.[...]chofsky Aaron L, clk J S Dreyfuss &
Rabe Charles, lab, r 1114 Inca. Co, r 1649 Pennsylvania.
Rabe Charles H, rate clk genl frt dept Rachofsky Abe, r[...]
[...]eader. Co, r 1327 Lawrence.
Rader Charles A, policeman, r 1934 Curtis.Raffael Riley, pedler[...]EFRagan, see also Reagan, Regan.
Radford Charles T, printer W H Kistler RAGAN JAMES B, mgr[...]
[...]Rainwater Charles, student, rms 811 23d.
[ARiiThLPEOPLF[...]. imer.
Ragon Charles E, conductor, r 1315 Kala- Rakestraw Alonzo[...]gh Walter M, baker, r 1211 Welton.
Rahn Charles J, mgr Dundee Woolen Raley H[...]
[...]Ramus Charles J, hay and feed, 944 W CD
Ramonia Angelo[...]00
Ramsay Charles E (Tarvin & Ramsay), RANCH AND R[...]d mgr, 401-402 Commonwealth CO c ?
Ramsay Charles J, carp, r 2943 Champa. Bldg, 15th[...]homas H, agt International Rand Charles, farmer, r 1823 W 40th av.
Realty Co (Stratton Estate), 205 Coro- Rand Charles, with Westinghouse Ma-
nado Bldg, r 3103[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & C H - 8 J l l 2 s r
1052 RAN[...]Raney Charles W, boilermkr, r 819 27th.[...]dall Jesse B, col'd, porter, r 2356 Wal- Rankin Charles, mining, r 756 Ogden.
Rankin Charles S, carp, r 4127 Umatilla.
ct nut.[...]Rankin William B, state agt State Home
Charles Bldg, r 1617 Franklin. for Dependent Children, r 130 S Hum-
- I RANDOLPH CHARLES H, mgr boldt.[...]
[...]Rapid Ad Writing Bureau, Charles E[...]Rase Louis W, trunkmkr Dewar Bros, r
Ransom Charles H, lab, r 1336 S Acoma. 1320 Acoma[...]
[...]sler Clarence, cigarmkr, rms 1327 Law- Rattray Charles A (Western Photo Sup-
rence.[...]fuss Frank, mgr Colorado Honey
Rathbone Charles E, sec R M Handy Producers Assn, r G[...]RATHBUN GEORGE A, mgr Equi- Rauh Charles, butcher H L Wallace, r[...]I^JIOAL
Rathburn Charles E, r 2438 Walnut.
Rathburn Charles E, rms 1566 Broadway. ROCKY MOUNTAIN
9 9 Rathburn Charles T, tinner, r 1235 2d.
I* Rathburn L[...]
[...]Bldg, r 543 Logan.
Rawalt Charles J, mgr W EJ Russell, r Ray Ne[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Officia[...]tic Bldg, r Imperial Apartments.
Raymond Charles A, pres Raymond Inv Raymond & Hoffman (F H[...]ffman), meats whol, 1641 Market.
Raymond Charles H, painter Wilmore CTRaynolds, see also Re[...]me, ns W 38th av bet Quitman and
RAYMOND CHARLES W, Colo rep- Raleigh.[...]
Record Charles L, plumber J T Eagan, Redfield Anna Mrs, r[...]3022 Welton. Redfield Charles, r 1434 Acoma.
O Record Frank B, brakeman U P R R, rms Redfield Charles A, driver Colo Laundry
1634 Larimer.[...]Redman Charles F, clk frt dept Burling-
RED CROSS DRUG S[...]Reddell William H, millwright, r 3526 W REDMOND CHARLES E, sec and
Scott PI.[...]n Sarah J Mrs, r 48 Logan av. Redmond Charles H, lawyer, 420 Symes[...]
[...]Reed Fannie V Mrs, r 16 S Lincoln.
Redus Charles B, fireman, r 2749 Decatur. Reed Francis De V, lu[...]Reed Harry B, wood cutter, r 703 W 9th
Reed >Charles, lab, rms 1621 Larimer. av.
Reed Charles B. lab, r 2750 California.
Reed Charles E, carp Z E Moncrieff, r[...]Reed Harry H, waiter, r 2217 Market.
Reed Charles Frederick, sec and treas Reed Harry J Mrs, r 2055[...]ry W, carp, r 2943 York.
A. 1034 Broadway.
Reed Charles F, expressman, r 1053 Inca.
Reed Charles F , tax certificate comr City
Hall, r 10. 1316 Colfax av.
Reed Charles H, clk Wrought Iron Range
Co, r 1556 Central.[...]^ D ° w GLASS
Reed Charles M, clk Bostwick Gun &
Sporting Gds Co, r 2209 S Bannock.
Reed Charles W, lab, r 2716 S Lincoln,
[...]See Advertisement
• £ & CHARLES F. NEAL & CO,[...]r, r 1657 Pennsylva-
Reed John E, barber Charles Swenson, r nia.
GOuJ 1725 37t[...]
[...]v. Savings Bank, rms 2227 Tremont PI.
Rees Charles, foreman Argo Smelter, r Reeves Francis M,[...]Reeves Grace C Mrs, r 1223 Corona.
Rees Charles S, chiropodist, r 1430 Elati.
Rees Elmer V[...]
[...]Reeves Walter A, pressman Denver Post,REICHARD CHARLES W, livery,
H r 66 S Bannock.[...]ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Regler Charles, ironwkr, rms 2114 Blake.
[...]Reid Patrick A, r 1937 Downing.
Reid Charles C, physician, 308 Temple Reid P[...]Reid Ralph E, adv man Davis & Shaw
Reid Charles K, clk G S Hagerman, r Furni[...]Reid Reuben M Mrs, r 138 W 12th av.
Reid Charles R, carrier P O, r 3036 Quit- Reid R[...]adway. Reff Charles, porter Keeley Institute.
Reid Grant H, el[...]
[...]illy, O'Riley. Reinbold Charles, lab, r 3569 Downing.
1-2 Reilly Alfred J,[...]Arnold, stereotyper Republican,
REILLY CHARLES J, contractor rms 1360 Cherok[...]y Ella A Miss, music teacher, r 2595 Reinert Charles H, mgr cafe W Hickey,
S Pearl[...]Reinhard Charles F, mgr Reynolds &[...]
[...]o, r 2989 Newton. Charles W, stenographer District[...]J Mrs, physician, Reitler George S. salesman Cash Com Co,
607 Mack Blk, r 15[...]
[...]liance Life Insurance Co, 409 Temple Renfrow Charles, stableman H S Dean,
Court.[...]mington Walter W, prin East Denver Rennick Charles W, salesman A Booth &
Latin School, Br[...], mining, rms 1650 Tremont PI
III III Renbargar Charles H, fireman IT P R R, Rentzen Sarah Miss, wks[...]Dry Gds Co, r 624 20th.
Renfro Charles E, bricklayer, r 3625 High
[...]Rettig Charles W, real estate, r 1583 Og-
Repp Lizzie Mis[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]Reynolds Charles A, baker Campbell-Sell[...]Reynolds Charles C, wks Olinger's Liv-[...]Reynolds Charles F, loans, 21 1624 Curtis,[...]e Holland, yardman Agnes Memo- Reynolds Charles F , mining, 830 Equitable
rial Sanator[...], J & W H Graves REYNOLDS CHARLES H, pres
props, 1421-1427 Blake.[...]imer. Reynolds Charles L, chief clk Pullman
I- Revot Anna Mrs, r[...]X COAL, Great Northern Fuel Reynolds Charles N, trav frt agt A T &
o[...]Co Agts, 1907 Broadway (Phone Main Reynolds Charles R, candymkr Bowman-
[...]Rhoads Charles G, special agt St Paul[...]
[...]Rhodine Charles J, clk Sayre-Newton[...]1741-45 ARAPAHOE ST. - TELE PHONE-IOOORibbing Charles" A, bartdr J T Johnson, r[...]826 13th. Rice Charles E, excavator, r 144 Lipan.
Rhodes H W, coo[...]Rhodes J F, rms 1835 Champa. Rice Charles O, physician, 314 Common-
Rhodes Ka[...]
[...]ond E, r 2536 Clay.
Rice Edward F, coml trav, 218 Charles Rice Robert S, saloon, ss 4[...]CO
Rice Jennette Miss, r 609 16th av. Rich Charles D, prop Grand Pacific Ho-
Rice Jesse A, cigarmkr[...]e.
r 3644 Williams. Rich Charles E, real estate, 1632 Tremont
Rice John, gr[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Of[...]Curtis.
Richards Anna M Mrs, prop The Charles- Richards John, granite cutter, r 120 W[...]Umatilla.
Richards Charles L, lawyer, r 1, 2330 Richards J A, chief c[...]r 2540 High.
Richards Charles P, stone cutter, 2347 Richards Lawrence, cl[...]Co, rms Londoner Blk.
u Richards Charles S, painter, r 3134 Cham
[...]ds Mary A Mrs, r 1923 Lincoln. Richardson Charles, conductor Pullman
Richards Mary A Mrs, r rear 18[...]Richardson Charles, carp, r 640 Inca.
Richards Matthew, r 227 Barnard Block, Richardson Charles H, r 256 Columbine.
W 8th av ne cor Kalam[...]
[...]rdson Harry W, clk, r 1363 Elati. Ritchell Charles F, driver, r 1317 Champa.
[...]river, b 2911 Lawrence. imer.
Richmond Charles B, physician, 1737 Wel- Richter Harry[...]h av. OI
Richmond Charles L (Walter & Rich- Richter[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]Riddiford Charles, P O inspector, 26 Fed-[...]le George W, woodwkr J P Paulson,
Rick Charles M, lab, r 175 S Kalamath. r 360 S Ogden.[...]zabeth M Mrs, rms 1544 Wel- sentative, 427 Charles Bldg, 15th cor
ton.[...]§ VARNISH
</>(/>_, Rickmon Charles D, col'd, lab. r 1929 35th.
[...]Riedle Charles F, clk Highlands Station[...]ider J Edward, vice-pres Denver Elec- Riehle Charles E; dispatcher C & S Ry,
trical Co, r 430 S Frank[...]Riffle Lew A, tailor J S Dreyfuss & Co,
Ridley Charles F, genl bkkpr Great West- r 1322 26th av.
e[...]ieck Paul, with Great Northern Fuel Co, Rigdon Charles, rms 507, 433 W Colfax av.
rms 1635 Market.[...]Riede Raymond, baker J Robertson, r Rigg Charles S, janitor The Miss Wol- co
625 25th.[...]William, wks F F Hurd, r 5104
Riedel Charles H, miner, r 18, 2411 15th.
Riedel Christen[...]
[...]FISHER STORES CO, r 3857 E'liot.
Riley Charles, rms 1323 Stout. Rima D C, r[...]
[...], storekpr Salvation Rinn Charles E, grocer, 3557 W 38th av,
Army, rms 1356 Larime[...], stenographer Truax Rinnert Charles A, bricklayer, r 4434 Col- PI tt
Mfg Co, r 22[...]e Nance E Mrs, seamstress, r 4390
Ringler Charles J, painter D P Adamson,
rms 1921 Champa.[...]
[...]ngton PL
Ripley Charles S, mining, r 1279 Lafayette Risley William F,P,pr[...]A, waiter R H White,
Rippleman Charles H, car repairer D & rms 509 16th.[...]
[...]tter Benjamin C,' clk McPhee & Mc- Rixson Charles Mrs, r 2932 Lafayette.
Ginnity Co, r 3825 Meade[...]Roach Charles, lab, rms 2115 Champa.
Roach Charles^ lawyer, 204 Continental[...]Tremont PI. Roach Charles B, machinist D & R G R o z
Ritter Rob[...]W 8th av. Roach Charles E, lab. rms 2504 16th. n
Rittman Ja[...]Elizabeth.
Rivax Herbert P, rms 2420 16th.
Rivers Charles, grocer, rms 2453 Champa.[...]
[...]W Ellis, 1136 Robbins Charles B, r 523 Pennsylvania.
Mariposa.[...]Robbins Charles H, clk, r 47 Grant.
Roach John m a c h i n i s t , r 2846 Z u n i . Robbins Charles H, painter, r 2622 Law-
R o a c[...]
[...]James G, pressman, r 3, 835 18th.
Roberts Charles, houseman 1801 York. Robe[...]Bros, r 835 18th.
Roberts Charles, lab, r 4129 Sheridan Bou- Roberts James W, carp, r 219 W 4th av.
Roberts Charles B, glass blower, r 121 Roberts[...]Roberts Jasper N, r 2126 Glenarm PI.
Roberts Charles B, wks Club & Opera Roberts John,[...]Roberts John A, engineer Otto Kuehne
Roberts Charles E, actor, r 1851 Sherman. Preserving Co. r 177 W Maple av.
Roberts Charles J, lab, r 1046 Acoma.
Roberts C H, mining[...]
[...]S e e Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO,[...]
[...]x av. 913 Boulevard F.
Robertson Charles, chief clk Pullman Co, Robertson Willia[...]
[...]b r a k e m a n , r 3328 S h o -
Robinson Charles H, painter, r[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails, Plate Glass, Cement[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]Rock Charles T, driver, r 524 19th av.
Robison William[...]
[...]Charles Bldg.
LARE THE PEOPLE] GLASS[...]TION CO, R R Moodie mgr, 1726 Rockyford Charles H, printer Highland
Broadway.[...]wig genl auditor, H E Stewart genl mgr Roddis Charles S, butcher, r 2576 Depew.
OO of s[...]
[...]3110 Gilpin. Roe Charles E, machinist D & R G R R,
Roderick Dhu Gold Mines[...]Roe Charles E, sec City Transfer Co, r
Roderick Ellen Mrs. r[...]rs, r 3125 Larimer. fornia.
Rodgers Charles S, stone cutter, r 1430 Roeder John,[...]Kalamath.
Rodgers Charles W. yardmaster Rugby
Coal Co. r 1410 Navajo.[...]Roehrig Charles F, editor Associated
Rodgers John E, clk[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. Ins[...]eschlaub Frank S (Robert S Roesch- Rogers Charles, clk W A Hover & Co, r
laub & Son), r 142[...]eschlaub Harry M, salesman Hewitt Rogers Charles, lab, b 3958 High.
Candy Co, r Littleton,[...]N W & P Ry, 717 Majestic Bldg, r Rogers Charles A (I N Rogers & Son), r
1261% Cherokee.[...]eschlaub Ralph E', sales agt J L Mott Rogers Charles A (Rogers & Son), 295 S
Iron Wks, 333 Maj[...]are. Rogers Charles E, barber G W Crowder,'
Roeschlaub Robert[...]aub & Son), r 1461 Delaware. Rogers Charles E, r 837 Kalamath.
