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1911 Corbett & Ballenger's 39th Annual Denver City Directory


3 6 0 1 - 3 6 1 9 Wazee Street. J O H N[...]


S E C T I O N 2 8 , C O P Y R I G H T LAW[...]
[...]s opp 951
Armbruster Charles E H, oculist 1794 Denver E[...]surance cover card Finkbeiner Charles Coal & Transfer Co. . . .opp 1639
[...]opp 1763
Humburg Charles, liquors opp 1777 R[...]Drill Co 1764
McBride Charles, roofer back fly[...]
The C. A. Lammers
Bottling C[...]
[...]Harbert, Denver; C. E. Parfet, Golden. Of-
Charles A. Johnson President fic[...]Thebus, Denver; S. L. Bresler, Denver; D.[...]rnor ERS—R. W. Arndt, M. D., Denver; D. A.
S. R. Fitzgarrald Lieutenant Governor[...]s B. Pearce Secretary of State S. D. Van Meter, M. D., Secretary and[...]chera; Al. Neale, Montrose; O. F. Boyle,
Charles W. Comstock ...State Engineer Dur[...]t General with, Lafayette Hughes, Rev. W. S. Fried-
T. J. Tynan Warden of Penitent[...]r. Office, 14 Capitol Building. Charles Pearson, Durango; T. J. Ehrhart,
Otto Mears, C. S. Thomas, Harper M. Ora- MAL PROTECTION[...]Insurance, 30 Bethel, Vice-Presidents; Charles R. Dud-
Capitol Building.[...]Mc- Ewing, Del Norte; O. S. Storrs, Denver; A.
Laughlin, Victor.[...]
[...]leeck, Presi-
dent; H. W. Cornell, Secretary; Charles R. Hugh Taylor
Brock and Mrs. Sarah Pia[...]F. M. Downer
Staley, Arvada, Secretary; S. S. Kendall, Superintendent Unite[...]Laura A. Bancroft, Miss L. G. Welch, Den- S. C. Hinsdale
ver; Mrs. C. J. Miller, Colorado[...]rado Springs, Secretary; Louis Adams
Charles D. Griffith; Denver. Inspector in charge U. S. Bureau of Immi-
STATE BOARD OF VETERINARY EXAM-[...]District Forester U. S. Forest Service
Allen, Denver, Chairman; W. M. Wiley,[...]Special Asst. U. S. Attorney General, De-
THE PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF[...]epartment of Commerce
D., Denver, Chairman; C. S. Haughwout, and Labor, Naturalization[...], Bureau of Animal In-
son, Denver, Treasurer; S. Poulterer Mor- dustry, 339 Railway Exch[...]J. Sours Postmaster Charles F. Read, Special Disbursing Agent,
R. E. Lewis[...]United States District Attorney Charles E. Dagenett, Supervisor, 404 Rail-[...]lding.
Dewey C. Bailey United States Marshal
Charles W. Bishop[...]ctors,
Clerk United States Circuit Court
Charles W. Bishop[...]
[...]ilding on
Arapahoe, corner Sixteenth street, W. S. the first Tuesday in May and Novemb[...]Postmaster Ward, Jr., District Attorney; Charles W.
Henry W. Hannum......Assistant Postmaster[...]3977 Tennyson Denver; Charles W. Bishop, Clerk.
Frank E. Bomgardner, S[...]liam H. Gabbert, Associate Justice; S.
Five Points Station[...]nue liam A. Hill, Associate Justice; Morton S.
Charles G. Baker, Supt. Bailey, Associ[...]ssociate Justice; James R. Kil-
Maurice S. Fitzgerald, Supt. lian,[...]
[...]. Gregory, Clerk; room 26, Court Charles B. Carlile, Inspector General;
House.[...]E. Huchingson, Adjutant.
Second Lieutenant Walter S. Fulton,- 24th In- ' Second Lieutenant[...]u- j Captain W. S. Fletcher
tant General.[...]i Second Lieutenant H. S. Doll
master.[...]W. C. Danks
Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton S. Wallace, Second Lieutenant[...]First Lieutenant G. S. Pearson
Chief Engineer Officer.[...]Ralph W. Dora
RECRUITING DEPOT U. S. ARMY. First Lieutenant Philip S. Van Cise
Ten miles from Denver, Colorado[...]

FIRST REGIMENT BAND—Charles Brown,' DENVER EMERGENCY HOSPITAL—[...]commanding detachment. S. Hubbell, Matron. Albion street, north-
SIGNAL COR[...]SUMPTIVES—Dr. Moses Collins, Su-
urer; Mrs. J. S. Appel, Secretary. perintendent. So[...]. Shafer, Matron. 4325 West Twenty- Charles B. Van Zant. Treasurer. 966 Gala-
ninth a[...]
22 C I T Y RE[...]
[...]WENTY-FOURTH STREET SCHOOL— Charles Building.
Walnut corner Twenty-fourth street.[...]Vice-President; Dr. J. S. Jackson, Treas-
[...]annock street corner West Colfax E. Barry, S. J., Pastor. Larimer southwest
[...]-third Street Viaduct.
Elder C. E. Wolf, Pastor. S.CHARLES SANFORD
IAN CHURCH—Rev. James A. Shoptaugh, OLMSTED, S. T. D., Bishop.
Pastor. Xavier corner West Forty-[...]Rector. Rev. Henry S. Foster, Priest.
[...]LUTHERAN CHURCH—Rev. J. F. S. Her,
ST. PAUL'S—Corner of West Twei'tv-third[...]IST EPISCOPAL
T E M P L E EMANUEL—Rev. W. S. Fried-
man, Rabbi. Sixteenth avenue, corner[...]EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Rev. Charles F.[...]
[...]CAPITOL HILL S. D. A. CHURCH-York,[...]AINTS (Mormon)—J. L. Herrick,
CHURCH—Rev. O. S. Baum, Pastor. West Mission Preside[...]OLIVE BRANCH MISSION—3541 Kalamath.
W. S. Rudolph, Pastor. West Thirty-ninth[...]
[...]osed of Scotchmen and the sons of ident; S. R. Crawford, Vice-President; E.
Scotchmen)—M[...]vid dent; J. Levingston, Vice-President; S. E.
Addison, Treasurer; D. D. Kackson, Fi-[...]composed of Welshmen and the sons and F. S. Titsworth, Secretary. 404 Equitable
daughters[...]Vice- Costigan, Vice-President; Mrs. Flora S.
President; George Spalding, Secretary; W.[...]Masonic.
dent; Theodore Holland, Treasurer; C. S. MASONIC TEMPLE—Located corner of Six-
H[...]le, Denver. A. B. McGaffey,
Brister, Secretary; S. G. Pierson, Treas- Grand Master; C. H. Jacobson, G. S. Ma-
urer; C. O. Anderson, Assistant Secretary[...]y. W. M.; David Mitchell, S. W.; Allen J.[...]ident; James C. Johnston, Secretary.
Charles MacA. Willcox, Vice-President; F.
G. Moffat, Tr[...]. N. Vroom, Vice-Presi- M.; H. B. Teller, S. W.; H. F . Vaille, J.
dent; C. P. Allen, Treasu[...]mple on the first
J'ohn F . O'Brien, Secretary; Charles MacA. and third Friday evenings of each month[...], John Hinrichs, W. M.; P. J. L. Paulus, S.
Manager. 206 Kittredge Building.[...]dent; W. C. O'Brian, Secretary. 21 Eighth S. W.; O. E. Garwood, J. W.; E. J. Proc-
avenue.[...]Perry, Treasurer; Dr. Net- E. H. Binford, S. W.; H. W. Danfortli,
tie H. Bolles, Historian.[...]retary; Hiram E. Hilts, Treasurer; F. son, S. W.; G. W. Olinger, J. W.; J. L.
C. Skinne[...]
[...]month. A. A. Zizka, E. C.; H. V.
R. H. Biegel, S. W.; G. P. Winters, J. W.; Kepner, Gen.; E. W.[...]; A. B. Mc- E. C ; H. W. Hannum, Gen.; S. A. Knill,
Callum, S. W.; J. E. Murray, J. W.; C. F. C. G.; Ed. F.[...]Dean, Recorder.
Austin, W. M.; E. E. Stoetzel, S. W.; A.
P. Gumlick, J. W.; David Cinnamond, HIGHLANDS COMMANDERY NO. 30 K.
Treasurer; E. S. Davis, Secretary. T.—Meet at Highla[...]. M.—Hold their regular meetings Gen.; S. S. Kindall. C. G.; F. A. Greedy,
at Masonic Temple[...]month. F. J.
McDevitt, W. .M.; B. F. Stapleton, S. W.; DENVER COUNCIL NO. 1, R. AND S.
G. W. Hewitt, J. W.; T. E. Shears, Treas- ^[...]rman and Eighteenth avenue, on second
Williams, S. W.; S. R. Purdy. J. W.; M. Mondays of each month,[...]tate; J. C. Burger, Chief Raban; S. C.
R. Marine, W. M.; B. A. Brevick, S. W.; RADIANT CHAPTER NO. 12—Hold their
J.[...].; ings in Masonic Temple.
H. P. Greedy, S. W.; Fred Wolf, J. W.;
Andrew J. Simpkins, Treas[...]South Broadway.
Denver. C. H. Jacobson, G. S. HIGHLANDS CHAPTER NO. 71-Hold the[...]h.
each month. John H. Gabriel, H. P . ; C. T. S. O. O. B.—Hold their regular meetings at
Hender[...].; teenth to eighteenth degrees)—Meet on
S. A. Knill, King; S. J. Sweet, Scribe; third Monday of each mon[...]pril, June, August,
month. G. H. Flieger, H. P.; S. R. Zwetow, October and December, Masonic Temple.
King; O. W. Brown, Scribe; Charles J. Nel- W. H. Goetzman, Commander; C.[...]
[...]CTION NO. 150-Ferd. L. Rinne, Sec-
E. Scott, G. S. retary. 2221 Arap[...]be held at Canon City, Colo., SECTION 3503—S. F . Blaine, Secretary.
beginning Tuesday, Augu[...]3326 Shoshone street.
Wolbert, G. C ; W. S. O'Brien, G. K. of R. F E R N T E M P L E NO. 14, PYTHIAN SIS-
and S. 409 Continental Building. TERS—Meets in Charles Building, Fif-
BUREAU OF R E L I E F , K. O F P.[...]Da Pron's Hall, 220 Broad-
shott, K. of R. and S. way, Monday evening of ea[...]of R. Grand Army of the Bepublic.
and S.
CENTENNIAL LODGE NO. 8—Meets at 1748[...]30 State Capitol Building. W. H.
K. of R. and S. McDonald, Departmen[...]Building. Meets second
ford, K. of R. and S. Thursday of each month. G[...].; Horace W. A. LINCOLN POST NO. 4-Meets 223 Charles
Havens, K. of R. and S. Building on Friday evening[...]S. B. Dorsey, Commander; T. J. Foote,
CAPITOL LODGE[...]Woodmen's Hall, 1716 California street,
and S. every Mon[...]GE NO. 59—Meets at Ma- mander; J. S. Paradis, Adjutant.
sonic Temple, Wednesday even[...]eventh avenue, corner Jason,
bell, K. of R. and S. Saturday evening of each[...]RGE WASHINGTON POST NO. 8 5 -
ard, K. of R. and S. Meet at 220 Broadway on[...]of Rankin Smith, Adjutant.
each week. Charles Watts, C. C.; D. E. M. M. CROCKER POST NO. 81-Meet at
Trogler, K. of R. and S. Liberty Hall, 1539 Platte s[...]AN'S R E L I E F CORPS.
Otterstein K. of K. and S.
Headquarters, 423 Charles Building. Ed-
win N. Burdick, Brigade Co[...]
[...]t fourth Thursday nights at 323 Charles
Howe Hall, 1548 California street. Mrs.[...]Tuesday evening. Holden Lee, Commander;
Hall. Charles B. Lewis, Commander; Dr. O. C. Armstron[...]OF COLORADO—M. F .
Sons of Veterans, U. S. A. Kelleher, G. M. W.; C. N. Mill[...]Wednesdays of each
third Tuesday evenings at 322 Charles month at Masonic Temple. H. T. O'Reill[...]G. J. Heath, M. W.; R. S. Barney, Re-
GENERAL HENRY W. LAWTON CAMP[...]first and last Thursday evenings of each
Charles G. Scranton, Adjutant; Timothy month. Ja[...]Cali- Sun, Sturgeon Moon, at tenth run, G. S. D.
fornia street. Mrs. Jessie Nelan, President;[...]s; J. I. Graham,
Treasurer. Headquarters, 202 Charles MANULITA TRIBE NO. 20—Hold their
Build[...]street. John A. Christman, C. of R.
Charles Building, Friday evenings of each
week. T[...]
[...]7269—Meets every
Sunderland, Head Banker; H. S. Hepner, Tuesday evening at 1739 Ch[...]
[...]. C. NO. 469—Meets 323 Charles Building, second[...]evenings of each month. Ralph Hall,
323 Charles Building every Wednesday President; Har[...]; J. E. fourth Tuesdays of each month, 325 Charles
Mussared, G. S. Building. Wm. C. T[...]each month. R. W. Knox, ver; Samuel S. Baty, Supreme Secretary,
Secretary.[...]25—Meets on Treasurer, Denver; S. T. McDermith, Su-
second and fourth Tuesd[...]
[...]Temple Court, Denver; S. C. Kelsey, D. S.
President; Mrs. Mary S. McGowen, Secre- OF ROYAL ARCANUM—J. E.[...]enver Alumni Chapter) day evenings. W. S. Wilson, Commander;
—Greeley W. Whitford, President; L. Mc- H. S. Peregrine, Sir Kt. R. K.
Whinney, Secret[...]
[...]ets at Myrtle DIVISION NO. 2—Meet at Charles Building
Hall, Thirty-eighth corner Franklin[...]day evenings at Charles Building. Daniel
BALDUR MAINE NO. 65—Meets at 1[...]nd and fourth Saturday evenings of at 323 Charles Building on the first and
each month at 1320 Tw[...]each month. CharlesCharles Pfafflin, Secretary. Meets West[...]ecre- boldt street. T. Walker, President; W. S.
tary.[...]tary. month. Charles Pagano, President; H. A.
HERMANDA LODGE NO. 1—M[...]J. F . Varnum, S, C., Denver; M. W. Mullen, S. V.
Fortune, Treasurer; J. L. Dolan, Secretary. C , Colorado Springs; T. A. Hulen, P. S. C ,
DIVISION NO. 1-Meet first and third Thurs-[...]rossman, Secretary, Pueblo;
day of each month at Charles Building. J. J. P. Madden, Treasurer, Color[...]ncial Secretary, Temple Court. Charles H. Peters, R. S.
[...]d of American Yeomen.
every Tuesday evening, 202 Charles Build-
ing. Robert Booth, R. S. QUEEN CITY HOMESTEAD NO. 69[...]Morton, Secretary.
Temple. W. T. Chamberlin, R. S. CAPITOL HOMESTEAD NO. 1377—Meet[...]every Monday evening at 223 Charles Build-
Elks.[...]H. Eastman, President; A. H. Robinson,
street. S. D. C. Hays, Dictator; Robert L. Secretary.[...]and third Thursday at 223 Charles Build-
National Union.[...]ADO LODGE NO. 140—Meets every 325 Charles Building. Charles Judelowitz,
second and fourth Sunday evening of[...]n Berkowitz,
President; T. Katz, Vice-President; Charles Colorado Mutual Benefit Association.
Judelowi[...]. Zelnikoff, Secretary. tis street. G. S. Contee, President.
[...]ergeron, President; dian of the Goslings; T. S. Heath, Guar-
Wm. L. Palm, Treasurer, No. 324 Ki[...]of the Goose Quill; G. S. Whitford, Keeper[...]DENVER—400, 1731 Arapahoe street. J. S.
toinette A. Hawley, 1047 Nineteenth avenue; Temple, President; E. S. Irish, Treasurer;[...]orresponding Secretary, Mrs. Cora
L. White, 280 S. Washington; Recording COLORADO CHAPTER OF[...]of each month.
Meade; Secretary L. T. L., Mrs. S. S. R. S. Roeschlaub, President; F. E. Mount-
[...]Meets first Tuesdays in October, December,
Charles Building on the second Monday in April, M[...]Secre- W. Hogle. Recorder.
tary. Office, Charles Building. PRAETORIANS DENVER COUNC[...]SOCIALER TURN VEREIN—Meets second
Charles Building. Milo H. Slater, Presi- and fourt[...]. fourth avenue and Navajo street.
Charles Washburn, Treasurer. 1645 Curtis. SOCIETY O[...]Captain; Rev. Allen S. Bush, Elder; P. E.
Turner Hall. Carl Merz, Pre[...]th. Dr. geon.
Carl Grab, President; S. Moser, Vice-Presi- SONS OF COLORA*DO—Henry[...]GLES—DENVER Treasurer; A. S. McCormack, Secretary,
President; S. Strauss, Vice-President; Mrs. FLOWER[...]
[...]entral Bodies.
TION—W. E. Sweet, President; J. S. Tem-
ple, Vice-President; G. S. Bilheimer, Gen- ALLIED PRINTING TRADES COUNC[...]esponding Secretary; Meets Fridays, 428 Charles Building.
Miss Jennie Hendrie, Treasurer; Mrs. E[...]Y. Harrison, President; Edw. J.
UNION—Hubert S. Marshall, Secretary- Hines, Secretary[...]LLIANCE—E.
Switchmen's Union of North America—S. E. O. Anderson, Secretary. Meets Mondays[...]retary-Treasurer, 604-607 Railroad Building. Charles Building.[...]y-Treasurer, room 432 Club Building.
Charles Building. BILL POSTE[...]C. G. Garnett, Secretary, 2541 S. Bannock.
CIATION—J. E. Murrin, President; M.[...]ter, Secretary, BOILERMAKERS NO. 179—H. S. Shafroth,
650 Kalamath street.
INTERNATIONAL ASS[...]WORKERS' LOCAL NO. 243—R. S. Wal-[...]Charles Building.
[...]O. 1—Geo. Roseboom, STEAM)—H. S. Peregrine, Secretary. Meet
Secretary. Meet Monda[...]p. m., Eighth and
330 Nineteenth avenue; 446, C. S. McElher- Jason.
ren, 2412 Lowell Boulevard[...]ets fourth Thursdays, 318 Club
day, 8 p. m., 209 Charles Building. Building.[...]et. Meet first and third Thursdays, 323 Charles
CARPENTERS NO. 778 (AMALGAMATED)[...]lub Hall, 1418 Larimer street.
ond Tuesdays, 323 Charles Building. JUNIOR ORDER SHEET METAL WO[...]ng at 432 month, 401 Club Building.
Charles Building. LA[...]
[...]tary. Meets every other Tuesday, 221 Charles Building.
Charles Building, 12 o'clock midnight. TEAM OWNERS[...]TRAVELERS' GOODS AND LEATHER
ERS)—F. S. Owens, Secretary. Meet second NOVELTY WORK[...]ERS NO. 14—Clarence Cox, Secretary-
days, 323 Charles Building. Treasurer; Charles McKee. Business Agent.
PHOTO-ENGRAVERS NO. 18—F[...]first and third Saturdays, 323 Building.
Charles Building. WOMAN'S AUXILIARY NO. 6, I. P. P. &
PLUMBERS* APPRENTICES—Charles Lind- A. U. of N. A.—Mrs. Wm. Hei[...]ATION—Murdo MacKenzie, Trinidad,
Mondays, 202 Charles Block. Colo., President; D. B[...]uter, Secretary. Meet Sherman; Mrs. Ida S. Blakemore, Secre-
first Wednesday, 1031 Seventee[...]econd and fourth Thursdavs, Presidents; V. S. Warriner, Secretary; F .
401 Club Buildin[...]
Charles Building. T. C. Hi[...]ce-President; W. H. King, Treasurer; A.
™ N Charles E - Smith. President, Colo- M. Stein, S[...]CIATION- liams, President; F. S. Brown, Vice-Presi-
Robert F Maul, Secretary, 414-415 Mercan- dent; A. S. Austin. Treasurer; F. M.
tile Building.[...]ilding. *' retary, 412 Charles Building.
^ ^ ? £ V T B 5 - I C K CONTRACT[...]cretary, 419 Ernest & Cranmer
dent; Dr. A. S. Taussig, Treasurer; C. E. Denver[...]
ARAPAHOE BUILDING—1622 Arapahoa CHARLES BUILDING—Fifteenth, south-
C I T Y RECOR[...]
?J.II**I1 JL&W3[...]
l ! = i = I = i = !=I=! = i=l=l=i = i = !=i=i = i=[...]
54 STRE[...]
56 STREET AN[...]
58 STREET[...]
60 STREET[...]
62 STREET A[...]
64 STREET AN[...]
66 STREET AND A[...]
70 STREE[...]
72 ST[...]
74 STREET[...]
76 STRE[...]
78 STRE[...]
80 STREET[...]
82 STREET AND A[...]
84 STREET[...]
S. A d a m s 3300 WEST ANNIE[...]
86 ST[...]
90 STREET AND[...]

S. S h e r i d a n Bou-* S Raritan[...]
92 STREET AN[...]
94 STREET AND[...]
96 STR[...]
[...]Abe Charles, lab, rms 1058 Broadway[...]helper C & S Ry, r 2558 AV 24th
Abbott Charles H Mrs, r The Shirley av
Abbott Charles S, mining, r 1311 Elati Abel H a r r[...]
[...]Cloak Co, r 2, 3102 Gilpin
Acklin Charles, chef, rms 1730 LawYence r 324 22d[...]m Ruth Miss, nurse County Hospital Adams Charles A, tel opr L M Davidson, r
Acoma The,[...]ria Eusabio, houseman, 1065 Pearl Adams Charles H, repr L A Maedel, r 2516
Acorn House[...]rn Margaret S Mrs, rms 730 W Mississippi Adams Charles M, carp, r 4992 Stuart
av Adams Charles Partridge, artist, 625 Kitt-
Acors Joh[...]rs Mrs, rms 1651 California Adams Charles AV, decorator, r 2359 Lafayette
Acre Fred E, wks White Rose Hand Laun- Adams Charles W, genl mgr Adams Hotel,
dry, rms 10[...]e Jesse E, driver, b 2120 S Clarkson Adams Charles W, spring mkr D & R G R
Acres E[...]
[...]Miss, elk Phone Co, r 25 ADAMS HOTEL, Charles W Adams
The Colonnade, Colfax av cor Marion[...]Adams John F, diamond setter Charles H
Adams Frank, pres and genl mgr Colo Ice[...]
[...]M P A N Y rr\K I
[...]ON 0 E, produce and vegeta- Prov Co, Adkins Charles H, foreman Colo Pkg &
bles, 1610 Market, r 2219[...]29th
Adamsson Carl, elk genl mgr Globe Ex- Adler Charles, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Co, r
press Co, r 2446 Sto[...]Adler Karl E, bakery, 677 S Pearl, r 747 S
Addie Charles E, elk Denver Gas & Elec Co, Washington
rms[...]Advent Christian Church, Hooker and AV
Adelhelm Charles F, finisher Century Bank 30th av
& S[...]
Aeschbach Charles A, fireman D & R G R R, Ahara Robert J, lawyer, 2[...]513 to 516 McPhee BIdg, 17th cor Glenarm PI Ahern Charles, mach, rms 754 Lipan[...]
[...]Sons (AV & R G), instrument
Ahlstrom Axel N, elk Charles Ahlstrom, 1913 mfrs, 2151 Lawrence
Larimer[...]eart Elsie K Mrs, elk Joslin Dry Gds Co,
Ahlstrom Charles, cigars, 1913 Larimer r 252 S AVashington
Ahlstrom Charles A, mach, r 3729 Marion Ais George[...]
[...]ley John A, poultry, r 3501 Mexico av Albert Charles, rms 1516 Market
Akerley John A, wks Br[...]in Gaylord W, decorator, r 1354 Bannock Albi Charles, rms 808 18th av
Akin Lulu Miss,[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass • t t m o P H E E &[...]
[...]eroy H, elk B C Watts & Co,
°? Alexander Charles H, asst supt Oakes Home,
r 2753 W 32d[...]r 1416 S Clarkson
ml Q. Alexander Charles IT E, bkkpr Campbell-Sell
Baking Co,[...]ta A Miss-, milliner, r 1461
GO Alexander Charles M, messgr, r 3924 Osceola Delaware
Alexander Charles AV Mrs (Lutt Mfg Co), r Alexander L A, col[...]
[...]AVilliam C, carp, r 424 23d Alison Charles E. mining, r 1542 High
Alexander AVilliam[...]
[...]Newton , Allen Charles, teamster, r 1417 Blake
Allan Robert R, r 1754 Lawrence Allen Charles, watchman Court House r
Allan Rosa E Mi[...]lan Sada E Miss, elk frt depot U P R R, r Allen Charles A, carp, r rear 15 S Wolff
3278 Newton Allen Charles B Rev, r 2039 Gaylord
Allard Henry D, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron Allen Charles Fletcher, acct Central Natl
Co, r 1272[...]lard J G, special employe Internal Reve- Allen Charles H, mach, r 4343 Umatilla
nue Agt, 402 Central Savings Bank BIdg, Allen Charles L (Allen & Webster), r 661
r St James[...]lard Leola I Miss, editorial dept Denver Allen Charles P, pres Holme & Allen Pipe &
Post, b 1[...]lard Rectina L Mrs, r 2503 Glenarm PI Allen Charles P Jr, eng, r 2923 AV 18th av
Allebach George F, elk Denver Dry Gds Co, Allen Charles R, carp, r 31 S Kalamath
r Aurora, Colo Allen Charles T, student, r 1851 W 38th av
Allebaugh[...]s Typewriter Co, r 507 Corona
Allebaugh Charles A, dept mgr Colo News CALL PHONE[...]
Plato Class, Cem[...]
[...]llen William P, asst treas Phone Co, r 6, Allison Charles J, varnisher D & R G R R, >oo
1317 Ogden[...]llison John E, elk Burlington Route, r 2115
Aller Charles I, salesman Standard Bottling Tremont PI
Co, r[...]10, 1114 Acoma
O*-Allers, see also Ahlers
Allers Charles, elk Kuner Pickle Co, r 971 1434 L[...]
[...]Edward O, adjuster Claim Dept D &
Allum Charles E, lab, r 639 Inca R G R R,[...]RETAIL OFFICE IOIO I6TH. STREET
Almy Charles E, car repr, r 4284 Irving GENE[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO. ^ M t t S * 18th and Wazee[...]
[...]& TESTS, H S Crocker agt,
Ambrose Charles, iron wkr, b 840 Inca
Ambrose Charles, rms 1117 15th suite 43[...]
[...]Foster BIdg, 16th cor Champa
AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, Charles L American Mines Developing & Inves[...]hn Sanders), 13th and Blake Dayton, Ohio, Charles H Busch agt, 41-J
(Phone Main 4205)[...]D H Elder representing sash and door
MENT CO, Charles E Barrick pres dept, Eb D[...]
Ames, Charles S, b 2310 Welton
Ames Chester W[...]
[...]Amor Clarence E, salesman Mathewson Au- ANDERSEN CHARLES M, forge and
tomobile Co, rms 1431 Califo[...]
[...]W 16th av bet Quitman and Raleigh Anderson Charles (Hussander Coal & Feed
Anderson August, cabinet m[...]-Collender Co, r 1436 Elati Anderson Charles, elk Frt Dept C & S Ry, r
Anderson August, garden[...]on August, lab, r 1734 36th Anderson Charles, elk Racine-Sattley Co, r
Anderson August, r 439[...]nderson August G, molder Capitol Foundry Anderson Charles, driver London Dairy, 46th
Co, r 30 Newton[...]derson August N, baker Lindquist Cracker Anderson Charles, janitor McClintock Blk, 24,
Co, r 3543 Walnut[...]on Augusta Mrs, r 631 1st av Anderson Charles, lab, r 2784 S Lincoln
Anderson Augusta W Mrs, r 2617 3d av Anderson Charles, violin mkr Denver Musical
Anderson Augustin H, g[...]Charles, col'd, porter Western Co-
Washington[...]erson Axel, sec to vice-pres Tramway Co, Anderson Charles, rms 1617 Larimer
r 345 S Downing Anderson Charles A, fuel and feed, 635 Jason,
Anderson Axel C, hel[...]nderson A Earl, cshr Brown Palace Hotel, Anderson Charles E, carp, r 441 Galapago OO
r 625 20th Anderson Charles E, musical director Pan-
Anderson A Helen Miss, s[...]n A, driver Robinson Brick Co, r 2d Anderson Charles E, plumber P H Balfe, rms[...]airfax Anderson Charles F, physician, b 1101 Colfax
Anderson A E, rms 152[...]on Benjamin, r 3246 Marion Anderson Charles G, elk Donaldson & How- OO
Anderson Benjam[...]n Benjamin A, driver Weil Bros Merc Anderson Charles H, chief elk chief eng D &
Co, r 424 Cherokee[...]Anderson Charles H, coml trav, r 1563 High
Anderson Benjamin H, la[...]n Berge, r 1424 Delaware Charles H, expressman, r 1026 27th
Anderson Bertha Miss, rms 3435 Lafayette Anderson Charles 11, finisher Peck & Hills
Anderson Bessie Miss, r[...]Charles J, teamster, r 2038 W Col-
Anderson Blenda Miss,[...]n Boyd, helper Samson Bros, r 2249 S Anderson Charles L, mgr Orchard Products[...]ago Anderson Charles M, elk, r 4317 Vrain
ANDERSON BROS (C W and 0 N), ANDERSON CHARLES M, forge and[...]
[...]dwin D, salesman Old Homestead
c Anderson Charles S, painter J T Frary, rms Bakery & Inv Co, r 10[...]Edwin O, lab, r 2927 Humboldt
Anderson Charles W, city pass agt C, B & Anderson Eldora[...]ms tric BIdg, r 4479 Inca
Anderson Charles W, elk, r 826 W 13th av Anderson Eliza J Mrs, col'd, r 1366 S Acoma
Anderson Charles W, sign writer Curran Co, Anderson Eliza[...]
WindowGlass,Lead- * * * K ' * McPHEE & McGINNITY C[...]
B. F. THREEWIT ' S I S J a K S i S n Wood and Stee[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY GO.*Office[...]
[...]Andree Frank W, collr Charles Scribner's[...]Andrew William H, lawyer, 515 Charles[...]
[...]ndrews Minnie B Mrs, seamstress Colo Tent
Andrews Charles E, gardener, r 1264 AV Cus- & Awning[...]
[...]JS^'Jf PHONE. MAIN IOOO Anglemyer Charles A, driver, r 743 W 6th av
«D°-[...]ter, b 1021 W Elk PI
O u
Angell Charles H, jeweler, 317 Charles BIdg, Annear Thomas W, chief elk assessor City[...]tuck pointer, r 4317 Umatilla
Angerman Charles F, upholsterer D & R G
R R, r[...]
Mountain and Plain " " i S E McPHEE & McGINNITY GO[...]
[...]Henry, real est 369 Gas & Electric
Antrim Charles L, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron BIdg, r 1730 She[...]erger Co, rms 3200 High Applegate Charles E, steward Brown Palace
IE?" Aplin[...]
[...]ura J Mrs, rms 1550 Pearl Armstrong Charles A, mining, 612 18th, r 1405
Arkins[...]k, lab, b 4881 Washington Armstrong Charles E, elk, r 2871 S Grant
Arko John, lab, r 4S08 Clarkson Armstrong Charles J, elk A Stewart, r 3656[...]sec and mgr J S Appel Suit Charles M, elk The May, r 1533
& C[...]
[...]strong George A, carp, r 3656 Bryant & Charles R Brock, r 1043 Josephine IKS
ARMSTEONC[...]lle J Miss, r 101 Logan
Armstrong James, polisher Charles- Bilz, rms
1532 Court PI[...]
[...]s , L S P e n -
nington vice-pres, Charles Platfoot sec and[...]Arnold Charles, lab, rms 1030 W Elk PI
treas, whol[...]G, apprentice Denver Arnold Charles A, r 1042 Jason
Times, rms 2349 Gil[...]ter Pickle Co, r 662 Meade
Arndt Charles W, mach, r 1320 Niagara[...]
We Buy[...]
[...]ECIALTY SHOP, Hunt & Van Artz Charles H, steno McPhee & McGinnity[...]ora Miss, ironer Agnes Memorial
Arthur Charles S, student, r 679 Kalamath Sanator[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass'?.£'• McPHEE & McGIN[...]
[...]Atchison Charles N. salesman Wm A Stick-[...]Co, r 124 S Ogden
Aspen Charles B, elk Loop Branch Scholtz Atchison Wildey E, ass[...]Astuana Michael, r 3450 Osage

II Astwood Charles A, col'd, porter Loop
Branch Sc[...]
[...]brokers, 226 First Natl Bank BIdg (Phone
Atkinson Charles V, glazier Sayre-Newton Champa 1887[...]
[...]Auge Charles, cigar mkr Soils Cigar Co, rms[...]Auge Charles R, prop The Lewis, 1835
< M ^ 1 7 1 6[...]Augur Charles M, 720 First Natl Bank BIdg,
Atwood John, w[...]ose Miss, r 1951 Market Augustine Charles, r 3558 Humboldt
Atwood vVilliam A, musician, r 4988 Stuart Augustine Charles H, elk aud C & S Ry, r
Atwood W Scott, empl[...]Augustine Charles M, grocer, 2517 Sheridan
Atz Robert J, eng[...]01 Curtis Auld Charles F, lead wkr, r 301 S Jason[...]uld James W, pres Denver Fire Proofing
Auer Charles, r 1377 Mariposa Co, 5[...]
[...]ec, S S Austin treas, 1821 to
1839 Market
Austin Charles B, steam fitter, r 2525 Ken-
Austin Charles T, representative Mutual[...]
[...]st Co, Continental BIdg, r 19,
Averill Charles A, m g r Mutual I n v & Loan
[...]r s a n d f u r r i e r s 1009-1011 16th
Baarcke Charles E, foreman Tramway Co, r B a b c o c k C a[...]as, see also Bass ' Babcock Charles W (Babcock Bros),[...]
[...]Bach David C. coml trav, 417 Charles BIdg
T f K T)AINT § VARNISH[...]Back Charles, lab, r Kalamath[...]
[...]c o t t ' * <TQ
Bacon Charles W, wks Santa F e Stables, r[...]
[...]Bagley Charles E, wood carver, r 1021 Julian
oi[...]Jacob, foreman Western Pkg & Prov Bagnall Charles C, salesman American Ra-
Co, r 47[...]
[...]arimer CO
3965 S Bannock
Bailey Charles E, brakeman C & ' S Ry", r Bailey John A (J[...]Harrison
3813 Williams
Bailey Charles H, carp, r 2518 Sheridan Blvd Bailey John A Jr,[...]Bailey John B, switchman, r 2545 W Byron
Bailey Charles H Mrs, r 11, 2134 W 29th av PI
Bailey Charles L, special agt Fidelity- Phenix Bailey John W, ma[...]r 1, 1617 14th av 211 k a l a m a t h
Bailey Charles W, teamster, r 235 Columbine Bailev Joh[...]
[...]Baker Grace D Miss, r 1429 Detroit
Baker Charles, plumber, rms 1153 California Baker Gregory, driver, r 3337 Garfield
Baker Charles D. with J S Brown & Bro Baker Harvey A,[...]Arapahoe 3658 Williams
Baker Charles E, agt Prudential Ins Co, r Baker Henry A, p[...]rms 330 15th
Baker Charles G, supt Five Points Station P
O, 718 26th av, rms 1846 Washington
Baker Charles O, barber, 2544 Larimer
Baker Charles T, brick mkr, r 5670 26th av
Baker Charles W, miner, r 1335 37th av[...]
[...]t B a k e r R o b e r t S. real est, r 919 N e w p o r t
69 U J B a[...]
[...]Balcom Charles F, carpetman Standard Fur-[...]o, r 433 17th Baldwin Charles P, r 6, 1358' Ogden
Baker William M, lab, r 4903[...]Welton, yards 4th and Lari-
r 4426 Gilpin
Bakos Charles, porter W & L Liquor Co, 923[...]
' S S a a a P The Hallack & Howard Lumber Co.[...]
[...]e T h o m a s I, r e a l est, r 1140 Lincoln
Ball Charles- W , col'd, w a i t e r , r 2734 W e l t o[...]
[...]photographers, 1646 Glenarm PI
Bailer Charles, poultry, r W 32d av se cor Balsley George W[...]oseph, tailor 1411 Broadway
Ballinger Charles W, milker Cottage Home Bamber Joseph J[...]
[...]CO, Des Moines, John M Davis state
Bancroft Charles J, painting contr 213 Conti-
nental BIdg, r 624[...]uer Robert Mrs, r 2706 Umatilla Banks Charles, chauffeur Silver State Elec
Bandiera Martin, lab[...]x
Bandiny J J Adolph, plumber, r 16 S Kala- Banks Charles B (C B Banks Inv Co), r 910 CO[...]
Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & H[...]•U Bannon Charles, wks G Arehambault, rms
BANKS C B INV[...]le setter T W Cook & Co, r 402 W and Charles F), merchant tailors, 1514
W Irvingt[...]nter Blue Front Carriage Banzhaf Charles F (Banzhaf Bros), r 2671 W
Wks, r 69[...]n A (Banzhaf Bros), 1514 Stout
Banner Charles, col'd, lab, r 2314 Depew Baptist[...]annister, see also Banister
Bannister Charles, blksmith, rms 1324 15th[...]
[...]Barclay William, bartdr, rms 1446 Champa
Barber Charles, electrician D & R G R R, r Barcroft Clyde[...]Barcroft William A, r 1425 Galapago
Barber Charles, mach, D & It G R R, r 171 >Barcus Arthur[...]r 671 Delaware
Barber Charles S, mach, r 917 Meade Barcus Delbert[...]bieri Antonio, fruit mer, r 3854 Larimer
Barbieri Charles L, policeman, r 1241 10th
Barbieri Joseph[...]
[...]seph E, monotype opr C F Hoeckel
Si Barger Charles G, elk Wells Fargo & Co
Express, r 18,[...]• BOXES $5^° PER YEAR AND UP-
Barker Charles, janitor Gas & Electric BIdg,
[...]Barnard Charles O, agt Western Life & Ac- 3 —
Barker Sophi[...]e also Barclay Welton
Barkley Charles H, r 522 30th Barnard Ora, fore[...]an Barner Charles G, ironwkr, r 523 Galapago
Barkley John R,[...]
[...]lcy Mrs, col'd, r 2215 Clarkson
Barnes Charles T, elk C W McCarty, r 1856
Barnes Charles T, supply agt Northern Coal
Mountain and Plain *1SLV!t McPHEE & McGINNITY C O[...]
[...]ampa BARRETT CHARLES F, office mgr
Barnum Hugh, wks Mrs Kate Dir[...]um Methodist Episcopal Church, W 1st Barrett Charles H, r 629 Colfax av
av nw cor King Barrett Charles J, elk, r 3618 Decatur
Barnum Paul, r m s 1003 15th Barrett Charles S, carp, r 3421 S Sherman
Barnum School. W[...]well otcphen E', salesman Studebaker Barrett Charles W, 1023 First Natl Bank[...]Zuni
Barr Bess O Mrs, r 532 12th
Barr Charles, cook G H Busch, 1963 Stout
Barr Dewitt T,[...]r 254 Broadway
Barr Irvin H, coml trav, 512 Charles BIdg, r
1, 1201 16th av
[...]Barrick Charles E, pres and treas American[...]
[...]Barry James, whol wall paper 412 Charles[...]chols, iron wkr, rms 1315 Curtis
Barry Charles D, carp, r 1842 Lafayette Barta Jose[...]
[...]r 21, 1761 Pearl Bartholomew Charles B (Bartholomew &[...]., gravel roofer and Bartholomew Charles B, special agt J C
cement worker, 1639 Champa (P[...]Bartholomew Charles H, chef St Luke's Hos-
Bartels Gustave C (Bartels[...]Bartholomew Tracy, mgr Western Cement
Barth Charles J, sec and treas Equitable Products[...]
[...]y Minor B, brakeman, r 3724 Quivas
Bartle Charles B, mach, r 1037 Fox Bartley M Margar[...]Barto Charles E, mgr St Vrain Land & Dev
O Co, r 3037 Jo[...]r 281 S Grant
Bartlett Charles E, salesman Western Bar & Barton Cath[...]
[...]r, rms 1219 2Sth av Baskin Jacob, jeweler Charles Wathen & Co.
Barton Lee, mattress mkr, r 1312 S P[...]fornia, r 257 Fillmore
Barwick Charles T, carp, r 2541 Ash Bassell Jeannett[...]Norman C Mrs, r 1825 Albion Bassett Charles F, adv room Denver Post, r
Barwise N C Bro[...]
[...]Bates Charles W, driver E Desserich Furni-[...]
[...], r 1408 34th Baudendistel Charles A. j o g g e r[...]
[...]er Arthur J', steamfitter, r 3299 S Broad- Baum Charles C, real est, r 22. 1629 Clarkson
Z way Baum Charles L, pres Consolidated Coal &[...]
[...]Bax Charles A, tailor 1525 16th, r 2435 S[...]umberger, see also Bomberger Baxter Charles, r 2216 Ivanhoe
Baume Henry B, elk Morey Merc Co,[...]lizabeth Baxter S W, r 4435 Wyandot
Bauserman Charles M, s-ec E M Leonard Baxter Theres[...]
[...]Bayliss Charles M, mach, r 3331 Humboldt[...]BAYLY-ALLEN CO, Charles Bayly[...]P ^ 1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Bayly Charles, pres Bayly-Underhill Mfg Co[...]y John S, elk Adams Express Co, r 3851 TURING CO, Charles Bayly pres,
Irving[...]Dry Gds Co, r 1820 Lafayette
III £ Bayer Charles, porter J Roth, rms 1436 Lari- Baynton William H,[...]Bayha Gottlob AV (Bayha & Bohm), r 1170 Beach Charles B (Beach & Co), r 16, 321 11th
Cha[...]Beach Charles H, printer West Side Hustler,[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails, " S » £ r McPHEE & McGINNITY[...]
[...]Beck Charles, elk Mountain "View House, 1335
BEAUJON ANTON R,[...]Beck Clemens A, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar Co,
Beaumont Charles W, pres Prudential Inv & r 1026 W 10t[...]
Building Material
Both Wholesale and Retail[...]
[...]Beckwith Zora Miss, elk A T Lewis & Son
Beckert Charles, baker T Lambie, r 3455
Beckert Emma Mrs[...]ways, r 1971 S Ogden Becvar Charles A, mach C E Gartman, r 132
Beckett Stafford E, grocer 1431 Ogden Fox
Beckfeld Charles F, r 1246 Delaware Bedard Charles A, chauffeur Sanford Taxi- *i5
[...]Beedle Charles A, brick layer, r 3620 W 32d[...]l Emmet E, dairy es Niagara bet 43d Beeler Charles H, lawyer, 510 Colorado Bldg,[...]
[...]Beghtol Charles A, salesman Edward Leh-
Beeman Sherman M, physici[...]nver Omnibus & Cab Co 1233 10th
Beers Charles, rms 6th av nw cor Trenton Behan Mary Mrs, r 1423 S Acoma
Beers Charles R, salesman W C Nevin Candy Behee George C,[...]rs Robert, student, rms 1235 Broadway Behl Charles E, r 681 Vallejo
Beers The (apartments) 1261 Penn[...]ce Hotel ways, r 700 Wyandot
Beery Charles W. coml trav John Deere Behl Martha E M[...]ey Clara E Miss, waitress Home Dairy, Behnen Charles L, bkkpr Booth Fisheries Co,
r 1116 Delaware[...], George T, salesman Peters Paper Co, Behnke Charles E, r 1160 S Logan CO
r 2154 Larime[...]PVERJENI&AWNI
Beggs Charles H, pres C H Beggs Live Stock
Co. r 2255 S[...]
[...]7 L A d l b , KINDS. Beitling Charles E, carp, r 2823 Eaton[...]hrens, see also Berens Belden Charles W, solicitor Denver Times,
Behrens Aug[...]afayette Bell Charles D (Bell & Nelson), r 1251 S
Beil Waid[...]E^Beirne, see also Bern, Burn
Beisel Charles W, millinery, 3926 Tennyson THE RO[...]
[...]Taxicab Co, r 608 S Broadway
Bell Charles' N, mining engineer, 9*6 Equita- Bell Henry, t[...]Bell Henry D, chauffeur Denver Omnibus &
Bell Charles O, carrier Alcott Station P O, Cab Co, r 60[...]Bell Homer W, coml trav, r 12, 2320 Court PI
Bell Charles R lawyer, 223 McPhee Bldg, r Bell Hotel, f[...]Bell Ira, salesman J N Lorber, r 771 Kala-
Bell Charles S, carp, r 3055 Zuni math[...]
[...]1428 Lawrence Bellinger Charles A, cook, rms 2719 California
Bell Samuel[...]Bell Samuel B, foreman Western Pkg & Prov Bellm Charles L, r 985 S Pennsylvania
Co, r 4677 Jose[...]stor Mount
Bell Thomas F , coml trav 418 Charles Bldg, Carmel Church, Navajo[...]
[...]of Samuel, cigarmkr Cordove Cigar Co, Bendell Charles C, com mer, r 847 Fox
r 1398 Knox Ct[...]dy Co, r 1733 Gilpin Bender'Charles, ranchman, r 1610 Madison
Belt Claude E, carp, r 2540 Fairfax Bender Charles J, elk, r 4507 W Colfax av • i"
Belt C, ca[...]Co, r 1427 7th
Belts Charles, paper hanger Colo Wall Paper Bender Fr[...]
[...]22 Pennsylvania (Phone York 986)
o Benedict Charles E, coml trav C W Ketter- Benford William H H,[...]f Ida' E Mrs, cigarmkr Cuban Ci-
Benedict Charles E, eng, r 912 10th av gar Co, r 11[...]
[...]PHONE S0.36 Bennett Charles G (Badenhop & Bennett), r[...]B e n j a m i n & Co), r 1943 Bennett Charles W, salesman Struby-Esta-
B. F. THREEWIT ^ I f f i M 2£ Wood and Steel Lath[...]
[...]lab, rms 3457 Blake 47th av
Benson Charles A, florist, 4450 Lowell Blvd Benson-Reece Wholesale Commission Co, 10>">S
Benson Charles J, florist Riverside Cemetery, 12th
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK[...]sylvania
Benteno Charles, lab, r 410 W 43d av Beran Louis[...]rardi Cosmo, lab, b 3834 Elati
Bentley Charles A, teamster, r 2501 S Lipan Berardini Joseph, mach D & R G R R, rms
Bentley Charles G, elk Denver Gas' & Elec 871 Marip[...]gical instruments 1428
3 CO
Benton Charles F, gardener, r 900 W Missis- Curtis[...]A Mrs, r 17, 2330 Washington Berens Charles J, carriage mkr, r 1438 11th
[...]khardt, r 2512 Sheridan Blvd Berger Charles M, plumber Berry Plumbing
Berenson Albert, r 1227[...]E (Goldberg & Berger Com Co), r OO
Berg Charles H, cement wkr, r 1162 S Logan 1424 Knox Ct
Berg Charles H, r 1419 Hooker Berger[...]
[...]Berglund Charles, watchman Equitable Bldg,
Berger Rose A[...]el (Nemeroff & Berger), rms 1915 Berglund Charles A, carp, r 4323 Fillmore
< Curtis[...]or Co, r 1446 Garfield Bergman Charles, lab, rms 3840 Blake[...]coln Bergmann Charles W, driver, r es Ash bet
u Berggren Oscar[...]Cracker Co, r es Ash bet 34th and
Bergh Charles S, agt Prudential Ins Co, r 35t[...]
[...]Bernard Charles B (Peoples Agency), r 1055
'[...]Herman (Berndt Grocery Co), r 2319
Berman Charles, porter Jewish Hospital for Glenarm Pi[...]t THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN
CD Bermine Charles F, miller Longmont Farmers
[...]r 10, 1475 Humboldt Berquist Charles A (Hinkley & Berquist), r
Bernheim Louis, physici[...]h
Bernsen John A, brewer Tivoli-Union Brew- Berry Charles B, student, r 22, 1462 Lafayette
ing Co, r 1064 Lipan Berry Charles Doak, examiner Rocky Mt
Bernsen Joseph, bottler N[...]o, r 1254 Kalamath Berry Charles F, col'd, pilot Blanchard Ho-
Bernsen William, bo[...]r 1254 Kalamath Berry Charles J, elk Moore Hdw & Iron Co,
Bernson Barney, tailo[...]Walnut Berry Charles O B, acct, r 4496 Winona Ct
Bernson Max L, bkkpr Colo Iron & Metal Berry Charles W, cabinet mkr Stern & Co,
Co, r 1597 Gr[...]
R, F. THREEWIT ' S K i K S K S S f Portland Cement[...]
[...]Betteys Franklin M, r 926 Bannock
Bessee Charles W, driver B L James M & M Betteys Imoge[...]Betts Charles A, paper hanger, r 1347 W Ne-
1560 Downing[...]Forest Service, r 1021 Lincoln
Best Charles F (J D Best & Co), r 725 Corona Betts John[...]ohn D, r 707 Corona Betz Charles, bottler Ncef Bros Brewing Co
Best John R,[...]
[...]DS Beyl Charles S, dentist 404 Mack Bldg, r 727[...]r J, plasterer, r 124 Colorado av
Betz Charles, cooper, r 1514 6th Beyn[...]rick-Bellamy Bible James M, wks Charles Wathen & Co,
Co, rms 1319 Acoma[...]iss, rms 2217 Market Bice Charles M, lawyer 231 Kittredge Bldg,
[...]Bierkamp William Jr, sec Altura Farms Co,
Biddies Charles W, storekpr Denver Gas & r 2236 Cler[...]
[...]Biggs Charles A, salesman M B Fetcher, r[...]rman Irvin M, physician 1427 Stout, r Bigler Charles H, carp, r 4219 Bryant
2536 Downing Bigler Charles H, contr, r 2454 W 43d av
Bierman Jenn[...]arry W, carp, r 3252 AV 30th av
Bieser Charles L, coml trav, r 2828 Race Bigler Mary Mrs, r[...]craft George W, lab, r 1496 W Bayaud av Bigsby Charles E, healer, 3401 W 45th av[...]Mi 213 Exposition av
Bigelow Charles W, prin West Side High[...]Bilderbeck Mitchell W, watchman Charles
Bigger Frank, restaurant 1729 Stout, r[...]Bilhartz Charles, rms 1118 California
Bigger Joh[...]
[...]Bills Charles A, foreman A A Pratt, 30 W 8th[...]illbom Peter, r 715 Mariposa BILZ CHARLES, Franklin Motor Cars
Bille Carrie Miss, r 4920 Os[...]tel Binder Charles, rms 1843 Lawrence
Billing William, r 826 S Clark[...]erup Jul (Gair & Binderup), r 1103 Kala-
Billings Charles J, warehouseman Mine & math
[...]Bird Frances E Mrs, r 1021 22d av
CNI Bingley Charles A, gas fitter, rms 2005 Law- Bird Franc[...]
[...]ver Post, 1540-1548 Champa, r 1105 Clark-
Birkins Charles S, r 1114 St Paul son
Birkland R,[...]gham Sadie E Miss, pres Birmingham Bishop Charles, bartdr, rms 1430 Market
Specialty Co, b 1944 Grant Bishop Charles W, elk U S" Circuit and Dis- PI
BIRMINGHA[...]r D 9, 215 11th av <n =
Birnbaum Charles, real est 839 16th, r 1308 Bishop Davidana[...]
[...]Bivens Charles, dept foreman Denver Gas &[...]
[...]Black John C, condr Tramway Co, r 2607
Bjork Charles, shoemkr, b 1406 Curtis W Caithness PI
Bjork Charles E, elk N L Bjork, r 3916 Wal- Black Joseph M, lawyer 210 Charles Bldg,
nut[...]elry Co, r 1061 Jason
Bjorklund Ben, bartdr Charles Erickson, rms Black Louis E, salesman[...]
[...]L L Blackman Charles, salesman, r 65 S Bannock
s ^[...]lackburn Daisy, head waitress Kr£yer & Blackwell Charles W, carp, r 4136 Wolff
Plate C[...]
[...]nford Robert, feeder Columbia Ptg Co, r
Blanchard Charles A, vice-pres Denver Horse 2040 S Huron
Importing Co, r 224 S Clarkson
Blanchard Charles E, poolroom 39 Hampden[...]
[...]n P O, r 3141 Blvd F Bleibel Charles, real estate 12, 1233 15th, r 1
Blatherw[...]The (apartments), 1137 Sherman
< .£ Blatt Charles H, r 2738 Gilpin Bleseer Adolph[...]Blattenburg J H, rms 1431 16th
Blatter Charles F , storekpr Phone Co r 28, 1540 Grant[...]Blesse Henry J, r 641 Niagara
Blattner Charles A, elk, r 3429 W 32d av Blessing Susan D Mr[...]ey Hollister F, buyer Coffin P k g & Blezek Charles H (C H Blezek Drug Co) r
Prov Co, rms 8[...]592 Franklin
oo Blazer C M, coml trav, 406 Charles Bldg
Blazer Esta M Miss, steno J T Norto[...]arimer, r Au-
rora, Colo
Blazo Charles M, insp Denver Gas & Elec[...]
[...]Howard Lumber Co, rms 1213 Welton
Bliss Charles P, auto tops, r 2211 Race[...]
[...]sen), tailors, 526 Charles Bldg
85 Blomquist Rudolph, baker Campbell -[...]Stationery Co, r 1058 Navajo
Bloom Charles L, salesman Crescent Mill & Blossom Se[...]ob, apprentice Albert Sechrist Mfg Blout Charles J, prln Denver Normal & Pre-
[...]ge M Mrs, bakery 2756 W 32d av,
Bobson Charles H, col'd, rms 2333 Glenarm PI
[...]BOETTCHER CHARLES, pres Colo-[...]illiam J, butcher, r 747 Lipan Boettcher Charles H, baker Trout Bros, r 412
Bodo Ball, lab, b 1739[...]Boettger William A, chief elk dist foreman
Boehme Charles H, bricklayer, r 3728 Yates U P R R,[...]
[...]en Patrick W, teamster, r 2412 15th
Boggs Charles C, elk Carnegie Steel Co, r Bohen Stella M Miss,[...]039 Adams Bohl Charles H, fireman Denver Gas & Elec
Boggs E, jan[...]THE, 1809 to 1815 Blake (Phone Bohlman Charles L, barber, rms 39, 1557 Lari-
Main 1602[...]man Peter P, furniture repr Ward Auc-
Boh Charles J, blksmith City Shops, r 909 tion Co, r 4[...]t Bohlmann Charles L, r 49 W Ellsworth av
Boh John B,[...]
[...]Petroleum Co, r 1310 Navajo
Bolkcom Charles S, tel opr, r 4420 Zuni Bolton William[...]Bomash Charles, elk H Weinberg, r 2815 La-
[...]Bondurant Charles S, driver Brunswick -[...]BONE CHARLES W, pres C W Bone
B o n a v e n t u r e T h[...]
[...]ing & Refining Co, r 2835 Vine
Bonham Charles P, switchman, r 3318 Sho- Bonsall Eli[...]d C, real est 201 Quincy Bldg,
Bonham Charles S, real est 525 16th, rms 1546 r 1 N, 165[...]Joseph, lab, r 1822 36th av
Bonnelle Charles O, truckman Engine Co No
[...]Booth Leslie, jeweler Charles H Clark & Co,[...]Booth Melville E, solicitor Charles Scribner's[...]rl Booth Robert, driver, rms 2739 Larimer
Boom Charles F, painter, r 3337 S Pennsyl- Booth Robert L,[...]v
Boot Albert J ( F Boot & Son), r 1249 Vine
Boot Charles A, upholsterer Hanson Drapery- Booth23d[...]ne & Renovating Co, r 4065 Milwaukee
Bootes Charles, foreman Sayre-Newton Lum- Borcherdt Raymond, pum[...]th a»v 4615 Williams
Booth Charles A, grocer 1860 W 13th av, r 1055 Borcherdt Rudolp[...]cherdt Victor H, taxidermist, r 2202 23d av
Booth Charles IT, helper Kennicott-Patterson Borchers Eugene J,[...]Borck John, driver Tivoli-Union Brewing Co,
Booth Charles S, draughtsman Board Of Pub- r 2530 W 24th[...]S Logan v Borden Charles E, bkkpr Colo Natl Life As- OO
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement

222 BOR[...]M ^ 1 7 l 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Bornmann Charles P, brakeman, r 4635 Gilpin
r- CO[...]409 S Pearl Borst Charles R, tchr Manual Training High
O CO Borg Emil[...]3 Larimer W 26th a v
Boring Charles F , r 648 S Grant Borstadt Mary[...]essie Mrs, nurse, rms 2805 Welton
Born Charles J, elk, r 1851 Pennsylvania
[...]Bost John, plumber, b 1447 Zuni
Bosa Charles B, lab, r m s 1379 Delaware Bostock J[...]Bostwick Charles, undertaker W P Horan,
Boss Martin L, messgr Glob[...]orwalk Iron Works Co. 611-612 Ideal Bldg,
Bossard Charles, elk, r 2643 California r The[...]
[...]Laurence C, r 1551 Ogden Bottinelli Charles A, car repr Tramway Co,
Bostwick Lizzie[...]),
r 1400 Josephine
Bosworth Charles R, lawyer 514 Continental[...]Bldg, r 2005 Gaylord
o: Bosworth Charles Reed, sec Union Realty &
[...]nolia Bovard Charles, lab, r 1851 6th av
Bourbonais Robert, wks Albany[...]510 Vine Bovier Charles B, elk Leo Goorman, r 2829
Bourk Joseph, baths, 2[...]Bourk Louis C (Bourk & Co) r 1437 Emerson Bovier Charles B Jr, stockman, r 3843 Os- oo
Bourk Ri[...]Platte
Bourne Annie E Miss, r 3249 Osceola
Bourne Charles,, gateman Union Depot & Ry
Co, r 1835 Pla[...]
The Hallack & Howa[...]
[...]Bowlen Samuel, lab, r es S Mariposa bet W
Bowers Charles, rms 929 18th[...]
[...]ton av
Bowman Charles, elk John Thompson Gro- Bowman Wil[...]King
Bowman Charles A Mrs, r 697 S Pennsylvania Bow[...]
[...]Boyd L W & Co (L W Boyd), druggists 1501
Boyd Charles L, motorman Tramway Co, r 22d a[...]
[...]Glenarm Pi Boyle Charles, chauffeur Sanford Taxicab
III **" Boyer Boyd[...]oyle Clarence, rms 3648 Downing
K Boyer Charles A, coal 2717 Larimer, r 2903 Boyle Edward, rms 21[...]Boyle Edward J, lab, r 3925 Fox
tf> Boyer Charles F, salesman Vacuum Cleaner Boyle Eliza Mrs', r 41[...]Boyle Grace Miss, r 1165 Champa
Boyer Charles W, poultry, r ss W 6th av bet Boyle Grace[...]
[...]ining Co, r 41 W Byers Pi Bracken Charles K, elk, r 1047 Bannock
Boyle Nell, elk The May, r 1253 Sherman Bracken Charles T, barber, 524 18th
Boyle Nellie Miss, elk, rms 1[...]r 4322 Fillmore Co), r 14, 1137 Sherman
Boyles Charles 1 S, lab, r 2089 Fenton BRACKETT K L WEL[...]Flora E Mrs, rms 2425 Champa Bradbrook Charles, tinsmith, r 3432 Downing
Boynton Frank E,[...]
[...]1716-20 ARAPAHOEST.

