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1899 Corbett & Ballenger's 27th Annual Denver City Directory.


Telephone 1861

The Wei[...]
Established 1879
©OWAR© P . AfcUS
ill COM[...]
* Denver ttlire[...]
[...]corner cards Humburg Charles, wines and l i q u o r s . .[...]
[...]a c e Co opp. 25
McBride Charles, gravel roofer opp. 1390[...]manufacturers.. .back fly Smith I. S., gravel roofer..[...]
Builders' Castings 1275 Co[...]
Hardware S p e c i a l t i e s —[...]
Plate Steel .1391[...]
Some Reasons Why Names Are Not Found in the[...]
[...]street. CHARLES BUILDING—Fifteenth, south-
[...]R BLOCK—1529 SUMNER TERRACE-1221S. Third street,
Lawrence Street.[...]coln avenue. Twelfth avenues, Clark and S. Water
Q U I N C Y BUILDING-Seventeenth,[...]11 Fifteenth street. northeast corner S. Tenth street.
SAFLEY BLOCK—1518 Arapahoe[...]
[...]Powell Silas F, piano tuner 633 17th.
Ferris Charles H, r 1645 Humboldt. Pratt Charles G, r 1073 Ogden.
Ferris I E, caterer, r 16[...]
[...]sident flTTRftf'fl
Benton Canon. Charles F. Wilson F U L L E R PARK—B[...]
Trustees—Anthony Detmoyer, J. S. Ander- Sylvester G. Williams[...]ey
Town of Elyria. S. M. Carlzen .Police Magistrate[...]Mayor Jones, T. J. Anders, Herbert R. Ham-
Charles Baer Clerk mond, Geo. H. Moser, W. T. Michel.
S. Coulter Treasurer
John Ott[...]Jackson Mayor
Trustees—Charles F. Allen, I. H. Beal, M. A.[...]
[...]Choate, J. B. Church, C. S. Morey, J. K.
Lewin, R. W. Bonyhge, H. M. Joralm[...]E. MacCracken, Charles H. Reynolds,
C. S. Morey, Philip Feldhauser, W. R.[...]Kountze, W. W. Borst, Otto Mears, S. M.
Owen.[...]ENT — L. E. Lemen, J. A.
Thatcher, S. A. Fisk, T. S. McMurray, HOUSE—N. Robertson, Arthur Williams.
Wolfe Londoner, J. W. Springer, S. M. WAYS AND MEANS—H. M. Joralmon, W. S.S. Guggenheim, James
John F . Shafroth, S. J. Gilmore, J. W. Williams, S. M. Allen, Thomas Keely.
[...]between Broadway SIONERS—Governor C. S. Thomas, Pres-
and Grant avenue.[...]ident; E . F . Beckwith, Secretary of State;
Charles S. Thomas Governor D. M. Ca[...]Attorney General ERS—Governor C. S. Thomas, Chair-
Mrs. H. L. Grenfell[...]Smith, Deputy Commissioner, 16 Capitol
Mrs.T.S. Beckwith..Clerk of Stock Brands[...]
—W. S. Coburn, Hotchkiss, Colo., Presi- INERS—Fran[...]Office, CORRECTIONS — G o v e r n o r C. S.
Capitol Building. Thomas, ex-officio; Mrs. S. S. Piatt, Pres-
STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION— ident; C. L. Stonaker, Secretary; J. S.
Governor C. S. Thomas, Chairman; E. F. Appel, Mrs. N. P. Hi[...]OF PHARMACY—C. D. Presidents; Charles R. Dudley, Secretary;
Barnes, Denver, President[...]nd Junction, Vice-President; Bock, Secretary; Charles Owens, Edwin
Dr. J. M. Hall, Denver, Treasurer;[...]Gov- STATE BUREAU OF MINES—Harry A.
ernor C. S. Thomas, President ex-offleio; Lee, Commissioner[...]eorge C.D.Ford
M. Sutton, A. P. Frederick, Charles H. Register United States Land Offi[...]nt
Frank A. Putney, Chairman; H. C. Hefner, S. C. Hinsdale ) United States Commis-
Dewey C. Bailey United States Marshal Charles H. Brickenstein
Robert Bailey[...]Clerk United States District Court W. S. Fitch > ..United States Pension Ex-
*Not a[...]
[...]Wilson POLICE COURT—Meets daily at room 9,
and Charles I. Thomson.Associate Judges;
James Percha[...]
[...]J. Volkmar, Assistant Adju- Governor C. S. Thomas, Commander-in-
tant General.[...]quarters Denver Armory, corner Twenty-
Maj. F. S. Dodge, Paymaster, Chief Pay- sixth an[...]Second Lieutenant W. S. Fletcher
Capt. Wellington G. Sprague, U. S. A. (re-
tired).[...]y B, 1st Infantry.
"Capt. Robert G. Smj>thers, U. S. A. (retired).
Capt. John McGilvray, U. S. A. (retired). Captain[...]d; garrisoned
by Companies I, K, L and M, 25th U. S. In- Company E, 1st Infantry.
fant[...]ieutenant.. __F. C. Brown
Lieut. Col. A. S. Daggett 25th Infantry
Maj. D. A. Craig[...]
[...]H. Potter, Vice-President; W. D. Pierce, 515 Charles Building; cemetery eight
Secretary; George N. At[...];
southeast of city. Charles D. Cobb, Secretary; John R.
MOUNT OLIVET CEMETERY[...]S' HOME-Miss Flor- Secretary; Miss S.S. Har-
side East Colfax avenue, between J[...]
[...]. E. Poole, Vice-Presi- Moffat, President; W. S.Charles Boettcher, President; D. C.
—E. Besly, Preside[...]NATIONAL BANK— strpfitfl
Charles B. Kountze, President; Dennis UNION STOCK[...]esident; G. B. Berger, Moffat, President; S. G. Gill, Vice-Presi-
Cashier; J. C. Heinz, Assis[...]Arapahoe northwest corner Seventeenth
Edward S. Irish, Assistant Cashier; J. streets.
W.[...]Thatcher, President; Charles Boettcher,
DENVER SAVINGS BANK—George R.[...]e Agent. 518 to 520 Mining Secretary. 420 Charles Building.
Exchange Building.
INSURANCE CO., DENVER—Charles ANCE CO., D E N V E R - D . M. Ri[...], General Agent; F. B. Davis,
Thies, Treasurer; Charles J. Knoch, Sec- Secretary; S. T. McDermith, Medical Ad-
retary. Office, 14-15[...]VER— ASSOCIATION, DENVER—F. S. Moore,[...]ot, corner Sixteenth and Delgany Manager; Charles Wheeler, Secretary[...]
[...]1021 Seventeenth street;
Murphy, Auditor; Andrew S. Hughes, branch office, Union Depot.[...]s, Auditor; A. E. Welby, General
Superintendent; S. H. Babcock, Traffic
Manager; S. J. Henry. General Freight POSTAL[...]
[...]rietors. 6,1229 Seventeenth street.
lisher, 306 Charles Building. DENVER EYE—Published[...]T. R. Dewing, Editor. 306 Charles Build-
COLORADO JOURNAL—(German), Pub-[...]ekly. Republican Publish-
Barrett, Manager. 505 Charles Building. ing Company, Proprietors. K. G.[...]ly. Dr. 1547-1549 Lawrence street.
S. S. Smythe, Editor; Dr. W. A. Burr, DENVER T[...]prietors. Barclay Block, Larimer corner S. Feix, 626 Eighteenth street.
Eighteenth streets.[...]Y JOURNAL—W. Wilson, Proprie- W. S. Wager, Editor. 3816 Downing
tor, 1633 Cha[...]
[...]lished monthly. Fred Dick, Editor and
Charles Building. Manager. 154[...], ROCKY MOUNTAIN POST THE—Pub-
Editor. 609 Charles Building. lished weekly. Post Pr[...]Published weekly. Alfred Steele, Man-
S. K. Rush. 510 Charles Building. ager; George Wermelin, Edi[...]y, Proprietors. 1529 Published weekly. R. S. Baker, Manager.
Curtis street.[...]
[...]- WHITTIER SCHOOL—Marion street be-
urer; S. Roy Wright, Secretary; Mrs. tween Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth
Carrie O. Kistler, Tyson S. Dines, Dr. avenues.
Mary Barker Bates, H.[...]BOARD OF EDUCATION—High School
Finance—Tyson S. Dines, Carrie O. Kistler. Building — C. T. H[...]Nienhiser, Secretary; W. E. Green-
hauer, T. S. Dines. lee, Treasur[...]
[...]Davis, O. and Stanton avenue.
E. Datesman, S. S.
Charles Building, Fifteenth southwest lie D. Oswa[...]Building, Sixteenth corner Law-
CITY LIBRARY — Charles R. Dudley, rence streets.
Librari[...]APTIST CHURCH—Rev. H. —Rev. S. M. Hall, Pastor. California cor-
W. Pinkh[...]
[...]ISSION—Manches- CHURCH—Rev. S. B. Moore, Pastor
ter, Colo.[...]First street between North Grant and
Rev. S. J. Roy, S. J., Pastor. Larimer North Sherman avenues[...]Thirty-ninth avenue.
[...]TEMPLE EMANUEL—Rev. W. S. Fried-[...]tor. South LUTHERAN CHURCH—Rev. J. F. S.
side Thirteenth avenue between Vine and He[...]West Thirtieth avenue, northwest corner
Charles Y. Grimes, Rector. Curtis cor- Ber[...]
lette, Pastor. Iowa, southwest corner S. Pastor. Welton, southwest corner Twen-
Was[...]WESLEY CHAPEL —Rev. S. E. Ellis,
W. S. Moffett, Pastor. Thirty-second tor. Was[...]Keator, Pastor. CHURCH—Rev. Henry S. Killen, Pastor.
Thirty-seventh avenue between L[...]HYDE PARK PRESBYTERIAN
CHURCH—Rev. Charles B. Allen, Pastor. CHURCH—Rev. J[...]
—Rev. S. H. Childs, Pastor. West side CHUR[...]
[...]Frank Kratzer, W. M.; F. L. Siebott, S.
GRAND LODGE OF COLORADO A. F. W.[...]d their regular meetings at Masonic Smith, S. W.; W, E. Judge, J. W.; E. J .
Temple on the fir[...]ch month. Frank L. Bishop, W. M.;
G. F. Dunklee, S. W.; E. N. Burr, J. W; retary.
Thomas Nicho[...]n each month. H. P. Forsyth, W.
M; W. D. Salter, S. W.; R. W. Bonynge, H. L. Shattuck, S. W.; A. E. Jones, J. W.;
J. W.; W. H. Sanf[...]
[...]nver, John T. Bottom, G. C , Denver; C. S.
Secretary.[...]. Edward Verdeckberg, Colonel;
George Unger, R. S. L. E. McPherson, Adjut[...]ttie Wad- Tuesday evening of each week. S. Beck,
dington, N. G.; Mrs. Annie Morgan, R. S. K. of R. and S.
WAUNITA REBEKAH LODGE NO 22—[...]month. Mrs. A. day evening of each week. Charles Fink-
M. Purdy, N. G.; Mrs. F. B. Field, R. S. beiner, K. of R. and S.
Anna Shaw, N. G.; Zetta Waldeck, R. S. THE ENDOWMENT SECTION NO. 3503
HARMAN LODGE[...].— —Meet at call of President. S. F. Blaine,
Meet at Harman Town Hall on Tuesday[...]E ENDOWMENT SECTION NO. 3153
D. W. Bradford, R. S. —Meet at call, 1417 La[...]each week. Edward Verdeckberg, S. K.
C ; F. W. Sanborn, S. K. R.
6. U. 0. of 0. F. (Colored.)[...]week. G. N. Stein, K. of R. and S.
ODD FELLOWS' HALL-Located at 1541
Larimer stree[...]week. J. Weatherbee, K. of R. and S.
D. Hall, District Grand Master; George
S. Contee, District Grand Secretary. SILVER[...]y each week. W. H. Priegel, K. of R. and S.
evening of each week. George S. Contee,
P. S. RATHBONE L[...]nday evening of Campbell, K. of R. and S.
each week. George D. Hall, P. S.
HOUSEHOLD OF RUTH, NO. 376—Meet[...]E. each week. J. H. Long, K. of R. and S.
Mann, W. R. AR[...]J. R. Whitehead, Jr.,
evening of each month. G. S. Contee, K. of R. and S.
G. S. WASHINGTON[...]rder. Smith, C. C ; H. Schamel, K of R. and S.
[...]t street, on Saturday evening of each
Killinger, S. K. C ; E. J. Navaro, Re- week. W. H. Maco[...]Mrs. Annie Benton, President; M. L.
of R. and S. Benson, Secret[...], Secretary.
George A. Hamilton, President; M. S.
Crawford, Secretary; J. C. McMahon,
Treasurer[...]Sons of Veterans, U. S. A.
A. LINCOLN Post NO. 4—Meet at Uni-
versit[...]day evenings of each month. E. P. Durell, S. G. Mickley, Quartermaster.
Commander; E. L. Ho[...]t Goody evening of each week at 216 Charles
Hall, Santa Fe avenue corner Eighth av- Building. Lorin S. Whitney, Captain.
enue, Saturday evening of each week. U. S. GRANT CAMP NO. 13—Meet at
Walter Wilson, Com[...]President; W.
week. L D. Powers, Commander; M. S. F. Cannon, Denver, Secretary; G.[...]
[...]nt; Isham R. Howze, Secre- Porter, M. W.; R. S. Barney, Recorder.
MARTHA WASHINGTON CAMP[...]sident; Minnie L. Benson, Gumlick, M. W.; S. O. Hervey, Recorder.
Secretary.[...]t on Saturday evening of each week W.; H. S. Butler, Recorder.
at 1415 Larimer street. Lizzi[...]Thursday evening of each week. Charles
Da[...]. F-. Lewis, Assistant
FIRST REGIMENT — Meet at Charles Dictator; M. Eppstein, Reporter; F[...]ncial Reporter.
week. H. C. Chapin, Colonel; M. S.
Crawford, Adjutant.[...]
Authorized to accept service. Charles Benson, C. of R.[...]sen Friends. at 3804 Downing avenue. S. W. Hanson,[...]week at Barnum Town Hall. Francis
Councilor; S. A. Grigg, Secretary. Noel, Sachem; Tho[...]street. Mrs. B. Beck, Pocahontas;
tenth run, G. S. B. 408. Marion Cook, Stella Cunning[...]
BROADWAY CAMP NO. 158—Meet Mon-[...]ay evening of each week, corner of Flor- F. S. Meet on first Saturday of each
ida and South Lo[...]month. Perry Nelson, F. S.
HEADLIGHT CASTLE NO. 10—Meet at K[...]nclave)—Meet at Fourteenth,
ing of each week. Charles Bavless, N. C ; corner Arapahoe, on the secon[...]evening. Thos. Williams, V. C ; W. gin, F. S.
E. Freeman, Clerk.[...]
[...]eenth and Welton streets,
and Secretary, Denver; S. S. Baty. Su- every Wednesday evening. W. G. King,
preme Treasurer, Denver; S. T. McDerm- Commander; Charles Harper, Sir Kt. R.
ith, Supreme Physician, Denve[...]Thursday evening at Wheeler Hall, North
W. S. Falkenburg, F. M.; T. K. Sage, Denver,[...]all, 1329 Fifteenth street, every second
retary; Charles H. Peters, Collector; W. Sunday. L. P. Bisc[...]h at South Broadway, corner each month. Charles Schultz, President;
Cedar. F. McP. Shrope[...]
[...], Secretary. Meets at CharlesS. Brown, Sec-[...]cretary, 2210 Larimer street, month. Charles Dunst, President; G. C.
Denver.[...]of each month at 4024 Downing avenue.
each week. Charles Beckert, President; T. W. Casey, Pres[...], Denver, State President; month at 322 Charles Building. Miss
Michael Lewis, County Pres[...]
[...]e Varnum, 43-44 Jacobson Building.
Rex Mollette, S. C ; H. H. Eddy, P. S. C ,
Denver; Charles H. Peters, S. C., Secre-
tary. Mining Exchange Bldg.[...]ery Friday evening at Lincoln President; J. S. Titcomb, Secretary and
Hall. G. A. Blue, Counci[...]day evening at 3881 NO. 366—Meet at Charles Building on the
Franklin street. D. L. Melvin, C[...]ith, Supreme day of each month. W. S. Ward,
Recorder; M. B. Johnson, Supreme Re- President; Rev, William S. Friedman,
gent; E. S. Irish, Supreme Financier; Dr. Rev. W. O'Ryan[...]upreme Medical Ex- Vice-Presidents; E. S. Irish, Treasurer;
aminer; E. M. Elliott and W. L. Stowers, Miss Irene Davenport, Registrar; Mrs. S.
General Organizers, Pacific Department.[...]
month. R. S. Roeschlaub, President; C. OF COLORADO — He[...]ber, February, April
COLORADO HUMANE SOCIETY—W. S. and May of each year. Lieutenant E[...]er; E. J. R. Saville, Recorder; Major George S.
K. Whitehead, Secretary. Office, room Smit[...]Lodge No 153. Meets second and fourth
Charles Building on the second Monday Wednesday eve[...]ry, E. Palm, Secretary.
Willoughby. Office, Charles Building.
DENVER M^ENNERCHOR—Meet Friday[...]2132 Arapahoe LENT SOCIETY—Meet at 323 CharlesCharles Wanner Treas- Mrs. S. M. Caspar, Treasurer; Mrs. A. I.
urer; Au[...]
[...]Meets first and third Tuesday evenings
Charles Building, on second Wednesday in Assembly[...]s. Hamilton Armstrong, Presi- Secretary, Charles Dunn.
dent; Oscar Peterson, Secretary.
[...]nt, Frank Dillon, Treasurer.
Secretary, CharlesS. D. Draper, J. R. Parry, Treasurer: L. M. Mu[...]l. RETAIL BUTCHERS' PROTECTIVE
President, Charles Zimmerman; Secre- ASSOCIATION—Meet at[...]Thursday evenings of each month in S. Lund, President; B. M. Cason, secre-
Charles Block. President, John Heim- tary.
bac[...]at Assembly hall. Presi-
H. O'Brien; Secretary, S. J. Slattery. dent, C. L. Stadler;[...]
[...]Saturday night at 1536 Lawrence Meets 333 Charles Building; meets second
street. President, J. A.[...]ing at 8:30. S. G. Fosdick, President;
UNITED GARMENT WORKERS OF Charles McGonagle, Secretary.
AMERICA NO. 139—Meets se[...]Room 803 Ernest & Cranmer Building. J. S. Wolfe, President; G. W, Campbell,[...]
[...]sident and Field Mana- rows, Secretary; S. A. Osborne, Attorney;
ager. Jacobson Building,[...]; E. A. Schmidt, Secretary. Office,
dent; George S. Smith, Secretary. Office, 1628 Stout stree[...]Bailey, Vice President; David
SOCIATION—George S. Van Law, Sec- Rubidge, Secretary a[...]t; L. W. Hoyt, Secre- week in June, 1899. S. Davis, DD. S.,
tary. 725 Ernest & Cranmer Building.[...]. H. Metcalf, Secretary; J. G. Benkel- L. S. Gilbert, DD. S., Recording Secre-
man, Treasurer. Office, Ernest & Cran- tary; Sarah M. Townsend, DD. S., Cor-
mer Building.[...]Boston Building on the first CIATION—Charles E. Smith, President,
Monday of each month[...]
[...]ples Bank Building.
Hughes, M. D., President; S. D. Van dle, Vice-President; H. W. Micha[...]Sixteenth corner Lawrence.
ner, President; J. S. Jackson, Treasurer; TION OF THE UNITED STATES[...]y. John W. Springer, President; Charles F .[...]
m*w "w*1*^ "« v <%r "<^v "^•~< M> V '«^ "'m[...]