ROESCHLAUB ROBERT S & SON Rogers Charles H, press feeder Smith-
(Robert S and Fran[...]3 King Blk, 1625 to 1645 Lawrence. Rogers Charles L, conductor, r 2623 Eliot.
Roeschlaub Walter G, jeweler Haberl Rogers Charles W, r 1410 Navajo.
Lapidary & Jewel[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street p 7 h ,T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]Rolf Charles J, warehouseman C S
< Rogers William T.[...], r 134 13th av.
Rogers & Son (A V and Charles A), gro-
cers, 295 S Pearl.[...]
[...]a g t I n d u s t r i a l Build-
268 York.
Roll Charles I, molder, r 1157 S Emerson R oi nl lgm& L o a[...]ler Arthur H, M E, mgr Shatter Min-
ing Co, 405 Charles Bldg, r Idaho
Springs, Colo.[...]t e r , r 2839 U m a t i l l a . «o
Rolley Charles S, col'd, watchman Den- R o m[...]a n g e Co, r r e a r 1830 W 35th a v .
Rollins Charles H, coml trav, 1310 18th,
rms 737 16th av[...]
[...]Rose Charles A, chemist Argo Smelter, r[...]Rose Charles A, coml trav Austin Candy[...]Rose Charles H, tailor, 2510 Larimer.[...]
Barbed Wire, Etc :n- The Halfack &[...]
[...]gard, mining engineer, 408 to
Rosenow Charles W, stenographer Smith Empire Bldg[...]r 2642 Champa. Ross Charles, carp Denver Fire Clay Co,
Rosenstock Esther[...]. Ross Charles, lab D & R G R R, r 1906
Rosenstock Gustav, tailo[...]l Albert, printer Merchants Pub Ross Charles, r 3, 1415 Acoma.
Co, r Englewood.[...]
[...]oss John, barn man Reynolds & Rein-
Ross Charles H, wks McPhee & McGinni- hard Transfer Co[...]Inca and Jason.
Ross Charles J, electrician, r 3337 High. Ross John, col'd, porter G C Sample,
Ross Charles T, student, r 4638 W 34th av 1223 19th[...]
[...]Rostratter Charles E. rms 1921 Champa.[...]47 Alcott. Roszell Charles F, rms 2247 Larimer.
Ross Truman D (T D Ross & Co[...]Roth Charles, sec Noveltv Theatre Co, r
Co, r 614 W 1st av.[...]Ross William C, blksmith C & S Ry, r Roth Charles C, supt DENVER TENT &
3204 W Hayward PI.[...]
[...]h Rothwell Charles, col'd, lab U P R R, r
John & Co (J[...]loon, 1814 Larimer. Rothwell Charles G, civil engineer North-
Roth John H, r 2[...]n and surgeon, 313-314 Cooper Bldg,
Rothe Charles T, car repairer Burlington 17th cor Curtis[...]oline F Miss, rms 1535 Gilpin.
Rothenberg Charles, tailor. 19, 1605 Lari- Rotman Lawrence,[...]
Rounds B B, rms 1333 15th.
Rounds Charles, driver Northern Coal & Routt John L, b Ho[...]1626 Gaylord. Rowe Charles, boxmkr, r 1814 Central.
Rouse Luella D[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]Rowley Charles C, physician, 1-2, 1610
Rowe E E & Co (Edward E Rowe and
Charles W Titley), brick mfrs, 1250 Bou-[...]Rowley Charles O, switchman, r 3037 Cur-[...]285 W Virginia av.
G O Rowell Charles J, lawver, rms Victor Ho- Roy George T, m[...]thew E, stone cutter, r 1330 1st.
Rowland Charles J, stenographer, r 58 S Roy Peter S,[...]
Royer Henry, mgr carps Curran Co, r Rucker Charles, col'd, waiter 1311 Sher- GO[...]
[...]Rucker Keith S, clk Denver N a t Bank, Rue Charles C, coal, 1964 Park av, r rear
r 1251 La[...]Co, r 426 19th av. Rueve Charles B, tailor. 15, 808 17th, r m s
Ruddy Joh[...]ler Joseph, lab, r 4635 Franklin.
Rudman Charles A, bkkpr, r 1438 Curtis.[...]
[...]Rullo Charles, barber, 1917 19th, r 241515th.
Rufie George J, c[...]Jason. Rumble Charles A, furnaceman Western[...]L, carp, r 2115 S Pennsylva- Rummel Charles H, stenographer Colo 3
Rugg Fra[...]Rund Charles A. lab, r 1820 47th av.
Rugh Fannie P Mrs,[...]
[...]NDLE, MAYER & CO (T C Run- Ruppert Charles, waiter Bringel Bros, r
1-8 die and G W Ma[...]or California. Ruprecht Carl F, chauffeur Charles Bilz,
Rundle Pearl E Miss, clk M J Vale[...]nberg Roy, messenger News-Times,
Runner Charles F, electrician, rms 405 21st. r 2211 Downing.[...]sh James V, bkkpr R Hardesty Mfg
Runyon Charles H, clk Denver Dry Gds Co, r 1036 4th av.
[...]ell John J, tailor, 626 17th, r 2131 21st
Russell Charles A, fireman C & S Ry. av.
Russell Charles A, bricklayer, r 582 S Lo- Russell John L, Stat[...]Capitol, r 1854 Sherman.
Russell Charles E, wks Perkins-Epeneter
Pickle Co, r 2257[...]
[...]Ruud Thorwald, shoemkr Nelson &
Huter Charles, mgr The Perrenoud, 17th[...]h av.
Rutherford Forest S, sales mgr Western Ryan Charles M, lineman, r 1066 7th.
Iron & Steel Co, r 5, 1[...]Ryan Daniel, coachman Thomas Keely,
Rutherford H Charles, painter, rms 1928[...]
[...]gh School, rms 1736 Race. Sackmann Charles C. lawyer, 308 Colorado
Sabin Si[...]
[...]E D K . W . STANDART PRES. Saintonge Charles W, bartdr J Fischer,
1622 ARAPAHOE ST.[...]jamin, mining engineer, 110 Sale Charles, lab Western Elec Co, r 466 CD
Boston Bldg,[...]R. r 133 W Ellsworth av. Salinas Charles, waiter, rms 1204 20th.
Safford Mary E Miss, teac[...]Salisbury Nellie Mrs, rms 809 14th.
Sager Charles A. glazier, r 1421 40th.
Sager James H, wks Colo[...]• PI
Drug Co, r 508 W 3d av.
Sahrbeck Charles J, butcher, r 2643 W 38th[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. Insu[...]ographer Em- torney and notary public, 205 Charles
*2 pire Zinc Co, r 3333 W 38th av.[...]
[...]Samuelson Charles A, porter Adams Ex-
Sample John H, col'd, porter,[...]504 to 512 Mercantile Bldg, r 84 Sherman.
Sampson Charles, rms 328 17th. Sanca Basque, lab, r 3713 Inca.
Sampson Charles E, clk W T Sampson. Sanchez Ned M, helper F M Davis Iron
Sampson Charles H (Sampson Bros), r Wks Co.
1620 S Lo[...]mpson Edith Miss, reporter Republi- Sand H S. representative Westinghouse
can, r 1647 Gaylord.[...]os, r 1620 S Logan. Sandberg Charles G, expressman, r 2743
Sampson Sally Mrs. r[...]
[...]Bro), r 701 Marion.
Sanders Charles A, asst I N Rogers & Sanderson G, stenogr[...]Ocean Hotel.
Sanders Charles A, r 2623 W 27th av. Sanderson Harriet A, r 219 W 5th av.
Sanders Charles L, machinist C & S Ry, Sanderson Hen[...]
[...]Sanford George B, bkkpr Denver Gas &
Sandidge Charles M, brakeman, r 2617 W Elec Co, r[...]Engraving Co, r 4191 Winona Ct.
Sandler Charles, broker, b 1511 Dale Ct. Sanford Jam[...]m, clk Denver Dry Gds Co, r San Gabriel Sugar Co, Charles J Rice CO
619 29th.[...]fle E Miss, clk D Cahn, Sangwin Charles E, pressman Publishers'
3754 Walnut.
Sandstrom[...]elper Denver Engineer- TURING CO, Charles W Raymond
ing Wks Co. r 3910 Larimer.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offi[...]ius & Brummer (O A Sarius and H W
Santer Charles, driver DANIELS & FISHER Brummer), grocery[...]av. Sarle Joseph, real estate, 515 Charles
Sap "Victor, lab, b 4601 Grant.[...]
[...]rlee Caswell, carp, rms 2828 W 32d av. Saunders Charles A, tinner, 1539 Glenarm CO
Saterlee Maggie Mrs[...]0 18th. Saunders Charles P, bill poster Curran
Sato K, cigars, 1908 Larime[...]Saunders William W, mfrs agt, 409 Com-
Sauer Charles L, r 601 Marion. monwealth[...]
[...]uve Clarence D, r 1235 Broadway. Savier Charles O, r 2948 S Cherokee, En-
oo Sauve David B,[...]Savage, see also Savidge. Savory Charles E, meat cutter F P New-
Savage Anna Miss,[...]ander and Charles E Owen props,
£° 1923 S Pennsylva[...]
[...]PI o
Sawyer Charles E, expressman, rms 2117 /_ 1 Sayre-N[...]ding, 23d and Blake. o
Sawyer Charles H, engineer The Dewey,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]i. Schaefer Charles W, grocer, 1262 Curtis,
Scarborough Frede[...]SCHAEFER CHRIS, insurance dept
Scarbrough Charles E, clk Assessor, r German-American Trust[...]and fuel, 927 S Kalamath.
Schabrick Charles, meat cutter Tremont C[...]
[...]ers, 12 Ogden. Schaffer Charles, lab, r 4509 Sherman.
Schaefer Otto W, fin[...]
[...]CMURTRYMFG.CO. Schechter Charles W, cigarmkr Solis Ci-
5_ SUCC[...]evard F. r 3457 Blake.
0_ Scharbrak Charles, butcher, rms 1217 20th. Scheer Jacob P,[...]
[...]SURANCE UPON RENTS Schenck Charles M, pres Colo Supply Co,[...]ter, 36 City Market, r 1253 Jason.
Schellenger Charles L, mining, 316 Quincy
Schelling Ge[...]
[...]Schierburg Charles E, shipper Hermann[...]enry J, clk Hurlbut Grocery Co,
Scherf Charles A, garment cutter Com- r Harlan nr W 24th a[...]igh. Schiffmann Charles J, restaurant, 1710
Scherrer Charles W, r 1852 Sherman. Curtis.
Sch[...]cheurn John A, saloon, 692 Bryant. Schiller Charles H. blksmith, 225 S Broad-
Scheurn Pete[...]Schiller Charles B , restaurant, 2346 15th.[...]
[...]Schlaepfer Gustave A, lunch man Charles[...]b William G, carp, r 740 S Lincoln.
Schillinger E Charles, apprentice Pioneer Schlarer John, r ns W Al[...].
Schlabbe Samuel, lab, r 5122 Clarkson.
SCHLACKS CHARLES H, vice-pres[...]
[...]mining engineer, 1630 Pearl.
210 Charles Bldg, r 811 Lincoln.
Schlessinger Lilli[...]'s Club Day Nursery, r 1923 Wewatta. Schlotz Charles, bartdr Ph Zang Brew-
Schleter Charles, stockman, r 1540 Race. ing Co, r 2404 8th.[...]Alvin E, mail clk Republican,
Schlicher Charles P, clk City Electrical r 3822 Umatilla.[...]Elmer F, mailing dept Denver
Schlicher Charles W, packer A Booth & Post, r o826 Umatill[...]Leonard W, clk, rms 1627 Stout
Schlink Charles L, prop Opera and Club Schmausser John, bar[...]melzer Cole C, brakeman D & R G
Schlirf Charles, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar R R, rms 11[...]
[...]Schmidt John, plumber W T Crean &
Schmid Charles, bkkpr C T Shelton, r Co, r[...]Schmidt John, rms 1429 Blake.
Schmid Charles F, jeweler Bohm-Allen Schmidt[...]r 4056 Navajo. Schmidt Julius F (Charles Starkloff &
Schmidt Albert, painter Pullman Co, b[...]ma.
Schmidt Carl, lab. r rear 1721 Grant.
Schmidt Charles O, r 2354 8th.[...]9
Schmidt Charles R, woodwkr John Mur- S[...]
[...]See Advertisement
M a i n 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. In[...]NSURANCE Schmol Charles, lab, rms 2001 Glenarm PL[...]nabel Nellie G Mrs, r 1345 Lipan.
Schmitt Charles B, clk W J Colson, r Schnars Ira J, salesman Nave-McCord
4 4505 W 36th av.
Schmitt Charles O, electrician T H Smith,[...]Schneider Charles, lab, r 4439 Adams.
Schmitt Robert, wirew[...]tte. G R R, r 8 S Jason.
o u Schmitz Charles F, machinist Althoff Schneide[...]
[...]lin. Schnorr Charles J, painter Earle Ad Sign
Schneider Henry, d a i r[...]ider Max M, leather burner, r 4569 Schoen Charles E, lab, r 201 S Raritan.
Building Material
Beth Wholesale a n d Retail[...]
[...]ick B, carp, r 1158 S Sher- Schrah Charles H, bakery, 843 Broadway.
man.[...]fire insurance, 401 Ex- Schreiber Charles H, r 1634 Steele.
change Bldg, 15th cor Arapaho[...]pa.
Schrader Charles A, car repairer Tram- Schreiber[...]byterian Church, r 1368 Steele.
Schrader Charles A, flagman U P R R, r Schreiber[...]Schreiber Rudolph L, salesman Charles
Schrader Herman R, lineman, r 2246 Low-[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Of[...]e. 1640 Gilpin.
Schricker Charles D, blksmith, 1716 15th, Schroeder Mattie Miss,[...]Co. r 2063 Clarkson.
.*« Schroeder Charles E, bkkpr K & B Pkg Schubert Freda M Miss,[...]saloon, 800 Broad-
Schroeder Charles L, woodwkr J P Paul- way, r 837 Li[...]
[...]ucht H, ironwkr, r 917 Walnut. Schultz Charles E', toolmkr Flint-Lomax
tCTSchuck, see also Shook[...]Schultz Charles W, foreman Monarch 8°
Schuck Leonard[...]Moreland, rms 1032 14th.
Schucknecht Charles, motorman Tram- Schultz Edith G Miss, bk[...]mboldt. Wks. r 3333 Columbine.