I Bradbury Charles A, pilot Ernest & Cran-
mer Bldg, b 1086 Xinca Ct
Bradbury Charles I, elk Golden Eagle, r 4625
W 35th av[...]n Sylvan M, saloon 1322 loth, r 1629 Tre- Bradley Charles Alanson, bkkpr John C Gal-
mont PI[...]adenberg Herbert H, musician, b 808 S Lo- Bradley Charles Allen, prin Manual Training
gan[...]eld C J, r D 8, 1461 Logan Bradley Charles P, real est 3, 1526% Cham-
[...]LEY SETH B, pres Crescent
Bradley Daniel W, collr Charles Scribner's Realty & Investment Co, 717 17th[...]ley Lucy Mrs, r 821 Larimer Brady Charles L, steamfitter, r 724 28th
Bradley Margaret B Mis[...]adley Oscar W, r 2254 Grape
[...]apahoe, r 2118 Race Bradza Charles rms 1516 Market
X Brady Herman J, m[...]
[...]s a l e s m a n Colo F o r e s t r y BRANDENBURG CHARLES A, mgr A
& L a n d s c a p e Co, r 1738[...]
[...]n Fannie Miss, stripper Solis Cigar Branham Charles A, r 838 13th
Co, r 3321 W 38th av Branham Charles L, steamfitter, r 502 24th
Plate and[...]
[...]Iron Co, rms 151 W 4th av
Breeding Charles L, lab, r 1669 S Grant Breite Gustave J,[...]mes J, cigar mfr, 151 Grove Breiting Charles, bottler Tivoli-Union Brew- • M l
[...]Brench Albert H, meterman Denver Gas & Brenner Charles W, electrician, r 1264 Osage
Elec C[...]ohn, shedman Sayre-Newton Lum-
Brennan Charles A, elk frt dept D & R G R ber Co, rms 908[...]r 1030 34th Breon Charles E, mech Fernald Auto Co,
[...]ciation of Colo, 319 Majestic Bldg
Bretschneider Charles W, florist, b 1529 Pearl Brewington Bruce M, sa[...]Breymaier Emil, dairy, r Floyd av ne cor S
Breush Charles C, packer Morey Merc Co, r Humboldt
60 P[...]?*
Co, r 1301 W 48th av
Brewer Charles H, elk Adams Express Co,[...]
[...]emiah J, mach, r 2730 W 2d av Bridwell Charles, bartdr Albany Hotel, b 1S44
Brickell[...]Arthur, lineman, r 1221 Elati
Bridges Charles W, contr, rms 2729 Welton
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO, r & E S V ? * 18th and Waze[...]
[...]Brinkmeyer Charles W, scenic painter, r[...]Brinson Charles V, bkkpr Morey Merc Co, r[...]Lawrence
r* at Brink Charles' A, eng American House, 16th
cor Bl[...]ohn H, collr J I Case Threshing
Brink Charles H, mgr repair dept Bohm- Machine Co, r 1[...]James H, lab, r 3037 W 26th av
Brink Charles J (Denver Stamp & Stencil Brissenden Ralph[...]E, real est, r 1257 Quitman
Brinkley Charles, col'd, rms 1828 Arapahoe
[...]Broberg Margaret E Miss, r 1446^ Court PI
Britton Charles A, elk P O, r Arvada, Colo Brobst Millard C, dent[...]c Co, rms 108 Lincoln Brock Charles E, car repr, r 1027 W 5th av
Britton Martha K Mrs, r 4040 Montview Blvd Brock Charles N, r 2355 Albion
Britton Mary A Mrs, r 296 S Grant
Britton Walter, driver W E Russell, r 1414 BROCK CHARLES R (Milton Smith &
10th Charles R Brock), 820-827 Equitable Bldg, r
[...]eph (Schaefer & Brohm), 1545
Broderick Charles A, painter, r 1215 Madison Blake[...]
[...]Brookfield Nellie Mrs, rms 717 Larimer
Broman Charles G, condr Tramway Co, r 242 Brookie Cecil I[...]rence B, with Industrial Build- Brooks Albert S. asst to genl solicitor C &
ing & Loan Associati[...]d William, baker, rms 1335 Court PI Brooks Charles D, liability and accident in- CO
Bromstead Ole[...]ll H Miss, rms 429 15th Brooks Charles M, chauffeur, r 1617 Munroe
Bromwell School, Columbine sw cor 4th av Brooks Charles N (Arapahoe Hdw Co), r 2009
Bronkend August,[...]ing Co, r 740 Kalamath Brooks Charles S, coml trav, r 1462 Ash
lG?"Bronner, see also Br[...]p, 927 16th
(CTBronson, see also Brownson
Bronson Charles W, elk, rms 2144 Curtis
Bronson C, lab, r 3196 S[...]2613 W Colfax
av, r 2906 W Colfax av
Bronstein Charles N, student, r 2925 W Col-
fax av
[...]Brower Charles K (Brower & Benfer), r 3221
Brookstedt Max, rms 1[...]nut r 363S Tejon
Brophy James, cook Charles Potter, r 2311) Brower Flora D, r 4527 Rale[...]wn Alexander, genl contr, r 433 Franklin
Brothers Charles, janitor Wolcott School, r Brown Alex[...]
[...]Brown Charles E, r 3425 W 33d av
Brown Charles F, blksmith, r 1155 Galapago
o M^MURTRYMFG.(9 Brown Charles F, demonstrator Colo College
o[...]Brown Charles H, driver, r 4586 Eliot
.K-co• ' H k DAIMT § VARNISH Brown Charles H, lab, r 4369 Depew
*"\Y MAKERS Brown Charles H, solicitor Williamson-Haff-[...]i:-" GLASS, ffttos. Brown Charles H, warehouseman Nave-Mc-[...]"';•-v/ P H O N E , M A I N IOOO Brown Charles H, col'd, teamster Mitchell
^4 :[...]n L, elk General Film Co, r 726 Brown Charles J, lab, r 4242 Pecos
Fox Brown Charles J, pilot A C Foster Bldg, r
Brown Amand[...]ew, col'd, lab, r 1307 Fox Brown Charles M, elk aud C & S Ry, r 2453
(0 Brown Andre[...]E Mrs, r. 1428 S Logan Brown Charles M Mrs, r 2681 Clermont
Brown Anna Miss, r 2146 Market Brown Charles P, elk W B Maddox, 1498 S
Brown Anna Mr[...]F Mrs, r 5023 Osceola Brown Charles R, driver Starkloff Meat Co,
> Brown Anni[...]Brown Charles W (Brown & Beck), r 2417
Brown Annie Mr[...]e M Mrs, col'd, r 2602 Welton Brown Charles W, r 60 W Maple av
Brown Antonia Mrs, rms 1030 23d Brown Charles W, col'd, waiter, r 2427 Court
Brown Ar[...]Lincoln
Brown Charles, elk, r 2945 Downing
Brown Charles, lab, r 4242 Pecos CALL 'PHONE 4 0 4 0 . A S K FOR
Brown Charles, tailor 1001 Cook
Brown Charles, warehouseman Lotz Hide & THE RO[...]Wool Co, r 1966 W 12th av
oo Brown Charles, r 3345 W 38th av
Brown Charles, rms 1530 Market
Brown Charles, rms 1137 AVelton COMPANY rr\h I
Brown Charles A, waiter, rms 1348 Glenarm
PI[...]Y O U W A N T G O O D L U A L
Brown Charles C, elk, r 8, 2544 Champa RETAIL O F F I C E IOIO I6TH. S T R E E T .
Brown Charles Cortland Mrs, r 2225 Bellaire[...]
WindowGlass,Lead' * * * i ! S h * McPHEE & McGINNI[...]
r*-l G L A S S , a^s. Brown George, printer, rms 1446 Cha[...]eveland PI
Brown Frank M, coml trav 212 Charles Bldg, Brown George S, rms 1634 Larimer[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK[...]
[...]E Mrs, r 1528 Glenarm PI Brown Oliver S. musician, r 2310 Tremont PI
Brown Mamie Mr[...]
[...]t r i c B l d g
B r o w n W i l l i a m S. f o r e m a n W e s t e r n P a p e r
[...]Brownson Charles, driver Eclipse Livery, 1355[...]rowneye John, finisher O C Bromstead, r Brownyard Charles E, elk J N Brownyard,
1860 S Pearl[...]d Drusilla Mrs, r 2700 Gilpin Brownyard Charles H, painter, r 2043 S[...]F Barriball) poultry, 1501 Market
Browning Charles H, foreman Curran Co, r Broyles William M, loans[...]nlie Mary E Miss, tchr, r 3745 Perry
Brownne Charles F , elk aud D & R G R R,
r 779 S Cla[...]
-I Brune Charles W, r 330 Cherokee and sign painter[...]Henry C, carp, r 541 Bryant Brunsman Charles T, driver Elgin Hand
Brune Henry H, ca[...]runer Alice Miss, r 2152 Market
Bruner Charles, rms 1612 Larimer
Bruner H, rms[...]
[...]NgSa 7 W E L L TRUST YOU Bryan Charles, r 754 Mariposa
Bryan Charles H, cshr Bartels Bros, r 10, 1474[...]Bryant Charles W, elk Donaldson & Howard 00 PI
[...]an r 2519 High
Bryson Charles L, editorial dept Denver Post, Buchenau He[...]
[...]rms U09 11th Buckingham Charles L, constructing eng 416
Buchtel Frost C, surgeon[...]Buckland Charles Frank, eng Y M C A Bldg, ro
Buck Carl J, el[...]Buckland Howard A, supt Garrett-Elliott
Buck Charles H, r 2, 2155 California Heating & Supply Co, rms 3763 Meade
Buck Charles L, coml trav 413 Charles Bldg, Buckle Cornelius C, rms 523 18th av[...]Buckle George B, elk Coffin P k g & Prov Co,
Buck Charles M, car inspr U P R R, r 261 S rms 407 2[...]Buckles G Lloyd, salesman Gano-Downs Co,
Buck Charles S, carp, r 119 W Ellsworth av r 4528 Alcott
Buck Charles W, r 1357 Quitman Buc[...]
[...]1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. boldt
5 Buckley Charles C, motorman Tramway Co,
r 221 W Cedar[...]Broadway
< Buckley Charles F , policeman, r 1627 Penn-
sylvania[...]ouncil 428
2* Buckley John M, coml trav 508 Charles Bldg,
r 2026 Race
Buckley Jo[...]Charles Bldg, r 754 Broadway
Budd Charles E, supt Ajax Iron Wks Co, r
K •»[...]y & Schmidt (W H Buckley and J Buechner Charles R, r 2610 Gilpin
"•< Schmidt), pl[...]
[...]Buffmyer Goldie I Miss, elk W U T Co, r
Buell Charles O, Ry mail elk, r 2434 W Dun- 1368 Navajo[...]Frank C, mach, r 4535 Winona Ct Buford Charles W, watchman State Capitol," OO
[...]BULLEN CHARLES E, vice-pres and
Bugge John R Jr, truck[...]Bank Bldg
Building Trades Council, 428 Charles Bldg Bullis Mike (Bullis & Bullis), rms 1163[...]ulkeley Archie U, student, b 2233 S Jose- Bullock Charles B Mrs, r 1230 Emerson
Bullock William H, salesman Westinghouse Bunn Charles R (Bunn & Bunn) 1415 Broad-
Elec & Mfg Co, r 12[...]driver, r 3928 Vrain 1415 Broadway
Bunce Charles W, teamster Sayre-Newton Bunnager William, baker[...]y Mrs, r 506 Corona in »
Bunch Charles W, wks J S Brown & Bro Bunt James W, r 2517 W Byr[...]Bunte & Drumm (C H Bunte and Eugene
Bundchu Charles G, car repr D & R G R R, Drumm), saloon, 1[...]v cor Humboldt Addition
Bundsen Charles A, physician 658 Metropoli- Burbach Christ[...]
[...]elk, b 2105 W B u r d e n Charles E , w h e e l borer TJ P R R, r
41st[...]ch A n n a Mrs, r 1027 W 5th a v
Burch Charles F , cook, r 2343 D o w n i n g H o u s e , r 3634 W 29th a v
U Burch Charles R, brick m a s o n , r 2741 W 37th[...]Burdick E d w i n N , l a w y e r 423 Charles Bldg,
o Burch John W , brakeman. r 1341[...]B u r D i n e Charles G, elk P O, r 1156 D e l a w a r e[...]
[...]D e l a w a r e Burgett Charles E , mach, r 3817 F r a n k l i n[...]Construction Co, r 1445 Fillmore
Burgdorf Charles A, e n g U P R R, r 1225 B[...]Sadie Miss, dressmkr, r m s 429 15th
B u r g e r Charles F , r 2535 Vine BurgqUist A x e l T, blksmith, r 3948 Larimer
Burger Charles G, elk, r 2535 Vine[...]k , 17th cor Champa, r 1570 Burgreen Charles V, property m a s t e r Broad-
B u[...]
Plate and[...]
[...]Charles (Burkhardt Market Co),
[...]Burmeister Charles E, mach, r 3042 W 24th
5 Burkhart Charles E, dept sheriff Court
House, r 801 S[...]wartwout & Litchfield, r 1140 Lincoln
So Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis
Burlien Elizabet[...]- DAY A M D NIGHT -
Burlingame Charles H, messgr Wells Fargo
& Co Exp[...]
[...]Burns Frank, painter, rms 1226 17th
Burnham Charles H, treas Colo Motor & Ma- Burns Fred C[...]Ellsworth av
lic Register, r 802 Curtis
Burns Charles, col'd, barber, rms 2515 Curtis
Burns Charles F , eng D & R G R R, r 952
Burns Charles J, condr, r 716 Lipan
Burns Charles J, salesman, r 1117 9th
Burns Charles P, physician, 245 W 4th av[...]
Building Material[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO. - S f f l S V ? * 18th and[...]
[...]Burvenich Charles H, physician 316 Temple[...]s Wilbur B, draftsman Tramway Co, Busby Charles C, bricklayer, r 254 Delaware
rms 14[...]n B, electrician, rms 1315 Cherokee BUSCH CHARLES H, mfrs agt, 415
Burton Charles A, col'd, jantfor, 1530 Grant
[...]phen, cook Salt Palace Lunch, rms Bussey Charles H, r rear 2460 Marion
1415 Champa[...]
[...], r Hotel Tours, Lincoln ne cor
BUTLER CHARLES C, lawyer, 732 Colfax av[...]Co), r 270 S Washington
m OI Butler Charles M, pres Masons Supply, r 2042 Butler[...]
[...]r 5, 1767 Pearl Button Charles A, carp, r 2515 W 37th av
Butner Earl, meat cutte[...]ts Lela B Miss, dressmkr, rms 3144 La-
Butterfass Charles Jr, baker E W Parsons, fayette
r 50 S Br[...]erfleld Clinton C, helper Ward Auction Butz Charles, r 2061 Lawrence
Co, rms 1544 Lincoln[...]
Buxton Charles E, teamster, r 2921 W 25th av Byers[...]Co, rms 2225 Birch Bynum Charles W, plumber, r 854 S Gaylord
Buzcko John, l[...]Buzzard Peter, florist, r 510 S Logan Byrd Charles T, lawyer 814-818 Central Sav-
Buzzard Wal[...]Byrne Charles A, bricklayer, b 923 Zuni
Byers Alexander,[...]Utica
Byers Charles, cigars, 3524 S Broadway, rms Byrne
8, 3[...]John, r 1935 Park av
Byers Charles E, driver, r 2821 W 3d av Byrne John[...]
[...]1540-46 LAWRENCE ST. Byrns Charles J, lab, r 21 W Ellsworth av[...]Cadmus Andrew W, salesman, r 2022 Marion
Cabeen Charles F, pres Investors Mutual Cadmus Clair[...]H Thomas, watchman Denver Union Cady Charles, waiter Symes Buffet, r 1328
Stock Yard Co. r 43[...]William H, watchman, r 4314 Vine Cady Charles C, cabinet mkr H R Sadler[...]
Cady Charles H, armature bander Tramway Cahn-Fors[...]y I Mrs, r 2536 Vine Cain Charles B, policeman, r 15, 2543 loth

WindowGlass,11* ffi*S?m McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.[...]
[...]Calihan Frances Miss, elk Denver. Gas & Callahan Charles, teamster, r 4864 Julian
Callahan Charles W, adv agt, rms' 978 Broad-[...]Call Asbury Y, r 104 Broadway
< Call Charles W, col'd, bootblk, 1707 Arapa-
[...]n Joseph P, fireman, r 4611 Columbine Calloway Charles T, wks Colo Honey Pro-
Callahan J, rms 808 18th a[...]so Calloway tric Bldg
Callaway Charles, printer, r 1278 Mariposa Calvary Baptist Ch[...]ay Marie Miss, steno \V C Calhoun, r Calvert Charles AV, dentist 346 Metropolitan
320 Cherokee[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Cameron Charles M, Christian Science prac-[...]fMURTRYMrG.§ Cameron Charles P, elk, r 1637 Lincoln
Cameron Charles W, barn man Joslin Dry[...]
[...]amfield Daniel A, pres Camfield Develop- Campbell Charles C, expressman, r 2856 W 32d
ment Co, r Greeley,[...]amfield Development Co, 315 Century Bldg Campbell Charles C, rms 373 Fox GO
Camfield Ellen Mrs, r 5133 18th av Campbell Charles D, mgr Gatlin Institute,
Cammann Frederick W, rea[...], v 4, 1553 Steele Campbell Charles Joseph, elk Campbell Bros
Cammann Frederick W Jr,[...]merer, see also Kammerer Campbell Charles J, elk P O, r 108 Galapago
Cammerer William F, tinner, r 2052 Champa Campbell Charles J T, mattress mkr Kent
Cammic Max, bus boy Albany[...]th av Campbell Charles M, dairy Leetsdale Drive
Cammillo John, meter rep[...]Co, r 3140 Osage Campbell Charles S, pres Capitol Loan Co,
Camnitzer Moritz (Camnit[...]ikin, Colo Campbell Charles W, r 3047 Osceola
Camnitzer & Lucas (M Cam[...]
MUNICIPAL, CORPO- Q / " N I V I 1"^ C[...]
[...]Canning Charles H, b 3826 Newton
Canann George S, cond[...]Mrs, r 1445 S Pennsyl- Cannon Charles, wks Manhattan Restau-
vania[...]of construction Phone
Canfleld Charles, elk, r m s 1015 Larimer[...]
Mountain and Plain ^ l ^ M c P H E E & M c G I N[...]
[...]- G L A S S , s.^os well props, 1401 Broadway
[...]tion Service, r 1439 Cherokee
Captain Charles M, r 1916 Lincoln Card William A,[...]1345 Grant
Carberry Charles L, hostler D & R G R R, Cardwell Marshal[...]OO
Card Charles F , janitor Denver Post, rms Leather Co, r 3656 Blvd F
2337 California
Card Charles S, pres C S Card Iron Wks Co,
r 1139 Clar[...]
[...]F, 2d asst eng Board of Carleton Charles B, bkkpr B L James M &[...]Carlin Charles A, carp, r 1724 34th av
T3 Carey Laura[...]student, r 1485 St Paul Carlisle Charles E, r 2749 Lafayette
Carhart Winfield S, surveyor, rms 2114 Ara- Carlisle Edward H (Charles N Shannon &
pahoe[...]Carl B, salesman, rms 1439 Cherokee
Carl Charles, carp, rms 2226 Court PI[...]
[...]Carlson Charles A. paper hanger Art Wall[...]OMESTEAD BAKERY Carlson Charles B, optician Ford Optical Co.[...]COT<%£AD Carlson Charles C, lab, r 217 45th av
Carlson Charles E, barber 1945 W 41st av, r[...]Carlson Charles F, dean College of Music,
W.J.MEIKLEHAM.PRE[...]UI W.Z7T-MAVE.PH0NEGALLUP9I3. Carlson Charles F, lab, r 4650 Josephine
Carlson Charles F Mrs, tchr College of Music.[...]-see also Karlo Carlson Charles G, driver Denver Omnibus &
Carlock William T, bel[...]ock W C, real est 53 Jacobson Bldg, r 923 CARLSON CHARLES G, ice cream
Platte[...]rank, maccaroni mkr Western Carlson Charles G, lab, r 2924 Columbine
Union Maccaroni Mfg Co, r 3748 Mariposa Carlson Charles O (Carlson & Frederick), r
Carlos Kate Mrs, r 102[...]rapahoe
Carlson Carl R, carp, r 4742 Clay
Carlson Charles, lab, r 912 W 7th av[...]
[...]Knight-Campbell Mu- Carlson Oscar W, with Charles G Carlson, r
sic Co, r 2432 Humb[...]
[...]Carmack Charles A, janitor Gas & Elec-
WE'LL TR[...]Carman Charles H, salesman Overland[...]• 1*
Carlstadt Charles R, with M J O'Fallon Sup- Carman Margaret S M[...]Carman "Wesley J, cook D & R G R R, r
Carlstedt Charles M, lab, r 4318 Elati 3892 Vrain
Carlste[...]b, r 2285 S Lipan Glenarm PI
Carlton Charles E, car repr C & S Ry, r 13 Carmody Cornelius[...]den
Carlton Charles J, car repr C & S Ry, r 833 Carmody Frank C,[...]18' 14th Carnahan Charles T, vice-pres, treas and
Carlton John, mining, rms[...]Maybell L Miss, steno National Cas- Carnahan Charles W, brakeman C & S Ry,
ualty Co, r 833 Ch[...]
[...]14, 435 13th av
CARNAHAN C T MFG CO, Charles T EJ'" Carothers, s[...]treas and genl mgr, Carotherg Charles H, carp F M Davis Iron
mfrs of The M[...]parhawk mgr of sales, Carpenter Charles' C, bartdr W O Leslie, r
1209-1211 F[...], r 4919 Lowell Blvd Carpenter Charles C, lab, rms 1737 Market
Carner Harry A, miner, r 4919 Lowell Blvd Carpenter Charles M, condr Tramway Co,
Carner Serena E,[...]Karns Carpenter Charles W, lineman Denver Gas
Carnes Annie E M[...]aude B, chief elk asst genl mgr
Carney Charles T, b 1441 Logan D[...]homas H, fireman, r 2912 Blake
CARNINE CHARLES F, lawyer, 424[...]
[...]able Bldg (Phone Main 7789), r University Carr Charles, painter C & S Ry, rms 1201
Club and Fort Collin[...]rpenter L D, b Elk Hotel Carr Charles J Rev, pastor St John The[...]RPENTER L G & R C, consulting Carr Charles P, elk Middlesworth Com Co, r
[...]D Miss, steno Morey Merc Co, r Carrithers Charles P, elk purchasing dept
1935 B[...]
BARTELS BROS., 52517th Street, J E S S . REAL ESTA[...]
[...]rphen Jr pres, D M Gray sec and
Carson Charles, carp, r 319 23d treas, electrical supplies, construction and
Carson Charles T, stereotyper News, r 134 repairs, 20[...]
[...]Blank Bk & L Co, r 3440 Columbine
Cartano Charles C, cement contr, r 3706 Carter Harry, carp[...]dw, 220 16th Ins Co, r 1268 Marion
Carter Charles, col'd, teamster Colo Iron Carter John F, col[...]letic Club, r 2551 Clarkson
* Carter Charles E, electrical eng Northern Carter John G, rms[...]Carter John H, r 1530 Bellaire
Carter Charles F, lab, r 4602 Williams Carter Joseph, col'd, expressman 2239 Wash-
CARTER CHARLES M, art teacher, ington, rms 2238[...]Carter Lawrence, eng, r 3511 Lafayette
Carter Charles M, printer Bishop Pub Co, r Carter Leo[...]
[...]n •£?
Casey Charles L, col'd, waiter, r 2557 Clark- Cash William E, e[...]pin
Casey Edward J. salesman Davis & Shaw CASHMAN CHARLES F, sec and treas
Furniture Co, r 715 22d av •[...]rms 1*43 Lawrence Henry F Evans pres, Charles F Cashman
Casey James W, elk H D Ott, rms[...]
[...]letus T, elk Denver Gas & Elec Co, r CASSIDY CHARLES F (Cassidy-Hicks
813 31st[...]rancis J, tel opr, r 813 31st
Cass Fred S. mach C S Card Iron Wks Co, r
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO." • W S M T I f f l and Wa[...]
[...]Refining Co, r 2527 Gaylord
Catchpole Charles T, asst genl mgr Denver Cattell[...]
[...]vey Albert M, stone contractor, 6th and
Cavanaugh Charles, rms 1713 Larimer Wynkoop, r 3230 Osc[...]Curtis CAVIS CHARLES F, real estate 315
Cavanaugh Eliza Mrs, r 1238 7t[...]on
Cavanaugh Elizabeth Mrs, milliner Miss M Cavis Charles P, coml trav, r 3279 Osceola
Fischer, r[...]
[...]Cella Chester P, jeweler Charles H Clark &
Tj^K D A I N T[...]Celmer Charles (Standard Fixture Co), r 2054
Caywood[...]us A, pres Rocky Mountain Fix-
Caywood Charles L, carp, r 910 Downing ture Co, r 2022[...]Fixture Co, r 2022 Humboldt
Cazin Charles W, bottler C A Lammers Bot- Cement Machinery[...], lab, b 4443 Pearl av
Cecil Charles D, 1424 Madison Central[...]
[...]Chadonich John, lab, r 4551 Pennsylvania
Chadsey Charles E, supt City Schools, r 4411
[...]Chance Charles W, warehouseman Denver[...]Stella G Miss, tchr East Side Chandler Charles E, elk J I Case Threshing
High School, r[...]
Chapman Leslie J, col'd, porter, r 2926 Lari- Charles Bldg, 15th sw cor Curtis
mer Charles Catherine W Miss, tchr. r 51 S Pearl
Chapman Leslie M, oiler Capitol Hill Garage Charles Corliss D, sec-treas Forbes Drug
Co, r 3344 W Mo[...]3 S Logan
Chapman Lois A Mrs, elk County Treas, r Charles Daniel Q, real est, 19 S Broadway,
3861 Raleigh[...]arl
Chapman Louise Miss, barber, 1810 Stout Charles D Minor, elk Forbes Drug Co, r 123
Chapman Lydia[...]gan
Chapman L Mrs, r 1122 Speer Blvd Charles Etta A Mrs, r 1816 28th av
Chapman L M, patrolman Pinkerton's Pro- Charles F, hair gds, 1421 Welton
tective Patrol, r 2079 S Grant Charles Hubert C, dep treas City and Coun- CJi
Chapman Marshall, r 44, 1771 Pennsylvania Charles Iestyn W, coml trav, r 2237 14th av
Chapman Marshall Y, elk C B & Q R R and Charles John, supervisor of construction U S
C &[...]
[...]rothy Miss, elk, r 909 24th av
< u
Charles Lee G, elk Moore Hdw & Iron Co,
r 1[...]k Nellie Miss, tailor, r 909 24th av
Charles Paul, elk Moore Hdw & Iron Co, r E^C[...]1343 Curtis
4 <
mi Charles Robert L, physician, 564 Metropoli-[...]lice E Miss, musician, r 1805 W 34th
1- Charles The, boarding, 1300 Stout av[...]33 17th cor Blake Chase Charles A, mining eng, 922 Equitable[...]
[...]650 Ernerson Chatfield Charles L, asst hydrographer State oo
Chase Hen[...]
[...]Cement Plaater and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cemant THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Chenoweth Charles A, salesman Great East-
Cheadle Caroline[...]heakas George K, shoe shiner Nick Jumo- Chenoweth Charles F, elk genl frt dept D &
pulos, rms 202[...]nelius A, lab, r 1708 Platte
Cheesewright Charles, bricklayer, r 145 S Cherry Cora E Mrs, co[...]
[...]ers Joseph H, elk J W Schriver, r 959 S
Chevalier Charles, lab, rms 529 22d Broadway
(ETChever, se[...]eo R, bricklayer, r 4461 Fillmore CO
Chew Charles L, mgr Aliens Coffee & Spice Childers Lu[...]
[...]rthur H, mach, r 3228 Arapahoe
Childs Charles L, col'd, watchman Natl
Safety Vault Co, r 3830 Lipan
Childs Charles R, elk Joslin Dry Gds Co, rms[...]23 Osage Chipman Charles W, carp, r 3307 Curtis
Chillistrum El[...]nock
Chilson Charles H, eng, rms 3838 Perry Chippindale Isaac, bricklayer, r 1685 S Og-
Chilson Charles H, sales mgr Colo Sales Co, den[...]ar C, salesman, r 4750 W 6th
Chilvers Charles H, condr, r 44 Logan av
u Ch[...]s Co, r
3648 Blake
Chinn Charles C, collr Phone Co, r 4560 W[...]
[...]3358 Gilpin
Christian Charles J, mining titles 637 Empire
[...]toph Joseph N, salesman W C Nevin Church Charles A, window dresser Rothen-
Candy Co, rms 2032 Wel[...]urch John F, cattle and ranches 212 Colo-
Christy Charles F, r 519% 24th rado Bldg[...]
B. F. THREEWIT' 4 3 3 to 1 4 3 9 Wynkoop[...]
[...]and 23d avs Clapp Charles W, foreman B & B Dept C &
City P a r k Congregati[...]lamath H 01
Robert S Roe treas and mgr, Charles E Clapp R F, rms Y M C A Bldg
Roe sec, John A Swonsey supt, office 1526 Clapper Charles D, decorator, r 530 Kala-[...]
[...]CLARK CHARLES H & CO (Charles[...]Clark Charles J, grocer, 1707 35th av
JAINT^V\RNISH Clark Charles M, dairy, 2155 W 48th av
Clark Charles N, condr D N-W & P Ry, r
; I[...]& L A S S , ^ uuo s . Clark Charles R, barn man Golden Eagle
^ -[...]Clark Charles R, switchman, r I, 3233 Vallejo
C : J i P i 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Clark Charles T, rms 2062 Glenarm PI
OO Clark Charles W, salesman, rms 1520 Glen-
Clark Alfred[...]r 560 S High Clark Charles W, stock salesman United
Clark Alfred W,[...]iss, r 1545 Cook ing
Clark Charles, acct, rms 328 22d Clark Edward, messgr Associated Press, rms
Clark Charles, condr, rms 1744 Glenarm Pi 30 20th av
Clark Charles, lab, r 273 S Sherman Clark Edward, col'd, lab, r 1415 Kearney
Clark Charles, wks H H Tammen Co, r 1203 Clark Edward B,[...]3521 Williams
Clark Charles, rms 1520 Glenarm PI Clark Edward E,[...]lark Edwin A, condr, rms 1450 Pearl
CLARK CHARLES A, pres Cocks-Clark
Engraving Co, 220 Ba[...]4 0 . ASK FOR
Lowell Blvd
Clark Charles A, col'd, carpet layer. r 252o THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Clark Charles B, insp Board of Public ^ ks.
r 3341 High
Clark Charles E, dentist 204, 115 Broadway, r
228 W 4t[...]COMFVXrslV / " A « f
Clark Charles E, policeman, r 2767 W 38th av WHEN Y O U W A N T G O O D L U r i L
Clark Charles H (Charles H Clark & Co), r R E T A I L O F F I C E[...]GENERAL OFFICES, A.C.FOSTER BLDG.
Clark Charles IT, r 1156 Broadway

and FERNS[...]
Star Union Wliitelead r : McPHEEfc McGINNITY CO.!W[...]
[...]ohn W, col'd, porter J M McCamant, Clark N Charles, barber Major & Fleming, r
We Buy[...]
[...]ke Thomas W, motorman Tramway Co,
Clarke Charles, col'd, lab, r 232 Ellsworth av
«t Clarke Charles F, bkkpr, r 18 Iowa av
Clarke Clarence W[...]1544 Curtis Charles, student, r 1395 S Cherokee
[...]ric Co, rms 1206 Larimer Clayton Charles J (Clayton & Murnan), r
Clausen Henry C, electri[...]ric Co, rms 1206 Larimer Clayton Charles J, prop Acme Pharmacy 1775
Clausen John M, ice,[...]-
ing Engineering Co, rms 1649 Downing
Clawson Charles P, lab, r 3244 Steele
Clawson Thomas W, coml tra[...]~GLASS
Clay Charles, leather wkr Fred Mueller Sad-
dle & Har[...]
[...]Clegg George E, jeweler Charles Wathen &
H Clayton Grace Miss, music[...]nnie M Mrs, r 1106 W 13th av
Cleary Charles, salesman, rms 1753 Curtis Clemens Clara[...]ary A Miss, r 1106 W 13th av
O* Cleave Charles E, foreman Tramway Co, r Clemens P L, p[...]1557 Garfield
Cleave Charles T, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron

[...]denen Nellie V Miss, tchr, r 537 W 8th av
Clement Charles, mach C & S Ry, r 1755 Clendenen Willard[...]Clennan Thomas H, bartdr Brown Palace Ho-
Clement Charles G, lawyer 310 Quincy Bldg, tel, r 27[...]
[...]School, r 2125 G l e n a r m PI
Cliff Charles C, eng, r 2218 Emerson[...]550 I n c a d i n g e r Charles, r 717 W 13th av .
Clifford M[...]
[...]Curtis Clothier Charles J, elk Denver Photo Mate-
Clingner Charles D, helper Phone Co, r 717 rials Co, rms 820[...]h av Clothier Charles W, carp, r 2835 W Douglass
Clink Charles N, elk Kingman Plow Co, r PI
4421 Vrain[...]en CLOUD HENRY J, real estate and
Clinkscale Charles R, col'd, porter Pullman
Co, r 2508 Trem[...]
[...]Gus, barber C E Dinsmore, rms 1435 Coatney Charles P, driver Old Homestead[...]Harold F , student, r 2201 Fairfax Cobaugh Charles K, elk Davis - Bridaham
Clyde Albert,[...]rt, news agt, r 132 W Maple av
Clymer Charles C, student, r B, 3141 Tejon
Clymer Charles T, cigar mkr Nelson Cigar Cobb Alice C Miss, r 12[...], r B, 3141 Tejon Cobb Charles D (C D Cobb & Co), r 1237
$<3 C[...]
[...]Cochran Charles E, elk J C Bloom & Co, r[...]Cochran Charles M, policeman, rms 1664 Mil-[...]Cochran Charles W, elk to Board County[...]nnah Mrs, r 2821 S Bannock Cochrane Charles J, carp, r 3319 S Clarkson
Coble J Frank, painter, r 2821 S Bannock Cochrane Charles S, butcher Standard Meat
Coburn Le Montte D, cond[...]hrane Jackson, ins agt 313 McPhee Bldg,
Cochennet Charles W, cook, r 323 W 11th av r 9, 1620 Clarkso[...]2 CD
1155 Milwaukee
Cochran Charles B, meter reader Denver Gas[...]M»
Cochran Charles D, farmer, rms 1219 Glen-
arm PI[...]
Cody Charles, car repr Tramway Co, r 723
I llustrators
E n gravers[...]
C L E A R C U T S[...]
[...]al Bldg, r 544 S Grant Cogle Charles T, tailor, r 2432 Stout
Coffey Joseph D, r 2131 W[...]ey William, r 1492 Race Cohagan Charles, driver, r 75 W Bayaud av
[...]ouis P, mining engineer 410 Chamber
Cohen Charles, elk, r 1374 Race
Cohen Charles, teamster, r 2849 W 11th av of Commerce[...]Cohen Lucy A Mrs, elk, r 861 Acoma
Cohen Charles J, grocer, 220 W 1st av Cohen[...]
[...]n Samuel M, elk Standard Furniture Co, Coit Charles W, farmer, r W 38th av w of
r 2515 Arapahoe[...]Aranahoe Colaccl Charles, r 3452 Mariposa s
Cohen Thyrza Miss, t[...]am H, carp, r 2039 Bryant
Cohen Williams, Jeweler Charles Wathen & Colaris Peter, bartdr Trahanas &[...]Colborg Charles F, fireman D & R G R R,
Cohenour Leo B, st[...]
[...]Florida av Cole Charles C (Cole & Snyder), r Brighton,
Colburn A[...]tackle, 38, 1627 Lawrence Cole Charles L, r 1143 S Cherokee
HI 1 " Colburn Building, 15th cor W Colfax av Cole Charles W, real est, r 4001 W 38th av[...]iamson), plumbers, 4054 Tejon Cole George Charles, brakeman, rms 3943
Colby Blanche E Miss, r 4351 Umatilla Blake
Colby Charles E, brick mfr, r 3563 Elizabeth Cole[...]
[...]Coleman Charles A, r 1821 Vine
Coleman Charles V, with News, r 2429 W 39th
Cole Henry, pres Famo[...]1020 9th Coleman Charles W, teamster, r 2417 17th
Cole Henry, rms 1[...]
[...]Charles Bldg
2°- M j P,i Prms
Coleman[...]an Collett Charles, driver Franktown Creamery
Thom[...]stine Kate Mrs, r 2424 W 33d av Colley Charles E, pressfeeder, r 934 Navajo
Colestine May[...]lier, see also Collyer, Colyer
Colglazier Charles H, boxmkr Dethloff & Co, Collier Albert[...]
[...]rit E, cook Mrs E K McCleary, r Collins Charles, cook J W Critchfield, rms
1723 Stout[...]arrie Mrs, r 1732 Arapahoe Collins Charles A, elk, r 3926 Winona Ct
Collier Charles C, cigars, 1034 18th Collins Charles C, mgr tire branch Diamond
Collier Clarenc[...]
[...]320 Champa
Collins Henry, real est 429 Charles Bldg, b Collins Marion B, bkkpr Natl S[...]
[...]F o o L u n , class funeral furnishings, Charles E Red-
r 630 21st[...]
[...]more Charles Bldg 15th cor Curtis
[...]' WE'LL TRUST YOU Charles A Dehn sec, 413-414 Chamber of[...]Museum of Natural History, City
ITIES CO, Charles M Heberton pres, COLORADO MUSIC CO,[...]
Cement Plaster and Piaster Paris,
TURING CO, C J Shetterly pres, W[...]NEWS CO, F J Arnold Colorado School Journal, 408 Charles Bldg
mgr, 1444-1446 Arapahoe[...]k Co.
1* g Colorado Pioneer Society, 309 Charles Bldg 743 Equitable Bldg
COLORADO[...]Painters 8$ Decorators, 412 Charles Bldg
jobbers of supplies for plum[...]NT CO, COLORADO STATE BUSINESS DI-
Charles Boettcher pres, Whitney Newton
vic[...]Colorado Power, Water, Railway & Resort Charles Bldg
Co, 310 Mercantile Bld[...]
[...]CO, William Milne pres, Charles Marr
Colorado State & Savings Bank, 1625 Broad-[...]ERPRESSING CO,
Colorado Teachers Association, 408 Charles high class advertising and circular lett[...]s Co, 1050 12th
Colorado Veteran Association, 319 Charles
[...]MERCIAL STUDIO, Charles S
C o m b i n a t i o n Tool Co, 418 E r n[...]
[...]Comstock Charles W, State engineer 11 State[...]ms 5261 W 26th av
Compton Charles, helper Campbell-Sell Bak- Conant Stanley, driver[...]C0NARD HENRY W, tax agt and
Compton Charles E, elk Secretary of State, chief elk ge[...]Conas Charles, wks The Shirley, r 1916 Lin-
< Compton G[...]olfax a v Conaty Charles H, prop Highland Pharmacy,
[...]p h e r e t h I s r a e l , D a l e Ct n w
Conde Charles E, buyer D A N I E L S & FISH-[...]
[...]illiam A, supt Missouri Lumber & Connahan Charles, driver C Lemmer, rms
Supply Co, r[...]
[...]Connet Samuel, lab, rms 1112 Xinca Ct
Connelly Charles, mach, r 2410 Bryant Connett Harvey A, asst chief dispatcher U
Connelly Charles R, driver, r 1280 W Custer Pi P R R,[...]
[...]mes O, waiter, r 1157 Galapago
r* z Connor Charles, pres Denver & Pueblo Con-[...]iler mkr, r 3315 Hum-
r* CP
Connor Charles Stone Crushing Co, 3262 Blake[...]
Conrad Charles H, elk First Natl Bank, r
1255 Pennsylvania[...]INSURANCE CO, Minneapolis, Minn,
Conrad Charles H, r 1321 Broadway W T Craft Realty Co local agts, 1717 Stout
Conrad Charles P, cigar mkr Joint Stock Consolidated Li[...]rederick P, janitor Mercantile Bldg, Constant Charles M (Constant & Faires), r
r 1115 W 13th av[...]ence
Conrey Catherine A Mrs, r 625 Osceola
Conrey Charles M. r 1477 S Cherokee CONTINENTAL BUI[...]rms 2115 Curtis cor Lawrence
Conroe Charles E, eng, r 2140 W 28th av
Conroe E m m a Mrs, r 2140 W 28th av
Conroy Charles E, condr Tramway Co, rms
^054 Zuni
[...]Charles A, sales stables, 1415 Blake,[...]Conway Charles H, miner, r 213 Galapago
[...]Cook John A, policeman, r 1820 29th av
Cook Charles, rms 1016 13th Cook John G, ranchman, r 2010 Marion
Cook Charles C, salesman, r 4575 Elm Ct Cook John G, woodwkr Denver Omnibus &
Cook Charles F, r 1425 Acoma
Cook Clara H Mrs, r 1458 W[...]
[...]ttner Implement Co, Cook William A, masseur 313 Charles Bldg, r
b 1621 S Pennsylvania[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass , 8 £°r McPHEE & McG[...]
[...]er Catherine Mrs, r 1235 18th av
Cooper Charles, elk, r 1114 S Columbine

Cooper Charles B, pool hall 3392 S Broad-
Cooper Charles B, salesman Denver Gas &
Elec Co, r 1[...]ft-RHflLL
COOPER CHARLES J, vice-pres Peters-
Cooper-Duckles Ag[...]mmm
Bldg, r 2705 Vine
IkO Cooper Charles M, sec R H Maxwell Bro-
[...]Copeland Charles E, switchman, r 1105 10th
[...]orcoran Katherine C Miss, elk, r 1318 31st
Copman Charles, car repr C & S Ry, r 123 Corcoran Mar[...]Corder Harley W, plumber Potter Heating
Coppock Charles M, eng U P R R, r 3025 Co, r[...]
[...]1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Cormack Charles, stone cutter, r 2552 Depew[...]tin F , coal, 1223 23d, r 1164 S Cornelius Charles E, printer Wahlgreen Ptg
Logan[...]William L, oil, r 4200 Bryant
CO Corian Charles, rms 1458 Court PI
[...]t Robert C (R C Cornett & Co), r 3331 Corrado Charles, shoemkr, 2462 19th
13th av[...]elk, rms 1835 Champa •Ojj»
Cornish Charles H, lab, b 5046 W 36th av Corrigan H[...]
[...]Cosens Charles E (Cosens & Storer), r 86 S[...]THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Coryell Charles A, elk, r 329 S Pennsylvania
[...]© •*
Costello Charles, lab, r 4662 Grant Cottle Mary E Mrs,[...]llo James J, elk P O, r 4662 Grant Cotton Charles E, lumber, r 1411 Milwaukee
COSTELLO JAMES T, plumber, gas and Cotton Charles W, elk A W Bush, r 706 W[...]
[...]cKee, druggist E J Howard, 3212
Cottrell Charles M, mining eng, rms 1433 17th Pecos
Cottrell Charles T, lab, r 4850 Hooker Coulter Charles M, asst U S Bureau of Ani-[...]y Counselman Charles E, wks Mosconi Bros, r
Couchman Archie,[...]ank, apprentice Western Elec
mm ^
Couden Charles C, mach M Rumely Engine & Co, r 11[...]
[...]I. WE'LL TRUST YOU Courvoisier Charles C, driver Kennicott-Pat-[...]Adella Miss, elk W U T Co, r 70914th Cousins Charles L, col'd, porter Pullman Co,
Coupon Clara[...]
[...]gton Automobile Co, r 954 Lincoln Cowell Charles B (Charles W Cowell &[...]an, see also Cowen, Keown •
Cowan Charles E, elk Fontius' Shoe Co, rms
Cowell Charles W (Charles W Cowell &[...]Cowell Charles W & Sons (C W, C B and
1344 Banno[...]y Cowell Don F (Charles W Cowell & Sons),
Id * * •
Cow[...]Iron Wks, r 196 S Kalamath
Coward Charles W, with M J O'Fallon Sup- COWEN & COMPANY[...]
[...]on Cox Harry S, coml trav 620 Charles Bldg, r
Cowley Robert B, billiard instructor Den-[...]olumbine Bldg, Union Stock Yards
Cox Charles, teamster, rms 2114 Curtis Cox Joseph, coal, r 2051 Elm
Cox Charles, r 163 W Archer PI Cox Joseph A, r 1117 23d
Cox Charles H, driver F A Burnell, r 330 S Cox J Sidne[...]Cox J A, opr W U T Co, rms Y M C A Bldg
Cox Charles N Mrs, r 1116 Vine Cox[...]
[...]ox Osborn M, flagman Tramway Co, r 2277 Coyle Charles D, brick setter, r 2, 2552 W 23d
[...]ssell, usher Isis, r 837 25th av OO
Crabb Charles L, bkbinder, r 3001 S Elati Craft S[...]
[...]Coffee & Tea Co, r 507 6th av
Craig Charles E, broommkr Colo Industrial Craig William[...]W Foster, eng Westinghouse Elec &
Craig Charles L, elk Assessor's Office, r 2716 Mfg Co[...]head J R, salesman J H Wilson Sad-
Craig Charles S, coml trav Studebaker Colo dlery Co, rms[...]High Crail Charles C, finisher Peck & Hills Fur-
[...]all George S, gardener, r 1027 S Uni- Cranmer Charles H, foreman F C Ayres Mer
[...]n Crawford Charles B (Arapahoe Hdw Co), r
Cranor Walter E, p[...]Edward S, elk Henning Shoe Co, r
Cranshaw Charles, elk, rms 1812 Curtis 538 S Grant[...]rd Florence E Miss, steno Secretary
Crapo Charles A, equipment eng Phone Co, r of State,[...]AGENCY CO, George E Crater pres,
Charles G Rhoads sec, 314-315 Exchange
[...]Crayne Charles E, insp U S Bureau of Ani-[...]Crecelius Charles M, r 2057 Downing[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]1409 Columbine
H Creighton Charles A, foreman Michael Heat- Crews J T Commissio[...]SHER STORES CO, r 245 Logan Cribbs Charles C, presser A Grinblott, rms[...]
[...]ple Creek Gold Mines & Land Co, 1010 Crittenden Charles E, dept mgr Struby-Esta-
[...]Crone Charles B, rms 1651 California[...]
[...]ook Adeline J Mrs, r 1644 S Washington Cross Charles, rms 1530 Market CO
Crook Browne[...]Cross John A, rms 3035 Wyandot
Crooks Charles J, carp, r 2027 Lafayette Cross Kent K, dent[...]Milling & Elevator Co, r 3230 Williams
Cropper Charles L, driver Overland P a r k Cross O Mrs,[...]
[...]Crouder Charles, lab, rms 2117% Larimer[...]Office, r m s 2220 Court PI Crouse Charles A, salesman Farmers Mort-
Crosskill Jos[...]Thomas W, contr, r Oxford Hotel
Crosta Charles A (Crosta Bros), r 1070 Ban- Crowder Charles, teamster, rms 2117% Lari-
[...]Co, rms 1524 California
Crowder Charles A, m g r Mrs F B Mullen, Crown Cork & Seal Co, 14[...]e Crown I n v e s t m e n t Co, 304 Charles B l d g
Crowe J a m e s Jr, s a l e s m a n A d y[...]B r o a d w a y Crum Charles W, e n g Denver Omnibus &»
Crowley Bridget Mrs,[...]Cab Co,, r 1809 P e n n s y l v a n i a
Crowley Charles, grocer 3700 Franklin Crum J a m e s S, photographer, r 1134 L a w -
C r o w l e y Charles S, e l k Charles Crowley, rence
3700 Franklin[...]farmer, r 2355 E m e r s o n Crumbacker Charles F , elk G W Clark &
C r o w l e y J o h n J Jr, f[...]s , r m s 2128
C r o w l e y Mattie J Miss, cshr Charles Crow- California
ley, 37[...]
[...]Cuff Charles, lab, r 8%, 1409 Stout
Crummer James F, e[...]ah E Mrs, col'd, r 3154 Champa Culbertson Charles D, salesman B L James
Crump & Allen (S D[...]ertson Jesse N. F O P Fisheropathic
Cruse Charles S, lab, r 2933 Firth Ct College Assn,[...]E C Mrs, toilet articles, rms 1916
Cruzan Charles E, r 728 Delaware Lincoln[...]Cuba Louis, lab, r 4642 Logan
Cubain Charles, rms 811 20th[...]
[...]Culp Timothy W, waiter Salt Palace Lunch,
Cullen Charles, bartdr Marquette Hotel, 1729 rms 611 S Pea[...]Rambler
Culler Arthur S, mach, r 830 Lipan
Culler Charles M, carrier Stock Yards Sta-
tion P O, r 4[...]
[...]Co, r 3900 block S Clarkson
Cummings Charles, r 1278 Marion Cummings William, driver Globe Fuel & Feed
oo Cummings Charles H. drainlayer, r 934 Nav-
ajo[...]1275 S Pennsylvania Cunliffe Charles E, brakeman U P R R, r
Cummings Irene Miss,[...]olo Cunningham Anna S. forelady H H Tammen
Cummings Julia M[...]
[...]o w a r d E , w i n d o w trimmer Cuno Charles F , chemist, r 1538 32d a v
T h e May, r 842 A c o m a Cuno Charles W , contr, r 2836 Josephine
C u n n i n g[...]
[...]brick mason, r 2134 Welton Currian Charles, real est, rms 1546 Cleveland
p- Curl Donald[...]Robert, carp Denver Times, r 307
Curling Charles L, butcher, r 4667 Baldwin Ct Galap[...]Curry Charles F, dentist, rms C, 1730 Logan[...]George, helper Denver Rock Drill &
QQ Curran Charles E, r 510 21st[...]
[...]duction Co, r 2825 W 32d av Curtis Charles, sale stable 1230 W Alameda t!"
[...]{•, v / P H O N E , M A I N IOOO Cushing Charles H, jeweler H H Tammen[...]1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Cushing Charles N, fireman Denver Gas &
[...]PI Czarnowsky Harry J, salesman Donaldson
Cutter Charles W, r 2750 W 32d av & Howar[...]
[...]rvin H, driver Struby-Estabrook
H Dagenett Charles E, supervisor Indian em-
ployment U S[...]Dailliancourt Charles, waiter Brown Palace
g2 r 36th av and Syr[...]59 California Hotel
(A Dahl Charles E, eng, r 1422 35th Da[...]
[...]Dallas George B, rms 316 S Williams
Dake Charles E, r 1226 Walnut Dallas Jo[...]
[...]l William, insp Denver Gas & Elec
oo Daly Charles A, instructor Y M C A, r
790 Sherman[...]Co, rms 710 15th
1- c5 Daly Charles E', asst foreman McPhee & Dalziel[...]
[...]Daniel Charles H, painter, r 8, 3102 Gilpin[...]Daniels Charles B, instrument man chief
Dance Lindsay P, f[...]
[...]Cooke Daniels pres, Charles MacA Willcox[...]Franklin Dankworth Charles, florist 1590 Stuart
Daniels Ra[...]
TRAMWAY.WATER, o n l i n e onfl QTf[...]
[...]Davenport Charles L, mgr H M Woods, r[...]
[...]y W , elk T r a m w a y Co, r m s 10
David Leslie Charles, a d v solicitor Denver[...]n M a e Miss, elk S S L o g a n , r 3316
Davidson Charles, iron wkr Jackson-Richter[...]
[...]1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Davin Charles T, cement wkr, r 1314 31st[...]
[...]Davis Charles R, concrete finisher, r 2628[...]Davis Charles S, real est 212 California Bldg,[...]Davis Charles V, r 3550 Tennyson[...]Davis David Charles, r 41 Logan
DAVIS-BRIDAHAM DRUG CO, R H[...]Davis Edward C, helper W A Griffin, r 2990
Davis Charles, cement wkr, rms 434 Jason S Grant
Davis Charles, driver, r 19 Stuart Davis Edward C, col'd, bellman Colo Traffic
Davis Charles, molder Griffin Wheel Co, r Club, r 1348[...]Davis Edward T, boiler mkr C & S Ry, r
Davis Charles, wks Arapahoe Stables Co, 1818 2447 Grove
A[...]avis Edward W, coml trav, r 111, 1356 Pearl
Davis Charles, rms 1000 13th Davis Edwin C, adroom Denver Post, r 2707
Davis Charles, r 2534 Curtis W 35th av
Davis Charles, coj'd, brick mason, rms 2447 Davis Eleanor[...]chool, rms 1935 Broadway CD
Davis Charles A, draughtsman Board of Pub- Davis Elizabet[...]Davis Elizabeth Mrs, r 338 S Pennsylvania
Davis Charles A, helper Manhattan Restau- Davis Elizabet[...]Davis Ella Miss, rms 1759 Washington
Davis Charles D, salesman Thompson Realty Davis Ella A M[...]DAVIS ELMER G, real estate, invest-
Davis Charles D, rms 2450 8th ments and loans. 305 A C Foster Bldg, 16th
Davis Charles E, elk, r 475 Kalamath cor Champa, rms 1045 Broadway
Davis Charles F, elk, r 1, 2030 Welton
Davis Charles H, elk C & S Ry, r 2833 W Davis Elmer O,[...]CO
Davis Charles H, lab, r ws Milwaukee bet
32d and 33d avs
Davis Charles H, photographer, r 1212 Stout
Davis Charles H, r 3048 Wyandot
Davis Charles H, col'd, porter, r 2530 La-
Davis Charles J, florist, r 3811 Sheridan Blvd
Davis Charles K, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, r
2922 Grove «'«&£ 8&S.. era
Davis Charles L, shoes, rms 1566 Broadway[...]CD
Davis Charles M, printer 1732-1736 Blake, r
1343 Clayto[...]
* ^..HIGH-GRADE INVESTMENT B O N D S " " • •[...]
[...]Dawson Charles, foreman Duffy Storage &[...]Charles V, driver Englewood Gro-[...]
[...]DAY CHARLES W, resident mgr Title (TQ[...]
[...]Deal Charles B S (Deal & Reed), r 463 Mil-[...]Myrtle E Miss, insp, r 1333 Fox Dean Charles E, physician, r 1195 S High
Day M E, usher Isis, rms 1726 Stout Dean Charles H, lab, r 562 Broadway
Dean Charles L, elk, r 1126 St Paul
US Day Napoleon B, sale[...]678 Park av Dean Charles M, packer Morey Merc Co, r
Day Orth,[...]
[...]Deardorff Charles M, lawyer 711 Ernest &[...]Bell Charles, lab, r 2025 W 34th av[...]Boer Anna Miss, dressmkr, r 129 Lincoln
Dearborn Charles E, carp, r 4158 Vallejo de Boer Pet[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Piaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]322 Center av
U ** De De Camp Charles M, r 1127 Inca Dee George[...](Phone Gallup 1476)
0) e De Castro Charles A, helper D & R G R R, r 1244 Gaylordreal est 919[...]M Mrs, rms 3110 Clay Deems Charles W, mining eng, r 205 20th av
Decker Charles J, r 169 W Maple av De[...]
[...]Forest Anne Miss, r m s 464 Galapago Dehlan Charles, carver, r 3831 Blake
De Forest Frank, acct, r 41[...]merce Bldg, r 1155 Acoma
De Frantz Charles D, col'd, physician, 2712 Dehn Charles F, r 1322 Tremont Pi
Welton[...]14th a v
De Garl Joe, lab, r 3240 Navajo
DeGarmo Charles G (Capitol Hill Coffee
Co), r 1017 18th a[...]
[...]D c L a B a r r e Charles L (J Edward Hilts &
o -[...]1 GLASS, ^ ^ s De Lacy CharlesCharles, driver Adams Express Co, r
2617 Rive[...]Angelo, pedler, r 3230 Navajo
De Johnno Charles, pedler, r 3616 Navajo
m< De Julio[...]
[...]lany, see also Delaney De Long Charles F, pres Denver Roof *I 81
Delany Alice R Mrs, r 1[...]in 3448) Deitz Charles, brick layer, rms 1420 Glen-
De Le Barre J N, ptg[...]Engraving Co, r 2338 Clay De Luca Charles (Barra & De Luca), rms 2834 C O
[...]S, livery, 160 S Broadway, r 145
Delzell Charles A (Delzell Bros), r 103 S 5 Broad[...]Dempsey Charles, lab, r 2949 Zuni[...]De Muth Ernest M, coml trav, 522 Charles
Demick James, painter, r 1830 W Co[...]
[...]av Denney William J, lab, r 2839 Adams
Deneger Charles C, rms 3795 Meade Denney William V[...]Dennis, wks M Craffey, r 1715 Wazee Dennings Charles, mach, rms 2115 Champa
De Nike Alfred H, special[...]E J, electrical eng, rms 706 19th Dennis Charles, rms 1621 Larimer OO
De Nio Maude C Mrs, r 2054 Emerson Dennis Charles Earl, jeweler Charles Wathen
Denioret J E, carp, rms 1926 Lincoln[...]s Wilbur F (Dayton & Denious), r Dennis Charles S, mach C & S Ry, r 1843 W
675 Humboldt[...]819 Blake
IC^" Denison, see also Dennison
Denison Charles Mrs, r 3, 1317 Ogden
DENISON FRANK J, asst[...]
[...]e August A, saloon 4053 Wal-
< Rocky Mountain Bank[...]
[...]Denver Business Agency, 625 Charles Bldg[...]Bldg
DENVER ATHLETIC CLUB, Charles Denver Cigar Manufacturing Co, 928 19th[...]1519 18th
Lotz and Charles Kahrhoff Jr) cutlers and
of every descrip[...]
[...]ert N Wood sec and supt, Denver Hair Co, 401 Charles Bldg
Leonard Dates treas, Edw[...]
[...]D E N V E R , C O L O R A D O , U . S. A.