66 S T R E E[...]
S T R E[...]
S T R E E[...]
S T R E E T A[...]
70 S T R E E T[...]
[...]1900 Sherman av 200 S. Broadway 0
EAST IOWA AV, sev[...]
72 S T R E E T A[...]
S T R E E[...]
74 S T R E[...]
S T R E E T[...]
76 S T R E[...]
S T R E E[...]
78 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E[...]
80 S T R E E[...]
S T R E[...]
82 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E[...]
84 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E T[...]
86 S T R[...]
S T R[...]
S T R E E T[...]
S T R E E T AND[...]
90 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E T[...]
92 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E T A[...]
94 S T R E E[...]
S T R E E T AND[...]
96 S T R E E T[...]
[...]nso J, motorman Tramway Co, Abbot Charles H, mining, r 2452 Lincoln av.
r 3437 Elizabeth.[...]Abbott Alfred M P, book agt, r 239 S. l l t h .
E 20th av.[...]
[...]niture Exchange Co, 1520 Lawrence,
Abbott Charles S, mining, rms 1646 rms 2346 Welton.[...]Aber Samuel, bartdr H. S. Richland,
Abbott Eliza F Mrs, drugs 4604 Jo[...]ott Isaac A, elk, r 8 Champa PI, Abishaw Charles, lab, rms 729 Market.[...]Thomas, cutter Publishers Press Abrahamson Charles, car, b 842 Lari-
Room Co, rms 1723 Loga[...]William P, conductor Colo & Abrahamson Charles F, lab, b 4712
Southern Ry, r 2356 7th.[...]el Clarence C, r 2734 Curtis. Abrams Charles, boots and shoes, 4049
Abel Elbert C[...]
[...]A c k e r m a n Charles, pressman Denver
A b r a m s Isidor, tailor, 425 Charles Bldg, Ackers H a r r y , r m s 707 21[...]r e n c e . Ackland Charles, t e a m s t e r Denver F u e l
A b r a m s M a t[...]FICE, 2 3 r d A N D V I A D U C T
A c k e r m a n Charles, inspector Daniels &
Fisher, r 2425 17t[...]
[...]r 1141 Broadway. Adams Fred T, carp Charles Bldg, r
Adams Albert F, carrier P O, r 2516[...]Adams George N, millwright, r 3519 Lar-
Adams Charles, foreman of grounds, imer.
Stat[...]Adams George & Burke Co, Live Stock
Adams Charles H, elk Denver Dry Goods Com, Exchange Bl[...]te. Stock Yards.
Adams Charles L,mining, r 2719 Indiana. Adams G N Mrs, grocer, 3519 Larimer.
Adams Charles N, r ws S Fillmore bet Adams Harriette B[...]man School, rms 2002 E 34th av.
Adams Charles Partridge, artist, 725 Kit- Adams Hattie Mrs,[...]Adams Helen C Miss, teacher Garden
Adams Charles W. blksmith, r 749 S 10th. Place Sch[...]
[...]J o h n B, fireman Kroeger P k g &
Adelhelm Charles F , finisher H R Sad- Prov Co[...]
[...]Ahrndt Wm, cook Brown Palace Hotel.
Agnew Charles C, collr Denver Transit Aichele Arthur, elk[...]gor Frank T, blksmith P C Schaefer, Aicher Charles P, student, r 4573 Clear
r 925 10th.[...]n. Aicher Thomas, helper D & R G R R .
Ahern Charles W, lab Argo Smelter, r HG^Aiken, see also[...]spital.
B3P*"Ahlstrom, see also Alstrom.
Ahlstrom Charles, cigars 1323 19th.
Ahlstrom Harry A, stude[...]
Gottesleben & S o n s / ™ ^ " : : S S M f t r Un[...]
[...]REINIS. Aldrich Charles H, ranchman, r 1114[...]Heating Co, r 1999 Hartford. 9 oa
Alden Charles P, artesian water, r 2316 Alexander Archie O, cig[...]on.
Alden Jennie Mrs, dressmkr, rms 32, Alexander Charles, lab, r 2450 8th.
1854 Stout. Alexander Charles H, steward The Home
Alden Joseph W, p >ultry deal[...]Harrison bet E 1st av and E Ellsworth. Alexander Charles H E, r 738 E Florida co
Alden Mattie A Mrs, r[...]lden Susan B Mrs. rms H E 1st av. Alexander Charles M, r 200 S 10th.
Alderfer Alice E Miss, ca[...]
Alexander Charles W, r 378 S Broad- Alexander Rose Miss, el[...]av. Alger Charles K, r 1301 S Tremont.
WC5 Alexander James, candymkr N D Polites Alger Charles K Mrs, housekpr Ameri-
& Co, r 150119th.[...]lexander Joseph T, col'd porter P P C Alison Charles E, r 512 16th.
Co, rms 2251 Lawren[...]
[...]Allen Charles, carp, rms 6,1934 L a r i m e r .
Alkire Block, 710 15th cor California. Allen Charles B, ins agt, r m s 1645 Wel-
Alkire Henry J , mgr[...]1418 S 14th. Allen Charles B Rev, pastor S t J a m e s[...]h n D , r 1418 S 14th. Allen Charles F , b k k p r County Treas, r
Alkire J o h n D J[...]14 to 23 Union blk 1114 16th, Allen Charles F , mgr Clinton F e e d &
r 1420 S 13th.[...]h n L , mining, r 50 W 4th av.' Allen Charles L (Allen & Webster), r[...]Episcopal C h u r c h , Gray se Allen Charles P (Holme & Allen), r 2923
cor W 32d av.[...]a Miss, dressmkr, r 80214th. Allen Charles P, dairyman, r 4325 Clay.
Allamon Willmina A Mrs, r 802 14th. Allen Charles R, coach cleaner, r 965 S
Jt^~Allan, see also All[...]Mrs, r 3654 Wewatta. Allen Charles W (Aliens Coffee and Spice
Allan George, m[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
[...]bert S, elk B u s h & Soetje, r Allers Charles C, driver K u n e r Pickle
221 E Maple.[...]
[...]Allmann Charles, engineer P h Zang[...]Alloway Guy, carp, r 303 S l l t h S.[...]harnessmkr F Mueller,
Allison Charles J, painter, r 981 S 5th. r1868 W 14t[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. ' S r Insuranc[...]
[...]ston, Amick Frederick L. helper Colo &
Charles J Knoch agt, 14-15 Good Blk, Souther[...]
[...]mining, r 743 S Tremont. Andersen Charles M, tool mfr, 1429 18th,
Amos Edward C, elk[...]
15th, Co[...]
[...]Anderson Charles E, musician, r 1351
TheCOLO.FUEUIRONCo.[...]Anderson Charles F , shoemkr H a m m &[...]SEVENTEENTH s y HONE 4 0 R Anderson Charles G, cabinetmkr, r 839

SOLE: A[...]Anderson Charles G, lab, 4559 Colum-[...]Anderson Charles J, cook, rms 1910
DENVERCONS GAS Ccfs C O K E[...]N BROS (C W and O N), coal, Anderson Charles J, granite cutter, rms
hay and feed, 3610 Marke[...]e 4202 Josephine (Phone 1905). Anderson Charles L, prop Enterprise
Anderson Carl A, lab, r 735 W[...]-1644 Champa, r 1745
Anderson Carl A, tailor, 506 Charles Emerson.
Bldg. Anderson Charles L, shoemkr, r 3426
Anderson Carl H, driver W C Ne[...]1225 S 14th. Anderson Charles M, lab GrantSmelter,
Anderson Carl R, oil wagon,[...]hoe. Anderson Charles W, asst ticket agt
Anderson Carl W (Anderson Bros[...]Williams. Anderson Charles W, painter, r G05 26th.
Anderson Carrie Miss, rms[...]Anderson Clack, col'd, janitor Cass &
Anderson Charles, blksmith A T & S F Graham blk 16th[...]Anderson Clara T Miss, rms 44 W Col-
Anderson Charles, carp D & R G R R . fax av. •— ft
Anderson Charles, driver G H Huss- Anderson Clara V M[...]erson Clarence H, r 2957 Williams. O {0
Anderson Charles, furnace man Denver
Iron Foundry, rms 2913 Mar[...]rson Cloyd F , r 2329 Eliot. s*
Anderson Charles, lab, r 4202 Everett. Anderson Cooper, auditor Rio Grande oo a
Anderson Charles, lab, r 27 Cottage Southern R R r 1[...]Anderson C, rms 1617 Larimer.
Anderson Charles, lab, rms 3843 Down- Anderson C Edward ([...]r 234 S Sherman av.
Anderson Charles, lab, rms 1635 Market. Anderson Daniel, porter P W Peterson,
Anderson Charles, pipe organ builder, r rms 1629 Blake.[...]Anderson David L, elk M M Dingman,
Anderson Charles, student, rms 70, 1371 r 915 S 15th.[...]Anderson Dorcas Mrs, col'd, r 1929
Anderson Charles, b 277 S Sherman av.
Anderson Charles, rms 1750 Stout. Anderson Edward, lab, r 3860 Blake. 03
Anderson Charles, r 1128 W 10th av. Anderson Edward, lab, rms Argo House,
Anderson Charles A (Rio Grande Fuel Argo.
& Feed Co), r 71[...]Anderson Edward, motorman West End
Anderson Charles A, blksmith, r 3522 Street R R. r 323 Park a[...]CO
Anderson Charles A, lab Western Fuel
& Feed Co. rms 1715 Market[...]*5AYRE-HEWT0N L.C2 CD
Anderson Charles A, lab, r 939 S 9th. MANUFACTURERS o ^ s n o w CASES
Anderson Charles A, lab, b 3800 Down- BANK. STORE. OFFICE. DRUG »N° BAR
ing av
Anderson Charles A, lab, r G23 W43d av. FIXTURES
Anderson Charles A, tailor, 11, 1206 OFFICE., 2 3 r d A N D[...]
Anderson F r a n k S. plumber Denver MFRS O[...]
MCPHEE & MCGINNITY s a f f i s r a r e s E LUMBER[...]
[...]M, lab Argo Smelter, r Anderson Leonard S. inspector Daniels
1408 W 37th av.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %ne LOANS[...]
Diamonds o £ 2 2 ^ ! f o u ^ S S f c . Gotteslebe[...]
[...]L, dairyman, r Clear
Andrew William H, lawyer 515 Charles Creek av n of W 50th av.
Bldg,[...]Quitman. W 14th av.
Andrews Charles B, r 2234 Homer Boul- Andrews Marion[...]Andrews Mary A Mrs, grocer 3438 Down-
Andrews Charles H, elk frt dept U P R ing av, r 27[...]Andrews Minnie Mrs, r 1423 33d.
Andrews Charles L, elk, r m s 1448 Andrews Orin D[...]e & McGinnity Hall, r 19 S l l t h S.
Andrews C Irving, assayer 1430 S t o u t ,[...]
[...]Anglemyer Charles A, moving van 1863[...]infleld S, teamster Rocky M t Annis Charles L, carp, r rear 1013 l l t h .[...]Annis W S Mrs. r m s 1227 S 15th.
Angell Charles E, collr, r 617 E 1st av.
Angell Edwin R, g[...]>^XOAL
Angerman Charles F , harnessmkr 1136[...]
[...]Faulkard), horse clipping, 1114 19th.
Anson Charles, elk Charles Smidt, r 2307 ANTHRACITE COAL, Atlas Coal Co[...]730 16th.
Anson Charles E, elk. rms 35,1227 19th. Anti-Coryza Chemic[...]son Ollie Miss, r 12, 908 18th. Antrim Charles L, elk Colo Fuel & I r o n CO
Anson William, iron[...]Antry George W, lab A T & S F R R, r
Aneted Charles P, b 1303 Champa. 113 W Virginia a[...](telephone 782). 9 H,
Anthony Charles V, professorlliff School[...]r 2645 Bry- Stout, r 1439 Detroit (St. Charles St). S3"
[...]. Archer Charles W. printer J B S t o t t
Appleby J o h n ,[...]Jasper, driver, r ns W l l t h av
Applegate Charles E, storeman Brown bet D e c a t u r[...]Converse^____
ness PI.
Applequist Charles F , machinist Dillon
Iron Works,[...]
[...]r 567 Palmer. Catholic Calendar 306 Charles Bldg,
Archero Rocco, pedler, r 583 Palmer.[...]ischmann Arkison Robert P, printer, 306 Charles
& Co., 1425 Tremont.[...]Bldg, 16th cor Lawrence, r m s 800 E
Ardner Charles, warehouse man Colo Colfax av.[...]Heart, College av ne cor Homer ARMBRUSTER CHARLES E H, optician[...]
[...]n g J o s e p h C, elk W G New-
oo Armstrong Charles A, 410 Equitable
Bldg, r 1405 Ga[...]
[...]Arnold Charles A, bricklayer, r 1836
Armstrong Robert H , grocer[...]Arnold Charles A, hay a n d feed 1042
Armstrong Roswell J , blks[...]. Arnold Charles C, painter, r 3344 H u m -
Armstrong Sarah[...]
A Fall Assortment of[...]
[...]shby E Roy, elk John Thompson Gro- Ashton Charles A. tailor 1857 Stout.
cery Co, r 610 E 24[...]
Ashton Charles H, stenographer Struby- JgF'Aspell, s[...]
[...]press Co, r 3122 Franklin.
Atherton Charles, tinner C W Fair, rms Atkinson Pearl M[...]
[...]Augur Cecelia H Mrs, r 945 S. Clark-
CO Atwood Carrie M Mrs, col'd, restaura[...]B^"Augustine, see also Augenstein.
Atwood Charles H, contractor, b Inter- Augustine Adam, r 2918 W[...]Ocean Hotel. Augustine Charles, lab, r 1142 10th.
CO Atwood Claud M, carriage[...]Co, rms 2349 Champa.
Auer Charles, tailor, r 1426 S 8th. Ault Frederick S, wks Independent
Auer Charles Jr, lab, r 1426 S 8th. Steam Laundry, r 2[...]M F R S OF G A S C O K E
Auge Charles (Joint Stock Cigar Co), MINING EXCH[...]
[...]Austin William F, bkkpr Charles Scrib-[...]udent, r 2557 Stout. rms 1415 Champa.
Austin Charles H. trav auditor D & R Auvera Hermann, brewe[...]Auzolle Louis, bartdr, A d'Entressangle,
AUSTIN CHARLES T, sec and treas Den- rms 1935 Lari[...]
[...]Aylor Mary Mrs, r 3015 Humboldt.
Avril Charles, carrier P O, r 1474 S Aylward John J, wait[...]Ayton Annie Miss, boxmkr Western
Ayers Charles, student, rms 1065 Penn- Paper Box Co[...]
[...]Babcock 8c Curzon (S. W. Babcock and[...]k.
BABCOCK BROS (C W and F E), hatters Bach Charles, lab U P R R.
and mfg furriers, 1009-1011 16th.[...]Bach Lewis G, r 2244 Homer Boulevard.
Babcock Charles L, engineer B & M R Bach Robert, elk A T Le[...]. 20 Union Terrace.
Babcock Charles W (Babcock Bros), r BE^"Bachelder, s[...]
[...]. Badgley Charles W (Badgley & Culver),
B a c k u s Charles A, coral trav, r m s 2805 r 874 Clarkson.[...]lture, r m s 2805 Welton. Baer Charles, lab Colo P k g & P r o v Co,
[...]Bagot William S. physician, 736 14th,[...]s Kentucky av nr Williams. CO
BA6LET CHARLES H, DBS, dental rooms Bailey Frank R[...]
Bair Clayton L, rms 1850 Larimer. Baker Charles, R R man, rms 1617 Lar-
Bair Jerry S, surveyor P[...].
Railroad Bldg, rms 1622 Broadway. Baker Charles, rms 1448 Larimer.
Bair John W, carp 1023 Larimer, r 1041 Baker Charles, lab T J White. (TQ
S9th. Baker Charles D, with J S Brown & Bro
S^Baird, see also Beard,[...].
Baird Anna A Mrs, rms 709 31st. Baker Charles G, elk P O, r 2821 High.
Baird A B, salesman Crocker Bakery. Baker Charles M, ins agt, r 203 E 23d av.
Baird Charles L, salesman, b Albany Baker Charlotte A Miss[...]Clara B Miss, r 1271 S 3d. 9 a>
Baird Charles W, lab, r 570 Gilpin.
Baird Christina Mrs, r 834[...]CO
Bairsto Charles A, r 1127 Josephine. f
Baitinger Alb[...]
[...]enry J, rms 316 23d. Baker Nida S. Miss, opr Colo Telephone
Baker Henry[...]
[...]aker Robert J, elk First Nat Bank, rms Balcom Charles F, carpet fitter Hart
1266 Downing av.[...]Baldwin Charles P, mining, r 633 E Col-[...]ker Sanford, r 1826 California. Baldwin Charles W, mining, r 3371 W
Baker Sanford Jr. mgr[...]
Corrugated Iron CHICAGO LUMBE[...]
[...]Ballin Charles Mrs, r 929 Pearl.[...]anger W, engineer Colo & Southern Ballinger Charles B, painter, r es Yates Af< On[...]ldg.
Ballard Caroline D Mrs, r 2806 Clay.
Ballard Charles, cashier Phila Smelting
& Refining Co, r 1254 Race.
Ballard Charles E, stone cutter, r 1048 S
[...]kok-Cora Bell Mining Co, 620 Min-
Baltrusch Charles, Btone dresser, r 1340 ing Exchange Bld[...]rms 1320 Champa.
Baltzelle Charles C, rms 711 21st. Bangs Willi[...]
[...]s Ellen Miss, stenographer James Banzhaf Charles F, tailor Banzhaf
H Brown & Andrew W Gill[...]
[...]Barker William, lab, r 1307 Market.
Barker Charles F , jeweler, r 1059 S York. Barker William B, watchmkr 64 Broad-
Barker Charles M, driver H a n i g a n way, r 55 C[...]Flora B Miss, elk T h e Fair, r 322 Barkley Charles H, lab D T & W Co, 9 •.«[...]House, furnished rooms, 1518 Barlow Charles H, dentist 432 S Broad-
[...]Barnes Charles, cook E B J o n e s .
Barnes Charles D, druggist 1701 Pearl, b[...]B a r n e s Charles N, r 2731 Marion.
cs Barnes Charles T, millman Nash-Smith
Barlow L H Mrs, r m s[...]32 E l i z a b e t h .
Barner Charles G, molder, r 1575 Clay.
Barner E d w[...]
Barr Charles F, asst janitor Edison[...]
[...]rrett Isabella K Mrs, r 1152 Ogden. Barrow Charles, floor walker Daniels &
Barrett James, cook F A H[...]Barrow Samuel J, mfrs agt, 313 Charles
Barrett Mike, lab Globe Smelter. Bl[...]1400 Gilpin. Co, r 3105 Stout.
Barrick Charles E, mining, r 1279 Lafay- Barrows James L, coo[...]rtford Loan & Trust Co.. 311 Ern-
Barrick William S. elk Chas D Griffith est & Cranmer[...]
[...]r 1360 Columbine.
Barry Caleb W, mining 523 Charles BARTELS BROS & BISHOP ( L F and T[...]533 17th.
Barry Charles D, carp, r 1214 S Tre- Bartels Carol[...]a w r e n c e .
Barry Horace W, mining 523 Charles B a r t e r William R, machinery,[...]Lawrence, rms 1721 Glenarm. B a r t h Charles J, 53 B a r t h Blk, r 2460
Barry J[...]
[...]ern Ry, r 3335 Columbine.