Schuffler Charles J, furrier Babcock Bros, Schultz Henry,[...]
[...]uster Frederick, lab, r 3153 Race.
Schulze Charles G (Hodgkins & Schulze). Schuster John G, p[...]
[...]a E Mrs, bakery, r 1617 31st Schwartz Charles, artist, r 2952 Zuni.
av. Schwartz Charles, cigarmkr G D
Schuyler Walter F (Schu[...]Magnolia. Schwartz Charles, rms Lindell Hotel. o
Schuyler &[...]
[...]S e e Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]n PI. Schwarzlander Charles, lab, r Fenton nr
r-l Schwartz H & Co (Hen[...]Schwartz John, teamster, r 4670 Elm Ct. Schweer Charles F, coml trav, 611
Schwartz John, sign writer, b 1124 10th. Charles Bldg, r 625 Grant.
Schwartz John F, en[...]Schwartz Nicholas L, policeman, r 762 Schwier Charles, boilermkr,
Schwartz[...].1 VARNISH
•A in a. Schwarz Charles, cigarmkr, r 369 S Pearl.
[...]ofield Hattie E Mrs, r 526 King. SCOTT CHARLES (Scott Wrecking
Scofield Lee W, coml trav, 1534 C[...]1429 29th av. Scott Charles A, carp, r 2139 Perry.
Scofield Leslie W, student, r 1718 Frank- Scott Charles A, lab, r 525 King.
Scofield Sherman, bricklayer, r 1718 Scott Charles A, salesman Mathewson
Franklin.[...]ofield WTilliam H Jr, lawyer Benedict Scott Charles A, col'd, porter, r 3122
& Phelps, b 1146 llth.[...]oggin W J, student, b 1456 Fillmore. Scott Charles B (Scott & Mayhew), r En-
Scoggins Frank O, ry ma[...]E'merson. Scott Charles H, pres The Record Ab-
Scoggins Ralph P, electric[...]oggins Samuel W, r 4469 Perry. Scott Charles W, lather, r 951 Galapago.
Scoggins Vincen[...]
Buokhora Ctment Plaster
and Plaster Paris. Ideal
[...]-Sell SCOTT W R E C K I N G CO, Charles
Baking Co. r 1255 Elati.[...]r F K Dab- Mayhew), mfrs agts, 418 Charles Bldg.
ney, r 220 23d.[...]1441 Pennsylvania.

[...]couller John D, student, r 2953 W 29th av. Scully Charles P, clk The May, r 2925 Wy-
_-° Scouller Joh[...]er Anna B Mrs, r 207 W 14th av.
Scribner Charles D, messenger Globe Ex-[...]er Henry, lab, r 4658 Lincoln.
scription books and p[...]
[...]earle Fred B, engineer Burlington
Sealey Charles B, expressman, r 1329 S Route, b 2153 Arapahoe.[...]Sears Georgia E Miss, bkkpr C G Carlson,
Seaman Charles, porter, rms 1810 Arapa- r 1429 Che[...]
[...]Gordon A, barber, 2303 Champa.
Seastone Charles, boilermkr, r 1518 37th av Sechler Warner C, cl[...]Seaver Ralph L (Seaver-Allen Co), 2128 Secrest Charles S Mrs, r 1305 Cherokee.
Lawrence, rms[...]James E, real estate, r 2251 La-
oo Seavey Charles W, r 2728 Larimer. fayette.[...]The, 201-202 Kittredge Bldg.
Seawright Charles, janitor, r 2321 Benton. SECURITY INSURANCE CO, N[...]arry, shoemkr, r 1438 Canosa Ct.
Sebern Charles W, inspector Phone Co, r
620 E[...]
[...]ant. r 2823 Vine.
Sederstrom Charles, rms 1938 Larimer. Seely Lillian M[...]tney G, salesman Old Home- Seemann Charles A C, clk P O, r 1314 21st
stead Bakery & Inv Co[...]HENRY I, mines and
r 21, 1111 Larimer.
Sedgwick Charles E, bkkpr A S Carter, r mining, 545-[...]Seevers Charles, electrician, r 987 Osecola.[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]0 BLAKE 5T.,DENVER,C0L0. Seibert Charles C, bkkpr Rocky Mountain[...]r Walter, rms 1364 10th.
o: Segel Charles, b 1922 Grant. Elec Co,[...]strom Olaf N, expressman, r 1360 Seifried Charles F, student, r 128 Sherman
W Virginia a[...]eib Lucy M Mrs, r 4487 Tennyson.
Seibel Charles A, barber J W Noesen,[...]
[...]Selden Charles E, collr Spengel House[...]nnsylvania.
Seigust L J, r 4573 Josephine.
Seiler Charles, with Hurlbut Grocery Co, Self Arthur C, d[...]r 456 S Lincoln. Selfridge Charles F, (Selfridge-Bliss Co),
Seipel Andrew L, jeweler[...]gineer U P Ry, 25 Union Depot, r 1738
Seitter Charles F, r 2076 S Fillmore. Ogden.
Seitter Gu[...]an Maurice, stockman, r 1738 H_2
Seitz Charles E, carp Pullman Co. Ogden.
Seitz Charles F, linotype opr, 830 18th, r Seligsohn Sigmund, m[...]Bldg, r 1100 Downing.
Seitz Charles W, prop Mountain Iron Selingo Frank, lab, r 3634[...]7th.
Selberg Magnus, lab, r 2830 W 14th av.
Selby Charles J, brakeman U P R R, r
914 W 14th av.
A ^ r ^s. THE HALLACK & HOWARD LUMBER GO. &[...]Semper Charles S, Semper Station, P O

Sellers Charles H, coml trav, r 720 Logan.[...]ers George A, policeman, r 1893 Vine. Sendell Charles, farmer, r es S Sheridan
CD Sellers Harrison[...]mbine. Senechal Oliver L Jr, engineer Charles
Sellinghouse Louis F, car repaire[...]. Seright Charles, col'd, porter The Loth-
Selover Ir[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Go.rs_5_3V2"18fli and Wazee[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. O[...]Shackford Charles H, r 669 S Washington.
Sexton William[...]er John H, salesman B D James
Seymour Charles A, asst genl mgr J W Shadle M & M Co, rms Elevent[...]Hugus & Co, r 1345 Columbine.
Seymour Charles F, pres Montana-Apex Shadle 4037 Meade.[...]Maria E' Mrs, r 4037 Meade.
Seymour Charles R, clk frt dept C & S Shadrick Sher[...]
[...]O, r 2312 9th. Gregg), r 1537 York.
Shafer Charles W, turner Colorado Tent Shafroth Morrison[...]king Co, r 4152 Ames, Berkeley. n
Shaffer Charles F, druggist, r 248 W Irv-
ington PI.
Shaffer Ear[...]arl. Shane Charles A, lab, r 138 Kalamath.[...]
[...]r 2380 S Broadway.
Shane Le Roy, jeweler Charles H Clark Shannon M Mrs, seamstress J S Appel[...]erine Mrs, r 1509 34th av. av.
Shannon Charles N, mgr H L Shannon, Shapiro Julius,[...]
[...]r 1355 Corona. Shatia Charles W, pharmacist Gross
Sharp. Andrew, millwright, r[...]tuc), r 1035 19th av.
Sharp Charles W, rms Inland Tim. Sha[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]r 1574 Franklin.
Shaw Charles E, artist Smith-Brooks Ptg Shaw Stel[...]Washington.
od Shaw Charles E, driver Emil Grosser, r
2237 W 30th a[...]Co), 1721 Arapahoe, r 1340 High.
SHAW CHARLES H, pres C H Shaw Shaw Susie B Mrs, r 201[...]SHAW S G & COMPANY (S G Shaw
Shaw Charles H, salesman Davis & Shaw and H S[...]ors' equipment, concrete reinforce-
Shaw Charles M, mining engineer, r 1830 m[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street p # 5 e REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]Sheldon Charles A, clk A T Sheldon, r[...]Sheldon Charles H, mgr Denver Pkg <
oQ. 1741-45 ARAPAH[...]seph, blksmith Nie^derhut Car-
Sheely Charles G, contractor and bridge riage Co, r 2434[...]ilbur E, asst Phone Co, r 536
Q O Sheffer Charles B, clk Overland House, Pennsylvania.[...]liam, conductor Tramway Co,
Sheffield Charles E, policeman, rms 1821 r 2431 W 29th av.[...]rger Erma S Miss, milliner, r
Sheifer Charles, clk, rms 1735 Pennsylva- 3438 W Hay[...]
[...]Milling &
Elevator Co, r 1118 Lipan.
Shepard Charles H, teamster, r 1600 S[...]
Shepherd Charles H, carp, r 726 28th.
[...]herrard Mabel B Miss, rms 1732 S Pearl.
Sherman Charles G, butcher J W Mc- Sherrard ahoe.[...]s 2150 Arap-
Fadden, r 623 Pennsylvania.
Sherman Charles L, engineer, rms 901Sherrer Alice G Mis[...]e. Sherriff Charles E, lab, r 2531 High.
Sherman Edward L, wks[...]
[...]rest Reserve, r Palmer Lake. Shields Charles D, nurseryman, r ws
Sherwin John O, clk[...]vania.
Shetler Charles O, brass works, 1917 Law- Shillinger Herbert[...]rn Securities Co, r 1319 Lin-
Shetterly Charles J, special agt Capitol coln.[...]
[...]Shirey Charles, rms 1228 15th.
Shingle Louis P, conductor II P R R, b Shirey Charles E, brakeman D ,_ M W
3109 Arapahoe.[...]4735 Vine. 9 *
Shinn Charles A, freight receiver Denver Shirk Mildr[...]101 W 2d av. man.
Shinn Charles C, machinist, r 1802 Logan. Shirk M M,[...]W
Shipler John A, cook, r 1345 7th.
Shipley Charles E, bkkpr, r 2257 Califor-
Shipley Ha[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F, NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]Shoff Charles W, land, r 1650 Washington.[...]Shollenberger Charles F, physician, 2309[...]Shontz Charles F, with Hurlbut Grocery
O Shirley Wi[...]
[...]el. Shriver Charles L, r 2339 Humboldt.
Shotwell George C, carp Z E M[...]Shropshire Charles E. col'd, porter Den-[...]OWALTER PEARL H, supt Pru- Shubert H Shubart Charles, coml trav. r 3, 1553 Steele.[...]an-
Showman Karl C, r 339 Bannock.
Shrader Charles, wood carver Frazier-[...]
[...]her, see also Schumacher,
Shufflebarger Charles E, collr Northern Shoemaker, Shomaker.
CM[...]8 W 12th av. Shupe Homer, jeweler Charles Wathen &
Shuler T Fred Mrs, r 2836 Race.[...]b 1600 19th. Shupe Leo B, coml trav Charles Wathen
Shull Amanda P Mrs, r 301 23d.[...]P C, mining, b Hotel Metropole. Shurlotte Charles W, col'd, lab, r 3860
Shull Walter E, wks K[...]ute William C. teacher Manual Train-
Shultz Charles H, lab. r 1422 W Alameda ing High Sc[...]
[...]Sicard Charles H, engineer Hughes Blk,
Shuteran Rosa Mrs, grocer[...]Sick Lecil I Miss, stenographer 509 Equi-
Shutler Charles O, patternmkr, r 3332 Jo- table[...]b, r 4647 Lincoln. Sidebottom Charles A, r 1561 Blake. CO
Shy Hannah F Mrs,[...]r 705 Lincoln. Sidlo Charles T, clk, r 1466 Fillmore.
Sibbert Hans, clk Manito[...], chauffeur, r 6, 1358 Sidwell Charles F, conductor Tramway CO
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO.[...]Siems Charles E, landscape gardener, r
r 648 S[...]atherine Mrs, r 4131 Vallejo.
Siefert Charles, electrician, b 4623 Joseph- Siersdorfer Theodore[...]ife Ins Co of New York, r 1423
Siegel Charles R, mgr local operators
OO Phon[...]
[...]Sillers Thomas E, engineer, r 2441 Court
Sigel Charles Jr, mining, 603 Symes Bldg. PI.
Sigel Fred L[...]fayette. Silva Charles D, rms 1434% Larimer.
Sightler William J, clk W U[...]Silver State Packing & Investment Co,
Siler Charles, butcher, rms /Western Ho- 1607 Marke[...]
Building Paper, Tarred Felt
and Roofing Material[...]
[...]locking plant D & R G R R.
Simmons Charles W (Home Inv Co), r Simmo[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]Simpson Charles I, prop Simpson Seed &
<~ Wood & Co, r 1[...]impson Dora Miss, r 2724 Champa.
Simons Charles, cigar boxmkr, rms 2410 Simpson Du[...]
[...]Sims James, molder Denver Fire Clay Co,
Simpson J Charles, cook, r 1817 California r 1423 34th.
SIMPSON[...]roadway. Sims Wade H, barber, 419 Charles Bldg.
Simpson Lawrence, carp, r 2442 Depew.[...]son L E, live stock, 334 Empire Bldg. Sinclair Charles, rms 1621 Larimer.
Simpson Maggie M Mrs, r 401 Inca. Sinclair Charles B, conductor Tramway
Simpson Mark, tailor[...]
[...]hange Bldg, 15th cor Arapahoe, stores Sipple Charles, clk, b 2560 Lawrence.
628 16th, 1541[...]Iron Wks Co, r 3018 Hooker.
Singleton Charles, col'd. lab, r 3119 Wal-
[...]Sivey Charles L, bkkpr, r 1610 S Acoma.
FRED'K W . S T A N D A R T PR E 5 . Sivey Charles L, r 1133 18th av.[...]T . PHON ES 1950 >>' I 9 b l Sjoberg Charles A, carp, r 870 Kalamath. CO[...]county.
Sisler Charles H, machinist Vulcan Iron Skagg[...]fayette.
Sisler Charles K, machinist, r 1226 Dela- Skagg[...]sters of Charity, 2844 Lawrence. Skeels Charles, r 4425 Osceola.
Sisters of Charity. 1408 36th av[...]tes George L (Sites & Buell), r 1671 Fill- Skelly Charles E, plumber, r 4566 Joseph-
[...]Inv Co, r The Shirley.
Skerritt Charles H (Skerritt Bros), r W Skinner James D, vic[...]Carmi O, clk, r 2340 S Broadway.
Skinner Charles H, druggist, 100 Broad-
way, r[...]
[...]T h o m a s S, engineer, r 859 l l t h .
Skorepa Charles, bakery, 2602 Humboldt.[...]
[...]ank, r 1205 Lafayette. Sloat Charles A, rms 236 S Sherman.