^^^^?"M""M"" .[...]
[...]051 California CIATION, H W McGee pres, Charles
Denver Independent The (weekly), 1856 Arap[...]
Independent Plumb-[...]
Charles Fletcher J r pres, Henry Gebhard e[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass T ~ r McPHEE & McGINNIT[...]
[...]Desserlch Charles, collr, r 1047 Kalamath
v._-i,[...]am A, elk Brecht Co, r 1920 S
De Sellem Charles A (De Sellem Fuel & Pennsylvania[...]Desutter Camiel, lab, b 4465 Grant
2- (Charles A De Sellem), first class fuel and
fee[...]amin, elk U P R R, r 2539 Cali-
Deshler Charles L, carp, r 4140 Benton fornia[...]bian), trunk mfrs, 725 15th
Deskin Charles E, meat cutter McDonald
oo Stores Co, rms[...]De Tilla Charles M, foreman Tramway Co, r[...]
[...]Vault Charles H, lab, r 2029 S Cherokee
Transfer Co, r 1167 Ba[...]ton -WM/ \m.m.V s. ' ^ 0 6 6 CTQ"
[...]y F E, rms 1339 California
materials, Charles H Willard resident mgr, Dewey George, lab, r 2925[...]nia H Mrs, dressmkr, r 35, 1132
Devore Charles, brakeman, r 2832 Zuni 15th[...]
[...]W.J.MEIKLEHAM. PRES. Diamond Charles, elk Max Bomash & Son, r[...]ms Co, branch 901 15th, r 1660 Gilpin
Dewsbury Charles I (Club & Opera Stables), Diamondstein Samu[...]Dibble Horace N, expressman, r rear 3221 W
Dey Charles E, mining 1S27 Champa, rms 711 28th av[...]
[...]Dickey Joseph K, r 1075 Jason
Dick Charles E, brass finisher, b 634 Fox Dickey Marcus[...], r 261 Acoma Dickinson Charles E, r Hotel Metropole
-is Dickenson Alice S Mrs, bakery, 2246 Welton Dickinson Charles J, r 1611 S Sherman
Dickenson Bert C, l[...]5°-° PER YEAR AND up-
Dickerson Charles L (Dickerson & DickeT-
son), r[...]
[...]taurant, rms co
Dickinson Norris S, coml trav 610 Charles 825 20th
Bldg[...]nce Diehl Charles, elk, r 2617 River Drive
Dickson Bessie Miss, r 1[...]Diehl George, mach, r 4703 W Hayward PI
Dickson Charles K, miner, rms 1839 W Colfax Diehl James[...]
[...]Diff Charles A, carp, r 1200 AV Custer Pi
r- can[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY GO. N -^^^Ss d .* , r -18th and[...]
[...]M MURTRYMFG© Dimler Charles, student, r 959 Bannock[...]llon Wilbur, usher Hippodrome Theatre, Dinkelaker Charles C, driver Burkhardt
<0 rms 913 10th[...]er Highlands Water
Dils Charles R, elk Woodmen of the World,
[...]Dishman Charles A, col'd, barber 1859 W Col-[...]alve Co, r 3425 Wyandot Dispense Charles L, pedler, r 3849 Pecos
Dinsmoor William P J, mgr[...]israelly Esther Mrs, watchmkr 1652 Lari-
Dinsmore Charles E, barber 1124 17th, r 2640 mer, r 14[...]o, r 127 Acoma Distasi Charles, confectionery 3359 Pecos, r
Dinsmore Henry, prop[...]ia Ciprialo, elk Italian-American Bank,
Dioguardi Charles, barber 1199 Stout, r 1114 2138 15th[...]A Mrs, r 3961 Zenobia Dittman Charles F, lab, r 260 S Broadway
Dirks Fred J, wks M Craf[...]Yard Co, r 2040 38th
Dirlan Charles H, packer Morey Merc Co, b D[...]
[...]329 S Washington na cor 13th av
O CO Dix Charles, meat cutter, rms 2238 Welton Dixon Orange, col'd, waiter, r 2404 Glenarm
K- CO Dix Charles N, salesman Racine-Sattley Co, PI
tf)eo[...]l N Miss, opr Phone Co, r 633 Col-
Dix Charles W, elk B F Eden, r 90 Lincoln fax a v
Is as[...]and Washington
Dixon Charles A, car repr, r 2525 Larimer Di Yorio Vincenzo, lab, b 6 Sheedy Row, 53d
Dixon Charles H, editorial dept Denver av and Was[...]
[...]Dobson Charles M, pressman, r 5, 3605 W[...]ne Pliny R, printer Midland Ptg Co, r Dockham Charles K, millman McCue Lum-
1719 Stout[...]O, r 245 W Yale av Doctor Charles E, salesman S P Grommon,
[...]. '"\y MAKERS Doehling Charles, saloon 2611 Larimer, r 2735[...]uth E Miss, piano tchr, r 658 S Doerrler Charles P, b 2530 Gilpin
Logan[...]Arthur E, lab, r 1263 Stuart Doersam Charles J, jeweler 405 16th, rms 411
Dodge Charles F, dentist 524 Mack Bldg, r 16th[...]Dodsey John, rms 1330 19th
Dodson Charles, rms 1516 Lawrence NATION[...]
[...]Dolan Robert, eng Charles Bldg, r 130 W 13th
Doherty Mary H Mrs, r 4579 Low[...]ob Packing Co, 1647 Market
rms 639 17th av
DOKE CHARLES H, bakery, confec-[...]Dole William A, genl contr 312 Continental
Dolan Charles, plumber, r 4801 Race Bldg, r 2154 Lafayette
Dolan Charles A, steno, r 1058 Pearl
Dolan Elizabeth Mis[...]
[...]ry, bkbinder C F Hoeckel Blank
Dollmeir Charles, wks Austin Candy Co, r Bk & L Co, r 749 L[...]y Varden Chocolate Co, 1914 Curtis Domler Charles, lab, b 4463 Pennsylvania
Dolly Varden[...]Donahoe
Dolph Charles E (Denver Dental Co), r 260 S Donahoe John[...]
[...]ighlands Station W 6th av
Donaldson Charles C, physician, 442 S Broad- Donegan Madeline[...]Co, r 415 W 6th av
Donaldson Charles H, carp, r 4524 Alcott Donegan R[...]
Donk Charles M, steno aud Tramway Co, r Donnelly Thomas, lab,[...]rank J, r 2307 Downing DONNEN CHARLES W, prop Adams
Donk F Austin, collr Benedict[...]y John, elk Phone Co
Donnelly John, janitor Charles Bldg >:%> UNDERTAKERS

[...]Anna, monotype opr Smith-Brooks Doolittle Charles A, pr.essman, r 1353 Elati
P t g Co, r 2 A, 105[...]novan John J, salesman, r 2453 Vine Dopp Charles H, mining, r 1953 Grant
Donovan John V, r[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Doran William C, repairman B F Goodrich Dorr Charles J, tailor, rms 2507 15th[...]rman Edith B Miss, elk, r 242 S Grant Dorsey Charles E, cook, r 4023 Elm Ct
Dorman F[...]
[...]Doud Arthur J, printer, r 119 Grant
Dorst Charles, cabinet mkr Century Bank & Doud A Lee (Do[...]Doud John S, r 750 Lafayette
Dorstewitz Charles, cabinet mkr, r 3743 Doud Madeline Miss,[...]Dougal Leona Mrs, r 355 W Irvington PI
Doss Charles O, porter St Elmo Hotel (ETDougan, se[...]23rd STREET and B L A K E #i „ _
Dotterer Charles S, elk Water Co, r 226 W
12th av[...]
[...]S Sherman Dow Charles E, concrete R R ties 1717 Wa- tt m
Douglas Walter[...]Dow Charles L, mining, r 1356 Lafayette
Douglas Washbu[...]
[...]SHER STORES CO, r 3846 Gilpin Downey Charles J, editor Mining Science, r
Dowd M[...]in, elk aud D & R G R R, r
Dowdell Charles T, r 2, 1241 Lincoln 1016 Navajo[...]Downey Thomas H, coml trav, 614 Charles[...]R STORES CO, r 2403 Champa Downing Charles B, eng- Standard Furniture
Dower La[...]ORES CO, r 2403 Champa Downing Charles H, carp, r 1126 32d
Dowlen George C, bkkpr Colo Natl Bank, r Downing Charles H, col'd, porter W A Mof-
1346 S[...]fltt, r rear 2520 Lafayette
Dowler Charles, painter, r 3037 Gilpin Downing C B, r The Shirley
Dowler Charles R, hardware, r 438 S Lincoln Downing[...]
[...]erson Drake Charles D, driver, r 364 Jason
Doyle Michael, lab, r 3552 Lipan Drake Charles L, salesman J H Causey &
Doyle Michael, m[...]le Otto J P, brick molder, b 2842 Cook Drake Charles M, janitor 1321 12th av
Doyle Patr[...]
Draney Charles H, with Warren Bros Co 924 Lincol[...]tter Day Saints, 622 W 6th av Drennen Charles E, salesman Hendrie &
Draper Charles H, hdw 2918 W 25th av, r 2526[...]
[...]_ ^h-^^-yy PHONE. MAIN IOOO Driscol Charles F, coml trav, r 1123 Washing-
•a M ^mJy[...]William, with J S Dreyfuss & Co, Drorbaugh Charles H, r 3233 Pecos.
r 1614 High[...]. A S K FOR
fax av
Drinkwater Charles E, roaster Independence THE ROCKY[...]
[...]bois Willard C, physician St Luke's Hos-
Drummond Charles A, carp, r 1346 Grove pital
[...]y William, carp, r m s 1411 26th
Ducate Charles E, helper Denver Rock Drill Duede Charles, bricklayer, r 2512 16th
& Machy Co, r[...]Wks Co, r 3027 Lawrence Duer Charles L, mineral insp U S Genl Land
Q Ducey Eli[...]ylor, r Duerr & Brauer (Alfred Duerr and Charles
6000 S Broadway[...]abeth S Mrs, r 61S W Colfax av
Ducommun Charles H, condr, r 727 25th Duff Forrest D, r[...]Duff Walter M, lawyer 523 Charles Bldg, r
Duddie Irving L, apprentice D &[...]e Co, rms 1315
0> bl Curtis
D> Dudley Charles R, consulting librarian Pub- NATIO[...]
[...]White Cap Washing Powder, 2928 Zuni
Duffy Charles, driver Economic Coal & Sup- Dufur Byron H ([...]1230 7th Alcott
Duffy Charles, saloon 1862 Lawrence, r 1293 Dugal Helen R[...]75 6th av CO
Lowell Blvd
Duffy Charles A, tchr, rms 305 W Colfax av Dugal Louis, la[...]r 4775 6th av
Duffy Charles A, supt J E Clifford, 1962 Pearl C^Dugan, see[...]Dugan Charles, rms 1446 Bannock[...]
[...]Karl W, driver Moore Hdw & Iron Dumke Charles E, physician 10, 1311 20th. r
Co, rms[...]ichard H, teamster, r rear 5163 Dumont Charles R, grocer 2601 W 23d av,
[...]e r t A, m i n i n g 329 C o o p e r Bldg,
Duncan Charles H, teamster Monarch L u m -[...]v Duncan William, apprentice Charles H Clark
D u n c a n E m i l y J M r s , r[...]
[...]Dunn Robert C, elk Coffin Pkg & Prov Co, r
Dunn Charles A elk U S Forest Service, b 358 S Pearl[...]Dunn Robert M, elk First Natl Bank, r 339
Dunn Charles C, b 1545 Pearl Clarkson
Dunn Charles J, genl contr 1328 Inca, r 1827 Dunn R[...]
[...]1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Dunst Charles, shoemkr 315 16th, r 60 Pearl
Dunn[...]Anna R Mrs, r 1218 Delaware
</) Dunnavan Charles M, weighmaster frt dept DUPLER A B, mfg[...]nt Luther V, lab, r 222 W Ellsworth Du Pont Charles I, mgr B F Meyer Cigar &
Dunnett Charles, eng, r 1241 Elati Dupps Otto, carp[...]Walter, real est 515 Quincy Bldg, r Du Rail Charles C, agt Prudential Ins Co, r[...]
[...]Durkin James, pipeman Engine Co No 9, r
Durbin Charles W, claim adjuster 317 Temple 3849 Gilpin
Co[...]in William M, machine man Sayre-New- Duroy Charles, mach, r 2859 Lawrence
ton Lumber Co, r 1[...]
[...]Duvall Wilson O, coml trav 612 Charles Bldg,
Durrett Robert E, r 616 Downing[...]ky Mattie E Mrs, r 2251 Stout Dwelle Charles H, condr, r 2129 W 41st av
Duso Richar[...]tcher Omega D, instructor Y M C A, r 526 Dwyer Charles B, condr Tramway Co, r 37,
W U[...]
[...]Dyer O L, coml trav 608 Charles Bldg, r 1300
Dye Emery C, cement wkr, r 3435 Adam[...]Dyrkop John, shoemkr Charles Flach, r 4673
Dyer Calvin J, car repr, r 3705 Wal[...]Dysart James E, meat cutter A L Scott, r
Dyer Charles, fireman Albert Sechrist Mfg 1712 33d av[...]Dyson Claude Mrs, b 1624 Grant
Dyer Charles, r 1440 Franklin Dyson Edgar J, surveyor, rms 221 W 14th av
Dyer Charles L (Dyer Bros), r 36, 630 21st Dyson James,[...]Eads George M, teamster, r 4309 Eliot
Eacock Charles, policeman, r 331 Cherokee Eads Joseph, t[...]Tremont PI Eagan Charles H, janitor Glen Court Apts, s|tt
[...]okerage Co, 301 Railroad Bldg E a rl Charles, driver Denver Omnibus & C a b
< = E[...]
[...]Easterbrooks Charles R, plasterer, r 3060 Jo-[...]d, messgr Wells Fargo & Co Ex- Eastgate Charles G, porter Lemp Cafe &
press, rms 1411 17[...]
[...]Eaton Charles W, wks Bureau of Highways,[...]Eaton Ellen V Mrs. r 1362 Cherokee
Eastman Charles, elk, r 107 2d av Eaton Ethel B Miss, r 311 23d
Eastman Charles, rms 833 20th Eaton Eva E Miss, r 311 23d
Eastman Charles B, salesman Ogden Dry Eaton Fanni[...]
[...]1540-46 LAWRENCE ST. Ebert Charles A, lab, r 1069 Zuni[...]branch 84-86 45th av, r 3734 Walnut
Eberhardt Charles H, r 1736 Humboldt Ebert William A, tra[...]r 1304 Navajo
2516 W Byron PI
Eberl Charles, bottler C A Lammers Bot- Eccles Sarah Miss,[...]29 Good Blk, Larimer cor 16th, r 25. Park Eckard Charles, barnman Capital Ice & Stor-
Avenue Apart[...]
^1 GLASS, s.^os. Eckland Edward T, insp Tramway Co, r[...]ldwin Ct Main 2151 and 2152)
CO Ecker Charles, mining, r 3652 Alcott
* • CD Ecker[...]
Eddler Charles, driver John Thompson Gro- Edgar W[...]
[...]" H GLASS, S^S.
b L A S S . ^.'ri-[...]Edmunds Charles W, painter, r rear 805 Julian[...]iston Jane G Mrs, r 857 S Clarkson Edson Charles M, broker, r H 220 20th av
Edmiston Mar[...]r 1447 Detroit
Edmond Charles C, janitor First Church of Edson Josephine A Miss[...]Sons, r 3250 Marion
Edmonds Charles E, mach Nock & Garside, Edwall Lawrence[...], 1428
r 4129 Benton
Edmonds Charles M, condr, rms 1360 Champa Edwall Er[...]
[...]ennie R Mrs, steno Western School OO
Edwards Charles, elk George Tritch Hdw Co, Supply Co, r 11,[...]wards Jesse L, barber Joseph Rose, r 2214
Edwards Charles, driver Leadville Dairy, es Glenarm PI
Harr[...]Edwards John, helper Macklem Baking Co,
Edwards Charles, wood dealer, r 666 Alcott rms 3634 Blake
Edwards Charles, r 221 Inca Edwards John, driver Reynolds & Reinhard
Edwards Charles A, carp, r 354 Adams Transfer, rms 2205 Larimer
Edwards Charles N, r 4019 Quivas Edwards Jo[...]
[...]on, r 15,
Edwards Otto G, coml trav 617 Charles Bldg, 1540 Grant
r 1896 S Clark[...]NT GOOD I U A L
Edwards Robert B, pilot Charles Bldg, r 1961 RETAIL OFFICE IOIO 1[...]
WindowGlass^*"' " i S S E " * McPHEE & McGINNITY G[...]
[...]Ehnstrom Charles G, boilermkr D & R G R
Si Eggert Hilda Mi[...]Ehorn Charles A, lab, r 1395 W Nevada PI[...]lice, pantry girl Adams Hotel
Eggleston Charles B, miner, r 3615 Inca Ehr Mathew, lab,[...]Chemical Mfg Co, r 902 Broadway
Egler Charles, lab, r ss AV 27th av bet Ehret Elizab[...]Trowbridge C, hydraulic supplies Ehrich Charles, gardener, r 510 S Navajo
714-715 Id[...]Eichacker Charles A. bkkpr G B Fishel &[...]
[...]Einzig Charles F, mach C & S Ry, r 1415[...]0 Williams Co, r 15 S Blvd F
Eicher Charles, brakeman, rms 1146 Welton Eischofberger H[...]er Cilicia R Mrs, r 1215 Emerson Eisel Charles, metal wkr Albert Sechrist Mfg
Eichholtz Anna Mrs[...]Bk & L Co, r 1143 California
Eichman Charles A, eng, r 2508 W 25th av Eisele Christian[...]CO
Eichold Charles H, eng, rms 2251 Welton Eisele Elizabeth[...]Eisele Samantha Mrs, r 1330 Chase
Eickhoff Charles A, r 2301 Washington Eisele Wilbert E,[...]eyer Harry, porter Delmonico Restau- Eisen Charles, dyer, r 2545 W Mulberry PI *2
rant, rms 1[...]S Corona Eisendorfer Moritz, jeweler Charles H Clark
Eiffler Frank P, barber, r 1324 Jason[...]nd Lillie' C Miss, waitress, rms 1108 co
Eigler Charles O, physician 236 Metropolitan 22d
Bldg, r[...]ing
Einfeldt Bertha C Mrs, r 2748 Gilpin
Einfeldt Charles M, chief eng Equitable
- BIdg, r 2748 Gilp[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]. m^rj G L A S S , Z^DS. Ekdahl Charles J, expressman, r 4251 Pecos[...]Whey S F, rms 1516 Market
< - l Eisenhardt Charles T, tinsmith D & R G R ETEkholm, see als[...]er, lab, r 1524 W Alaska PI
Eisenhardt Charles Z, harness mkr Fred Eklof Andrew, tai[...]Eklof Charles, tailor Denver Steam Dye
U £ ware
Eisenhart Charles M, elk D L Jacoway, r Eklof Hilda A Mi[...]ving Co, r 1247 Stuart
Elser Charles, brass wkr, r 440 Kalamath Ekstr[...]
[...]Eldridge Nellie Mrs, r 2234 Arapahoe
E l d e r Charles S, s u r g e o n 550 Metropolitan Eldridge[...]
[...]Elkins Charles B, cement roofer -13 Con-
H[...]Elkins Charles \V, collr, r 530 Ogden[...]L, elk aud C & S Ry. r 530
z Eley David S. sec Prior Furniture Co. r 3621
Rale[...]Eller Charles D, barber 1859 W 12th av
o: Eliot[...]
[...]cil M M i s s , elk, r 2824 W y a n d o t
Elliott Charles, helper American Forge W k s .
r 718 C u r t i[...]e c t r i c
B l d g , r 2841 B l v d F
Elliott Charles H, dept m g r Denver Gas &
E l e c Co.[...]
[...]Ellis Charles, eng, rms 2031 Champa[...]o n School, r
Elliott P S, lawyer 400 Charles Bldg-, rms 1075 5 C 1055 L i n c o l n[...]
[...]ewitt T, wks Bureau of Highways, r Ellison Charles E, truckman Union Depot &
3306 Williams[...]
[...]Ellsworth av Elson Charles C, helper Denver Gas & Elec
mmtM Ellsworth J E,[...]Andrew, lab G W Marquart, 1270 Vine
Ellwood Charles D, mgr Hart-Parr Co, r Elston A E, el[...]706 19th
Elmendorf Charles, store room Brown Palace Elston Ri[...]
[...]< KINDS.
PHONE, MA[...]s , milliner W S H o w l a n d
OO Emery Charles, driver Ward Auction Co, r[...]ons &
Emery & Schultze (J B Emery and Charles J o h n s o n[...]
[...]wines and liquors, 2436 17th (Phone Gal- Engel Charles, meat cutter Grand Grocery
lup 245)[...]ngelwood William C, bartdr, r 3415 23d av
Enarson Charles (Enarson & Johnson) r Enger Anna Miss,[...], brewer Capitol Brewing Co, r
Enarson & Johnson (Charles Enarson and J 3505 Wynkoop
E Joh[...]
Engine Company No S. Marion se cor Park av
Engine Company N[...]cyEngland, see also Englund
flj CO England Charles F, steno, rms 1840 Sherman bet W Cornell av and W Dartmouth av
England Charles T, mining, r 1533 29th av Englewood F[...]
[...]Enos Charles W, physician 204 Mack Blk, r[...]7th av Enright Eugene, rms 1713 Larimer
Englund Charles A, foreman McFarlane Mfg Enright Eugene F,[...]Enroth Charles F. insp C & S Ry, r 1356
Engstrom Agnes Miss, opr[...]Elisor John M, sec and treas Colo Film Ex-
Enke Charles C, bricklayer, r 15 Arkansas av change[...]
[...]The Conway-Bogue Realty Inv Co,
H Eppich Charles J, foreman mailing div P O, 524 17th[...]Barth pres, A W Miller vice-pres, Charles[...]
[...]Erickson Charles, driver F H Pepper, r 1223
Erbaugh Charles O. 520 Ernest & Cranmer 19th
Bldg, r 3027 Hooker Erickson Charles, lab, rms 2431 Arapahoe
Erbhauser Julius A, optician Silver State Op- Erickson Charles F (Wollensak & Erickson), > 01
tical Co,[...]a Miss, r 2220 Tremont PI Erickson Charles F, saloon 1862 Market, r < u
Erbs Mary Miss[...]Julia Miss, r 2775 S Lincoln Erickson Charles J, wks Tortoni Restaurant, ml
[...]Ern Charles, bartdr, rms 17, 1627 Lawrence
Ericks[...]Ernest Charles J, elk H R Meininger, r 130[...]on Anton, helper Denver Gas' & Elec Errett Charles F , helper Benedict Ware-
Co, r 410[...]ssea Hans, painter, r 315 Fox
Ericson Charles 0 ; r 42 Fox Erskine Bl[...]
[...]Espanosa Trinidad, lab, r 3 Summit Terrace,
Ertle Charles D, r 1251 Inca Tejon cor W Hol[...]Route (San Pedro, Los Angeles & Esselstein Charles F, painter, rms 243 S Lin-
Salt Lake R R), 823[...]in, r 621 Downing Essley Charles H, salesman Booth Fisheries • CD
Esaki T, wks J[...]2251 W 33d av Estabrook Charles J, mining, r 572 S Pearl
Eschan Henry A, salesman[...]John W, motorman Tramway Co, r Estel'le Charles S, policeman, r 1332 Delaware
3340 Frank[...]
[...]ames, teamster Sayre-Newton Lum-
Etchinson Charles, rms 1459 Welton ber Co, r 2257 L[...]THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Ethridge Charles M, waiter, rms 1117 10th
Ethridge J[...]
[...]view Boulevard Presbyterian Church, r 2056
Evans Charles, eng, r 2819 Wyandot Fairfax
Evans Charles A, bellboy Albany Hotel, rms Evans George, ba[...]ER STORES CO, r 1018 Acoma
Evans Charles D, driver, r 3239 Pecos Evans George, lab, r 4220 Lipan '. '
Evans Charles D, eng, r 2819 Wyandot Evans George, r 1023 Champa
Evans Charles H, elk, r 2143 S Fillmore Evans George D, salesman Carnegie Steel
Evans Charles H, r 101 W Irvington PI Co, r T[...]
[...], rms 2135 Tremont PI Everett Charles E (.Charles Wathen & Co),
Evans S J Mrs, r 3947 Humboldt[...]f Machinists, r 3470 W 32d av Everingim Charles, condr, r 2812 W 27th av
Evans William F,[...]
[...]Ewert Charles J, eng Ocean Laundry, r 3S49
U a r 12 Lincoln
Evers Charles, molder, r 1519 W Evans av Ewi[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO. " - M a r * 18th and Wazee[...]
[...]Fair Albert E, rms 2206 23d av
Fagan Charles A Jr, foreman Booth Fisheries FAIR CHARLES W, pres and genl
III 5 Co, r 728 18th av[...], mgr Columbia Fairchild Charles, r 1366 Acoma[...]
[...]LOTH WILLIAM, aud Denver Faline Charles P, carp, r 2022 High
National Bank 17th cor Cur[...]Falkenburg Addie H Mrs, r 1602 25th av
Fairmaze Charles, machine man McPhee & Falkenburg John D, elk DA[...]Falkinburg Eugene E, mdse broker, r 20S. CD[...]
[...]M A, I s.^o*[...]r 34 Corona
r-| Fallon Charles M, expressman, r 3515 Wyn- Fan[...]
[...]odore S, real est, r 2328 Ogden Farnsworth Charles P, r 3675 Newton
Farish Fred G, mining eng 603 Co[...]n
Farley J Arthur, route man Campbell-Sell Farnum Charles H, salesman, r 1313 Acoma
Baking Co, rms 1227 C[...]H, eng D & R G R R, r 440
F a r m a n Charles W, cigarmkr Solis Cigar
Co, r 2144 Curti[...]
[...]C F a r r e l l y , see also Farley
Farrar Charles S (Farrar & Guy Lumber Farrelly John T, eng Coope[...]Farrelly Thomas, rms 1645 Welton
FARRAR CHARLES S & CO (C S Far- Farren[...]Charles E, apprentice Curran Co,
17th cor Welton[...]boldt Farris Charles, harnessmkr J H Wilson
Farrar J P[...]jobbers fish, cheese and fancy groceries, Farris Charles E, foreman Tramway C[...]ol hall 1395 W Ala- Farris Charles E, driver Lindner Pkg &
meda av, r 1243[...]Cecilia M Mrs, r 7, 1746 Clarkson
OO Farrell Charles, waiter, rms 1506 California Farris Roseoe[...]
[...]w Homer J, grocer 2463 15th, r 2453 W Faunce Charles, driver Oregon Lumber Co,
33d av[...]o, 931 16th beth
Fasnacht Charles W, embalmer W D Nash, Fauss Elizabeth M[...]Favour Charles S, prop Colo Crispelett Co,[...]co
W Tennessee av
Faulkner Charles A, paperhanger Denver
Dry Gds Co, r 826[...]
[...]Coal & Timber Co, 315 Quincy BIdg
> Fawkes Charles G, real est, r 832 Colfax av Federal Insurance Co[...]Josephine Bldg
Faxon Charles H, eng Federal Bldg, r 11S6 Federal Light & Tract[...]nia FEDERAL STATE & SAVINGS BANK,
F a y Charles F , rms Windsor Hotel W T Ravenscroft[...]1018 S York Fee Charles P, painter, r 1951 Lincoln
[...]n George H, painter, r 220 Fox Feiock Charles G, condr Tramway Co, rms
Fegan Irving, ice, r 715[...]r , see also Fair Grant
Fehr Charles H, cigar mkr Joint Stock Cigar Feldman Benjami[...]Edward A Jr, elk, r 1144 Layfayette Feldman Charles, pressman News, r 70 S
Fehr Ervin E, porter Ameri[...]r 2201 S Corona
Feigenbaum Albert, diamond setter Charles
Wathen & Co, r 1637 Irving
Feigt George[...]
[...]Fellows Charles, apprentice J E Kiefer
OS iNfMURTRYiMFG[...]Fellows Charles W, foreman water service[...]at Pk Felt Charles, tailor, b 1300 W Colfax av
Felix Belle S Mrs, steno supt W U T Co, r Felt Charles J, tailor 11 Good Blk, r 1260
[...]ell rms 1430 Bannock
Fennell Charles, salesman DAN I ELS& FISH- Fergus Marie Mrs,[...]O, r 1851 Champa Perry
Fennell Charles I, r 33 W 8th av Fergus Samuel A, lab, r 4610 York
Fennell Charles W, carp D & R G R R, r Fergus Sarah J Mr[...]Osceola Ferguson A S. carp, r 35 Lincoln
Fenner Paul P, solicitor F E P[...]Drug Co, r 22, 1671 Washington Ferguson Charles E, r 4, 1863 Clarkson
Fennessy Patrick, miner, rms 1843 Lawrence Ferguson Charles L, elk D & R G R R,
C7Fenney, see also Finney[...]CO
Fenton Charles W, salesman Felker Auto-
mobile Co, r 14[...]
[...]Camant Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant THE HALLACK & HOWAR[...]Charles R Brock, r 834 Marion
co Co, rms[...]
[...]i Antonietta Miss, tchr, r 31, 1642 Pearl
Ferrari Charles M Rev, r 5, 1944 Logan Ferris Thomas, rm[...]essman, r 1417 9th
Gds Co, r 418 Corona
Ferrier Charles, elk Tortoni Billiard Parlor, Fesler DSamuel[...]1956 Broadway
Ferrier Charles S, bkkpr Seerie Bros, r 1538 Fesler Forest, elk f[...]Fessler Xavier, lab, r 1014 Inca
Ferris Charles A physician 11, 1434 Glenarm
PI. r 1862[...]
I G L A S S . S.^OS. 1205 Broadway[...]^ 1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Fichter Charles, lab, rms 1441 Blake[...]ton Bailey state agt. Charles I. Bailey
-. m Fetzer Frank L, student, r[...]IDELITY & DEPOSIT CO OF MARY-
Fewlass Charles, carp, r 2316 10th
Fewlass Edward, ca[...]pital, rms 1928 Pennsylvania
Fey Charles E. purchasing agt Denver Res-[...]
Field Charles C, motorman Tramwav Co, r ing Enginee[...]eth Cherokee
Field Charles H, carp, r 3331 Decatur
Field Clara L Miss[...]
[...]venue Methodist Episcopal' Church, Filteau Charles A, mining eng, r 4, 1531
5th av sw c[...]C?"Finan, see also Finnin
Figgs Charles R, col'd, butler, 818 Pearl
FINCH ROBERT BROOKS, scientific[...]l e r , r 1332 C a l i f o r n i a
F I N D I N G CHARLES A, owner Rail-
r o a d B l d g , office[...]
[...]l l / 1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Finlayson Charles W, prop Finlayson's Gar-[...]& Transfer Co, 1934 Broadway, r 2828 Glen- Charles W Finlayson prop, 831 15th
arm PI[...]eter E, mixer Bogue Lead Co. r 721 Finley Charles H, salesman Donaldson &
1st av[...]Inv Co, r 2915 Gaylord
FINKEEINER CHARLES, prop Chas Finley Hugh, repr A[...]ley James, lab, rms 1425 Larimer
FER CO, Charles Finkbeiner prop, Finley Jessie H M[...]Finley John M, r 2915 Gaylord
Finke Charles J, bottler W J Lemp Brew- Finley[...]
[...]L, elk F A Wolf, r 2847 Cali-
III " Firmage Charles L, wood wkr, r 2355 Tre- fo[...]an, r 3778 Franklin Fischer Charles, r 1572 Fillmore
Star Union Whitelead ZT» McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.;W[...]
[...]S Logan Humboldt
Fisher Charles E, lab, r 906 Wyandot Fisher Jennie Mrs, r 1331 10th
Fisher Charles G, finance agt, r 540 Ogden Fisher Jerry, wks Bureau of Highways, r
Fisher Charles J, carp D & R G R R. r 2573 1061 Jason
Fisher Charles W, car repr D & R G R R, Fisher J[...]
[...]Fisher Robert C. ins. r 375 S Logan
Fisher Robert S. horse trainer, r 2458 Mun-[...]
[...]ald Edmund L, lineman Phone Co, r
Fitch Charles C, r 2041 Welton 2939 S Acoma
Fitch Charles S, coml trav, r 3069 W 38th av Fitzger[...]
[...]orris Thomas, lab, r 506 29th Flach Charles, shoemkr 329 Elati
Fltzpatrick Agnes H Mis[...]
St •-, G L A S S , s.'ri-os.
. . , -iirW PHONE[...]hn J, washer White Swan Laun-
Flagg Charles, r m s 1545 Larimer dry, r 1616 3[...]nna Mrs, r 1407 Cherokee

Flaks Charles, r 1407 Cherokee
Flaks Lottie Miss,[...]W, painter, rms 1441 Blake
" J Flanagan Charles, driver, r 2311 S Kalamath
[...]Flebbe Charles J, investments, 215 Enterprise[...]Gilpin
Flatray Charles A, molder Western Brass Fleis[...]
"••"•I GLASS, ^^s. Fleming William S, elk Americ[...]er Arthur J, elk, r 1015 Inca
Fleming Charles W, student, r 3026 Gaylord Flesher Bertho[...]o Bldg FLETCHER CHARLES JR, pres Den- E[...]
[...]cher Norman A, cleaner H N Isenberg, Flinn Charles H, driver Griffin Wheel Co, r
rms 233 14th
Flet[...]cher William, col'd, butler 1019 Logan Flint Charles H, r 621 Colfax av
Fletcher William D, harnessmkr[...]lint Gertrude C Miss, elk Colo Laundry, r
Fleuret Charles, wks Brown Palace Hotel 1021 19[...]
[...]Gds Co, r 2058 Clarkson
Flockhart Charles, helper Chris Irving Floss James,[...]- D A YA N DN I G H T -
Flohr Charles W, bricklayer, r 670 Fox
Flohr Clare[...]
TRAMWAY.WATER, DANI.? a n f | OTflPL^[...]
[...]Foot Charles M, cook, rms 929 18th[...]ss, milliner, b 2243 California Forbes Charles D. foreman Denver Fruit & CO
Fombeile Angel[...]Edward D, wood sawyer, r 2139 Perry j Charles sec and treas. 17th cor Lawrence
Fonda Eva M Mrs,[...]Forbes Gustav AV, salesman, rms 1357 S
Fontaine Charles, waiter, r 3956 AA'alnut Pen[...]
[...]Ford John M, r 2260 Champa
£ « Ford Charles D, register U S Land Office, r Ford John AV, hors[...]Curtis
Ford Charles E (Ford Optical Co), r 2121 S Ford John AAr, help[...]oseph A, elk Adams Express Co, r
Ford Charles M, druggist, r 1236 Ogden 1415 Milwaukee
oo Ford Charles O, mining 14, 1646 Arapahoe
Ford Charles S. elk Wells Fargo & Co Ex-[...]
[...]deline Miss, waitress, rms 151S Foreman Charles E, mgr Abbott Pharmacy,
[...]ress feeder Denver Pub-
Forrest Samuel S. decorator, rms 2129 Champa lishers Assn.[...]Fred H, ins 1738 Arapahoe, r 1336 Fortner Charles, rms 1713 Larimer
[...]Foster Charles AA', salesman 1022 First Natl
W.J.MEIKLEHAM[...]Foster Edward, waiter Charles Potter, rms
Fortson Ruth C Mrs, steno Arnold & Fi[...]Foster Elmer, lab, b 2041 S Navajo
Fortune Charles C. r 627 W 14th av Foster Elmer E,[...]ms 1215
Foss Bertha G Mrs, rms 1208 Cherokee
Foss Charles, fireman Albany Hotel, rms 929 Stout[...]
[...]Charles M Lillie), lawyers, suite 610 Kitt-[...]Fowles Charles H, condr, rms 1935 Broadway
Fowler Bayard, wks Da[...]Bayaud av
Fowler Charles A, eng, rms 1550 Larimer Fowlkes John W, eng, r 4731 Columbine
Fowler Charles A, treas Western Box
Lumber Co, r 2115 W 27th av[...]wler Fred J, sign writer 2832 S Acoma Fox Charles, rms 1530 Market
Fowler F, ironwkr, rms 1855 Champa Fox Charles A, iron wkr, b 969 Kalamath
Fowler George H, r 21[...]Charles H, lead burner, r 25 S Blvd F[...]
[...]nia Foye Charles, rms 1612 Larimer
Fox Leola Mrs,[...]
WindowGlass,11* " i S S S S ' ' * McPHEE & McGINNI[...]
[...]Franklin Charles W (Franklin & Tedrow), r
• w c[...]fM MURTRYMFG.S Franklin Charles W, condr Tramway Co, r[...]treat Pk
Frankenfield Charles E, elk Reeves & Co, r
3£ 2552 Dexter
FRA[...]FRANKLIN MOTOR CARS, Charles[...]Burrell L, actor, rms 1664 Humboldt
Franklin Charles, rms 1860 Lawrence
Franklin Charles, pilot Gas & Electric Bldg.
r 3133 Williams
< Franklin Charles B, student, r 1244 Humboldt •^U[...]
Co, r 1566 Gilpin
F r a r y Charles H, carp, r 1316 S Washington
F r a r y Charles H Jr, carp, r 1583 S Ogden
F r a r y Frank[...]
Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWAR[...]r Fred, cook, r 1, 2155 California Frear Charles I, lineman Phone Co, r 615
[...]r 223 Cook Freefield Bernard S. elk M D Barnett, r 1563
F r e d e r i c k[...]
[...]d S, barber Brown Palace Hotel.
Freeman Charles, wks Denver Metal Co, r r 2. 1530[...]gan M, agt Northern Nursery Co,
Freeman Charles E, printer Smith-Brooks 308 Barcla[...]E?"Frees, see also Frets, Fries
Freeman Charles H, rms 1315 Curtis Free[...]
[...]French Charles E. bkkpr National Onion[...]French Charles H, cook R Henry, r 1132 Ja-[...](J Frehrichs and George French Elsanor S. cabinetmkr, r 1626 Cook
Ais), grocers, 1704 Y[...]orge E, lab, r 2222 California 3 m*
Frei Charles, a p p r e n t i c e Verdeckberg & French Georg[...]French George R, coml trav Silver State
Frei Charles, janitor Wolfe Hall es Clarkson Leaf Tobacc[...]French John W. elk F Meek Grocery Co, r
Freizer Charles, elk Millicent Hart, r 1420 17S0 S Broadw[...]L Mrs. rms 2355 Larimer
Fremd Adolph. cellerman Charles Humburg. French Marguerite Miss,[...]
[...]Freund Charles E, carp, r 2800 W 26th av
French Mary A M[...]l Bank Bldg, r 1540 Sherman Frey Charles A, mach D & R G R R, r 446
Frenzel R Max,[...]29th av Frey Charles A Jr, mach, r 935 S Clarkson
Freret Armand Rev, asst pastor St Joseph's Frey Charles W, coml trav, r 1608 S Pennsyl-[...]
[...]Frickey Charles W, saloon Railway[...]
[...]dman Louis, printer, r 1417 11th Frink Charles A, cementwkr, r 2S90 S Ban-
Friedman M[...]n Carl, fireman, r 2576 Front View Frisbee J Charles, pres Frisbee Honey Co 172.
[...]Fritz Charles, molder Plattner Implement[...]Fritz Pauline Miss, nurse, r 54 Washington
Frisby Charles, wks White Rose Hand Fritz Sarah L Mrs[...]Bullis & Bullis, rms Froehlich Herman, bartdr Charles Humburg,
1163 Stout[...]
:*-1 GLASS, s.^s
PHONE. MAIN IOOO[...]Frost Albert S, lawyer 712 Kittredge Bldg, F r y Charles F , messgr Wells Fargo & Co
r 1821 La[...]Frost Arthur, car repr D & R G R R, r F r y Charles S, teamster, r 2933 W 25th av
Golden,[...]harlotte M Miss, steno State Labor
Frost Charles F , driver Lantz Sanitary Comr, r Hotel[...]t Eldredge, lab, rms 1423 Market
Frost Charles P, teamster, r 417 S Jason[...]cor Broadway
Frueh Benedict J, tailor 429 Charles Bldg
Fruehling David, lab, r 4344 Sherman[...]HE ROCKY MOUNTAIN
Fruh Peter, jeweler Charles H Clark & Co,
r 1926 S Sherman[...]
[...]Fulcher Winona M Miss, elk frt dept D & R
Frye Charles, rms 2209 Welton G R R, r 4624 Clay
Frye Charles F, gardener, r Littleton rd nr Fuld Max,[...]Champa
Frye Charles H, eng D & R G R R, 3227 Ful[...]
[...]Store 4701 Gilpin, r 2050 Clarkson
Fuller Charles, wks Salt Palace Lunch, rms
1007 loth[...]Fuller Sadie M Mrs, r 2312 Champa
4 Fuller Charles E, benchman Sayre-Newton
Lumber Co, rms[...]r 3032 Stout Fullman Charles, plumber, r 523 Josephine
Fuller G[...]
[...]Furlong John E, mach, r 3823 Winona Ct
Funcheon Charles J, r 1234 W Byers PI
Funcheon Daniel C, teamster,[...]Furman Ethel Miss, steno E E Scott, rms
Funk Charles L, lab, r 3041 Fillmore 1329 Acom[...]rla N Miss, opr Postal Tel-Cable Co, Furnell Charles, rms 1851 Champa
r 923 Lincoln[...]
[...]^ ^ 1 ^ 1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Fusha Charles E, notions 742 Knox Ct, r 63S
r-5[...]Knox Ct
Furrer Charles G, car repr Tramway Co, r Fusler Jacob, l[...]NCY, J W Billow Gable & Stecker (Joseph Gable and Charles[...]Gaab Henry, grocer 2711 Larimer, r 2409 Gablick Charles, iron wkr rms 809 20th
oz Humboldt[...]Gabrin Nellie Mrs, r 2255 Curtis
oo Gaba Charles C, mill man Wallace Lumber Gabrin Rosie Miss, elk[...]el Anna E Miss, dressmkr, r 7, 438 Broad- Gadbery Charles, r 366 S Corona
oo G[...]
[...]G a i n e s J o h n S. ins, r 2736 W D e n v e r P i
[...]wks R Hardesty Mfg Co, rms
os Galbaugh Charles P, elk, r 1371 10th
Galbaugh Fannie[...]ly Steel & Iron Co, 408 Boston Gallagher Charles, elk Hedges-Atkins-McGee
•S • Bldg,[...]Hugh H, student, r 826 Marion Gallagher Charles E, fireman Century Bank
Galbraith Ma[...]and Rv, r 22 11th av Gallagher Charles J (Gallagher-Moynahan),
Galbraith Ti[...]Edwin C, electrician C N Shan- Gallagher Charles J, wks The Shirley, r 2322
non & Co[...]belle I Miss, trimmer Weather-
Galdi Charles, lab, r 3658 Lipan head H a t[...]r James J, wks McMurtry Mfg Co,
on Gale Charles, rms 722 13th
Gale Eva A Mrs,[...]
[...]Gallup Clarke McCullough, student, r 1580 Gambrel Charles H, barber G H Eberhardt,[...]IOIO 1 6 ' H . S T R E E T .
Gamble Charles A. eng Barclay Blk, rms 433[...]
[...]Garbella John F, lab, r 3135 Larimer
Gannon Charles J, steam fitter, r 2503 Emer- Garber Joseph O[...]O MERRITT W, pres Gano-Downs Gard Charles E, car repr U P R R, r 3032
Clothing Co 721-739 16th, r 731 Clarkson Arapahoe
Ganoe Charles V, asst chief surgeon D N-W Gard Cla[...]
[...]Gardner Charles W, musician, r 719 31st[...]
[...]Garhoofer Charles, pipe mkr B F Davis, rms[...]School of
Music), 1432 Arapahoe
Gardner Winfield S. mach Denver Metal Co,[...]ld Coal & Land Co, 333 Railway Ex- Garner Charles E, eng College of Music,
change Bldg[...]
Building Material
Both Wholesala and Retail The[...]
[...]Thomas, janitor, r 242 S Broadway Garvin Charles O, bkkpr Oregon Lumber Co,
Garsh Annie Mrs, r 188[...]r 246 Adms Garwood Charles H, horseshoer Denver Om-
Garst Edna D Miss, r 295[...]Gary Thomas G, r 2551 S Osage
Gartman Charles E, machine shop 1414 15th, Garyer Jam[...]
[...]Charles M Gates sec and treas, 511 Ideal[...]Gates Charles C, mining eng 818 First Natl

?i Gash Charles E, switchman, r 431 W 1st av
Gash Daisy D[...]Gates Charles M, sec and treas Gates Bros[...]r 2490 Wolff
Ltlm Gaskin Charles N, col'd, porter, r 1904 Ma- Gates Edgar F[...]ant 2520 Ames
Gasrun Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2051 Blake Gates[...]
[...]N INSTITUTE, W B Lowry Gautschi Charles S, com mer, r 2424 Newton
pres, C D Campb[...]
[...]Gazin Charles E, plumber, r 4650 Raleigh[...]ter L, foreman T W Cook & Co, r Gebhard Charles A, vice-pres Colo Pkg &
[...]r 3050 Larimer
Gee Charles AA, condr Tramway Co, r 1188 S Geier Harry,[...]Elisha, aud American Beet Sugar Co, r Geiger Charles M. civil eng, r 1163 S Pearl
1045 Lafayette[...]09 Umatilla Ogden
Gee Max D, collr Charles Scribner's Sons, r Geiger Frank A (Bach & Geiger)[...]older, r 2059 S Osage California
Geer Charles J, iron wkr AA'oeber Car & Mfg Geiger John, eng.[...]n M, elk G M Bowman, r 11, 821
Geherman Charles, r Savoy Hotel
Gehling Frederick J, barber[...]
Gelser Charles Jr, salesman Bogue Lead Co, ASSURANCE CORP[...]ractors' Association, A M Stein
Geismar Charles, elk M D Barnett, rms Y M
0 0 C A B[...]
[...]e Mabel Miss, r m s 509 15th
Genty Godfrey N, elk Charles Crowlev. r m s[...]
[...]1513 Market
Gerard Charles, electrician, r 22, 1851 Logan Gerity Emma C Mrs, r 2530 Eudora
Gerard Charles E, elk C M Colson, r 4514 W Gerity Eugene A, meat[...]17 23d
ITJ"Gere, see also Geer
Gere Charles G, grocer 408 S Broadway, r 402
[...]Gero Charles C, acct, r 4563 Winona Ct[...]d, 1429-1431 Market
German Roswold, coml trav 420 Charles Bldg,
rms 1453 Tremont PI
Germania Hotel,[...]
[...]G, r 20, 1475 Humboldt Ghormley Charles S, farmer, r 1333 AAr Ala-
Gettell[...]orge C, inventor, r 4505 Sherman
Getts Charles W, linen counter Pullman Co,[...]
[...]Gibbs Charles K. elk Colo Portland Cement[...]Gibbs Charles R, elk B E Moritz, r 2137 Cleve-[...]Giblin Charles S (Giblin & Davies), r 3027 W
Gibbons Patr[...]
Cement Piaster and Plaster Paris,
U.S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Hospital, r 1101 Gaylord
Gibson Charles, col'd, porter Colo Traffic Gibson N J Mrs,[...]shoemaker 1109 19th, r 856 S
»- s GIBSON CHARLES E CO, real estate, Washington[...]g can, r 2815 Gilpin
Gibson Charles R, salesman, r 534 S Pearl
III •» Gibson[...]Gibson
Gibson Elijah M, coml trav 416 Charles BIdg, Robert A, musician, r 2618[...]
[...]Franklin Gifford Charles, cigarmkr, rms 2017 Curtis
Giddings Margaret Mi[...]0
Giddings Viola O Miss, steno Littleton Charles Bldg
Creamery Co, r 3309 High[...]August, r 1909 AAr 12th av Gilbert Charles M, real estate 1740 Stout, r
Giese Elm[...]
[...]IN o s.[...]oseph, driver College of the Sacred Gilden Charles, machine man. rms 1364 10th
Heart[...]1831 W 33d av
UI Gilbert Laura S Mrs, steno Charles AA'athen
& Co, r 557 AVashington[...]
[...]J e n n i n g s & Gill), r 2631 A'al-
GILL CHARLES W, insurance (Bene-
dict, Gill & Smith),[...]
Gillespie Charles, coml trav, rms 80S ISth av Gilliam Dossie E Miss, r 2450 8th
Gillespie Charles P, r 145 S Cherokee Gilliam Edward,[...]Gilliatt Charles A, helper Griffin AVheel Co,[...]Gillis Mary B Mrs, r 942 Lipan
Gillette Charles N, rms 90S 20th av Gillis May E Miss, tchr Sheridan School, r
Gillette Charles S, elk, rms 1624 S Washing- 3, 1851 Logan[...]Clarence F Mrs, milliner 2800 W Glllman Charles, rms 1621 Larimer
Dunkeld PI, r[...]
[...]Gilmore Charles Mrs, r 1332 St Paul
Gilmore Charles H, real est 341 Century Bldg,[...]Gilmore Charles M, cook, r 3504 Osage m •[...]School, r 2938 Humboldt
Gilman Charles S, r 32 4th av Gilmore M[...]
[...]r 5187 Lowell Blvd Girardin Charles H, brakeman Burlington
Ginn James[...]
[...]adwin Jessie B Mrs, r 5, 1609 A\rashington
Gismar Charles, rms Y M C A Bldg Gladwin[...]
:n,Ttie Hallack &[...]
[...]Glenn Charles O, driver, b 3140 Elizabeth
Gleason Payson E, exp[...]uitable Bldg, r Glenn & Kirk (T H Glenn and Charles Kirk)
229 Maple av[...]
[...]Globerson Charles, tailor J Wentz, b 915 24th
HI Glessner Ab[...]uel, tailor J Wentz, r 15781/^
Glessner Charles H, paperhanger W E M c - Julian
Ui[...]i Isidor, r 3053 Blake Glore Charles M, glazier McPhee & McGin-
Glines Helen[...]Co, rms 607 14th
Glixman Charles, elk Hotel Best 1548 Market
z •o^ Glixman Harry, wks Golden Eagle, r 1243 Glover Charles H. lab, r 1849 S Broadway[...]
[...]Goddard Susan E Miss, tchr Milton School, r
Glynn Charles F, r 402 Broadway Littleton, Colo[...]Godley Harry S, salesman Morey Merc Co, r
Goar Charles, lab, rms 1320 16th 1253 Do[...]
[...]garian Milling
£* Curtis
Goeppinger Charles, with H F Behneman, r[...]tal, r m s 192S Pennsylvania
OO Goetz Charles F, r The Shirlev Goins Lesli[...]F I C E IOIO 1 6 ™ . S T R E E T .
Goff Charles L, carp, r 320S Downing
Goff Cliffo[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate G l a s s e r McPHEE & McGINN[...]
[...]S L u s t i g , r 2520 W CO
Goldsmith Charles, cutter B a y l y - A l l e[...]m , g r o c e r 2401 S t o u t , r 813
Goldsmith Charles Almon, elk Denver Gas[...]
Plate and
Window Class The Hallack & How[...]
[...]Goodman J, rms New Western Hotel
Goodheart Charles, salesman, rms 461 S Goodman J B, rms 5^[...]l'd, porter Pullman Co. r 621 Goodman Robert S. elk Wells Fargo & Co
[...]beth M Mrs, confectionery 2684
III Goodrich Charles C, patrolman Pinkerton's
Protective Pa[...], steno supt W TJ T Co, r