Bartholomew Charles H, cook, r 447 S B a r t l e t t H[...]PHONE £? M
Bartlett Charles, driver, rms 2123 Law- PR[...]
[...]Bassell Clifton R, student, r 2932 Frank-
Charles B Whiteheat, r 2713 Stout. lin.
Bar[...]20!)7 Clarkson.
Barwick Charles T, carp, r 1234 Curtis. Bassick Gold Mi[...]
[...]Bates Charles S, expressman, r 935 S
Bassler Elizabeth A Mrs, r[...]Bates Dell S. r 935 S Water.
Bastable James, lab, b ss W Missis[...]Bates Elnora Mrs, col'd, r 977 S 9th.
Bastian Charles, butcher, r 1 Frank, Bates Emanuel N, buil[...]orge H, special agt Niag- Bates H W, rms 621 Charles Bldg.[...]
[...]Batzer Charles, cook Albany Hotel.
[...]B a u s e r m a n Charles M, b 1013 E 17th av.
CYCLOISMNSURANCf:[...]Southern Ry, r 1321 S Tremont. Bax Charles A, c u t t e r M O S t r a t t o n , r
U P B a u g h m a n , see also B a u m a n . 2435 S. Broadway.
Baughman M a r t h a Miss, r m s 1955 W[...]Iron Co, 1547 Wazee. Baxter Charles B, lab, b ws N Clarkson C O
Baum Jacob, chief mea[...]I3IDA
Baur Charles E , dentist 10 Opera House P[...]
[...]5 Pearl. Bayliss Charles M, machinist Colo Iron
Baxter Printing & St[...]Ins Co, r 635 27th.
Bay Charles C, baker Continental Bis- Baynton William H[...]R G R R, r 979 S 10th.
Bay Charles E, mgr Wilson Drug Co, Baysinger Henry W[...]Tremont. Beach Charles B (E C Beach & Sons), r
Baya Joseph B, bart[...]Club, r 1360 S Tremont. Beach Charles H, printer A J Ludditt,
Bayer Anton,[...]
[...]lin Bean Albert I, teamster, r 350 S l l t h S.
Dry Gds Co, rms Glenarm Hotel. Bean Charles W, lineman Colo Tele- 9 OO
JEP^Beagle, see[...]
[...]r Fire Clay Co, r Beattie K H Mrs, cashier Charles Stap-
3639 Downing av.[...]^ B e a s l e y , see also Beesley.
Beasley Charles, asst bkkpr Nash-Smith HECLA AND B[...]
[...]Beckenstein Charles, errand boy Daniels[...]Becker Henry Jr, baker Henry Becker ? w
Beck Charles, lab, r 3650 Merrill. 1072 Santa Fe av.
Beck Charles B, lab Argo Smelter, rms Becker Henry[...]
[...]ecker William T, bkkpr Wrought Iron Bedard Charles A, driver Walter East, r
OO Range Co, r 1369[...]ket. '
Beckert Charles, baker Frank Topoll, r Bedard Cyprien[...]
[...]Beers Sarah Mrs, rms 1800 S Sherman 9 PO
Beeby Charles, elk A T Lewis & Son, r av.[...]BANK, STORE.OFFICE, DRUG A * D BAR
Beedle Charles A, bricklayer, r 35 Park
av Berkeley.[...]
[...]Beitenman Sallie M Miss, r 1409 Broad-
Behl Charles E, lab, r 906 S 9th. way.[...]
[...]Bell Charles O, carrier P O, rms 3350[...]Bell Charles R, lawyer 602 McPhee Bldg,[...]r Lilly E A Mrs, modiste Daniels Bell Edward S. doorman Brown Palace
& Fisher, r 900 E 20th av.[...]Bell George C, Jr, steam fitter, r 1315 W
Belding Charles H, rms 2124 Champa. 14th av.
Belding Fr[...]th. 9 30
Belknap James W, r 23 S Tremont S. Bell Henry, special boy Daniels & Fish-[...]A 1310 A
r 1926 W Colfax av.
Bell Charles D, r 1171 S l l t h .
Bell Charles E, wks D T & W Co, r 906 1 6 4 0[...]
[...]ll Sarah J Mrs, r 605 26th. Belmont Charles, clairvoyant, rms 1736
Bell Scott,[...]
[...]BENEDICT & GILL (J F Benedict and C
Bendell Charles C, salesman F H Leon- W. Gill), insurance[...]river R Douglas & Co,
rms 1129 W 9th av.
Bender Charles, gardener, r Newton nr
W 26th av.[...]
[...]r 1963 Pennsylvania av. Bennett Charles A, elk Daniels & Fisher,
Benjamin Florence[...]669 S l l t h . Bennett Charles A, teamster, r 43 Cot-
Benjamin George W, u[...]1724^ Curtis. Bennett Charles E, blksmith W 4th av
Benjamin Gertrude R Mr[...]Benkelman Block, 1812 Curtis.
Benkelman Charles A, r 1759 California.
CO Benkelman Geor[...]
[...]Benson Carl F, rms 3639 Clayton av.
Benson Charles, elk, r 3661 Downing av. Benson William E, fireman Tramway
Benson Charles, gripman City R R Co, Co, r 810 Champa.[...]ensted Mary J Mrs, r 139 E 25th av.
Benson Charles, lab, r ns Elk PI bet Bent Joseph A, coml[...]Bent R Mrs, dressmkr, rms Glenarm
§8 Benson Charles, lab, rms 1418 38th.
Benson Charles, 1613 Larimer, r 309 Hotel.
*~f*[...]Bent William H, r 637 Evans.
Benson Charles R, elk, rms 1962 Champa. Bentele John[...]
[...]Works), r 2555 17th.
Bentley Charles, lab, r Platte River nrBerdel Charles A, lawyer 715-718 Ernest
Warren av, Overland.[...]ns.
Bentley Horace G (Lea-Bentley Mfg. Berens Charles J, carriagemkr Nieder-
Co), r 701 Lincoln av.[...]Berentsen Richard B, elk Joslin Dry
Benton Charles F, driver Denver Stone- Gds Co, r J710 Ogden.[...]. B^"Berg, see also Bergh, Burg.
Benton Charles W Mrs, r 2539 Gilpin. Berg Alfred, elk,[...]
Window Glass,Lead, Oil,18thVarnish, Mixed Paints[...]
[...]Berglen Axel, lab Globe Smelter.
Berger Charles, driver S u m m i t F u e l & Berglund Charles, coach cleaner, rms
F e e d Co.[...]
[...]URETY-BONDS^^ ARAPAHOE. Berkey Charles M, machinist, r 773[...]Mrs, r 890 S Corona. ing av.
Bergquist Charles J, tailor 11,1206 15th, ItSfBerkley, see also B[...]lie Miss, r 2234 Lafayette. CO
Bergstrom Charles, lab Denver Sewer fg^Berks, see also Ber[...]Gilpin. Bermine Charles F, helper D & R G R
Bergstrom Walter B, ph[...]
[...]Berner Jacob, canvasser, rms 1627 Stout Berry Charles D, printer Western News-
Berner Theodore,[...]Bern hard Marie Miss,r 1936 Market. Berry Charles J, yardman Sayre-Newton
Bernheim J Morris,[...]n B & Son, shirts, 32 Tabor Blk.
Bernstein Charles, shoemkr, rms 831
[...]th. Betterton Charles L (Hopper & Better-
Bessee E d w a r d N, r[...]t t s Anna V Miss, stenographer UnioD
Best Charles F (J D Best & Sons), r 370 Nat Ba[...]Mrs, r 1254 D o w n i n g av. B e t t s Charles A, fireman Tramway Co, r
Best Inez Miss, r[...]m e s H, com t r a v r 2136 G r a n t av. Betts Charles W, mining, 416 Mining
Best J a m e s[...]
[...]Beynon Edward, machinist, r 725 S l l t h .
Betz Charles, cooper, r 1514 6th. Beynon Ross, machinist F . M. Davis
Betz Charles F , cooper Neef Bros Brew- Iron Works Co,[...]2633 W 23d av. -t 7*
Bevans Charles W, b r a k e m a n C R I &[...]everley J a m e s R, stock grower, r 1034 Bice Charles M, lawyer 45 Jacobson C[...]
[...]er, rms 2324 CO W
Chandelier Co. r 23 S l l t h S. Boulevard F .
Berry J Clement, student,[...]r 1278 S l l t h .
Berry Peter J, r 23 S l l t h S.
Berry P Henry, pressman, r 1342 12th.
[...]ichler Valentine, basket mkr, r 1416 Biddies Charles W, r Munroe sw cor E
10th.[...]Bieber Katherine Miss, r 114 S 13th.
Bickett Charles F, pressman Carson- |^"Biegel, see also Be[...]y. Bierbrower Charles O, plasterer, r 278 S
Bickford Lydia J Mrs, r[...]ickford Sarah E Mrs. r 816 25th. 12th S.
Bickham Rosa Mrs, r 2428 Downing av.[...]
[...]Billings Edwin R, wks Excelsior Steam
Bigelow Charles W, teacher High School La[...]
[...]an Fritz, lab Hotel Narragansett
Bilz Bros (Charles and Otto), bicycle re- 2459 16th.[...]Bingner Harry G, carp, r 1317 Evans.
Bilz Charles (Bilz Bros), r 2120 S Lin- Binkley Earl, r[...]Bingham Ada Miss, r 1623 Gaylord.
Bingham Charles, mining, rms 1646 M F[...]
[...]r n b a u m Mark, mgr H Rosenthal, r m s
Bircher Charles L (Dilworth & Bircher),[...]
[...]emp Middlekauff genl agt 1010 18th.
Bishop Charles H, r 48 Broadway. Bishopberger Emma Miss, r 3400 Frank-
Bishop Charles W, depy elk U S Courts lin.[...]
[...]3047 Market.
Bistean Charles, butcher Colo Pkg & Bizjak Mathew, lab, b[...]v, r 3123 Humboldt. rence.
Bivens Charles A, wiper D & R G R R, Black George[...]
Diamonds c ^ e ^ r n o ^ ^ ^ ^ u r r B ; , . Gotte[...]
[...]one Thomas B, brickmoulder, r Blake Albert S. lawyer, rms 513 18th.
E 27th av se cor Fillmore[...]ake Alfred E, elk Colo & Southern Ry OO
Blackwell Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2442 frt depot, r 3339 Cle[...]sleeve, r 2811 W 28th av.
Blackwords Charles, expressman, r 1556 Blake Anna S Mrs, r 2516[...]av. Court.
Blackwords Charles B, adv agt, r 3710 Blake Belle Miss, r 2 Tu[...]Blade Joseph, shoemkr 1241 Welton, r Blake Charles G, shoemkr 733 W Colfax
rear 1235 Welton.[...]Bladel Frank W, molder Colo Iron Blake Charles J, photographer, rms 2261 H .
Works, r 3527 Del[...]Blake Frank E, upholsterer Globe Up-
Blair Charles E, weighmaster B & M R holstering & Furn[...]BLAKE FRANK 0, pres Bermudez-Blake
Blair Charles E, elk, r 1246 7th. Contractin[...]
[...]Blakeslee Charles D (C D Blakeslee &.[...]ke John H, prop Formosa Tea Co Blakley Charles P, driver United Car-
1630 Welton, rms 1[...]2336 lin.
BLAKENEY CHARLES J, lawyer 710-711
Peoples Bank Bld[...]
[...]lank Maurice, lab, r 4047 Madison. Bleibel Charles, mining 11,1622 Arapa- ff«*
Blank Wayne, st[...]408 15th. oo
Blatz Charles, helper D & R G R R, r Blick J, rms[...]
[...]Block Frank G, bookbinder 320 Charles[...]Blodgett M H, driver W O Simonds, r
Bliss Charles P, carriage trimmer 2306 1202 Cham[...]
[...]Bloom Emily Miss, wks Western Steam Blum Charles E, fireman, r 3423 Lafay- 0
Laundry, r 253[...]nd Dye Blume Mattie E Mrs, r 172 S l l t h S.
Works 626 18th. Blume[...]. 0»S5
Bloom R Charles, helper F M Davis Iron[...]PRES. A 1310 A
Bloomer Charles W, conductor Denver
City R R Co, b 2118[...]
[...]BOETTCHER CHARLES, pres National
nr H £.[...]Boettcher Charles, section man, rms
PHONE 408, 806,17^ STREET[...]Bodtker Frederick W, lawyer, r W 46th Bogan Charles E, lineman Colo Tele-
av cor Boulevard F.[...]Bogga Ella Miss, wks County Hospital.
Boedecker Charles, r 829 26th. Boggs John W, car[...]
Boh Charles J , lab T r a m w a y Co, r 1120[...]
[...]Bolster Charles, lab, b 65 S 15th.[...]OLLINGER & ROBINSON (R R Bollinger Bond Charles, engineer, r 3618 Converse.
and W J Rob[...]
[...]Stout r 140 S Broadway.
Bond Charles E, coal dealer W Ells- Bonesteel Louisa D Mr[...]supplies 622 Mining Exchange Bldg, r Bonfils Charles A, reporter Evening
2144 Gilpin.[...], rms 1645 Welton.
Bond William, lawyer 408 Charles Bldg, Bonnell James, driver, r 1253 Stou[...]
[...]Boot Charles, wks J J Fontius, r Colum-
DENVERCONS GAS C O '[...]Boot Harry W, plumber, r 609 26th.
Bonney Charles A,, yardman Sayre-New- Boot Raymond T, wks J[...]ephone Co. Booth Charles, stenographer Alexander
Bonney Sherman G, physici[...]r 1437 High. Booth Charles, waiter, rms 1317 15th.
Bonnick Carrie Miss, elk E D Wolff, r Booth Charles S, student, b 1439 Evans.
1527 Lawrence[...]
[...]Bork Charles, r 1408 15th.[...]Borcherdt Rudolph (Rudolph Borcherdt Borst Charles R, storekpr School Dis-
& Son), 14[...]
Lead, Oil, Varnish, Mixed F[...]
[...]ton av. Doud & Fowler.
Bosworth Charles R, r 1324 E 17th av. Boulevard Congregationa[...]osworth Leonora S Mrs, r 1331 Gilpin. Boulter Charles S, carp, r 2113 Grove.
Bosworth Mary E Mrs[...]Bott S V Mrs, r 642 Santa Fe av. Bourne Charles, gateman Union Depot,
Botterill Frank, rep[...]-TEL.226 -
Boucher Charles W, grocer 1165 S Pearl.
[...]. more bet E 42d and E 43d avs.
Bovard Charles M, r 50, W 8th av. Bowen Franklin B, car[...]I*
Bovier Charles B, salesman Dunwoody Bowen Rolando[...]
[...]Bowland Charles A, gardener, r 1834 W
^ c r A N Dor[...]ctal diseases), 10-11 Bowley Samuel, watchmkr Charles Stap-
Barth Blk 16th cor Stout, r 508 25th.[...]owers William, teamster Eaton-Rit- Bowman Charles W, elk car acct D 8c R
chell Co.[...]
Mfg Co, r 836 Ogden. Boyd Charles, wks Mine & Smelter Sup-
Bowman George J, butcher[...]r 1134 S 15th. 55
Bowman Max, r 184 S l l t h S. Boyd Herbert N, coml trav, b 10[...]
[...]yer, rms 61371 Broad-
Boyer Charles W. elk Denver Dry Gds[...]
Brace Charles C, physician 2-4, 1427

A> L .ne s[...]Sheep Com Co Union Stock Yards, r
Boylen Charles L, stock broker, rms 1343 Detroit.
2144 W[...]Bradbrook Charles, bicycles 3212 Goss, r
Boyles Linnie E Mrs, r 295[...]Bradbury Jennie Mrs, mining 38 Bank
Boynton Charles H, shoemkr 828 W Blk.
Ellsworth.[...]r, steam fitter Mich-
R R, r 734 S 10th.
Boyvin Charles, mining, r 2556 Califor- ael Heating Co, r 1044[...]CO
Bozard Charles M, elk P P C Co, r 223!
W 26th av.
[...]Bradshaw Martha Mrs, r 3437 Market.
Bradley Charles col'd, lab, rms 2442 BRADSTREET CO THE, E A[...]202-203 Peoples Bank Bldg 16th cor
Bradley Charles Allen, prin Manual Lawrence.
Training High School, r 1341 Corona.
Bradley Charles A, bkkpr First Nat
Bank, r 1763 High.[...]CITIZENS COAL CO.
Bradley Charles L, elk A P Gumlick, r TELEPHONE 9[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
Bradley Charles P, real estate, rms 526
oo E 19th av.[...]
[...]hn, grocery 951 S 9th. Brainard Charles E, engineer, r 813 32d.
Brady John, lab, b[...]
[...]1423 C h a m p a .
Braithwaite Charles F , engineer St BRAND[...]B r a n d e n b u r g Charles A, mgr bicycle
Brakel Lewis H , machinist[...]boy Windsor Hotel. Brandon Charles, Commercial Co.Keezer
Bramhall J o h n , e[...]B r a n d t Charles Mrs, rms 23-24, 1118
B r a m k a m p Willi[...]B r a n d t Charles E , butcher, r m s 72415th.
[...]Brasie Block, 512-516 16th.
Branham Charles A (C A B r a n h a m & Brasie N Euge[...]nna M Mrs, r 1117 26th. Brasted Charles, fireman, r 328 E 35th av. oo
[...]Bray Charles A, mgr City Laundry, r
OO[...]wn. mfrs 1523 Stout.
Braun Charles W, painter, r 738 S 8th. Brayton Rober[...]
[...]hackel, r 955 Clark. Brenner Charles W, electrician, r 1426
Breiting Emma Mrs,[...]
[...]Brewer Charles, waiter, r m s 1534 Lari-[...]Brewer Charles W Rev, r 2 5 3 1 W 26th av.[...]J E ^ B r e u e r , see also Bryar.
Breuer Charles M, engineer Gilpin[...]
[...]Charles Bldg.
Brickell E d w a r d J , carp, r 2 Allyn Te[...]Brierley Charles H , lawyer 18 B a n k Blk
Brickell William D, car[...]nia av.
Brickenstein Charles H, U S Surveyor Brierley Charles S, elk Denver D r y G d s
of Customs 24 Federal[...]r 117 E 23d av. fornia.
Bricker Charles H, driver T r o t t & S m i t h , Brierley Geo[...]. Briggs Charles, p a t t e r n m k r Colo Iron
Bridaham Lester B.[...]D r u g Co. r 2025 Olive av. Briggs Charles F , driver Windsor F a r m C09
BRIDAHAM-QUE[...]. clair.
Bridestone Charles A, barber Times Briggs D[...]
[...]Hotel. Co, r 1845 Marion.
Brigham Charles C, mfrs agt 17, Tabor Brinker George[...]
[...]BRITISH VICE-CONSUL, Richard Pearce
Brinkle Charles, cloakman Brown Pal- consul, 313[...]Vesta E Miss, cashier J W Britton Charles L , miner, r 1810 Arapa-
Smith Dry Gds C[...]
[...]aude E Mrs, r 2453 S t o u t . Brock Charles E, car repairer D & R G
Britton Sophie Mrs[...]Brockstedt Charles, tailor, rms 1268 S
F B u t t e r s and[...]. Brockway Charles B, occultist, r 408 E
BROADWAY PHARMACY CO, C. S. Kline 17th av.[...]
[...]Brokaw Belle Miss, candymkr Hewitt
Broders Charles P, cigarmkr F Thies, Candy Co, r 3[...]cobson Bldg, r 1630 Emerson.
Co, r 15 S l l t h S. Bromley Emmett A, r 524[...]Gar-
Brodie Jennie S, hairdresser, r 15 S l l t h S. den. OO
Brodie William M, stonecutter, r 15 S
llth S.