Slaymaker Emma Mi[...]per Howard L, asst Public Library of Slocum Charles E, rms 1427 Tremont PI.
the City of D[...]Jerome G, lab, r 3930 Larimer. Slopansky Charles clk Aspen House, 1541
[...]Smallwood Frank G, electrician Tram-
Slusser Charles A, carp contractor, r 376 way Co,[...]r 376 S Bannock. Smart Charles W, r 336 W 13th av.
Slutsky Samuel, dry gds, 2341[...]on Wks Co, r 802 W 12th av. OO
Smaha Charles A, car repairer TJ P R R, Smart Zo[...]o, r 1448 Pennsylvania. Smedes Charles W, clk Stock Yards Sta-
Small Beulah Miss,[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO.See Advertisement[...]Agnes C Mrs, r 1230 W llth av.
Smelt Charles L, clk C & S Ry, rms 1641 Smith Agnes E Miss, ste[...]lamath. 769 Lincoln.
O< ^ Smidt Charles, restaurant, 1542 Larimer, Smith[...]
[...]Smith Charles H, mining, r 1233 Acoma.
PAINT AWVAKNISH MAKEBS Smith Charles H, prop American House,[...]Smith Charles H, plasterer, r 3880 Osceola.[...]Smith Charles H, r 2, 2140 California.
CM SUCCESSORS TO Smith Charles J, carp, r 1411 Grove.
Smith Charles J, machinist, r 1446 Lipan.
Smith Charles J, molder Walker Mfg
1741-45 ARAP[...]Smith Charles K, plumber C Fullman &[...]Smith Charles K, steamfitter, r 4138 Wi-
r- a. Smith Carrie R M[...]0 Ogden. Smith Charles L, conductor Tramway Co,
Smith Carrol[...]Smith Charles L, confectionery, 1024 W
Smith Carrol[...]Smith Charles L, engineer D & R G R R,
Smith Carson[...]Williams. Smith Charles L, paperhanger B L James
Smith Caryl[...]s, r 1520 Glenarm PL Smith Charles L, printer Jennings En-
Smith Celiste[...]d Brethren Church, Smith Charles S, clk Denver Dry Gds Co,
OO Galapago n[...]b 1315 Bannock.
Smith Charles, apprentice Morse Bros Smith Charles S, supt Orrock Carriage
Machy & Supp[...]Co, r 269 Osceola.
Smith Charles, carp, r 4427 Yates. Smith Charles S, teamster, r 2256 Stout.
Smith Charles, conductor, rms 1314 13th. Smith Charles T, patrolman Pinkerton's
Smith Charles, lab, r 875 Wyandot. Protective Patrol, rms 514 24th.
Smith Charles, lab, r 750 Milwaukee. Smith Charles T, cement, r 246 W 13th av.
Smith Charles, lineman Phone Co, r 3498 Smith Charles V (Smith Bros), r rear
S Broadway.[...]1242 Curtis.
Smith Charles, porter Joslin Dry Gds Co, Smith Charles W, clk Armour & Co, r
r 2125 Larimer[...]411 Ogden.
Smith Charles, teamster, r 4558 Adams. Smith Charles W , wool, 800 Ernest &
Smith Charles, rms 818 Platte. Cranmer Bldg, r 960 Humboldt.
Smith Charles, rms 1333 15th. Smith Charles W, r 2465 Welton.
Smith Charles, col'd, houseman Univer- Smith Charles Y, salesman, r 3346 W 8th av
sity Club, r 826 20th.
Smith Charles A, fitter Denver Gas & S[...]Smith Charlotte E Miss, teacher Gilpin
s. Elec Co. r 3332 Lafayette.
Smith Charles A, mining, 53 Jacobson[...]Smith Chester, r 3548 Quivas.
Smith Charles A, r 4434 Boulevard F. Smith Chester C, sampler A M Donald-
Smith Charles B, blksmith, r 722 Lowell[...]topher, butcher, r 1258 Curtis.
Smith Charles B, prop Western Pharma- S[...]Creamery, r 217 22d.
Smith Charles B, r 1405 Kalamath. Smith Cigar Co, 1750 Blake.
Smith Charles C, bkkpr J S Brown & Bro S[...]mith Clara A Mrs, r 4170 Wolff.
Smith Charles E, engineer, r 2919 Lafay- S[...]Pearl.
Smith Charles E, foreman Althoff Mfg S[...]bet Florida and Arkansas avs.
Smith Charles E, lab, r 509 Hampden av, S[...]ware.
Smith Charles E, machinist, rms 1530 S[...]rence.
Smith Charles E, teamster, r 331 Fox. Smith Clarence H, restaurant, 618 17th, r
Smith Charles E, tel opr, r 2066 Ogden. 801 21st.
Smith Charles E, r 1429 Cherokee.
Smith Charles E, wks Denver Union
Water Co, r 1568 W Alaska PL
Smith Charles F, clk Howe, Allen &
Kaull Mer Co, r[...]COAL
Smith Charles F, bricklayer, b 2103 Curtis. lMt.||,l|-MM—__l
Smith Charles G Rev, asst supt Anti-
Saloon League[...]ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Smith Charles G, mining engineer, r 23,
1464 Marion.
If Smith Charles H (Smith & Smith), r 143
W Archer PL
Smith Charles H, lab, r 209 Galapago.[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO, Off[...]
™ ™ , W l i e Hallack & Howard Lumber Go.[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Co, N a & ! ^ r r a - 1 8 t l i[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. O[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street W[...]
Plate and
Window Glass The Hallack & Howar[...]
[...]Smith S Charles C, driver Bray Laundry[...]
Smith William H, carp C & S Ry, r 3094 Smithea Charles D, col'd, clk Austin's CO
W 32d av.[...]. Smithpeter Charles W, r 2354 Williams.
Smith William I, carp, r 223[...]Smith William J, miner, r 3641 Julian. Smitley Charles O, carp, r 508 High.
Smith William J Jr, c[...]
[...]Snell Charles, inspector C & S Ry, r 3231
1741 ARAP[...]Ed S, civil engineer, 532 Empire
Smyth Charles M, printer Daily Mining Bldg, 16th cor[...]Mountain Ry Co, r 718 Curtis.
Smythe Charles, rms 2150 Arapahoe. Snell Martin K, dr[...]zer James, detective, rms 1530 Cleve- Snider Charles E, 321 Colorado Bldg, r 1919
GO land PI.[...]don Ephraim C, col'd, janitor, r 2333 Snider Charles H, carpet layer Denver
[...]dgrass Mildred W Miss, r 156 W 2d av. Synder Charles, r 1550 Arapahoe. CD
Snodgrass Myrtle V Miss, stenographer Snyder Charles A, clk Co-operative Mer OS)
Phone Co, r 1[...]dgrass M A Mrs, r 1845 Champa. Snvder Charles A, yardman Summit F &
Snodgrass Pauline E Mrs. r[...]tte. Snyder Charles A Mrs, rms 1208 Cherokee.
Snodgrass S K, mining, rms Shirley An- Snyder Charles E, restaurant, Exchange ! _
nex Hotel.
Sn[...]Snyder Charles E, wks Denver Omnibus &[...]ok Benjamin P, boxmkr, r 1369 W Snyder Charles H, clk, rms 10 King Blk. • to
.AlciskcL PI Snyder Charles H, lineman, r 700 W Dart-
Snouffer Elizabeth J Mr[...]uffer Richard L, clk Dillon Hdw Co, r Snyder Charles H, painter, r S Delaware
2553 Marion.[...]ver Mary A Mrs, dressmkr, rms 607 Snyder Charles P. clk car acct C & S Ry
[...]Solf Charles (Winter & Solf), r 1346 Ja-[...], foreman Solis
Society of Colorado Pioneers, 309 Charles Cigar Co, r 1609 Downing.
Bldg.[...]avis Iron Solomon Albert F, music icacher, Charles
Wks Co, r 736 Lawrence. Bld[...]. Co.
Soderberg Charles, rms 1333 15th. Solomon Ben L, pres Sol[...]Solomon Emanuel, tailor, 208 Charles
Soderland Eric K, baker, r 3044 Lafay- Bld[...]Solomon Isaac, tailor, r 1659 Eliot.
Soderstrom Charles E, r 1367 Elati. Solomon Jacob, bartdr, r[...]eo
Soldiers Rest, 631 Charles Bldg.

Sunlight Block Coal 4 3 2Phone 4 4[...]
Building Material[...]
dry, r 176 S B r o a d w a y .
Soule Charles C, driver, r 2937 Welton.
Soule F r a n k[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
[...]George N Sparling mgr, 205 Charles[...]no Joseph, com mer, r 1743 W 33d av. Spawr Charles W, conductor, r 2439 W
Sparber Oscar, real estate[...]preme Court State of Colo, r 15, 1415
Sparks Charles S, Ry mail clk, r 4635 W Acoma.[...]
[...]llmeyer Frank, barber W M Leik, r
3°- Specht Charles E, clk auditor D & R G Spelts Navajo.
R[...]ny Speer, see also Spear, Speier.
Speer Charles K, machinist C & S Ry, r Spencer Carlos E[...]Speer David F, special agt Pacific Mutual Spencer Charles, hostler, rms618[...]hington. Charles, col'd, lab, r 1404 34th.
*• ^ Speer Frank A[...]Charles A, clk, r 1618 W 34th av.
Charles H, clk Knight-Campbell
140 W Dakota av[...]dg, r 1534 Washington. Charles L, clk, r 2, 1560 Lincoln.
Speer Hardin, printer W F Robinson P t g Spencer Charles T. stenographer, 409
-»3s Co, r 435 Clermont[...]Speer James, clk A P Lee, rms 1229 14th. Spencer Charles E, salesman, r 346 Gala-
Speer Joh[...]
MountainandPlaifi B H ^^[...]
[...]har Frances Mrs, r 1853 California. Spitz Charles J, cigarmkr Colo Cigar Co,
Sphies John,[...]r Albert A (Spitzer & Arnold), r
Spicer Charles E, carp, r 2525 Chase. 1012 31st.[...]egel Herman, cigar packer Solis Ci- Spivak Charles D, physician, 1421 Court
gar Co, r 191[...]r 762 Mariposa.
Spiess Charles C, miner, rms 1812 Curtis. Spofford Sumner M,[...]Stout, r 4418 Raleigh.
Spiher Charles C, carp, r 1244 Jason. Spohn John[...]
[...]Spratt W I (Columbine Billiard Hall), 1626
Spony Charles, lab, r 2555 Downing. Curtis.
Spoomer Joh[...]rooks Ptg Co, r 2600 3d av. Sprenger Charles O, journalist, r 2337
Sprague Anna Mrs, r 3944 Hi[...]enger C Bert, printer Denver Post, r
Sprague Charles E, draftsman, 623 Empire 2337 Downing.
Bldg, r 1[...]prague Henry A, student, r 4500 W 36th av Spring Charles E, physician, 1854 Stout, r • 25
Sprague Hor[...]gue Mary J Mrs, r 3228 Clay. Springer Charles O, adv mgr The Colo-
Sprague Park B, supt[...]
[...]u s t e r W h i t e S t a c k h o u s e J o h n S. frescoer. r 74 Ogden.
S e w i n g M a c[...]0 W 27th a v . S t a c y W S. r 1432 28th.
S S p r o a t F r a n k[...]
[...]V 2328 8th. Staley Charles, baker, rms 1621 Larimer.
Staerker Albert, window[...]Sherman.
Stage Charles, inspector C & S Ry, r Stalgr[...]switchman C & S Ry, Stalker Charles H, physician, 1186 Oneida.
r 4638 Alcott.
Stage[...]coml trav J P Paulson, r
3411 Lafayette.
Stahl Charles R, druggist, r 229 S Ogden.
Stahl Emily Mr[...]
[...]li Carrie Mrs, r 1431 Mariposa.
Stamps Charles C, cement finisher Colo- STANDARD SEWING MACHINES[...]ARD CARRIAGE WORKS, Standley Charles M, r es Oneida bet 13th[...]
[...]Starinert Lawrence A, blksmith Denver
Stanley Charles H (Stanley & Manegold), Rock Drill[...]
BOXES and 7TH A[...]
[...]NSURANCE UPON RENT', Starks Charles M, teamster, r 327 Jason.[...]T. PHONES 1950-1951 Starkweather Charles H, pedler, r 109 Kal-[...]av.
Transfer Co, rms 1206 Larimer.
Stark Charles O, plumber, r 3443 Wynkoop Starr Euni[...]W, auditor Leyden Coal Co, Starritt Charles, blksmith, r 4440 Wolff.
r Aurora.[...]stment Co, H A Mclntyre pres, to S
Starke Charles J, lumber, 727 Symes Bldg, 836 Equita[...]rican Radia-
tor Co, b 1233 Kalamath.
Starkloff Charles (Charles Starkloff & PLATE W _ _ - _ « K _ * ^
Co), r 2054 Arapahoe.
Starkloff, Charles & Co (C Starkloff and , _ ;[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, O[...]
[...]e Co, b 2717 Downing. Steelberg Charles G, car repairer TJ P R
Stebbins Charles C, clk frt dept Burling- R, r 3741 Fillmore[...]ch T Fred, carp, r 1135 Galapago. Steele Charles W. lab, r 3833 Cook.
Stecher Stanislaus, bicycle[...].
Stecker Annie M Mrs, r 1960 W Holden PI
Stecker Charles W, blksmith, r 1960 W
Holden PI.
[...]Stein Abraham (Stein & Zuckerman), r
Steen Charles, lab U P R R, r 3053 Blake.
Steen H G, lab D[...]za HoteJ, rms
629 16th av.
e e ,Steeves Charles P, physician, 424 Majes-
tic Bldg;[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offi[...]Stendar Charles A, restaurant, r 1634 S[...]ceries, meats, teas and coffees, 600 15th Stendel Charles F, painter B L James
(Phone Main 3745),[...]ender Augusta Miss, clk A T Lewis &
Steiss Charles, pressman Denver Post, r Son Dry Gds[...]
[...]Stephens Thomas, bkkpr Plattner Imple-
Stephens Charles, rms 1627 Stout. ment Co, b New Broadway Hotel.
Stephens Charles N, mining engineer, r Stephens Thomas P, re[...]lvania. Bannock.
Stephens Charles T, mining engineer Stephens Wallace A, m[...]o, r 1361 Logan. 1361 Logan.
Stephens Charles W, r 3010 Larimer. Stephens William C, r[...]Stephenson Charles G, wks B F Salzer[...]Stephenson Thomas W, jeweler Charles
Stephens John, col'd, porter Pullman Co,[...]
[...]ling Annis Miss, r 2345 Court PI.