Goodson Charles H. mach. r 1681 S Cherokee 1352 Lincoln[...]odwin Bedora Mrs, r 2938 Champa
Goodwin Charles, lab, rms 5 Kalamath
Goodwin Charles H, steno Dorsey & Hodges,[...]
[...]740 Gilpin io
Gordon Charles P, elk aud Colo Midland Ry, Gordon[...]
[...]lie Miss, elk, r 1850 Pennsylvania
E Gorham Charles, r 26, 630 21st Gorman Nonie O[...]James J, r 6. 2134 W 29th av Gorsline Charles E, treas A W Colburn Mere
Gormally Mary J[...]Alice A Miss, nurse, r 778 Sherman Gorsuch Charles, foreman C & S Ry, r 2231
Gorman A[...]
[...]Gotthelf Florence M Mrs, r 2601 Champa
Gosorn Charles B, draftsman U S Forest Gotthelf Vida Mis[...]Gottlab Samuel, rms 1108 22d
Goss Charles A, steno, r 2918 W 29th av Gottlieb Bertha Miss, rms 3641 Wewatta
Goss Charles F, vice-pres Goss-Morris Merc Gottlieb[...]
B. F. THREEWIT ' S S J ^ J B S L 1 1 Sewer Pipe &[...]
[...]Co, r 2243 Curtis
Graber Charles E, carpet layer DANIELS & Graebing Clayton W, elk[...]av
Grable John G, driver Denver Towel Supply Graf Charles, hair gds 2013 Larimer, r 1818
Co, rms 1[...]
[...], coffee 1024 Jason Graham Charles A physician 314; 1554 Call
Gr[...]aul Godfrey, eng, r 3736 Arkins Ct Graham Charles E, elk auditor Globe Ex
Graf Robert[...]n Fred, pressfeeder W H Kistler Graham Charles F, mach, r 4833 W 34th av
Graham Charles H, r 3334 Wyandot
Stationery Co, rm[...]r 19, 2010 Cali-
u *»•
Graff Charles M, curios 1327 17th, r 1722 Lari- fornia
Graff William T, solicitor Charles Scribner's- Graham Fred, printer, rms 2, 1239 Cal[...]nder J, r 2016 Race
Graham Alexander S. granite cutter Seerie R E T A I[...]
18TH, CORNER[...]
[...]Mesa Land & Orchard Co, 254
Grahn Charles H, cement contr, r 4468 Stuart Coronado Bldg[...]27) Grandt Charles W, barber W Bucks, rms
Grajnar Louis, l[...]1615 32d av
Gramcko Lettie R Mrs, bkkpr Charles N[...]
[...]750 Vallejo
Graney Charles, lab, r 717 Curtis Grant Building[...]y Dennis, driver, r 59 S Fox Grant Charles H, painter, r 3223 W 22d av
Graney John, tile setter, rms 1600 Market Grant Charles S, student, r 3227 W 22d av[...]Cigar Co, 1722 Lawrence
Grannick Charles M, photographer 1625 Wel-
ton, r 1209 Pearl[...]r Curtis, r 770 Penn-
Grannick Morris, tailor 531 Charles l.Idg. r sylvania
1209 Pearl[...]
K-co •^1 G L A S S , s.^os.[...]t c h r S m e u l e y School, r Graul Charles, carp, rms 1438 Curtis
1600 S O g d[...]e l k g e n l c a r f o r e m a n Grausam Charles, meat market, 746 Jason
u U P R R, r 2[...]Graves Charles H, driver, r 606 W 14th av
G r a n t h[...]l a u n d r y 2436 L a r i m e r , r Graves Charles H, foreman Kennlcott-Patter-
2223 I[...]b a r t d r , r 2045 C u r t i s Graves Charles W, r 21, 1221 Sherman
G r a n v[...]
[...]aves George B, salesman Richmond Sales Gray Charles, chauffeur K & B P k g & Prov
Co, r 1261 Madison[...]aves George I, col'd, r rear 1644 Pennsyl- Gray Charles C, driver, r 1917 W 32d av CO
vania Gray Charles C, pressman W II Kistler Sta- CD
Graves Geo[...]aves Gertrude I Miss, lino opr, rms 2542 Gray Charles D, wks Keith Tanning Co, r CO
Stout[...]aves G, roofer, rms 1928 Lawrence Gray Charles M (Winkler & Gray), rms 1520
Graves Harlow[...]
[...]Graybehl Charles C, plumber, r 3622 Hum-
2456 Glenarm PI[...]Graybill Samuel R, carp Charles Morconi
Gray Julia E Miss, r 1, 43[...]
[...]n Effle Miss, steno Hot Sulphur Greather Charles, teamster, b 1830 W Colfax
Springs Town Site Co,[...]George, elk Mine & Smelter Supply Greatrake Charles Clifford, roofer, r 76 S Lin-
Co, rms 1811 Champ[...]r 1623 30th av
Grear J, lab, r 1350 11th
Greaser Charles, cook, rms 141 Lincoln[...]
[...]Camant Plastar and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant[...]u t o v i c h , 1114 B r o a d -
GREEN CHARLES H, pres C H Green[...]
ndWa,ehou e
McPHEE & McG[...]
[...]Greenfield Charles A, condr, r 3011 Wyandot[...]aham, pedler, r 2806 W 11th av
Greenblatt Charles, grocer 2542 Larimer[...]NATIONAL SAFETY VAULT CO.
Greenewald Charles, driver Eagle Bottling -[...]
[...]nk Mfg Co, r 1824 Larimer GREGG CHARLES W, lawyer, and
Greenstein I[...]ft Hotel Co, r 722 Humboldt
Greenstreet Charles J, mining 1816 Blake, r Gregg Ellis, lino op[...]McPhee Bldg, 17th cor Glenarm PI (Phone
Greenwald Charles J, switchman, rms New Main 1844)[...]
The Hallack[...]
[...]urt, r 3415 Meade Grice Charles, col'd, lab, r 2549 Clarkson
Grems Mell, driver,[...]nels George W, elk John Thompson Co, Grier Charles I, eng U P R R, r 1317 32d av
r 331 Sherm[...]
[...]n Mary Miss, r 2450 Tremont PI
Griffin Charles A, boilermkr. r 736 W 11th av Griffin Mary A Miss, steno Westinghouse
Griffin Charles A, cook, r 649 Jason Elec & Mfg Co, b 1430 Tremont PI
Griffin Charles H, timberman, r 1418 26th av
Griffin Charles M, repr Underwood Type- Griffin Maurice V,[...]Nellie Miss, rms 1307 Broadway
Griffin Charles W, student, r 309 W oth av
[...], 301-312 Boston Bldg, 17th cor Champa
Griffith Charles B, salesman, r 347 S Sherman Griffith Oscar A,[...]S Sherman CO
Griffith Charles C, steward Agnes Memorial Griffith Pearl J M[...]av Co, rms 2358 Ogden
Griffith Charles D, pres Chas D Griffith Shoe Griffith Raleigh[...]Co, r 2828 Firth Ct
GRIFFITH CHARLES D SHOE CO, C Griffith Raymond L, foreman Denver M[...]r Lawrence ton
Griffith Charles E, col'd, r 644 S High Griffith Richard J,[...]riffith George W, salesman Peters Paper Griffiths Charles H, rms 1832 Marion
Co, r 1060 Acoma[...]
[...]A, elk F A Keeler, b 4102 Ten-
Grigg Charles A, student, r 1870 Vine nyson[...]p, rms 1617 Tremont Grimm Charles, grocer 533 20th av, rms 200
r- to Grigs E[...], r 924 7th av Grimm Charles, mining, r 1857 Humboldt
Grigs Lafayette, r 924 W 7th av Grimm Charles F, elk George Tritch Hdw
1- «CO* Gri[...]
[...]r 4448 Logan Groetzchel Charles, elk Davis-Bridaham
Grin John, lab, r 4448 L[...]ein Samuel S, mgr D Grinstein, r 2314 Gromm Charles M, student, r 811 17th av
Lafayette[...]Grommet Charles H, apprentice Albert Se-
Grisier Henry G, shoemkr[...]and C H Mueller), grocers, 4341 Delaware
Griswold Charles E, rms 2309 Curtis
Griswold Charles L, musician, r 749 S Clark-[...]
[...]ie R Mrs, bkkpr Denver Auto
Groselaude Charles F, r 4766 Columbine Gds Co, r 1718 Wash[...]ose Mary E Mrs, r 606 W 4th av Grossman Charles', tailor 620 ISth
Groseclose William,[...]man Jacob (Grossman & Son), 2107
Gross Charles M, pres Gross China Deco- Larimer[...]Broadway (Phone South 3305) Grosso Charles A, sec Chiolero Importing,
[...]lfax av Grover Charles F , packer, r 3925 Julian
Grotewohl Jesse A, sale[...]Construction Co, 3352 W Clyde PI
Groth Charles J, bartdr Louis F & W J Grover Georgia[...]107 Fox
Grotshall Charles, elk, rms 8 1st av Groves Albert, lab, b 1039 W 7th av
Grotz Charles F, painter, r 3929 Umatilla Groves Bros (P[...]oo
Grout America Mrs, b 4001 W 38th av
Grout Charles R, elk A J Stark & Co, r 2940 Ranch and Rang[...]ie C Mrs, school supplies 4561
Thompson Ct
Grove Charles S, lineman Phone Co
Grove Clarence, rms 16[...]
[...]and PI 1009 9th
Grubb Charles A, stone mason, r m s 16S0 S Grundy Frank, driver[...]orgia L Mrs, r 4726 Quitman Gruneisen Charles J, wks City-Elite Laundry
Grubb Ha[...]
[...]see also Gard Heart
Guard Charles, elk P O, r 2211 Meade Guida John J (Gu[...]homas, lab, r 3922 Pecos en 5
Gudgel Charles D, condr U P R R, r 730 Guidi Alessio,[...], mgr McCue Lumber Co, r 9 2
Guernsey Charles H, driver D C Fleming, r 2500 11th av
1272[...]in Ida A -Mrs, hairdresser, rms 429 16th
Guesnier Charles L, elk, r 3236 Bryant[...]
[...]Gulmyer Charles, eng, r 3113 W 23d av
5< Guinan Michael[...]Gum Charles L, student, r 1277 Broadway[...]LIN, genl mgr Gundell Charles F A, r 3738 High
American Smelting &[...]ORES CO, r 3142 Downing Gunn Charles B, condr, r 1047 Bannock
BARTELS BROS., 52517th Street, ^ ° - REAL ESTATE[...]
[...], butcher Goss-Morris Merc
Gustafson Charles, carp, r 3777 Franklin Co, r 64 W Maple av
Gustafson Charles E, lab, r ss W 38th av W Gustin John E, pain[...]chief elk U S Land Office,
Custafson Charles M, baker, r 1849 Boulder r 1, 1560 Lincoln
Gustafson Charles W, drain layer, r 2606 W Gustin Wilto[...]
[...]iner, r 4952 Stuart r 3323 Arapahoe
Guthals Charles, lab, r 4952 Stuart Guy Charles E (Century Loan & Securities
Guthard Charles H (Denver Regal Auto Co) Co), r[...]
[...]2555 Glenarm PI
Haak Charles F, saddle tree mkr T E Haberl F[...]ae E Miss, music tchr, r 2336 9th
Haake Charles G, elk U S Natl Bank, rms
2232 Race[...]ock Co, r ws Yosemite bet 40th and
Haas Charles A, mattress mkr Denver Bed- 42d avs[...]Hach Charles E, mach, rms 2475 W 27th av
Hachenberg Charles E, representative Inter-[...]
[...]3 mm*
Hackley Charles E, col'd, barber Rocky
Mountain Athletic Assn, 2[...]Hackney Carl, boilermkr, r 2909 W 24th av
Hackney Charles F , foreman Phone Co, r
4423 Tennyson
[...]F I C E IOIO 16 TM. S T R E E T .
Haffner Charles J, mach, r 3232 W 24th av GENERA[...]
[...]Hagerty Charles B, mach George Mason Co,[...]arren A, lawyer 601 A C Foster (TQ
Hanger Charles, wks 1100 Colfax av Bldg, r 1271 Mar[...]er Magdalene M Mrs, r 4301 Acoma Hagle Charles G. helper Griffin Wheel Co, r
Hager Nettie[...]
[...]Hagstrom Victor H, mach D & R G R R, r Haigh Charles G, farmer, r 3711 Wewatta
3714 High[...]Hail Charles M, elk Hallack & Howard
III • ington[...]Co, r 1722 Larimer
Hahl William, baker Charles Lind, r 115 H a i m a n J a c k L, bkkpr D[...]
[...]Halbert Alice A Mrs, r 4301 Tejon
Haines Charles H (Kelly & Haines), r 862 S Halbert Burton, sh[...]ish Baths, r Windsor Hotel
Haines Charles S, wks U S Mint, r 1951 W Halbert Frank, wai[...]aines Philip C. r 466 S Grant Hale Charles D Mrs, opr DENVER TENT &
Haines Samuel O, eng, r[...]Hale Charles H, elk McPhee & McGinnity[...]AINES SEED CO, F A Holden pres, Hale Charles P, real est 125 Broadway
1319 15th Hale Charles T, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, rms
Haines Sidn[...]
[...]Haley Bridget Mrs, r 1439 Fox
Haley Charles J, elk, r 3702 Delgany THE RO[...]
[...]o u n t y of D e n v e r , r 3226 W 24th a v
Hall Charles E, bus agt Boilerm[...]r a n k S, p a i n t e r , r 4037 M e a d e
Hall Charles E, with Hallack & Howard[...]
!»!6iu!^ COLORADO PLUMBI[...]
[...]Hall Warren E, coml trav 618 Charles Bldg,
[...]k J Mrs, r 2420 Welton Hallinan Charles, driver Motor Package De-
CO Hallack Kate[...]lingham Ore Co, r 3758 Williams'
Haller Charles A, salesman Curran Co, r 48, Halloway Carl, guard[...]owell Carrie Miss, elk DANIELS &
Haller Charles S, cement wkr, r 2417 W 28th av FISHER S[...]
[...]Halteman Charles W, core mkr, r 630 Elati[...]
[...]elk. rms 1637 Lincoln
Hambrock Charles, rms 4383 Chase' Hamilton A[...]Hamilton Charles, elk, r 2727 W 33d av
Hamby William H Jr. r 2776 S Delaware Hamilton Charles B, pres Hamilton-Brooks
lC?"Hame[...]Hamilton Charles C Mrs, r 1456 Fillmore
[C?"Hamer, see also Hammer Hamilton Charles M, asst cshr Broadway
Hamer Anni[...]Miss, elk Gamossi Glove Hamilton Charles M, carp, r 409 23d
Hamilton Charles P, iron wkr, r Chase ne
Co, r[...]Hamerschlag Jacob, coml trav 527 Charles
Bldg, r 326 Center av[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HO[...]see also H a m
Hamilton Theodore, wks Charles Potter, rms Hamm Arthur C, dentist 725 Ma[...]on Thomas F , mach, rms 925 W 3d av Hamm Charles A, cabinet mkr McPhee &
Hamilton Thom[...]W Alameda av Hamm Charles A, shoemkr 1531 17th, r 2933
Hamilton[...]Bldg, r The Shirley Hamm Charles E, electrician, r 558 Jason
[...]Merc Co, r 700 Dakota av
Hammel Charles R, finisher Brunswick- Hammond F F, r[...]Hammond O V, importer and mfr human
Hammett Charles, lab, r 1521 W Byers PI hair gds 218 C[...]ne
Hammond Carl T, driver-, r 217 Irving
Hamnvond Charles E, painter Colo Wall
Paper & Paint Co, r[...]
[...]loring Co), rms 1243 Stout
•5 uz Hampson Charles M, pres Hampson-Fielding Hancock Spencer J, car[...]Elec Co, r 1790 S Logan
Hamrick Charles T, mgr Michelin Tire Co, Handlev B W,[...]
[...]Hanford George Henry, elk Northern Coal &
' Handy Charles A, decorator, rms 2435 Cali- Coke Co, r 724 S[...]Ala-
meda av
Haney Anna Mrs, r 821 Larimer
Haney Charles W, teamster, r 974 Yuma[...]
[...]Hanly S V, r 1, 1317 Ogden
Hanington Charles H, mining 402 Boston Hanly William E[...]6 Grant Hann Charles A, carp, r 2534 Decatur
Hanington Henr[...]Hanna Edward, carp, r 239 Fox
Hanks Charles M, elk General Film Co, r 535 Hanna Fannie Miss,[...]Fred W, lineman, r 2236 Curtis
Ha»ks Charles R (L M Hanks & Sons), r 1207 HANNA HOWARD W, lumb[...]Curtis
Hanks William C, coml trav, 213 Charles Bldg Hanna Waunita Mrs, rms 1307 Larimer[...]
[...]n B Miss, tchr Garden PI School, Hanrahan Charles, bartdr, r 1720 35th
r 1147 Vine[...]s, r 2348 Grape Hanse Otto, bartdr Charles Humburg, r 1177
Hannan Rose Mrs, r 1378 W Cedar a[...]Joseph, teamster F Buechner, r Hansen Charles, rms 3801 Walnut
1933 W 12th av Hansen Charles M, teamster Frederick Ker-
Hannigan Mary M[...]
D. F. THREEWIT , 4 S - 5 ^ r J 5 S s r , , t L M E[...]
[...]Hanson Rodney C, barber J G Terwilliger,
Hanson Charles, lab, rms 3913 Walnut rms 1742 Lawren[...]9 \
Hanson Charles O, physician 9, 1427 Stout, b
1618 Pennsy[...]
[...]K den
1- e»
Happersett Charles H, watchman, r 1376 W Harden Edw[...]
[...]Hardinger Sanford C, mach, r 2756 S Broad-
Hardin Charles B Major, r 1312 Josephine way
[...]win M, sales agt 403 Sugar Bldg,
Hardy Charles A, teamster, r 719 W 4th av r 4529 18th av[...]y Ola S Miss, dressmkr, r 11, 1114 Harker Charles L, 946 Equitable Bldg, r 1621
o u Hare Charles, warehouseman Nave-McCord
[...]Harman Charles F, painter, r 5028 Raleigh
Bldg, rms 237 14th Harman Charles Hs elk Littleton Creamery
Harkless J D, col'd, me[...]John G Mrs, rms 1253 Magnolia Harmon Charles M, blksmith, r 3455 Wewatta
Harley William[...]
[...]Harp Charles, restaurant 2457 Larimer
o " T[...]Harpel Charles F, prop Damon Farm Dairy,
s[...]o, r 1186 S E m e r s o n Harper Charles, rms 1530 Market
< ca Harper Charles S, condr Tramway Co, r 3123
HARMON PHILIP[...]gational Church, r 1328 Cook
Harney Charles J, elk J C Macdonald, r 442[...]WHEN YOU WANT GOOD I U A L
Haroldson Charles J, lab, b 101 S Meade
Haroldson Ne[...]
[...]Harrington Charles C, acct, r 3405 W Hay-[...]Harrington Charles L, r 1147 Columbine[...]Clarkson
Harper T S. r 1553 Adams Harrington Elm[...]kman, r 4530 Eliza-
Harrell C Wood, coml trav 413 Charles Bldg, beth
rms 2329 Gaylord[...]
[...]Harris Charles, col'd, bartdr, rms 2232 Wash-[...]ton J M Mrs, r 1060 Fox Harris Charles, col'd, lab, rms 4524 Vrain
Harris Charles, lab, r 562 Jason
Co, r 718 13th[...]ton J S, lab, r 3640 Humboldt Harris Charles, rms 1506 California
Harrington Katherine Mrs, r 314 Jason Harris Charles A, elk G Niess, r 2455 Glen-
Harringt[...]ton Loren, teamster, rms 1225 27th Harris Charles A, col'd, soda dispenser Capi-
Z Harrin[...]Harris Charles E, lab, r 169 S Pennsylvania
Bldg, r 526 S Logan Harris Charles E, lab, rms 2048 Arapahoe
ut Harrington[...]Harris Charles E, watchman Tramway Co,
Harrington Ma[...]606 W Colfax av Harris Charles H, lab, r 1336 S Acoma
Harrington Marie L Mrs, r 1147 Columbine Harris Charles H, mach F S Matthews, r
Harrington Ma[...]Harris Charles H, col'd, porter, r 2822 Stout
Harris Charles H, salesman National Tail-[...]Harris Charles R, waiter The Famous", r 123
32 Harringt[...]Harris Charles V, bkkpr Denver Athletic
o: Harri[...]
BARTELS BROS,, 52517th Street, J E W ? . REAL ESTA[...]
Plate and[...]
[...]rtis Harryman Charles B, salesman Rothenberg[...]
[...]Hart John R, grainer, r 421 29th
Hart Charles, printer The Statesman, r 816 Hart John W, s[...]4310 Raleigh
Hart Charles A, r 963 Corona Hart Joseph, lab, b 1300 Colfax av
Hart Charles C, concrete wkr, r 140 S Kala- H a r t Joseph[...]r 3332 W Moncrieff PI
Hart Charles K (C K & F G Hart), r 2829 Hart J J, rms[...]Hart Kate Mrs, rms 1629 Lincoln
Hart Charles N, surgeon 503 Mack Bldg, b Hart La[...]
[...]r 1907 S Fox
HART-PARR CO, Charles D Ellwood Hartigan
mgr, gasoline tractor[...]
[...]av Hartmann Charles F, chief state cattle insp
Hartley W Lesl[...]tmann Oscar T, with Pierce & Zahn
Hartman Charles, janitor Argo School, Cher- Book Co, r 1534[...]tmann Oswald O, carp, r 3711 Race
Hartman Charles, painter, rms 1738 Champa Hartmann Peter, miner, r 1219 35th
Hartman Charles G, cook The Famous, Hartmann Ru[...]
[...]Harvey Bradford N, carp, r 312 S Ogden
Hartson Charles H, r 192 W Byers PI Harvey Charles, brick mason, r 3032 Downing
Hartsough Kate B Miss, steno Capitol Life Harvey Charles, wks Bureau of Highways, r
Ins Co, r 630[...]
B. F, THREEWIT ^ J f f J B t t * Sewer Pipe & Fire[...]
[...]Hassell Wrilliam, oiler, b 5046 W 36th av
Haskell Charles, blksmith Plattner Imple- Hasselman Robert,[...]Hassenger James Mrs, rms 1209 28th av
Haskell Charles W, mgr ins dept Great Hassenplug Galen[...]Hastings Belle Miss, rms 2015 Market
Haskins Charles W, ins, r 1466 Detroit Hastings Charles J, insp Burlington Route,
Haskins Chester[...]
[...]H a t h a w a y Charles A, rms 2234 Stout
^ ' W ^ 1 7 1 6[...]Feed Co, r 2644 W Colfax av
Hatch Charles O, carp 1819 Arapahoe, r 475 Hathaway Walter, dri[...]Market Co, r 1326 Detroit
Hatch Charles S, tinner, r 1248 S Pennsyl- HATHEWAY DAVID GILBE[...]Y MOUNTAIN
Hatfield Charles, sec Morey Merc Co, r 1300
[...]nbach Nathan J, mgr Denver Grocery Haugh Charles D, wood wkr, r 3142 Law-[...]atton A B, head waiter Kaiserhof Hotel, HAUGHWOUT CHARLES S, asst cash-
r 748 S Logan[...]
[...]of all capacities and agts Dor-
Hauser Charles R, dept mgr J P F a r r a r ris automobiles[...]18-1622 Wazee (Phone Main 2178)
Havens Charles R. fireman, rms 332 18th av
[...]h Hawkins Thomas J, r 427 Jason
Hawkins Charles, waiter, rms 810 14 th Hawkins Thomas W. sec Curran Co, r 22,
Hawkins Charles A, col'd, porter Pullman 2030 Welton
Co,[...]wkins Timothy, teamster, r 3238 W 30th av
Hawkins Charles S, eng, r 4540 Eliot Hawkins Walter G,[...]dg, r 1126 Milwaukee Hawkinson Charles F, mailer Denver
Hawkins Edwin W, wks[...]ley George H, lab, r 1127 Lawrence
Hawkins George S. r 4, 1045 W 14th av Hawley Homer[...]
[...]policeman, r 4, 1114 Hayden Charles, r 6, 1661 Washington
Hayden Charles H (Tremont Grocers), r 530
Acoma[...], prop Hotel Bonaven- Hayden Charles P, elk Tremont Grocers, r[...]plumber Smith Bros Hayden Charles W, painter, r rear 54 S[...]1232 Cook
Hawthorne Charles I, steno Rogers, Ellis Hayden[...]I N
It^Hay, see also Hey
oo Hay Charles Edward,, driver, r 3282 Perry
[...]& FISHER STORES CO, rms 1824 Clarkson
Hayes Charles, coml trav, r 1615 31st av Hayes Martha Miss, elk, r 2846 Stout
Hayes Charles, r m s 1513 Market Hayes Martha E Mrs, rms 2251 Irving CO
Hayes Charles Foster, solicitor Natl Adver- Hayes Mary Miss,[...]Hayes Marv Miss, tchr, rms 1360 S Clarkson
Hayes Charles F, printer Smith-Brooks P t g Hayes Mary[...]
[...]Co, r 2050 Ogden Hays Charles E, salesman Northern Nurserv
Hayes Oli[...]Hays Charles I, tchr North Denver High
. w Emerson[...]Hays Charles R, pur agt American Beet Su-
H 2 Hayes Pat[...]William, col'd, lab, rms 2233 Larimer Hayt Charles D (Hayt, Dawson & Wright),
Hayes Willi[...]rs, prop La Hermosa, 630 19th Haythorne Charles W, steno Midland Sav-
Hayes W G[...]
[...]129 Lawrence Hazen Charles R, tinner W C Schmitt, r 4233
Hayutin Max (Wester[...]Broadway
Hayward Charles, r 15, 1627 Lawrence Hazen Norman F, ba[...]th, 1617 Tremont PI Hazlett Charles P (Davis & Hazlett), rms
Hayward Emily A M[...]
[...]Camant Plaatar and Piaster Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]2069 Birch Healy William J, carp Charles Morcom, r
Heaford Edwin B, switch board[...]$yHeard, see also Hurd
Heale Charles F, musician, r 1300 Jason Heard Fra[...]
[...]tley Flo, phone opr TJ S Mint, r 1407 Col-
Heartz Charles, blksmith 4557 Franklin, r 4709 fax av
Race[...]Heatley Flora F Miss, r 146 W 12th av
Heartz Charles S, butcher, r 4609 Race Heatley F Eugen[...]liam A, salesman Dillon Hdw Co, IS3
Heasley Charles K, dentist 319 Central Sav- rms 30 20th av[...]eorge J, eng C & S Ry, r 958 11th Hebener Charles H, mgr Hebener Coal Co,
Heath Harry W, elk[...]
[...]B a r d w e l l ) , r 2270
HEBERT0N CHARLES M, vice pres[...]
[...]H L Mrs, r 3334 Mariposa Hedrick Charles T (Hedrick & Son), r 5,
Hedden Ina Mrs, hairdress[...]Hedstrom Charles J, laundryman, r 4837 Al- 2»
Hedenskog Rob[...]Heeren Edward F, fireman, r 2525 W Byron
Hedges Charles H, elk car acct C & S Ry, PI[...]
[...]C & S Ry 810
^ G L A S S , s.^os Cooper Bldg, r 2533 W 26t[...]mpa 1161), r 488 Downing Heidbrak Charles P (Heidbrak Bros), r 263
Heffron Alice[...]Heidemann Charles (Heidemann & Son), r
Heffron Malvern J,[...]rado Bldg Heider Charles, switchman, rms 842 11th
3 Hefner Henry J[...]y nr 8th av Heidinger Charles W, r 34, 2949 Zuni
z Hefner Virginia J Mi[...]sfeld Joseph, mgr L Stern, b 1749
< Hefti Charles W, pilot The Shirley, r Maria Pe[...]
[...]Heinemann Rudolph, yardman Manhattan
Heimbecher Charles F (Heimbecher Bros), r Restaurant,[...]
[...]nig Max, wire wkr, r 4885 Quitman Heiser Charles, painter, rms 1310 15th
Heinig Wilhel[...]r 4631 Thompson Ct
Heintz Charles, miner, rms 948 Broadway Heisl Fred[...]
[...]R INSTRUMENT CO (Frank Heller Charles C, bkkpr U S Natl Bank, r
Heitzler), mfrs survey[...]Acoma rigation & Power Co
Heitzman Charles E, plasterer, r 1822 W Heller Ed, drive[...]M Miss. elk. r 2258 W 34th av Hellerstein Charles, bottles, r 2600 W 14th av
Heizer Sarah B Mrs, r[...]Hellerstein Yetta, messgr DANIELSA FISH-
Helber Charles J, trav pass agt Wabash R ER ST[...]
[...]Hellis Ruth S Miss, bkkpr Denver High- Helzheimer Charles, brewer Tivoli-Union[...]Heilman Peter, messgr Adjt Genl U S A, r Heminger Charles F , rms 1304 Elati
1634% Gilpin[...]lwig Paul, instrument mkr William Hemminger Charles H, wks E B Lane, r
Jones, r 803 20th[...]Helmreich Emma B Mrs, r 2515 Stout
Helms Charles H, plaster contr, r 1855 S Lo- Henahen[...]
[...], r 4629 Lincoln 2600 3d av
Hendel Charles, decorator B L James M & Henderson Gladys Miss, r[...]derson Grace Mrs (rooms), 2125 Larimer
Hendershot Charles W, mill hand, r 1935 W Henderson
37th av[...]Henderson James B, lab, r 4640 Race
HENDERSHOTT CHARLES J, con- Henderson fornia[...]John R, tchr Manual Training
Henderson Charles N, policeman, r 3451 Ma- High School, r 7, 1172 Y[...]629 Lowell Blvd
Henderson Charles T, carrier Capitol Hill Henderson
Station P O, r[...]Julia F Mrs, r 714 S Clarkson
Henderson Charles W, statistician II S Geo- Henderson[...]
[...]atorium, Quebec cor 6th av
Hendrick Charles H, driver Continental Oil[...]
[...]Hendron Charles W, wks Franktown Cream-[...]Henke Charles H, draftsman D W Dryden,
H e n d r i e W C[...]
[...]nneberry, see also Henebry Henny Charles B, stockman McPhee & Mc-
Henneberry Mary[...]vatorv of Music, 1624 Washington
Henning Charles L, author, r 4902 W 34th av[...]
[...]Co, r 3055 W Clyde PI
Henry Charles E, shoemkr 1318 Broadway Henry Joseph, fireman DANIELS & FISHER
Henry Charles J, f 2318 Emerson STORES CO, r 709 14th OO
Henry Charles W, collr, r 3235 W 23d av Henry Jose[...]
[...]n U P R R, r
2701 Marion
Hensley Charles T, mach C & S Ry, r 1337
[...]1540-46 LAWRENCE ST, Herbolsheimer Charles F , vice-pres Colo
^*4.w / W E L L TRUS[...]see also Herbet 2d av
Herbert Charles, col'd, lab, r 1224 Jason Herburger Joseph A[...]bert William H f r 2234 Glenarm PI Herle Charles T, r 2527 Humboldt
Herbert Willis T, groce[...]
[...]ft,*"' I V3FLAS S , K |Uri"o s. Hernan John J, asst mgr Brown Palace Ho-[...]Herman Mary Miss, rms 1661 Lincoln Herr Charles, coml trav, rms 1475 Court PI
r— Herman[...]Herman Walter, baker Old Homestead Bak- Herrick Charles, coml trav, 410 Charles Bldg
ery & Inv Co, r 2724 W 25th av Herrick Charles E, lawyer, rms 433 17th
Herman William,[...]dward H, elk frt depot U P R R,
Hermann Charles (Kneipp's Water Cure In- r 1020 31st[...]rick Frank, lab, r 1530 S Pearl
Hermann Charles, lab, b 4763 Washington Herrick Georg[...]
[...]Herron Charles E, warehouseman Summit
OLD HOMESTEAD BAKERY[...]235 Sheridan Blvd
Herrick Joseph W, coml trav 410 Charles Herschovitz Bros (Joseph and Emanuel), bak[...]235 Broadway GO
Herring Charles E, r 4610 Raleigh Hersekorn Ernst L,[...]ing George H, mach Capitol Hill Garage Hersey Charles W, elk B F Goodrich Rubber
Co, r 122 W H[...]
[...]s George L, com mer, r 1576 Pearl Hesse Charles W, r 1282 Adams
Herts Irving L, elk Co[...]Supply Co, r 233 W 2d av
Hertz Charles S, wks Angelus Cafe, rms Hesse Franz B,[...]y Hesselbine Charles F, elk, r 1454 Williams
Hervey Sylvanu[...]ER STORES CO, r 3421 Arapahoe
Herzog Charles W, elk aud D & R G R R, r Hessell James, s[...]Theresa J Miss, r 2754 Stout
Heseltine Charles H, r 1909 Pennsylvania[...]DEPOSIT-VAULTS
<xp Hess Charles
[...]ey Kate Miss, r 1411 Galapago
Hezmalhalch Charles C, mining eng, r 1934 Hickey Lawrence M, a[...]
[...]ey Winifred Mrs, r 2246 Court PI Hicks Charles, r 1757 Welton OO
Hickey & Mur[...]Hicks George W, salesman Cornforth Fish
Hickisch Charles G, grocer 1375 Broadway, & Oyster Co, r 3[...]r 25 W 14th av 974 S Race
Hickman Charles S, r 1617 32d av Hicks Henr[...]
[...], mining 402 Boston Bldg, r 1000 Higginbotham Charles O, eng, r 4415 Gay-
Grant[...]California av
Hickson Charles H, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, Higgins Byrd K, pai[...]son William R, lab, rms 1319 Champa Higgins Charles, r 700 W Colfax a v
Hidahl Joel, elk DANIELS & FISHER Higgins Charles F , elk J Durbin Surgical
STORES CO,[...]lgo Cigar Mfg Co, 1540 Blake Higgins Charles W, bricklayer, r 1937 Penn-
Hidinger E[...]ur C, paper hanger, r 3283 Ames
Higdon Charles M, policeman, r 4573 Pearl
[...]rry J Jr, marble cutter, 1423 High Charles C, cook D & R G R R, rms
Lipan[...]Highland Pharmacy, Charles H Conaty
Higgins Margarita L Miss, r 3[...]
[...]am H, eng, r es Vallejo nr An- Hildebrandt Charles F, plumber, r 5329 W
OO ders Retreat Pk[...]ohn, col'd, stonemason, r 2327 Hildebrandt Charles G, car repr TJ P R R,[...]Hildenbrand Charles G, elk, r 3914 Wewatta
Higinbotham Luc[...]& Granite Co, r 3727 W 32d av
Charles, elk W F Robinson Ptg Co,[...]Fred R, restaurant 727 W Colfax
1- eo Hikes Charles E, insp Water Co, r 5125 W av, rms 606 W[...]t Hiles Charles W, agt Pacific Fruit Express,
[...]Hill Helen Miss, tchr Elmwood School, rms
Hill Charles, driver, rms 1229 14th 2700 Lafayette
Hill Charles, b 2025 Clarkson Hill Henry, teamster, r 4340 Sherman
Hill Charles D, teamster, r 444 Inca nr W Hill Henr[...]Hill Henry K, r 1326 13th av
Hill Charles L, driver, r 3532 Wewatta Hill Henry W, salesman, r 4344 Chase KO
Hill Charles L, mining, rms 1112 Broadway Hill Hugh, elk auditor Victor-American Fuel
Hill Charles Stanley, assayer J W Richards, Co, r 25[...]r 1062 Zuni
Hill Charles TJ, apprentice Bishop Pub Co, r Hill Jame[...]ber Co, rms 1434% Larimer
Hill Charles W, foreman Western Chemical Hi[...]
[...]est Apartments, Marion se cor 16th av Hillman Charles C, driver, r 721 Jason
Hille Adolph W, lawyer 946 Equitable Bldg, Hillman Charles M, monotype opr C F
r 1355 St Paul[...]er George G, porter Joseph P Dunn Shoe Hills Charles R, opr W U T Co, r 1020 Speer
& Leather Co, r 34[...]rms 2541 California
Hilliard Charles H, salesman James G Kil- Hills Victor G (Hills &[...]Carl, driver R C Hilliker, 2261
Hilliker Charles E , sec Quereau-Shrader
Selling Co, b 152[...]
[...]Hinchliff Charles, lab, r 1569 S Pearl
Hillyard William L,[...]r, 1815 Arapahoe (Phone Main 604)
Hilton Charles A, sheet iron wkr Ajax Iron Hinchmann Jefferson,[...]Hincke Charles L. elk TJ S A, r 560 Josephine
0. CO HI[...]
WindowGlass,LMd- °l v 8 a r ^r E P a l n , s McPH[...]
[...]n John S, barber Ramsey & Hyser, r Hirbs Charles J, layer Denver Hardwood
<5tf> 2[...]
[...]Hotel, 1729 Curtis Co, r 3336 Eliot
Hirsh Charles lab, b 4763 Washington Hitchens Gilbe[...]Bank Bldg, 234-237 First Natl Bank Bldg
Hirt Charles, elk Math Brunner, r 3518 AVe- (Phone Main[...]Osage
Hiscock Ellen H Mrs, rms 1821 23d av
Hiser Charles, painter, r 1476 S Pennsylvania
Hiser Jame[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]Hoagland Charles B, eng Smith-Brooks P t g[...]ein Louis H, waiter, r 2048 Lawrence Hoban Charles E, salesman, r 2925 Race
III « * •[...]0 " H i x , see also Hicks
CO Hix Charles D, brakeman U P R R, rms 3224 Hobart Hobart[...]706 Lincoln Hobbs Charles M Mrs, r 1001 12th a v
Hjelm Gust ([...]S Broadway
Hoadley Charles E, r 2232 Cleveland PI Hober Joh[...]
ndW! eh,,u e
McPHEE & McG[...]
—^-y±~'y P[...]2 W 23d av Hoel Charles, rms 429 16th
[...]Hoffman Henry A, lab, rms 2212 W 28th av
Hoffman Charles, carp, rms 1315 Champa Hoffman Henry F, dentist 324 Metropolitan
Hoffman Charles B, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, Bldg, r 2141 Vin[...]Hoffman Henry H (Hoffman & Sears), r 3933
Hoffman Charles E, bill poster Curran Co, W 32d av
rms H[...]Hoffman Jennie Mrs, r 622 S Pennsylvania
Hoffman Charles H, lab, r 1044 Osage Hoffman Jerome L, carp, r 1319 31st av
Hoffman Charles O, elk, rms 836 Mariposa Hoffman Jo[...]
[...]fman Wallace, editorial dept Denver Post, Hogan Charles U. driver Bilbrough-Jones
r 12,[...]
[...]garth Nora B Mrs, dressmkr, r 518 18th av
Hogberg Charles, rms 1916 Larimer j PLATE[...]
[...]Holcomb Charles E, molder, r S Inca sw cor
W 1[...]Hohneck William, jeweler 1305 Broadway, r Holcomb Charles O, engine inspector Moffat
275 Inca[...]Mrs, r 519 24th
Holberg Arthur C, engraver Charles Wathen[...]bert E. lab Tramway Co, r 1044 9th
Holberg Charles O, carp, r 627 Lowell Blvd Holden Anna Mrs[...]
[...]okee Holland Charles G, pres Holland Ice Cream H 01
Nails,Corrugated Iron,[...]
[...]D Hollingsworth Charles E, salesman, r 141 W[...]Implement Co, r 2521 Franklin
Holley Charles E, fireman, r 2649 W 24th av
Holley Charles W, cabinet mkr Davis & Hollingsworth M[...]smith D & I M R
R, r 421 S Franklin
Hollingshead Charles A, prin Wyman School,
r 2304 Ogden
Hollingshead Charles F, mach F H Williams,
r 4146 Zuni
[...]lmes Alice Mrs, rms 1935 Larimer
Holly Charles A, col'd, bootblack 1123 19th, r Holmes Allen,[...]Holmes Andrew, r 3756 Blvd F
Holly Charles L, with M J O'Fallon Supply Holmes Anna H[...]Pink, barber J Weinheimer, rms 1532 Holmes Charles T, printer, r 2863 S Delaware
Glenarm PI Holmes Charles W Rev, col'd, r 4902 W 35th
Hollyman H[...], see also Holme Holmes Charles W, sales mgr Diebold Safe
We Buy[...]
[...]W A N T G O O D V . U A . L *
Holyfield Charles W, painter, r m s 3711 R E T A I[...]
[...]1409 Stout Hood Charles F, switchman, r 1432 Osage
Homsher William W (Homsher Bros), r 2315 Hood Charles L, helper D & R G R R, r 1163
[...]Hooper Charles, lab, rms 2450 8th
O ^URTRYMFG.^ Hooper Charles E, r 1045 12th av
Hooper Charles H, molder Capitol Foundry
o[...]Hvpatia Miss, tchr Evans School, r
Hood Charles W, sales agt Northern Coal & 1115 8th av
<[...]E v a A Miss, r 8, 1545 Pennsylvania Hoover Charles D, plasterer, r 282 S Logan
Hook George, student, rms 2241 Gilpin Hoover Charles L, autogenous welding, 1622
Hook George[...]Katherine Miss, rms 1757 Stout Hoover Charles M, bartdr, rms 1530 Cleve-
[...]an Hopkins Irving S. elk genl mgr D & R G
Hooyer Stella Mrs, r 1630 Wa[...]CTQ"
High School, r 1048 Milwaukee
Hopkins Charles, lab, rms 532 Cherokee I43[...]
[...]rtha J Mrs, r 1052 S Washington Horlacher Charles, stone cutter, rms Lindell
1- CO Hopper T J, dr[...]n Annie Mrs, r 2540 Downing Horn Charles H E, architect F E Edbrooke
Horan Daniel S[...]ec Co. r 1355 Navajo Horn Charles S, barber J T Williams, r 1137
[...]Blake Hornisher Charles A, mattress mkr Kent
Horn & Mooney (A W Horn and[...]Horr Elisha P, carp, r 3925 Winona Ct
Hornburg Charles J, cigarmkr Joint Stock Horr Frederick H,[...]r 511 22d Horsman Charles T, cook A J Dadisman, r
Horne Margaret Mrs-, r 27[...]4.
784 Broadway
E5"Horner, see also Orner
Horner Charles G, expressman, r 945 S
Horner Claud[...]
[...]r d i n g ) , 1830 G r a n t
ui H o r s t Charles* F , m u s i c i a n , r 567 O g d e n[...]
[...]Hostetter Charles, apprentice McPhee & Mc-[...]W Bayaud av, r 237 W Irvington PI Hotchkiss Charles J, elk frt dept C & S Ry,
Hoskin Gordon, bkkpr, b[...]ichard, r rear 2417 W 29th av Hotchkiss Charles N Mrs, r 1901 Lincoln
Hoskin Stephen, mini[...]
[...]Houchens Charles W, restaurant 1309 Lari-
Hotel Colorado,[...]sco, 512 15th Houft Charles, b 1501 W 12th av
Hotel Gilder, 1[...]
[...]Annie Mrs, r 4172 Fenton Houston Charles M L, aud Colo Portland
Hounshell L Roscoe,[...]
[...]ard Bessie E Mrs, r 3207 Ames
Houtz Charles W, buyer DANIELS & FISH- Howard B, helper[...]al Howard Charles, butcher, rms 1425 Larimer
ETHover, see also Hoover Howard Charles, rms 1254 Pennsylvania
D Hover Charles L (W A Hover & Co), r Howard Charles C, r 415 24th
O* Longmont, Colo Howard Charles H, col'd, porter Orient Ho-[...]3 York Howard Charles O, lab, r 3310 Blake
BARTELS BROS., 52517th Street, ^%[...]
[...]M A, I N os. HOWE CHARLES H, real estate, 4[...]E Mclntyre), barbers 927 18th
Howarth Charles W, cement wkr, r 817 Jason
[...]Hower Clarence M. adv room Denver Post, r
Howell Charles, meat cutter Grand Grocery 1510 S Washington[...]Hower Jacob, opr Orpheum Theatre, rms 509
Howell Charles F, warehouseman Interna- 15th
tional Har[...]ll George W X, mach, rms 1130 Inca Howland Charles H, motorman Tramway Co,
Howell Grace P Miss, sten[...]Howland Charles W, r 1125 California
Howell G, col'd, port[...]
[...]Hoyt Charles D, dentist W K Dameron, 4,
M^MURTRYM[...]da av Charles, col'd, lab, r 21, 2040 Cali-[...]e cor W 13th av Charles A, elk car acct D & R G[...]e cor W 13th av Charles E, carp, r 558 .Broadway[...]Helen Miss, nurse Mercy Hospital,
Howson Charles E, wks Fritchle Auto & Bat- r 1619 Milwaukee[...]tz
Drug Co, r 3001 Marion
Hoyer Charles Henry, pressman C M Davis,[...]
[...]ard Sydney B, condr, r 2711 W 25th av Hubkey Charles G, wks Queen City Iron &
Hubbard Velma M Miss, el[...]bbell Hannah S Mrs, rms 2211 S Josephine Huck Charles W, salesman, rms 4100 Bryant
Hubbell H W M[...]
[...]acy, rms 2508 Stout Huebner Charles, driver Local Beef & Mut-
Hudson Belle[...]Huebner Charles C, elk George-Mudge Phar-
Hudson Benjam[...]Catherine K Mrs, r 1159 Galapago
Hudson Charles' E, coml trav Centennial HuebnerSon, r[...]John J, elk, r 2940 Franklin
Hudson Charles W, switchman, r 3308 W Huebner Otto L[...]
WindowGlass,1'* • £ * y E h " ' McPHEE & McGINN[...]
[...]James E, opr W U T Co, rms 821
Hughes Charles, wks Hendrie & Bolthoff Broadway[...]ames G, chauffeur L C Phipps, r
Hughes Charles H, eng, r 2747 W 25th av 1315 17th a[...]es G, pres Maitland Coal & Coke
0(0 Hughes Charles J Mrs, r 1200 Grant
Hughes Charles M, fireman, r 1553 Central Co, r 12, 1218 Colfax av
Hughes Charles M, col'd, janitor Ferguson Hughes James[...]James H, trav pass agt C B & Q
Hughes Charles P, sign writer Curran Co, r R R,[...]
[...]Hughes Wiliam T, coml trav 620 Charles
Hughes Louis W. bricklayer, r 2854 Josephi[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]J, asst mgr St Vrain Land HUMBURG CHARLES, importer of
*- s & Dev Co, rms 1300 Califor[...]e Joseph M, trunkmkr Verner Trunk &
1-2 Hull Charles H, instrument mkr W H Lauth, Bag Co, rms 62[...]Hume Mary O Mrs, r 304 S Emerson
Hull Charles V, pres South Denver Bldg Hume Oliver A,[...]er, r 2349 Hooker Humeston Willis J, carp Charles Morcom, r
Hull Frank W, elk County Treas[...]Co, r 59 Knox Ct Hummel Charles, blksmith, r 4780 Williams
Hull H[...]
[...]Humphreys Charles R, traffic mgr Western[...]rd, teamster, r 1721 35th Humphry William S. mining, 14, 1132 15th
Humphrey Jessie M Mi[...]
[...]26th av
Hunn Charles T, vice-pres Durbin Automatic Hunt Richard[...]
[...]t Hunter R D Mrs, Hotel Metropole
Hunter Charles, col'd, lab, r 4433 Elizabeth Hunter Sarah Mrs,[...]rd W, motorman Tramway Co, Hunter William J, mach Charles Bilz, r 2437
r 2507 15th[...]
Hurd Charles R, pres C R H u r d Brokerage[...]
[...]Hurliman Charles, wks Windsor Hotel[...]m a n Neef B r o s B r e w i n g H u r s t Charles H, insp Burlington Route, r
Co, r 1202 Q u i v[...]27th a v
H u r l e William, jeweler Charles H Clark & H u r[...]
[...];*jk T)AINT $ VARNISH Husted Charles, lab, rms 1516 W 12th a v
_« u[...]Hutchings Charles E, foreman Queen City[...]Hutchings Charles F, bkkpr New England
Huson Herbert T, s[...]oo
(Charles Anderson), dealers in hay, grain,[...]
[...]n Wks, r 1221 Cherokee Charles A, mining eng, r 3151 W 24th av[...]
[...]roker 1705 Lari- Hines
mer, r 1125 Emerson
Hyman Charles E, col'd, head janitor Con- HYNES CHARLES F, supt Smith-[...]
[...]E L Aurand pres, J J Murray sec and
Igou Charles M, supt Railway Steel-Spring treas, m[...]al Investment & Realty Co, 101 Bos-
Iliff Charles R, elk aud C & S Ry, r 17, 610 ton BIdg[...]Theology, Warren av bet S Imperiall Silvio, bkkpr Charles Humburg, r
University and S Rac[...]
[...]WE'LL TRUST YOU Ingalls Charles, painter W C Ryan & Co, r[...]
[...]May Miss, cigar stand Brown Pal-
Ingles Charles, painter, r 937^ Bannock ace Hotel[...]ldg INLAND OIL & REFINING CO, L M
Ingli Charles, farmer, r m s 1411 Blake Cuthbert pres[...]nglis John, physician 210 Kittredge Bldg, r Inman Charles, peanuts 1545 Champa, rms 810
860 Laf[...]Ingols, see also Ingalls Inman Charles W, driver Benedict Ware-
Or* Ingraha[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass ' ^ r McPHEE & McGINNIT[...]
B. F.THREEWIT l & S l f f l B M f BUILDERS' SUPPLI[...]
[...]lliams Co, rms 1620 Humboldt
Irwin Charles A, lawyer 811-812 Central Sav- Isaacso[...]
[...]f ^ 1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Ivers Charles, bartdr James Donovan, r 681[...]School, r 1207 22d av Ives Charles, brakeman U P R R, r 3444 W
IshiiK, re[...]Ives Charles, salesman Old Homestead Bak-
[...]acks Frank V, barber 747 Knox Ct, r 805
Jabelmann Charles, r 738 Lincoln Julian
Jabelmann Charles A (Denver Steam Dye
Wks), r 738 Lincoln[...]RT P, prop Acme
I C J a c k , see also Jaeck
Jack Charles A, car repr, r Pecos and 53d av Machy & Mf[...]Jackson Anna L Mrs, col'd, r 2643 Larimer
Jackman Charles A, sign writer, rms 285 S*
[...]S, t e a m s t e r , r 1195 S
Jackson Charles F, correspondent Interna-[...]
T R A M W A Y . W A T E R , DnimQ[...]
[...]kson Sarah J, Mrs, r 1309 18th av Jacobs Charles, vaudeville agt 28, 1604 Cur-
Jackson S[...]4652 York Jacobs Charles A, collr, r 3737 Lipan
Jackson Stonewall W (S W Jackson & Co), Jacobs Charles C, elk Burlington Route, r 3737[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY C0. N a , ^ B ^ d ^ r o '18than[...]
[...]y Henderson M Mrs, r 6, 1301 Ogden
Jacobson Charles H, grand sec Masonic Bod- Jacoway Jan[...]y, coml trav, r 2239 King Jacques Charles W, rms 1754 Larimer
Jacobson Harry, tailor[...]er Miss, saleslady, rms 2010 Wel- Jaeger Charles, physician 556 Metropolitan
ton[...]ob P, lab, r 4687 Gaylord Jaeger Charles P, mech Jackson & Cooper,
Jacobson J[...]
[...]James Charles B, physician 417 Empire Bldg,[...]James Charles E, salesman Colo Coal Sell-[...]James Evan S, mining, r 490 S Pearl
J a h n Charles J, barber D W Crandell, 1009 James E[...]
[...]Margaret Mrs, r 2228 Stout Jamison Charles S, with J B Jamison, r 2127
[...]illo Adolph R, porter Watrous Bar & Jay Charles R, r 538 S Pearl
Cafe Co, rms 2357 Lari[...]
[...]ries Mary J Mrs, r 3108 Blvd F
Jefferay Charles M, gardener, r W 38th av Jeffries Vi[...]
[...]enkins William H, col'd, lab, r 3915 Hum-
Jenkins Charles B, steno, r 400 Ogden boldt
[...]Jensen Charles, rms 1757 Stout
Jensen Charles C, driver, r 3428 S Sherman
macy, r[...]Com Co, r 1340 Detroit
Jennings Charles, rms 1123 Washington[...]topher, driver Lantz Sanitary
Jennings Charles A, janitor The St George, Laundry, r 52 W I[...]a E Miss, r 1557 Pennsylvania
Jennings Charles F, engraver, r 4063 17th av Jensen Claus J, insp Burlington Route, r
Jennings Charles F J r (Jennings & Gill), r 4253 Mariposa[...], real est 522 Exchange Bldg,
Jennings Charles M, ins agt, r 2440 Welton r 51 Blvd F
Jennings Charles T, apprentice Paul Weiss, JENSEN EDWARD M,[...]
[...]Jochim John, blksmith, r 1513 35th
Jett Charles H, chief opr Postal Tel-Cable Jochim Perry S, bra[...]nia 28th av
Jett Charles O, opr Postal Tel-Cable Co, rms Jochim Ruth H Mrs[...]Nellie Miss, seamstress, r 3766 W 48th av Joeckel Charles, foreman City Transfer Co,
Jewel George[...]i
okee, r 3325 Meade
Jewett Charles W, sec W J Cox, r 764 Gilpin[...]
[...]ohnson Addie Mrs, col'd, rms 2360 Walnut
Johndohl Charles A, boilermkr J E Johndohl, Johnson Adolph,[...]Johnson Agnes Miss, grocer 1612 Marion, r
Johns Charles, barber, rms 840 Hth 1541 Lafayette
Johns Charles W, grocer 236 S Broadway, r Johnso[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK &[...]
[...]on Axel, rms 2348 Champa Johnson Charles, boilermkr D & R G R R,
Johnson Axel, rms 3457 Ma[...]on Axel E, carp, r 2316 9th Johnson Charles, carp, r 465 Madison
Johnson Axel F, lab, rms 3339 Olive Johnson Charles, cook, rms 1226 Walnut
Johnson Axel S, lin[...]
[...]Johnson Charles M, lab, r 4238 Lipan
Johnson Charles O, driver Joslin Dry Gds Co,
OS IM C[...]Johnson Charles O, plumber J E Kiefer
^~^|k ])[...]/:."'r\> MAKERS Johnson Charles O, pres Johnson-Noel Co, r[...]Johnson Charles O, presser The May, r 1219[...]-t^yy PHONE. MAIN IOOO Johnson Charles S, driver J H Hogg, 4335[...]W 1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Johnson Charles S, pres Denver, Laramie &
Johnson Charles, driver Keogh-Doyle Meat Northwestern R R[...]Bldg, r 3, 1431 Pennsylvania
Johnson Charles, eng Boston Bldg Johnson Charles W, painter, r 1356 Newton
Johnson Charles, fireman, r 3821 Walnut Johnson Charles W, teamster J B Rycraf t, r
4 Johnson
Charles, r 140 W Maple av
Charles, lab, r 9 Sand
Charles, lab, r 1915 34th av[...]John Charles W, upholsterer, r 1310 Elati
H Johnson Charles, lab, r 1037 W Elk PI Johnson Charles Wesley, student, r 35, 1771[...]Johnson
Charles, mach, r 743 Inca
Charles, pedler, rms 726 W Colfax av Johnson Chris, mach, r 2510 Front View
Johnson Charles, teamster, r 265 Elati Crescent
Johnson Charles, teamster, b 3630 Clayton Johnson Christian, brick contr 211 Nassau
Johnson Charles, rms 1229 14th Bldg, r Anders Retreat Pk
O ft Johnson Charles, rms 2261 Arapahoe Johnson Christian[...]458 Jason
• 5 III
Johnson), 1020 1[...]Boulevard and Albion
Johnson Charles A, eng, r 3139 Franklin[...]istopher, eng, rms 1805 Champa
Johnson Charles A, eng, r 3644 Lipan Johnson Cicero R, col'd, waiter Mrs Nancy
02 Johnson Charles A, foreman Distribution
Sta Gas Co,[...]ohnson Clara C Mrs, r 1427 33d
os Johnson Charles A, lab, r 44 S Washington
Johnson Charles A, mach C T Carnahan Mfg[...]: Co, r 1419 35th av
Johnson Charles A, mach, r 2351 Glenarm PI[...]759 Downing
Johnson Charles A, teamster, r 855 Bryant Johnson Clarence H, chief eng A C Foster
Johnson Charles A, : 1588 Detroit Bldg, r 2718 Franklin
Johnson Charles B, elk Pullman Co, r 2253 Johnson Clarence[...]wkr, r 163 W
oo Johnson Charles B, with Armstrong-Turner
Millinerv C[...]ence M, jeweler Denver Jewelry
Johnson Charles C, pipeman Engine Co No Mfg Co, r 1161[...]T, special officer U S Indian
Johnson Charles C, prop Occidental Hotel, Service[...]larissa M Mrs, r 4142 Tennyson
Johnson Charles C, Ry mail elk, r 942 S Em- Johnson Claude J[...]ton, billiards 138 Broadway, r
Johnson Charles D (Burnham Coal Co), r 28 W 2d a v[...]Johnson Clinton H, r 620 27th
Johnson Charles D, credit man Davis & Johnson Clinton[...]lyde M, tinner, r 3055 S Acoma
Johnson Charles E (Johnson Auto Co), r Johnson Cory, wk[...]age Co
Johnson Charles E, carp, r 654 Kalamath Johnson C, lab, r 3308 Larimer
(A Johnson Charles E, elk, r 640 S Gaylord Johnson C Emil, motorman Tramway Co, r
U Johnson Charles E, yardman Ideal Lumber 851 Fox[...]L, steno 711 Ernest & Cranmer
Johnson Charles E, rms 632 20th Bldg
Johnson Charles G. cementwkr, r 1818 36th av
Johnson Charles G, eng Denver Gas & Elec Johnson C M, for[...]dentist, r 6, 1671 Washington
Johnson Charles G, janitor, r 29, 2040 Champa Johnson Daisy D Miss, proof reader, r 908 W
John Charles H, expressman, r 2921 W 26th av 9th av
ZQ Johnson Charles J, elk P O, r 2525 Race
Johnson Charles J, driver Hendrie & Bolthoff - D[...]Mfg & Supply Co, r 4665 Vine
n< Johnson Charles J, janitor The Neal, 2030
Johnson Charles J, salesman Smith-Brooks[...]Ptg Co, r American House
Johnson Charles J, teamster L Wolff Mfg Co,[...]r 2714 W 25th av
Johnson Charles L, foreman Phone Co NATIONAL SAFETY VAULT CO.
Johnson Charles M, cshr Manhattan Restau-[...]
M U N I C I P A L , CORPO- D f\ IVI r^ O Na[...]
[...]23»"ANDBUKLS1.S. PHONE 12/[...]
[...]301 Bannock
si w-H G L A S S , s.^os
_ _>_^!fT.v/ PHO[...]
[...]f^SSA I
Johnson Mata A Miss, steno Charles Serib- WHEN YOU WANT GOOD[...]
Star Union Whiteleadrt McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.!W8th[...]
Independent Plumb-[...]
[...]Johnston Charles D, glass blower, r 337 S
Johnson William B, print[...]William E, chief special officer U S Johnston Charles W, painter, r 4569 Tenny-
Indian Service[...]
Nails, Cement. Plate Glass' w ^ r McPHEE & McGINNI[...]
[...]Garmo, apprentice Denver Times,
Jones Charles, col'd, cook G Burte, r 2025[...]l i a M r s , r 1226 C h a m p a
Jones Charles, col'd, pilot DANIELS &[...]Welton
Hg Jones Charles, col'd, porter Hotel Midland,[...]n y
r 2852 Welton
O» Jones Charles A, tel opr, r 459 S Lincoln
Jones Charles B, r 32, 1671 Washington[...]e y G, r 1219 11th a v
0± Jones Charles C, painter, r 23 Logan[...]e a m s t r e s s Colo T e n t &
Jones Charles C, r m s 2547 Gaylord[...]w n i n g Co, r 2636 W 34th a v
M Jones Charles E, chiropractor, 1436 Welton
Jones Charles E, col'd, waiter, r 3763 Franklin
Jones Charles E, r 1433 St Paul[...]h F Miss, r B 1, 1376 P e a r l
32 Jones Charles E L, barnman George Tritch
Hdw Co, r 421 Wazee
Jones Charles H, carp, rms 1731 Arapahoe[...]b k k p r , r 1035 D o w n i n g
o: Jones Charles H, cshr Ford Motor Co, rms
1954 Logan
Jones Charles R, adv mgr Ranch & Range[...]t h L Miss, r 5, 1301 O g d e n
o; Jones Charles R, eng, r 3826 Gilpin
Jones Charles T, elk American Express Co,
rms 1619[...]Western Press
I— •• JONES CHARLES WALTER, safety[...]460 G r a n t 1659
Jones Charles W, messgr Standard Bottling[...]
Plate and[...]
Plate Glass, Cement
BONDS and S[...]
Building Material[...]
[...]miner, rms 1427 Blake CO
Joslin Charles W, steno German American Juda R[...]
[...]427 B l a k e
Judelowitz Max, apprentice Charles H Clark J[...]
[...]Jurgensen William, lab, r 35 Stuart
Jurgens Charles F, wire wkr Pioneer Iron Jurick Joseph J[...]e John, rms 104 Broadway Kaess Charles M, chauffeur Mine & Smelter
Kabellar Frank[...]
[...]Kaiser Charles, teamster, r 4235 Eliot
)AINT $\6VRNISH Kaiser Charles A, salesman • Peters Paper[...]o, r 369 Grant
oo Kahn Gustav, jeweler Charles H Clark &
Co, r 1335 23d av[...]F, dairy Leetsdale Drive se
H to•JU Kahre Charles E (Denver Carriage & Wagon of city
</)[...]H, real est, r 1278 Downing
KaTire Charles H, eng Albany Hotel, r 4530 Kaiser Lester,[...]ss, seamstress Colo Tent &
Kahrhoff Charles J r (Denver Barbers Sup- Awning[...]
[...]Co), rms 1414 Tremont PI
Kallberg Charles G, car repr U P R R, r Kane John M, chauf[...]Co, rms 23, 318 14th
r 2812 Quitman
Kaltenbach Charles, bartdr H P Bledsoe, r
918 33d
z H GLASS, s.^o* Kappeller Mary Mrs, r 5121[...]trowitz Samuel, mailer Denver Repub- KARES CHARLES A, agt United[...]bet Jackson and Colorado Blvd Karn Charles A, painter G I Murphy, r 2901[...]
[...]le av 15th cor Stout, r 3240 Meade
Karnes Charles E, r 1186 Oneida Kasch William A[...]1723 Market
K a r r Charles M, driver Benedict Warehouse Kassler Charles M, sec Kassler Investment
& Transfer Co, r 1119[...]porter Hogan & Co, rms 1758
Glenarm PI
Karstedt Charles A, cshr Continental Oil Co,
r 149 S Coro[...]
[...]416 Emerson 1768 Emerson
<s Kates Charles B, barber 780 Broadway, r 973 Kauffman Wil[...]
[...]410 S Pearl
Kaune Charles L, barber F Dietsch, r 2437 Kay John B Jr[...]riposa CO
Kauvar Charles E H Rev, r 2858 Marion E^" Kayser, se[...]gh William P (Danforth & Kava- Keana Charles M, elk E E Schlosser, r 1833 GJi
B I[...]
[...]Cement Plaeter and Plaater Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]lETKeen, see also Keene, Keehn, Kean, Keepers Charles E, mgr Menter & Rosen-
mmfX Koehn[...]bloom Co 1629 Stout, r 2442 Blvd F
Keen Charles L, salesman, rR34Arnold,W Archer PI Keeping Ir[...]eigh IE5"Keifer, see also Kiefer
Keener Charles P, genl contr 312 Continental Keil Charles F, ice, r 574 Elati
Bldg, r 4220 Rale[...]COMPANY ff\A I
Keeney Charles R, r 3404 Alcott WHE[...]
[...]m E, florist P a r k Floral Co,
Keim William, wks Charles Humburg, r 1243 rms 1871 Race
Arapahoe[...], rms 1315 Curtis Mfg Co, rms 1518 Curtis
Keiss Charles, bkkpr Lakeside Pk, r 4415 Keler Peter, elk New Y[...]Lincoln Kell Charles G, packer Austin Candy Co,
Keister Walter L, wks[...]hirley
Keith Caroline R Mrs, r 1647 Gaylord
Keith Charles E, pres Keith Tanning Co, r
Wiggins, Colo
Keith Charles W, farm Implements 1537 to
1543 Wazee, r[...]
[...]r 2519 Decatur
Keller Charles, prop New Broadway Hotel, Kelley B S, r[...]Earl L, driver North Denver Trans- Kelley Charles C, pilot Symes Bldg, r 3447
(0 f[...]
MUNICIPAL, CORPO- D r \ | \ j r ^ C[...]
[...]Kelly Caro R, elk Milton Smith & Charles R[...]" *"')) V 7 L A S S , KI L NDS. Kelly Charles J, lawyer, rms 1339 California[...]
Mountain and Plain " I S S i McPHEE & McGINNITY CO[...]
[...]LY & HAINES (Harry Eugene Kemp Charles D, col'd, porter Pullman Co,
Kelly and Charles H Haines), lawyers, r 2841 California
901-907 Equitable Bldg Kemp Charles Leonard, barber, 2304 Colfax av
Kelly & Hartford Undertaking Co, 410 15th Kemp Charles W, money elk Wells Fargo &
[...]Kendell Sarah L Mrs, chief elk State Home
Kemph Charles R, paint mixer, r 2226 Down- for Depende[...]nnie E Miss, r 1111 Kalamath Kendrick Charles A, pres Kendrick-Bellamy oo m
Kempter Ant[...]Kendall Carl M, genl contr, r 2227 Gilpin
Kendall Charles R, teamster, r 8641 Zuni