Brodin Augusta E Miss, stenographer, r
[...]Brooks Charles D, insurance 2 Bank[...]Brooks Charles E, plumber J R Parry.
1633 Lawrence, r 2226 Newton.
Brooks Charles, plumber, r ws Decatur M F R S O[...]
[...]Mining Exchange Bldg 1038 15th cor Brower Charles K, elk F B Angell 1625 0 on[...]&9 0
Brothers Charles, janitor The Miss Wol- THE DENVER TE[...]
[...]Brown Charles H, cook, r 1328 Lawrence
Brown Charles H, driver Denver Dry[...]Brown Charles H, col'd, lab, r 3457 Del-[...]Brown Charles J, driver Hendrie & Bolt-[...]Brown Charles M, lawyer 552 Equitable
OO[...]Brown Charles M, plumbing 2421 Wash-
Brown Alma A Miss, se[...]Williams. Brown Charles P, carrier P O Highland
Brown A mos H, r 258[...]Brown Anna Miss, waitress, rms 28, 406 Brown Charles S (Brown & Young), r
16th.[...]Brown Anna Miss, press feeder W H Brown Charles S, real estate, b 537 S
CCS Kistler Stationery[...]BrowD Annette Mrs, dressmkr, r 2732 Brown Charles T, lawyer 404-406 Peoples
Dunkeld PI.[...]Brown Annie Mrs, r 1328 Lawrence. BROWN CHARLES W, mgr Relay Wheel
Brown Annie E Mrs, rms 12[...]Brown Arman J, elk, r 2820 Zenobia. Brown Charles W, rms 1216 Stout.
Brown Arthur G, elk A G C[...]mont. Co, r 1435 Washington av.
Brown Charles, coachman 1380 Logan av Brown De Meritt E, driver Denver Om-
Brown Charles, lab, r 4242 Clear Creek nibus & Cab Co, r[...]rown Dingley J, organist, r 1261 Emer-
Brown Charles, painter S R Weigand & son.
Co, r[...]Brown Dora Mrs, r 2529 California.
Brown Charles, porter Koppers Hotel
1217 20th.
Brown Charles, tailor 1438 Lawrence. COAL
Brown Charles Jr, tailor 1438 Lawrence.
Brown Charles, col'd, lab, rms 33, 2125
Brown Charles C, lawyer, r 1142 Wash-
ington av.
Brown Charles E, butcher Henry Grimm[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %e RENTALS[...]
Cnt Glass, Porcel[...]
[...], lab Denver Cons G a s Co, S 12th S.
r 1427 7th.[...], r 1325 York. S l l t h S.
Brown Mabel P Miss, r m s S Columbine[...]Brown Rebecca H Mrs, r 14 S 1 2 t h S.
[...]v. Brown William J, coml trav P . S. Hess-
Brown Tarleton, mgr I n s u r a n c[...]
[...]Bruner Charles, lab Hallack & Howard[...]7 Clifton. Welton.
Bruggerman Charles A, brakeman, r Brunnemer William L, forem[...]22d sw cor California. Brunner Charles, lab, rms 1,1312 21st.
Bruhn Peter F, driv[...]mm Ferdinand, grocer, 1377 S 9th.
Brummett Charles F, salesman H W[...]Brunsdon Charles,butcher John Thomp-
French & Co, r 833 S[...]rummett William H, painter the Den- Brunsdon Charles Jr, r 2450 Curtis.
ver Wall Paper[...]
[...]t o n David W, mining engineer, r Bryant Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
865 Grant av. Bryant Charles A, grocer 3700 Marion, r
B r u n t o n Tho[...]
[...]J o h n J , printer, r 827 15th,
Bryson Charles L , reporter Denver Berkele[...]o h n W, student, r 827 15th,
B u b a r Charles A W , sec Colorado W a r e - Berk[...]
[...]. Buckley John S,lab, r 3537 Blake.
Buck Charles L. whol hardware 1725 Buckley Joseph R,[...]13 E 18th av. llth. Berkeley.
Buck Charles W, mining, r 1393Osceola. Buckley Maurice, p[...]rms 1617 Larimer. S llth.
Buckingham Charles L, millwright, r Buckton Abram, ha[...]
Budd Charles E, sheet ironwkr Vulcan
Iron Works Co, r[...]Iron
Range Co, r 1405 Pearl.
Buell Charles, Ry postal elk, r 2523[...]
[...]Bunbury William F, saloon 3062 Market,
Buford Charles W, col'd, flusher Board r 3105 Lawrence.
o[...]Livery Co. Bunch Charles W, warehouseman C S
Buford Myron, col'd, waiter,[...]City R R Co, r 622 23d.
Bugbee Charles R, mining, rms 1935 Bunch Henry W, driver[...]v.
Bull Clark E, dairyman, r 234 Logan av.
Bullen Charles E, trav salesman Hal-
lack & Howard Lumber Co,[...]uller Fred, lab B & M R R.
Bulling Frank, butcher Charles Stark-[...]
[...]Burchard Charles A, fireman D & R G
CO[...]Burdick Frank A, lawyer 502 Quincy
Burch Charles R (Cook & Burch), r 4103 Bldg, r 525[...]
[...]see also Berdine. B u r g e t t Charles E , policeman, r 415
BurDine Charles, elk P O. r 1156 S 13th. 29th.
Burell[...]e also Berg. nia.
Burg Charles, lab Globe Smelter, b ws B u r g h F r[...]Union Brewing Co es 16th bet P l a t t e
Burgdorf Charles A, engineer U P R R , and Central, r[...]urger, see also Berger, Buerger. Burgreen Charles V, decorator, r 1375 vS.
Burger Charles R, teacher High School Mario[...]
[...]Burke M J Mrs, opr Colo Telephone Co,
oo Burke Charles, live stock, r 2452 Lafay- rms 2341 Gra[...]
Burkman Charles J, lab, r 3934 Wewatta.[...]rley George W, floor walker Daniels GO
Burkhard Charles F, baker, rms 807 & Fisher, r 615 E 22d av[...]5t^~Burkhardt, See also Bourkard, Bur- Burlingame Charles H, messenger W F CTQ
kart.[...]Burlingame E E & Co (E E Burlingame
Burkhardt Charles, prop Burkhardt and J H Zisch), assayers[...]1-3 i—
Pkg Co, r 2340 Franklin.
Burkhardt Charles E, salesman Burk- Burlingame James, lab City R R[...]Samuel, carp, r 2910 Blake.
Burkhardt Packing Co (Charles Burk-
hardt), Denver Union Stock Yards.[...]
[...]0 Broadway.
Burnell Orin J, r 171 S l l t h S. Burnham Hotel, 801 S 9th.
t ^ B u[...]nley Frank, col'd, porter P P C Co,
Burnett Charles E, printer C E Com- r 2443 Lawrence.[...]Burno Edson, lab, r 2854 W 12th av.
Burnett Charles N. carbuilder Tramway Burno E Mrs, r[...]
[...]Burns Malcolm, conductor Tramway
Burns Charles, driver Henaghan Bros, r Co, r 301 W 1st av[...]Burns Marsden S, lab A T & S F R R, r
Burns Charles, lab Santa Fe Stables 334 S Pennsylvania[...]Burns Matthew, teamster, r Ella ne cor
Burns Charles F, engineer D & R G R E 32d av.
R, r 95[...]Burns Michael, lab, r 1173 5th.
Burns Charles J, teamster, r 1419 S Tre- BURNS, M J, mgr Col[...]Mexico Fire Underwriters 510-516
Burns Charles P, physician 23, 1427 Mining Exc[...]
[...]Burritt Charles A, cashier St. Lukes[...]ton Mill Co, r 364 S 10th, Overland. Charles Bldg.
Burnside James M, weaver Overland[...]R R, 94117th, r 560 Marion.
Burnstein Charles, electrician, b 1439 Burroughs Willis M, har[...]Scarry & Co, 1733 Market.
C O BURPEE CHARLES L, real estate, loans Burrows Edward S J,[...]Homer Boulevard.
Burpee Charles M, elk Tramway Co, r Burrows E, co[...]
[...]av av. Bush Anna Mrs, r 47 W 8th av.
Burton Charles, lardman Smith Bros, r Bush Arthur H, elk Da[...]Bush Benjamin F, mining, r 400 Ogden. C O
Burton Charles H, lawyer 407 Charles Bush Blanche Miss, r 2930 W 24th av.
Bldg, r 667 S Tremont. Bush Charles J, with Canton Steel Co,
Burton Emma Mrs,[...]
[...]Butcher Charles, bricklayer, r 1343 Mar-[...]Co, rms Abbott Hotel.
Bussey Charles H, genl mdse, 2460 Butler Harry, elk[...]
[...]Butterfass Charles Sr, bakery 910 Lari-
Butler Jeff, stone cu[...]
[...]Broadway. Byerkopf Charles, lab, b 541 Bryant.
Butters Seba L, paper[...]Byington & Ford (Helene Cleghorn By-
Butz Charles E, lunch counter 2061 ington and Mary E[...]n and
Wire Fences DENVER WIRE&IRONWORKS Work s.. M ^ 1 r ket
[...]Byrne Jas A, sculptor, r 3562 Tennyson.
Bvnum Charles W, salesman, r 225 E Byrne James E, lab[...]Yale and Hawthorne.
Byrd Charles, waiter, rooms Clifton Byron Irving, col'[...]0
Caballero Charles, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Cadwell The, 2203 Stout[...]Cadwell Vina R Miss, r 126 W Bayaud.
Cabeen Charles F, real estate, r 448 Cadwell William, liv[...]Caddow Colin A, trimmer Denver Cons Cady Charles C, cabinetmkr H R Sad- C O
Elec Co, r 3908 Fore[...]Cade St Clair L, lab Kent & Stuchfield, Cady Charles H, engineer Tramway Co,
r 2134 Decatur.[...]
[...]Cain Charles, lab, rms 1621 Larimer.
Cain Charles B, painter, r 412 W Col-[...]
[...]Laundry, 1535 Glenarm.
respondent News, r 1252 S. Broadway. CALIFORNIA POWDER WORKS, H[...]
[...]l, Kail. sylvania av.
Call Charles, col'd, bootblack 1703 Arap- Callanan Michael F[...][[[^"Callaghan, see also Calahan, O'Cal- Charles Bldg, r 3107 Newton.
lahan.[...]Goff & Co, r 3506 Delgany. CALLEY CHARLES H, grocer 1118 E 17th
Callaghan Daniel, bl[...]lahan Bridget Mrs, r rear 1429 S Calloway Charles T, shoemkr 2602^
[...]otel. ton av.
Calvert Charles T, repairer J E Crane, r Cameron M D, driver Wi[...]co
Cameron Charles M, christian scientist,
r 2700 Downing a[...]
[...]r 2251 Stout. sylvania av.
Campbell Charles, r 506 24th. Campbell Frank M, waiter Brown Pal-
Campbell Charles C, expressman, r 3435 ace Hotel.
W[...]mpbell Frank P, marble cutter Den-
Campbell Charles M, lawyer 918 Equi- ver Marble & Granite[...]tel L'Imperiale. Pearl.
Campbell Charles S, trav salesman Campbell George (Robt[...]ell George, barber, rms 1325 10th.
Campbell Charles W, elk, r 2610 Boule-
vard F .
Campbell Charles W, r 3047 Osceola. CITIZENS C[...]
Plate Glass, Cem[...]
[...]327 Bell
Campbell Roda Mrs, r 140 S l l t h S. Campiglia Christina Mrs, r 3327 Bell.[...]
[...]Canny Kate Miss, candymaker Hewitt CO
Cannon Charles, col'd, janitor Lincoln Candy Co, r[...]
Cut Glass, Porcelain[...]
[...]arlberg Oscar, lab, r S 12th bet Boul- P. 2.
Card Charles B, lab F M Davis Iron der and W Missis[...]rive. 2GP"Carle, see also Corle.
Card Charles S (Card & Weber), r 936 Carle Amber E Mrs,[...]ay, r 459 S Pennsylvania av. Carleton Charles F, salesman J H Moor-
Card William L, mill[...]
[...]Carlin John, coachman 1756 Race. Carlson Charles, lab, b ws Watervliet av
Carlin Mary Mrs, r[...]Carlin Neil, painter, r 1948 New Haven. Carlson Charles, lab, r 205 n Logan av,
Carlin Patrick V, p[...]pa, r 1420 S 15th. Carlson Charles, lab L M Smith 2521
Carlin Rebecca Mrs, r 2[...]Carlin Thomas, elk Aspen House 1541 Carlson Charles, lab, r 1020 W 2d av.
Market. Carlson Charles A, lab, r 3453 Delgany.
Carlin Thomas J.physician 1407 Champa Carlson Charles E, elk May Shoe &
oo liP^Carlisle, see also Ca[...]Carlisle James (Betts & Carlisle), rms Carlson Charles G, raining, r 455 S 12th.
1146 Welton. Carlson Charles G Jr, r 455 S 12th.
Carlisle Samuel[...]
[...]T FRY THE. Carlstedt Charles M, lab Argo Smelter,
BROOKSIDEANDMAITLAND[...]Ice Cream Mfg Co, 1417 Cali- Carlston Charles O, retoucher Ryan's
fornia.[...]5 S Water. Carlton Charles, com'l trav, rms 409 23d.
Carlson Jennie Miss, laundress, rms 1810 Carlton Charles E, lab B F Salzer Lum-
Stout.[...]n John, carp Chicago Lumber & Carlton Charles J, lab B F Salzer Lum-
Mfg Co, r 1405 S 3d.[...]ns sub, Argo. Carman Charles H, teamster, r 3637 Gil-
Carlson John G, l[...]
OO REMESWr^rNVESTMENT SECURITIES Carothers Charles H, carp, r 21% Park[...]Carmody T Edward, dentist, 17 Masonic Carpenter Charles, lab, r es Chama, bet
Temple.[...]Carnagie Hattie Mrs, chambermaid Col- Carpenter Charles E, mining, r 2237
umbia Hotel.[...]nahan Bryan, rms 1632 Wazee. Carpenter Charles H, rms 1832 Curtis.
Carnahan Charles T, mining, r 1440 High Carpenter Claude B, trans[...]ctor Colo &
Carnahan George E, printer, 619 Charles Southern Ry.
Bldg, r 269 S Santa Fe[...]arney R, stone cutter J A Mclntyre.
Carnine Charles F , student, r 1458 S HECLA[...]
Carr Charles P, asst sec Denver Retail PRES[...]
[...]Carroll Charles F, elk David Duling, b[...]Carroll Charles M, r 70 Pearl.[...]
[...]Carruthers Charles S, r 2827 W 27th av.
TheCOLO.FUELIIRONCo.[...]oll Peter J, pressman Marye & Carson Charles, lab A Schaibly, rms
Mundy. rms 24,1738[...]
[...]Carter Charles, elk, rms 42,1434J^ Lar-
CO Carson J N Mrs, b 14[...]Carter Charles, col'd, lab, r 35th sw cor
CD Carson J R Mrs, dr[...]Carter Charles B, conductor P P C Co,
Carson J Warren, elk[...]CARTER CHARLES M, art teacher, stu-[...]rs, r 1876 Race. Carter Charles M. foreman C F Hoeckel,
Carson Thomas, blksm[...]ter Jeanette Mrs, r 1335 Court PI,
Cart Charles, machinist Colo & South-[...]
[...]chool, r 2435 Lincoln av. Carville Charles A, engineer, r 2440 W
Carter Lucian B, r 3315 Jul[...]O
Carter Robert M sec to chief of police,
r 409 S. Lincoln av. Cary Ira B, elk.[...]ES^Cartin, see also Curtin. Case Charles C, inspector Western Ry
SE^"Cartwright, se[...]
[...]Laundry, r 146 Irvington PI. Caskey Charles P, solicitor C J Kelly,
Casey Jeremi[...]
[...]per Mary A Miss, r 64 Laundon, Cassidy Charles, r 655 S Water.
[...]Catholic Calendar The, 306 Charles Bldg[...]v, bet Sheridan Boulevard and Wal- Catlin Charles E, r 1145 S 14th.
GO[...]Catlin William P, r 1145 S 14th.
Castle Charles, engineer Denver Cons Caton Allie E Miss[...]Caughey Amanda Mrs, r 824 15th.
Castner Charles H, real estate, r 2840 Caughey Bernice C M[...]Paving Co 52 53 54 Railroad Bldg, r
Caswell Charles H, porter P J Hickey, 125 W 2d av.[...](western office), 1862
Catchpole Charles T, elk Denver Union CITIZEN[...]
[...]Cavis Charles F, real estate 1635 Curtis,[...]j 1622 Cavis Charles P, elk John Corcoran, r
" Zfrap[...]aughlin Michael, lab, r rear 2615 Cayford Charles, expressman, r 753 Co- O O
Caulfield' Peter C, la[...]Cavanaugh Harry F, conductor P P C Cazin Charles W, driver C A Lammers
Co, r 2103 W 28th[...]
[...]ry Co, r 2111 Arapahoe. Chaffee Charles L, saloon 4068 Down-
Cella John, fru[...]
[...]Alcazar. Chambers Charles D, engineer, r 1449 S H 2
Chamberlain Edwa[...]
[...]of the New Jerusalem, 543 S 13th.
Chandler Charles Howard (C H Chand- Chapeloni George T,[...]Cigar Co, r 206% Canosa Court.
Chandler Charles L, student Fillius &
Davis, r 2735 Clay.
Chandler Charles P, special agt New CITIZEN[...]
[...]v. Chapman Francis A (Chapman & Mait-
Chapin Charles W, photographer, r 1610 land), r 916 Broadway.[...]y nw cor W Colorado av. Argyle PI.
Chaplin Charles C, mfrs agt 44 Tabor Chapman William R. fireman[...]Carrie Mrs, col'd, rms 1850
Downing av.
Chapman Charles W, car repairer A T
& S F R R , r 3 3 9[...]
[...]Chartrand Harry. wks Lougmont
Charles Building, 15th sw cor Curtis. Creamery, r 1363 Santa Fe av.
Charles Claudia Miss, bkkpr Jones & Chartrand Jos[...]232 S 13th. Fe av.
Charles Daniel Q, carp, r 51 S Pearl. Chase Abbie V Mrs, r rear 1945 New
Charles Etta Mrs, rms 703 21st. Haven.[...]Chase Annice Miss, dressmkr, r 67
oo Charles Flora A Mrs, elk Howland Mil-
linery Co, rms 1420 Tremont. Idaho.
Charles Hubert C, bkkpr Mitchen Chase A M, wi[...]Chase Bertha Mrs, rms 1518 Arapahoe.
Charles Iestyn W, salesman N B Mc- CHASE B B MRS[...]o, r 1772 Downing av. 16th.
Charles John,architect rms 1,1611 Court Chase Charles F, editor Industrial Ad-
PI. vocate, 618 Charles Bldg.
Charles John W, carp, r 825 Lawrence. Chase Chester Mrs, rms 1427 Tremont.
Charles Maude Miss, r 611 Charles Bldg Chase Clarence C, elk Denver Mus[...]
[...]GAYLORD (Edward Chase and Cheesewright Charles, bricklayer N L oo
Edwin Gaylord), excha[...]
[...]Chever Charles G, office 1620 Arapahoe.[...]
[...]hilders Mary L Mrs, boarding, r 3210 Chipman Charles W, carp, r 3338 Mar-
Market.[...]Vaile, r 2019 Emerson. CD
Childs Charles A, lab, rms 2144 Curtis. Chisholm Edgar C, sal[...]hilds Fannie Miss, r 2014 California. Chipman Charles W. brakeman Colo &
Childs Frank, painter 421 E 24[...]be Smelter. oo
Childs Henry C, mining 420 Charles Chitboj George, lab, rms ns Platte River[...]Chitwood Thomas W, car builder Tram-
Cbilvers Charles H, conductor D & R G way Co, r 3235[...]