Sterling Charles W, student, r, 800 SSternenberger[...]
[...]Stevens John, machinist, r 2946 Champa.
Stevens Charles C. r 1227 W 8th av. Stevens John F, lab, r 319 S Logan.
Stevens Charles H, brakeman TJ P R R, Stevens John[...]Stevens John M, lab, r 756 Inca.
Stevens Charles H, r 249 Delaware. Stevens John N, r 801 W 7th av.
Stevens Charles O, Stevens John[...]Gay- Produce Co, r 337 7th av.
Stevens Charles T. carp, r 351 Clarkson. Steven[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insuran[...]Carrie Miss, r 1020 S Vine.
Stevenson Charles G, dairy, 3220 Franklin.[...]
[...]Co, r 1930 W Center av.
Stewart Charles, car repairer, rms 2257 Stewart James K, prin[...]nion, r 265 Cherokee. CO
Stewart Charles, driver New England Stewart James M, car[...]Express & Van Co, rms 2257 Larimer.
Stewart Charles, lab, rms 1300 W Colfax
av.[...]mes P, clk Market Co, r 241 W 8°
Stewart Charles, col'd, porter F Jurgens, 3d av.
521 17th.[...]Stewart James T, r 2415 Lafayette.
Stewart Charles S, coml trav, r 45 Logan. Stewart Jennie Mrs, col'd, r 2516 Curtis.
Stewart Charles W, bldg contractor, r Stewart John,[...]
[...]Steyn Charles A, sec and treas General
PAINT ANDVAR[...]Stice Charles L, driver Atlas Coal Co, r
Stewart May M[...]Stewart Morton H, conductor, r 1932 Cali- Stich Charles A, blksmith American
fornia.[...]ewart Robert F, 1st asst Bldg Inspector Stickle Charles A. cashier E I Du Pont
City and County[...]rms 1001 17th av. Stidger Charles W, clk County Jail, r 2825
[...]th. to Z
Stiess Charles F, pressman, r 113 W Bay- Stills[...]well Millard O, lab, r 2418 Welton. 3
Stiles Charles, rms 1810 Arapahoe.
Stiles Charles O, gardener, r 4374 Fenton.
Stiles Clara Ethel Mi[...]Stilwell Charles C, inspector National[...]
[...]Stites Charles W, clk, r 909 Jason.[...]iner, see also Steiner. St John Charles B, abstract clk Stephens
Stinger Frank, rm[...]5th av ne cor Josephine.
Stinson Charles N, mining, r 52 Lincoln. St John Tho[...]
[...]Stockings Charles, tinner M J McCarthy,[...]e Herman E, r 1267 Lipan. Stockton Charles F, painter Earle Ad
Stober William, bartdr, r 373[...]on Oscar F, salesman, r 2358 Wel- H 01
Stock Charles C, driver Hanigan Bros, r ton. .[...]ician, 2703 Lar-
imer, r 3629 Franklin.
Stocking Charles H, tinner, r 1120 Curtis.
Stocking Gertrud[...]
[...]1218 Logan. Stoll Charles, civil engineer Board of
0. Stoddard Xerx[...]Williams. Stoll Charles E, lab, rms 18 W 12th av.
Stoebener Seba[...]ny Stokes, see also1 Stoakes. Stoltz Charles W. broker, r 863 Emerson.
Stokes A J, rm[...]car repairer, r 1415 15th.
uiu STOKES CHARLES A, lawyer, 617- Stolzzenberg Champa.[...]19 Empire Bldg, r 1470 Columbine.
Stokes Charles M, carp, r 3841 Zenobia.
2° Stokes Charles W, r 117 S Lincoln.
Stokes Daine[...]
[...]Stone Raymond H, pres Crowley-Stone
Stone Charles, lab, b 3919 Walnut, Re[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]1539 Franklin. Stout Charles M, grocer, rms 1855 Champa
o= Stoney Rac[...]Stout Charles V, horse dealer, r 2861 W[...]THE M C M U _ _ T R Y MFG.CO.
0,||| Storms Charles, lab, r 328 S Navajo. 174-[...]
[...]nburg Roy A, chili parlor, 14 1st Strafaccio Charles, gardener, r 1960 31st.
av, rms 8 1st av.[...]w Elizabeth Mrs, r 3944 Lowell Boule- Strand Charles C O, wringer Columbine
vard.[...]orona. Strandberg Charles V, gardener, r 3110
Stowe Almond A, r 1824 Clarks[...]Strangeman Alfred, painter Grant Paint-
Stowman Charles W, bartdr, r 2420 15th.
Stowman F, switchman U P[...]RIS, expert
Stewart Agency Co local agts, Charles watchmaker and jeweler, formerly mgr
G Rh[...]MUTUAL HAIL & CY- England, 625 Charles Bldg, 15th cor Cur-[...]
[...]arble Co, 601-602 Exchange Bldg
Stratton Charles, lab, rms 4701 Franklin. r 1216 Pontiac.
Stratton Charles E, pres Star Loan Co, Strauss Joseph IT, cl[...]Sugar Co, r 3016 Wyandot.
Stratton Charles W, bkkpr Emil Grosser, Strauss Leo (Home Loa[...]ridge Elsa Miss, teacher Louisa M
Straub Charles A, mining, r 1929 Cham- Alcott Sch[...]
[...]nd Thomas W, wks McFarlane 2 at
Street Charles W, clk George Mayer Mfg Co, r[...]dentist, 612 Em-
Street Mary K Mrs, dressmkr 511 Charles pire Bldg, r 1520 York.
[...]Fidelity, J u d i c i a l , C o n t r a c t ,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Off[...]er Frank, airbrake repairer IT P
Strom Charles O, boilermkr, r 69 Law- R R, r 11[...]
[...]Montague J, policeman, r 1899 W Stryker Charles E, conductor Tramway
Colfax av[...]St Stephen's Episcopal Church, 2fith av se
Stroup Charles A, pressman Denver Sales cor Williams.[...], b 1437 Washington. Stuart Charles A (Chas A Stuart & Co),
Strozier Cosby W, rms 165[...]ier David, col'd, porter, rms 2715 Stuart Charles A & Co (Chas A Stuart &
Arapahoe.[...]Stuart George B, driver Denver Omnibus
Struble Charles, janitor Lorraine Apart- & Cab Co, b 19[...]Stuart George E, tel opr C & S Ry, r 1940
Struble Charles C, engineer Denver Towel Sherman[...]
[...]GLASS Stuebgen Charles A, packer Cuban Cigar
MO)[...]C Stuebgen Charles M, clk, r 2130 Champa.
THE M M U R T R[...]507 Stull John H, b 1919 21st av.
Charles Bldg. Stuitz Clyde A,[...]Miss, r 2323 Curtis. 20th av.
Stubbs Charles, clk L M Weiner Wine Stump Clara Miss, clk Phone[...]lenarm PI. Marion.
Stubbs Charles E (Springer & Stubbs), r Stump[...]Pullman Co,
27, 318 14th.
Stubbs Charles H, billiard hall, 1621 Wel- rms 2443 Lawre[...]
[...]Suehrstedt Charles, butcher, r 4752 Val-[...]Suesser Charles F, salesman, r 1426 Stout. oo
Sturns Raymond E[...]Suhrstedt Charles, sausagemkr Eastern[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. • S t f ^ E S S ?
1236 S[...]rms 1848 Larimer.
gi Sullivan Charles, pressfeeder
Brooks P t g Co, r 2255 S[...]van James, lab, rms 1441 Blake.
Sullivan Charles, switchman, b 4681 Race. Sullivan Jam[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street tt- REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]ril Frank H, mining, r 1200 S Sher- Summerton Charles E, clk The May, r
man.[...]ers, see also Sommers. Summerville Charles, teamster, r 840 S
Summers Albert, wai[...]mers D Ashby, opr Postal Tel-Cable Sumner Charles L Mrs, rms 1526 Larimer.
[...]Surange Charles, musician, rms 1226 17th. m to
SUN INSUEANCE CO[...]Survey Harry J, salesman G M Walker,
Sundin Charles A, brick contractor, 207 r 1442[...]Denver
Sundwall Charles E, woodwkr, r 1259[...]
[...], 1434% Larimer. Suttle Charles E, clk Colo- N a t Bank, r
Sutcliffe Walt[...]and, see also Southerland. Sutton Charles G, horseman, r 2207 S
Hi Sutherland Andrew,[...]n B, horseman, r 1616 S Acoma.
Sutherland Charles R, rms 1435 Tremont Sutton J[...]
[...]Swan Thomas, car repairer, r 1102 14th.
Swahn Charles E, foreman Fuller Pk, r Swanberg Swan T, p[...]in Fire Underwriters Assn, r 2235 Vine. Swanger Charles F, helper Hewitt Candy
Swaim Minnie Mrs, clk Empo[...]ry Co. Swanger Charles J, blksmith, r 922 Law-
E^Swain, see also Swayne.[...]rence.
Swain Charles M Mrs, r 1629 Downing.
Swain Frank E, foreman Mil[...]also Swann.
Swan Albert H, rms 1449 Larimer.
Swan Charles A, designer DANIELS &
FISHER STORES CO, r 1365 Osceola.
Swan Charles C, clk Denver Fruit & Veg-
etable Growers Assn, r 4902 W 35th av.
Swan Charles E, bicycle repairer, 927 llth
av, r 1071[...]
[...]Winfield, clk, r 3116 Gil-
Swann Perry S. engineer Ernest & Cran- pin.
me[...]on Knute, clk auditor D & R G R
Swanson Charles, car repairer U P R R, R, r 2435 Franklin.[...]Lena Miss, dressmkr, r 2231 Em-
Swanson Charles A, conductor Tramway erson.
C[...]anson Lena Miss, r 2017 Curtis.
Swanson Charles A, teamster, r 661 Pearl. Swanson Louis, clk M Ripley, r 70 W
Swanson Charles B, cook Brown Palace Archer PI.[...]n Mabel E Miss, opr Phone Co, r
Swanson Charles E, coachman, 1301 High. 4145 Raritan.
Swanson Charles O, lab, r 673 Bryant. Swanson Magnus, r 4524 Sherman.
(ft (ft Swanson Charles P, lab, r 1234 Bannock. Swanson Martin, clk McPhee & McGin-
Swanson Charles P, lab, r 1025 W Elk PL nity Co, r 22[...]
[...]Miss, asst University
Swanson Robert J, polisher Charles Wa- of Denver, r Edgewate[...]_3
Sward Charles H, tailor, rms 1414 Tremont[...]
CHARLES F. NEAL & 00. - S £ ' E _ _ _ r
Main 4139[...]Sweet Charles E, r 6800 Montview Boule-
A Inca.[...]wedish United Mission, es Quitman bet Sweet Charles H, machinist, r 2457 Stout.
W 44th and W 45th avs. Sweet Charles S, r 1036 Kalamath.
Swedish Vice-Cons[...]n B, painter, r 6800 Montview
Sweeney Charles, lab, r 4433 Garfield. Boulevard.
Sweeney Charles, plumber, r 1, 2040 Sweet Emma L[...]
[...]WEET WILLIAM E & COMPANY Swift Charles A, inspector Tramway Co,
(William E Sweet), inve[...]1640 Stout, Equitable Bldg. Swift Charles O, barber, 2842 Larimer.
Sweet William H (Sweet B[...]Sweet Swift George B, salesman Charles Scrib-
and J B Monroe), carbon papers and[...]Sacred Heart, r 2760 Larimer.
Sweetman Charles H Mrs, r 1278 Marion. Swift Henry V, clk, r[...]meier), r 2311 9th.
Swenson Charles E, gardener Charles
Bender, 3750 W 27th av.
Swenson Charles J, barber 1821 Champa,
r 3775 Lowell Bou[...]
[...]Sword Charles, tailor C Amilon, r 1414[...]Sword Charles, lab, r 1301 W Cedar av.
I- ft. Swinehart Tir[...]& Co, rms 104 Broadway.
Swisher Charles H, porter Wells Fargo Sylvester Bonney J[...]scopal Church, r 1160 Lincoln.
Switzer Charles J, grocer, 150 Kalamath. Symon Benjamin F[...]
[...]Synerholm Charles, lab, r 3740 Walnut.[...]Taggart Frank D, lawyer, 724-725 Kitt-
TAAB CHARLES, physician, 739 redge Bldg, r 552[...]Taggart Tryphena M Mrs, r 2057 Fairfax.
Tabor Charles M, wks Tramway Co, r Taggart William P, ex[...]Hotel. Taisey Charles H (C H Taisey & Co), 1528
Tabor Oliver A,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offici[...]dge Benjamin H, lawyer, 710 Er-
Takatsuka Charles K, mgr Japanese Con- nest & Cranmer[...]
[...]arl. Tapp , rms 27, 512 16th.
Tandy Charles B, draughtsman Biscoe & Tappan Edward S,[...]), r 1437 Washington. Tapper Charles A, clk Colo Supply Co, b
Tandy O F Furniture Co,[...]ss Co, r 609 20th. Tai*bel Charles A, fiscal sec Arcalvada M
Tangman William M. engineer, r 609 20th. & M Co, r 528 Washington.
Tangye Charles R, driver DANIELS & Tarbel Paul, minin[...]233 Acoma. H 01
Tankersley Charles W, lawyer, 419 Quin- Tarbell Cynthia Mrs. r[...]nastic and Hydriatic Institute, 235 15th,
Tanner Charles K, painter, rrrts 1329 Cali- r 1429 Bro[...]
[...]elle Mrs, dressmkr, r 3551 Wil- Taussig Arnold S. physician, 7, 1434 Glen-
o liams.
T[...]19th ne cor Curtis, r 217 S Clark-
Tasker Charles Andrew, col'd, porter son.[...]
[...]Taylor Frank S, driver Geib & Hodgson,
Taylor Charles, mdse appraiser Assessor, rms 1315 Wa[...]r Frank T, engineer, r 3658 Lipan. OO
Taylor Charles, r 979 Downing. Taylor Frank V, sec Beam Guarantee
Taylor Charles D, painter, r 455 Detroit. Brokerage Co, 12, 1233 15th.
Taylor Charles F, miner, rms 1812 Curtis. Taylor Fred J, clk Ph Zang Brewing Co,
Taylor Charles H (Tuck & McCartney r 2418 Elio[...]Taylor Fred M, r 1626 Franklin.
Taylor Charles H, real estate, r 3720 Low- Taylor Georg[...]Taylor George, tinner, r 630 Elati.