[...]Catherine Mrs, r 618 Kalamath
Kennedy Charles, painter, r 8, 433 W 3d av COMPANY /*Oill
Kennedy Charles F, broker, r 15, 1915 Logan WHEN YOU WANT GOOD L U A L
Kennedy Charles T, with Pantitorium Co, r
533 Clarks[...]FFICE IOIO 16™. STREET.
Kennedy Charles T, r 1222 Quitman GENERAL OF[...]
Star Union Whitelead S t McPHEE & McGINNITY C0.!»[...]
[...]t av Co, r 4363 Decatur
Kenneth Charles B, bartdr H Levingston, r Kent Charles, carp, rms 1263 Cherokee
2217 W 29th av Kent Charles C, Ry mail elk, r 2309 Birch
Kenneth Jam[...]Edwin A, pres Kent Mfg Co, r 1101
HI Kenney Charles, col'd, lab, r 2540 Clarkson Humboldt[...]
[...]Co, r 3, 2544 Champa
Kentor Charles, elk aud D & R G R R, r Kephart Charles H, elk, r 3, 2544 Champa
713 W 8th av[...]
[...]Co, r 2235 Julian
Kerklingh Charles D, cik, r 731 Sherman Kerns Arthur, elk[...]Kerper Charles G, wks Denver Window &
Kern Emma Mrs, r[...], r 45 Fox
Kern Fred ,'L, coml trav 618 Charles Bldg, r KERR DETECTIVE SERVICE (W E[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass ' w ^ r McPHEE & McGINN[...]
[...]Kettering Charles W, pres C W Kettering
Kessler Morris,[...]318 14th
o Ketchum Charles C, r 221 S Logan
Ketchum Charles E, eng, b Elk Hotel[...]Keyes Charles F, mgr United Merchants
ta.O Ketchum[...]
[...]Kibler Charles, real est 633 17th, r 1726 Frank-[...]Kidd Clifford, wks Board of Public Wks, r
Keyes Charles H, salesman F D Carper & 1345 Jackson[...]Kidd Elizabeth W Mrs, r 2154 Welton
Keyes Charles S, coal 2708 Champa, r 814 Kidd James A, s[...]r 2988 Hooker r 16, 1550 Lafayette
Keyt Charles E, condr Tramway Co, r 322
Dakota av[...]
[...]Kiess Charles, r 4415 Sheridan Blvd
7 L . / V O S , KINDS. Kiessig Charles J r , rms 224 W 14th av[...]lsmeier Fred W, scale insp, r 2748 W Dun- Kilborn Charles J, helper Duffy Storage &
keld PI[...]sephine Kiley Charles A, elk, r 1045 19th av
Kientz Katr[...]
Killiam K W Mrs, r 1, 1359 Court PI
Killian Charles P, repair man Ajax-Grieb
Rubber Co, r 37[...]
[...]33) r 1701 S Clarkson
Kimball Charles P, student, r 1065 Pearl Kimsey O Delano, bell boy Hotel Metropole,
Kimball Charles J, fireman U P R R, r 3836 r 950 Coro[...]orge L, mining 516 Quincy Bldg, Kincke Charles L, elk, r 560 Josephine
r 2112 S M[...]
[...]King Gregory W, lunch man W Davis &
King Charles, col'd, lab, r 1218 33d Co 919 19th
King Charles, rms 1728 Market King Harriett E Miss, steno Fraternal
King Charles C, coml trav Chas D Griffith Union of A[...]King Harry C, mechanical eng McFarlane
King Charles C, novelty wks 251 Broadway, Mfg Co, r 1023 24th av
r 869 S Logan
King Charles G, baker Savoy Hotel, rms 217
20th av
King Charles H, lab, r 455 S Lipan
King Charles M, fireman, r 2732 Blvd F
King Charles S, grocer 3206 Downing, r 3127
[...]306 Champa
*m{ a King Herbert Dean, coml trav 610 Charles King Minerva A Mrs, r 1430 Race
McPHEE & McGINNITY CO. " M M ? * 18th and Wazee[...]
[...]Co), r 445 Downing
«1 KINLOCH BAR, Charles B Popp prop,
1134 16th, rotunda Contine[...]r 1226 Lipan
Si Kinner Charles S, carp, r 2257 S Broadway
Kinney Carlos[...]e Co, r 1470 Gala-
Kinney Charles E, balance mkr Thompson[...]Co, r 2846 Blake
KINNEY CHARLES N, sec and mgr Kinsley Is[...]
[...]Kirby Sadie A Mrs, corsetiere, r 41, 1771
Kinsman Charles, r 1050 Acoma Pennsylvania
K[...], prop Mountain View KIRBY SAMUEL, mgr Charles Scrib-
House, U37 21st
Kinsman Elizabeth Mrs, r[...]Kirchhoff Charles E, carp, r 2705 Walnut[...]is, rms 1021 Stout Kirchner Charles H, r 2746 W 26th av
Kintzele Louis A, florist, 33 S Lowell Blvd Kirchner Charles W, mgr whol Sayre-New- GOt
Kinzbach Will[...]2546 15th
Kiras M, wks Brown Palace Hotel
Kirbey Charles E, salesman, rms 806 Hth
Kirby Albert H, p[...]
[...]Kirkland Charles D (Kirkland Studio), 1452
Kirchner Wil[...]nd John W, elk Denver Dry Gds Co,
Kirk Charles (Glenn & Kirk), rms 2329 Stout rms 1431 California
oo Kirk Charles L, sec Colo Laundry, r 2150 Kirkland John W, pres[...]and Samuel M, mining, r 1328 Vine
Kirk Charles M, purchasing agt Northern
[...]ck Mary S Mrs, r 1050 Clarkson Kissinger Charles A, r 3325 H t h av
Kirkpatrick Rachel A Miss, bkk[...]ngton
Kirkpatrick Raymond L, student, r 1948 Kist Charles A, lab, r 4215 Osage
Kirshbaum Marcelle A Miss, r 1072 Jose- Kistler Charles H, meat cutter C G Hick-
phine[...]ser, Keiser
Kiser Banks I, eng, r 1728 39th
Kiser Charles C, bkkpr American Smelting
& Refining Co,[...]
[...]Kittredge Charles M, real est 346 Gas & Elec-
M C MUR[...]Kittredge Charles M Jr, salesman, r 4131 26th[...]1537 to 1543 Lawrence Kitzmiller Charles, brick contr, r 2540 Gilpin
Kistner J H, r[...]ock Klaes Charles J, wks Auto Rent Co, r 709
Kite James G, c[...]Millard, .elk Royal Market, r 1755 Klasgye Charles L, eng, rms 156 W 2d av
Clarkson[...]lfax av
Co r 564 01fl.rkson
Kitto Charles R (J M Graves Co), r'3958 High[...]
[...]Miss, tchr Elmwood School,
r 1061 Mariposa
Klein Charles L, eng Domestic Laundry, i
1717% Humbold[...]
[...]in Simms H, jeweler J C Bloom & Co, Kline Charles B (Kline & Wolff), b 1522
r 3377 W 26th[...]Kline , driver, r 1039 Meade
Klem Charles J, special agt U S Forest Serv- Kline & Wolff[...]Kling John, rms 1548 Market
Klenk Charles, cabinet mkr First Avenue Kling John P, b[...]55 Walnut r 515 Center av
Klewer Charles H, dept foreman Denver Klingel Charles A, hatter Weatherhead H a t
Gas &[...]
[...]ebel, see also Knoebel CO
Klinkee Charles, carp Brown Contracting Co, Knago Clay[...]
[...]K n e r r Charles* A, salesman Peters Paper
• 10 C[...]Knapp Lawrence C, insp C & S Ry, r 1081 Kneule Charles, lab, b 4763 Washington
Quivas[...]Knaus Frank, elk A J Heil, r 4725 Franklin Knight Charles', pres Rexall Gold Mining Co,
OO) Knaus Leo[...]ms 1871 Race Knight Charles R (Western Brick & Con-
Knause Carl, rms[...]Knauss Francis J, lawyer 619 Ernest & Knight Charles S, lab, r 1749 S Sherman
Cranmer Bldg, r[...]nelling Myrtle Mrs, r 1456 Garfield
Kneip Charles E, trav acct D & R G R R,
r U76 D[...]
[...]Knittle Charles W, elk B L James M & M IS[...]Blvd F Knodel Charles F, lab, r 2528 Ogden
Knight Joseph H, plu[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWAR[...]Knowles Charles N, pres Bradley Paper Co,[...]Knowles Harry A, soda fountains 623 Charles'
Knoebel Julia A Mrs, r 435 2d av[...]es Sarah E Mrs, r 860 S Sherman
Hi Knopke Charles J (Knopke Bros), r 4215 Val- Knowles Silas A, con[...]Knops Edmond J, brewer Neef Bros Brew- Knowlton Charles F, coml trav, rms 2257
ing Co, r 964[...]Co, rms 4059 Umatilla
Knott Charles W, space dept Curran Co,
rms 5[...]
Office and Warehouse
[...]Koehler Charles A, elk Hurlbut Grocery Co,
H Koch Henry R (K[...]Koehler Charles J, machine man Brunswick-
Z Koch Henr[...]
[...]38 Champa Washington
Kofskey Charles F, condr, rms Windsor Ho- Kohut George, lab[...]Kohut Michael, barber 4943 Washington
Kofsky Charles F, saloon 1814 Larimer, r 3433 Kohut Pet[...]
[...]Koller Charles O, driver W J Line, r 337 Fox
M^URT[...]oldyk Martin, lab E A Osinga, r 600 Sheri- Koogle Charles R, contr, r 4625 Thompso[...]
[...]Kornacki Alexander, lab, r 4625 Logan
Koontz Charles, janitor, r 527 W Hth av Kornemann Gustave W,[...]ldt Kornfield Jacob, tailor, r 672 Alcott
Koop Charles H, cabinet mkr, rms 811 20th Kornis George,[...]Korondinos Christ, barber, 1820 Market
Koops Charles C, supt ptg dept Williamson- Korosic Frank, lab,[...]0 Glenarm Pi
KOPPER ALBERT, prop Kopper's Koskoff Charles, tailor 1954 Broadway, r 426
Hotel 1215-[...]
[...]los Gust, lab, r 358 Fox nr W 29th av Krafft Charles L, salesman C R Hurd Brok-
Kostur Jose[...]3455 Lawrence PI
Kotter Charles G, bottler Crystal Springs Krahwinkel Fre[...]Hotel, rms 2139 Curtis
rado National Ba[...]
Kramer Charles A, lab, r 1232 5th Kraus S F, mgr K[...]p, r 1233 Acoma Krause Hans A, mgr Charles Humburg, r
Kramer Henry, expressman, rms 1[...]
[...]L Kremer Charles R, messgr P O, r 1930 32d av[...]r Joseph, lab, r 125 Columbine
III «* Krebs Charles E, eng D & R G R R, r 933 Kressman C, tinner Litt[...]e, teamster, rms 2457 Stout
Kreissman Charles, tailor, r 1404 Irving[...]
[...]Kringel Charles, grocer 2000 Marion, r 4033[...]fax av Kronan Charles A, teamster City Park, r
Krien Charles A, lab, r 1418 38th 4000 N[...]
[...]abeth K Miss, hairdresser Mrs Kruger Charles, lab, rms 1511 19th
Jane Dean, r 604 Inca[...]Kruse Charles, blksmith F A Widmayer, r
Krueger Alonzo A,[...]gust, teamster Neef Bros Brew- Kruse Charles A, condr Tramway Co, r m s
ing Co[...]Mint, r ;«3 I3th Blvd F
Krueger Charles B, salesman Edward Leh- Kruse Hans J[...]ruse Hugo H, real est, r 85 Sherman
Krueger Charles H, brakeman, r 2950 Frank- Kruse John F[...]use May B Mrs, physician, 923 Lipan
KRUEGER CHARLES M, land attor- Kruse[...]
[...]4th av Kuhnel Charles, rms 1516 Market
Kuchenbecker Charles, cabinet mkr, r 125 Kuhnemann Henry W, salesman Charles
Meade H[...]enbecker Mary M Mrs, wks Western Kuhnke Charles G, carp, r 245 S Corona
Paper Box Co, r 125 Mead[...]s 1148 Broadway r 584 Franklin
Kudrna Charles I, bartdr J W Maynard, r KUTPER ANTON, local cash[...]4529 Clayton
Kuehnapfel Charles R, architect, r 140 S Kulhavy John M Jr, lab, r 4[...]merican Trust Co, r 1155 10th Kull Charles A, packer Longmont Farmers
Kuenster Gotlieb T, r[...]ll Gottlob W, millman, r 2536 W Byron PI
Kuersten Charles P, dentist 212 Nassau Bldg, Kull Selma E Miss, r[...]1 W 21st a v Kullberg Charles W, blksmith American
Kuester Frederick W,[...]
[...]1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. Kunzmann Charles, elk, r 963 Lipan[...]l
KUNER MAX, pres Kuner Pickle Co, Kurtz P S. rms 637 16th av
22d sw cor Blake, r 1269[...]rities Co, r 19, 847 Colfax av
Kunsemiller Charles F, bkkpr W A Hover & Kurzidem Joseph, shoemkr, 62[...]Samuel, mgr J & K Optical Co,
ul U Kunsemiller Charles F J r , chief elk Phone rms 1734 Hooker[...]Kuntz Arthur, lab, rms 810 Curtis
XHi Kuntze Charles J, tailor DANIELS & FISH-
ER STOR[...]
[...]Kwapil Frank, lab, rms 1845 S Race
Kushins Charles A, coml trav, r 16, 2320 Kwartz E[...]
[...]heo Mrs, b 1754 Sherman La Chance Charles, chef, rms 1339 Acoma
La Blaundelle[...]
[...]Lafrenz William H, butcher, r 4105 Fenton
Ladd Charles W, r 2724 Curtis Laf ren[...]
[...]Lake Clarence H, pilot Charles Bldg, r m s[...]Pipe & Clay Co, r 4338 Lipan
Hi m. Laine Charles C, asst mgr Edelweiss Cafe, LAZOTA REALTY C[...]orge M, foreman Wells Fargo Ex-
Laing Charles A, condr Tramway Co, r 3535 press Co Stabl[...]M Miss, phone opr U P R R, r
La Kamp Charles, miner, r 1316 S Grant 2830 Gayl[...]
[...]Lambert Mary J Mrs, r 1234 7th
Lamb Charles G, state vet surgeon, r 1140 Lambert Nellie M[...]enarm PI
Lambert Anna Mrs, r 1376 S Pearl
Lambert Charles, salesman Gillette-Gibson
Millinery Co, rms 143[...]DEALERS IN
Lambert Charles F, messgr, r 37, 2434 Law-
[...]PAHOEST. rms 1427 Blake
Lamborn Charles W, real est, r 3257 Clay La Mont George J[...]dry, rms 1530 17th
ft LAMMERS CHARLES A, genl mgr Lampe Theodore A (Silver State Dye Wr[...]• BOXES $5?? PER YEAR AND UP-
MMO. Lamon Charles O, truckman Union Depot &
Ry C[...]
[...]les, r 2041 Marion Land Charles A, teller Interstate Savings
Lamplugh Quinby W, r[...]pman Carrie H Mrs, r 1954 Logan Land Charles A (Rich-Land Investment Co),
Lamprecht Casper, he[...]arl
La Nazione (newspaper), 3614 Navajo
Lancaster Charles, elk, rms 1323 Cherokee 1434 LAR[...]
[...]ie Merc Co, r 950 S Emerson Lane Charles, r 734 W 10th av
Landers J A, lab, r 966 Acoma Lane Charles, apprentice Western Elec Co,
Landery Elspet[...]Lizzie T Mrs, elk The Perrenoud, 17th Lane Charles, r 726 W Colfax av
av sw cor Emerson Lane Charles D, eng, r 2950 Humboldt
Landes Milo[...]
[...]Langbecker Charles, salesman Spengel House
r 2050 S H u r o n[...]Langdon Charles H, chief elk McKnight &
L a n g Alfred, s[...]
[...]nge Carl, butcher, rms 1046 Inca
Lange Charles A, mushroom grower, r 346[...]r 3739 Marion
r-°. Lange Charles F, eng, r 1223 32d
Lange Dedrick, bldr[...]PI
I- •' Engraving Co
Langell Charles E, carp, r 552 Lipan[...]
[...]La Plata Terrace, Glenarm PI ne cor 12th
La Point Charles A, mining, r 3008 Elizabeth
La Point Charles W, r 3008 Elizabeth
La Point Stanley J, pl[...]
[...]Ervine F, wks Hurlbut Grocery Co, r Larsen Charles, mach, r 1441 Fox
1417 26th av Larsen Charles L, steam fitter, r 1837 Frank-
Lark Cn[...]Larner Parker F, woodwkr Mine & Smelter Larsh Charles M, salesman F J Fisher, r 1134
Supply[...]rms 3768 High
Larrabee Charles B Rev, pastor Berkeley
[...]Larson J Fred, motorman, r 1720 32d av
Larson Charles, janitor The Lenox, 2705 16th Larson Laola Miss,[...]Larson Lars, carp, b 28 W Cedar av
Larson Charles A, r 1958 Washington Larson Lars Andrew, blksmith, r 4036 Adams
Larson Charles C, carp, r 1748 S Emerson Larson Leonard A, car repr U P R R, r 2937
Larson Charles F, shoemkr, 3846 Walnut Lafayette
Larson Charles F, eng, r 2439 Williams Larson Leona[...]
[...]38th av Laslo Charles, bottler, b 2633 Vallejo
[...]1085 Corona La Tourrette Charles, elk auditor C & S Ry.
Latcham Earl H, salesman B[...]Latshaw Charles J, real est 304 Century[...]Latta Margaret Mrs, r 242 S Broadway
Latham Charles, salesman Great Eastern L a t t a Robert[...]te Alfred C, elk auditor C & S Ry, r 1416
Lathrop Charles, painter, r 2921 W 26th av 26th av
Lathrop Charles A (Lathrop & Miller), r Latte Louis, journ[...]tier Earl G, elevator pilot, r 1019 Acoma
Lathrop Charles F, teamster Colo Ice & Cold Lattier J M[...]
[...]Peter, car cleaner U P R R, r 4591 Lauman Charles A, r 47 Meade
a. to Sherman[...]
WindowGlass,L,,d- w * S " McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.[...]
[...]M J § £ ^ 1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Lawrence Charles, col'd, driver Bundy Coal[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLA[...]
[...]3 W.27T-HAVE.PH0NEGALLUP9I3. Leadbetter Charles F, r es Harrison bet 53d
and 54th avs
Lazarus Charles G, janitor Ironton School, Leadbetter Henry[...]s Jesse, teamster C W Reichard, r 3961 Leader Charles, lab, r 4311 Vine
Blake[...]Leaf Emma J Mrs, r 165 S Acoma
Lea Charles J, cableman Phone Co, r 4, 1767 Leafg[...]
[...]old Henry, whol paints, 1826 Blake Leavey Charles J, eng, r 1661 Pennsylvania
Q o Lear John[...]avy, see also Leavey, Levi. Levy
Leas Charles, elk, r 4702 Sherman Leavy Anna L Mi[...]UP-
Leasure Charles C, salesman Spengel House
[...]Lee John, lab, r 647 Vallejo
Lee Charles, lab. r 1661 S Cherokee Lee John, R R contr, rms 1935 Arapahoe
Lee Charles H, painter, r 23 Jason Le[...]
[...]Curtis Leeson L R, coml trav, 517 Charles Bldg
Lee Thomas J, paver, r 2751 Walnut L[...]Le Furge Charles S, asst chef Oxford Hotel, oo
Leeland Agnes[...]Furge Daniel M, bicycle repr 10 1st av, r
Leeling Charles G, lab, r 2034 S Acoma 39 W Archer PI
Leeper N S, coml trav, 613 Charles Bldg
Leeper Robert B, insp U S Bureau of A[...]
[...]h Valley Railroad, 209 Century Bldg Lehmen Charles, lab, r 2516 S Pennsylvania[...]5, 1415 Aeoma
1st av
Lehman Charles F , salesman M Rumely

[...]Charles R, wagon mkr, r 2346 10th
Denver Express 1445 Ch[...]owning LEIMER CHARLES F, garden tracts
Lehrburger Elkan H, r 1114 Downi[...]hrburger Solomon, r 1114 Downing Leimer Charles J, cshr Continental Oil Co, CO
Lehrer Charles W, janitor Edison School, r r 2535 Gaylord
30[...]Co, r 1525 Utica Leise Charles, printer, r 726 25th av H 01
Lehrritter[...]'H 666
Leidy Charles G, plumber, r 701 S Lincoln
lE^Leign, see[...]
[...]Edgewater, Colo Lemm Charles C, painter, r 2147 S Huron
Leitch George,[...]water, Colo Lemmon Charles B, druggist, 1096 S Gaylord
Leiter Charles L, carp, r 1749 S Lincoln
Leitner Morris,[...]John J, mach Albert Sechrist Mfg Co, Lemoine Charles F , collr American Furniture[...]he, furnished rooms, 1518 Curtis
Maire Charles F, restaurant Auditorium Lemon Bradle[...]
Star Union Whitelead S t McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.1W8[...]
[...]r 146 S Sherman
< Leonard Charles R, elk Burroughs Adding Leonard S Mabel Mi[...]Leopold Charles J, painter, r 130 Osceola[...]
[...]o. r 3420 Alcott Lesenea Charles F, salesman, r 3127 W 34th av
Lepore Felice, edit[...]» rn
Leppla Charles H, sec Bohm-Allen Jewelry Lesher Joshua S[...]Lesher Wilhelmina R Mrs, r 11, 630 21st
Lerch Charles F, elk A T Lewis & Son Dry Leshure W E, r[...]r 990 4th av Lesinsky Charles, r 2145 Arapahoe
Lerch Herman, salesman Bankers S[...]Co, rms 1226 Hth
Lerchen Charles, farmer, r W Florida av
and S Zuni[...]
[...]Leuenberger Charles F , steno U S Genl Land
ON Lesser Harold,[...]Levander Charles W, r 847 S Grant
L[...]f Pi Le Vasseur Charles, carp, r 1216 Quivas
Lessley Phi[...]
[...]Levingston Charles E, pres L W Weiner[...]M A Mrs, r 1471 Knox Ct Downing
Levering Charles P, meat cutter, r 60 Broad- Levinson Ida Miss'[...]Levitt Israel, painter, r 1422 Canosa Ct
Levine Charles, r 1427 Paul Levitt Ja[...]
[...]Emerson Lewallen Charles, driver, b 809 Mariposa
Levy E Harold,[...]ms 1075 Jason
Levy Lillie V Miss, steno Charles McFadden
Jr, r 1040 9 th[...]1420 Columbine Lewinnek Charles, r 325 23d
Levy Max (Levy Bros),[...]
[...]Lewis George, col'd, bldg contr, rms 2101
Lewis Charles A, mining 245 Coronado Bldg, Welton
r 1[...]Lewis George, lab, rms 1307 Champa
Lewis Charles B, pres Lewis Jewelers Sup- Lewis George[...]ewis George, col'd, waiter, rms 2014 Champa
Lewis Charles H, lab, r 13 Swansea Terrace,
44th av cor Columbine
Lewis Charles W, dep sheriff West Side
Court, r 2019 22d av
Lewis Charles W, pres Lewis Dairy Co, r
2015 Lafayette[...]
[...]Maud H Mrs, r 27, 1560 Downing
Charles B Lewis pres and treas, James L Lewis[...]
Plate Glass, Cement
[...]wright William L, r 719 Mariposa
Lewton Charles A, eng, r 2540 Alcott LIBRARY BU[...]
T R A M W A Y . W A T E R , DALinC flnl| C T f i p[...]
[...]ILYARD FLOYD R, lawyer 13-15 Ja-
Lile Charles, rms 406 16th cobson Bldg, 1[...]eton, Colo Linberg Charles A Rev, supt Peoples Mission[...]Lillie, see also Lilley, Lilly
Lillie Charles M (Fowler & Lillie), r 2714[...]
[...]d 13th a v s , O s a g e Lindberg Charles Rev, evangelist Peoples'
and Mariposa[...]
[...]'MURTRYMFG^ Lindgren Charles G, shoemkr 1533 38th av[...]Umatilla
Linde Julius I, coml trav 417 Charles Bldg, Lirrdhard Peter, chef H Brown, rms 1713[...]h av Lindhorn Charles E, policeman Lakeside Pk,
Lindeen Andr[...]ell Arnold W, elk Art Wall Paper & Lindl Charles, upholsterer 1029 18th, r 1024 30th[...]Lindquist Charles, lab, rms 1635 Market
Lindquist Charles E, broommkr Colo Indus-
Lindenschmitt[...]Lindquist Charles O, eng, r 763 Lipan
ug Linder Abra[...]
[...]3230 Larimer
Lindstrom Charles A, tailor 1460 Champa, r Lingle Mary K Mrs,[...]Cook Charles A, elk vice-pres C & S Ry, rms
D[...]M Mrs, r 159 S Cherokee Link
r* X Lindwall Charles A, plumber J F Van Dani- Link George C,[...]S Cherokee
Line Charles E, mixer Campbell-Sell Baking Linke Emil F[...]
[...]ZZ731 W.27T-HAVE.PH0NEGALLUP9I3. Linton Charles T, prop Colo Canvas Glove[...]aac N, music tchr, r 408 W Colfax av Linville Charles G, chauffeur, r 3, 3000 Blvd F
Linn Nelson E, lab[...]Lionetti Cosimo, pedler, r 3318 Osage
Linnell Charles E, iron wkr, r 2535 Clarkson
Linneman Robert H, t[...]eade Lippincott Charles D, drugs 210 S Kalamath,
Linsenmaier E, mach Denv[...]Lippincott Harry, lab, rms 2345 16th
Linsey Charles W, U S Mail Union Depot &
Ry Co, r 116 W[...]
[...]' -J GLASS. ^ L D S . LIST CHARLES G, prop Cafe Switzer-
"-* Z 'if'V[...]& McClave (W B Lippincott and Listmann Charles M, meat cutter F Bulling,[...]ohn L, well driller, r 5021 Raleigh
Lipscomb Charles eggs, r 3128 W 23d av Litman Arthu[...]
[...]Littleton Baking Co, 1084 Broadway
Little Charles A, salesman Gano-Downs Co, Littleton Claren[...]Store, r 1756 Vine
Little Charles B, elk 1616 Champa, rms 104 Littleton Claren[...]Store, r 1756 Vine
Little Charles B, wks Denver Window & LITTLETON CREAMERY CO, but[...]tle John W, r 25, 1661 Washington Litzo Charles F, with Colo Music Co, r 52
Little J M, rm[...]
[...]illis J, messgr Adams Express
Livermore Charles T, pres Colorado Adjust- Co, rms 1151 Bann[...]821 Symes Bldg, r 3311 Tejon Livingstone Charles H, metallurgist, r 1234
Livermore Elmer[...]Llewellyn Charles, rms 1530 Market
UI*" GLOBE INSURANCE CO, England, Llewellyn Charles H, driver Great Western
X Frederick W St[...]Llewelyn Woodley, whol jewelry 214 Charles
oo Livingston Alfred H, carp, r 110 Steele[...]oyd Bertha H Mrs, r 1322 9th
Livingston Charles G, porter The May, r Lloyd Charles H (Lloyd & Kurtz), r 2960
273 S[...]
[...]Lock Arthur G, coml trav 624 Charles Bldg,
Lloyd John, r 3203 W 26th av[...]oyd Nellie J Mrs, r 76 S Sherman Locke Charles E, physician, 1345 Glenarm PI COm»
[...]l F , veterinary surgeon, r 137a Lockyear Charles, with N Y Life Ins Co, r
Elati[...]t Francis H, coml trav, r 3, 125 11th av Loeber Charles, rms 727 20th
Lockhart George C, b 501 Colfax av Loechel Charles F, molder Colo Gray Iron
[...]Logan M Scott, painter, r 35 S Lincoln
Lofland Charles R, waiter E E Ray, rms 1054 Logan Patrick, dri[...], 400 Bayaud av se cor S Logan Logsdon Charles E, grocer, r 936 Lipan
Logan Azel R, grocer, 3657[...]ms S09
Logan Carrie Miss, rms 1641 Arapahoe
Logan Charles W, wks Decker Light & Fix- Hth
ture Co, r[...]Court (apartments), 1461 Logan Logue W Charles, elk. r 3030 Newton
Logan David, rms 1820 Stout[...]dwin R, prop Domestic Laundry, r Lohengrin Charles, lab, rms 1405 34th GO
4050 Lowe[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOW[...]607 Cali-
Hi cs Fox
Lomax Charles, chainman Board of Public Lonergan Bldg[...]mbardi Carl, lab, r 3820 Blake Long Charles, blksmith Isaac Hairshovich
Lombardi Carmen, lab, r 3625 Kalamath Ijong Charles E, carp, rms 1159 Cherokee
Lombardi Domenico, lab, r 3446 Lipan Long Charles W, r 329 Jason
Lombardi Jame[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY GO.^Office and Warehouse[...]
[...]Lonskey Charles E, foreman Frt Dept D &[...]Arapahoe
Longdon Willard M, coml trav 617 Charles Loomis Almeda E Miss, nurse, r 1304 Oliv[...]Loomis Charles W, local Frt Agt dept Bur-[...]
[...]Lord Charles (Lord & Holt), r 2905 Lawrence
Lord Charles H, cigar mkr Nelson Cigar[...]Lord Charles W, teamster, r 15 Sand[...]e M Miss1, tchr Ebert School, r 2
Loomis George S. student, r 2080 Ash 3, 2230 Californ[...]Lord Mary T Mrs, elk, rms 4616 Raleigh
Loos Charles H, grocer 3291 Perry Lord Silas H,[...]worth), grocers, 1260 Jason
Loose Charles, carp, r 4615 York Lord & Holt (Charles Lord and J E Holt),
Loose Fred H, lab, r 4615 Yor[...]William F, stoker Denver Gas & Elec Lorenz Charles, watchman Neef Bros Brew-
Co, r 4417 Umatilla[...]Antonio, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar Co, Lorenz Charles - A, expressman, rms 1408
r 2544 W 42d av[...]Antonio, cook, r 3247 W Lake PI Lorenz Charles C, cement wkr, r 4015 Cook
Lopez Antonio,[...]
[...]Losche Charles H, gardener, r 1270 W Alaska[...]airy, W 53d av nw cor Vallejo
Lorenzen Charles A, packer Solis Cigar Co, Loso Fred G, head[...]imer Thomas R, saloon 1637 Curtis, r 125 Loth Charles, butcher, 4645 Baldwin Ct
11th av[...]Loth Kate Mrs, r 1757 Stout

I Loring Charles, cement wkr, rms 3300 Blake
Loring F r[...]Henry J, lab, r 2045 S Galapago
Lorje Charles M, miner, r 1421 36th
Lorje Eugene, me[...]Lott Charles L, coml trav 614 Charles Bldg,[...]
[...]Lovett Charles H, teamster, r 2713 Walnut
1218 20th[...]Low Charles M, contracting freight and[...]Low Ii L, rms 1039 Washington
< Lovejoy Charles L, miner, r 1041 Bannock Low Thomas H,[...]ry G, barber 1083 S Pearl, r 630
Lovelace Charles D, barber Moses Bilker, r S Was[...]
BARTELS BROS., 525 Seventeenth Street• MPAHI NO[...]
Nails.Corrugated Iron[...]
Star Union Whitelead r t McPHEE & McGINNITY CO,!W8[...]
[...]ONE Luehman Charles S, lab, r 1736 39th[...]Downing Luff Charles W, chief elk Great Western
£1 Ludwig G[...]Bessie Mrs1, r 2824 Walnut
< 0. LUEBBERT CHARLES, with Ballen- Luker John, p[...]
[...]Lund Johanna A Miss, r 739 Inca
Lukins Charles F, vice-pres Great Plains Lund John, lab, r[...]di Michael, lab, r 3414 Navajo Lundberg Charles E, prop The Ray, r 1841
LTJMBERMENS I N S U R A N[...]Lundberg Charles F , lab, rms 1810 Arapahoe oo
Phila, Ca[...]
X Lundin Charles A, stone cutter, r 4850 Beach Lunsgord Hans, p[...]rt P, r 1150 Logan
I- Ct
Lundin Charles E, billiards 425 15th, r 2345 Luper E v a Miss[...]k Jonn Anglum, 2609
OO Lundquist Charles H, boilermkr C & S Ry, Curtis[...]nry, coml trav, r 2609 Curtis
Lundquist Charles W, steno vice-pres C & S Luria Herbert, drug[...]COMPANY f*f\A I
Lundstrom Charles, eng, r 2720 W Howard PI
[...]Lutolf Charles P, saddlemkr J H Wilson[...]ig Isaac, second-hand gds 1828 Larimer Lutz Charles A, elk Mine & Smelter Supply
Lustig Isidore, tail[...]ig Joseph (Eagle Liquor Co), r 4, 1019 Lutz Charles E, messgr Adams Express Co.
Lincoln[...]bert S, livery 2061 Blake, r D 3, 325
Luther Charles, r 4718 Josephine[...]
[...]Lyman Charles B, physician and surgeon, 416[...]
[...]Lynch Myrtle E Miss, elk, r 753 Knox Ct
Lynch Charles, lab, rms 1370 Hth Lynch M, bricklayer, rms 909 Hth
Lynch Charles C, boilermkr C & S Ry, r 3347 Lynch M B Mrs,[...]Lynch Patrick, car repr U P R R, r 4002
Lynch Charles E, carp, r 4135 W 20th av Walnut
Lynch Charles R, student, r 1321 20th av Lynch Patrick[...]James N, chauffeur 1314 Gaylord Lyner Charles P, r Kaiserhof Hotel m
Lynch Ja[...]
[...]Lyons Louis P, elk, b 4238 Alcott
Hi cca Lyon Charles C, mach, r 5409 W 26th av
Lyon Don[...]
[...]James A, driver, rms 1959 Welton McAllister Charles, elk Donaldson & Howard
McAdams John, fruits, 132[...]H Mrs, r 2534 Champa Champa
McAfee Charles, lab, r 1500 S Gilpin McAllister[...]
[...]Co, r 3625 Blvd F
McAndrews Charles H, lab, r 4011 Mariposa
TRAMWAY.WATER, nfUinc ond QTflPKQ[...]
[...]en Lizzie Miss, r 1345 Bannock
McCaddon Charles M, salesman Cook Rail- McCalley C G, driver Denve[...]lanche B Miss, opr A D T Co, McCallister Charles, packer, r 125 3d av
N Albany Hot[...]
[...]ASS OILS McCanna Charles D, pres McCanna Farming[...]Lawrence
McCampbell Charles A, elk Colo Fuel & Iron McCarn George E, eng[...]lpin ma, r 3809 Blake
McCandless Charles S (Modern Realty & In- McCarroll George, pre[...]afayette r 2093 Ogden
McCandless Charles W, brakeman, r 3901 McCarroll Samuel E, c[...]liss William I, millwright, r 569 McCarthy Charles M, lab, r 751 Galapago
Washington[...]McCann Margaret Mrs, r 1936 W 32d av Charles R Brock, r 746 Grant
McCann Mary C Mrs, r[...]
[...]McCarty Charles; driver Kennicott-Patterson[...]McCarty Charles E, iron wkr, rms 2453[...]McCarty Charles M, truck bldr, r 751 Gala-
McCarthy Julia[...]McCarty Charles R. eng, r 2325 Clarkson
McCarty Charles R, wax paper 2401 W 32d
McCarthy Kate Mrs[...]Kate Mrs, r 1157 Bannock McCarty Charles W, grocer 1860 Downing,
oo McCarthy K[...]
[...]illiam H, eng, r 4034 Alcott McChesney Charles, lab, r 620 Lipan
McCashen Cecil J, farmer[...]
[...]Charles W, blksmith, r 2883 Ames
[...]elland John W, elk, r 2246 Emerson McClung Charles W, sec Farmers' Co-Oper-
McClelland Lena E Mrs, r[...]endon Daisy, elk A T Lewis & Son Dry McClure Charles, switchman, r 32, 2134 W to
Gds Co, r 290[...]endon Harry F, messgr Adams Express McClure Charles F, agt McCaskey Credit
Co, r 726 S Washington[...]e Co. rms 1617 Larimer McClure Charles H, grocer 504 18th av, r 227 CO
McClinchey C.[...]intock Anna Mrs, rms 1750 Pennsylvan- McClure Charles W, r 12, 1272 Pennsylvania CO
[...]seph P, wks Savoy Hotel, r 2319 McCollister Charles J, red cap Union Depot
Court PI[...]e Mary Mrs, dressmkr, r 925 10th McComas Charles H, lawyer American Bond-
[...]mbs Willet, lab, r ws Benton bet W 32d McCord Charles A, elk, r 4901 Alcott • i1
and W 33d avs McCord Charles R, asst sec General Con-
McCombs "William, carp,[...]McCormack Andrew S. sec Tramway Mutual
McConnell Frank A, acct U P R[...]House Cleaning Co, r 2432 Curtis McCormic Charles, plasterer, rms 2440 Stout
McConnell James[...]
[...]e Miss, elk, r 2129 S Fox
McCormiek Charles F, horseman, r 4995 Blvd[...]iss, elk, r 1546 Pennsyl-
McCormiek Charles H, mgr clothing dept vania[...]Miss, milliner Gillette-
McCormiek Charles W, restaurant 1326 16th, Gibson Millinery Co[...]o, r 609 1st av McCoy Charles, rms 1007 15th
McCormiek Mar[...]
WindowGlass,1'* * » S '*'"* McPHEE & McGINNITY C[...]
[...]McCullough Charles P, rms 3356 Elizabeth
OS W]VB1URTRYMFG.[...]McCroskey James H, r 436 Elati
Z? McCrossan Charles, wks Denver Gas & Elec Arapahoe
[...]McDermottA F, rms 1427 Blake
McCurdy Charles H, livery 1320 Hth, r 1055 McDermott Blanche[...]McDermott Charles H, furnished rooms, 21X3
McCurdy C W, rms 1757[...]McDanield Marv Miss, rms 1415 31st av
McDaniels Charles, rms 809 14th 1434 LAR[...]
[...]Camant Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]estments, 405 Exchange Bldg,
•-5 McDonald Charles A, pressfeeder C F 15th cor Arapahoe ([...]21 Stout 1450 S Grant
McDonald Charles B, shoemkr, 944 18th av McDonald[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY C O18th,. Corner * — RUBBER R[...]
[...]Elheny Elizabeth C Mrs, r 1831 Sherman
McElherron Charles S, tel opr, r 2412 Lowell McEvoy Sadye J Miss, se[...]lherren Lafayette H, rubber, r 1530 High MeFadden Charles Jr, real est 316 Cooper
McElliott Harry W, mgr A[...]av MeFadden Charles L (C L MeFadden & Co).[...]
The Hallack & Howard[...]
[...]McGauran John B, editor, rms 1729 Curtis
McGavic Charles O (McGavic & Co), r 3, ETMcGill, se[...]
[...]5 Curtis
.3 in
C H ) GLASS, s.^os McGinnis Dora M, elk Lallie[...]earl McGlasson Charles h , car cleaner U P R R,
McGilvray Wi[...]oo
McGinley Frank T„ coml trav 424 Charles
Bldg, r 560 S Pearl
McGinley John W, coml trav 424 Charles
Bldg, r 164 S Washington[...]
[...]McGowan Cora Mrs, rms 1200 Welton
McGonagle Charles, waiter Delmonico Res- McGowan Edward, tinne[...]Gowan Eugene K, fireman C & S Ry, r 519
McGonegal Charles H, elk, r 562 S Broadway Tennessee av[...]
[...]Anna Mrs, rms 2218 California
MeGrail Charles W, mach, r 3136 W 23d av M[...]
[...]Comrs 1 Court House, r 2404 Clarkson
McGruder Charles E, col'd, rms 2333 Glenarm McGuire Thomas F,[...]1536 Emerson
McGuckin Charles G, solicitor, r 1258 Chero- McGuire Wellingto[...]K9
McGuire Charles F, salesman Baxter Cigar McHeffey[...]
[...]~ p | k T)AINT $VVRNISH Mclntire Charles, condr, r 821 27th
} '"\l>, MAKERS Mclntire Charles W, barber 1430 Welton[...]rry E, glass wkr, r 275S Hum- Mcintosh Charles M, elk aud Globe Express
boldt[...]Frank, mech, r 2339 Cleveland PI Mclntyre Charles, salesman World Broker-
Mcllvain Helen R[...]Mclntyre Charles A, yardman Oppenheim[...]Mclntyre Charles E, asst eng Board of Park
23 Mcllvain Thoma[...]Mclntvre Charles E, mining 208 Kittredge[...]k, r St James Hotel Mclntyre Charles H, mining 208 Kittredge
[...]yre Joseph, policeman, r 5, 1114 Acoma McKay Charles, lab, r 3428 Walnut
Mclntyre Joseph L, fir[...]
[...]Martha Mrs, r 1558 S Pearl McKee R Charles, lino opr Smith-Brooks Ptg
McKay Mary[...]McKeeby Charles B, salesman W A Hover
McKay William H,[...]vania
McKean Charles L, foreman supt W TJ T McKeehan David R[...]n Elizabeth Miss, rms 1860 Ogden
McKee Charles, business agt Waiters Union, McKeen James M,[...]3366 Stuart
McKee Charles E, bkkpr Victor-American McKeen Robert,[...]an ahoe
UI Id McKee Charles R, treas McKee Live Stock McKeen A[...]
[...]McKenzie Charles D, elk A W Clark Drug
r 3369 W 37th av[...]McKenzie Robert H, pres Forbes Drug Co,
McKenna Charles S, fireman, r 1325 Fox r 2340 Da[...]
[...]oculist 11 Stedman Bldg, McKinney Charles, lab, rms 1511 19th
Hg r 2407 W 37th a[...]11 Vine
o• nut
McKernon Charles C, car insp U P R R, r[...]lLL
(A Ik McKinlvan Charles W, brick layer, r 1740[...]
[...]McLagan Charles B (Agor & McLagan), r[...]McLagan Charles G, Surveyor, r 900 S Lo-[...]ssack Ella Mrs, wks Golden Eagle, r McLain Charles E, chauffeur Humphreys
1206 29th[...]ssack John W, cooler man Western Pkg McLain Charles U, mach, r 3004 Hooker
Co, r 2521 Lawrence[...]es M, carp, r 343 Elati 9 tO
McKnight Charles, carp, r 2362 Welton McLane John[...]
[...]baker, 1434 Arapahoe
McLaughlin Charles B, carp, r 2135 Perry McLaughlin R H, wks McMurtry Mfg Co,
McLaughlin Charles E, pressman Commer- r 2042 Arapahoe
•[...]Bros, r 1200 Logan
Id £ McLaughlin Charles J, tobacco mfr 408 Bar-
clay Blk[...]
[...]cLean Lester J r Mrs, acting genl sec rest McLeod Charles, cabinetmkr Century Bank &
and recreation rooms[...]od William R, mining, r 1610 Humboldt
McLellan Charles E, mach D & R G R R, r
1114 Lipan
[...]ins Cora M Mrs, r 1013 10th av
McLeran Charles C, teamster Q M dept U S
OS S A, r 922 22[...]P (McMakin & Son), r
^ ^ SB
McLeran Charles H, teamster Q M dept U S 3056 W 34th a[...]us Carrie H Miss, r 1565 Gilpin
McLoyd Charles, mining, r 2936 Gaylord McManus Eliza[...]ance W, elk Colo Natl Bank, r

II McMahan Charles H, mining eng, r 1217
[...]C, fireman, r 1711 Welton HnPl
McMillan Charles E, elk, rms 2150 Gaylord McMinn Willi[...]
[...]Edward, rms 1540 Larimer
CO McMurray Charles W, carp, r 2532 Ogden McNamara Edward[...]Pearl
McNabb Henry A, mfrs agt 204 Charles McNamara Patrick, lab, r 4717 High[...]McNair Walter W, elk aud D & R G R R, McNamee Charles, foreman Denver Boil[...]
[...]17th av cor Downing Pi
McNeer Charles H, news agt, r 2516 16th
McNeer John, shin[...]
[...]1 ^ 1 7 1 6 - 2 0 ARAPAHOEST. McParland Charles, painter, r 1870 Lafayette
McNulty Bernice[...]456 Washington
McNulty Charles E, switchman, r 4438 Bry- McPartland John,[...]ty George A Mrs, r 2909 S Acoma McPhee Charles, apprentice McPhee & Mc-
McNulty Irving M,[...]ty John, lab, r 126 W Bayaud av McPhee Charles D Jr, with McPhee & Mc
McNulty John P (McNu[...]orado Bldg,
oo r 2236 Glenarm Pi
McNutt Charles c, coml trav 213 Charles[...]
[...]rson, see also Macpherson McQuillan Charles S, bkkpr, r 40 W Ten-
McPherson Adeline Mr[...]
[...], r 1515 Washington MacDonald Charles W, teamster, r 2005 W
MacArthur John, blksmith, r[...]r Lillian M Mjss, tchr, r 9, 2030 Macdonald Charles W, b- 5045 W 32d av
[...]MacDonald Jeanie, elk DANIELS & FISH- Macey Charles S, lab, r 4803 Stuart
ER STORES CO, r 1[...]17th
801 Marion
MACDONALD JOHN CHARLES, im- MACEY JAMES T, lawyer 301-304[...]Mary Mrs, r 2941 Larimer
MacDonough Charles R, collr, r S57 10th MacGowan Lynn E (Barth[...]Mace Allen A, r 4176 King
Mace Charles E, r 3250 Quitman
Mace Clement L,[...]
[...]kmason, r 4304 Wolff 1730 Logan
Machande Charles F, lab, r 4632 W 34th av Mackay Thomas B,[...]ephen, lab, r 4315 Washington Mackenzie Charles L, supt Wells Fargo &
M a c I n t y r e A d a C M[...]Elizabeth Miss, elk, r 4139 W 35th MacKenzie Charles W, wrapper, r 390 S Pearl
av[...]boldt OO
Mack Charles, brewer Ph Zang Brewing Co MacKenzie Frank, helper Phone Co
Mack Charles, lab, r 1058 Broadway MacKenzie George H, paper hanger A Mac-
Mack Charles E, eng, r 4450 Josephine Kenzie, r 1408 Adams
Mack Charles L, mgr J Mack, r 954 Marion MacKenzie Henry, tailor J McKay, r 1244
Mack Charles M, motorman Tramway Co, Cal[...]
[...]Macy Charles, lab, r 4021 W 50th av
Macy Charles B, grocer, 4924 W 29th av
SfeBERco Macy Charles E Mrs, r 30, 1825 Logan
Macy Charles T, elk P O. r 3770 Newton[...]darasz Louise Mrs, mgr mail order dept
MacMillin Charles E, pharmacist Glasier Joslin Dry Gds[...]Maddox Charles R, salesman Crescent Realty CO
[...]an Thomas, genl mdse, 4300 Josephine Maeder Charles A, shipping elk, r rear 2327
3£ MADIGAN[...]Iron Wks, r 1455 S Pearl
Madison Charles J, pressman C M Davis, r Maff eo Pi[...]
[...]S Pearl
Magee Charles, civil eng, rms Abbott Hotel Magnuson Peter[...]vania Magraw Charles A (Magraw Merc Co), r
Maggi Charles B, expressman, r 1152 Lipan 815 22d av
Maggi Charles G, elk, r 649 Canosa Ct Magraw James A[...]ill, see also McGill, Megill Magrum Charles E, trav frt agt Rock
Magilner Samuel, matt[...]
[...]Camant Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLA[...]r , r 21, 2040 C h a m p a Mahoney Charles T (Morrissey, Mahoney &
M a h e r[...]
[...]s Metho-
dist Episcopal Church, r 3116 York
Mahr Charles F , tchr, rms 1154 Jason
Mahr May L Miss,[...]
[...]llory Steamship Line, 209 Railway Ex-
Malcouronne Charles T, real est, r 205, 1376 change Bldg
Pearl[...]John H, gardener, r 2017 W Scott Pi Malloy Charles E, brakeman, r 847 Ogden
Maier Katerina M Miss, s[...]r 4649 Sherman Co, r 2234 Julian
Malin Charles E, condr, rms 1432 Lipan Malloy George,[...]*'N 666
Mallon Charles A, pressman Union Ptg Co,
r 4132 Xavier
[...]GP L
H OA S. SM A, I s.^os Malone William H, lawyer 405 First Natl[...]j m s 1269 Curtis
Mally Charles J, condr Tramway Co, r 346 tJf'Maloney,[...]n L, pres Western Metals Co, r Maloney Charles L, real est 467 Gas & Elec-[...]ward C, wks Water Co, r 3369
Malmstrom Charles C, assayer, r 230S Birch W Haywa[...]
[...]r 1415 K a l a m a t h
Malski Charles, porter Royal R e s t a u r a n t[...]
[...]ISH Manley Harry E, coml trav 60S Charles Bldg,
J!\K- MAKERS[...]Bertha Mrs, r 211 W 14th av Manlove Charles G, correspondent United
Gmmm[...]l Stanlev F, helper Vulcan Iron Wks, Manly Charles D, carp, r 1401 S Lincoln
r 1307 W 35th[...]k P, elk Satisfaction Grocery &
Mangini T Charles, chainman Board of Pub- Meat Co, r 1401 S[...]one Daniel, bartdr P Mangone, r 2505 Mann Charles, cook R H White, rms 1754
19th[...]one Michael, bartdr P Mangone Mann Charles E, carp, r 630 Kalamath
0. Mangone Peter, saloon 1552 Larimer Mann Charles J, plumber Johnson & Davis
[...]Mansbach Carl, special agt THE GERMANIA
Manning Charles, steam fitter, rms 320 Elati LIFE INS[...]
NailSfCorrugated Iron
Barbed Wire, Etc[...]
[...]Mardrett Roy, carp, rms 2125 Lawrence
Marcano Charles, lab, r 3310 Mariposa Marean Willis A[...]39 Jason
Marchan John, rms 1371 Broadway
Marchand Charles M, tchr Wolcott School, MarenoEdward[...]7y2
Marchbank Virginia E Mrs, r 1539 Cook
Marcher Charles J, apprentice, rms 1947 Wel- 'Margesson[...]Brooks P t g Co, r 4460 W Hayward PI
Marcus Charles, clothes cleaner 925 11th av, Mariano[...]
[...]Marker Charles E, painter, r 3934 Williams
Marker Charles G, salesman Gano-Downs
Oi M5MURTRYM[...]ton, r 2514 Stout Markham Charles J, baker 1, Allyn Terrace,
OS[...]ttfried, gardener, r ns W 35th av Markham Charles W, driver, rms 1015 Lari-
quarter mil[...]Co, r 3934 Larimer
o £u Mariotti Charles D, elk, r 3535 Shoshone
Mariotti Quido[...]Markle Charles M, plasterer, r 3303 W 33d av
[...]Marlino James, lab, r 3558 Osage
Markman Charles H, hdw 1380 Oneida, r 13S0 Marlot Joseph, lab[...]3
Markman Harvey C, fitter Phone Co, r 1380 Charles Bldg, r 2948 Stout
Poplar[...]Marquardt Charles, gardener, r 728 S Lipan
Marks Malcolm C, elk American Radiator Marquardt Charles, mining, r 3493 W Mon-
Co, r 1378 Acoma
Marks N[...]ttler Capitol Brewing
Co, r 3623 Wewatta
Markus Charles, rms 1530 Market
Markus Edward H, elk P O,[...]
[...]Mars Barton S. farmer, r 1067 S Race
Marquart George W[...]ohn E, helper Denver Rock Drill
u" Marquis Charles A, coml trav, r 59 S Grant
Marquis Charles A, gardener, r 3056 Gilpin & Machy[...]Supply Co, rms 10 W Irvington PI
Marr Charles, vice-pres Colorado Whol Gran- Marsh A E, salesma[...]arr Helen Miss, tchr, r 1564 Marion Marsh Charles C, coml trav Lotz Hide &
m\ — MARR[...]
[...]Marshall Charles, driver Market Co, r 2016[...]Marshall Charles, rms 1530 Market CO
Marshall Charles A, insp U S Bureau of
Marsh Hattie Miss, steno, r[...]Marshall Charles H Rev, rector St Barnabas
Marsh James A, lawyer 2[...]larkson Marshall Charles M, painter, r 160 S Lincoln
Marsh James S, barber, rms 952 Broadway Marshall Charles O, col'd, porter Wilson &
Marsh Jennie E Mrs, r 1[...]erry K, supt A T Lewis & Son Dry Marshall Charles W, mining, r 2011 Ogden
Marshall Charles Wendt, student, r 2016
Gds Co, r 4205 Irv[...]
[...]urant, r 3957 Wolff Marston Charles A, mach, rms 3848 High
[...]Martin Charles W, lab, rms 2704 California[...]Mrs, r 1612 Humboldt
Martin Bert W, coml trav 618 Charles Bldg, Martin Elsie Miss, r 1131 21st
Martin Charles, col'd, porter F J Gehling
Martin Charles B, civil eng, r 4270 Stuart
Martin Charles B, r 2618 Downing
Martin Charles C (Martin Bros & Co), r 1749
Martin Charles C, coat room Brown Palace
Hotel, rms 525 22d
Martin Charles D, mech Sanford Taxicab Co,
rms 1369 Bannock[...]mmt?
Martin Charles E, buyer John Thompson
Grocery Co, r 902 S Washi[...]ere*"
Martin Charles E, wks Water Co, r 3825[...]
Plate and
Window Glass The Hallack & Howar[...]
Plate Glass, Cement
[...]Marugg Charles P (Marugg & Akerley), r
[...]J, cafe mgr The Famous, Mason Burt D, 316 Charles Bldg, r 1, 438 Col-
rms 1445 Stout[...]arx, see also Marks Mason Charles H, col'd, lab, r 3 Sand
Marx Maurice, plumber, r 1510 California Mason Charles L, steno U S Surveyor Gen-
Marx Mercantile Co, 13[...]x Moses, treas Marx Merc Co, r 1349 Mason Charles R. r 1640 Lafayette Hpifll
Ogden Mason Charles W, salesman, r 1640 Lafayette X>[...]Maryland The (apartments), 1450 Lafayette
Marymee Charles, r 1135 Broadway
Marymee Frank, polisher S[...]
[...]ghlands), es Blvd F bet
Mason George S. student, r 1640 Lafayette W 32d and W 33[...]riposa Massee Charles P, helper Colo Iron Wks Co,
[...]Mateer Ross B, power expert Denver Gas &
Massie Charles, col'd, pilot Oxford Hotel, r Elec Co, r 600[...]Cherokee Mater Charles Mrs, r 555 Corona CO
Massion H, w[...]Mrs, r 424 W 13th av liams
Masten Charles A, civil eng, r 1800 Sherman Mather William E F, driver Silver State Pkg
Masten Charles J, assayer, r 1800 Sherman & Inv Co, r 221[...]le m.O&
Master Painters Association, 412 Charles Bldg Dry Gds Co, 900 Jason
Master Painters Publishing Co, 412 Charles[...]
[...]r 3120 Wyandot Mathewson Charles A, lather, r 2540 Zuni
Mathews A B Mrs,[...]39
u i Co, r 1268 Cherokee
Mathews Charles H, messgr Globe Express[...]Cora Mrs, col'd, r m s 2642 California Mathias Charles, lab, r 1310 Fox
DJ Mathews C Mrs, r 345, 812 Kalamath Mathias Charles, lab, r 1355 12th[...]
[...]Mattern Morton W, salesman Grand Union
Mathiesen Charles O, fixture man Electrical Tea Co, r 2656 C[...]3 Grove Immigration, r 722 19th av
Math is Charles H, r 1284 Race Matteson Jennie[...]ry, porter Mount "View Hospital, Matthews Charles, cook, rms 1740 Larimer
ws Depew bet W Colfax and W 16th avs Matthews Charles E, fireman, r 316 S Penn-
Matros Benjamin, grocer[...]amath Matthews Charles R, salesman, r 38 S Grant
Matros Bennie, r[...]
[...]Mattick Charles J, printer, r 1428 S Washing-[...]ews Harrie S, elk Hurlbut Grocery Co, Mattox Charles R, lab, r 43 Meade
r 524 1st av[...]ver Union
Matthews James S, coml trav, 321 Charles Stock Yard Co, r 3422 Gilpin
oo Bl[...]Co, r 524 1st av Mattson Charles, carp, r 2431 S Broadway
u ** Matthews J H, jeweler H H Tammen Co, r Mattson Charles E, mach, r 3437 Walnut
ft- 538 S Penns[...]
[...]Maunder Richard S, carp, r 153 W Maple av
Mauck Charles C, lineman Phone Co, r 2821 Maunder
W Irvingto[...]sau Bldg, r 3615 Williams
Mauff Charles, florist Park Floral Co, r 963 Mauritz Albert J,[...]a Erminia Mrs, dressmkr, r 3403 Ra-
Mauler Charles A, waiter Albany Hotel, r 83? 23r[...]
[...]illiam H, cabinet mkr J C Maxton,
Mauser Charles J, brewer Tivoli-I.'nion Brew- r 1120 17th av[...]well Elsie Miss, dressmkr, rms 1960
Maws Charles H, blksmith, r 321 W 14th av Broadway[...]
May Catharine E Mrs, r 1040 Lafayette
May Charles, elk, rms 26, 1605 Larimer
May Charles G, soda dispenser Adolph's Pre-
[...]B Angell, r 11, 609 Schneider representative, 514 Charles Bldg,
o Colfax av[...]Sacred Heart
Mayer Charles, car repr, r 4671 Grant Mayer Solomon, stockman, r 4101 Montview
Mayer Charles G, cook, r 341 W Irvington PI Blvd[...]
[...]son Mayne Charles A, foreman Continental Oil
Mayfield Carlin, col'd[...]Inca CO
Mayfield Charles W, driver City-Elite Laun- Mayne Earl[...]
[...]ns Rufus P, typographical dept Denver
Mead Charles H, teamster, r 1142 W Virginia Meany Post,[...]
[...]s, 1207 16th and 1605 Law-
Medin H a r r y L, elk Charles Wathen & Co, r rence, factory 2431 to 244[...]13th a v Meek Charles H, elk A J Banghart, r 3004[...]dley Ottis A, brass finisher, r 4768 High
Medlock Charles W, condr, rms 2844 Larimer ALF[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]California Meigs Charles W, coppersmith, r 2549 W
[...]Co, r 1615 31st av
Meilinger Charles A, mach, r 4208 Umatilla Melchi John, rms 3[...]Pennsylvania
Meinhardt John H, mining 513 Charles Bldg, Meldrum James, lab, rms 1409 Larimer[...]r Peter, teamster, r 4300 Sherman Melhagen Charles O, mech, r 767 S Pennsyl-
Meinzer Eva Miss, rms 1[...]Lena M Mrs, r 1238 11th Melin Charles A, dist pass agt Nickel Plate
Meisbach Michael J,[...]g Co, r 2800 Umatilla Mellish Charles H, chief elk auditor Globe
Meissel Ernst ([...]
[...]Melvin Charles H, dancing academy, 1247[...]Melzer Charles Mrs, r 6701 Colfax av[...]s mkr, 10 Good Blk, r 100>
Melsheimer Charles Jr, brewer, r 207 Walnut Larimer[...]Miss, milliner, r 1453 St Paul
Melton Charles F, lab, r 1152 S Pearl
The Hallack &[...]
[...]Merriweather Sherman H, coml trav Chas D
Merrill Charles S, mgr Natl Development Griffit[...]
[...]1225 Welton Blake
Mesch Charles, elk C & S Ry, r 1225 Welton Messner J Mr[...]rge, janitor First Natl Bank Bldg Metcalf Charles S, lather, r 3347 Osceola
Meskew Art[...]
[...]Metz Charles M, coml trav 606 Nassau Bldg,[...]Metz Charles W, mech, r 1528 22d av[...], rms 4501 Wolff
Mettz Kate Mrs, r 751 Logan
Metv Charles G, real est 421 Ernest & Cran-
mer Bldg, r 225 Iliff av
Mety Charles P, lawyer 421 Ernest & Cran-
mer Bldg, r[...]
[...]Meyer Charles E, meat cutter Market Co, r[...]MiMURTRYMFG^ Meyer Charles H, physician, r 1081 S Clark-[...]^ 7 | k T)AINT§ VARNISH Meyer Charles J, physician, r 1081 S Clarkson
Meyer Charles R, salesman, rms 1102 17th av
: '''^J MAKERS Meyer Charles W F, student, r 670 Marion[...]2tto
IOOO[...]Frank, salesman Crescent Realty
Meunier Charles Mrs, r 4170 Wolff & Inv Co, rms[...]COMPANY rf\A I
Meyer Charles A, florist, r Yosemite bet Col- WHEN Y O U[...]C E lOlO 1 6 ™ . S T R E E T .
Meyer Charles A, r 670 Marion GEN[...]
[...]Isadore, elk, r 1460 Lowell Blvd Meyers Charles, billiards 1745 Larimer, r 1825
Meyer Isadore B,[...]26th av Meyers Charles E, teamster, r 3551 Marion
Meyer John, car[...]
[...]Michael David, coml trav 411 Appel Bldg, r Michel Charles M, meat cutter A L Scott, r
[...]ares, drill, pick, tool steel, "Midvale
Mickelson Charles, barber 1329 16th, rms 1431 Special" high speed s[...]elton Lewis, coml trav, r 1624 31st av Miercort Charles B, sec Queen City Land &
Middlebrook Alexa[...]
[...]CALL 'PHONE 4 0 4 0 . A S K FOR
Miles Charles, printer Englewood Enterprise,
XHi Miles Charles W, col'd, cook genl mgr Colo
Nails, Cement. Plate Glass' w'v^r McPHEE & McGINNI[...]
[...]Miller Charles H, col'd, porter B Svenson, r[...]Miller Charles H, sign writer Martin Sign[...]Miller Charles H, teamster Hallack & How-
7 WE[...]Miller Charles L, switchman, r 4971 Quitman
Miller Charles M, undertaker 1714 Curtis, r
Miller Burch R, elk[...]urtis Miller Charles N, grand recorder Ancient
Miller Byron L, loans 9[...]1643 Boulder Miller Charles O, teamster, r 2025 Clay
Miller Carl, lab, r 4761 Race Miller Charles W, carp, r 2143 S Acoma
Miller Carl, pilot Equitable Bldg Miller Charles W, elk P O, r 932 11th
Miller Carl, sausagemkr K & B Pkg & Prov Miller Charles W, mach, r 1435 10th
Co, rms 2945 Downing[...]ller Clifford, student, b 2180 S Josephine
Miller Charles, insp Phone Co, r 2831 S Acoma Miller Clifton W, druggist J A Bailey & Co,
Miller Charles, teamster, rms 1533 Larimer r 1017% Bannock
Miller Charles, rms 1925 New Haven Miller Clyde E, treas C E Miler Brokerage
Miller Charles, rms 1902 Champa Co, 210-211 Quincy Bldg, r 2, 520 Hth av
Miller Charles, col'd, porter H E Bainbridge, Miller Conrad,[...]k, rms 3845 Utica o —
Miller Charles, rms 1012 Larimer
Miller Charles A, bartdr Brown Palace
Hotel, r 253 S Logan
Miller Charles A, lab C & S Ry, r 1302 S
Miller Charles A, messgr Wells Fargo & Co
Express, r 5 Tuxedo P[...]Miller C Fred, salesman Sigel-Campion Live
Miller Charles A, repr Smith Premier Type- Stock Com Co[...]Fritchle Auto & Bat- PI
Miller Charles A, switchman, r 1156 S Emer- terv Co. b 13[...]Miller C T, r 29, 910 26th
Miller Charles B, driver Hall & Thompson, r Miller C Wesle[...]PI, r 515 6th av
Miller Charles C, col'd, porter Pullman Co, Miller Daisy L[...]Miller Daniel A, elk, r 3450 Downing
Miller Charles D, driver, r 2911 Lawrence Miller Daniel W, lab, r rear 2611 Walnut
Miller Charles D, r 1360 S Gaylord Miller David, elk car acct D & R G R R, r OO
Miller Charles E, printer Smith-Brooks Ptg 1414 10th
Co[...]Miller David, wks Bureau of Highways, r
Miller Charles E, watchmkr 3010 Zuni, r 3035
Miller Charles E, wks McVicar Bottling Wks,
rms 1318 26th
Miller Charles F, lawyer 228 Empire Bldg, r[...]GO
Miller Charles F, prop The Nile, 621 17th
Miller Charles G, rms 2022 Welton
Miller Charles H, condr, r 1926 W 37th av
Miller Charles H, lab, r 3106 Umatilla
Miller Charles H, lab, r 2613 River Drive
Miller Charles H, mach B F Salzer Dumber
Co, r 595 S She[...]
Miller Delanie L, chief eng Charles Bldg, Miller Ethel Miss, r 1028 19th[...]V E SERVICE, 1st a v
Hi Charles H Miller principal, C E Miller mgr, M[...]
Plate Glass, Cem[...]
TRAMWAY.WATER, o n l i n e Qnf j OTHplfQ Nathan[...]
[...]Miller Robert J, jeweler Charles Wathen &[...]
[...]rclay Blk, Larimer cor 18th, r 30, Millhauser Charles, driver DeSellem Fuel &
1272 Pennsylvania[...]pressfeeder C F Hoeckel i;i""ANDHLAKtbl.S. PHONE Y1Y CO
Blank Bk[...]
[...]MAKERS Mills Charles E, solicitor Rocky Mountain[...]Mills Charles H, bottler Neef Bros Brewing