[...]Christensen Charles J, lab D & R G R R,[...]0 S 40th.
Chosen Friends Hall, 3d floor Charles Christensen Victor, painter, r 2847 Mar-[...]hrisman, see also Christman, Cris- Christian Charles J, chief mineral div
[...]Justina. oo a
Christie Charles H, stenographer, r 947 Chritton Louisa Mrs,[...]stie C Miss, massage, rms 1723 Chrysler Charles N, driver, r 418 Clark.
[...]a Mrs, r 1024 9th. City Laundry, Charles A Bray mgr 1215
Church Nellie Mrs,[...]
[...]Clark Alfred J W, driver Excelsior
Claiburne Charles F, machinist D & R Steam Laundry, r 4254[...]Clare, Klare. av, r 55 S 14th.
Clair Charles W, janitor 1625 Glenarm. Clark Alice G Miss,[...]Clark Bert E, elk, r 1013 S 15th.
Clapp Charles W, real estate 1635 Curtis. Clark Bridget Mrs,[...]Clapp John T, carp A R Wilfley, r 729 Clark Charles, bowling attendant Den-
12th.[...]Clapp Julia Miss, bookbinder Denver Clark Charles, lab A T & S F R R , r 849
Lithographic Co, r 1[...]CO
Clapper Charles D, painter J B Dunlap,
r 1230 W 37th av.[...]
[...]rk Ezra W, driver J G Flagg, r 2435
Clark Charles A, engraver App Engrav- Booker.[...]Francis M, painter, r 3114 Market.
Clark Charles E, student, r 228 W 4th Clark Francis M, p[...]810 15th.
Clark Charles H, jeweler Hurd Bros, r Clark Frank, bkkpr[...]ark Frank, machinist, rms 1444 Tre-
Clark Charles H, r 1766 Lincoln av. mont.
Clark Charles H, col'd, porter J Horn- Clark Frank D, col[...]r 3620 W 32d av.
Clark Charles J, bailiff District Court, r Clark Frank S, elk[...]tile Co, rms 1930 Sherman av.
Clark Charles J, mining, r 2947 Gray. Clark Frederick T, teacher High School
Clark Charles L, lab, r ns W Alameda District No 1, r[...]lark Gaylord C, floor walker Denver
oo Clark Charles M, chief examiner TJ S
Surveyor General[...]Clark George, boilermker F M Davis
Clark Charles T, cashier Lee-Kinsey Iron Works Co.[...]ark George, elk Denver Cons Gas Co,
Clark Charles V, conductor P P C Co, r r 2133 W[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street'?™LOANS[...]
[...]Clark Thomas F, carp, r 141 S l l t h S.
Clark Ora E, musician, r 3125 W 21st av[...]
[...]Clarke Rose J Miss, missionary, r 1435
l l t h S. Stuart.[...]S. 0t
1044 Clarkson.
Clarke A G & Co (A G C[...]
[...]laudy Albert W F, carp, r es Hamilton Clayton Charles, salesman R Becker &
bet W 34th and W 35t[...]Heights. Clayton Charles Mrs, b 2137 Stout.
Claus Andrew J, jeweler, rms 3150 W Clayton Charles J, prop Acme Phar-
26th av.[...]ben & Sons, rms 3150 W 26th. Clayton Charles M, stone cutter, r 1017
Claus Conrad, lab,[...]Fuel Co, r 3138 Market.
Clawater Charles M, real estate, rms Clayton Oscar A,[...]
[...]Clement Charles G, lawyer, r 1909 Penn-
Clayton Thomas, coml trav[...]^"Cleary, see also Clary. Clements Charles, electrician, r 3808
Cleary Albert R, apprentice[...]Clements James W, real estate 1, 1624
Cleave Charles E, elk County Treas, r
1222 W Colfax av.[...]Curtis, r 630 E 31st av. s
Cleave Charles T, elevator pilot Kitt-
redge Bldg, r 1222 W Co[...]ol 1543Glenarm 1136 8th.
Clegg Cecil H, elk Charles H Toll, 1657[...]
[...]Clifner Charles W, waiter Pinhorn &
Clemons Winslow (Johnson[...]lennan John, lab Kent & Stuchfield, r Clifton Charles V, lab, r es Steele bet E
2124 Osceola.[...]Clerisse Albert, r 1566 Emerson. Cline Charles, plasterer, r 1221 22d.
Cleveland, Ci[...]
[...]th, Globeville. 320 Gaylord.
Clink Charles N, elk Kansas Moline Clover Russell Mrs,[...]Clow Alfred B, novelty wks 1352 Lari-
Clinton Charles M, mining, b 765 Grant mer, rms 1123 13th.[...]Berkeley. Clymer Charles T, cigarmkr Silver State ~* w
Closson Mary[...]
Coakley E G Mrs, grocery 210 S l l t h S. Johnson Co, r 830 13th.
Coakley John, e[...]er, r 3365 Hay-
S Fe R R. r 210 S l l t h S. ward PI.
COAL CREEK CANON CO[...]55 Stout. 2504 Champa.
Coatney Charles P, r 1065 Clark. Cochran Charles E, salesman Joslin &
Coatney George W, catt[...]atney Lucile Miss, dressmkr, r 60 Cochran Charles W, exchange editor
Broadway.[...]s Louise Chappell Mrs, r 1555 Race.
Cobaugh Charles C, elk, rms 415 21st.[...]ROCKY MOINTAW,
Cobb Charles D (C D Cobb & Co), r 2613
[...]lk U P R R, r 1154 & Glass Co, r 47 S 12th S.
5 llth. Cocks Clara M, r 47 S 12th S.
Cochran Frank A, conductor Colo & Cocks[...]Cocks Sarah A Mrs, r 47 S 12th S.
Cochran George R, lab Colo & Southern Cocks[...]ing & Printing Co, r 47 S 12th S.
Cochran Harry,car repairer, b 3958 High. Cocuru[...]Cochran John H, teamster Joseph Cres- Codman Charles G, 813 Boston Blk, r
well Mfg Co, r 2012 Wewatt[...].
Cochran Robert L, mgr coal dept Even- Cody Charles W, sec Izett-McGee
ing Post (P O Box 817[...]
A Fall Assortment of[...]
[...]1058 Marion.
r 1102 W 13th av.
Cohen Charles, cook, rms 728 13th. Cohn Julius,'r 1131[...]Cohen Henry, teacher, r 2036 W Colfax Coit Charles W, restaurant, 927 13th. oo
[...]Cole Charles, lineman, rms 1323 16th.[...]Cole Helen M Miss, teacher School of
Colby Charles B, rms Glenarm Hotel. Literature and Expression.
oo Colby Charles E (Colby Bros), r 3563 COLE HENRT[...]
[...]327 Santa Fe av. Colemere Charles A, elk, r 1831J Platte.
JSPColes, see also Cole.
Coleman Charles, real estate, rms 1322 Coles
Curtis.[...]Ellis, lab, r 3537 Justina.
Coleman Charles C, col'd, lab Mrs Annie[...], r 102319th. f
Coleman Charles F , warehouseman G E
Ady, r 910 Market.[...]
[...]phone Co, rms 765 Lincoln av.
Collett Charles D, lineman Colo Tele- Collins Anna S Miss[...]34th av.
Collett Charles H, elk auditor Colo & Collins A M S Miss,[...]ett William W, feed, r 2255 Lafay- Collins Charles, waiter, r 7, 1943 Law -
__ette,[...]Colyer. HECLA AND BALDWIN
Collier Charles C, cigars 2026 Market.
GO Collier
[...]Collins John, rms 10,1854 Larimer.
Collins Charles C, salesman E T Wei- Collins John C, switc[...]n av. 4138 Boulevard F.
Collins Charles H, chemist, r 1042 S 7th. Collins John E, watchmkr 1312 16th, r
Collins Charles R, salesman Crocker rear 329 Sant[...]
[...]ollins Peter J, flagman U P R R, r 333 Colman Charles, real estate 5,1623 Cur-
Larimer.[...], r 517 13th.
Collins Thomas H, lawyer 204 Charles Colorado Art Club, 522-525 Kittredg[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street "ST LOANS[...]
[...]REAL ESTATE LOANS Charles Bldg.[...]ORTGAGE & INVESTMENT Colorado School Journal, 505 Charles
CO (Ltd), S J Gilmore mgr, 1763 Lari- Bl[...]609 17th. and genl mgr, Karl Eilers supt, Charles
Colorado Odd Fellow 9,1&38 Curtis.[...]
[...]lars pres and mgr, Orrin
Colorado Steel Range Co, Charles Kib- McNutt sec, 538 16th cor Welton.
ler[...], 211
vice-pres and genl mgr, Telephone[...]
Compton Charles C, trav frt agt D & R L D Powers agt 211-212[...].
ola. Condee Charles E, elk Daniels & Fisher,
Compton William, elk, b 2158 Arapahoe. b 1476 Pennsylvania av.
Comstock Charles E, printer 916 18th, Condit Adella Miss, teacher[...]School, rms 1961 Grant av.
Comstock Charles W, r 278 S Lincoln Condit Bertha F Mrs, r 3012 Ma[...].
Condit Charles E, elk H A Ketcham, r[...]ndon Edward J, agt Prudential In- OO
613 Charles Bldg.
Comstock Helen G Miss, r 328 W 14th[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
[...]nelly Mary A Mrs, r 612 W Col- OO
Conn Charles C, r 621 E Colfax av. fax av.
[...]1622 CURTIS
Connor Charles, contractor 14 E 26th av,
r 2566[...]
[...]7 Jacobson
Connors William P, lab, r 23 S l l t h S. Bldg.
Conohan Ed, engineer Colo & Southern[...]Constable Charles R, author, r ws Ad-
Conohan James, engineer Colo[...]Bldg. r 2612 Welton.
Conrad Charles P, cigarmkr Solis Cigar Contee Jonathan R[...]. Bank, r 9,1657 Larimer.
Conrad Charles S, b 1361 S 14th. Contee Sarah I Mr[...]1541 Champa, F H Rhoads special
Conrey Charles M, lab Denver Paper agt 525 M[...]
[...]Conway Belle C Miss, r 2018 Marion. Cook Charles M, driver Capital Ice Co,
Conway Caroline M[...]av 1% m W of Elitch Gardens. Cook Charles H Rev, r 1906 Pearl.
Conway Dennis M, dairyman, rms 1634 Cook Charles S, elk, r 2053 S Broadway,
Larimer. Cook Charles W, lab, r 430 N Broadway.
Conway Edw[...]
McPHEE & McGINNITY, Office and Warehoise[...]
[...]Cooke and Homer Boulevard.
Charles Burch), brick contractors 213 Cooney Anna Mi[...]cery Co, r 1045 10th.
Cooley Charles D, mgr M A McLaugh- Coons Matilda A Mrs,[...]Berkeley. COOPER CHARLES J, loans, real estate,
Cooley Ferdin[...]
[...]* •I 'P r 2125 W 31st av.
Cooper Charles S, r 817 E Colfax av. Cooper[...]
[...]- ' - A N D •„,-•- .niTlFC Copeland Charles, col'd, waiter, rms 623
r- ^i™ t[...]
[...]Philip Feldhauser pres, Mrs Carrie M
Corbin Charles H, elk S B Bond, rms Cordes vice-pres, J S[...]treas, 1617 to 1623 California.
Corbin Charles N, lab Grant Smelter, r
4415 Gaylord.
[...]Cormack Charles, stone cutter Greenlee[...]Cornell S A Mrs, r 2840 Champa.
Corey Charles, lab B 8c M R R. Cornell William A[...]coach cleaner A T & S F
R R, r 52 S 12th S.
Corliss Augustus W Lieut Col. r 1702[...]
[...]D Fowler), business chances and trades
Corrigan Charles H, lab Jos Schlitz 211 Peoples Ban[...]
[...]Costigan George P, b Albany Hotel.
Cosens Charles E (Cosens & Schricker), Costin Ann Mrs, r 3055 La[...]Gas Co. Cotter Charles, machinist Dillon Iron
Coson George E, shoem[...]Cotter Patrick J, packer Hungarian
Coss Charles A, teamster, r 3526 Arling- Flour Mills,[...]
[...]808 16th.
Cotton Charles W,machinist,r447 S l l t h Coulter Georg[...]ear 2325 Blake. Courney Charles,brakeman D & R G R R .
Cottrell George F,[...]
[...]Co), r 705 Curtis. Cowell Charles B, physician 28,93116th,
Covey Josep[...]
[...]Cox Charles, rms 1455 Blake.
TheCOLO.FUELIIRONCo. Cox Charles F, col'd, porter Brown Pal-[...]way.
Cowell Charles H, bkkpr Denver Wall Cox Edward, miner,[...]Cox Edward M, runner Columbia Hotel.
COWELL CHARLES W, real e s t a t e 827 Cox Elizabet[...]
[...]Cox John M, conductor A T & S F R R, Coy Charles, cook, rms 2039 Champa.
OO r 201 Idaho.[...]Barney, fireman Colo & Southern
Cox Joseph S. vice-pres H H Tammen
Curio Co, r 2725 Fr[...]Cox Thomas A, machinist, r 3112 Lari- Crabb Charles L, bkbinder, r 2628 Arap-
om i a
LUMBER, $[...]
[...]on. Crane Ella S Mrs, r 1253 S 15th.
Cramer Charles, confectioner, rms 1617 Crane Frederick A, mgr Cr[...]cial Co 1611 Blake, rms 812 24th.
Cramer Charles H, lab F C Ayres Merc Crane John G, porter The Ho[...]Clark. 32d av.
Cramer Charles W (Charles W Cramer Crane Joseph E, bicycle repairer 926[...]18th, r 2719 Marion.
oo Cramer Charles W & Co (C W Cramer), Crane Mary M Mrs, r 2[...]
RARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St.^Insurance[...]
[...]rial Benevolent A6sn 30 Capitol Bldg, Crede Charles B (Crede Bros 8c Mertens-
r 1060 S 14th[...]14th. Creighton Charles A, supt heating dept
Crawford Will[...]
[...]esto Antonio (Cresto & Pomatto) 1539 Crippen Charles H, asst assayer Von
[...]Crocker Charles B, lab, es S 10th bet W[...]Crocker Lucie M Miss, bkkpr W C
Crissman Charles S, r 2605 California. Nevin & Co, rms 184[...]ckett Annie Miss, col'd, r 1439 S
CRITCHELL CHARLES R, genl insurance Tremont.[...]
[...]rapahoe. Crooks Charles L. fireman A T & S F R
Cronan Cornelius G,[...]
[...]Lincoln av. Crosta Charles A, cornice mkr 1830
CO Crosby G[...]
[...]Crowley Charles, grocer 3733 Franklin,[...]dry Co, r 3625 Franklin. p.*
Crowder Charles N, state inspector of Crumb John, elk[...]
[...]Culler Charles M, lab Globe Smelter, r[...]Crystal Steam Laundry, 1932 Curtis. Culp Charles M, barber T L Vogel. r
Cuban Cigar[...]
[...]s Anne Mrs. rms 1113 13th. Cummisford Charles, conductor D &
Cummings Calvin A, lab, r 3542 Converse R G R R, rms 1738 Champa.
Cummings Charles, rms 1113 13th. Cumnock Robert L, supt Overland Cot-
Cummings Charles E, mining, r 1328 ton Mill Co,[...]
[...]unningham W P, assayer, rms 1727
Cunningham Charles, carp, rms 22, 706 Tremont.
19th. Cuno Charles F, assayer, 1732 Champa,
Cunningham Charles, mgr T Skeldon, r 2943 Champa.[...]514 15th. Cuno Charles W, elk Globe Smelter, r
Cunningham Charles W, carp, r 3333 2943 Ch[...]
[...]Currigan John, coachman 1420 S 15th.
Curnow Charles H, foreman Sayre-New- Currigan Martha Mr[...]r 1743 Washington av. Curry Charles M, carp, r 1868 Marion.
Curr David, stone mason,[...]Curry Michael, r 605 W 6th av.
Curran Charles E, adv agt, r 1254 l l t h . Curry Robt[...]
[...]ss William C, painter, r 928 S 15th.
Curtis Charles A, cook M S Fitzgerald, Curtiss Winthrop E,[...]Mills, r 1284 S Pennsylvania av.
Curtis Charles E. collr P F Collier, r Curtius Augustus Mr[...]tis Frank, brakeman, rms 2410 16th. Cushing Charles H. jeweler, r 836 Lin-
Curtis Frank[...]
[...]heCOLO.FUELIIRONCo. Cutshaw Charles, rms 4,1845 Lawrence.
Cutshaw Charles L, conductor Tram-
e g g SEVENTEENTH si. PHONE 4[...]Cutter Charles W, bicycle repairer 612
IDENVERCONS G A S C O ' S[...]estaurant. Cvancar Charles, blksmith J H Mont-
Cusidente Girardo, lab[...]
[...]ily Live Stock Record, 1836 Lawrence.
Dahl Charles, lab Colo & Southern Ry, DAILY MINING RECORD[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Dahlstrom Charles A, tailor, r 1460 S
[...]Alvin C, real estate, r 1045 Logan Dalton Charles E, r 972 Broadway.
av.[...]Blk 16th cor Larimer, r 972 Broad-
Dakin Charles W, lieutenant Engine Co way.
No 7, r[...]avid C, brick contractor, r 3231 Dalton J Charles, rms 1517 Glenarm.
[...]r1103 15th. Daniels Charles, driver Tabor-Pierce
Damascus & Nicholes ([...]and Mike Nicholes), confectionery 1506 Daniels Charles V, motorman Tramwav
Dankworth Charles (Maier & Dank- i1[...]
[...]gherty James E, salesman, r Clayton
Darling Charles F , boilermkr Colo Iron av se cor E[...]
[...]avidson Bertha Mrs, r 2427 Champa. Water S. GO
Davidson Calvi[...]Davidson William E, cook F A Allen,
Davidson Charles, city agt Denver Pub- rms 2120 Champa.
li[...]W H, carp, rms 1635 Market.
1032 14th.
Davidson Charles B, with Farrar 8c Hun-[...]
[...]Davin Charles, inspector Daniels 8c[...]Davis Andrew J, dairyman, r Jersey
Davies Charles C, florist, 1901 S Logan Subdiv.[...]
[...]Davis Edward J (B F Bowen & Co), r
Davis Charles, carp, r 2227 Clarkson. 141 Irvington PI.
Davis Charles, driver William C How & Davis Edward S, sal[...]Creamery Co.
Davis Charles, lab Globe Smelter. Davis Edwin Carl, printer W H Kistler
Davis Charles A, plumber Colo.Plumb- Stationery Co, r 6[...]Davis Edwin H, deputy U S Marshal,
Davis Charles E, machinist, r 2520 Law- 21-22 Federal Bldg[...]Davis Edwin R, electrician, r 2533 W 32d
Davis Charles E, special agt New York av.
Life Ins Co,[...]Davis Eliza Mrs, r 2121 W 34th av.
Davis Charles H, ranchman, r 2529 Davis Elizabeth Mrs[...]Davis Elizabeth D Mrs, r 1944 W 36th av.
Davis Charles H, student, r 2135 High. Davis Elizabeth J Mrs, r Lincoln School.
Davis Charles J, carp, r 945 S 8th. Davis Ellery F, artist, rms 711 E 32d av.
Davis Charles K, elk Hendrie & Bol- Davis Emily A Mrs,[...]7th. CTQ
Davis Charles M, lab, r ws Chama bet Davis Emma Mrs, for[...]t Park. Laundry Co, r 2905 Blake.