Taylor Charles M, mgr Winter Cigar Mfg
Co, rms 305 W Colfax av.[...]Taylor George F, lawyer, 421 Charles
Taylor Charles S, clk D & R G R R, r 2129 Bldg, r 144[...]George M, exp.ressman, r 1152 Ja-
TAYLOR CHARLES W, saloon, son.[...]55 Pearl. fornia.
Taylor Charles W, lineman Phone Co, r Taylor Georg[...]Bldg, r 1235 Ogden.
Taylor Charles W, painter DANIELS &
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]s, r 2738 Lafayette.
Taylor Joseph M, lab Charles Bender, 3750 Taylor Susan Mrs, chiropodist[...]
[...]eder C F Hoeckel
Taylor William B, coml trav, 612 Charles B B Co, r 1225 Inca.
Bldg, r 630 Elati.[...]oe. Tebeau Charles, cigarmkr, r 4367 Utica.
Taylor William G, wareho[...]lor William T, conductor, r 917 12th. Tedford Charles W, clk Tramway Co, r
Taylor William W, floor walk[...]Byers PL Teed Charles M, laundry, r 4734 High,
Taylor Winter D,[...]
[...]Temmer Charles A, lab, r 4542 Fillmore.
S[...]Charles Bldg, r 3429 W 32d av.
Teeter Charles O, bkkpr Denver Coun- Temple Court, 1[...]le Court Investment Co, 1010 16th.
Teeter Charles O, salesman J S Brown Temple Emanuel[...]elander Tell M, wagon mfr, 1428 Mar- Templin Charles O, student, rms 2180 S
tt Z ket, r 3406 Ralei[...]ller Henry B, lawyer Dorsey & Hodges, Ten Eyck Charles H, driver, r rear 4025[...]
[...]Jackson. Terris Charles H, wood turner, rms 1020
Tennant Charles J, driver Northern Coal[...]physi- Terry Charles A, bkkpr, r 35 W Irvington
cian and surgeon, 142[...]Race (Phone York 333), Terry Charles H, live stock, r 35 W Irv-
Tennant Emma Mrs, r 41[...]ington PI.
Tennant Harrison H, jeweler Charles Terry Clarence H, den[...]Terry James L, sec genl supt D & R G to so
Tenney Charles H, bkkpr C J Reilly, r[...]PI. 32
Tenstrom Charles, teamster Campbell
Bros Coal Co, rms 2374[...]Tesch Charles F, driver, r 2442 Marion. co
Terhune Pe[...]
[...]tcher Sewell D, clk Barteldes Seed Co, Thennes Charles J, r 431 W 1st av.
r 1890 S Clarkson.[...]al limbs, 45-46-47-48 Good Blk, 1557 Thibodeau Charles O Rev, pastor John
Larimer cor 16th.[...].
AtFP^S. \< L
Theisen Frank,[...]
[...]Thiemes Frank, bartdr, rms 2205 Larimer. Thomas Charles, wks Charles Dankworth,
Thies Evo H, student, r 254b[...]S FELIX, real estate dept Thomas Charles, r 1114 Jason.
Thomas Charles, r 4211 Fox.
German-American Trust Co, 1428 to 1438 Thomas Charles E, roofer, r 276 Meade.
16th, r 1750 Pennsylvania. Thomas Charles F, col'd, expressman, r
Thies Fritz, pr[...]545 Champa. Thomas Charles J Mrs, r 408 W Colfax av.
THIES FRITZ MERCANTILE CO, Thomas Charles M Rev, r Benton nw cor[...]whol liquors and mfrs of cigars, 1552 to THOMAS CHARLES S, lawyer
CM 1556 Blake.
Thies[...]er Co, r 2545 Champa. Thomas Charles S Jr, mining engineer, r
Thiesing Emlen[...]Thimgan John, engineer, r 1245 Kalamath. Thomas Charles S, wks Churchill & Gar-
CNJ Thimgan Louis,[...]Thomas Allonzo O, mgr Sewing Machine Thomas David S. bricklayer, r 3942 Lipan.
[...]PLATE V I I - l ^ W ^
rector, 510 Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis.[...]
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Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Opp[...]
o 5 Franklin.
Thompson Charles, cabinetmkr Lunt &[...]r 4227 Vallejo.
• Thompson Charles Mrs, rms Hotel Albert Thompson Eliza A Mrs, r D, 1026 Broad-
CO Thompson Charles A, electrician, r 25 W way.
8th[...]Elizabeth Miss, cashier B I
Thompson Charles A, real estate, 402 Look, b 1430 Tremont PL[...]beth J Mrs, r 1101 14th av.
Thompson Charles B, fitter Denver Gas Thompson Elmer E, forema[...]M & M Co, r 1132 Mariposa.
THOMPSON CHARLES E, genl agt Thompson Emma A Mrs, r 7[...]Ennis W, carp, r 516 Ogden.
Thompson Charles E, mining machinery, Thompson Ennis W, carp,[...]Essie Mrs, r 1826 36th av.
Thompson Charles E, carp, r 1840 Clark- Thompson Ethel Miss bkkp[...]Cherokee.
Thompson Charles F, carp Card Mfg Co, Thompson Ezekiel, brickl[...]Logan.
Thompson Charles F, dentist J H Beals, Thompson E A, lab Tramwa[...]Zuni.
Thompson Charles F, lab, r 1150 S Lin- Thompson E S Mrs, r 407[...]ora Mrs, r 1944 Washington.
Thompson Charles G, ice creammkr O P Thompson Flora C Miss, t[...]School, r 761 Franklin.
Thompson Charles H, floor mgr Joslin Thompson Frank, brakeman[...]wning. rence.
Thompson Charles H, foreman Colum- Thompson Frank, salesman[...]Frank C, mgr Thompson Drug
s Thompson Charles H, sec Colo Dairy Co, Co, r 1128 Corona.[...]n Frank D (Thompson & Korf-
Thompson Charles M, clk auditor D & R hage), r 3143 High.[...]ank L, stenographer, r 2325
Thompson Charles W, carp, r 1322 Lipan. Fir.
Thompson Charles W, cook, rms 1854 Lar- Thompson Frank M, lab, r[...]ed, col'd, porter, rms 2151
Thompson Charles William (Traylor & Champa.[...]Fred A, pres Thompson-Olm-
Thompson Charles W, solicitor, r 518 W sted Inv Co, rm[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass'w.r McPhee & McGinnity[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract/
son Marble Co, r 2849 Race.
Thompson Walter S. piano tuner, r 3023
Thompson Wheele[...]
[...]son Co, r 528 S Sherman. Thornton Charles B, blksmith, r 3922
Thoren Frederick[...]
[...]I, rms 2034 Lawrence. Threet Charles R, col'd, lab, r 2309 Blake r 01
Thoroman Ja[...]Olaf, r 835 Lipan.
Thorp Rollin L, physician, 318 Charles Thrower Jesse, col'd, coachma[...]ington.
Thorpe Charles, driver Garrett-Elliott Thrun[...]Thrush Ellis B, permit clk Board of Pub-
Thorpe Charles T, tinner Garrett-Elliott
Hdw & Heating[...]
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. a S S ? C _ S _ r
Main 4139[...]Tieck Marie Mrs, r 364 S Jason.
Thurin Charles J, timekpr Tramway Co, Tieck Otto, clk, r[...]eveland, plumber, r 4710 Jo-
Thuringer Charles W, real estate, 405 sephine.
Charles Bldg, rms 1650 California. Tiedeman Eliz[...]s,
r 2014 Welton.
Thurlow Charles W Jr, artist Smith-[...]emann Louisa Mrs, r 4145 Clay.
Thurman Charles A, sheetiron wkr John Tielborg N K[...]
[...]Tilley Charles, hack driver, r 1300 Raleigh[...]ney Jane C Mrs, r 3114 W 26th av. Tillman Charles, machinist McFarlane
Tierney John I, reporter Tim[...]fany Alice W Mrs, r 651 Grant. TIMLIN CHARLES A, mining, 325
Tiffany George S Lieut, 21st Infan[...]Timmerman Charles M, bartdr I Timmer-[...]er, r 1222 W Byers PI
Tiger Louis, coml trav, 218 Charles Bldg. Timmons Jacob A, bricklayer, r 1[...]
[...]Tindall James EG, bkkpr J L Farney, r Tischler Charles G, blksmith, r 2929 Glen-
o 2240 Gilpin.[...]ham Carl C, stocker, r 2424 15th.
fTinkler Charles C, coml trav, r 21 Down- Titcomb John S, civil en[...]de R, solicitor Standard Sew- Scranton, Pa, Charles F Neal & Co
__o ing Machine Co, rms 1327 Cu[...]Tinsley John M. clk Fontius Shoe Co, b Titley Charles W (E E Rowe & Co), r
2334 Downing.[...]ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Tipton Charles S, stockman, r 1471 Stu-
[...]Tobiason Charles, trimmer Pullman Co,[...]. Tobin Helen Mrs, r 1305 25th.
Tittler Charles, rms 1028 19th. Tobin Irene Mrs, r[...]tomobile Co, r 5, 609 Colfax av.
Titus Charles W, assayer Denver Ore Tobin Quin[...]
[...]Tokarsky Benjamin, tailor, 503 Charles[...]arm PI.
Todd Charles F , prop Inland Inn, 1752 Toler Julia C Mrs, r 22[...]Todd Cornelius, teamster, r 265 Gaylord. Tolin Charles
__o Todd Duff Allen, brakeman, r 2544 W 23d[...]Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis.
Todd S Lu[...]
[...]omkinson Albert, helper, r Washington Toner Charles E', press feeder Carson-[...]
[...]Toothaker Charles O, engineer, r 2626 S[...]y Toohey, see also Touhy, Tuohy. Toppan Charles B, with Galena-Signal Oil
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp.[...]Tracy Charles, lab F Levin, r 1651 9th.[...]rne A, collr Wilkins & Cornish
oss Tracey Charles E, fireman D & R G R
R, rJ22[...]
[...]se, r 724 10th av TRAVERSE ADMEN, seedsman,
Trail Charles W, hay and feed, 49th nw importer and de[...]jestic Bldg. Travis Charles, photographer Williamson-
Tranchitella John, musi[...]oe. Travis Charles A, clk Healy & Boutwell,
Trank Vera Miss, b 1148[...]nkle John, r 1518 California. Travis Charles E, tailor Albany Hotel, r
Tranmer Charles W, livery stable, 2415 W 2948 Gaylo[...]
[...]Treff Charles A, carp, r 2090 Hooker.[...]ng Co, 1632 Tremont PI.
Treadwell Charles E, carp, 1857 Califor- Tremp A Anthony, mdse b[...]Archer PI
TREAT CHARLES A, contractor, es- TRENNER OPTIC[...]
[...]orial Church, 2001 Glenarm PI.
Triangle Club, 410 Charles Bldg. Trinity Methodist[...]o
Trichka Anna Mrs, r 950 llth. 950 llth.
Trichka Charles G, miller Hungarian
Milling & Elevator Co[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offi[...]Tripp Robert A, lab Capital Ice & Storage Trotter Charles, col'd, porter Pullman Co,
Co, r 2048 A[...]Tripp Walter, clk Hendrie & Bolthoff Mfg Trotter Charles E, wks U S Mint, rms
& Supply Co.[...]r 754 Broadway. Grant.
Troncin Charles J, stenographer supt Troutfetter Louis[...]Troop Andrew J, driver Duffy Storage & Troutman Charles A, clk. r 736 Inca.
Moving Co,[...]
[...]True Charles, r 819 Lawrence.[...]e Edward J, lab, b 4381 Sheri- Truesdale Charles A, r 236 W Irvington PI
dan Boulevard.[...]c Carbonated Bot-
tling Co, r 1344 12th.
Troyer Charles H, teamster, r 96 Jason.
Troyer Maggie D M[...]
[...]Tucker Charles Mrs, r 1113 13th.
Tucker Charles Warren, clk Phone Co,
Trundle J M tel opr[...]rant, 1642-1644 Champa.
Tschudy Charles A, lab. r 2247 Tremont PI Tucker Leonora[...]
[...]Tilling Charles, rms Victor Hotel. PI o[...]Mrs, bkkpr Nat Biscuit
Co, b 1661 Lincoln.
Tufts Charles W, engineer. Engine Co No
5, r 1318. 9th.[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insur[...]Turner Charles, lab, r 4741 Grant.
Turner Charles, shoemkr, 1512 34th av.
s Tupper Ella C Mrs[...]Turner Charles, wks S M Morgan, 1853[...]pper Holmes M, teacher Gilpin School, Turner Charles, col'd, waiter American
r 933 Julian.[...]rban Jacob, tailor, 1537 17th, rms 2033 Turner Charles A, repairer Wrought Iron
fcxD Curtis.[...]Turner Charles T, r 1254 Champa.
Turbush Elmer E, mfrs a[...]Moyer Bros, r 912 12th.
Turk Charles, salesman Farmers Mort- Turner Ell[...]
Turner John W, clk auditor D & R G R Turnquist Charles A, cook Oscar Orblom,[...]
[...]ining Howard, oressman Williamson-
Tuttle Charles W, saloon, 1362 Larimer, r Haffner Engraving[...]Twining Mary Mrs, r 4560 Franklin.
Tuttle Charles W, troubleman Phone Co, Twining Mary B Mrs,[...]uttle William B, clk auditor D & R G Tyler Charles, driver City Transfer Co,
ID (0 R R, r 1365 Cl[...]Tyler Charles P, driver C B Rohrbough,
Tuttle Willis M,[...]Mulberry PI and W llth av. Tyler Charles S, asst sec Equitable Fi-
[...]r 4664 Pennsyl-
Ulrick William, driver Charles W Reich- vania.
ard, r 1728 36th.[...]Ulshoffer Harrison S, fitter Phone Co, r Ungemach Charles H (Ungemach Bros),
2829 Franklin.[...]ion Block, 16th cor Arapahoe.
Underhill Charles, hostler Olinger's Car- Union Carbide Co, 1535 19[...]entral Life Insurance Co, 309
Underhill Charles E, painter D & R G Century Bldg.
R R, r 618 W 7th av.
Underhill Charles R, trimmer Pullman
Co, r 4121 C[...]
[...]Unkriclv Charles, plumber, r 65 W Ala-[...]Charles O, grocer, 1420 Dakota av
[...]Utt Charles E, restaurant, 1838 Champa.
Urich Sophia Mrs, r 1[...]Utt Viola Mrs, r 28 W 14th av.
Urie Charles C, student, r 618 Kalamath. Ut[...]Utz Joseph, cabinetmkr, r 678 Bryant.
Urquhart Charles, tailor, rms 1339 Acoma. Uyeda[...], r 59 Cherokee. Uzzell Charles V, coal, r 2731 Umatilla.[...].