3 r 3026 Wyandot
Millinger Charles, machine man McPhee & Mills John H, la[...]lsey L, watchmkr H A Newton, r
Millison Charles B, book mkr Denver Sales 618 Downing[...]toh Betta, lab, r 837 W 38th av
Millman Charles, wks J R Ward Furniture
& Aucti[...]
[...]Milne Charles, mach D & R G R R, b 877
[...]Miner Henry J, coml trav 410 Charles Bldg, r
C[...]Minard A J Mrs, r 2801 W 34th av
Minard Charles W, shoemkr ss W Hampden Minimini P[...]rms 10 W Irvington PI
Miner Charles K, miner, r 1291 S Pennsyl- CALL P H 0 N E[...]Franklin
Miner Edward S, coml trav 212 Charles Bldg,
r 1351 Corona
[...]lin hoe
Minor Charles L, plumber, r zy2, 2140 Cali- Mirken William, tai[...]o, r 2554 S Pennsylvania Misner Charles, rms 1530 Market
Minot Joseph Rev, tchr Co[...]
[...]Bldg Charles Bldg
tad MISSOURI LUMBER & SUPPLY CO,[...]fayette
1361 Bannock
Mitchell Charles, barber, r 9, 2544 Champa - DAY AND'NICHT -
Mitchell Charles C, repairman Spengel House
Furnishing Co, r Chase se cor W 35th av
Mitchell Charles D, lunch room, 1861 W 12th
Mitchell Charles H, elk, r 3920 Jason
Mitchell Charles H, lab, r 1365 Osceola •BOXES $5?? PER YEAR AND UP-
CO Mitchell Charles R, bkkpr W J Wearne, r
[...]mer Grant
Mitchell James R, coml trav 613 Charles Bldg, Mitchell Nellie Miss, rms 2242 Cu[...]
[...]10th Mockford Charles, elk American Express Co,
* = Mittelman Sa[...]erhood of America, 15, 1132 15th
Miura Charles K (Okumura & Miura), r 925 MODERN CONCENTR[...]
[...]Comonwealth Bldg
Modes Charles H, coml trav, r 611 Bayaud av Moffat Road Lumb[...]Natl Bank Bldg, r 1821 Franklin
Modshenbacher Charles, r 700 Meade Moffat William, stone cutter, r 1634 S Wash-
Moe Charles A, miner, r 4341 Umatilla ington
Moe Ja[...]er Herman, elk, r 2310 Franklin Moffett Charles C, salesman E S Hooper, rms
Moeller John C[...]
[...]Mohrman Charles A, blksmith City Shop,[...]prop, 1475 Broadway, cor W Moister Charles, rms 1441 Blake
Colfax av (Phone Ch[...]Mohr Amelia Mrs, r 991 Julian
Mohr Charles E, elk P O, r 3451 Humboldt
< M[...]
[...]Monahan Joseph J, r 510 Galapago
Mollard Charles, eng Kaiserhof Hotel, rms Monahan J W, rms 1[...]r 3706 Marion
Molnar Louis, steno Milton Smith & Charles agts, 826 17th Boston Bldg
R Brock, r 2110 1[...]Emerson MONARCH COAL, William E Russell
Monaghan Charles N, cigar mfr 909 Larimer, agt, office[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement

1022 MON[...]Charles H Busch agt, 415 Exchange Bldg,
t- fM[...]at Lorenz E, bkkpr, r 329 S Emerson Monroe Charles, col'd, porter Plymouth Ho-
U •«• Monat[...]Walter L, foreman Wilson-Freed- Monson Charles, R R contr, rms 1935 Arapa-
e,B-wareho, e
[...]Moore Aplin Miss, wks Van Nortwick &
Moon Charles, molder, r 4432 Bryant Sherlock, r[...]Eva W Mrs, r 1319 Fox Moore Charles, cook, rms 1928 Lawrence
Mooney Grant, machine man J F Roberts Moore Charles, metal wkr, rms 1260 Sherman
Mooney Hazel Miss, opr Phone Co, r H, 3233 Moore Charles, col'd, lab, rms 1404 34th
Vallejo Moore Charles A, elk Tramway Co, rms 1328
Mooney Henry E, wool[...]John B, messgr Colo Fuel & Iron Co, Moore Charles E, upholsterer, 1739 Logan
r 760 Grant Moore Charles J, mining eng 741 Equitable
Mooney John D, adjust[...]cy Co, r 32, 1540 Grant Moore Charles L Rev, pastor Villa Park Con-
Mooney John S, carp[...]Lucien B, driver United States Ex- Moore Charles M, foreman Wrought Iron
press Co, r 1319 Fox[...]Margaret A Miss, wks Ocean Laun- Moore Charles Robert, opr W II T Co, r 924
dry, rms 2640 Lari[...]Mary E Mrs, r 760 Grant Moore Charles V, carp, r 144 S Kalamath
Mooney Paul H, e[...]
[...]C O A L
Moore E Arthur, coml trav 509 Charles Bldg,
ee r 2937 Perry[...]
Mountain and Plain R"^::^::ta! McPHEE & McGINNITY[...]
it,*-' | v 7 L A S S , K ILN D s.

406 W 12th av
Morast Charles W, express messgr, rms 1125 Bldg, r 765[...]s I, elk P Dougherty ^ r 1528 S
U >- M0RG0M CHARLES, carpenter and Pearl[...]r 17, 330 19th av
More Charles S, switchman, r 3631 Julian
More E Ans[...]tment Co, r genl mgr, John G Duncan treas, Charles
1415 Ogden[...]head Frederic, painter, r 4255 Clayton Morford Charles A, teamster, r 1242 Jason
Morehead Jam[...]Cecil S, dyer, 259 Broadway
Morehouse Charles H, division frt agt A T &
S F[...]
[...]leman Phone Co 1256 Delaware
Morgan Charles Anthony, meat cutter Grand Morgan James, rms[...]Morgan James A, elk, r 1352 Mariposa
Morgan Charles A, coal 2500 Larimer Morgan James A, driver Sawdey & Hart-
Morgan Charles L, draftsman Gove & ner, r 1471 10th[...]Morgan James C, carp, r 335 S Pennsylvania
Morgan Charles L, houseman 1657 Logan Morgan James D, electrician, r 1496 W Ne-
Morgan Charles T, apprentice J A Hingley, vada Pi
[...]s, r 471 Josephine
Morgan Otto, janitor Charles Bldg Moriarty Frank A, mill[...]
[...]Robert M, elk, r 3040 Lowell Blvd Morrell Charles H, credit man Clason Map
Morison Robert M Mrs, r[...]r 851 8th av Morris Charles, painter, r 1037 W 10th av
Morley Jennie Miss, r[...]Morris Charles A, teamster, r 1446 9th[...]
[...]Co, r 2438 Blvd F
Morris Charles E, driver, rms 1931 Larimer Morris Hayden, waiter Brown Palace Hotel,
*2 Morris Charles F (Kavanaugh & Morris), r rms 1531 Welton[...]enry, cigars 1833 Lawrence, r 1400
Morris Charles F, porter Warren Hotel, 1226 Humboldt[...]Morris Henry, elk DANIELS & FISHER
Morris Charles H, mining, r 2, 1818 Lincoln STORES CO, r 2418 Eliot
Morris Charles M, sec Crown Hill Cemetery Morris Henry Mr[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass ' S T HtfHEE & McGINNIT[...]
[...]a L M r s , r 1435 W 35th a v
Morrisey Charles P, bkkpr Colo Fuel & Iron M o r r i s o n J a c o[...]e e n M r s , r 1430 P e a r l
o: Morrison Charles, plumber Hensler Bros, r M o r r i s o n L a w r[...]r 810 F o x
o; Morrison Charles G, flagman U P R R, r 80;! M o r r i s o n[...]
[...], rms 1315 Curtis irrissey Charles, prop Hotel Irvington, 10
Morrison Robert A, pres[...]Morrow Charles E, bkkpr Central Natl[...]
[...]r 18 S Hooker Mortimer Charles, barber C C Gooden, rms
Morrow William,[...]N Y O U W A N T G O O D V . U A L
Morse Charles M, condr, r 4613 W 33d av R E T A I L OFFICE: IOIO 1 6 ™ . S T R E E T .
Morse Charles W, carp, r 3943 Utica[...]
[...]Mosconi Charles L, grocer 1301 W 14th a v , r
W.J.MEIKLEHAM.[...]n g Co, r 2250 S t o u t Moser Charles C (Moser Brokerage & Com
Morton Ralph V , tinner[...]c e V, l a b , r 6335 C h a s e Moses Charles F , s a l e s m a n Leonard Melcher
TRAMWAY.WATER, o n l i n e Anil OTflPlfQ N a t h[...]
[...]Lowell Blvd bet W 41st and W 44th avs Moyer Charles G, driver Capital Ice & Stor-
O Mount View[...]fax and W 16th avs Moyer Charles H, pres Western Federation
Z Mount[...]
[...]Mudd Charles E, mgr Peerless Apts, 2, 1425[...]Muehlbauer Joseph M, saloon, 3563 Walnut
Mozor Charles', pedler, r 1576 Blvd F Muehlbauer Paul[...]Oldrich, elk Continental Oil Co, r 629 Muehler Charles H (F L Grondenberg &. Co),
17th av[...]«S5
Muchow Charles F , elk Dillon Hdw Co, i
3621 Zuni
[...]s, r 1918 W 12th av man
Mueller Charles F, wks Kohler-McLister Muir N Miss, nurs[...]Muk Charles, lab, b 4763 Washington
Mueller Ernst, bo[...]ensch Christina Mrs, r 2356 7th
Muenschaw Charles E, switchman, r 9 12th
[...]llen Anna Miss, r 1429 Navajo Muller Charles, lab, r 4643 Lincoln
Mullen Annie Mrs, r 29 S Logan Muller Charles H F, cigars 846 Jason CO
Mullen Catherine E Mrs, r 1927 Grant
Mullen Charles J, casemkr Denver Watch MULLER DYE WORKS, 23d cor[...]leveland PI, office 332 15th (Phone Champa
MULLEN CHARLES V, lawyer, 707- Muller 1580)[...]
[...]ullin Katherine Mrs, r 124 S Ogden Mulvey Charles, billiard hall, 1104 Broadway
oo Mullin Mary[...]Mulock Amanda C Mrs, r 1350 York
Mulock Charles A R, elk Denver Dry Gds Co, Munchiando[...]
[...]Munroe Arthur J, student, r 3405 Alcott
Mundell Charles, r m s 1423 Market Munroe Bert J, e[...]Remen, carp, r 3936 Humboldt Munson Charles, switchman TJ P R R, rms
Munger Robin F, asst csh[...]9 Raleigh Munson Charles C, mgr Denver Distributing CO
[...]untone Lettie Miss, elk Phone Co, r 1742 W Murphy Charles B Rev, col'd, pastor Church
33d a v[...]nz Alexander, r 1424 21st av Murphy Charles E, pipeman Engine Co No
5, b 1133 12th
MUNZ CHARLES J, lawyer, 311-312 Murphy Charles T, brakeman, rms 1317
Symes Bldg, 10th[...]SAFETY DEPOSIT-VAULTS
Murnan Charles A (Clayton & Murnan), r • BOX[...]
[...]nne Hotel Murray Agnes D Mrs, prop The Charles, 1300
Murphy Otis W, teamster Bur[...]
[...]Murray James W, grocer, 2896 S Broadway
Murray Charles Adam, violin studio 1506 Murray John, driver Rock[...]Logan Co, rms 48 Logan
Murray Charles A (Stuart & Murray), r 1234 Murray John, informat[...]House, r m s 1931 Sherman
Murray Charles A, elk Consumers Whol Murray John, lab, r 1830 W[...]Murray John, plasterer, r 3005 California
Murray Charles B, student, r 1234 S Gilpin Murray John, porter The Shirley
Murray Charles D, bartdr, rms 6, 1627 Law- Murray John, r 2243 C[...]Murray John, rms New Western Hotel
Murray Charles H, waiter Mozart Cafe, rms Murray John A, grocer,[...]ss, steno 811 Conti- Murray John T, coml trav 218 Charles Bldg,[...]
B. F. THREEWIT ' * ^ J K s S Wood and Steel Lath
[...]ANCE CO, of Newark, N J, G A New-
Murro Charles, rms 1653 Arapahoe kirk genl agt,[...]lectric Bldg
Muse Bessie Mrs, r 3030 Larimer
Muse Charles S, col'd, janitor Denver Union Muzzey Loan[...]ds Co, r 1221 Gaylord Champa
Muse Charles W, driver, r 2043 Washington Muzzy Edward[...]Myatt Lillie M Mrs, r 1854 W Holden PI
Musgrove Charles F, pur agt Tramway Co, Myatt Melburn P T[...]and Chase Myer Charles, lab, r 742 Jason
Musmann Rebecca Mrs, r 1[...]
[...]Camant Plaster and Plaater Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]67, W Dakota av Bldg, r 834 Fox
SI Myers Charles, lab, r 450 Jason
Myers Charles, b 607 16th av
Myers Charles, r m s 1928 Lawrence[...]ce B, plater Albert Sechrist
Myers Charles Jr, patternmkr, r 742 Jason Mfg Co, r 30 S Logan
Myers Charles E, lab, r 2523 Eliot Myers Lawre[...]
[...]nia Myles Charles E, waiter, r 4777 Beach Ct
Myers Richard J[...]
[...]rill Mfg Co, r 1337 Osceola
Najepinsky Charles, blue printer Colo Blue Narath Carl F , st[...]
[...]National Sales Co, 516 Charles Bldg
i«i National Dredging Co, 412 M[...]
[...]586 S Broadway Neally Charles D, elk B A Ellis', rms 1420
Naughton M C, stone[...]n Neander Charles L, stereotyper Denver
Naumoff Annie Mrs,[...]Apartments, 814 Navajo Blake
Navarre Charles C, carp, r 2828 S Bannock Neary Georg[...]
[...]Neff Charles F, r 618 llth av[...]Negus Charles B, policeman, rms 110S 22d[...]Neher Charles, restaurant 1705 35th av, r 3644[...]nds Kate Mrs, r 726 W 1st av Neibert Charles, driver Benedict Warehouse
OO Neeley[...]
Neigenfind Charles P, elk Hepp Wall Paper Neis Ernest, cook,[...]Paul W, tinner M J McCarthy, Neiswander Charles, carp, r 4779 Decatur
r 2223 Tremont PI[...]Giles H (G H Nellis & Son), 1666 La- too
Neil Charles E, elk genl frt dept C & S Ry, r faye[...]
[...]usta, wks DANIELS & FISHER
Nelsen Charles, car repr, r 508 W 3d av STORES CO, r 735[...]n Alexander C, elk, r 1269 Vine Nelson Charles, brakeman U P R R, rms
Nelson Alf[...]n Alice Miss, waitress, r 1223% Glenarm Nelson Charles, janitor The Perrenoud, 17th
PI[...]Nelson Charles,
Nelson Alice M Miss, packer Lindquist Nelson Charles, teamster, rms lab, b 5442 Washington[...]n Alvin, wks Joslin Dry Gds Co, r 4235 Nelson Charles, waiter Kaiserhof Hotel, r[...]n Andrew, bartdr M Lyons, rms Mark- Nelson Charles, rms 1200 Champa
Nelson Charles A, elk Morey Merc Co, r
ham Hotel[...]son Andrew, carp, r 4837 Meade Nelson Charles E, electrician, r 3937 Hum-
Nelson And[...]son Andrew, lab, r 2037 W llth av Nelson Charles E, painter Dustin Auto Top
Nelson Andr[...]n Andrew, wks Savoy Hotel, rms 1240 Nelson Charles E, rms 532 W Colfax av
St Paul Nelson Charles G, r 1200 Downing
Nelson Andrew, rms 1[...]Nelson Andrew C, bkbinder W H Kistler Nelson Charles[...]Charles J, helper TJ P R R, r 3712
[...]Co, rms 2035 California
Nelson Charles J, iron molder, r 3711 Wil- Nelson Florence Mi[...]elson Florence A, music tchr, r 4137 Vrain
Nelson Charles L, meter reader Denver Gas Nelson Floyd I, fi[...]Nelson Frances Miss, rms 1522 Lawrence
Nelson Charles M, painter Tramway Co, rms Nelson Frank, team[...]Nelson Frank, lab, rms 1761 Blake
Nelson Charles N, bottler Val Blatz Brew- Nelson Frank C, mg[...]Co, 515-517 Central Savings Bank Bldg, r
Nelson Charles S, helper D & R G R R, r 1322 Marion
528 Delaware
Nelson Charles T, lab, r 847 Mariposa[...]
LT^r'no 1 : 1 :: 6 : COLORADO PLUMBING SUPP[...]
We Buy[...]
[...]135) Clarence S. lawyer 362 Gas & Elec-[...]Guy G (S A Neubert Drug Co), r 2,
Nesam Charles H, rms 1431 16th 729 16th[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate G l a s s e r McPHEE & McGINN[...]
Nevin Charles E, waiter Delmonico Restau-
rant, r[...]Y, Cashman-Evans
SURANCE CO, Boston, Charles E Agency Co agts, 733 18[...]
Charles Bldg, r 38, 2934 Zuni[...]New York Plumbing Co, F r a n k X Bordeau Newcomb Charles G, carp, r 1665 S Lincoln
mgr, 834 Jason NEWCOMB CHARLES L JR, meehan-
NEW YORK RIBBON STORE, M B ical[...]alker prop, ribbons, laces and novelties, Newcomb Charles M, cabinetmkr Spengel
1104 to 1108 16th[...]Newcomb Ruth E Mrs, r 2401 Race
Newbury Charles A, watchman TJ S Mint, r Newcomer
905 l l t h[...]Newell Abel W, carp, r 1316 S University
Newbury Charles G, locksmith Denver Nov- Newell Arthu[...]
[...]l, teamster L P Anderson, r 3426
Newell Charles C, carp, r 112 Newton Downing
Newell Charles, rms 778 Mariposa Newland Henry E, lab City Park, r 3426
Newell Charles O, lab, r 1022 Mariposa Downing
Newell Charles S, wire chief Phone Co, r Newland Leo C, cableman[...]rank W, elk, r 3327 Lafayette Newlander Charles (Newlander & Rolin), r
III >- Newell Fr[...]
[...]r repairer, rms 1424 13th 1142 Kalamath
Newman Charles, carp, b 2459 16th Newman Nina Miss, seamstress Colo Tent &
Newman Charles J, lab, r 7 Sand Awning Co, r 7 Sand
Newman Charles R, acct, 7, 607 14th Newman Paul C, packer Lawrence-Hensley
Newman Charles W, lab, r 2222 Fenton Fruit Co, rms 285[...]an Frank, teamster, rms 1127 13th Newmeyer Charles E, with H A Riedel Inv
Newman Frank, rms 1[...]
[...]lso Nye
1424 Clarkson
Newton Charles E, eng U P R R, r 1709 36th Neylon John, lab,lab,[...]b 1300 W Colfax av
Newton Charles T, elk The Shirley, r 4881 NIAGARA FIRE INSURANCE[...]n Edgar, eng Good Blk, r 4119 Kala- Niblett Charles G, lab, r 4365 Delaware

II math[...]
[...]Nichols Charles, elk Denver House, 1635 Mar-[...]Nichols Charles, messgr Main Store Scholtz[...]Nichols Charles Mrs, rms 2558 Lawrence[...]ols F Howard, driver Great Northern X>mt
Nicholls Charles A, pressman American P t g Coal Co, r[...]
[...]Nickerson Charles A, 1st asst electrician City
ON resenting[...], r 1742 Nickolds Harold J, coml t r a v 508 Charles
Sherman[...]ls & Williams (F AV Nichols and Wiley Nicks Charles, restaurant, 1854 Market
oo Williams), cl[...]ETNicholson, see also Nicolson
Nicholson Charles, elk. rms 2048 Larimer CALL P H[...]
[...]Niedenthal Charles, wks Crescent Mill & El-[...]hy Miss, nurse St Luke's Hos- Niederhut Charles H, helper Niederhut Car-
pital, rms 1928 Pennsyl[...]n, gardener, r 1492 Alameda av Niehaus Charles J, asst claim agt C & S Rv,
Nicolaiana Louise Mme[...]ff John A, wirer W A Griffin, r 018 Da-
Nicolaidy Charles, cook, rms 1916 Lincoln kota av
Nicola[...]Rosario, lab. r 1150 rear W 38th av Nields Charles C, wall paper 2255 Welton
Nicolett Napoleon, lab.[...]r 730 Curtis Nielsen Charles R, carp, r 175 S Humboldt CO
Nicoletti Micha[...]Nielsen Godfred, boilermkr, r 725 Lipan
Nicoll Charles S, baker Mrs M Stewart, r 350 Nielsen Jens[...]MPIto
Nicols Charles, elk Drees & Delaney Drug
Co, 2201 Larime[...]
[...]apprentice Albert Sechrist NILE THE, saloon, Charles F Miller
Mfg Co, r 183 S Emerson[...]rnest F, horse dealer, r 2323 9th Nilson Charles E, expressman, r 3848 Walnut
[...]o), 1717 Lafayette Noble Charles A, r 1906 Pearl
Nishioka Frank, butler, 1025 Corona
Nissen Bros, genl contrs, 213 Continental Noble Charles M, draftsman J B Benedict, r[...]Niagara
Niven Georgia E Mrs, r 835 Niagara
Niver Charles R, gardener, rms 1521 Glen-
arm PI[...]
18TH, CORNER[...]
[...]P a v i n g Co
Norfolk Charles S, chauffeur MacFarland Norris Charles H, bkkpr A m Smelting & R e -
Auto Co,[...]and Auto Norris Charles V (Norris & Terpstra),[...]
£'^.HIGH-GRADE INVESTMENT B O N D S " M S i " -[...]
[...]RYMFG.(8 Norton Charles, bricklayer, r 29 W Sth av
o[...]Norton Charles, rms 1530 Market[...]
WindowGlass,LMd- °l v B a r ^r e P a l n , s McPH[...]
[...]n Eliza J Mrs, r 236 Logan Nuss Charles B, motorman Tramway Co,
Noxon B[...]
[...]testad Matt, lab, r 4566 Josephine Nyman Charles V, motorman Tramway Co,
r 408 Emerson
NUTTING CHARLES W, dentist, 606 Nyquist Alexander,[...]Nyquist August, motorman Tramway Co, r
Nyberg Charles L, blksmith, r 4425 Pennsyl- 3835 Franklin[...], see also Ney Nyswander Charles A (Alameda Merc Co),
Nye F r a n k A, painter, rm[...]Oakes The (rooms), 1323 16th
Oakes Charles A, waiter, r 4330 Utica
Oakes Charles E, water tender Denver Gas[...]
[...]Camant Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]hy Co, r 556 S Grant Oberg Charles, carp, b 1406 Curtis
co Oakes William F , vice-pres Sunnyside Coal Oberg Charles, genl contr, r 631 Pennsylvania
Minin[...]William P, elk Main Store Scholtz
tt "O Oaks Charles A, carp, r 837 S Grant Drug Co, r 9,[...]erle Henry S, lab, rms 2114 Blake
ca Oard Charles R, rms 1650 California Oberle Joseph,[...]Samuel R, sec Natl Sales Co, rms 1333 Obland Charles H, tel opr Denver & Inter-
ChGrokG©[...]SHER STORES CO, r 1830 Williams
Oatman Charles H, cook Charles Potter, r 315 CALL 'PHONE 4 0 4 - 0[...]
[...]O'Brien Frank E, coml trav 506 Charles
Obrecht Leonard, florist, r 1427 Ivy[...]ahoe
O'Brien Bridget Mrs, r 440 W 12th av
O'Brien Charles, driver Barnum Brick Co, r
W 6th av nw cor Hazel Ct
O'Brien Charles D, elk D & R G R R, r 804
W 5th av
[...]O'Conner Charles, r m s Y M C A B l d g[...]O'Connor Charles, 1st a s s t S t a t e Attorney[...], collr S u m m i t F u e l & O'Connor Charles F , saloon 2533 W a s h i n g t o n ,[...]
[...]ornia Oder Charles W, mgr Never-Break Range
O'Connor Michae[...]Oderfield Charles R, salesman J S Brown &
17th, r[...]
[...]3 17th av Co, r 2745 Downing
O'Donnell Charles J (O'Donnell & Thommen), Odson Edward, carp, r 232, 812 Kalamath
r 1480 Clayton
O'Donnell Charles J, blksmith, r 2951 Walnut O'Dwyer David[...]Parish
O'Donnell Charles J, driver Denver Omnibus Oehlert Hugo Missio[...]Co, r 18 43d av Oehmler Charles F (Keystone Electrical[...]
[...]E M Miss, nurse Agnes Memorial Ogilvie Charles H, dairyman, r 2529 Benton
Sanatorium, Q[...]Ograin Charles, cook Edelweiss Cafe, rms
Ogden Ed[...]
[...]ra Bridget Mrs, r 1429 Galapago Ohler Charles L, feeder Star Ptg & Pub Co,
O'Hara Charles, boiler mkr, rms 1041 9th r 123 W[...]
[...]'"' /J V U L / V l J l 3 , Kl NDS. Olander Charles A, carp, r 3925 Vrain
S3 .ca r-Kkr',/ P H O N E , M A I N IOOO Olander Charles H, painter Reitze Wall
mmz a,[...]Post, Oldendorf Joseph, driver, r 2845 Larimer
Hi s. r 2741 Decatur[...]
[...]y Mary Miss, milliner, rms 1321 Broad- Oliver Charles, elk, rms 709 14th
O'Leary Michael, sales[...]Charles F, wirer W A Griffin, r 3012
Ginnity Co, rms 2751 Wyandot Oliver Charles H, asst eng State Capitol, r
O'Leary Nora Miss, e[...]ry Patrick, lab, rms 1227 Larimer Oliver Charles J, salesman, rms 1345 Acoma
O'Leary P J. dirt contr, rms Abbott Hotel Oliver Charles P, mining 318 McPhee Bldg, r
O'Leary William D, y[...]3342 Arapahoe Oliver Charles S, lab, rms 1320 16th
Olecki Bennie, cabinet mk[...]Oliver Edward, mach, r 2222 Champa
Olford Charles, wks Western Asbestos & Mfg Oliver Edward C, col'[...]Oliver Elizabeth Mrs, r 2501 18th
Olguin Charles, bartdr, rms 1835 Champa Oliver El[...]
[...]Olmsted Charles S R t Rev, Episcopal Bish-[...]Oliver William, saloon 1741 Larimer, r 2242 Olsen Charles, wks Queen City Iron & Wire
Stout[...]Oliver William H, asst mgr Kingman Plow Olsen Charles D (Olsen-Kinnear Electrical
SS Co, r The[...]liver William H, v a r repr U P R R, r 2859 Olsen Charles E, fireman, r 141 S Kalamath
[...]amath Olson Charles, lab, rms 1308 Blake
Olsen Henry, carp, r 4640 W 10th av Olson Charles A, lab, r 3810 High
Olsen Hulda T Miss, rm[...]
[...]ieth St Station P O,
Olson John, bartdr Charles Erickson, r 2221' r 1635 33d av
Cu[...]ina Miss, rms 2515 Stout O'Mailia Charles J,- shoe wkr, r 638 Fox
Olson Ol[...]
[...]O'Neal Charles, rms 1423 Market[...]y Henry R A Rev, pastor St Stephens O'Neil Charles, lab, rms 1635 Market
Episcopal Church, r 2540 W[...]O'Neil Herbert, elk McPhee & McGinnity Co,
O'Mara Charles E, waiter Savoy Hotel, r r 4161 Wino[...]s, rms 1617 Larimer w 0
O'Mara Charles J, lab, r 234 Lipan O'Neil James C[...]153 Utica
Ona H . restaurant, 1331 19th
Onderdonk Charles S, pres Onderdonk E n -
gineering Co, r 2216 Gaylord
Onderdonk Charles S Jr, salesman Onder-
donk Engineering Co, b 112[...]w
THE, Charles S Onderdonk pres, rep-
resenting Babcock[...]
[...]umber Co, r 2, 1315 Curtis
O'Neill Charles E, elk aud C & S Ry, r 2924 Onsum[...]ONTARIO-COLORADO GOLD MIN-
O'Neill Charles P, mining, r 4609 W Hayward
PI[...]eill Jane M Miss, tchr, r 1336 Adams Opie Charles, lab, rms 1335 15th
[...]Orchard Charles H, special agt Massachu-[...]St Paul Ry, r 1946 Lincoln
Oppenlander Charles G, prop Emerson Mar- Ord Walter, plumber Joh[...]hood Harper M, lawyer (Orahood & Ordway Charles L, wks Mountain Elec Co, 9 mm
Hurlbut),[...]• »
Oram Charles D, teamster Hallack & How- O'Rea Fra[...]
[...]lly, see also O'Riley, Riley, Reilly Ornauer Charles C, asst mgr Rothenberg &[...]nk, lab, r 3450 Mariposa O'Rourke Charles, elk George Tritch Hdw
Orenstein Anna Mi[...]rke Kate Miss, maid St Luke's Hos-
Orest Charles G, helper Denver Rock Drill pital
tn =[...]nd Herman, cigarmkr, r 3515 W Col- ORPIN CHARLES, real estate, 211
fax av[...]ndo Canal & Reservoir Co, 305 Bank Orr Charles H, elk Orr Grocery Co, 3719[...]
[...]Asenath K Mrs, r 2338 Tremont PI Osborn Charles E. elk Peck & Hills Furni-
Ort Mary E Miss, r 233[...]F
Ortgysen Cornelius, second hand gds, 1758Osborn Charles P, motorman Tramway Co,
Larimer, r Englew[...]
[...]llis G, bkkpr, rms 224 Sherman Osenbaugh Charles M, prin South Side High
Osborne Alfred,[...]y Douglass, wks J o s l i n Dry
Osborne Charles M, motorman Tramway Co, Gds Co,[...]
• K H S K B BONDS and STOCKS " - t e ^ a n t f 0[...]
Building Material
B e * Wholesale and Retell[...]
[...]Overton Charles T, col'd, porter St James »5[...]E Miss, r 907 Acoma co
Overholt Charles H, teamster, r 4657 Clay Owen Arthur G, tel[...]rning, r 2136 Tremont Pi Owen Charles C, r 1446 Corona
OVERLAND ATJT0 CO THE, Over- Owen Charles E, mgr Savoy Hotel, r 1450[...]nd, Winton, Apperson and Baker Electric Owen Charles H, collr Colo Fuel & Iron Co, CTQ
[...]Catherine Mrs, r Ladies Relief Home
Owens Charles H, driver D C Fleming, r
1004 S Galapago[...]BRHflLL
Owens Charles H, lab, r 27th av bet Mil-
waukee and St Paul
Owens Charles S, r 1132 Marion
Owens Clarence F,[...]
[...]atte 3 mam

Pablasco Charles, wks Bayly-Underhill Mfg
[...]kard Jane C Mrs, sec D C Packard Page Charles E, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, r[...](Warner-Page Realty Co), r 965
Paddock Charles H, r 1069 Kalamath S Pennsylvan[...]
U a M ^ S K K ? " McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.[...]
[...]a L Mrs, phone opr, r 60 Palmer J Charles, cement contr, r 1216 S
Broadway[...]Lois C Miss, steno Davis-Jackson
Palmer Charles, expressman, rms 2820 Supply Co[...]mer L N Mrs, bkkpr H H Tammen Co,
Palmer Charles E, eng Sugar Bldg, 16th cor r 1771 Pe[...]Palmer L W Mrs, rms 1953 Lincoln
Palmer Charles J, hatter, r 344 St Paul Palm[...]
P 5 :^,HIGH-GRADE INVESTMENT B O N D S " ^ ™ °[...]
[...]Paradice Charles W, mgr Western Fire-
^w-[...]432 S Sherman
Panzio Charles, lab, r 733 W 38th av PARAFFI[...]s, milliner S S Tyor, r 405 P aGaylord r e n t Charles A, butler E Robinson 1222
21st[...]G O O D w A L
Parachini Charles, wks Germicide Co, r 3309[...]
Park Elizabeth Miss, dressmkr, r 11, 912 Parker Charles, rms 1612 Larimer
Broadway Parker Charles A, lather, r 1604 30th av CO
Park Ellis C, coml trav, r 2919 Yates Parker Charles A, supt telegraph D N-W &
Park Fannie N Mrs. r 72[...]Park Faxon B, coml trav Woodley Llewelyn, Parker Charles E, real est, r 1636 Lafayette
r 1239 Mari[...]
[...]arvey B, switchman, r 3118 Uma-
Parker Charles E, time kpr, rms 1321 Broad- tilla[...]t E, tile setter, r 754 Lincoln
at Parker Charles H, genl fiscal a g t Cook Rail- Parker Herbert[...]17th av
Parker Claude M, mfrs agt 518 Charles Bldg, Parker Irvin M, carp, r 5130 W[...]
[...]Camant Piaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Camant THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]ing, r m s 1645 Welton
Co Chicago), 324 Charles Bldg, r 1346 Wil- Parlin Essie R Mrs, rms 232[...]2658 S Lo- Parmelee Arthur, coml trav 413 Charles
DK gan[...]G Miss, tchr, r 15, 1531 Wash-
Hi £ Parks Charles T, bartdr, r m s 1326 Welton ington
ca[...]rks Ernest M, col'd, soda dispenser Cap- Parmeley Charles H, fireman Denver Gas &
itol Branch Sch[...]George E, teamster, r 629 Vallejo Parnell Charles M, r 510 W llth av
Parks George T[...]
[...]Arthur F , elk Grand Grocery, rms Parsons Charles, r 121 Pearl
15 Broadway Parsons Charles J, miner, r 533 W llth av
Parrish A N, rms 411 14[...]trician, r 3420 VV Parsons Frank, polisher Charles H Clark &
34th av[...]Parsons George B, coml trav 517 Charles
EJ"Parrott, see also Parrett[...]
[...]A, tchr Manual Training Passolt Christian, porter Charles Doehling,
High School, r 2955 Humb[...]lesman Denver Elevator Co
Partridge Charles T, mach, r S Lipan nw
cor W[...]
[...]Patrick Charles E, carp, r 4517 Winona Ct
WE'LL[...]Wazee 2*
Patch Charles R, elk German-American Patrick Washin[...]Patten Arthur W, driver Reynolds & Rein-
Pate Charles E, physician 8 1st av hard Transfer, r 2554 19th
Pate Charles W, real est 1760 Stout, r 1, Patten[...]
[...]122 B r o a d w a y
Patterson Charles G, r 1449 Broadway[...]n J u l i u s , r m s 1032 14th
Patterson Charles L (Charles L Patterson P[...]M r s , elk, r m s 1959 W e l -
Mountainand Plain • t t i E McPHEE & McGINNITY C[...]
[...]W E Russell, r
f ^ ' J GLASS, K/^S. 1077 Yuma
ii S[...]rl C, waiter, rms 35 W Byers PI Paulman Charles L, r m s 1455 Market
Paul Charles, elk D L Mechling, r 1244 S Paulman Len J[...]John, elk Kohler-McLister Paint Co,
Paul Charles R, r 2653 W 32d av r 4461 Claude Ct
Paul Charles W, r 713 S Washington Pauls John P,[...]Leonidas Y, tailor, 1673 Broadway
Paulin Charles, fireman, r 3443 Lafayette
[...]Pauly, see also Pauley Payne Charles H Jr, collr frt dept D &
Pauly Bertha E Miss, r 3411 Meade R G R R, r 858 Downing
Pauly Charles O, sec and treas Hatton Drug Payne Charles S, tailor, 521 30th
Co, r 941 S Pearl[...]
[...]lvania Peaper Charles F , storekpr Albany Hotel,
H Pazz[...]
Pearson Catherine Mrs, r 4525 Quitman
Pearson Charles J, coml frt agt C B & Q
R R, rms 1726 Welton
Pearson Charles J, lab, r 3234 Downing
Pearson Charles M, r 465 Elati
Pearson Charles M Jr, r 465 Elati
Pearson Chester H, teams[...]
[...]rson Roy A (Hudson & Pearson), r 1368 S Peck Charles, driver Hungarian Milling &
Pearl[...]rson Swan, farmer, r Garden Home Add Peck Charles, rms 1124 10th
III £ Pearson Vina V Miss, milliner Enterprise Peck Charles B, driver Three Rules 22
Milliner[...]Peck Charles H, r 5079 Quitman
Pearson William, molder, r 1425 36th Peck Charles P, policeman, r 623 Elati
O Pearson & McPhe[...]ace Co, r 3421 Gaylord
Pease Charles T, civil eng, r 2542 Race Peck Geo[...]
B Jones mgr, 1610 14th cor Wazee
Peckham Charles A, harnessmkr J H Wil-[...]
[...]Pell Charles W, condr Tramway Co, r 3412 S
< a the City of Denver, r 6, 1338 Bannock
Peglar Charles W (Peglar Cigar Co), r 2S8 S Grant
Ogde[...]l George W, condr, r 3412 S Grant
III« Peglar Charles W Jr (Peglar Cigar Co), r Pell George W, oysters,[...]L, carrier P O, r 701 21st Pelot Charles M, rms Y M C A Bldg
Peirce Louise[...]
[...]s H Harrison & Co genl %z to
Pelzel Charles, grocer 1322 W Colfax av
Pemberton Anna Mrs, cook[...]OO
Pence Carl H, r 1321 Elati
Pence Charles M, horseradish mfr 1711 W Pennick William,[...]
[...]Pepper Charles, bottler Crystal[...]Wesley, b 1747 W 14th av Popple Charles, cornicemkr Denver Sheet
Penry George,[...]People's Chapel, 920 Larimer
Peoples Charles, col'd, porter The Perre-

M no[...]
[...]Perkins Frank, bartdr J T Hogan, rms 1645
Peredo Charles, lab, r 3524 Kalamath Welton
[...]r Pi Perret Charles L, lab, rms 4765 Williams
Perkins R[...]
[...]r 701 Lincoln 3363 W 32d av
Perry Charles, lab, r m s 1755 Curtis Perry Horatio, salesman J H Perry, r 1047
Perry Charles W, bkkpr, r 516 S Sherman Josephine
Perry Charles W, lab, r 1938 S Acoma Perry Hugh L, paperhanger, r 909 Jason
Perry Charles W, printer, r 360 S Grant Perry H L[...]
[...]e Horace H, r 1137 Milwaukee Peters Charles B, chili parlor 1245 12th
Perteet Joseph, col'd, cook, r 2415 Court PI Peters Charles H, carpet layer, rms 471
Pertilla John W, col'd,[...]a Ct Peters Charles H, real est 310 Temple Court, c o
Pertman Herman,[...]PETERS HENRY E, ehiro-practie
Peter Charles A, electrician, r 762 Fox practitioner 621 to 623 Mack Bldg 16th cor
Peter Charles H, bkkpr Colo News Co, 762 California (Phone Cham[...]S. IB
consulting engineer 210 Appel Bldg, 16[...]
[...]Petersen Charles, bartdr, r 126 W 12th av[...]r 5 S Sherman
Peters Louis, blksmith Charles Heartz, r[...]r 1135 S York
ui"" Peters Louis J, blksmith Charles Heartz, r Petersen Louis, teamste[...]
[...]son Alvin E, mill hand, r 4482 Logan Peterson Charles, lab, r 4648 York
Peterson Andrew, janitor Gas & Electric Peterson Charles, lab, r 4137 Raritan
Bldg, rms 1309 Delaware Petersen Charles', motorman Tramway Co,
Peterson Andrew, salesman[...]10 Stout Peterson Charles A, supervisor W U T Co,
Peterson Andrew F, elk He[...]6 Ogden Peterson Charles E, carp, r 4482 Logan
Peterson Andrew F, lab, 4485 Inca Peterson Charles E, eng, r 3415 Wyandot
Peterson Andrew J, 478 Cook Peterson Charles J, lab, r 374S Lafayette
Peterson Anna Mrs, 1651 S Washington Peterson Charles J. stone mason, r 2749 York
Peterson Anna Mrs, r 2522 Ingalls Peterson Charles O, eng, r 1807 W 9th av
Peterson Anna C Miss, steno, r 926 Ogden Peterson Charles S, pub, r 794 S Pennsyl-
Peterson Anna E Mrs, r 1[...]son Anna L Miss, hairdresser, b 19-10 Peterson Charles W, lab, r 3205 S Elati
W 32d av[...]
B. F. THREEWIT ^ I f f J K H L * Sewer Pipe & Fire[...]
BARTELS BROS, 52517th Street, J S W . INSURANCE[...]
[...]o, r Auditorium Hotel Petsch Charles F , eng, r 4444 Alcott
[...]TH Petzoldt Charles J, gardener, r 4500 Iowa av
Z7ZIZ711 W.Z7 - AV[...]Peyinghaus Robert, insp Denver Gas & Elec
Pett Charles W, col'd, lab, rms 1618 35th av Co, r 3030 S[...]Peyton Lawrence R, actor, r 3437 Clay
Pettelko Charles F , oiler Eagle Milling & El- Peyton Margaret M[...]cor Curtis Marion
Pettenger Charles H, carp, r 4900 Lowell Peyton Martin, driver, r 3953 Kalamath
Petterman Jacob, tailor 529 Charles Bldg, r Peyton[...]tterson John, messgr Globe Express Co, r Pfafflin Charles D, salesman, r 3031 Vallejo
2623 River Drive[...]uch Conrad, tailor, rms 3049 Larimer
Pettibone Charles H Rev, pastor Blvd Con- Pfarr William A,[...]RANK A, lawyer, 815 Pfefferkorn Charles F, elk, r 1045 Mariposa[...]o, rms Y M C A Bldg Pfeiffer Charles P, pres Charles P Pfeiffer[...]s George, pilot California Bldg, rms 530 PFEIFFER CHARLES P STEAM &
Pettit Albert S, real est, 416 Majestic Bldg HOT WATER HEATING CO, C P
Pettit Charles W, lab, r 1055 Hazel Ct Pfeiffer[...]
[...]American Beet Phars'on Charles F, elk Hewitt Candy Mfg
Sugar Co[...]yton, Aurora Pheeney Charles A, asst treas Auditorium,
Pfeiffer Joseph F, sec and treas Charles P rms 811 2Sth
Pfeiffer Steam[...]lksmith 1447 S Broadway, Phegley Simon, carp Charles Morcom, r Au-[...]an J, confectionery 623 Galapago
Pfister Charles, butcher Keogh-Doyle Meat Phelan Matthew[...]VAULTS
578 S Washington
Pfund Charles
[...]Philips Charles H, elk aud D & R G R R, r[...]ps James M, baker Old Homestead Bak- Philips Charles H Jr, elk aud D & R G R R ,
ery & Inv Co, r 261[...]Silas C, plumber, r 3324 Newton Phillipps Charles K, lawyer 712 Symes Bldg,
Phelps William W[...]
[...]nrietta F Mrs, rms 3049 Larimer
Phillips Charles A, cook, r 1305 Elati Phillips Henry, carp, rms 720 13th
Phillips Charles C Mrs, r 1630 Humboldt Phillips Hen[...]
[...]G, rms 1612 Larimer Phillipson Charles C, motorman Tramway CO
[...]ickard John, condr, r 812 W 13th av
Phipps Charles F, elk Millar-Osborn Spice Pickard[...]PICKENS ALVIN H, attorney at law,
Phister Charles S, mgr Grand Junction Min- 703-707 Er[...]Pickens Charles W student, r 3023 S Acoma
Phoenix Henry V,[...]Pickett Charles H, mining, r 3034 Race
em PHYSICIANS'[...]Co, Nassau Bldg

Pianta Charles, sculptor, rms 338 W Hth av Pickett G[...]53 Blvd F hoe
Picard Charles S, policeman, r 2953 Blvd F Pic[...]
[...]Pierce Margaret Mrs, r 136 S Sherman
Pierce Charles E, carrier Edgewater P O, r Pierce Margaret E[...]School, r 264 Pearl
Pierce Charles F, mailer Denver Post, r 2609 Pierce Martin, ja[...]3900 block S Acoma
Pierce Charles H, lawyer 417 Exchange Bldg, Pierce Mary E Mis[...]Co, rms 1550 Franklin
Pierce Charles R, r 664 Corona Pierce Mary E Mrs, prop The Florence, 1377
Pierce Charles W, elk Hendrie & Bolthoff, r Bannock[...]
Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]it,*-•' I V J L A S S , K iV^o s. Colo Fuel & Iron Co, Boston Bldg, r 1140[...]ierson. see also Person, Pearson, Peirson Pike Charles, rms 1545 Larimer
Pierson A Estelle Mis[...]W, bkbinder Bankers Supply Co,
Pierson Charles, motorman Tramway Co, r rms 220[...]
[...]Prettyman supt, r 1817 Colfax av; A E
PILLAR CHARLES, real estate, 1433 Carver asst s[...]PINKHAM J E LUMBER CO, George
Pillers Charles E, electrician, r 2426 Raritan W Heffner sale[...]r 1325 Lafayette
Pillsbury Charles H L. teller U S Natl Bank, Pinkney Mary E Mr[...]432 16th
Pine Frank S. lab. r rear 4550 Adams
Pine James M, mining 17, 7[...]l inspector H S Crocker,
r 3626 Wewatta
Pinegar Charles E, confectionery 755 Jason, r
729 Inca
[...]JAINT §\6\RNISH Pique Charles, with Denver Gas & Elec Co,
o«[...]Piquette Charles E, elk McPhee <& McGin-[...]826 17th, Boston Bldg Pirie Charles B, mach C & S Ry, r 2421 Tre-[...]1539 Broadway Pister Charles H, rms 3795 Meade
Pinney Emma Miss, r 1311 Newport Pistole Charles O, carp, r 322 S Logan
02 Pinney F Burt[...]r George W, surgical elastic hosiery, 205
<z Charles Bldg, r 63 S Pennsylvania - DAY-AND-NIGHT -
m < Piper Julius O, coml trav 527 Charles Bldg,
r 1017 S Race
Piper Lo[...]
[...]e m a n , r 203 S S h e r m a n Plambeck Charles J, sec AV F Plambeck
Pittman Dennis, barbe[...]
[...]ley Irrigation Co, 701 Ideal Bldg
Plank Charles, rms 1740 Larimer Platte Vailev Lan[...]Bldg
Plank Charles D, dept mgr George Tritch Plattner Andrew, rms 17[...]r Samuel, foreman Plattner Imple-
Plate Charles IT, lab, r 1919f Lawrence ment Co, r Griff[...]2323 Emerson
Platfoot Charles, sec and treas Armstrong- Plaiil Blanch R Mrs, r[...]pres Armstrong-Turner broker in silks, 514 Charles Bldg, 15th cor
mm Q Millinery Co, r[...]
[...]818 18th Plumlee Charles W, bartdr Lemp Cafe &
Pleasant William P, col'd,[...]AV, prop H & H Sample Store, Plutt John, eng Charles BIdg, rms 1518 Curtis
rms 107 2d av[...]
[...]Arapahoe Polk Charles T, elk Niles & Moser Cigar Co,[...]ook D N-AV & P Rv, 3118
Poblasco Charles, cutter, r 2532 Lawrence S[...]Nannie B Mrs, r 219 S Downing
Pointkoski Charles, painter, r 1529 Bryant[...]
[...]ick R, r 3245 Curtis Pomeroy Sidney Charles, r 1311 20th
Pollman Benjamin, foreman N R Pratt,[...]Pomponio Michael, lab, r 3954 Pecos
rollock Charles, wks M Basar, r 4686 Penn- Pomranke August[...]arimer
ETPolson, see also Paulsen, Paulson
Poison Charles C, r 3350 Franklin 1434[...]
[...]lapago Popham John M, coml trav, 514 Charles Bldg
CO Poole James R, 610 Ernest & Cranme[...]le Maud B Miss, r 721 Galapago P0PP CHARLES B, prop The Kin-
O CO Poole Rachel Mrs, r 16[...]Pope Ada Mrs, col'd, r 1958 Curtis
Pope Charles, brakeman, rms 1446 Champa CALL PHONE 4 0 4 0 . ASK FOR
Pope Charles C, mach Tramway Co, r 3333 S
[...]Otis E, j a n i t o r , r 1223V2 E l a t i
Porter Charles L (Porter & Pritchard), rms[...]
[...]Post Charles B, r 1238 Race
Porter Thomas N, real est 206 Temple Court, Post Charles C, wks Smith-Brooks P t g Co, r[...]aite George D, driver George Tritch
RADO, Charles Boettcher pres, Whit- Hdw Co, r 4668 Decatur[...]First Natl Bank Bldg *
Posner Charles, grocer, 2801 Larimer[...]
[...]elk, r 5, 1620 Clarkson Arapahoe
Potter Charles, restaurant 1401 Stout, r 758 POTTER, WE[...]ter and A B West), lawyers, 603-610 CO
Potter Charles, tchr East Side High School, b Symes Bld[...]Potter William, farmer, r 2237 S Acoma
Potter Charles E, lab, r 4570 Perry Potter William H, elk Continental Oil Co, r GO
Potter Charles F (Potter, West & Potter), r 959 S Eme[...]Potter William J (J Potter & Son), r 945
Potter Charles G, carp, r 1935 S Bannock Ogden
Potter Charles L, elk aud C & S Ry, r 17, 2345 Potter Wil[...]Potter & Brown (F Potter and R K Brown),
Potter Charles W, state agt Aetna Ins Co, 824 sa[...]
[...]es O, apprentice Albert Schrist
CO Potts J Charles, eng, r 4128 W 50th av Mfg Co, rms 711[...]mmission Co, 1512
Powell Charles O, elk Regent Shoe & Shirt
Co, r[...]
[...]i s s elk W U T Co, 1118
Powelson Charles A, autioneer, r 1316 Tre-[...]J, t a x i d e r m i s t , r 4520 A s h
Powelson Charles A, waiter J W Critchfield, P o w e r s J o s e p[...]s K a t e M M r s , r 3229 F r a n k l i n
Power Charles F, policeman, r 3219 W 44th av P o w e r s[...]
ZL. mm G L A S S , S.^OS. STORES CO, r 611 S Pearl[...]s, switchman, r 2326 W 31st av P r a t t Charles A, foreman C & S Ry, rm& 1339
Powers[...]ephine Mrs, r 2728 W Howard PI
Prasse Charles, carp Campbell-Sell Baking[...]R Thompson Marble P r a t t Perry, 313 Charles Bldg, r 1334 Hum-
Co, r 326 Cedar[...]r Bertha L Mrs, r 1940 Lincoln
M Prater Charles L, coml trav, 423 Barclay Blk