Davis Charles L, elk Daniels & Fisher, Davis Emma Mrs, col[...]4,10th E 16th av. mer.
Davis Charles M printer 30 Sheridan Davis Emma A Miss,[...]on. * OB

Davis Charles O, elk J H Campion, r 118 Davis Eugene M, mac[...]IronWorks Co, r 222 Anderson, Jerome © 0
Davis Charles, r 1068 9th. Pk.
Davis Charles S. b Albany Hotel. Davis Eugenia Mrs, r 520 W Ellsworth. g *
Davis Charles W, student, r 1555 Vine. Davis Evan C, r 1837 California. 9 k,

Davis Charles W, wks Dodge 8c Knisely, Davis E A, e[...]
[...]er, r 1355 Curtis.
Davis Harry W, bkkpr 523 Charles Bldg, M F R S OF G A S COK[...]
[...]i n . Davis N S, elk, r 198 S l l t h S.
Davis John W, porter Denver D r y G d s Davis Oliver S. novelty wks 1228 21st.
Co, r 1444 Court[...]
Dawedoff Max, watchmkr 1745 Larimer, Day Charles A, printer, rms 2203 Stout. H 2
r 3301 W 31st av. Day Charles B, elk D & R G R R frt • . C D
Dawes William, r[...]ter.
Dawil Citon, lab Grant Smelter. Day Charles E, electrician Tramway Co,
Dawkins Lizzie Miss, m[...]News. r 2427 W 29th av.
Dawson Charles, lab, r 8 Lincoln Pk Day Frank B, fireman D[...]3th av nw cor S 7th. 1068 S 9th.
Dawson Charles E, stenographer Walter Day Frank N, bkk[...]
[...]Frederick W, lab F M Davis Iron Deabler Charles O, elk McAllister Bak-
Works Co, r 1410 S[...]ay Joe, laundry 2413^ 16th. Dean Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
Day Joseph, pedler, rms 1512 Blake. Dean Charles H, lab, b ns Evans nr S
Day June M M[...]
[...]Machine Works, r 2810 Stout.
Dearborn Charles E , carp, r 3516 Clear Decker L o u i s[...]ket.
Deardorff Charles M, s t u d e n t , r m s ws S Decker Mar[...]
[...]in Electric Co, r 2426 Grant av. Degeraty Charles, cabinetmkr L u n t &,[...]COAL
Deems Charles W, mining engineer 509[...]
IDENVERCONS GAS C O S COKE. Dejobn Charles, r 3259 Bell.[...]th.
Humboldt. DeLacy Charles P, voice culture, r 4227
De Harport Theodore (De[...]t.
De Haven Jennie Mrs, dressmkr, r 923 Delaney Charles C, coml trav, r 1439[...]Delaney James, bricklayer, r 2533 Welton
Dehn Charles F, saloon 1321 16th. Delaney John, conductor[...]Littleton Creamery Co, r 2210 Hooker.
Deisher Charles F, r 1319 Josephine. Delaney Patrick, en[...]
[...]Delrose Charles, lab W Byran ns Al-[...]any School, Delgany ne cor 21st. Demling Charles W, waiter Brown Pal
Delitski Frank, lab G[...]allack & Howard Lumber Co Lari- Demond Charles T, agt Associated
mer cor 7th, r[...]
[...]herman av, r 1150 Broadway. Dennis Charles S, machine h a n d Colo &
De Neal J a m e s , col[...]Denison Building, 14th ne cor S t o u t .
Denison Charles, physician a n d surgeon THEDENVERTE[...]9 M
Denison Charles I, s t u d e n t , r 1257 SIF[...]
[...]Dennis William J, solicitor Denver Cons 627 Charles Bldg 15th cor Curtis.
Gas Co, r 909 Broa[...]M Craffey prop, 1552-1556 Blake.
Denniston Charles E Mrs, r 3832 High. Denver Building[...]
[...]to 1615 Wazee.
Denver Corresponding C l u b , 405 Charles DENVER FURNITURE PACKING CO, C H
Bldg.[...]E d w a r d s mgr, 13 Sheridan Bldg, 17th
pres, Charles T Austin sec and treas, cor Wyn[...]
[...]ans Club, 1808 Curtis.
Denver Investor, 306 Charles Bldg. DENVER NATIONAL BANK, J A T[...]
C N Shannon pres, E T Alcorn sec, C J[...]s, Diff Bros props, Denver Supply Co, 401 Charles Bldg.
746 Santa Fe av.[...]
[...]Denver Tribune, 301 Kittredge Bldg. Depew Charles M, driver, r 819 27th,[...]& PAINT CO, Der Bote, 626 18th.
Charles A Treat pres, W H Beeson sec BElT'Der[...]
[...]n n a h Mrs, r2504 G r a n t av. Deskin Charles, elk H e n r y Kummerland,
DeRinzie Eugene H, bkk[...]Desmond Louis A, elk Daniels & Fisher,
DeRocher Charles W, b u t c h e r M r s A r m s 43[...]Desserich Charles, collr E Desserich, r[...]F2I 3Xr T URES
DESELLEM CHARLES A, vice-pres A t l a s[...]
[...]Deuel Charles, lab D & R G R R, rms[...]Dever Paul, lab, b 147 Alaska.
Dettelbach Charles, lab Queen City Deverant Phillip,[...]
[...]Heating Co. rms 31 Steel Blk. Dewey Charles H, dentist, rms 101813th.
Devlin Charles, machinist, rms 44 W Dewey Chauneey[...]
[...]Dewey Edward C, pres Dewey Hardware Dey Charles E, mining, r 823 27th.
Co, r 1344 Gaylord[...]Bldg.
r 1921 Sherman av.
Dewsbury Charles I, foreman Club Sta-
bles, r 1227[...]
[...]Dicks A May Miss, stenographer, 639
Dickerson Charles L, lawyer 602 Equit- 17th, rms 2747 Stout.[...]GO
rms 625 E 17th av.
DICKINSON CHARLES E, sec Interna-[...]
Gottesleben &Sdns, 7 ^^Z^^^^sfDMon Block
360 DI[...]
[...](rUONE-INSURANCt, Diller Charles M, salesman G e o r g e
INbURANCEUPOf. -" • n[...]Co, r 2093 Fremont. Dillon Charles, carp, r 24 E 19th av.
Dietz Joseph A, elk, r 2093 Fremont. Dillon Charles Mrs, dressmkr, r 24 E
Dietz Val, rms 1928 Lawrenc[...]. Co, r 3340 Palmer.
Diff Charles A (Diff Bros), r 744 Santa Dillon Frederick[...]Dillon Jerry R, flagman U P R R , rms "I
Dill Charles S, lab Globe Smelter, r 2853 1249 12[...]
Disraelly E, watchmkr 1652 Larimer. Dixon Charles A, lab Denver Sewer
Disraelly Samuel, mgr[...]
[...]Dobler Charles, lab, rms 1839 Arapahoe.[...]obberstein August J, elk Lesser Lew- Dockham Charles K, carp Colo Casket
innek Liquor Co.[...]oo 27th.
Dobberstein Martin, lunch man Charles Dodd John A, veterinary surgeon, r 2811[...]Casualty 8c Surety Co, r 335 23d.
Dobbins Charles R, col'd, engineer, r Dodd Lyda Miss, music[...]Son, r 2848 Welton. Dodge Charles F , dentist 1, 630 16th, r
Dobbs Art[...]
[...]Doehling Charles, prop Zang's Hotel,
m nntn[...]Cranmer Bldg, r 1173 Pennsylvania av. Doersam Charles J, watchmkr 430 16th,
Dodge Eben, chief elk payma[...]dge Frank L, draper, r 1449 S Penn- Doherty Charles E, bkkpr, rms 804 14th.
sylvania av. Doherty Charles F, printer Evening
Dodge Fred E, elk. Appl[...]
[...]Doles James, lab, r 434 Gerspach av.
Dolan Charles H, lab, r 69 Baldwin, JSST'Dolezal, see al[...]olan Michael T, barber 1545 Broadway, Dolloff Charles W, pipeman Hose Co
OO r 1113 Californ[...]
[...]Donegan Charles, rms 1536 Glenarm. flft
Domke Herma[...]
[...]ovan John, tinner Sanfords Furnace
Donnelly Charles, r e a l estate 1653 Co, r 3224 High.[...]Donovan John, r 1257 S 10th.
Donnelly Charles J, r 730 29th. Donovan John C,[...]
[...]van Michael D, printer, r 650 Clark. Doran Charles L, inspector U S Post
Donovan Patrick, machinist,[...]ke. Doran Charles W, col'd, lab, r 2934
Donovan Thomas E, plasterer[...]Dorr Melvin L, salesman Sullivan Ma-
Doolittle Charles H, mining, r 1284 Race.
Doolittle Edith Mi[...]
[...]O Mrs, r 2550 Stout.
Dorrity John, salesman Charles Scrib- Dotson William H, col'd, lab, r 2027[...]Dorsey Addie Mrs, dressmkr, r 1964 Doty Charles A, dress cutting school, r
Broadway. 1663 Court PI.
Dorsey Charles E, baker, r 323 W 14th Doty Charlotte E Miss[...]California.
Dorst Charles J, carp Colo & Southern Doudna John H, car i[...]R R, r 3651 Converse.
Dorstewitz Charles G, cabinetmkr, r 3148 Douds Alexander G[...]
[...]Douglas Clinton A, elk Humphreys &
Dougal Charles E, painter, r 355 Irving- Wolf, r 2541 Kens[...]meda av nr Boulevard F, Valverde.
Dougherty Charles,lab,rms 1731 Larimer Douglas Isabel[...]
[...]Dovener Charles F, upholsterer, r 1278[...]nf ANDsH ,niTlF« Dovey Charles E, gripman Denver City
\c ^ ^ i ^ ' t & I N[...]Dow Charles H, broker, r 1338 Grant av.
Douglas Tracy W, grocer 210 S l l t h S. Dow Clarissa M Mrs, teacher Maria[...]Dowell Charles A, lab, r 604 Clark.
Doull Jessie Mis[...]
[...]Downie Charles H, engineer California
rann[...]Dowhen Eliza A Mrs, r 2441 Decatur. Downing Charles B, engineer Essex
Dowhen Josephine Mrs, cook, rms[...]Stout. Downing Charles W, yardman Sayre-
Dowhen Morton H, plumber C C Br[...]Downing George M (Downing & Co), r
Dowlin Charles P, elk auditor D & R G 921 W 6th av.
Downer J Earl, rms 3352 Bryant. Downs Charles P, draughtsman, rms
Downer Mary B Miss, r 56 S Sh[...]mer.
Daniels & Fisher, r 56 S Sherman av.
Downey Charles J, reporter Republican,
Downey Charles U, marble cutter, r 1067
[...]Doyle John, teamster, r 2 S Water S.
D[...]Brewing Co, r 2007 Clay,
oo Doyle Charles O, elk M D Barnett, r Doyle Rose Miss, elk r 2 S Water S.
3914 High. Doyle Tea Co (P J and K C Doyle), teas
Doyle Charles S, cigars rotunda Equita- and coffee 2127 La[...]iza Mrs, r 1354 S 13th. Doyle William S. mdse broker 243 Equi-
Doyle E D Mrs, r[...]
[...]Duggan Thomas, Jr, r 625 S llth.
DuFrane Charles E, bath attendant Duggan Thomas H[...]
[...]Duncan Charles H, teamster, r rear 1443[...]REAL ESTATE LOANS Duncan Charles P, r 1441 S Pearl.[...]. und & Co, rms 1015 15th.
Dunakin Charles W, elk Record Abstract Duncan Joseph K[...]
[...]uncans James, horseshoer J M Camp- Dunlap Charles A, student, r 321 W
bell, r 2132 Lawrence.[...]Dunlap William H, salesman, r 701 Wil-
Dunham Charles E, prop Vincent Blk liams.
[...]317 E 26th av. Vine.
Dunn Charles J, carp 1827 Arapahoe, r Dunn Martin T, wrap[...]Dunn Michael, r 2941 Josephine.
Dunn Charles P, rms 1866 Curtis. Dunn Nellie Mrs, r 2328 Boulevard F .
Dunn Charles T, cigarmkr F Thies, r 122 Dunn Nellie M Miss,[...]ndryman, rms 142
Dunn George W, lawyer 521 Charles Broadway.
Bldg, r 244[...]
[...]Dunsmore Charles M, stockman, r 3141[...]Gds Co, r 912 13th. Dunst Charles, shoemkr 315 16th, r 60
jj^"Dunne, see also Dunn[...]Dupont Charles I, cigarmkr, r 2358[...]Dupont Charles W, r 2358 Welton.[...]
[...]uryea W, engineer, rms Hotel Abbott.
Durbin Charles K, supt Denver Cons Duschner Adolph,[...]e, r 1763 Clarkson. mer.
Durell Charles T, mining engineer, r Duthie Joh[...]
[...]Dye Charles L, chief engineer Capital ?
[RENIS.[...]Dvorak Joseph W. baker Continental Dyer Charles, janitor Denver Fire Clay
Biscuit Co.[...]2050 Clarkson. Palace Hotel
Dwelle Charles H, helper Colo & South- Dyer Henry B Mrs, b[...]wyer Anthony, shoemkr 2425 Washing- Dyett Charles H, lawyer 507 Equitable
ington av, r 2427 Washington av. Bldg, rms 1420 Logan av.
Dwyer Charles M, r 1043 llth. Dyhre Andrew H, ca[...]THEDENVERTENT&AWNINECO.
Dwyre Charles G, real estate, r 309 W ALFRED S.PROCT[...]
Eacock Charles, millwright, rms 433 W Eales George, car ins[...]Mortgage & Inv Co, r 2610 Welton.
Eader Charles W, bkkpr B F Bowen 8c Ealy Ella Mrs, r 203[...]Larimer. Earl Charles, Belgian hares. 1959 Curtis,
OO Eads Georgie M[...]rl James B, printer, r 856 S Washing-
Eagan Charles H, painter, r 1873 W 14th ton av.
av[...]Eagan Katherine Mrs, r 500 Wynkoop. Earle Charles W, supt sign dept Curran
OO EAGAN THOMAS F, se[...]ary Mrs, r 658 Pearl.
Ealer William H, cook Charles Smidt,[...]
[...]East C Emma Miss, bkkpr Walter East,
E&RLS CHARLES H, upholsterer, furni- r 2508 Grant av.[...]shaw George W, lawyer 326 Symes Eastgate Charles G, lab Mrs E Marshall,
Blk, 16th cor Cha[...]
[...]Eaton Charles W, lab Denver Fire Clay[...]25th av. Eber Charles, rms 1817 Central.
Eastwood Niles Z[...]M F R S OF G A S C O K E
Eaton Charles L, elk George Tritch MINING EXCHA[...]
[...]v nw cor W Colfax av. Eckardt Charles, lab, r 1906 21st.
Eberley Lena E Miss, teacher,[...]v nw cor W Colfax av. Eckberg Charles, car repairer B & M R
Eberman Oliver V, machinist[...]rsol Louisa E Mrs, r 2625 Douglass PI Eckdahl Charles, elk Hotel Hope 1404[...]bert Pauline Miss, elk Joslin Dry Gds Ecker Charles, r 3642 Alcott.
Co, r 1749 Pearl.[...]
[...]way. Eddy Charles J, boarding, 3923 High.
Eckert William F ,[...]Eddy Mary J Mrs, r 3923 High.
Eckhart Charles, teamster Clark Trans- Eddy Maud I Miss, r 39[...]gar Alexander S, elk Auditor D & R
Eckland Charles, machinist G A Max- G R R, r 119 W Ellsw[...]dgar Morgan, lawyer 447-449 Equit-
Ecklund Charles E, fireman, r 244 S 7th. able Bldg, r 1[...]
[...]dgerton Frank W, mining, r 823 Knox Edmond Charles C, janitor Church of
Court.[...]dgerton Harriet B Mrs, teacher Twen- Edmond Charles F, elk Denver Dry Gds
ty fourth Street[...]
[...]Edwards J, lab Denver Paper Mills.
Edwards Charles, wood yard W Col- Edwards J B Mrs, r 1[...]lcott. 16th av.
Edwards Charles r 709 Larimer. Edwards J H Grocery Co, 1431 Ogden.
Edwards Charles A, col'd, hostler HUM- EDWARDS J STANLEY,[...]
[...]ggs Joseph, foreman Eaton-Ritchell
Egelman Charles F, elk C F Hoeckel, r Co, r 1216 S Washi[...]gender Frank, car repairer Tramway Egler Charles, butcher, r es Adams av
Co, r 1427 Arap[...]Ehrenkrook Charles F, driver W H Eh-
PQbj av, Globeville.[...]krook, r 3138 Lawrence.
Eggert Charles, ice dealer, rms 715 S Ehret Gustav A, jew[...]COAL,
Eggleston Charles B, miner, r 3615 Ed-
[...]et Boulder and W Mississippi av, Val- Einfeldt Charles, w k s W C Cannon, rms
verde.[...]ck William H, rms 1534 Larimer. Einfeldt Charles M, chief engineer Equi-
Ehring Christ J, baker,[...]S llth.
EICHELBERGER CHARLES G, mgr John Eisele Henry, lab, r es[...]horn Constant, lab Colo Iron & Eiseman Charles (Eiseman & Co), 1659[...]Eiseman & Co (Charles Eiseman) R R § §[...]Central. Co, r 1427 12th.
Eichold Charles H, painter 2255 Welton. Eisenberg Isaac, e[...]Eisenhardt Charles T.clk Hurlbut Gro-
Eick Charles G, bartdr 3800 Downing av. cery Co. rms 2501 Arapahoe. oo
Eickhoff Charles A, r 2451 Logan av. Eisenhardt Charles T, cornicemkr Fred
Eickhoff E B Mrs, r 244[...]
[...]Jt^'Eklund, see also Ecklund.
Eisenhardt Charles Z, harnessmkr F Eklund Albert, lab, r 38[...]Elberson Albert W, bartdr WT Duncan,
Eiser Charles, bartdr Mrs L Feigl, 2146 r 1203 Glenarm.[...]lbert Samuel H, lawyer, r Denver Ath-
Eiser Charles, shoemkr 637 15th, r St. letic Club.[...]worth, rms 1226 23d. Elder Charles S, physician 1517 Stout, r
Eisler Stephen,[...]Elder Frank, lab Globe Smelter.
Eissner Charles, restaurant 524 17th. Elder Henry G.real es[...]on.
Ek Gus, lab Grant Smelter.
Ekberg Charles, fireman, r 2104 Arapa-
CO Ekdahl Charles E, elk, r 1435 20th.
Ekdahl Gust, bl[...]
[...]l k i n s Madison A, carp, r 3485 Mon-
Eldredge Charles H, lab, r 4 L o u n s b u r y crieff PI.[...]e Isabel Miss, r 1702 E 16th av. Elledge Charles V, lab Denver S u l p h i t e
Eldredge Jane Mrs,[...]ge Lorenzo, wks T J Underhill, r Eller Charles D, barber 1418 36th, r[...]
[...]ott Samuel M, well digger, r Weston
Elliott Charles, machinist F M Davis ' av ne cor Parson[...]Elliott Samuel T, r 2329 Lafayette.
Elliott Charles C, engineer, r 1964 W Elliott Thomas A, teamster, r 69 S Tre-
oo Colfax av.
Elliott Charles E (R B Robinson & Co), mont
r 1[...]Elliott V A Mrs, r 2119 Curtis.
Elliott Charles H, printer, rms 1015 14th. Elliott Walter E, gripman City R R Co,
Elliott Charles R, solicitor, r 2942 Blake. r 3743 Pa[...]
[...]^STREET 8th av.
Ellis Charles F, bicycles 1760 Stout, r Ellis Lavinia[...]Ellis Mary A Mrs, r 346 Irvington PI.