VACUUM CLEANER CO, 1600 Vail Charles C, special agt Colo Natl[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. " S ^ S S S T
1292 VAI[...]Vallandigham Charles L, wks Times, r[...]E & WATERMAN (J F Vaile Vallero Charles J, machinist Denver
and C W Waterman), law[...]Mark, driver Rhodes Ranch Egg
Vaillancourt Charles E, bartdr, r 233 22d. Co, r 3402 O[...]
[...]se, 3923 High. Van Camp Charles, bartdr Condon Bar.
Van Anda JGJdward, photo engr[...]uite 210 Van Da Walker John L, balancemkr
Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis, r 811 Lin- Thomp[...]
Building Material
Both Wholesale and Retail The[...]
McPhee & McGinnity Co. Nails, Barbed Wire,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Off[...]Van Sickle Charles A, lab, r 2535 Ames,[...]COLO. Van Sickle Roy S, coml trav, 314 Charles[...]r 1635 Gilpin. Vanstrom Charles, foreman Denver Gas
Van Oeveren Abraha[...]Joseph, clk, r 110 Elati.
• S Van Olinda Charles W, real estate, 207 Van Uithoven Martin, stock[...], r rear 1438 Jason. 631).
ug Van Sant Charles W, b 1339 17th av.
Van Sant Plu[...]
Larimer. Charles Scribners Sons, r 3024 Zuni.
Van Westenbrugge Wil[...]R Thompson & Co, r 4430 Vrain. Varnum Charles W, lawyer, 401 Symes
Van Why Ada Mrs, clk Secreta[...]112 Cherokee. Varnum George, real estate, 414 Charles
Van Winkle Charles, col'd, janitor, rms Bldg. r 2100 S Logan.[...]rd P, clk, r 3444 Shoshone. 9 —
Van Zant Charles B, physician, 26, 1427 Vaughan Archib[...]
[...]aughan Simeon M, bailiff District Court, Veazey Charles A, clk Denver Dry Gds
r 1266 S Gaylord[...]Vedmar Matt, lab, r 4411 Logan.
Vaughn Charles A, machinist C & S Ry, Veech Robert, coremk[...]er Albert H Jr, sec Denver Union
Vaughn Charles E. conductor Tramway Stock Yard Co, r 13[...]o Co, r 2410 W Argyle PL
Vaughn Charles G, prop Broadway De-
Veeder Charles, chauffeur, r 2928 Arapa-[...]1357 Lipan. Velie Charles E Mrs, r 264 S Pearl.
Vaughn Eugene, ic[...]T Co. F U E L C(S.
Vaughn William, r 1, 1411 Ogden.[...]
[...]Verner Ralph S, coml trav, 621 Charles
BR A N N [ N -STANDA^^ C >[...]Vernon Charles, rms 1333 15th.
INSU[...]lake. Verrey Charles A, clk Daniel Huck, r
Veniere Clara Mrs, r 2263 B[...]k.
Veraldi Rosario, lab, r 1150 W 38th av.
Verdan Charles A, restaurant, 430 S[...]ARD (Ver- Very Charles J, tinner R Hardesty Mfg " 2
deckberg & Bur[...]. Vessels Charles, farmer, r W Exposition[...]Main 7897). Gilpin.
Verdell Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2231 Vesuv[...], r 1869
Verner George A, coml trav, 621 Charles[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]
[...]Vinquist Charles R, repairer C & S Ry, r[...]Vinton Charles H, clk West Side Crimi-
Villano Angelo, pedler, r[...]Vinton Lillian A Mrs, notions, 244 S
Villars Charles T, billiard hall, 1758 Cur- Broadway.
tis, r[...]Vinal C H Mrs, b 1922 Grant. Charles Bldg, b 1420 Logan.
Vince Frank, rms 1424[...]
[...]Vogt Michael, butcher Charles Starkloff
g Vizza John, lab, r 1227 Wa[...]
[...]Von Egidy Chester C, elevator pilot Im-
Volk Charles J, mining, 421 Ernest & peria[...]& Uehlin), r 2943 Frank- von Falck Charles B, coml trav, r 1520 S
lin.[...]Von Gohren E E, cement contractor; r
Volke Charles A, helper Colo Iron Wks, 1658 C[...]gs, etc, 1841-1843 Wazee. Von Kamp Charles E, r 1329 18th av.
Volking August, lab, rms 1014[...]on Rabenhorst Edward, grocer, 2463
Vollmar Charles L, pres Platteville Larimer.[...]Von Richthofen Louise Mrs, b The Shir-
Vollmer Charles F, r 2127 S Fillmore. ley.
Vollmer C J, coml trav, 611 Charles Bldg. von Ruecau Louis H R, mining[...]ab, rms 1?0.7 fo rimer. Voorhees Charles A, teamster, r 2434
Von Alt Karl, buyer A[...]
[...]contractor, rms ber & Pole Co, suite 415 Charles Bldg,
UI JS 411 16th.[...]
Wade Charles E, salesman Franktown[...]Wade Harley L, cook, rms 1749 Welton.
Wack Charles, switchman, rms 1431 16th. Wade Henry W, col'd[...]dw & Heating Co, r 925 S Clarkson. Wadleigh Charles A, machinist Denver
Waddell Raymond S, special ag[...]ngton Rosa I Mrs, r rear 3660 Del-
Waddles Charles, coml trav, 213 Charles
Bldg, r 3, 924 Broadway.
Waddleton Freder[...]
[...]gner A R Mrs, r 2436 Washington.
Wadsworth Charles F, printer Western Wagner Carl R, ins[...]Verein, rms 1145 10th.
Wadsworth Charles W (L Lutz & Co), r Wagner Catherine M[...]rth Emma M Mrs, r 1106 Ban- Wagner Charles E, foreman Crescent
OI nock.[...]rth Frank F, r 569 S Clarkson. Wagner Charles H, grocer, 3262 Larimer.
Wadsworth George W, r Washington Wagner Charles H, salesman G J Kindel,
Waegele Charles, stockman, r 549 Emer- Wagner George, r[...]y Waggener, see also Wegener.
OH- Waggoner Charles, dairy, r 2697 S Gala-[...]
Main 413d CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.See Advertisement[...]Waite Charles P, clk American S & R Co,
i Wahl S, rms 1[...]ing Co, rms 2103 Champa. ket.
Wahlstrom Charles P , farmer, r 4129 Wakeman Alleah M Miss,[...]
[...]ggist, r 2137 Stout. 1712 Lafayette.
Walbrook Charles H, driver E W Sar- Waldron Martin J Jr, p[...]& How-
ard Lumber Co, r 177 W Cedar av.
Waldman Charles W, mdse broker, 403[...]. Wales Jesse, lab, b 3637 Kalamath.
Waldo Charles A, real estate, 1541 Cham- Wales John W[...]
[...], r e a l e s t a t e , 516 Quincy
WALKER CHARLES E, physician,[...]1471 J o s e p h i n e .
W a l k e r .Charles E , t e a m s t e r , r 2362 C u r -
Co., r 231 - L o g a n .
!__ Walker Charles W, bkkpr Walker Bros
P l u m b i n[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & 00. Off[...]ker Robert H, stenographer Stimson, Wall Charles, lab, b 3063 Blake.
Tebbetts & Mu[...]
[...]ege, 1739 Champa. R R, r 824 27th.
Wallace Charles, mining machinery, r Wallace John K, m[...]Theatre, r 1922 Grant.
Wallace Charles, r 2146 Market. Wallace John M, barber W H, Hayes, r
Wallace Charles E, painter, r ws Inca 3222 Downing.
bet[...]Wallace John T. mgr Wallace Lumber
Wallace Charles W, helper American Co. r 200 W Irvingt[...]Wallace Lawrence" S. miner, r 12 Logan.
Wallace David G,. drugg[...]
[...]allace Robert, lab, rms 1441 Blake. Wallick Charles E, r 1531 Fillmore.
Wallace Robert B, plum[...]Wallace.
Wallaker Frank D, coml trav. 409 Charles Wallis Fannie A Mrs, dressmkr, r 3485 W[...]
[...]W 23d av. Walsh Grant, porter Charles Duffy, 1862
Wallis Ross S, lab Robinson Br[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. See Advertisement[...]alsh Michael J, stone mason, r 3734 Walter Charles E, woodwkr, r 816 W llth
Humboldt.[...]alsh Michael P, lab, r 1125 Walnut. Walter Charles K, r 2735 Larimer.
Walsh Minerva Mrs, r 29, 330 19th av. Walter Charles S, vice-pres Security Inv
Walsh M[...]
[...]Walther William M, bkkpr George Tritch
Walters Charles, bartdr W E Blain, rms Hdw Co, r[...]
[...]lton Harold W, clk Scholtz Drug Co, Wanner Charles, r 3254 Raleigh.
main store, rms 809 14th[...]thing Co, rms 1744 Grant. Wantland Charles E, real estate, 814 17th,
o „ Walton John E, bo[...]Walz Minnie Miss, clk, r 1322 26th av. Ward Charles, lab J F Van Daniker, r
Walz Olga S Miss,[...]Walz Rudolph, foreman Neef Bros Brew- Ward Charles A, col'd, horseman, rms
ing Co, r[...]
[...]description (sales days Tuesdays,
Ward Charles D, driver Colfax Av Fuel Th[...]), 1815 to 1819
& Feed Co, r 1537 Williams.
Ward Charles E, drain layer, b 2748 Law-[...]
[...]e Warner Sally A Mrs, r 115 llth av.
Warner Charles E, clk Burns Furniture Warner Sarah C Mrs,[...]student, r 811 S Down-
Warner Fred, driver Charles Humburg,
r 2602 W 6th av.
Warner Fred R,[...]
[...]32d av bet Decatur and Eliot.
Warren Charles, col'd, porter L M Weiner[...]Wine Co, rms 1340 Kalamath.
Warren Charles, lab, rms 1828*. Lari-
Q. Warren Charles E, wks Hurlbut Grocery Warrick J, rms Victo[...]rrick Sadie E Mrs, r 2041 Welton.
Warren Charles F, helper D & R G R R, [CT*Warriner, see al[...]ner Hannah B Mrs, r 929 Ellsworth
Warren Charles F, lab, r 1357 Newton. av.
oo Warren Charles S, bricklayer, r 1357 New-
[...]Co, r 2439 Larimer.
Washburn Charles, waiter, rms 1820' Stout
Washburn Douglas,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp.[...]Waters Charles, stone cutter, rms 909 14th.
O STANLEY M BARRDWC. Waters Charles M, r 15, 1224 Colfax av.
U Waters Charles W, groundman Denver
o PLATE C L A S S[...]r 943 Wyandot. kota av.
Waterman Charles W (Vaile & Water- Waters William C, p[...]k Island Lines, rms 433 17th. Wathen Charles (Charles Wathen & Co),
o u Waterman George C, real[...]pahoe, r 1470 S Pennsylvania. Wathen Charles & Co (Charles Wathen
Waterman Hannah M Mrs, r 4576 S[...]ard PI. Watkins Charles G D, carp Cochran &
oo Waterman Ka[...]
[...]atson Alfred C, dep sheriff, r 1419 Lipan
Watkins Charles H, foreman, r 4640 Gil- Watson Alice M Miss,[...]School, r 1238 Acoma.
Watkins Charles S, r 1305 Elizabeth. Watson Alvan McC, cl[...]coma. Watson Charles, grocer, 1377 Mariposa. CO
Watkins Frank, cutter Capitol Art Glass Watson Charles O, clk J S Brown & Bro
Wks, r 276 S Gilpin.[...]o, 1525 to 1535 Wazee, r 1901 Lincoln. WATSON CHARLES S, pres Denver
Watkins Frank P, molder, r[...]
[...]Watson John, dairy, r 1745 W 48th av. Charles Bldg.
Watson John Mrs, r 1448 B[...]
[...]min C (B C Watts & Co), b Way Charles W, r 1574 S Pennsylvania.
New Broadway Hotel.[...]Wks, r 569 Williams.
333 Cooper Bldg.
Watts Charles, clk auditor D & R G R R, Way F[...]W, clk Oxford Hotel. co
Watts Charles A, engineer, r ws Newton[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Offic[...]ead Caroline Mrs, r 3868 Blake.
z Weatherhead Charles B (Weatherhead[...]lter W, lab, r 2296 S Fox.
o_ J Weatherhead Charles E (Weatherhead WEAVER WILLIAM C, treas Dan-[...]heimer, r 1081 Acoma. Webb Charles D, clk Northern Coal &
Weatherwax Tabitha[...]1269 Vine.
Weaver Charles, waiter, rms 1451 Curtis. Webb Ethel R[...]
[...]eber Georgo N. air brake inspector U Weberg Charles H, lab, r 3711 Williams.
P R R, r[...]
[...]Charles, r 652 Jason.[...]y mail clk, r 1039 S Wedig Charles H, clk Leyden Coal Co, r o
Emerson.[...]Wedow Charles J, wagonmkr, r 1194 Stout
Webster James F,[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Insu[...]Wegener Hans M, bkkpr Charles Hum-
Weeber William J, lawyer, 509 Merc[...]Co, r 4314 Josephine.
Weedman Charles, r 3957 Jason. E^Wehl, see also Weil[...]le Ray F, bartdr G W Naffziger, r
Weeks Charles H, r 3059 Blake. 1898 Humboldt.[...]Market, r 1121 California. Weiand Charles E, bartdr, r 920 25th.
Weeks George, bu[...]nia. Weible Charles, driver P S Hessler Mer
Weeks Ge[...]
Weick Leo, apprentice Field and Farm, r Weigel Charles W, lab, r 731 Delaware.
1470 Osage[...]Weigele Wilhelm, prop Rocky Mountain
Weideman Charles, clk Denver Rubber Hotel, 2301 7th.
Co,[...]l trav, 417 Weil John D, lab, r 1515 W 12th av.
Charles Bldg, r 18, 1010 13th av. Weil Katherine Mr[...]pole.
Weidman Mary D Miss, cashier Denver Weiland Charles, dairy, r ns W 53d av
Dry Gds Co, r 2643[...]
[...]argaret Miss, r 2237 S Acoma.
£ OS Weinand Charles J, photo engraver Weinreb Mich[...]
[...]Weiss Maria A Mrs, r 135 S Corona.
Weis Charles, lab, r 2749 W Cable PL Weis[...]car dept C & S Ry, r .2246 Em-
Weisensee Charles (Weisensee & Miller),
r 854 Lipan.
[...]rge M, bricklayer, r 1005 Zuni
K " at Weisser Charles M (Weisser Bros), r 2215 bet W l l t h av an[...]Welch Augustus A, r 2415 Champa.