hO[...]col'd, porter, rms 1414 28th
Prather Charles E Rev, pastor Second Divine[...]
[...]t on nervous diseases, electro-
therapathy, 313 Charles Bldg, 15th cor Cur- Preissman Thomas, bkkpr G[...]ier Emma B Miss, steno Western Prentice Charles E, carrier Eighth Av Sta
Engineering Specialties[...]ris, lab. r 2 Walnut Prentice Charles F, r 977 Bannock[...]iel, engraver, rms 1854 Curtis Prentiss Charles E, grading contr, r 1590 S
Pray Anna Mrs, waitres[...]rayther Donald M, coml trav, r 351 Clayton
Prazak Charles V, engraver Denver Post, r
234 S Downing[...]
[...]Prettis & Eames (J D Prettis and Charles[...]enry, e a r repr, r 4570 Grant
CO Preston Charles W, tchr Hyde P k School, r Pretz Chris, la[...]
[...]Price Joseph W, carp, r 1746 S Lincoln
Prezant Charles, r 1401 Grove Price Julia E Miss[...]S Miss, r 37, 1358 Emerson Bldg
Price Charles A, eng, rms 1206 Larimer Price Minnie Miss, tchr Swansea School, r
Price Charles F, produce, r 2643 Marion 1340 Race
PRICE CHARLES S, commercial pho- Price Nathan, salesman, rms 14[...]rice Richard, porter, r 11, 2140 California
Price Charles W, r 928 Olive Price R[...]
[...]rance Society, r 4200 W 17th av
< Pridav Charles H, dept foreman Denver Gas Prince Leroy, c[...]on The (rooms), 1653 Arapahoe
Pridmore Charles H, brick layer, r 4569 W Prine Edgar J, r[...]35 Curtis Pringle Charles, elk DANIELS & FISHER
Priebe Max A. bl[...]t Ansel B, lineman, r 920 W llth av Prinz Charles C, prop Independent Oil Co, r
Priest Charles, salesman, rms 1507 Court Pi 2459 Lafayette
Priest Charles M, real est, r 1837 S Wash- Prinz Edwin W,[...]l William, junk, r 1577 Grove Prior Charles B, mgr Prior Furniture Co, r
[...]Pritner Charles E, candies 1827 Champa, rms CO[...]00
Pritchett Charles A. restaurant 1759 Curtis,[...]3 Z
rms 1817 Glenarm PI
Pritchett Charles L, foreman Tramway Co, r ALF pf[...]
[...]1754 Larimer ,
Proctor Charles O, bldg contr, r 1005 S Penn- Protze Richard J, e[...]Co, rms 2239 Glenarm PI Proudfit Charles E , elk, r 2176 W 8th av
[...]l B, col'd, porter, r 753 Inca 3 -^
Provost Charles E, fireman D & R G R R . Pryor Eliza[...]k A, tailor Gano-Downs Co, r oo
Prowitt Charles S, druggist, r 1908 Oneida 1442 Osage[...]
[...]tt Joseph H, weigher U S Mint, r 1140 Pulliam Charles A, elk W T Pulliam, r 354
P" at Detroit[...]ian E Miss, tchr North Denver
Pueschel Charles A, cook D M Waldman, r High School, b 25[...]P u m p h r e y Charles, y a r d m a n Globe Fuel &
0 Puffer Han[...]e e d Co, r r e a r 69 E l a t i
Pugh Charles II, coml trav, r 2423 llth av P u m p[...]
[...]Purinton Charles A, mgr Eppel Com Co, r[...]l Lawrence M, pres Purcell Land & Purkaple Charles S, with Denver Gas &
Inv Co, r 1581 Pennsylvania[...]Tremont Pi 1940 18th av
Purchase Charles TJ, laundry 1714 Logan, r Pursell Hugh W, com[...]s, trimmer Sam W Al- 22.
Purdum Charles, lab, rms 1364 10th brecht & Co, rm[...]Purtell William, lab, rms 2231 Larimer
Purdy Charles H, real est 1639 Champa, rms Purvas Th[...]
[...]Collender Co, r 4135 Raritan
oo Puryear Charles F, coml trav J L Brown, r
3819 Jason[...], bartdr Capitol Hotel, 1300 W Col-
Putch Charles, waiter, rms 1423 Market fax a v
Puterbaugh Charles S, elk F A Keeler, rms Pyke David Roy, me[...]le B F , mining eng, rms 1433 17th
Putman Charles J, hay and feed 2416 Hth, r Pyle De[...]
[...]Charles F, lather, r 1265 Cherokee
terreich pres,[...]
[...]av 20th av
Quigly Charles R, driver Kohler-McLister Quinn[...]
[...]r Eleventh Avenue Hotel
Quintrall Charles, driver DANIELS & FISH-
ER STORES CO, r 1408 S A[...]Quist Charles H, lab, r 4431 Inca[...]s J S Brown & Bro Merc Quong Yee, porter Charles Humburg, rms 718
Co, r 4674 Yates[...]Rachofsky Joseph, coml trav 409 Charles
Rabe Frederick, r 775 S Grant[...]
[...]idland Ry 7( 17th, r 1121 Delaware
Rader Charles A, policeman, r 1934 Curtis Rafert Marg[...]
[...]Raisor Charles V, condr Tramway Co, r 101
Pearl[...]Rakestraw Alonzo L, carp, r 616 S Ogden
Ragon Charles E, condr, r 8, 1642 Ogden Rakestraw Heron[...]ce Raley Charles A, janitor, r 1309 17th av
Ragsville Julius B, co[...]way Exchange Building Co, 363 Railway Ralph Charles P, r 3448 Gilpin
Exchange Bldg[...]
[...]lara W Miss, cshr Regent Shoe &
Ramage J Charles, sec National Construction Shirt Co, r 90[...]dr, r 3269 W Hayward
Ramsay Charles J, r 574 S Lincoln
Ramsay Edgar J,[...]
[...]RANDLE JAMES I, supt Western
Ramus Charles C, mgr C J Ramus Coal Co, Secret Service B[...]h
Ranch Ed, wks J S Brown & Bro Merc Co, RANDOLPH CHARLES H, mgr White
r 3853 Yates[...]Colfax av
cery and Meat Co, r 132T Clayton
Band Charles, r 1823 W 40th av[...]
Cement Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Camant[...]1190 S Emerson
K -o Rankin Charles, r 756 Ogden Ransom Arthur E, prop The Melba, 1747 Lar-
P-fe Rankin Charles S, carp, r 4127 Umatilla imer[...]
[...]berg Fannie Mrs, r 1709 Grove
Rathbone Charles E (Rathbone-Taylor Lum-[...]rs Assn, r 1738 Geneva, Au-
(Charles E Rathbone and Denver W Tay- rora[...]Rauh Charles T, meat cutter F Meek Gro-[...]435 36th
Rathburn Charles, elk, r 1428 3d Rauh Sophie E Miss, r 1357 Bannock
Rathburn Charles T, condr Tramway Co, Raukohl[...]
[...]Ray Jessie M Miss, elk A T Lewis & Son
Rawalt Charles J, foreman Oak Hills Coal Dry Gds Co, r[...]Vallejo Raymer Charles, driver F R Rice, r 3 Allyn
Ray Ben F, wai[...]
[...]J Miss, elk aud Colo Midland Ry,
Raymond Charles, porter Western Elec Co, rms 2751 Wyando[...]eorge M, waiter Manhattan Restau-
X Raymond Charles rms 1616 Lincoln rant, rms 1915 Pennsylvania
K- Raymond Charles
519 Equitable Bldg A, pres Raymond Inv[...]r 3959 Umatilla
Raymond Charles G, lab, r 1033 Navajo Rea John P, brakeman, r 2522 W Dunkeld PI
Raymond Charles M, mining, r 1544 Race Rea Julia M Mrs,[...]Raymond Frank H (Raymond & Hoffmann), Read Charles F, special disbursing agt TJ
r 448 S Dow[...]Newport
RAYMOND GEOKGE, upholsterer, Read Charles Read W, rms Y M C A B[...]
Mountain and Plain • ' H i E McPHEE & McGINNITY[...]
[...]P H O N E . M A I N IOOO Redbord Charles, mach Great Western
CO[...]aret Miss, elk County Clk, rms
Record Charles L, plumber J T Eagan, r
<u 3032 W[...]
[...]WE'LL TRUST YOU REDMOND CHARLES E, sec and treas[...]cker Edward F , trunk mkr Dewar REDMOND CHARLES H, lawyer, 410
Bros, r 4981 Wyandot[...]Co, rms 1543 Welton GO
Redfleld Charles A, driver White Swan Redmond John, stone[...]Redmond John H, bldr, r 3621 Eliot
Redfleld Charles W, belt man Chas A Schie- Redmond John R, bart[...]dington George W, salesman Grand Gro- Redus Charles B, eng Majestic Bldg, r 3429
cery, r 2201 Lawren[...]Adaline W Miss1, tchr Montclair
Redman Charles F, wks Albert Sechrist School,[...]
[...]Reed Catherine E Mrs, r 438 Fox
Reed Charles, rms 2012 Lawrence Reed George, salesman, rms 1729 Curtis'
O CO Reed Charles, col'd, porter, rms 2534 Arapa- Reed George F, ca[...]California
Hi Reed Charles E, carp, r 3530 Clayton Reed George G, watchmkr, r 449 W Colfax av
Reed Charles F , with Haines' Seed Co, r A, Reed George[...]sw
Reed Charles F, expressman, r 335 Josephine Reed George cor Stout
Reed Charles F, city accountant and tax[...]25 18th av 2039 Park PI
Reed Charles H, mach, r 2554 W 23d av Reed George M, lab, r 2654 S University
Reed Charles H, student, r 1724 Vine Reed George[...]Utica
Reed Charles H Jr, elk Quereau-Shrader Reed George W, chauffeu[...]Selling Co, r 2554 W 23d av
Reed Charles J, wks Robert McCallum, rms Reed George[...], r 3845 Utica
1125 Walnut-
Reed Charles M, mgr foreign correspondence Reed Gertru[...]Machine Co, r 2230 California
Reed Charles O, fireman, r 1432 S Acoma
Reed Clarence[...]4 0 4 0 . A S K FOR
Reed David M, roofer Charles McBride, r
3940 Humboldt[...]
Star Union Whiteiead s ; McPHEE & McGINNITY CO.1W8[...]
[...]Reese Charles rms 1846 Curtis
o[...]r E J, mach, rms 2663 Champa Reever Charles E, pattern mkr Woeber Car
tn^Rees, see[...]& Mfg Co, r 1729 Clarkson
Rees Charles, bkkpr Atlas Coal Co, r 4159 Fox EFReeves, see also Reaves
Rees Charles S, chiropodist 24, 1526y2 Champa, Reev[...]
coal, hay[...]ain 3407) 1942), r 3325 Gilpin
Regamey Charles P, waiter Albany Hotel Reichard[...]
[...]d Stanley, chauffeur Fritchle Auto &
Reid Charles, r 225 W Ellsworth av Battery Co
Reid Charles B, electrician, r 3773 Stuart Reid Walter G, min[...]Wayman G, apprentice, r 4931 Wyandot
Reid Charles C, elk John Thompson Grocery Reid William C, li[...]Treasurer, r 2757 Humboldt
Reid Charles C, physician 535 Majestic Bldg,Reid Wilson D, law[...]lliam Earl, real est, r 1443 Fairfax
OO Reid Charles E, elk Charles Humburg, r 567 Reid William H, saloon 3254 Champ[...]29th
Reid Charles R, carrier P O. r 3773 Stuart Reid Willia[...]
[...]Reilly Philip B (W M Reilly & Son), r 327
Reidle Charles F, elk Highlands Station P Fox[...]am J, collr, r 2642 High Navajo
Reif Charles H, porter Keeley Institute, 1805 Reilly Thomas[...]mm
Reifsnyder Charles A, elk Denver Gas & Reilly William R, el[...]ly Anna M Miss, elk F A Harrison, r Reily Charles H, steno, r 3033 Yates OO
206, 1200 Ca[...]nobia
Reilly Charles J, heating contr, r 1176 Gay- Reimensnyder Mar[...]S A, r 930 Pennsylvania
Reilly Charles L, r 1213 S Pennsylvania Reimer Li[...]
[...]Reinhart Charles A, artist Curran Co, r 4565[...]W 13th av
Reinhard Charles F, mgr Reynolds & Rein- Reisenberg Christin[...]rms 1021 Broadway Reisner Charles, elk, rms 2632 Walnut
o Reinhardt Berth[...]see also Reese, Reece, Reis
Reinhardt Charles F, prop Western Sales Reiss Cecelia[...]
[...]eiss Johanna Miss, tchr Evans School, r Remington Charles J, harnessmkr J A
917 Acoma[...]Kemmick Ada Mrs, r 2549 Glenarm PI
Reitler Charles W, steno District Court, r Remmick Ada Mrs, r 164[...]Remmler Rudolph, r 1448 Blake
Reitler Charles W Jr, elk D & R G R R, r Rempel Henry P, condr Tr[...]r 2204 Glenarm PI
REITZE GEORGE T & CO (G T Remy Charles, lab, rms 4044 Walnut
Reitze), painting, paperin[...]o, r 2256 Emerson Renfor Charles W, bricklayer, rms 1902 C O
RELIABLE EMPLOYMENT B[...]ce Cleaning, 1203 Broadway
Reliance Art Assn, 601 Charles Bldg
[...]ker W H Taylor, r 926 W
oo Renfro Winfield S.'bldr, r 1200 S Lincoln
Renfroe Frank, b[...]Resberg Eric E, carp, r 1429 3Gth
Reno Charles S, mining 329 Cooper Bldg, r
[...]Clifford T, elk Perini Bros Specialty Reuter Charles E, lab, r 2538 19th[...]lth av
Retter Phillip, lab, r 4506 Leaf Ct
Rettig Charles W, real est 308 Symes Bldg, r
3, 1263 Pea[...]
[...]Reynolds Charles, chauffeur 1020 Logan
Reynolds Charles A, foreman Campbell-Sell
< agts, retail[...]ity Pk Reynolds Charles A, special agt U S Genl[...]William E Russell agt, Reynolds Charles C, barnman Olinger Car-
office 1523[...]Reynolds'Charles F , loans 1-2, 1624 Curtis
Reynolds Charles F, 830 Equitable Bldg, r 3,
Zi Rex John E,[...]or Wynkoop, r 1002 Champa REYNOLDS CHARLES H, pres West-
Rex Wonder Mining Co, 203[...]Reynolds Charles L, cashr Pullman Co, r
Rexworthy Lionel[...]Reynolds Charles N, trav frt agt A T & S F
tt^Rey, see a[...]old, messgr Adjt Genl U S A, r Reynolds Charles W, cement wkr, r 3915 King
TRAMWAY.WATER, pnunc a n | | CTONf?[...]
[...]eorge F, policeman, r 2351 Cali- Rhodes Charles B, stockman, r 19, 1560
5° Rhea Charles W, carriage trimmer Blue
Front Carriage[...]COMPANY ff\A I
Rhoads Charles G, sec Crater-Rhoads Insur- WHE[...]
[...]Rice Edward F, coml trav 21S Charles* Bldg,[...]Rice Ira L, carp, r 533 Lipan
Rice Charles, tinner, rms 1713 Arapahoe Rice Jacob, lab, b[...]oo
Rice Charles, rms 1513 Arapahoe Glenarm PI
Rice Charles, rms 1530 Market Rice Jesse E, elk Arlington Pharmacy, r 15,
Rice Charles' J, with James N Wright & Co, 2134 W 2Stl: av[...]Rice John, poultry, ns 44th av bet Clermont
Rice Charles O, physician 312 Common- and Cherry[...]
[...]ce John M, carp, r 2607 W Douglass PI Rich Charles D, prop Grand Pacific Hotel,
Rice John[...]ce John W, eng D & R G R R, r 973 Rich Charles E, real est 610 Empire Bldg, r[...]
[...]ichards John D, wks Crescent Mill & Ele-
Richards Charles S, painter, r 3147 Williams vator Co, r 1644 Lincoln
Richards Charles W, stockman American Richards John R, la[...]y Richards R Charles, lab, r 2828 W 25th av oo
[...]ohn, cutter Standard Granite
Richardson Charles, condr Pullman Co, r Co. r 978 Osage
3151 Umatilla
Richardson Charles W, carp, r 752 Fox
Richardson Co, real[...]. L *
William D Zook western agt, 312 Charles RETAIL O F F I C E IOIO 1 6 ™[...]
[...]Riehe Jerome S. pres and treas J S Rlehe
2723-2733 W.27T-HAVE.P[...]RICHARDSON SILK CO, M Schal rep-
resentative 506 Charles Bldg, 15th eor Cur-
Richardson Thoma[...]
[...]stav E, expressman, r 3403 Lari-
Richmond Charles B, lab, r 5 S Elati mer
Richmond Charles L (Walters & Richmond), Richter G,[...]
[...]Riekmon Charles' D, col'd, lab, rms 2450[...]Elizabeth
Ricker Charles M, baggageman, r 14, 2543 Riddle J[...]
[...]-V-v/ PHONE. MAIN IOOO Ridley Charles F, trav aud Great Western
"V[...]701 14th
U a Ridenour Charles E, coml trav Natl Grocery Riebuk Alex[...]
[...]Idelma E Miss, tchr Franklin
Riedesel Charles, fireman, rms 2, 2543 15th School, r 2S64 W 3[...]also Rigor co
Riedle Charles F, elk Highlands Station P Riger George, host[...]fornia Rigg Charles, chauffeur 685 Emerson
Riegel Joseph E, elk Mine[...]S Clarkson Glenarm PI
Rieger Charles, rms 1332 15th Rigg Samuel R, sal[...]Riggen William H, lab, r 4681 Franklin
Riehle Charles E, dispatcher C & S Ry, r Rigger Lillian Mis[...](A E and L Rienzi), Larimer
tailors, 511 Charles Bldg Rigney Patrick, r[...]
[...]dry Co, r 2119 Glenarm PI
Rilance Charles D, physician 524 Central Riley Walter C, f[...]Rilliet Charles L, farmer, r 3447 W 31st av
III 9 Riley A[...]ichael S, watchman, rms 1322%
Riley Charles V, route agt Globe Express Larimer[...]
[...]Rinnert Charles A, bricklayer, r 5162 Thomp-[...]Joseph P, mining eng, r 2, 1256 Clark- Ripley Charles S, loans, r 1. 1525 Glenarm PI
son[...]W 32d av Charles Bldg. 15th sw cor Curtis
Rinkle Gussie Mrs, buver[...]S, r 51 AV 2d av fayette
Rinn Charles, car repr Tramway Co, r 3438 Ripley AVilli[...]Ripperdan Letitia E Mrs,, steno frt dept I*
Rinn Charles E, grocer 3557 AV 38th av, r 3835 P R[...]
[...]Cemsnt Piaster and Plastar Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWAR[...]Abram A, painter, r 4421 Zenobia Rist Charles E, wks AVater Co, r 1050 Sth .
CO Rippetoe[...]1, 322 17th"av
Rippleman Charles, car repr, rms 558 Lipan Ritchey Thomas[...]lle L, brakeman, r 2340 Court Pi
ttZ Risdon Charles W, salesman Gano-Downs Ritc[...]
[...]r s , r 2415 S t o u t
R i t t e r AAMllis F , r S. 204O C h a m p a
R i t t e r W H. r m s 1651 C a[...]r e a r 1019 B a n n o c k
R i t t s D a n i e l S. m a c h , r 30, 910 26th
R i t t s G e o r[...]
[...]Robbie Charles A, iron wkr, r 742 Inca[...]Robbins Charles L, motorman Tramway Co,
Id & Roa[...]
[...]Roberts Griffith H, elk Colo Natl Bank, r
Roberts Charles, lineman, rms 623 29th 2741 Umatilla
Roberts Charles, rms 324 Clayton Roberts Griffith R, lab, r 2851 W 24th av
Roberts Charles A, driver Denver Omnibus Roberts Grover C,[...]Roberts Guy H, tchr Twenty-Fourth Street
Roberts Charles A, salesman r 2100 AV 46th av School, r 1, 847 Colfax av
Roberts Charles E', actor, r 1S51 Sherman Roberts Harold J, carrier P O, r 3054 Cali-
Roberts Charles N, elk II J Lenicheck, r fornia
430 Fox[...]Roberts Harry, floor mgr Joslin Dry Gds
Roberts Charles P, student, r 1701 Gilpin Co, rms 422 19th av
Roberts Charles AV, cement wkr, rms 2361
Roberts Cla[...]
[...]J, drill press hand D & R
Roberts J Charles, pres Sandegren Grain G R R, r 63[...]
[...]ARE PAINTS Robertson Charles, gardener AV I Mead, 1601
! GLASS[...]SAlfZEf Robertson Charles, col'd, lab, r 2630 S Logan

A Robertson Charles J, driver, rms 1812 Down-[...]Robertson Charles K, head janitor Baker[...]
B. F. THREEWIT' 4 3 3 to 1 4 3 9 Wynkoop[...]
[...]Brick Co, r 602 S Sherman CO
Robinson Charles A, condr Dining Car Dept Robinson Florence E Miss[...]Bldg, r 1337 Josephine r 1715 25th av
Robinson Charles A, state mgr Modern Robinson Fred A, r 1453 S Pea[...]Robinson Fred W, mach D & R G R R, r
Robinson Charles A, rms 49 Washington 1640 Humboldt
Robinson Charles C, asst supt Central Colo Robinson Frederick, coo[...]Lincoln rms 1431 16th
Robinson Charles E, eng, r 638 Inca Robinson Frederick E, pres Robinson-Rogers
Charles H, painter The Shirley, r Supply Co, r 12, 151[...]Robinson F R, elk First Natl Bank, r 607
Robinson Charles J, elk Assessor's Office, r 16th av
Nails.Corrugated Iron[...]
[...]on Samuel AVade, col'd, chauffeur, 808 Robison Charles, agt Prudential Ins Co, r 1335
Grant[...]on Samuel AV, hairdresser, 2508 Lari- Robison Charles F, pilot Carnahan Bldg, b
[...]Rock Charles T, driver, r 1425 S AVashington[...]
ROCKVALE COAL, Cambrian Coal Co Charles A Johnson pres, W H Emmons
agts, 826 17th, Bosto[...]BANK NOTE CO, Rodda Minnie J Mrs, r 1625 30th av
Charles M Dennison Jr mgr, 1834-1840 Stout RODDA WILLIAM[...]Roddis Charles S, butcher, r 2463 Depew OO
[...]Roe Charles, r 2719 Quitman
Roe Charles K mach D & R G R R, r 509
©© 1556 S Wash[...]Roderick Margaret Mrs, r 1556 S Washington Roe Charles E, sec City Transfer Co, 1526
Roderick P[...]Roe Charles L, r 1242 W 29th av

Roderick Richa[...]ROE ROBERT S, treas and mgr City
Rodgers Charles, lab, rms 1512 Blake Transfer Co, Sugar BIdg, 1526 16th (Phones
Rodgers Charles S, monuments, r 1430 Navajo 693, 5812,[...]
[...]Roesener Charles F, foreman Bundy Coal
ROEBLING'S JOHN A SONS CO,[...]Frank, cabinet mkr, r 2907 Welton Roessler Charles, mach, r 3543 Franklin > 01
Roede[...]ssner William L, collr Hitchings Inv Co,
Roehrig Charles F, editor Associated Press, r 101 W 14th av[...]Henrietta G M Miss, sec Y W C A Roewe Charles H, printer, r 328 W 12th av
of the U S A[...]
[...]r y G, wks Dan Keneven, rms 2204.
Rogers Charles, elk W A Hover & Co, r 65 S Larimer[...]ry T (Rogers, Ellis & Johnson), r
Rogers Charles, printer, rms 1640 Tremont PI 1739 13th av
(A Rogers Charles, rms 1436 Larimer Rogers H S. r 1578 Adams
U Rogers Charles A (I N Rogers & Son), r 17, Rogers Ida B Mrs[...]s Irene Miss, tchr Maria Mitchell
Rogers Charles A, collr Sargent Meat Co, r School, r 337 S[...]ogers Irving, carp, r 2335 Hooker
O tt Rogers Charles E, miller Longmont Farmers Rogers I N Mrs,[...]lling & Elevator Co, r 3776 Meade
Rogers Charles E, pres South Palisade Fruit ROGERS I N & SON (Charles A Rog-
oo Land & Water Co, r 24, 17[...]
[...]Rohde Charles, sec Alamo Irrigation Co, b oo
1073 S Penns[...]s Minerva Mrs, r 2315 10th Rohde Charles W, mining, r 1250 Logan
Rogers Minnie L Mr[...]
[...]Rolf Charles M, packer Standard Bottling[...]le John B, baker, r 3321 High
Rohner Charles, janitor First Natl Bank Roller Arthu[...]ER DOUGLAS A, lawyer, 839
Rohrbacher Charles W, carp, r 4635 Claude Ct Equitable Bldg, r 1362[...]Elec Co, r 4. 1200 California
Rohwer Charles, lab, r 1067 Hazel Ct Rollins Hatt[...]
[...]Christiana Mrs, r 1409 Navajo Ronaldson Charles N, carp, r 1118 Lawrence
Rollman F r a n k F, eng[...]28th av Roncaglia Charles, bottler Jos Schlitz Brew-
Rollo Charles Mrs, r 1223 28th av ing Co, r 1805[...]1735 S Pearl
Roltare Charles, cook F G Moore, rms 2472 Ronk Frank[...]
[...]ent Co, r
" ^ G L A S S , s.^o*. 1442 Adams[...]lin Dry Gds
Rooney Mary L Miss, bkkpr Charles Bilz, r Co, r 1514 Williams[...]ac H, pipe man Denver Gas & Elec
Roop Charles, ins agt, rms 1269 Cherokee Co,[...]
[...]Park, r 1229 Champa
Rose Charles, col'd, janitor The Ford, 2046 Rose Mary E Mi[...]Rose Minnie Mrs, col'd, cook, rms 2443 Law-
Rose Charles A, coml trav, r 3505 W 45th av rence
Rose Charles M, student, r 439 Emerson Rose Mo[...]
[...]Maud Mrs, dressmkr, r 3548 Wil- Rosenberg Charles, carp, b 3300 Adams
[...]Rosenow Charles W, steno, rms 3120 Blvd F[...]r 2736 Larimer
Rosenberg Saul, coml trav 417 Charles Bldg, Rosenthal Jacob, r 1575 Clay
rms 33[...]
[...]14th 2520 W 32d av
Rosina Charles, rms 1332 15th Ross Eugene E, ca[...]da Mrs, wks Silver State Laundry Co,
Ross Charles, cook Mrs Jennie Mason, 921 rms 1110 19th[...]Ross James, plumber, r 1445 Zuni
Ross Charles, electrician, rms 1345 Curtis Ross James, restaurant 1323 18th
Ross Charles, genl contr, r 1121 Cook
oo Ross Charles A, electrician, r 4167 Julian Ross James, wks[...]James A (Ross Bros), r 2460 S Broad-
Ross Charles E, steno American Express way
Co, rms 1539 Franklin
Ross Charles H, salesman, r 913 25th av
Ross Charles J, lineman Phone Co, r 3337
Ross Charles O, lab, r 1404 33d
Ross Charles T, elk, r 4638 W 34th av
Ross Clif[...]
[...]Rossos George, yardman Home Dairy, rms Rothe Charles T, car repr D & R G R R, r
!•* to 1739 Ma[...]E Rost, r 3112 Law- Rothenbach William S. mach, r 2955 Franklin
H rence
3 m[...]> Rothenberg Charles, tailor Appel-Zizka, r
Ros[...]Robert, lab, r 2832 Elizabeth
Roszell Charles F, elk W S Titus, r 1204 Jason Rothermel Harry[...]Rotach John M, vice-pres Denver Hardwood Rothfuss Charles, lab, r 4570 Xavier
Fl[...]ilip, gardener, r 1960 31st I Rothrock Charles C, driver Forward Laun-
Roth Anna C M[...]CALL 'PHONE 4 0 4 0 . A S K FOR
Roth Charles, r 835 Emerson i
ROTH CHARLES C, supt Denver Tent I[...]
[...]Rotruck John F. lawyer 419 Charles Bldg,[...]Rotterman Charles F, r 1347 Welton
Z7Z3-2733 W.27 T - H AVE.PH0N[...]Elati
Rothwell Charles G, mechanical eng North- E^Rountfee, see also Row[...]ampa (office Phone Main 2125), r 58 W Roush Charles M, carp, r 1318 Lafayette
Ellsworth av (r[...]
[...]Rowands Charles, yardman Colo Fuel & Iron
CmSm Roushey Chester W[...]ts, 633 15th Rowe William E, wks Charles Potter, rms
ROUTT COUNTY COAL, William E[...]Roux Louis, porter, rms 2111 Larimer
Rover Charles R, chauffeur, r 569 Kalamath
Rover Henry W[...], rms 3101 York
Rowalt Fred, coml trav 512 Charles Bldg, r 2, NATIONAL SAFETY VAULT[...]
[...]Rownds Charles, lab, rms 1718 19th[...]Rowray George C, janitor La Veta Place
Rowell Charles J, lawyer, rms 929 18th Apts', r 25, 2018[...]Coffin Pkg & Prov Co,
Rowen E Roy, coml trav 314 Charles Bldg, r 30 20th av
r Albany Hotel[...]Laundry, 1754 Curtis
r 1619 Milwaukee
Rowley Charles O, r 2049 Emerson[...]
[...]ram, lab, b 2414 15th Rubineam Charles B, coml trav, r B4, 215
Royer H[...]
[...]Rudlsill Charles A, second hand gds, 1743[...]ie Mrs, r 4635 Franklin CO
Rubinsal Charles, elk, r 921 26th Rudler Marie J Miss,[...], 941 17th, r Hotel Metropole Rudman Charles A (S W Jackson & Co),
Ruble William G, sal[...]
[...]Ruggles Charles, lab, rms 2013 S Broadway
CO[...]elk McDonald Stores Co, r 327
«9 < Rue Charles C, hay and feed 511 23d, r rear
2[...]d C, eng Tivoli-Union Brewing
Rueve Charles B, bailiff County Court, rms Co, r 56[...]ing Co, r 2305 S Washington Rullo Charles A, barber 2408 W 32d av, r rear
Ruf[...]Rumble Charles A, lab, r 1525 W Bayard av[...]& Thresher- Co, 1734 15th

a Ruffner Charles S, supt of operation Central[...]
[...]Runner Charles F, elk Sevrin Pierson, r 1127[...]Runyan Edgar W, chief elk chief Commis-
Rummel Charles H, chief elk Colo Demur- sary U S A , rm[...]Runyan Pearle Miss, steno 614 Colorado Bldg,
Rump Charles, civil eng, r 14 B, 1560 Downing rms 411 16th[...]ltes Andrew, carp, rms 4552 Meade Runvon Charles H, elk Denver Dry Gds Co.
Rumpeltes Arthur, carp[...]y Helen M Miss, reader, r 1, 1641 Wash- Rupert Charles, elk H II Tammen Co, rms
ington[...]lab, r 5305 Adams 1731 Pearl
Rund Charles A (20th Century Metal Weather Rupert[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement[...]G ASSSS, ^ ^ou s.[...]nk, cabinet mkr. rms 1511 19th
Rupp Jacob S. rms 1617 Larimer Russel Harry,[...]Russell Amy E Mrs, r 2131 21st av
Ruppert Charles J, waiter Hofbrau Cafe, r Russell Anna Mrs[...]BERG LEO, mfr of hand- Russell Charles A, bricklayer, r 62 AVashing-
spun strin[...]Russell Charles A, fireman, r 723 Platte
double -bass, high class repairing, 3909 Russell Charles E, wks Perkins-Epeneter
Lowell Boulevard[...]James, rms 1629 Larimer Russell Charles L, brick pointer, r 2359 Court PI
Rush Arthur E, driver Schaefer Grocery Co, Russell Charles S, elk, r 1004 10th
r 460 Jason[...]
ndWareho e
McPHEE & McGI[...]
[...]ll Steven H, candymkr, rms 582 S Rutan Charles O (Rutan Bros), r 2161 Arapa-
Logan[...]Rutherford Charles, porter Great Northern
CO and Larimer (P[...]5AFETYDEP05ITVAULTS
Rust Charles G, baker 601 Galapago[...]
[...]Ryan Charles, r 2715 Curtis[...]
[...]illiams & Son, 1738
s Ryan Lawrence F, pilot Charles Bldg, r 2834 Ryan Market[...]
[...]Ryder Charles P, metal wkr, r 4056 Navajo[...]
[...]arry, shoe mkr, 1322 Larimer Sackmann Charles C. lawyer, 305 Colorado[...]ks Joseph, pedler, r 1940 W 14th av
Saboi Charles, tailor, rms 2835 Wyandot Sacks Mo[...]
[...]Sahm Charles R, student, r 2840 Ames[...]Sahrbeck Charles J, salesman Raymond &[...]ay G, tel opr U P R R , rms 2152 Welton Sale Charles, r 561 Bryant
Sage Jesse D, cshr Victor-Am[...]
[...]o S
iG7LLAASS SS ,, S. & Co, r 188 W Byers PI[...]
[...]Samples Charles B, cook D W Simpson, r[...]pa 1383), hall 1756 Larimer, social de- Sampson Charles E, elk W T Sampson, r 3106
partment 1356 Larimer[...]mmon, see also Salmon Samson Charles H (Samson Bros), r 1620 S
Sammon Hugh, lab, rms 3[...]nental Bldg. r 1620 S Logan
Sample Charles H, salesman, r 1578 S Clark-
Sample E[...]
[...]Sanbov Charles, expressman, r 2743 Glenarm[...]
[...]A, pickle mkr, rms 3533 W
Sandberg Johan R, mach Charles Bilz, 23d av
2535 Harlan[...]oo
Sanders Charles A, embalmer I N Rogers &
Son, r 1735 Emer[...]
[...]Sanders W W, houseman St Luke's Hospital Sands Charles Mrs, r 1255 Humboldt
Sanderson David, sec[...]erson John P, dirt contr, r 1130 Gaylord Sandstoe Charles J, r 1761 Ogden
Sanderson John P Jr, civi[...], r 3433 Julian Sandstrom Charles M, condr, r 3831 Tejon
Sanderson Samuel C[...]ID?" Sandford, see also Sanford
Sandford Charles S, switchman, r 2154 S Sandy[...]
[...]rd Susan H Miss, r 1, 1550 Lafayette Santer Charles J, elk F A Keeler, r 213 Fox
Sanford Taxicab Co, 1908-1914 Broadway Santer Charles J Mrs, r 3018 Arapahoe
Sanford Walter, col'd, lab, rms 1854 Arapa- Santer Charles J, elk F A Keeler, r 213 Fox
[...]Sargi Charles, wks W R Thompson Marble
o: r 3135 W Co[...]Sarle Joseph, real estate 515 Charles Bldg, r
Sapiro Louis, farmer, r[...]
[...]n Arthur F , helper Ajax Iron Wks Sauer Charles L, lumber, r 601 Marion
Co, r 1446 Mariposa Sauer George H, r 1517 Logan
Sass Charles F, finisher W Ainsworth & Sauer George[...]ser 425 Tem- Sauer Henry F, coml trav 620 Charles Bldg,
plo Ct[...]4447 Inca Sauerbrey George, casemkr Charles Wathen
Saterlee Caswell, genl contr, r 101[...]
[...]Wks, r 215 Kalamath
tt • a Saunders Charles E Mrs, r 2090 Birch
H •» Saunders Charles P, adv agt, r 415 W 3d av Savage El[...]
[...]rooms, r 1376 Mariposa
Savery Charles W, pres Coaley Mining Co, r Saxbury Philip,[...]g Cherokee
Savory Charles E, wks J S Brown & Bro Saxton Fred, car[...]nile Court, r 545 Logan
ander pres, Charles E Owen mgr, Broad- Say Sylvester R, wks J[...]WHOLESALE^'RETAIL
Sawyer Charles R, expressman, r 300 King[...]
[...], c l o t h i n g 417 15th
Scarborough Charles, driver Grand Grocery[...]
[...]ee also Shaeffer, Schafer, Schaefer Peter Charles, pres Schaefer Tent HPlPI[...]SCHAEFEB TENT & AWNING CO, P
Schaefer Charles, r 1421 9th C Schaefer[...]
[...]uis A, rollermkr Sinclair & Co, 506 Charles Bldg
Valentine, r 1615 23d av[...]Schantz Ralph L, wks Charles Neher, rms
Schafer Conrad, lab, r 4[...]
[...]tinger E m m a Miss, elk Denver Omnibus Scheib Charles, baker, rms 1757 Welton
& Cab Co, r 2667 Emerso[...]Louis, printer, r 123 W 9th av Scheiden Charles, bottler C A Lammers Bot- CO
ICTSchayer, see[...]v
C5"Schearer, see also Scherer, Sherer
Schechter Charles W, carrier Eighth Avenue
Station P O, r[...]
[...]erick, bldr, r 1175 S Pennsyl-
Scheirer Charles, motorman Tramway Co, r vania
3[...]Lime Co, r 1076 S Huron Scherf Charles A, cutter Bayly-Allen Co, r
Schellenberg[...]Schernig Charles, r 135 S Ogden
UI | Colo Supply Co,[...]
[...]Schiffman Charles J, restaurant 1642 Champa,[...]Schilling Edmund, rms 1600 Market
Scheuerman Charles, musician Majestic Schilling Edward J,[...]liam, rms 1530 Market Schillinger Charles E, iron wkr Pioneer Iron
Schidler Faivel, shoemkr[...]av Schimpfky C, rms 1371 Broadway
Schierburg Charles E, elk Hermann H
Heiser Saddlery Co, r 96[...]
[...]chool, r 3925 Sheridan Blvd Schleter Charles, stockman, r 1110 Humboldt
Schlacks Edward T, tie inspr D & R G R R , Schleter Charles O, student, r 1110 Humboldt
318 Equita[...]tsch Adolph W, carp, r 227 S Hum- Schlicher Charles P, elk City Electrical
boldt[...]California, r
Schlaeffer Gustave A, wks Charles Hum- 429 W 14th av
burg, rms[...]dwig, iron wkr, r 1244 S Lipan
Schlappe Charles F, lab, r 5122 Clarkson
Schlappe Kather[...]L O A L
Schlegel Charles, saddle mkr Fred Mueller R E T A I[...]
[...]Schmack Charles R, employment office 1709[...]711 W.27T-HAVE.PH0NEGALLUP9I3. Schmall Charles, lab, rms 2420 Welton[...]Jr, mining, r 471 Marian Curtis
Schlirf Charles, cigarmkr Cuban Cigar Co, r Schmelzle Herma[...]e, A F Haberl sole agt, 20th ne cor Schmid Charles, bkkpr C T Shelton, r 3139
Delgany[...]J M, driver Denver Omnibus & Cab Schmid Charles F, jeweler Bohm-Allen Jew-
Co, rms 1427 Tremont[...]Cook bet 53d and 54th avs, b 5250 Cook
Schlotz Charles, brewer Ph Zang Brewing Schmidt[...]
[...]Drive 4763 Washington
Schmidt Charles, cabinetmkr Brunswick- Schmidt Louis, i[...]pressman Denver Litho-
Schmidt Charles, r 311 S Ogden graphing Co, rms 2530 Lawrence
Schmidt Charles H, cigarmkr, r 1221 31st av Schmidt Louis, rms 1231 18th
Schmidt Charles O, r 2354 8th Schmidt Louisa Mrs, r 223 W 13th av
Schmidt Charles R, woodwkr J J Murphy, r Schmidt M[...]
[...]ennyson Gds Co, r 2809 Yates
Schmitt Charles B, clerk C M Colson, r 4437 Schmoeger Theod[...]27th av
Schmitt Charles O, electrician T H Smith, r Schmoeger Veron[...]Chris D, wks E B Lane, rms 4102 Schneider Charles Mrs, rms 1226 Bannock
Tennyson Schneider Charles P, r 4551 Lowell Blvd
Schmittling Joseph, molder Queen City Foun- Schneider Charles S, carpet layer Denver Dry
dry Co, r 2519 W 23d[...]oo
School, r 1516 Lafayette
Schmitz Charles F, eng Brecht Co, r 3911
Schmitz C[...]
[...], helper C & S Ry, r 3127 W Schnorrenberg Charles, porter St Luke's
5 to 28th av[...]Corona
Schneider James S, com broker 514 Charles Schock George W, r 19, 1460 Coron[...]
Schoeberlein William H, blksmith D & R G Scholl Charles M, r 1263 Marion
R R, r 334 S Kalamath[...]
[...]Schott Morris, coml trav 630 Charles Bldg, r
Schommer John J, driver Val[...]Luella E, steno Colo Fuel & Iron Schrader Charles A, car cleaner Tramway
[...]Schreiber Charles H, real estate 1732 Welton,[...]Schreiber Charles M, musician, r 717 27th[...]U S T YOU tural and ornamental iron, Charles H[...]Schreiber Rudolph L, salesman Charles
Schrader Sarah Mrs. r 1166 Stout[...]river, r 138 Stuart sylvania
Schrah Charles H (Schrah & Roebke), r 2540 Schriber Joseph[...]rgaret Mrs, r 159 Stuart Schricker Charles D, blksmith 1510 Wewatta,
Schrah Rudolph R, teams[...]Schriebman Abraham, r 1430 Grove
Schram Charles F, salesman George Mayer Schrieber Chris[...]lk, b 1917 W Holden PI 125 18th av
Schramm Charles W, varnisher Brecht Co,
r 1945 Curtis[...]ilor 704 Colfax av, r 2823 W
Colfax av
Schreiber Charles, mgr Walters' Union, rms[...]
[...]Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWA[...]W 13th av 519 Corona
U) = Schroeder Charles E, restaurant 212 16th, r Schrowsky Max, pol[...]yer H F, rms 10 W Irvington Pi
Schroeder Charles L, wood carver, r 2839 Schryer George H,[...]der Frank P, elk H F Totman, r 1336 Schuck Charles F, bartdr L Schuck, 1201 Ja-
[...]Schultz Charles (Emery & Schultz), 1321[...]Schultz Charles iron wkr, rms 1201 Walnut
TY(I%0TC%£AD Schultz Charles A, lab, r 4403 Xavier
Schultz Charles H, r 1322 W Alameda av
Schultz Charles W, foreman Monarch Lum-
W.J.MEIKLEHAM. P R E[...]ltz Frederick A, elk George Tritch Hdw
Schuknecht Charles T, motorman Tramway Co, r 897 S Grant[...]enry, cook, r 2148 Glenarm PI
Schuler Andrew, wks Charles Humburg, r Schultz Henry F, driver Colu[...]chultz Rosina Miss, elk Joslin Dry Gds Co,
Schull Charles, mach, rms 3501 Blake r 2929[...]
[...]868' S Ogden
UJfc Schulz Charles, toolmkr, r 1321 Inca Schureman Wil[...]r 322 S Grant Schuyler Charles M. paperhanger Robinson-
0} Schuma[...]
[...]Lafayette Schwartz Charles, coml trav, r 2805 W 23d av[...]R R, r 515 24th
Schwab Charles F. r 1010 15th
Schwab Fred, optician 1010 15th[...]chwartz Joseph B, real est, r 1845 Ogden
Schwacha Charles, waiter Lemp Cafe & SCHWARTZ JOSEPH I, mfg[...]
[...]Schwarzlander Charles, r 2477 Fenton[...]en Hugo, barber B Keiser, r 2051
Schwarz Charles, carp, b 2626 Gilpin Glenarm PI
Schwarz Charles, cigarmkr G D Schwartz, r Sch[...]
[...]tt Abigail C Miss, tchr, r 1042 Clarkson
Schwier Charles, boilermkr, rms 3801 Walnut Scott Adoniram J, c[...]oo
Scias Charles, cshr, rms 1430 Clarkson
Scibird Hattie Miss, dr[...]eder Peter, r 3005 Grove Scott Charles A, expressman, r .525 King
Scobey Frederick C, civil eng, r 1645 Albion Scott Charles A, pres and mgr Capitol Hill
Scobey Jesse C, vice[...]esting Co, r 3424 Colfax av Scott Charles H, pres Record Abstract Co,
Scobey Orlando B, rea[...]645 Albion Scott Charles W, r 951 Galapago
ICy'Scofield, see also Scholfie[...]7th av
Sconce John H, r 414 17th av
Sconce Robert S. elk D & R G R R, r 414[...]
Scott Louella Mrs, piano studio 505 Charles Scott Vera Miss, steno Littleton Crea[...]
EM C MURTRYMFG.(S[...]t (Phone Champa 2523) Scully Charles P, salesman Whitney Sporting _
Scott W[...]arl S, druggist, r 523 S Race
Scribner Charles D, messgr Globe Express
Co, r[...]
[...]rs Clarence, col'd, lab, rms 2048 Lawrence
Sealey Charles B, expressman, r 1244 S Grant Sears Curtis, br[...]el Sears Ethel C Mrs, waitress Charles Neher, r
Seals William, col'd, porter I A[...]
[...]17 Logan
S Emerson
Seastone Charles A, ironwkr, r 3717 Williams (Phone Main 6[...]aver Ralph L. mining, 1528 Stout
Seavey Charles W, groundman Tramway Co,[...]Larimer Xavier
Seawright Charles, col'd, janitor, r 2321 Benton Secord Walter K,[...]5 Cherokee
o tt boldt
Sebern Charles W, gardener, r 24 W Dart-[...]
[...]Seeman F C, coml trav, rms 510 ISth
Sedgwick Charles E, dept mgr The May, Seeman John, srroc[...]ck Fred W, elk Burlington Route, r Seemann Charles A C, elk P O, r 942 19th av
2555 15th
Sedgwick[...]EEMANN HENRY I, mines and
Sedlack Charles H, carrier P O, rms 1316 mining, 8[...]
[...]Seitter Charles F Rev, pastor Cameron Me-[...]morial Methodist Episcopal Church, r 656
Seifert Charles F, electrician Denver Gas & Iowa av
Elec Co, r 2954 Williams Seitz Charles F lino opr 1416 Lawrence, r 2916
Seifert Edward N[...]ing Co, rms 3031 W 38th av Seitz Charles L fireman U P R R, r 4788
Seifert George, machine[...]4546 York SEITZ CHARLES W, pres Mountain
Seifert George, r 1208 Raleigh
S[...]> ui
Seifried Charles F, civil eng, r 128 Sherman Seitz Herman Louis,[...]igal Morris, molder G E Clark, r 1510 Dale Seiver Charles M, farmer, r 703 Sheridan Blvd
Ct[...]umboldt Selby Charles J, brakeman, r 914 W 14th av
Seigel Morris, r 152[...]er Mary T Mrs, r 4023 Alcott Selden Charles E, collr Spengel House Fur-
Seiler William, carp,[...]OO
Seipp Charles, butcher, r 4640 Franklin