Ellis Charles W, mining, b 1811 Grant Ellis M[...]
[...]Thomas J, printer, r 2934 Bert.
Elmendorf Charles, cashier Brown Pal- Elwood William[...]
[...]ee M, cattle dealer, rms 803 E m e r y Charles, rms 1702 Champa. CO
20th. E m e r y Charles F , musician, 837 18th, r
Embree Ross B, elk E E[...]E m e r y Hugh' H , r 3531 Decatur.
Emerson Charles E , dairyman, r 1974 S E m e r y Irene[...]e r y J a m e s A (Lyon & Emery), r 1856
Emerson Charles E , div s u p t Tramway W 35th[...]
[...]Emmons Charles H, real estate 1640[...]Enarson Charles, lab, rms 3938 Larimer.
Si Market.
Emmert Charles G, watchman, r 417 E
31st av.[...]
[...]1470 10th.
Engdahl Charles D , l a b , b 3919 Downing i y Engle, s[...]BANK. STORE, OFFICE. DRUG,-^D BAR
England Charles T, mining, r 333 E 29th
[...]Co, r 1329 S 15th.
co English Charles H, elk Daniels & Fisher, Eno E Lena Mr[...]rd F. Enos Charles W, physician, practice lim-
English Francis[...]S 6th. Enroth Charles F, coachman 132 W 4th
English John, lab, r[...]h Robert W, pres R W English Ensign Charles T, elk Bancroft Book Co.
co Lumber Co, r Brown Pa[...]sminger Michael C, boilermkr, r 205
Englund Charles A, boilermkr, r 1378 E 33d[...]
[...]Champa. 10th.
Enterprise Restaurant, Charles L An- Eppstein Hattie Miss, elk, r 2934[...]er 426 room 911,17th sw cor Stout.
Charles Bldg. Equitable Co[...]Erb August W, elk stationer Colo &
Eppich Charles J, elk P O, r 1312 Santa Southern[...]
[...]ckson William G, lab, r 703 W 9th av.
Erbaugh Charles O, patent attorney, 644 Erickson William J, sa[...]Elyria. Erlenberg Charles J, carp, r 1835 Center.
Erfurth F Edmund, car[...]ckson Bena, Miss, rms 2056 Arapahoe.
Erickson Charles, bartdr A G Eckdahl,
1719 Blake.[...]Roria MOUNTAIN;
Erickson Charles J, wks Metropole Res-
taurant, rms 1[...]
[...]Espy J a m e s W (Espy & Co), r 3736
Ernst Charles W, r 338 E 32d av. Palm[...]
[...]Charles Bldg, r 358 Lincoln av.
REAL ESTATE LOANS Estey Charles A, salesman C S Morey[...]r 1725 Gaylord.
Essley Charles H, salesman A Booth &
Co, r 3051 Lafayett[...]Laundry, rms 2004 Arapahoe.
Estabrook Charles J, foreman A R Wil- Etzel Anna B Miss, ste[...]Eubank William T, expressman, r 1716
Estell Charles, lab, rms rear 2063 Blake. Logan av.[...]
[...]. Evans Harry W 1613 Larimer, r 1235
Evans Charles, brakeman D & R G R R , Arapahoe.
r 131[...]EVANS HENRT P, secy and treas Scheide-
Evans Charles, driver Roberts Livery mantel Agency Co[...]2908 Williams.
Evans Charles A,driver Edward Bryant. Evans Ida L Mrs, r 14 La Veta PI.
Evans Charles A, foreman Crescent Evans Isabel Nesmit[...]Evans James, wks 1816 Sherman av.
Evans Charles L, lab, r 19 Union PI. Evans James[...]
[...]vans Lizzie J Miss, dressmkr, r 2347 Evart Charles J, engineer The Royal
[...]Evert May Miss, r 2113 Market.
Everett Charles E, bkkpr C Wathen, r Everts F, rms 1755 Law[...]Everts Paul A, r 2963 Larimer.
Everett Charles W, lawyer 713 Ernest Everts Robert A, barbe[...]"a
Everingim Charles, conductor, r 1653[...]
[...]wing Oscar B, lab U P R R, r 2744 Eymann Charles, captain Hook & Lad-
Lawrence.[...]rence ne cor 8th (phone 380). Eyth Charles G, collr 1319 19th, r 2325
[...]rannen FAIR CHARLES W, mfr galvanized iron[...]Arapahoe. oo
Faervers Charles, lab County Hospital. Fair J, col'd, waiter[...]S, MORSE & CO, D P McDon- o t-i
Fahey Charles, stableman Denver Union
Water Co, S 4th[...]
CHIGAGO LUMBER &MFG.CO,16th,'Phone-163.[...]
BARTELS BROS, & BISHOP, 53317lh SUSMnsnranco[...]
[...]Farrar Charles M, bkkpr, rms 341 Glen-[...]- W - ESTATES.INVESTMENT SECURITIES Farrar Charles S (Farrar & Hunsicker),[...]ller vice-pres, R A South-
worth sec, 420 Charles Bldg, 15th cor[...]rrar J Fred, student, r 1067 S 15th.
Farnam Charles, elk American House Farrar Marshall A, dr[...]rrell Kate Mrs, r 716 E 38th av.
Farnsworth Charles P, gardener, r 3519 Farrell John S, messenger[...]Mrs, r Ladies Relief
Farrand Charles E, 22,1043 Champa. MINING EXCHANG[...]
[...]PH2NM083. Faucett Charles, wks Daniels & Fisher,[...]^Farris, see also Faris, Ferris. Faulkard Charles S (Anthony & Co), r
Farris Charles E, carp, r 2713 Alcott. Overland Park.
Far[...]ris William L, bricklayer, r 1711 S Faulkner Charles B, elk, r 3456 W 33d av.
Pearl. Faulkner Charles J, elk Denver Fish
Farris William P, r 528 E 19th[...]Farthing John Q A, builder, rms 1515 Faus Charles J, driver, r 65 S Water.
Platte.[...]ashbaugh William N, opr W U Tel Co, Favour Charles S, pop corn mfr rear
r 2427 Logan av.[...]
[...]eland PI. &3d av.
Fawkes Charles G (Fawkes & Co), 1707 Fear Joseph W, lab McP[...]1707 Lawrence. Fearnley Charles W, student, r 1571
oo Faxon Charles H, conductor P P C Co,
r 1186 Stout.[...]Featherley Cornelius, rms 1754 Law-
Fay Charles, baker Albany Hotel. rence.
Fay Charles C, carp, r 2445 Stout. Febiger Lee Mrs, r 1528 Gilpin.
Fay Charles G, butcher P J Gaughan Fechtenburg Claus H[...]John's First Danish Lutheran Church,
Fay Charles G, butcher, r 2445 Stout. r 465 S 12[...]
[...]ly John, teamster, r 4223 Wynkoop. Feldmann Charles A, prop The Royal \
Feely Michael, plasterer, rm[...]rence Inv Co, r 1433 Ogden.
Feeny Charles, horse dealer, r ss W Iowa FeldwiBch John H, p[...]o S
Fehr Charles H, elk WFehr, r 2808 Blake FELL GEORG[...]
[...]REAL ESTATE L O A N S Fenton Charles, lab Thomas Chapman,
E[...]Ferguson Albert M, nurseryman 829
Felt Charles J, tailor Western Clothing Cooper Bldg, rm[...]r 3646 Humboldt.
Felt Zeph Charles, real estate and Ferguson Belle C Miss,[...]s Jerome F, r 1011 13th. Ferguson Charles A, coml trav Hunga-
Fendrich H, cigars M L[...]6 Jacobson Bldg. Ferguson Charles G, sec Pratt & Fergu-
Fenn L R, ven[...]
18th, c[...]
[...]FERTIG CHARLES T, special agt Aachen[...]Ferril William C, curator Colo Historical Fetta Charles E, saloon 2400 16th, rms
& Natural Histo[...]Southern Ry, rms 1231 a3d.
oo Ferris Charles A student, r 1528 Ogden.
Ferris Charles H,r 322 E 22d av. Fette Louis, cigarmkr, 51112th.
Ferris Charles W, wks Denver Times, r Fetterman Lau[...]
[...]Field Charles H, carp, r 3331 Decatur.[...]^T PHONE 4 2 V eo
501-503 Charles Bldg.
730 Sixt[...]
[...]Filberg Charles J, tailor 631 Charles
Fielding Thomas, bkkpr W H Emanuel,[...]r Dry Gds
CD Fields Bridget Mrs, r 165 S l l t h S. Co, r 1341 S Tremont.
Fields Ell[...]les Sarah E Mrs, r 1331 Downing av.
l l t h S. Filipovich Tripa[...]Finan Ed, b European Hotel.
Fifield Charles W, salesman Continental FINANCE & RE[...]
[...]NE-INSURAINCr, . Fine Charles J, r 1734 36th.
IN-jURANCtUPON I - » • < •[...]06 Mack Blk 16th cor Califor- Finkbeiner Charles (Columbia Coal & 2 5'
nia, r 229 S Ogd[...](^"Finley, see also Findlay, Finlay.
Finding Charles A, hardware, b Albany Finley[...]
[...]iroved George,carp Colo & Southern Ry
Finn Charles, waiter The Princeton 2137 Firoved Jo[...]
[...]a g t pass dept F i s h a c h Charles P , special a g t M u t u a l
Chicago, Rock I[...]17th, rms Hotel L ' I m p e r i a l e .
Fischbach Charles P , b u t t e r a n d eggs, F[...]
[...]Fisher James M, mining, r 1214 33d.
Fisher Charles E, brakeman U P R R , Fisher James T, e[...]ern Ry, r 3823 High.
Fisher Charles E, lab, b 120 Raven, Fisher Jay McKean[...]D Griffith Shoe Co, rms 1371 S 13th.
Fisher Charles G (C G Fisher & Co), r Fisher Jefferson,[...]r 1126 California.
Fisher Charles J.gardener,r es S l l t h bet Fisher Jen[...]
[...]Fisk Charles E, fireman F Reistle, r 823[...]Fisher Thomas E, genl pass agt Colo & Fitch Charles C, distributor Curran •
[...]21 Stout. Fitzmier Charles F, cigarmkr Solis[...]Arthur D, elk, r 736 E 18th av.
Fitz Gerald Charles F, machinist J G
Leyner, r 534 S Tremont.[...]ald Daniel J, carrier P O, r 1221 Fitzpatrick Charles, lab, r 1324 Fremont

Flach Charles, shoemkr 329 S Tremont.
Flach John H, mac[...]
[...]suULU IgPlT.liiir.l^tafl Flanigan Charles W, lab Overland Cot-[...]
[...]atray William E, lab Denver Fire Clay Fleming Charles, rms 19,1841 Lawrence.
Co, r 33 E 34th av.[...]s, r 1724 California. CO
r Cherrelyn.
Flebbe Charles J, mgr Fred Flebbe, r Fleming H Mrs[...]
[...]er. Flick O J, rms Hotel Abbott.
Flennoy Charles, col'd, lab, r 1846 Wash- Flick Sarah E Miss, m[...]Ginnity, r 4433 Elizabeth.
Fleshman Charles W, carpetlayer Hart Flieger Edward H, shee[...]lieger Stafford B, blksmith Vulcan
Fletcher Charles, wks City Laundry, b Iron Works Co[...]
[...]nt Irvin W, trav salesman, rms 1202 Florence Charles J, window trimmer CO
Champa.[...]nt James J (Flint & Lomax), r 26th Florence Charles, r 2355 Franklin.
cor Maple, Berkeley.[...]CO
Flohr Charles W, bricklayer, r 670812th,
Flohr Ernest C,[...]
[...]Co, r 210 Milwaukee. Fogg Charles W, coml trav, r 1946 Lin-
Flucken Wi[...]
Fonda Charles W.mining, r 2745 Decatur[...]v.
Foot Charles M, restaurant, rms 1609 m Ol
Humbold[...]pipe organ builder, r rear
W 8th avs.
Foljambe Charles, r 1732 Pearl. 3507 Franklin.[...]
[...]Ford Charles, bricklayer, r es Adams[...]Ford Charles C (Ford & Bowen), r 1312[...]Ford Charles D, register U S Land[...]Ford Charles M, druggist 15th nw cor[...]Ford Charles O, lawyer, r 2419 Lafay-[...]1410 S 10th.
Forbes Charles D, gardener, r 1648 Ford Delia M Miss, r[...]Ford Edward A, fireman B & M R R,
Forbes Charles E, salesman Charles rms 24, 2205 Larimer.
[...]erman av. Foree Charles H, col'd, porter Joseph
Ford Maggie Miss,[...]
[...]rster Frederick, lab. r ss 7th bet
Forgrave Charles P, bill poster Curran Watervliet[...]Forsyth Charles, carp, rms 1311 26th.
[...]/Jrapalioc SI Foster Charles L, lab Denver Elevator co[...]Foster Frank A, teacher North Side
Fortman Charles H, r 669 S Pearl. * High School, r 254[...]ank L, elk frt dept U P R R , 2 »-*
Fortune Charles C, mining, r 60 W Ma-[...]
[...]rence. Charles Bldg.
Foster John J, flagman City R[...]
[...]F o x Charles B, lab, b 1984 Holden.
F o x Charles J , lab Griffin Wheel Co, r
DENVERCONS GAS C O '[...]F o x George E, lab Overland Cotton Mill
Fowler Charles S, bicycle repairer, r Co, r 19[...]l a t t e . CO
Fowler Tunnel Co, 523 Charles Bldg.
Fowler Willfam E , master car builder[...]S OO
Fowles Charles H . conductor U P R R ,
r 242 S Lincoln[...]
[...]Fox William, fireman City R R Co. France Charles, cook G WPell, rms 1431
Fox William, teamste[...]Fox William H, salesman W A Hover & France Charles, florist, b 1470 S Tremont.
Co, rms 638 E 33d av. France Charles M, broker, r 3337 Alcott.
oo Fox William T, bra[...]France Lewis B, lawyer 408 Charles
Foy Joseph, granite cutter, b 842 Lari-[...]ery 2025 Larimer. Francis Charles F, cash boy Daniels &
Frageau John A, harness[...]Heiser, r 3153 W 38th av. Francis Charles W, elk Albert H Vose
Ht^"Frain, see also Fra[...]t av. "CITIZENS COAL CO.
Frambach Charles L, r 1837 Grant av. TELE[...]
[...]Franklin Charles W, lawyer 648 Equi-[...]FRANKFORT ACCIDENT & PLATE GLASS Frantz Charles L, foreman shop F M
INSURANCE CO, German[...]
[...]Fraser Margaret Miss, stenographer J
Frantz Charles, lab A E Mauff, r 1470 S T Rowntree, rms 173[...]Fraser Sarah Mrs, 2600 Larimer.
Franzeen Charles, elk Gross Pharmacy, Fraser Sarah E Mrs, r 4[...]Co, rms 1739 Stout.
Frary Charles H, carp, r 1279 S Wash- Fraser Wm M, mgr Charles Fraser, r
ington av.[...]raseur William Mrs, r 2425 Clarkson.
Fraser Charles, drv gds 2653 Welton. Frasier Nellie[...]
[...]Frear Charles A, salesman Dawson Com
SOUTHERN[...]Small Bros,
Frazier Allen O, lab, b 291 S l l t h S. r 622 S Tremont.[...]
[...]School, S Tremont nw cor W 2d av.
Free Charles C, janitor Stanley School, Freeman J W, rms 707[...]Theatre, rms Hotel Abbott.
Freeland Charles F , cashier Colo Fuel Freeman Mary Mrs, r 2426[...]r 2534 Gaylord. Champa.
Freeman Charles W, vice-pres Grand
Encampment Town[...]
[...]French Stillman W, real estate 55 Arap-
Frei Charles, mailing dept Evening ahoe Bldg, r W M[...]awrence. rms 512 16th.
French Charles E, bkkpr Golden Pressed Frenzell Max R, grip[...]1248 12th.
French Charles P, physician, r 2310 Freseman Henr[...]
[...]Frickey Charles W, mgr Metropolitan
Frew Frank, lab Globe S[...]Fridborn Sign Co, 1524 16th.
Frey Charles, woodcarver J P Paulson, Fridholm Axel, tail[...]Fried Bela, picture frames 2942 Gallup
Frey Charles A, machinist D & R G R
R, r 1046 1[...]
[...]3 Curtis. Frisbee J Charles, vice-pres Frisbee
Friedman Morris, cigarmkr, r 2[...]FRITH THOMAS T, fire ins agt 201-202
Friend Charles H, r 2800 Highland av. Mack Blk 1[...]
[...]zell Fannie Miss, stenographer, b Frueauff Charles A, student 404 Equi-
123 Grant av.
Friz[...]eever, r 600
Froehlich Herman, bartdr Charles W 14th av.
Humburg, r 134 S Logan av.[...]Lawrence. mer, r 2347 Grant av.
Froid Charles V, lab, r 4615 Josephine. Frumess Victor, med[...]Tramway den.
Co, r 171 S l l t h S. Fry Joshua A, farmer, r[...]
[...]Fulham Katie C Mrs, coremkr Otto
Frye Charles F , dairyman, r ss Custer Norman, r[...]Fulham Richard D, r 1254 Pennsylvania
Frye Charles H, engineer D & R G R R , av.
r[...]Co, 534 16tb, r 130 S Pennsylvania a v.
Fueller Charles Rev, r 2330 Irving. Fuller[...]
[...]Fuller William A, pres Capitol Market Fultz Charles D, engineer Colo & South-
Co, r 1136 Was[...]31 Welton. r 2004 Downing av.
Fullman Charles, plumber, 315 16th, r Fulwider Harol[...]
[...]Furmidge Isabel M Miss, cashier George
Funk Charles E, miner, r 4479 W 30th Tritch Hdw Co, r[...]Funke Henry, cook, rms 1219 Stout. Fury Charles F, elk, r 248 Irvington PI.
Funke Henry, d[...]
[...]es Lizzie Mrs. r 1454 S Tremont.
Gabrielson Charles A, driver, r 1103 W Gaines Minnie B Mrs, r 13[...], col'd, r 2532 Law- Gaiser Lee, r 41 S 12th S.
[...]aith Horace, elk Colo Fuel & Iron Galitz Charles, rms 1123 W 8th av.
Co 806 17th, b Hotel Broadw[...]s 2937 Champa. Dunkeld PI.
Gale Charles, carp, r 3807 Williams. Gallagh[...]
[...]Garbarino Joseph, butcher, r 3548 Mar-
Gamelason Charles, lab, b 1600 19th. ket.
Gamewell R o b[...]her Hyde Park CTQ
rms 1910 Curtis.
Gandy Charles J, framer Hamilton & School,[...]
[...]d School, Thurman sw cor W l l t h
Gardner Charles H, sec Order of Ry av. Jerome Pk.[...]ien Hyman. tailor 1412 Curtis, rms
Gardner Charles W, notions 3106 Gilpin. 1646 Arapahoe.
Gardner Charles W, r 1529 Clarkson. Gargan Alexis[...]
McPhee & McGinnity, Manufacturers Sash, Doors[...]
[...]arrison W Arthur, elk Moore Hdw & Garvin Charles O, elk American House
Iron Co, r 3774 Fr[...]rrow Gilbert L, elk Woodmen of the Garwood Charles M, lawyer 2,1657 Lari-
World, r 502 21st[...]Gass Benjamin R, prin Hyde Park
Gartman Charles E(Gartman& Yarrow), School, r 20[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p ?ir Insuranc[...]
[...]lord Paul B (Paul B Gaylord & Co),
Gautsche Charles S, bartdr American r 1225 Ogden.