Welch Charles C, real estate, 524 E x - PAINT ANDVABNIS[...]change Bldg, r 1450 Washington.
Welch Charles F (C F Welch Lumber &
Coal Co), 2514[...]T^M C MURTRYIV_FG.CO.
Welch Charles F, r 3106 Wyandot.[...]
Welch William A, machinist, rms 1940 Wellington Charles L, traffic mgr C & S
Lincoln.[...]Church of Christ, r 1729 W 38th av. Charles Burton, chief clk supt[...]1328 Marion. Charles E, mgr sales Knight-[...]64 Milwaukee.
WELKER FOREST 0, dentist, 406 Wells Charles H, floor walker Denver Dry
Mack Blk, 16th cor C[...].
Welker John, cattle, r 2160 Downing. Wells Charles N, lab, r 604 W llth av.
Welker Kenneth J, fitter Phone Co, r 540 Wells Charles N, storekpr Pullman Co,
Welker L William, vocal teacher, 154 Wells Charles S Mrs, rms 509 15th.
Glenarm PI, r 1328 Marion. Wells Charles W, deputy state engineer, CO
[...]INSURANCE UPON RENTS Wenske Charles F, carp, r 1349 7th.
Wenske Charles P, baker, r 1349 7th.
FIRE INSURANCE[...]A, machinist, rms 1644 Blake. Wenzel Charles, wks C B Leonard, b
Wendel N C Mrs, r 1331[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Opp. In[...]RANCE Wertheimer Charles A, coml trav, 308 Ap-[...]tilla.
Wergin Charles, wks frt dept U P R R, Wertman Philip, tin[...]lfax av. Glenarm PI.
Werkmeister Charles F, engineer, r 1831
z W 34th av.[...]Wesley Investment Co, Charles II Smith[...]Wessel Fred, bartdr Charles Thomas, rms[...]ner Rudolph H, jeweler Bohm-Allen Wessels Charles, blksmith, r 15 Stuart.
Jewelry Co, r 1[...]. Franklin.
Wernert Charles W, r 1317 Fox. West Albert, rms 140[...]tel, rms 731 18th. 608 Charles Bldg.
o=s Wernicke Charles L, conductor Tramway
Co, r 2444[...]
[...]cor W 14th a v .
W e s t Charles, coml t r a v , r 855 B r o a d w a y . W e s t Side H i g h School, F o x ne cor W 5th
W e s t Charles, p h y s i c i a n , r m s 1226 17th. av.
W e s t Charles, p o r t e r Shirley T a v e r n , r W[...]i n g , 1305
CO, Cala, Charles S Konigsberg[...]
A^^.^o. THE HALLACK & HOWARD LUMBER GO. & 7th 81s.
1342 WES BALL[...]
[...]15 MFG CO, N B o r e l l i p r e s , P D i Gior-
Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis. gio vice-pres, P F[...], r 2710 S Lincoln, Engle-
Western Realty Co, 419 Charles Bldg. wood.
Western Realty & Pav[...]Mrs, r 20 20th av. (TQ
J H Mayhew pres, 418 Charles Bldg, 15th Westhaver George W, barber[...]University of co
Bernard Crockery Co, 422 Charles Bldg, Denver, r 2221 S Colum[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. Offi[...]Westover Charles W, painter, r 835 25th
WESTINGHOUSE AIR B[...]rcantile Bldg. Westphal Charles O, conductor, r 31, 2934
WESTINGHOUSE E[...]lake William J, tinner Denver Sheet Wetherell Charles A, clk, r 782 Sherman.
Metal Works Co,[...]n Thomas, cigarmkr Schiele Bros
Westley Charles, subscription books, 79 & Moreland, r 637 S[...]Earl, student, r 1038 Bannock.
< Westley Charles F, wks C & S Ry, r 2445 Wettengel Eliz[...]
[...]Wheaton Frank Mrs, r 827 Clarkson.
Weynand Charles P, teamster, r 4985 Wheaton Harry S, glas[...]50).
C^"Whalen, see also Whelan, Wheelon.
Whalen Charles P, butcher, r Washington
[...]422 Colorado
oo Zuni.
Wheeler Charles A, wks Littleton Cream- Bldg, 16th cor Calif[...]er Mary E Miss, r 429 Bannock.
Wheeler Charles N, driver, r 2605 Walnut. Wheeler Mary F Miss,[...]lati.
Wheeler Daniel Y, coml trav, 312 Charles Wheeler Nannie Mrs, r 1949 Curtis.[...]
[...]Whistler Charles C, wks Phone Co. z[...]White Albert N, physician, 334 Empire
Whinnery Charles, rms 1566 Broadway.[...]
Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis.[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. " S ^ S S r
1436 CA[...]
[...]Carborators. Klenk Charles, 17 Broadway.
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO, Opp. Insu[...]White Charles W, bkkpr Sigel-Campion
STANLEY M.BARRDW[...]White Charles W, col'd, janitor frt dept[...]& Co, r 2208 California.
White Charles, driver F H Pepper, 1209[...]hite Elvira A Mrs, r 1310 Curtis.
White Charles C, sheetironwkr, r 1724 36th White Emma Miss, c[...]White Emma I Mrs, r 1150 Stout.
White Charles E, conductor Pullman Co. White Ernest L, ba[...]ay, Englewood, rms 115 S Bannock.
White Charles E, salesman Hungarian White Ethel M Miss[...]& Elevator Co, r 3277 W Lake PI.
White Charles H, coml trav, r 4301 Yates. S Pearl.
White Charles H, machinist John A Tray-
lor Machy Co, rms 1000 13th.
White Charles H, col'd. janitor, r 2803
Glenarm PI.[...]1r0R PAINT
White Charles L, col'd, clk P O, r 1343
Lafayette.[...]l VARNISH
White Charles M, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron lAREJHtPEOPLE] G[...]Co, 806 17th, r 280 S Washington.
White Charles N, salesman L A Watkins C[...]THE M MURTRY MFG.CO.
5 3 White Charles S, clk Golden Eagle, r 4238 1741 ARA[...]
[...]White Heman G, coml trav, 504 Charles
White Frank G, cutter Nicoli The Tailor,[...]
Plate and
Window Glass The Hallack & Ho[...]
[...]1830 Champa. Whitman Charles B, salesman Cambrian
Whitely Albert (E[...]Rose Mrs, r 1702 33d av.
Whitescarver Charles A, real estate, 206 Whitman Walter E, clk, r 555[...]Whiteside Frederick W. chief engineer 202 Charles Bldg, rms 1435 Tremont PI.
[...]Whitney Wilberta Miss, music teacher, r
Whitmore Charles A, bkkpr, r 2129 W 27 tl Irving Park Add.[...]William A, real estate, 205 it
Whitney Charles B, sporting gds, r 25 W Whittakex William G, Scar[...]SO _ « •
Whitney Charles C, cook, rms 1545 Lari- Whittam Joseph, pres Meta[...]Co.
Whitney Charles E, janitor Tallmadge & Whitted Elmer E[...]Dines), r 1885 Gaylord.
Whitney Charles G, salesman Boyd Park Whitted Virgil,[...]Charles H, wks Phone Co, r
[...]Brown), mining engineers, 417 Boston Wicks Charles L, col'd, janitor Phone
Bldg.[...]Co, r 2953 California.
Wibel Charles E, wks Phone Co, r 1593 Wicks E J, col'd, waiter[...]George W, machinist, r 3445 Mari-
<ft(ft Wiberg Charles F, press feeder Mer- posa.
Wiborg Charles J, cabinetmkr Denver[...]
[...]l'd, porter J W Noesen, Wiedemann Charles G, grocer, 1100 Law- co
rms 2418 Californ[...]1.
Wideman Charles, driver, rms 831 Lari- ette.
mer.[...]zabeth Mrs, r 3208 Cook. Wiening Charles W, driver K & B Pkg
Widener H L, lab Cafe Mozart[...]bine.
Widmark David, houseman 1400 Ash.
Widmayer Charles, r 1376 Lipan.
Widmayer Fred A, horseshoer[...]
[...]See Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO. Opp. Ins[...]William, butcher G Doyle, r 244
Wiggins Charles E, billiards, 1761 Stout, Fillmore.[...]racker Co, r 3722 Wewatta. Wilber Charles H, lab J C Brown, rms
Wiggins Edward, l[...]ggins Henry E, teamster, r 2627 Wilbur Charles L, cement contractor, 717
e_ 3 Champ[...]
[...]1427 Blake. 1646 Blake.
Wilcox Charles E, clk Golden Eagle, r Wilcoxson Andrew J,[...]Wilcoxson Boone E, clk F D Lilley, r 1352
Wilcox Charles M, sec Physicians Chemi- Elati.
cal & Drug[...]ilcox Henry W, physician, 732 14th, r 25 Wilder Charles C, mining, r 2725 Califor-
Lincoln.[...]rion. Wildey Charles W, machinist Smith-
Wilcox Lute, editor an[...]
[...]Wilhelm Charles F, r 132 S Kalamath.[...]w Furniture Co, r 2045 Curtis.
Wildt Charles M, clk Donaldson & How- Wilhelm William L,[...]dt Laura A Miss, r 302 Galapago. Wilhelmi Charles H, printer Wahlgreen
Wildt William D, c[...]WILES EDWIN L, asst to pres Wilke Charles H, r 1505 26th av.[...]School, rms 433 17th. Wilkin Charles H, stenographer Excel-
Wiley Nancy M Mr[...]ver Gas & Elec Co, r 1650 Washington. Wilkin Charles M, driver, r 823 32d.
Wiley Roge[...]
[...]Wilkinson Thomas, yardman The Shirley,
Wilkins Charles, driver Joslin Dry Gds rms 13[...]WILKINSON THOMAS L, consult-
Wilkins Charles H, filler Denver Bedding ing an[...]. Willard Charles A, ticket clk A T & S F
Wilkins Kate Mrs, r 1066[...]ss, rms 1820 California. Willard Charles H, representative Devoe
Wilkins Luther W,[...]
[...]Fidelity, Judicial, Contract,
CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. O[...]Willfong Charles A, stenographer chief[...]ard John W, brick mason, r 3415 23a Willi Charles M, conductor C & S Ry, r[...]Cheers, r 301 23d.
WILLCOX CHARLES MacA, vice- Williams Ambrose, col'd, janitor Stat[...]o;
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r 3010 Vine.
Wille Charles G, printer, r 2742 W 26th av[...]
[...]Williams Charles Herbert, engineer, r 3012[...]Williams Charles H, engineer California[...]WTilliams Charles H, teamster, . b 3339[...]Williams Charles L, lab, r 4623 Race,
1540-46 LAWRENCE ST. Williams Charles P, landscape gardener,[...]VI WE'LL TRUST YOU Williams Charles R, mgr mechanical dept[...]Williams Charles W, helper F B Bigler,
Williams Aubrey H, physicia[...]Bldg, r 1630 Adams. Williams Charles W, prop The Earl, 1430
Williams Augustus, chef Ho[...]2018 Stout. Williams Charles W, rms 1910 Curtis.
Williams A, r 825 20th.[...]366 Kalamath. r 3028 W 26th av.
Williams Charles, barber, rms 1732 Arap- Williams Edith F, clk Phone Co.
Williams Charles, col'd, rms 1920 Law- Williams Edna Miss,[...]Williams Edmund J, sec Fishburn Mfg
Williams Charles A, Col IT S A, Fort Lo- Co, r 1217 18th av.
Williams Charles A, jeweler, b 1476 Penn-
Williams Charles C, conductor Tramway
Co, r 3534 Alcott.
Williams Charles Edgar, clk, r 2227 Arap-
Williams Charles E', bricklayer, r 1600 S
Williams Charles G Rev. pastor Hyde
Park Presbvterian Chur[...]
Building Paper, Tarred Felt
and Roofing Material[...]
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & GO. See Advertisement[...]
BARTELS BROS., 53317th Street p 7 h .T REAL ESTATE[...]
[...]URANCE UPON RENTS Williman Charles, r 2828 Glenarm PI.[...]I* 111 Willis Charles W, r 3146 Downing.
FRED'K.W. S T[...]
[...]Willsey Charles H, clk, r 29 W Ellsworth

fNDEPE» D[...]marth E Randall, bartdr Ehler & Wilmore Charles T, r W 26th av nw cor
[...]01 Colfax av.
0_?Wilsey, see also Willsea.
Wilsey Charles H, clk Tramway Co, r 29
W Ellsworth av.
Wilson Charles, car repairer D & R G[...]Wilson Charles A, clk, r 1465 S Broadway.[...]Wilson, see also Willson. Wilson Charles A, engineer, rms 825 Lar-
Wilson Abram (Wilson &[...]Logandale av, Englewood. Wilson Charles A, salesman John Thomp-
Wilson Ada C Mrs, teacher[...]17th av sw cor Emerson. Wilson Charles C, clk G A Pullen, r 3610
Wilson Adah Mrs, dressm[...]fayette. Wilson Charles C. fireman Denver Gas &
Wilson Adah F Mrs, b ws L[...]cor W Yale av, Sheridan. Wilson Charles F, Auditor City and Coun-
WILSON ALBERT E, invest[...]onds, 721 Equitable Bldg, r 735 Mag- Wilson Charles F, lab, r 5131 W 38th av. H 01
nolia. Wilson Charles F, rms 2738 Gilpin. 9 —
Wilson Albert E, baker F Wilson, r 927 Wilson Charles J, painter Earle Ad Sign 9 to
13th.[...]lson Albert L, wks Silver State Laun- Wilson Charles M, brakeman, b 2447 Al-
dry Co, r 1115 23d.[...]lson Alexander R. col'd, porter Capitol Wilson Charles M, salesman Humphrey-
Nat Bank, r 2337 Glenarm P[...]hampa. Wilson Charles O, stenographer supt
Wilson Alfred H, mine[...]
BOXES and[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass '3__r McPhee & McGinnit[...]
[...]S e e Advertisement
Main 4139 CHARLES F. NEAL & CO.[...]
[...]WILSON & MORRIS (Charles F
W i l s o n S M, lab, r 206 L a w r e n[...]
«£ WILSON'S PUBLIC WAREHOUSE, Windsor Charles, tinner J Vincent, r 2020
A D Wilson pr[...]Windsor Charles W, lab, r 1419 Elati. .
Colfax av (Phon[...]ld C Harry, tel opr, r 1152 Ban-
Winburn Charles H, stenographer Cen- nock.[...]
Wingren Gust N, saloon, 4364 Delaware. Winslow Charles . H, stoker Denver Gas (TO
Wingren Willia[...]