Mohawk Size of[...]
[...]Sellers Charles H, coml trav 220, 1520 Champa,
• 10[...]indig & Sells), r 123 Logan
•" Selfridge Charles F, pres Selfridge-Bliss Co, Sells Margaret Mi[...]ot & Ry Co, r 1738 Ogden Seimer Charles, rms 2054 Welton
oo Seligman Maurice, r[...]v 1307 Broadway
Selke Charles J, lab, r 2918 Blake Selover[...]
[...]Serat Mortimer E, pres Bell Coal & Cement
Semerad Charles, saloon 1401 40th, r 2751 Co, r 1273 Race[...]Sering J Richard, prop Broadway Hdw Co,
Semper Charles S, Semper, Colo, P O box 957, r 1205 Madison[...]Serviss Harry L, foreman Field and Farm,
Semrad Charles A, elec eng Northern Colo r 1118 27th[...]math
Seng Otto, ice cream mkr, r 3341 High
Senior Charles H, coml trav, r 1118 Lincoln
Senior Howard[...]
[...]son Andrea Mrs, r 4044 Fillmore
Setchel Charles F , druggist 3100 Gilpin, r Sevey Alice A Mr[...]lius B, mach, r 26 W Amherst av
Setchel Charles J, mgr C F Setchel, r 2751 Sevier Charles, r 1481 Adams
Lafayette Sevier Charles O, chief of police Englewood,
Seth Sara[...]Merc Co, r 2134 15th Sewall Charles F, with Blackstone Mining
Hi Setter Andrew[...]Menasce I, elk Shashou & Baba 614 Sewell Charles, rms 833 20th
Minnie Miller, George Saxton and Charles
Stich), 1021-1025 17th[...]
[...]av Shackley Charles A, dairy, 5127 St Paul GO
Sexton Robert W,[...]John, rms 1542% Market Shaeffer Charles E, pres Leadville Smelting
Seymour Anna Mrs, rms[...]Shaeffer Martin W, driver, r 3332 Eliot
Seymour Charles, helper Ward Auction Co, Shaeffer Ray. pol[...]Co, r 3332 Eliot
Seymour Charles A, genl mdse, r 758 Franklin Shaeffer Robert F, motorman Tramway Co, r
Sevmour Charles E, polisher Western Brass 3332 Eliot[...]hafer Annie Mrs, col'd, r 2224 Glenarm PI
Seymour Charles F, r 4, 325 18th av Shafer Burt, frui[...]ur Elijah M, cement contr, r 2965 S Shafer Charles W. foreman Colo Tent & C O
[...]Shanahan Frank, messgr Phone Co
Shaffer Charles, brakeman, rms 2S02 Larimer Shanahan Nicholas C, physician 3309 W 23(1 av
Shaffer Charles A, lab, r 3234 Elizabeth Shanahan Richa[...]Frank, earp, rms 2156 Welton. Shane Charles A. lab, r 138 Kalamath
Shaffer Fr[...]
[...]Shannon John, wks 1824 Lawrence
Shaner Charles, r 912 22d Shannon John B,[...]r 24, 1557 Larimer
Shannon Charles N (Charles N Shannon & Shapiro Isador, elk J Sneide[...]ro Jacob, cattle dealer, r 2768 W 14th av
SHANNON CHARLES N & CO (C N Shapiro Jacob L,[...]tn
Shannon George F , with Charles N Shannon
& Co, r 118 Acoma[...]s. m[...]
[...]pe Howard B, civil eng F H Whiting,
z Sharland Charles H, orderman Denver Gas & r 1350 Detroit
Ele[...]1025 W 7th av Windsor Hotel
Sharp Charles, cook, rms 2200 Curtis Sharpley Walter F, salesman Cornforth Fish
oo Sharp Charles P, carp, r Stuart ne cor W 52d
av[...]p Cornelius, lab, r 1025 W 7th av Sharts Charles H, printer News, rms 1841
Sharp David[...]
[...]ert T, phvsician 428 Majestic Bldg,
Shaw Charles E, driver Gould & Glascoe, r r 12, 609[...]ton
Pneumatic Tool Co, Wazee cor 35[...]mm*
SHAW CHARLES H JR, sec and treas SAY[...]
o Shea Charles, cook Albany Hotel, rms 1854[...]
[...]ndot SHEELY CHARLES G, bridge and
Shearer John W, condr Tramway Co, r[...]Sheffer Charles B, elk Overland House, 1423
ford Steam Boiler I[...]2 Jacobson Bldg, r 378 Lafayette Sheffie'd Charles E, policeman, rms 530 ISth
[...]erry A, eng, r 1945 W Holden PI
Sheldon Charles A, elk A T Sheldon, r 2309 Shelton Joh[...]
[...]d Francis M, lab, r 450 W Virginia av Sheppard Charles W, wire chief Phone Co,[...]ed Miss', rms 1817 Glenarm PI
Shephardson Horatio S. track greaser Tram-
way Co, r 117 S Kalamath
Shepherd Charles H, carp, r 4119 Julian
Shepherd Chester W,[...]
[...]rer, Shearer vania
Sherer Charles A, druggist, r 1144 S Clarkson Sherman C[...]
[...]Shetler Charles O, mech Natl Arc Light Co, r * cr[...]427 Julian Shetterly Charles J, pres Colo National Mfg • V
Sherman AVil[...]Shevlin John J, fireman D & R G R R, r 2,
Sherred Charles R, creamery 1120 Alameda 814 Navajo[...]acas James, waiter Savoy Hotel, rms 1858
Sherriff Charles E, fireman, r 2531 High Welton[...]
[...]e Benjamin, lab, r 1254 Galapago
Shields Charles D, real est 2511 Sheridan Shinkle John F ,[...]iss, taxidermist, r 2632 Raleigh
Shields Charles, helper Garrett-Elliott Heat- Shinkle Rees H,[...]DS ELEANOR J MISS, cshr Shinn Charles A, with Denver Dry Gds Co, r[...]ELS & FISHER STORES CO 16th Shinn Charles C, machine man Hallack &
bet Lawrence a[...]1627 Vine
Shin Charles, lab, rms 1148 Broadway Shipma[...]
[...]Shively Charles S, tchr South Side High[...]ke Joseph, lab, b 4726 Gilpin Shivers Charles, bellboy Albany Hotel, rms
Shipton Charles, blksmith, rms 2505 Lawrence Shivers 14th
Shi[...]ewis P, r 2635 AV 44th av Shoecraft Charles V, dist sunt International CO
Shire S[...]k, see also Schirk Shoemaker Charles M, painter, r 1163 Dela- m\[...]
[...]king Co, r 4320 W 47th av
Shollenberger Charles F, physician, r 2836 Short S[...]l Reuben H, elk P Prager, r 1429
Shontz Charles F, salesman Struby-Esta-[...]O'Shoop, see also Shup
Shoop Charles V, dentist 525 Mack Bldg, r
1362 Race[...]Shoup Charles E, salesman A J Simonson, r[...]
[...]5V2. 2140 California
Showers Charles, waiter, rms 1609 Welton Shufelt John,[...], r 554 Knox Ct Shufflebarger Charles E. collr Northern Coal
ShpisJohn, cabinet mkr, rm[...]Public Health, r 4521 Jason
Shrewsbury Charles, p l a s t e r e r , rms 2140 IC^Shuler, see al[...]Shull P C, r Hotel Metropole
Shriver Charles L, rms 1855 Lafayette Shull R[...]
[...]Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Shupe Homer, elk Charles Wathen & Co,
Shull William L, pres Amer[...]Shupe Leo (Charles Wathen & Co), r Little-
CO[...]Rose Miss, r 3, 1284 Corona Shurlotte Charles W, col'd, lab, r 3860 Lari-
E^Shultis.[...], r 3253 Arapahoe Shveibine Charles, cabinet mkr, r 4331 Raleigh
tf) ca Shu[...]
[...]EIKLEHAM. PRES. Sidebottom Charles A, r 1561 Blake[...]L, r 1128 Speer Blvd Sidenberg Charles, stone cutter, rms 2628
Shy Joseph L, tel opr, r[...]A Miss, steno Crump & Allen, r Sidenberg Charles Jr, rms 2628 California
608 S Pearl[...]oniski William, lab, r 4658 Logan Sidlo Charles T, with James N Wright &[...]Sidnel Harry, cigar mkr, r 1368 Perry
Sias Charles B, cshr Colo Ice & Cold Stor- Sidney M, r T[...]Siebold Fred G, r 2656 Franklin
Sicard Charles H, eng Hughes Blk, 22, 728 Siebold[...]
[...]Sigel Charles Jr, mining 603 Symes Bldg, r[...]r 1569 Irving
Siems Charles E, gardener, r 1175 Quebec Sigman M[...]
MUNICIPAL., CORPO- D . O l \ l 1"^[...]
The Hallack & H[...]
[...]av Simon & Cohen, mfrs agts, 628 Charles Bldg en *
Simmons Walter, agt Prudential I[...]
[...]528 Benton
~-J GLASS, s. « o .S Simpson Buchan Mrs, r 6, 1629 Clarks[...]ons, see also Symons Charles I, prop Simpson Seed &[...]son Clara B Miss, r 4, 1515 8th av
Simons Charles, rms 1335 Curtis Simpson Clyde, rms Y M C A Bldg
Simons Charles H, carp, r 3737 AA'olff Simpson Colin C, s[...]Henry T, iron contr, r 745 Marion
Simpig Charles, r 2619 Larimer Simpson H[...]
[...]r 1069 Milwaukee r 2803 Arapahoe
Simpson J Charles, restaurant 1755 Arapahoe, SIMPSON WM CONS[...]
[...]ss, stripper Cordove Cigar Co,
Simser Charles D, rms 1303 20th r 2019[...]Singleton Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2320 Law-
Sinclair V[...]r Walter H, brick mason, b 243< Glen- Singleton Charles, col'd, porter, rms 2125
[...]posa Sisler Charles H, mach, r 1226 Delaware
Singleton S R, Ry mail e[...]3429 Gilpin r 1671 Fillmore
Sipe Charles A, carp Denver Fire Clay Co, Sites[...]
[...]Frances B Miss, r 621 W llth av
Sitterle Charles C, saloon 2762 AValnut Skelley Mamie[...]Skelly Charles E, mach, r 2120 S Bannock
and liquors,[...]Trust Co, r 1121 20th av
Sitter!ey Charles, lab, b 1496 W Bayaud av[...]Skerritt Charles H (Skerritt Bros), r ws S
Sittloh Mary M[...]tt May R Miss, steno John Thompson
Sivey Charles L, contr, r 1133 18th av Grocery C[...]undertaker, rms 1809 Welton Skerry Charles A, real est 22, 1643 Champa, r
1 Six Pearl[...]420 Cedar av
o Sixtus Andrew C. WKS Charles JlumLurg, Skerry Harry A, civil eng, r 420 Cedar[...]235 Elati
ou 2325 Gilpin
OS Sjoberg Charles A, carp,, r rear 870 Kala- Skif[...]
[...]Skongood Fritz, driver John Thompson Gro-
Skinner Charles H, drugs 100 Broadway, r 203 cery1 Co, r 1129 W 9[...]Edward, rms 956 Broadway Skorepa Charles, baker, 280 Pennsylvania
Skinner Elizabeth[...]
[...]cCormiek, rms 29, Slater Milo H, lands 319 Charles Bldg, r 1253
1114 16th[...]W Dunkeld PI
Slagle Charles H, bkbinder Denver Litho- Slattery[...]o AV 8th av
Slagle Charles J, stone cutter, r 864 Jason Slattery J H, r Brown Palace Hotel
Slagle Charles R (Slagle Bros), rms 1953 Lin- Sl[...]
[...]Sloane Charles F, securities, 508 Equitable
Sleeper Howard L, el[...]ttleton AV, coml trav, rms 1502 Sloat Charles A, r 1248 S Pearl
Cleveland PI[...]man S, electrical eng, r 1777 S Lo- Slocum Charles E, engraver Smith-Brooks
[...]Small Charles F, motorman Tramway Co, r[...]erty), grocers, 86 Broadway
Slusser Charles A, carp, r 3425 AV 34th av Small William A, porter Ardis & Rodney
Slusser Charles R, investments 406 Kittredge Buffet Co,[...]
[...]Smelt Charles L, elk C & S Ry, r 631 W[...]Smethills Charles A, teamster, r 818 Delaware
Smalley F r a n k C,[...]Smiley Virginia Mrs, r 431 Marion
Smedes Charles AV, elk P O, b 1436 Pearl Smiley Walt[...]
P l a t e and
W i n d o w Class The Hal[...]
[...]h August, stone mason, r 3833 Shoshone Smith Charles carp, rms 2550 Lawrence
Smith Augusta E Mrs, r Ladies Relief Home Smith Charles, carp, r W 3d av se cor Tejon
Smith Augustus P, elk S Mayer, r 2344 Julian Smith Charles, coml trav 307 Barclay Blk
Smith Austin, wks Smith-Brooks Ptg Co, r Smith Charles, eng, b Ward's Hotel
848 Munroe Smith Charles, farmer, r 3120 Vallejo
Smith Austin AV, ins 14 Evans Blk Smith Charles, lab, b 1252 W Byers PI
Smith A, r 1761 Washington Smith Charles, mach, rms 2619 Larimer
Smith A Blanche Miss, steno DANIELS & Smith Charles, prop Englewood Garag
FISHER STORES CO, r 1641 L[...]h A B Mrs, rms 1112 Broadway Smith Charles, rms 1621 Larimer
Smith A B Mrs, rms 1861 Larimer Smith Charles A, carp, r 2464 Chase
Smith A D, cshr Cable Piano Co, r 4134 Bry- Smith Charles A, mining engineer 53 Jacob-
ant[...]h A F Mrs, r 1855 Logan Smith Charles A, salesman Rhodes Ranch
Smith A J salesman J G M[...]429 15th Smith Charles A, iron wkr, rms 2842 Franklin
SMITH A L MADAME, imported Smith Charles A, rms 1305 Delaware
gowns and laces, 1414 Court PI (Phone Smith Charles B, lab, r 3534 Marion
Main 8385) Smith Charles C, elk The May, r 1927 17th av
Smith Barbara Miss, rms 2138 AA'elton Smith Charles C, grocer 700 19th, r 2356 Hum-
Smith Barclay P,[...]u of Highways, r 1515 31st av Smith Charles D, coml trav Henderson-[...]h Benjamin, carp, rms 1303 26th Smith Charles E, elk, r 896 Pennsylvania ro
Smith Bernard, bricklayer, rms 1323 12th Smith Charles' E, expressman, r 931 9th
Smith Bernard, rms 1443 California Smith Charles E, fireman, r 1514 W Alaska Pi
Smith Bert A, salesman Eclipse Inv & Loan Smith Charles E, Ry mail elk, r 3129 Stuart
Smith Charles E, salesman Electrical Supply
Co, rms 30 20th av[...]h Bertha Miss, bkbinder Bankers' Sup- Smith Charles E, tel opr Logan & Bryan r
ply Co, r 1949 W Colf[...]h Bertha Mrs, r 341, 812 Kalamath Smith Charles E Mrs, r 2267 Grape
Smith Bertram N, grocer 1966 Pennsylvania, Smith Charles F (Smith Lunch Co), 1754
rms 2330 Court PI[...]h Bessie Miss, laundress Denver Or- Smith Charles F, elk Bayly-Allen Co, r 10,
phans' Home,[...]
[...]AHOEST. r 31 2d av
5 Smith Charles F, pilot Majestic Bldg, r 2410
Stout[...]Co, rms 1209 Colfax av
< Smith Charles F , col'd, porter, r 3737 Wil- Smith Clarence S[...]Watkins, Colo
Smith Charles G (Pearl Drug Co), r 1245 Vine Smith Clarice, cshr Grand Grocery, r 1519
Smith Charles G, asst mgr Clay Robinson & 33d av[...]larissa C Mrs, r ws Colorado Boule-
Z Smith Charles H (Smith & Smith), r 1109 S
Pennsylvania[...]Claude B, lab, r 7, 1045 W 14th av
Smith Charles H, mining, r 6, 322 17th av Smith Claude T, farmer, r 4240 Lipan
u Smith Charles H, plasterer, r 1639 Oneida
Smith Charles H, porter DANIELS & FISH-[...]Clifford C, elk P J McEnery, r 3886
Smith Charles H, teamster, r 4558 Adams Yates
Smith Charles H, 316 Charles Bldg, r 5, 1431 Smith Clinton, chauffeur, rms 3[...]Clinton M, civil eng, r 2608 Blvd F
Smith Charles J, architect, rms 429 16th Smith Clyde B Miss, steno Bradstreet Co, r
Smith Charles J, carp, r 3033 Josephine 30, 2330 Washington
Smith Charles J, drill press hand D & R G Smith Clyde G, m[...]h Clyde H, salesman, r 1920 24th av
Smith Charles J, janitor, r 2405 Blvd F SMITH CONCRETE MIXER CO, con-
Smith Charles J, plumber, r 40 Kalamath
Smith Charles K, plumber, r 40 Kalamath crete mixers, Burnite-Fitts Machy & Sup-
Smith Charles K, steam fitter, r 4138 Winona ply Co, 1727-17[...]Smith Copeland M, mach, r 2340 High
Smith Charles L, condr Tramway Co, r 448 Smith Cora A Mis[...]2958 Vallejo
Smith Charles L, confectionery 1024 W Colfax Smith Cora F Mrs[...]Dean, rms 1249 Acoma
Smith Charles L, eng D & R G R R, r 316 Smith Cyrus G, c[...], watchman A D T Co, r 1800 Lincoln
Smith Charles L, paperhanger B L James M Smith C L Mrs, r[...]Smith C S, rms 2505 Lawrence
Smith Charles L, col'd, butler 920 Pennsyl- Smith C Wilson,[...]Smith Daniel, mach, r 428 Jason
Smith Charles L B, printer Jennings Engrav- Smith Daniel, rm[...]vid V, driver A D Snively. r 1731 S
Smith Charles R. furnace wkr, r ss AV 38th Ogden[...]h Dee C, elk W L Douglas Shoe Co, r
Smith Charles S, foreman Orrock Carriage 2551 Stout[...]e Forest C, presser Pantitdrium Co,
2<i> Smith Charles S, teamster Ady & Crowe r 1134% W 10th[...]Smith Delia Mrs, r 4663 Humboldt
Smith Charles T, eng, r 514 24th Smith Delia Mrs, b 1321 Logan
Smith Charles V, driver, r 972 Lipan Smith Delia L Miss, elk Joslin Dry Gds Co,
Smith Charles W (Denver Raw Fur Co), r r 1163 Broadway[...]Smith Delphine Mrs, r 510 18th av
Smith Charles W, brick molder, r 2941 S Smith Disney H,[...]1540 Madison
Smith Charles W, draftsman TJ S Surveyor Smith Dollie E M[...]Dry Gds Co, r 944 Ogden
JO Smith Charles W, driver C A Boyer, rms 2903 Smith Dolly Miss[...]ith Don C, mining, r 2555 AV 33d av
Smith Charles W, mgr Armour & Co, r 517
Smith Charles W, student, r 1403 S Grant -[...]
[...]r 1446 Lipan Smith Elizabeth M Miss, cshr Charles Pot-
Smith Dot Miss, r 2107 Market[...]5
Smith Edward S. bkkpr, r 1353 Jackson
Smith Edward W, elk,[...]
Building Material
Both Wholesale and Retail The[...]
McPHEE McGINNITY CO. N a ^ ^ ^ d - ^[...]
D. F. THREEWIT ' £ £ !2S S f t i J5? Fire Drick[...]
[...]51 Fillmore Smith Milton (Milton Smith & Charles R
Smith Mary A Mrs, r 2489 Wolff[...]Mary A Mrs, r W 38th av w of Sher- SMITH MILTON & CHARLES R
idan Blvd
Smith Mary C Mis[...]Y VAULT CO.
Longdon genl salesman, 617 Charles Bldg, - I & 3 6 W E L T O N ST[...]
WindowGlass,Lead> ° « S P[...]
[...]ms 2625 Cali- Arthur), live stock, 419 Charles Bldg
fornia[...]Colo Smithea Charles D, col'd, s'oda dispenser
[...]Smyth Charles R, elk A E Dobberstein, r[...]rms 429 15th
•Smithpeter Charles W, painter E Matthews, Snaidemen B &[...]2562 Washington
Smock Charles C, carp, r 3920 Osage Snapp Lew[...]e, see also Smiley
ff^Smyth, see also Smith
Smyth Charles G, r 2084 S Bannock
Smyth Charles M, printer Union Ptg Co, r
1160 Detroit[...]
[...]Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Charles E, real est, r 1735 Humboldt
Snider Charles L, tailor, r m s 2259 Stout
Snedaker Vin[...]C J, printer Denver Times, r 2163
Snell Charles, car insp, r 3231 Newton Stout[...]
Snoeherger Barbara Miss, r 2520 W 32d av Snyder Charles, dr ver, Denver Omnibus & G O
Snoke Sylvester B,[...]ok Benjamin, r 3 S Kalamath Snyder Charles A, elk Co-Operative Mere
Snook Benjamin P , forem[...]oward Lumber Co, r 25 S Kalamath Snyder Charles D, barber 911 Larimer, r 2518
Snook Geraldine Mis[...]tis
Asbestos Mills & Power Co, rms 305 W Snyder Charles H, electrician, r 3067 S Aco-
Colfax av[...]ok Ira, lab, r 3 S Kalamath Snyder Charles H, painter, r 2784 S Delaware
Snouffer Ada B Mrs, r 1127 Josephine Snyder Charles P, elk Great Western Sugar
Snouffer Richard L, el[...]ak George, teamster, r 11 Sand Snyder Charles W, r 240 Detroit
Snoak George Jr, elk r 11[...]
[...]b 4121 Kalamath
Society of Colorado Pioneers, 309 Charles E^Solomon, see also Salomon, Saliman
Bl[...]Modern Man- Solomon Emanuel, tailor 208 Charles Bldg, r
tel & Fixture Co, rms 1059 Acoma[...]d F 14th av
Soderstrom Charles E, cshr Adams Express Solomon Jacob, elk[...]es H (Enterprise Jewelry Co), r
Sohn William, wks Charles Bilz, r 1904 Cali- 6, 1003 Lincoln[...]
[...]Songer Charles, rms 332 22d[...]
[...]24 27th
Soule Albert G, rms 2619 California
Soule Charles, cement wkr, r 2321 Glenarm PI
Soule Charles C, salesman J P F a r r a r Merc
Co, rms[...]
[...]her Nettie A Mrs, r 1811 Champa Spahn Charles E, elk Main Store Scholtz
[...]Sparks Charles A, r 349 St Paul
Sparks Charles S, Ry mail elk, r 25 Ohio av[...]arn Theodore E', elk Three Rules, r 3019
Spangler Charles, lab, r 5064 Tennyson Welton
Spangler[...]m (Theodoron-Spanos Co), rms 1629 Spaulding Charles F, mining eng, r 918 S GO"
[...]ight William A, elk American Smelting Speer Charles A, waiter Panzer & Guth,
tt • o & Refining[...]ker Clarence, fireman, r 1032 W 1st av Speer Charles K, mach D & R G R R, r 650
1- to Speaker Harv[...]552 Washing-
Spear Roscoe J, cellar man Charles Hum- ton
burg, rms 109 W El[...][CFSpeas, see also Spies
Specht Charles (Jolls & Specht), r 2825 W CALL PHONE 4 0 4 0 . ASK FOR
Douglass Pi
Specht Charles E, cshr ticket office D & R G THE RO[...]
[...]Spencer George A, wks F E Parkington, r
Speis Charles, with P S Hessler Merc Co 903 23d av
S[...]E, salesman Kuner Pickle Co,
r 957 Inca
Spencer Charles A, cement wkr, r 69 Gala-
Spencer Charles C, col'd, lab, r 124 York
Spencer Charles H, mining, r 3281 Lowell
Spencer Charles H, salesman Knight-Camp-
bell Music Co, r 3432 W 31st av
Spencer Charles L, mining, r 536 Ogden
Spencer Charles T, steno Tabor Opera
House, rms 10[...]
[...]Speth Charles H. electrician Fritchle Auto &
Statio[...]r Willard W, r 1666 Milwaukee Spicer Charles E , carp, r 2535 Chase
[...]Spitz Charles C, printer, r 818 W Sth av
Spitz Charles J, cigarmkr, r 61 S Hooker[...]Elizabeth's Church, llth sw cor Curtis Spivak Charles D, physician 242 Metropolitan
Spiegl Frank, music[...]Spivak Jennie C Mrs, tchr University of
Spielman Charles, clothes cleaner 641 20th av Denver, r 850 S[...]Inca Spivey Ellen Mrs, r 538 Jason
Spies Charles, rms 1812 Curtis Spivey Gus, dri[...]ane Edward D, lab, rms 1055 llth Splied Charles W, stone cutter D Cox &
Spillane Frank J,[...]
[...]Spray Eli, r 114 2d av
Sprague Charles E, designer Denver Gas &Spray Ethel C Miss[...]
[...]lk, r 4202 W 38th av California
Spriddles Charles, blksmith Gus Neumann, r Springhorn William,[...]rd A, chauffeur Sanford Tax- OO
Springer Charles, electrician, r 1447 Court PI icab Co, r[...]
[...]cean Stallings Charles E, bricklayer, r 1097 S Penn-
[...]i Carrie Mrs, r 1875 S Clarkson
Stamps Charles C, foreman Colo Roofing & CO, John W[...]
[...]ll Paper Co, 514 18th Stanley Charles H, supt H H Tammen Co,[...]lliam M, mach Kent Mfg Co, r Stanley Charles S, elk U S Ry Mail Service,
1123 W 9th av[...]Corona 6th av
Standley Charles M, lab, r rear 1386 Oneida Stanle[...]
[...]Stark Charles, rms 833 20th[...]rd Amanda Mrs, rms, 2048 Arapahoe Starke Charles J, whol lumber, r 3395 W 30th[...]Starkloff Charles, r 1345 GilpinT
Starbuck John C, carp, r 3[...]
pa m • Starks Charles W, genl contr, r 413 Fox[...]Ballinger mgr, 1525 Welton
Starkweather Charles H, carp, r 719 W 2d av State Finance Corporation,[...]ell E, cement contr, r 4531 Wolff
Starr Charles, helper W A Barton pres, 5th flo[...],
rms 2205 Larimer
Starrett Charles S, r 10%, 2140 California[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY C 0 . " ^ » f f l ^ 1 « l i i[...]
[...]Stecker Charles W (Gable & Stecker), r 1960[...]2 S Pearl Steel Charles M, eng. rms 1427 Blake
Stebbins E L, p[...]Jennie Mrs, r 5108 Clarkson Steelberg Charles, lab, r 3741 Fillmore
X to Stebbins[...]
[...]le Co, 729 ISth, r 1337 Gaylord
Stender Charles, waiter, 1472 Pearl Stephens Homer W, st[...]ing H, gardener, r ss W 38th
Stenhammer Charles, expressman, r 255S av 1-4 mile w o[...]
[...]Mrs, r 911 Champa
Co, r 3331 Decatur
Stephenson Charles, lab, r 1902 Bryant[...]oo
Stephenson Charles G, woodwkr, r 1045 W
10th av
[...]rietta Miss, nurse, rms 558 Clay-
Stern Charles, r 1233 California ton[...]t Stevens Charles, chef C O Faerber, rms 1734
Sterne Will[...]Co, r 644 Marion Stevens Charles, horse dealer, b Ward's Hotel
Sternenberger Frank J, yardmaster 17 P R R, Stevens Charles E, student, r 3277 Meade
r 412[...]
Stevens Charles H, guard United States Ex- Stevens James L,[...]Stevens Jennie Mrs, elk Tramway Co, r 27,
Stevens Charles O, window trimmer Western 1475 Humboldt[...]Stevens Jennie C Mrs, r 3236 Arapahoe
Stevens Charles T, carp, r 768 S Lincoln Stevens J[...]
[...]n Carrie R Miss, r 1018 S Vine
an Stevenson Charles G, r 3332 Lafayette STEWA[...]
[...]wart J a m e s K, printer Western Newspa-
Stewart Charles H , elk Lowell P h a r m a c y , r[...]
[...]Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant[...]ith & Stewart AVilliam H, r 2949 Vine
Charles R Brock, r 2456 High Stewart[...]
[...]Stiles Howard H, expressman, r 3425 Law-
Stickle Charles A, cshr E I du Pont de Ne- rence
mour[...]195S Arapahoe Pi
Stidger Charles W, elk, r 2825 Eliot Stiles O A Mrs[...]Co, r 4101 Raritan Still Charles W, r 1303 26th
Stidham William A, trav aud D & R[...]F Jr, driver Jet White Laundry Stillman Charles, col'd, lab, r 1117 28th
Co, r 2724 W 24th av[...]Stiernback Michael, lab, b 4820 Washington
Stiess Charles F, pressman Denver Times,
r 113 W Bayaud av
Stievens Charles, restaurant, rms 2617 Law-[...]
[...]Tremont PI
4 Stills Charles W, teamster, r 1195 S Mariposa
Stills[...]IE^"Stiner, see also Steiner
Stillup Charles W, bartdr, r 1809 Glenarm PI Stiner Georg[...]Co, r 1534 Larimer
Stillwell Charles W, r 1133 Clarkson Stiner Wilford[...]red S, driver Kennicott-Patterson Stinson Charles N, painter, r 52 Lincoln
Transfer C[...]Miss, dressmkr, rms 808 18th
Stilwell Charles C, mech Natl Cash Register av[...], driver Grand Grocery, r 3450 Stites Charles, painter, r 962 Jason
U M Wewatt[...]
[...]rf Emil, wks Kohler-McLister P a i n t
St J o h n Charles B , a b s t r a c t o r Denver A b -[...]
[...]Studio, rms 1251 Pennsylvania
Stockton Charles F , sign writer Curran Co, Stoffer William[...]
[...]s B l d g S t o n e C h a r l e s S. b k k p r D e n v e r O m n i b u s Ac
S t o k e[...]a u d W e s t e r n Ry
STOKES & SHERMAN (Charles A[...]
B. F, THREEWIT ' ^ 1 2 W « . " • LIME and CEMEN[...]
[...]Cosens & Storer), r 441 S Stott Sidney S. driver, r 27 S Bannock
Ogden[...]Stout Charles O, helper Nock & Garside, r[...]
[...]Straffaccia Charles, lab, r 1960 31st
Stover Chester A, finisher H R Sadler Furni- Straffaccia Charles F, gardener, r 1960 31st
[...]is B, asst sec Denver-Laramie Stratton Charles, foreman Denver Union[...]o, r 16, 1730 Logan Stratton Charles E, mgr City Loan & Invest-
Straithie H, iron wkr,[...]mer Stratton Charles R, musician, r 890 S Corona
Strampas & K a r r a s (J Strampas and H Stratton Charles W, bkkpr Lindquist-Strach-
Karras), coffee hous[...]randberg Carl L, musician, r 3106 Clay
Strandberg Charles V, janitor Continental[...]Straub Charles A, mining, r 3109 Williams
Stransky Joseph, elk H[...]Straub Fred, engraver W H Kistler Stationery
Charles Bldg, 15th cor Curtis (Phone Main Co, r[...]p, r 35. 2134 W 29th av
Strasser Leopold, jeweler Charles H Clark & Straughn Sarah E Mrs, r 2[...]
[...]Streedbeck Charles, elk Burlington Route, r
Straughn Will[...]Street Charles W, elk George Mayer Hdw Co,
Straup Will[...]tclair School. Street Mary K Mrs, dressmkr 611 Charles
Q r 1575 Galena, Aurora[...]
[...]d Louise E Mrs, r 2263 Tremont Pi Strobel Charles, waiter Albany Hotel
Strickland Rodney E, elk, r 1231 26th av Strobel Charles B, lab, r 355 W Ellsworth av
Strickland William T[...]trobel Julia L Miss, elk Weaver & Port,
Strickler Charles A, rms 1226 17th rms 391[...]
[...]2446 W Caithness PI
Strohm Charles, waiter Union Stock Yards Strong J Miriam[...]Ellis O, mgr Mutual Loan Go, rms Struble Charles C, eng, r 162 S Logan
107 W Hth[...]
[...]gden Stuart Mary E Mrs, piano studio 507 Charles mw
Struthers Helen Miss, elk Denver Dry Gds[...]and C A Murray), lawyers, 701-703 Kitt-
Stryker Charles E, condr Tramway Co, r redge Bldg, 16th[...]71 Logan Stubbs Charles E. pres Denver Horse Im-
Stryker Louis, cabinetmk[...]ker Tillie Mrs, elk, rms 1771 Logan Stubbs Charles H (Reo Hotel), 1308 Broadway
St Stephens P[...]
[...]Stumptner Charles W, coml trav, rms 1959[...]t C, coml trav, r 1318 Grant
Stuebgen Charles A, packer Cuban Cigar Co,

r 2130 Champa
Stuebgen Charles M H, elk Cover & Ham-
mel, r[...]
[...]nk W, driver Herman Stur- Suehrstedt Charles F, wks O P Baur Confec-
hahn, r 3016 Larimer[...]rge E, driver Herman Stur- Suehrstedt Charles H (Bladel & Suehrstedt),
nahn, r 3016 La[...]
es Sullivan Charles, painter, rms 2137 Stout Sullivan Irene Miss, elk Golden Eagle, r 819
r* 3E
Sullivan Charles A, storekpr Hotel Metropole 2Sth
eo[...]Sullivan James P, bartdr Charles Semerad,
Sullivan Daniel F, wks[...]
[...]Sullivan Mary E Miss, steno Charles Scrib-
2438 King
Sullivan John J, condr,[...]
[...]Summers Charles, lab, r Milwaukee sw cor[...]
TRAMWAY.WATER, DALinc g n f ] OTflPVO Nathan Gr[...]
Building Material
Both Wholesale and Retail The[...]
[...]Swab Dora Miss, elk Jacob French, r 1232
Suttle Charles E, asst auditor Northern Elati[...]09 15th CO
Sutton Charles, lab, rms 1737 Market
Sutton Charles, solicitor, rms 1075 Jason
Sutton Charles G, horseman, r 337 W Mexico[...]Store," 1138 15th cor Lawrence
Sutton Charles M, steno, r 1242 Marion Swackenbe[...]
[...]Weeks, adv agt, r 4001 W 29th av
Swahn Charles E, r 1122 Inca SWAN & CO (G A an[...]on Arthur C, elk Griffin Wheel Co, r Swanger Charles, blksmith J H Montgomery
145 Logan[...]on Carl, real.est 733 18th, r 541 Fox Swanger Charles F , bottler Tivoli - Union
Swainson[...]allow George R, r Hotel Metropole Swank Charles F, plasterer, r 269 Delaware
I- «' S[...]
[...]4152 Tennyson 26th av
Swanson Charles (Bringel & Swanson), 3601 Swanson John A,[...]son
Swanson Charles, lab, rms 5117 Clarkson Swanson John G, carp, r 1834 W 46th av
Swanson Charles, lab, r 560 Adams Swanson John M, lab, r 4314 Elati
Swanson Charles A, janitor, r 661 Pearl Swanson John R, apprentice, r 4524 Sherman
Swanson Charles A, lab, r 121 S Corona
Swanson Charles A, lab, r 673 Bryant
Swanson Charles P, lab, i 560 Adams
Swanson Daisy M Miss,[...]
[...]Swanson J Oscar, elk McPhee & McGinnity Sward Charles H, tailor Carl Amilon, rms
Co, r 525 M[...]nson Ole, rms 1231 18th Swartz Charles F , cigarmkr, rms 1309 26th
CO Swanson[...]r Arvada, Colo
Swanson Robert H, polisher Charles Wathen Swartz William H, elk Hendrie & Bol[...]
[...]AL CO, B
K Sweeney pres, 1725 California
Sweeney Charles, florist, r 4433 Garfield[...]
[...]Swegat F Charles, electrician Carstarphen[...]pital
o3 Sweet Charles, lab, rms 285 S Broadway
Sweet Charles E, carrier Five Points Station Sweitzer Mary C[...]tzer William, barber E Andrews, rms
Sweet Charles E, elk Adams Express Co, r 1626 Larimer[...]Hall, es Clark- Swem William A, coml trav 521 Charles Bldg,
son bet 13th and 14th avs[...]Inez E Miss, tchr Smedley School, r Swenson Charles J, barber 1821 Champa, r
4547 Wol[...]
[...]Swire Roger, elk Mutual Loan Co, r 2925
Swift Charles A, instructor Tramway Co, r 14th av
1071[...]Swisher Anna L Mrs, r 3036 S Cherokee
Swift Charles O, barber, 2805 Larimer Swisher Carl S,[...]Jessie F Miss, tchr Corona School, r Switzer Charles A, r 91 W Maple av
Switzer Charles H, bridge foreman, r 91 W OO
1735 22d av[...]John V, supt Swift Shale' Brick Co, r Switzer Charles J, grocer Kalamath se cor
1122 Ogden[...]
[...]Race Express Co, r 3634 Quivas
Tabor Charles M, motorman Tramway Co, r Taiber Edward, w[...]r Clara B Mrs, r 2395 S Broadway Taisey Charles H (C H Taisey & Co), r 132Q
Tabor C V Mrs, rms 41[...]Tako John, lab, r 4851 Washington
Tackett Charles E, fireman Denver Gas & Takota S, b[...]
B. F. THREEWIT 'S&U I S J W 22 Wood and Steel Lath[...]
[...]Tanner Charles, lab, r 3921 Utica
7 W E L L TRUST YOU Tanner Charles, painter, b 1331 Champa
Tanner Charles F, opr W U T Co, rms 2321[...]Tanner William D, adv "room Denver Post.
Tandy Charles B, architect W H Edwards, rms 1544 Welton[...]RUBERTA, THE r»«*»
Tangye Charles R, auto driver DANIELS <&
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]Ethel M Miss, opr Phone Co, r 837
Tapper Charles A, elk Colo Supply Co, r C, Jason r
196[...]Co, r 1560 Downing
Tarbel Charles A, r 938 Lafayette
Tarbel Louise E Mrs,[...]r 420 Fox nr W 30th av
Tarman Charles W, cigar mkr, rms 2144 Cur- Tatum Henry[...]
[...]Taylor Charles, chief mdse appraiser Assess-[...]CLAUDE M, treas Newcomb Taylor Charles, coml trav, rms 510 ISth
Realtv Co and Wilkins & Cornish Realty Taylor Charles A, sec J Lahroy Slusher Co,
Co, 533 17th, r 1440[...]Florence J Miss, music tchr 35, ISth Taylor Charles B E, bkkpr Knight-Campbell
av, rms 8, 1315 13th[...]Taylor Charles D, painter DAN IELS& FISH-
TAUSSIG OTTO E, prop H[...]e cor Curtis, r 217 S Clarkson Taylor Charles D Jr, stock boy DANIELS &
Tautfest Samuel L, chau[...]Taylor Charles H (C H Taylor & Company),[...]occo, lab, r 3732 Mariposa Taylor Charles H (Tuck-Taylor Hardware
Tavenor Edward J, messgr[...]3637 W 30th av Taylor Charles H, agt Meeker-Rangely Con-
Tavenor Richard E, dri[...]30th av Taylor Charles H, policeman, r 4605 Bryant
Tavernier Nestor, miner, rms 1411 26th Taylor Charles H, real est. r 3042 W Lake PI
Tavis John, lab, r 1214 12th Taylor Charles R, carp, r 459 Clarkson
Tavis Joseph J, contracting frt agt Chicago, Taylor Charles T, cshr Charles Potter, rms
Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, 821, 17th. r[...]TAYLOR CHARLES W, buffet, lobby
Tavis May C Mis's, bkkpr, r 1214[...]ay Taylor Charles W Lieut Col, adjutant genl
Tayc Vaclav, shoemkr, 1943 W 41st av U S A, r A, 1560 Ogden
Tayler Charles M, genl mgr Winter Cigar Taylor Charles W. lineman Phone Co. r 3016
Manufacturing Co, 11[...]Taylor Charles W. pres Denver Wholesale
Tayler H a r r y A, eng[...]Welton Taylor Conrad S. with Meeker-Rangely Con-[...]
[...]Taylor George F, lawyer 421 Charles Bldg, r[...]
The Hallack & Ho[...]
[...]Tegeler Charles F , gardener, r 852 S Jason
ETTebbetts, see also[...]Tegeler William F, gardener, r 1568 Wolff
Tebeau Charles P, cigar mkr, r 4367 Utica Tegtman William C,[...]Teimer Alfred, b 2159 Stout
Tedford Charles W, elk Tramway Co, r 3101 Teitelbaum[...]Telephone Bldg, 1413 to 1425 Champa
Teed Charles M, wks Jet White Laundry TELEPHONE STABLES, Willi[...], see also Teter Bldg
Teeter Charles O, sec Palace Grocery Co, r Tellon Ma[...]
[...], butcher, r 4677 High Ten Eyck Charles H, driver O P Baur Con-[...]ck Courtland W, jobber, r 2535 Race
Temme Charles H, salesman Great Eastern Ten Eyck John W, r Brow[...]Louis O, elk L Stern, r 2829 Vine
Temmer Charles A, lab, r 4542 Fillmore Ten Eyck Mina[...]nder, r 4385 Sheridan Tennant Harrison H, jeweler Charles Wathen
[...]Terry Charles H (Terry-Potter Lumber Co),[...]Terry Charles H, r 409 21st[...]ry Jessie N Miss, nurse Park Avenue
Teplitz Charles J driver Ideal Laundry Hospital, P a r[...]ss, d r e s s m k r , r 2315 M a r i o n
Terherst Charles, wood wkr, rms 1020 10th T e r r y M H o w a[...]ll Stella L Miss, milliner, rms 1953 Stout
Terris Charles H, machine man McPhee &[...]
[...]E^" Tharp see also Thorp
Tessmer Charles A, switchman TJ P R R, r Tharp Agnes O Mrs r 1354[...]Brick Co, r 875 Pennsylvania
r* as Tettler Charles, rms 2152 Champa Thatcher Geo[...]tional Bank, 17th cor Champa
Tew Charles F, lawyer, 334 First Natl Bank Thatcher Pe[...]
[...]l t e r W , s e c K i n g Solomon T u n -
Thayer Charles I, carp, r 1309 Grant nel & D e v e l o p m e n t Co, r m s Y M C A B l d g
Thayer Charles W, bartdr Hickey & T h e o d o r[...]ugo, storekpr The Shirley, r 2705 16th
Theide Charles, painter, r 1305 Kalamath[...]
[...]er John, lab, r 3354 Larimer Thomas Charles, baker, r m s 2302 Curtis
Thies Arno G[...]hies Felix, ins 210 Mercantile Bldg, r 1153 Vrain Charles, condr D & R G R R, r 4336[...]arkson Thomas Charles, fireman, r 2410 Lincoln
o Thies Fritz, pres Fritz Thies Merc Co, r 2545 Thomas Charles, student, r 4211 Fox
Champa Thomas Charles, waiter, r m s 1736 Welton
<^. THIES FRITZ[...]Charles, col'd, waiter, b 2350 Tre-
Fritz Thies pres, H L Hoffmann sec, whol Thomas Charles E, gravel roofer 1411 Stout,
A£ at liqu[...]Charles F , col'd, expressman, r 530
mi^ Thomas Charles
Thies & Desserich ( F Thies and J Dess[...]Charles Sewell Jr, mining eng 730[...]
We Buy[...]
LEAD, OIL,[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass , 8 w^r McPHEE & McGINN[...]
[...]Thompson Charles B, mach A R Thompson
• 10[...]VfMURTRYMrG^ THOMPSON CHARLES E, genl agt
Og 7)AIN[...]Thompson Charles E, mining eng Mine &[...]Thompson Charles F , dentist J H Beals, r[...]^^_5j^v/ PHONE, MAIN IOOO Thompson Charles F, wks DA NIELS &
M iMP 7 1716[...]Thompson Charles F Mrs (Thompson & Fow-[...]Thompson Charles H, elk J Waddlington, r
< THOMPSON ANDRE[...]Thompson Charles H, mgr Columbian Bifocal
Brunswick-B[...]op, r 570 Gilpin Thompson Charles L, pharmacist Wilson
Thompson Anna, co[...]Thompson Charles M, elk aud D & R G R R ,
Z Thompson Anna[...]Thompson Charles William, grocer 1779 Og-[...]n Annie Mrs, elk, r 1354 Osage Thompson Charles W, warehouseman Mine &
Thompson Annie[...]hompson Celia M Mrs, r 27 Fox
Thompson Charles, fireman Hotel Tours,

Hi lb
Lincoln cor Colfax av
Thompson Charles, rms 2355 Larimer
Thompson Charles, rms 1729 Curtis
Thompson Charles A, electrician, r 25 W 8th
Thompson Charles A, real est 412 Mack
5< Bldg, r 250 S Clarkson
Thompson Charles B, foreman Denver Gas
& Elec C[...]
[...], electrician, r 25 W 8th 9 tO
Thompson Frank S. glazier, r 440 S Bannock av
Thompson F[...]
Plate and[...]
Plate Class, Cement
[...]Reynolds Co, r 1301 18th av
Thomson Charles, coml trav, r 4832 Meade
[...]e George, col'd, porter, rms 2161 Law- Thorpe Charles, driver, r 1332 S University
rence Thorpe Charles Jr, tinner 21 1st av, r 3364
Thorne George H, law[...]Thorson A E, printer Denver Times, rms
Thornton Charles, teamster Greenlee Stone 1862 Curtis
& Bl[...]ton Margaret B Mrs, bkkpr Goss-Mor- Thrall Charles W, blksmith, r 213 Inca
ris Merc Co, r 30[...]
[...]hrall Jesse A, adjuster Denver Typewriter Thurlin Charles J, elk Assessor's office, r 721
Exchang[...]Effie Mrs, dressmkr, r 1755 California Thuringer Charles W, irrigation, 12, 1129 17th
Thrash Edwar[...]oses, col'd, janitor Denver Tran- Thurlow Charles W, rheumatic expert, 1, 711
sit & Wareh[...]earl Miss, col'd, with John Thurlow Charles W Jr, scenic artist Alden
Thompson Groc[...]Wire Co. rms 1126 Clarkson
Threadgill Charles, col'd, lab, r 1423 27th Thurlow William[...]amuel, col'd, lab, r 1423 27th Thurman Charles,
Three for Three Clothes Cleaners, 531 17[...]house Maud Miss, rms 278 S Lincoln
CM 5 Threet Charles R, col'd, lab, r 717 25th av Thurmond Cla[...]M Mrs, r 1329 Acoma Thurston Charles E, printer, r 468 Knox Ct
Thrift Edward J[...]fayette arm Pi
Thrun Charles W, fireman Auditorium, rms Thus[...]
[...]bers Assn of America, 202 to 206 Mint Blk Tiffin Charles C, student, rms 1234 Bannock
1410 16th, r 315 Hu[...]av
Tieck Hugo, bkkpr Denver Gas & Elec Co, Tifft Charles J, r 1619 17th av
r 2421 W Dunkeld PI[...]
[...]4 W Alameda av,
Tiger Louis, coml trav 218 Charles Bldg, rms r 1246 W Alameda av
1321[...]e Auto Delivery wagons, 2300 to 2314
Tilby Charles T, fireman, r 3532 Marion Walnut (Phon[...]l Henry W, student, r 3019 Franklin
Tilley Charles, expressman, r 1852 Ogden Tindall Joseph[...]gh Schuyler C, lab, r 341 Clarkson
Tillman Charles, mach, r 648 Mariposa Tinken Ge[...]
[...]Tischler Charles G, blksmith. r 725 1st av[...]Titcomb Edgar M, r 43, 1771 Pennsylvania
Tinkler Charles C Mrs, r 21 Downing Titcomb Edwin F,[...]l'd, porter Harry Levin, Herbert R Kaus and Charles W Day resi-
r 1906 W Colfax av[...]Delaware worth), r 1025 Pearl
Tipton Charles S, r 1007 10th Tittler Charles D, buyer Ward Auction Co,
Tipton Elizabeth M Mrs,[...]on Myrtle Miss, seamstress Denver Bed- Titus Charles W, assayer, r 1378 Zenobia
ding Co, r 296[...]
[...]Tobin Charles, r 1401 Julian
oo iposa[...]
[...]Tolin Charles L, lab, r 3252 High[...]omas B, lab, r 4041 Kalamath Tolle Charles, r 579 Pennsylvania
Todd Thomas L, real est, r 45[...]72 S T D Cobbey), lawyers, suite 411 Charles
Ogden[...]George W, r 1135 Broadway Tolman Charles, col'd, rms 2011 Lawrence OJ
Toenges Mary[...]ing), 2201 Market
Tokarsky Benjamin, real est 431 Charles Bldg,
r 2523 Curtis
Tokarsky Rose Miss, e[...]
[...]s 1722 California
Tomko Mary Miss, elk Charles Lind, rms 301 Toms Clara E Miss, steno Conti[...]in Samuel B, r 2573 Depew Toner Charles E, feeder Smith-Brooks P t g
[...]h Kasper J, wks WateJr Co, r 2532 3d av Toppan Charles B, coml trav, r 3905 Zenobia
TonikJohn, r 349 Huron nr W 30th av Toppan Charles B Jr, electrician, r 3905
Tonini Caesar, r 3515 O[...]v Torbert Charles W, eng, r 3718 W 3d av
Toogood Ernest, plasterer,[...]liam, driver Windsor Farm Dairy, Tornquist Charles, mgr Mrs E Berglund, 2041
r 2055 Clarkso[...]
[...]Towne Charles S, tchr, r 2424 W 36th av
Tost C[...]
[...]Tozier Luther L, grading contr, r 2444 S
Townsell Charles I, teamster, r 443 Galapago Acoma
Townsend Alb[...]racey Albert, elk New England Elec Co, r
Townsend Charles C, fireman U P R R, r 3821 222 Quitman
Williams Tracey Charles E, fireman D & R G R R, r
Townsend David,[...]
[...]d F , elk Harold Pharmacy, r Trail Charles W, coal, 4803 Gilpin
[...]r 4453 Yates Treadwell Charles E, grindstones, 1857 Cal-
Traut Valentine, r 274[...]rs Harry J, real est, rms 433 17th Treat Charles A, contr, r 1927 Lincoln
Traverse Adrien, salesma[...]chool of the
Annunciation, r 1408 36th av
Travis Charles A, elk Standard Pharmacal
Co, r 2643 California
Travis Charles E, clothes cleaner Albany
Hotel, r 2948 G[...]
[...]Cement Plaeter and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]159 Stout W 23d av
</) = Treff Charles A, carp, r 2090 Hooker
Treffeisen Albe[...]a n k H, salesman Alta Vista Devel- Trethewey Charles C, r 1521 Alameda av
opment Co, r 2,[...]William, barber T A Kilcourse, rms Treusch Charles H, sec Denver Sewer Pipe &
[...]belhorn Peter, carp U P R R, r 4415 Grant
Trichka Charles G, elevator man Hungarian Trinity Memorial[...]Tripletti Frank, lab, r 2540 19th
Trimble Charles J, automobiles 10 Broadway,
r 430 S Pennsylvania
Trimble Charles P, packer McPhee & Mc-
Ginnity Co, rms 10[...]
[...]Trost Charles H, salesman Dillon Hdw Co,[...]ard J, mgr Leslie-Judge Co, 311
Tripp Charles F, coml trav, rms 510 18th Kittredge[...]Tritch George, pres George Tritch Hdw Co, Trotter Charles, col'd, porter Pullman Co,
r 975 Pearl[...]Charles E, cutter U S Mint, r 4448
George Trit[...]Frank W, buyer Standard Meat & Trout Charles M, mach, r rear 1423 Fox
£n Live Stock C[...]Pennsylvania
ZQ Troncin Charles J, steno A T & S F Ry, r
<Z 3015 Williams[...]& Storage Co, r rear 2988 Hooker
Troop Charles B, salesman J T Crews Com
Co, r[...]
[...]Troyer Charles, porter The Bristol, 1848 Lari-[...]bridge Blanche A Miss, elk Agnes Me- Trueb Charles T, shoemkr, rms 2,124 Califor-
morial Sanatorium[...]ge George E, with U S Forest Serv- Truesdell Charles A, salesman, r 236 W Irv-
ice, r 1040 Jos[...]
Building Paper, Tarred Felt
and Roofing Material[...]
[...]uckman Louis, benchman Sayre-Newton
Tucker Charles, lab, rms 1737 Market Lumber Co, r 1522 Blvd F
Tucker Charles O, molder, r 2275 S Lipan Tuckwood Emma A Mrs, china decorator 309
Tucker Charles Warren, elk Phone Co, rms 14th,[...]er Henry C, sales agt Toledo Comput- Tuff J Charles, elk Denver Dry Gds Co, r 2411
ing Scale[...]
[...]Richard C, civil eng, r 558 Clarkson
Tufts Charles W, eng Engine Co No 5, 1817Tumler John, stone cut[...]Turcotte Charles S, boilermkr, r 63 S Ban-[...]
Turner Cass E V, mach, r 3333 W 34th av
Turner Charles, lab, r 3517 Wewatta
Turner Charles, lab, r 3542 Raleigh
Turner Charles E, hydrographer State Eng,
b 1576 Lincoln
Turner Charles E, driver, r 809 Champa
Turner Cooper, bkk[...]
[...]er Joseph J, lab, r 4161 Utica Turnham Charles W, r 119 Grant
Turner Joseph M,[...]
[...]Twenty-ninth Street Primary School, Blake
Tuttle Charles W, condr Burlington Route, r
1109 29th
Tuttle Charles W, trouble man Phone Co, r[...]ashington Twersky Charles, apprentice C M Davis, r
Tuttle Cornelius A, jani[...]Twitchell Charles A, elk Bennett & Myers, r
Tuttle Lewis S,[...]
Independent Plumb-[...]
[...]Ulsamer George, saloon 4573 Pecos
Uhrbrock Charles F, meat cutter Tremont Ulson Geo[...]
[...]t Loma Miss, steno Colo Natl Life Ungemach Charles H, coml trav J S Brown
4g Assurance Co,[...]carp Tivoli-Union Brewing
a»| Underhill Charles E, striper D & R G R R ,
r 218 S Lin[...]hen G Miss, steno J T Rown-
U Underhill Charles R, fitter Denver Gas & tree, r 2105 W 37th[...]ec Co, r rear 4121 Clayton
5° Underhill Charles R, mech W Ainsworth &
Sons, b 743 Ga[...]Joseph, lab, r 4747 Gilpin
Z<o Underhill Charles W (Underhill Inv Co), r Unger Mary A[...]
Nails, Cement, Plate Glass' w ^ r McPHEE & McGINNI[...]
[...]Urbonowich Charles, lab, r 4750 Washington
/ WE'LL[...]ing Uson T, lab, r 3241 Mariposa
Upstrom Charles A, expressman, r 413 S Ustick Clark H, f[...]TO"
Urban Charles, rms- New Western Hotel
Urban Cora Mae Mis[...]
[...]Utter Lafayette B, coml trav 614 Charles[...]s, 420-438 Colfax av Larimer
Utt Charles, stone cutter, b 1861 W 12th av Uyemura H, la[...]Frieda Mrs, cook, rms 2263 Stout Uzzell Charles V, r 4054 Wyandot
Utter Albert E, erect[...]Pennsylvania
Vadinsky Charles, lab W C Waldo, 890 S[...]Vaillancourt Charles E, elk, r 520 20th av
Vagnino Mi[...]
[...]7ZIZ711 W.27'_HAVE.PH0NEGALLUP9I3. Vallero Charles J (Vallero Bros Merc Co), r[...]ine Eugenia Mrs, r 1577 Ogden Van Akin Charles E, teamster Cambrian Coal
Valentine Harold[...]
[...]Van de Malle Charles, benchman Sayre-New-[...]
TRAMWAY.WATER, DflMIK and QTflPK Q Nathan Gregg &[...]
[...]1716-20 ARAPAHOEST. Van Loon Charles, packer, r 3920 Williams[...]en George E, real est, 320 Kitt- Van Ness Charles, foreman Bureau of High-
redge Bldg[...]nt r 322 Lincoln
Van Hook Charles, col'd, lab, rms 1221 24th Van Nice[...]
[...]Van Steenberg Charles, elk United Cigar[...]eren Martin, driver Isaac Rosenthal, Vanstrom Charles, foreman Denver Gas &
r 2937 Larimer[...]n Till Harry E, carp, b 1503 S Emerson
Van Olinda Charles W, real estate, r 2520 Vantrain William A,[...]Wilbur, r 3225 W 18th av Van Vleet Charles W, grocer, 1379 Jason
Van Riper Alva, elk, r 309[...]si
Vansickle Charles, lab, r 2557 Depew
Vansickle Orrie, farmer[...]
[...]ALU Varnum Charles B, osteopath 335 Mack Bldg,[...]y>±-*$~*-J/ PHONE, MAIN IOOO Varnum Charles W, lawyer 501 Symes Bldg,
mZi C W 171[...]Varnum George M, lawyer 421 Charles Bldg,

Van Winkle William H, painter,[...]tta Mrs, binder opr, r 1209 32d
t* at Van Zant Charles B, physician 460 Metropol- Vassar[...]s S Sherman
Van Zant Charles R, coml trav, r 307 Down- Vassel Christopher P ,[...]Charles P, bkkpr B F Threewit, r[...]
[...]student, rms 220 W 14th av Veazey Charles A, collr, r 1233 Inca
Vaughan William S, meat cut[...]Vecchiarelli Rocco, lab, r 3604 Mariposa
Vaughn Charles E, condr Tramwav Co, r Vecch[...]Vedder Agnes S Mrs, r 1221 Lincoln
Vaughn Charles E, motorman Tramway Co, Vedit[...]World, 9, 1622 Arapahoe
Vaughn Charles G, r 111 Harrison[...]
[...]n Margaret Miss, elk, r 3445 Walnut
Venard Charles E, carp, r 3051 W 37th av Verlin Mic[...]sage Verner George A, mfrs agt 621 Charles Bldg,
Vendome Hotel, 2161 Larimer[...]ra Mrs, r 2731 W 37th av Vernon Charles, lab, rms 1335 15th
Venlang Philip, lab, r[...]t, cook, rms 1178 Stout Verrey Charles A, r 2246 Washington
Ventich Rokse D, wait[...]Amelia C Mrs, r 663 Pennsylvania
Verchota Charles F, tailor Gano-Downs Co, r Vervalin Bertha A Miss[...]I C E IOIO 1 6 ™ . S T R E E T .
Verdell Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2237 Champa G[...]
[...]Vickland Emil E, helper Griffin Wheel Co,
Very Charles J, tinner R Hardesty Mfg Co,
r 5160 Raleigh
Vese[...]oom, 631 Whitney Sporting Goods Co distributers,
Charles Bldg
Vetter Jesse H, mach D & R G R R, r 6[...]
[...]2827 High Vivian Charles S, student, r 1816 Sherman
Vinley John, lab, rms[...]ivian George G, mgr North American Smel-
Vinquist Charles R, brakeman, r 3029 Colum- ter & Mines Co, r 6[...]Vivian Thomas H, r 3240 Vallejo
Vinton Charles H, elk Leonard De Lue's De- Vladoff Michael, pedl[...]on Louis, mechanical eng, r 2500 Ivy Voegtle Charles J, bakery 843 Corona
Vinton William, mecha[...]
[...]Hotel, r 1654 Gilpin
Vogel Charles G, apprentice G W Wagner,
o rms 1854 Sto[...]ilhelmina Mrs, r 1180 S Clarkson
Vogeler Charles H, r 5049 W 32d av Volker Fannie Mrs, w[...]ht John P S, r 2434 Franklin Vollmer Charles F , designer, r 921 S Clarkson
Vogl Albe[...]rms 1928 Lawrence
Vogrin Michael, bartdr Charles Humburg, r THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN[...]RETAIL O F F I C E I01O 1 6 ™ .
Vogt Charles F , furrier R Wenzel, r 1312[...]
[...]Von Hornburg Charles J, cigar mkr, r 2828[...]IMBERS Von Kamp Charles E, saloon, r 528 S Sher-[...]Chester C, plumber, r 2331 Marion
Von Ehrenkrook Charles F, pres Architec-
tural Construction Co,[...]
[...]Vos R J Mrs, r 4063 17th av
Vosburg Charles H, helper C & S Ry, b 3043
Umatilla[...]Vottier Charles H, steno Oregon Lumber Co,
4 Vosbur[...]
[...]a Wadleigh Charles A, mach Denver Engineer- -I en
Waddell Thoma[...]Fox WADSWORTH CHARLES F, mgr
Wade Arthur F, bkkpr, rms 1532 Cou[...]ln Wadsworth Charles W, lab, r 1105 Alameda av
Wade Charles C, lab, r 2628 W 7th av Wadsworth[...]
[...]Cement Plaster and Plaster Paris,
U. S. and Ideal Portland Cement THE HALLACK & HOWARD[...]alty & Indemnity Co, N Y, 412-413 Cooper Wagner Charles, carp, rms 2156 Welton
Bldg (Phone Mai[...]er Marie D Miss, elk, r ?19 W Sth av Wagner Charles E, steno Hungarian Milling[...]er William F, brewer, r 919 W Sth av Wagner Charles H, grocer, 3262 Larimer
Waechter William F, r 1100 Mariposa Wagner Charles J, elk F G Greenfield, r
O K WAESSEL M A X ,[...]change dept First National Bank, First Wagner Charles M, farmer, r 1215 Cherokee
Hi = National Ba[...]ICTWaggoner, see also Wegener
Waggoner Charles, dairy, 960 Dartmouth av[...]
e nd
[...]Waite Charles P, elk American Smelting &
M ! .[...]1027 Stout
Wainstein Nellie Miss, steno Charles Scrib- Wakeman Bennett, rms 1013 20th[...]
[...]llth av Waldo Charles A, real est, r 1669 Madison
Walborn William, plas[...]rado Bldg
Walbrook Charles H, with P S Hessler Merc Waldorf Marg[...]
[...]Waldsmith Louis (Colo Beef Co), r 3046 Ma- Walker Charles A, tinner Colo Syrup Co, r[...]Waldvogel Anna E Miss, insp A T Lewis & Walker Charles E, coffee 213 Enterprise Blk,
Son Dry[...]Waldvk John, packer Turner Moving & Stor- WALKER CHARLES E, physician,
ft age Co[...]Walker Charles H Rev, r 1165 Emerson
Wales A J Mrs, with Clason Map Co, r 1425 Walker Charles L, elevator pilot, r 3827 Yates
Acoma Walker Charles M, elk, r 1835 Vine
Z in Wales Bert H, insp Tramway Co, r 3336 W Walker Charles M, student, r 1152 York
o -I Haywood PI Walker Charles O, collr City Transfer Co,
Wales Frank A[...]Wales Harvey A, mach, r rear 1085 Lowell Walker Charles W (Walker Plumbing Co),
Mountain and Plain ' " S r M c P H E E & M c G I N[...]
D. F. THREEWIT ' ^ S t t l S f Portland Cement-Lim[...]
[...]ker William B, lab, rms 1108 22d Wallace Charles, bartdr Camnitzer & Lucas,
Walker William H, barb[...]ker William H, mining, r 797 S Clarkson Wallace Charles W, eng, r 3639 Raleigh
Walker William H, photogra[...]Wallace Fremont C, painter, r 3226 Meade
Wall Charles J, r 1352 Elizabeth
Wall Charles L, mfrs agt, 47 Jacobson Bldg Wallace Ge[...]
[...]oreman E E Weaver, r Wallace William A, coml trav Charles Hum-
1311 22d av
H CO Wallace[...]
[...]Com Co, r 35, 1221 Sherman
Wallick Charles E, sales mgr Denver Music Walmark A[...]
Independent Plumb-[...]
[...]Walter Charles S, real est, r 1136 Bannock
Walskno Edward, lab, r 2428 Arapahoe
Walsted Charles M, gasmkr Denver Gas &
Elec Co, rms 2418[...]
[...]s William M, salesman R E Mellish
Walters Charles, rms 1820 Stout Loan & Inv Co, r 2429 Hooker
Walters Charles A, elk County Treas, r 915 Walters William[...]arry R, finisher Chas D Griffin Walton Charles B, elk C W McCormiek, rms
Shoe Co[...]
[...]2946 WANTLAND CHARLES E, pres
[...]herine M Mrs, r 4160 Fenton
Ward Charles B (Ward & Montgomery), r[...]Warehouse, r 462 S Pearl
Hi Ward Charles E, teamster, rms 2840 Arapa- Ward John O, c[...]Adams
Ward Charles E Mrs, r 764 Sherman
22 Ward[...]
[...]WARD & MONTGOMERY (Charles B[...]
[...]Jacob, lab, r 4810 Emerson Warner Charles G, messgr Denver Times, r[...]
[...]Minnie E Mrs, r 459 Ogden Warren Charles E, elk, r 573 Cherokee
Warner Orville E, tel opr, rms 3121 Cali- Warren Charles F, fireman D & R G R R, r CO
fornia[...]Warren Charles J, riveter Golden West Iron
WARNER-PAGE REALTY CO[...]and Irving Page), 5 Boston Bldg, Warren Charles S, bricklayer, r 1357 Newton
1654 Champa Warren Charles W, lab, rms 1407 Platte
Warner Richard, rm[...]
[...]ery, r 2470 W 32d av
^ 1 GLASS, S.^VS. Warren Willis B, col'd, l[...]Wascher Charles L, salesman C H Taylor &
o< Warren Mar[...]
[...]hington William B, col'd, janitor Jacob-
Washburn Charles E, waiter Adam Goebel, son Bldg, r 1760[...]wealth Bldg, r 1048 Lafayette
Washington Charles, col'd, boilerwasher, rms Wasson Lizzi[...]
[...]omas, tinner J M Kelley, r 3638
< .£ WATERMAN CHARLES W, lawyer, High
414 Equitable Bldg, r S[...]& Bolthoff Mfg & Supply Co, r 1868 Gaylord Wathen Charles (Charles Wathen & Co), r
Waterman Herbert, with He[...]& Supply Co, r 1666 Race Wathen Charles & Co (C Wathen, C E Ever-
<0 0. Waterman Herber[...]Amy G Miss, tchr, r 1341 Ogden Watkins Charles E, mining, r 1601 Pontiac
Waters A W Mrs, r 3, 1123 Sherman Watkins Charles H, foreman U P R R, r 4640
OO Waters Bernard[...]1, 3638 High Gilpin
W a t e r s Charles M, P O inspector, r 15, 1224 Watkins Charles S, r 1305 Elizabeth
Colfax av[...]
[...]kins Leonard A, coml trav L A Watkins Watson Charles, grocer, 1377 Mariposa
Watson Charles B, helper C & S Ry, r 2471
Mdse Co, r 1445 Fran[...]atkins Mdse Co, r 1445 Franklin Watson Charles F, brakeman, rms 921
Watkins Leonard K Jr, r 1445[...]Watson Charles H, student, r 1231 Hum-
WATKINS L A MERCHANDISE C[...]Watkins pres, L K Watkins treas and Charles. O, salesman P S Hessler[...]oo
genl mgr, 1527 Wazee
Watkins Mahlon S. r 705 Lincoln
Watkins Mary E Mrs, r 4113 W[...]
[...]on James G, com'l trav J I Case
WATSON CHARLES S, pres Denver Threshin[...]Blvd
Watson Charles W, physician, 1103 Cook Wa[...]
[...]ond E, granite cutter Seerie Watters Charles, porter, rms 806 Hth
Bros, r 2325 Eudora[...]W a t t s Charles, elk aud D & R G R R, I-
Watson William, rms 1740[...]illiam B, stone cutter Fairmount Watts Charles, cook Overland Park
Monumental Wks Co, r 900 Niagara Watts Charles A, checker Windsor Farm
Watson William S, salesma[...]e W a t t s Charles B, chef D & R G R R, r
Watson William T, m[...]
[...]Waugh Daniel S, mech eng Denver Rock Weatherhead Charles B, hatter Weather-
Drill & Machy Co,[...]Edward, rms 311 16th Weatherhead Charles E (Weatherhead Hat
Waugh Edward S, blk[...]Waxman & Stolsky (O Waxman and Max Weaver Charles, plumber Chris Irving[...]Buell K, steno Tramway Co, r 1310 S Weaver Charles F, electrician DANIELS &[...]
[...]ertram, barber 3412 Franklin, r 3843
Webb Charles D, elk Northern Coal & Coke • DEALERS IN
Co, b 1658 Clarkson
Webb Charles H, elk, b 870 Fox[...]
[...]a r r y L, electrical contr, r 4344 Ames Weberg Charles, lab, r 3935 Wynkoop
Weber Hawley E, meter reader[...]man R, chief eng Western Fur- Webster Charles D, confectionery 1302 17th av
nace Co, r 365 S Washington Webster Charles H (Blum & Webster), r 2053
Weber H, bakery 1040 C[...], elk, rms 1825 Curtis Webster Charles W, washer Grantham's Wet
Weber Ignatz, expressman[...]ob C, foreman Colo Herold, r 4148 Webster Charles W. b 5442 Washington
[...]*']\y MAKERS Wedig Charles H, mgr Leyden Coal Co, rms[...]ette Weeks Charles, rms 3746 Wewatta
Webster R C Mrs,[...]
[...], r 2735 Meade Weible Charles, butcher John Thompson Gro-
Weesner Ernest, dress[...]C A, r 1701 Weichsel E David, coml trav 409 Charles
17th av[...]
[...]4259 King
4 Weideman Charles F, teamster, r 1210 W Col-
fax av[...]Ray, salesman, rms' 2803 Law- Weiland Charles, dairy, W 53d av cor Vallejo
rence[...]off, r
339 Washington
Weigel Charles, cement wkr, rms 41 S Sher-
[...]Weingartner's J Sons (A S and W S), cigar
Weinand Charles J, foreman photo engrav- mfrs, 1824 Linc[...]ept Smith-Brooks Ptg Co, r 4100 Ari- Weinger Charles, mach, rms 1730 W 40th av
[...]Camant Plaatar and Plaatar Paris,
U. S. and Idaal Portland Camant THE HALLACK &[...]violinist Hofbrau Cafe St
Weis Charles, r 2560 River Drive James Ho[...]Weiss John, rms 1310 15th
Weisbeck Charles, teamster, b 2611 45th av Weiss John J,[...]"PHONE 4 0 4 0 . A S K FOR
Weisensee Charles, lab, r 854 Lipan
[...]Welch Charles C, lawyer 413 Kittredge Bldg,
Weiss Rudolph,[...]2600 l l t h a v Welch Charles F, lumber 2518 W llth av
Ogden[...]Lawrence B, driver Charles rms Abbott Hotel
H u m b u r g , r[...]
[...]S, w k s K e n d r i c k B e l l a m y Co,
Wells Charles, col'd, elk, rms 1933 Lawrence r 357 S G r a n t
Wells' Charles B, supt of transportation W e[...]v Tennyson
WELLS CHARLES E, sec Knight- W e[...]n i e B M r s , d r e s s m k r , r 4127 W
Wells Charles E, butcher, r 4476 Yates 50th a v
Wells Charles H, floor mgr A T Lewis & W e[...]ington Washington
Wells Charles N, bricklayer, r 3780 Sheridan W e[...]c h r C l a y t o n School, r CO
WELLS CHARLES R, successor to 10[...]c e m e n t c o n t r , r 2556 S D e l a -
Wells Charles S Mrs, r 1233 12th av
Wells Charles W, mineral insp U S Genl[...]
[...]eo *W-* •' j CjL A S S , £tLnl~o s. 2435 W 42d av[...]Wells William S, bkkpr P W Terry, r 1567 Welty Charles R, wks Colo Film Ex[...]
[...]A, lab, rms 3907 Walnut Werkmeister Charles F, mach, r 1831 W34th av
Wennersten Andrew, bardt[...]ncis A, supt Knights of Columbus Si
Wenske Charles carp, rms 1216 Larimer Bldg, rms 144[...]rner Susie C Miss, wks Joslin Dry Gds Co,
Wentzel Charles, cook, rms 45 W Archer PI r 1362 Lipan
Wenzel Charles J, barber H a r r y Levin, rms
705 14th
Wenzel Charles W, rms Y M C A Bldg
Wenzel Jacob, lab, rms[...]
[...]rms 1429 Blake
Wernert Charles W, r 1317 Fox Wessel Fred, se[...]Saddlery Co
Wernet Leslie, engraver Charles Wathen & Wesselman August H, farmer, r W[...]an Herman, farmer, r W 1st av ne
Wernicke Charles L, condr, rms 1149 Cali- cor Fenton[...]an Sidney E, student, r 719 27th West Charles (Dr West Electorium Co), 1420
Werthan Sol[...]eimer A E Miss, r 1117 14th av West Charles, rms 1845 Lawrence
Wertheimer Charles A, coml trav 308 Appel West Charles F, chauffeur W I Mead, r 1719
Bldg, r 11[...]ey Raymond, engraver Smith - Brooks West Charles O, col'd, bartdr, r 2822 Glen-
P t[...]ey Wallace C, switchman, r 3007 Marion West Charles S, col'd, porter The Shirley, r
Wertman E[...]an George W, bricklayer, r 1420 Yates West Charles T, real est, rms 1708 17th
Wertz Adolph H[...]liams W Clyde PI
oo Wertz Charles E, salesman, r 1243 Osceola
[...]orter American House
West Fred H (West Bros), 216 Charles Bldg West Thomas, r Hotel Midland
West Fre[...]Westaway Charles A, bricklayer, r 3433