H[...]Gaymon Rolla H, foreman Summit Fuel
Gavin Charles, lab, rms 1123 13th. & Feed Co, r[...]
[...]earty Catherine Mrs, r 1047 W 14th av. Geer Charles H M, lab, rms 1940 Law-
|^°Geary, see also Gary,[...]ry Richard M, teamster S u m m i t Gehrig Charles, conductor City R R Co,
Fuel & Feed Co, r rear[...]ce. 0 ©»
Gebhard Charles A, foreman Colo Pkg Ht^"Geier, see also[...]Co, r 124 S Water.
Gebig Charles, lab Globe Smelter. Geiger Charles M, civil engineer, r 2124
Gebig George, lab Globe[...]S Corona. Geiger George W, r 3 S Tremont S.
Geddes Robert pipeman Engine Co No[...]
[...]Genosca Charles, teamster Clark Trans-[...]Gentles Charles, horseshoer A T Fitzell
Geiger Henr[...]
[...]Gepfert Charles, cigarmkr, r 320 Santa
TheCGLOFUEL&IRONC[...]7th av. Gerard Charles, machinist, rms Hotel
George Charles L, col'd. porter Brown Midland.
Palace[...]l'd, rms 1950 Emer- Gerdts Louis C, bartdr Charles Hansen
[...]Gessing Harry M, shoemkr Michael
Denver, Charles J Knoch sec 14-15 Keefe, r 2[...]
[...]Works, r 3159 Market.
Getts Charles, engineer, r 1366 S 10th. Gibbs Ada[...]Giblin Charles S. student, r 1219 29th.
Gibble John N, firem[...]
[...]ng Co, r 1945 Holden.
Gibson John, engineer Charles Bldg, r
room 512.
Gibson Joh[...]
[...]Gilbert Charles M, real estate 48 B a n k[...]
[...]R R, r 720 W 1st av. Giles Charles H.driver Loomis & Elliott.
Gilbert William[...]eest Patrick, mining, r 3619 L a - Gill Charles C, foreman W H Kistler
fayette.[...]ist Delia Miss, dressmkr, r m s 15, Gill Charles W (Benedict & Gill), r 1644
1611 C[...]
[...]espie Anne E M r s , r 1279 P e a r l .
Gillespie Charles P , r m s 2737 S t o u t .[...]I G 4 0 A R A P A H O E ST.
Gillespie Charles S, r 3424 H i g h .

Denver Plumbing & Ch[...]
[...]lligan Ida Miss, rms 727 20th. Gilmor Charles S, bartdr E H Cooke, r
Gilligan Jennie Mrs,[...]lis Albert T, repairer Pettee Cycle Co, Gilmore Charles, cook, rms 44,122719th.
r 3248 High. Gilmore Charles E. sec Craft & Gil-[...]Gilmore J H, messenger D & R G Ex-
Gilman Charles, lab, b 1600 19th. press, r 2629 Arapahoe.
Gilman Charles W, mining, r 2847 Cham- Gilmore Kate[...]
[...]Ginger Charles E, lab, rms 4, 2309 Lari-
TheCOLO.FUEUIRONCo.[...]SEVENTEEN ST. PHONE Gingrich Charles T, car inspector Colo[...]rocer 2301 Market.
Gilsey The, 1750 Stout.
Gilson Charles E, elk headquarters dept[...]
[...]Glasgow Robert, elk Cross Shoe Co, r
OO Given Charles M, barber, b 3441 W 31st 1333 Lafayette.[...]er, r 1333 La-
Given Margaret R Mrs, rms 632 Charles fayette.
Bldg.[...]elevator pilot Hotel
Given Warren R, rms 632 Charles Bldg. Metropole.
Given William, yardman Lyon & Mosier, Glasmann Charles W, elevatorman, r
r Manitou House.[...]
[...]mer Bldg, room 800, r 1361 Clayton
Glaze Charles R, wks R B Glaze, r 852 S av.[...]Mrs, r 2739 Larimer. Newton.
Gleason Charles H, lumber inspector, Glenn Albert[...]
[...]idden Luella Miss, asst J M Darby, r Glover Charles H, lab, r 1825 Tremont.
1170 Champa.[...]N Grant av, Globeville. son.
Glixman Charles, elk, r 1 Champa PI, Glow William, barber[...]1 Champa PI, 28 nw cor Champa. Glynn Charles F (Blue Store Co), r 402
Glixman Har[...]
California. Goff Charles M (Frank C Goff & Co), r
Goddard George D, elevat[...]2
Goff Charles W, bkkpr[...]Goff John, col'd, janitor, r 1336 Corona.
Goe Charles, pedler, r 3415 Blake. Goff Maude[...]
[...]ESTATE LOANS Goldberg Charles, pedler, r 220 Wazee.[...]hee Bldg 17th cor
Goldammer Charles A, druggist 2800 CITIZENS COAL CD.[...]
[...]en Thomas W, lab Globe Smelter, r Goldsmith Charles, tobacco, rms 1536
4315 Gunther.[...]
[...]10th. GOOD CHARLES M, mgr E R Taggart
Goldsworthy John,[...]
[...]Goodier Charles H, r 2691 King.[...]Goodman Fannie Mrs, r 3244 Arapahoe.
Goodale Charles C, TJ S Surveyor-Gen- Goodman Frank[...]
[...]is. Goodyear Charles A, r 1567 Yates.
Goodnow Frank, salesman Denver Land Goodyear Charles K, r 1567 Yates.
6 Water Co, r 1352 S Tremon[...]on Richard, lab Grant Smelter. Goranflo Charles, bicycle repairer George
Goodson Thoma[...]
[...]Gorlick Thomas, fireman, r 1824 Holden.
Gordon Charles, custodian O r p h e u m Gorlier J a m e[...]t 17th a n d 18th. Arapahoe.
Gordon Charles H, painter, r ws Tenny- Gorlier Mrs, r[...]Gorlin H, helper Denver Engineering
Gordon Charles J , driver Pacific Ex- W k s[...]
[...]rton William Jr, lab, r 223 Clark. Goudie Charles W, bkbinder Merchants
Gosa John C, bartdr W[...]lter. 1459 Clayton av.
Gosha Charles E, opr Edward Nockin GOUDY & TWITCHELL[...]Gough Benjamin F, teamster, r 3243-
Goss Charles F (Goss Bros & Co), r 2260 Gallup av[...]
Gough Charles, weighmaster Independ- Gove Aaron M (Gove &[...].
gansett 2455-245916th. Gowan Charles, r ns Byers bet S 8th
Gould John H, stenog[...]
[...]4th av. Graf Charles, barber 1907 Larimer, r
Grabrijan Michael, l[...]Gilpin School, Graf J o h n , b a r t d r Charles F Miller, r
r 2320 Emerson.[...]e J a m e s , carp, r 2120 S Emerson. Graff Charles M (Graff Jewelry Co), 1327
Grace J e[...]
Park School, r 2939 C h a m p a .
Graham Charles, lab Union Depot, r 1455 International[...]man av.
Graham Charles A, physician, r Hotel G r a h a[...]
[...]r 734 13th. Grant Charles G, gardener, r W Alame-
Gramovat Matti, lab[...]Haven. Grant Charles H, painter Grant Paint-
Grams Albert T, pol[...]Grant David, r 810 S 12th.
Grams Charles R, window trimmer Den-
ver Dry Gds[...]
Grant Ellen Mrs, wks Kerns Pharmacy, Grass Charles E, barber American
r rear 2245 Curtis.[...]th.
Grant Frances Mrs, r 3218 Downing av. Gratz Charles, shoemkr 1728 Larimer, r
Grant George H. carp, r[...]ns.
Grant James B, vice pres Omaha & Graul Charles, prop Tremont House, • QO-
Grant Smelt[...]
1104-1106 16th S[...]
[...]. rence.
Green Charles C, carrier Republican, r Green Harriet M Miss[...]3d av.
S3 2761 Welton.
Green Charles G, teamster J B Mack & Green Hubert R (Gree[...]Lincoln av.
Green Charles H (Green & Rummell). r Green Isabella Mrs,[...]dergarten, r 1260 S 4th.
GREEN CHARLES H, sec Union Accident Green Isabella J Mrs[...]Green James, barber 1641 Stout, rms
Green Charles H, r 1940 Sherman av. 1118 California.
Green Charles L, grocer 2147 Larimer. Green James M (Green & Bir.d), r 936 S
Green Charles O, grocer 1953 Larimer, r 9th.[...]
[...]Lafayette, col'd, lab, r 75 S llth. Greenclay Charles (Charles Greenclay &
Green Lena Miss, col'd, r 1938 Larime[...]Leon, r 2543 Arapahoe. Greenclay Charles & Co (C Greenclay
Green Lewis E, elk Trunk[...]
[...]lee Walter S, sec and treas Den-
Greenewald Charles, driver Standard ver Marble & Granite C[...]tile Co, r 2743 Welton.
Greenhalgh Charles, ironwkr, r 1356
Santa Fe av.[...]
[...]Gregg Charles W, lawyer 407 Cooper[...]
[...]5th av. Lafayette.
Gregory Charles M, elk Golden Eagle, Gremmels Harry W,elec[...]ory Henry H, lab, r ns W 47th av Grenieson Charles, wks City Laundry.[...]gory John, miner, r 1021 l l t h . Greswell Charles, State veterinary sur-
Gregory Joseph, carp[...]ry Lyte, policeman, r 1223 S 10th. Gretzinger Charles C, brewer, rms 2579
Gregory Paul A,[...]
[...]Griffin Stephen M, waiter 1646 Law-
Grier Charles I, elk John S Worthing- rence, r 1125 13th.[...]ms 2555 W 33d av. r 758 S 8th.
Griffen Charles H, salesman Chicago Griffing Theodore M, news[...]PI. Griffith Charles B, coml trav 301 Enter-
Griffin Edwin R, genl agt[...]Griffin Frank, mining, rms 1257 Lincoln Griffith Charles C, janitor Kittredge
av.[...]Griffin Fred E.clkHUMPHREY &BRINKER Griffith Charles D, pres Chas D Griffith
MERC CO, r 643[...]
[...]th Samuel A, elk John T Griffith &
Griffith Charles E, col'd, lab, r 624 Penn- Co, r 1162 S 1[...]th Thomas, cook, rms 1545 Larimer.
Griffith Charles N, jeweler, r Homer Griffith Warden D, vice-pres Charles D
Boulevard cor W 46th av, Berkele[...]
[...]m s 935 M a r k e t . Larimer.
Grimes Charles Y Rev, pastor T r i n i t y Griswold Charles E , elk F C F i n k , r2551
Memorial C h u r c[...]1310 A
Grimm Charles, solicitor Julius Diegel,
r 2024 Champa.
Grimm Charles F , porter George Tritch. 1[...]
[...]2821 Welton.
Groesbeck Charles L, mining, r 721 S Gross Fannie Mrs, r 1253[...]oss Frank, pedler, r 3238 Palmer.
Groesbeck Charles S, ins agt, r S Broad- Gross Frank, shoemkr, r[...]ille. Larimer.
Grosclaude Charles F, r Mouat av se cor
E 48th av, Elyria.
Grose Charles, elk, rms 2, 706 19th.[...]Gross Bernhard, r 1728 Welton.
Gross Charles M, decorator Gross China[...]
[...]Grossmayer Max (Colorado Drilling Co), Grover Charles, water dealer, r 5013 W
r 648 Sherman av.[...]ms 2111 Larimer. Grover Louis, butcher Charles Stark-
Grosstephan Albert, r 16 1103 15th.[...]Groves Frank H, brakeman D & R G R
Groth Charles, bricklayer, r 1117 13th. R, r1100 33d.

Grout M E Mrs, rms 800 14th.
Grove Charles S, r 4425 W 36th av.
GROVE G ELMORE, photo[...]
[...]th av. Gruneisen Charles J, laundryman, r 156
CD Grow Melvin A, r 912 E 2[...]r 2138 Lafayette. Guard Charles, rms 1812 Curtis.
C D Gruber Christ, lab,[...]
Plate Glass, Cement[...]
[...]Gundry Charles T, conductor, rms New[...]Guise James A, lab, r es n Emerson av Gunn Charles H, engineer D & R G R
bet 8th and 9th,[...]er Emily Miss, col'd, cook, r 3112
Gumma Charles, driver J S Black. Marion.[...]
[...]ther Frederick W, painter Stude- Gustafson Charles E, lab, r ws Converse
baker Bros Mfg Co, r 26[...]Edgewater. Gustafson Charles J, lab Crocker Bak- C O
Gunther Gustave, lithogr[...]10th av. Gustafson Charles W, lab, r ss W 10th
Gunther John, cook, rms 1541[...]Gustafson Johd, lab, r ss W 48th av bet S3
Gunton Charles R, elk, b 2411 W Converse and Mary av[...]Bank Bldg, r 763 Santa Fe av. OO
Gurley Charles D, pres Gurley Invest- Gustafson John S, lab[...]y Co, rms 1724 California.
Downing av.
Gurney G Charles, adv solicitor Repub-
Gurney Harv[...]
[...]& C Overall Supply Co, 3116 Larimer. Haas Charles A, mattress mkr Geo J
H & ffl GANDY CO, Hand[...]862 Curtis. 1 Estes, Elyria.
Haak Charles F, saddletreemkr T E Haas Fred D, sad[...]Haas Anton, tailor, r 969 l l t h .
o o Haas Charles, butcher, r ns Willow M F[...]
[...]tis. p<S.
Platte River.
E5f Haberl, see also Haeberle.[...]rion.
Haberland Charles, coremkr, r 1821 Cen- Hackley Charles B, coml trav, r 258 S[...]H a c k n e y Charles F , teamster, r 1575[...]
[...]age William H, foreman Brown Con- Hagle Charles, molder Griffin Wheel Co,
tracting Co, r 345 S[...]dorn Harry, hostler Excelsior Sta- Hagnauer Charles W (Kindel & Hag-
bles, rms 1824 Welton.[...], r 1959 Washington av.
Hagen John G, carp, r 359 S. 12th. Hagus Lewis G, groom Kentucky Sta[...], r 1139 5th. and 5th, Globeville.
Hagerty Charles B, metalwkr George Hahn Fred W, cigarmk[...]334 Downing 1
Haggerty Charles, rms 1234 W l l t h av.[...]
[...]Haines Charles S, policeman, r 3612[...]av.
Haigh Charles, sausagemker Smith Haines Walter S, lab[...]Stout, r 732 S 13th.
Hail Charles M, elk Hallack & How ard Halbekann Alb[...]
[...]Co, rms 1753 Champa.
Haldy Adolph, porter Charles Hum- Halford Steven A, lab, r W Dakot[...]Hall Alvin R, mgr Capital Electric Co,r
Hale Charles H, r 3216 Humboldt. 1856 Lin[...]
[...]efit Life Ins Co, Newark N J, r 1321
Hall Charles (Martin & Hall), r Albion Columbine.[...]Hall Frank A, mgr J S Brown & Bro
Hall Charles, col'd, lab, r 1946 Pennsyl- Mer Co, r 244[...]Hall Frank E, student, r 7 La Veta PI.
Hall Charles A, bkkpr Equitable Coal Hall Frank L, gro[...]Co, r 421 25th. 2740 Clay. .
Hall Charles E, life ins, r 1154 Clark- HALL FRANK ffl, d[...]v r 2616 Lafayette.
Hall Charles E, wks Excelsior Steam Hall Fred, prop A[...]New Jersey ne cor E 12th av.
Hall Charles F , carp, r 1130 California. HALL FRED F, office 1722 Blake, r 1540
Hall Charles G, fireman Court House, r Vine.[...]1431 Lafay-
oo 1210 W Colfax av.
Hall Charles G, jeweler 1757 Curtis, r ette.[...]all Fred V B, driver F H Cowell, r 423
Hall Charles L, gripman Denver City R Clark.[...]Hall F Alma Miss, rms 1223 Emerson.
Hall Charles L, r 1603 6th. Hall F Jeannette Miss, teacher North
Hall Charles L Mrs, r 920 Corona. Side High School, r 1612 Pennsylva-
Hall Charles T, elk Hall & Ager 4030 nia av.[...]Hall Genevive Miss, elk O P Baur & Co,
Hall Charles W, r 232 S Sherman av. r 2249 Lincoln[...]Steam Hall Grant, lab, r 346 S l l t h S.[...]
[...]COAIi S l l t h S.[...]
[...]F'Hallin, see also Hallan, Hallen.
HALLACK CHARLES, pres Hallack & Hailin[...]B3P" Hallock, see also Hallack.
Hallack Charles Jr, student, r 1315 Cali- Hallock Charles B, r 1553 High.
[...]H a l t e r m a n Charles, coremkr F M Davis[...]NCE Halverson Charles, lab, b es Watervliet
INSURANCE-UPON-RENTS .[...]Washington av.
Hallowell Charles, I n v e s t m e n t s , 207 Bos- | ^ ° H a m[...]r 2326 Market. H a m e l Charles, b k k p r McCormick Har-
Halsey E d w a r d C, t[...]AlFRED S.PRDCTE PHONE
Halteman Charles W, coremkr, r 3629[...]
[...]s, r 3730 Down-
ing av.
Hamilton Charles, r 634 Clark.[...]- . , ' ^22 CURTIS '—'• 1
Hamilton Charles, ins, rms S Broadway
se cor E Jewell av.[...]ROCKY MOINTAINJ
Hamilton Charles, lab, U P R R .
Hamilton Charles C, elk Hamilton &
Kendrick, r ws[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %'LOANS[...]
[...]LOANS Hammerslack Max, elk Charles Roth, r[...]amm Albert, salesman Am Wringer Hammond Charles E, salesman Joy &
Co, rms 1620 16th.[...]. Tonsorial Co, r 2014 Welton.
Hamm Charles A (Hamm & Weinman), Hammond Elizabeth M[...]Quitman.
Hamm Charles A, elk, b 3212 Clear Hammond Ella Miss,[...]13th.
Hamm Charles E, electrician Daniels & Hammond Geor[...]
[...]Oil Co, r 3207 Marion. Hancock Charles, student, r m s 714 21st.
Hammond William H , bar[...]California.
Hampson Charles M, coml agt W a b a s h H a n d J T, c[...]r. Stout.
Hampton Charles, merchant, r 310 28th, H a n d[...]
[...]ndling Louise M Mrs, col'd, r 2431 Hanington Charles H, mining, r 1080
Arapahoe.[...]Haney David G. foreman W S Haney, r Hanks Charles R, elk H P Steele, r 3240
906 Santa Fe av.[...]Hanks Charles V, mining, r 2954 Down-
oo Haney George W, swi[...]Prospect and Oak avs, Berkeley.
Hanford Charles N (Hanford & Ernest),
r 622 13th.[...]ws S Broadway nr
Sheridan av. .
Hanger Charles, baker, b 2112 Blake.[...]
RTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th »[...]
[...]I N V t b l MtNI ouui» ' 3 Hansen Charles, boarding 3801 Down-
DUFF BLOCK, 1756 LARIM[...]Hansen Charles, teamster Board of Pub-
annigan, see[...]k, machinist McFarlane Hansen Charles N, lunch car, r 1187
& Co, r 814 W 5th av[...]Co, r 3351Bell.
Hanover Charles E,.rms 174119th. Ha[...]
[...]ansen Peter, tailor, r 637 S 10th. Hanson Charles, lab Grant Smelter. GO
Hansen Peter,[...]
[...]Happersett Charles H, lab,r 1016 W Ells-
SB es Edmands be[...]
[...]HONE 408. 806,17^STREET Hardin Charles B, waiter, r 1850 Arapa-
Harbold Mary E Miss, tea[...]School, r 1037 S 9th. Hardin Charles B Mrs, r 1160 Josephine.
Harbolt Ida M Mrs, actre[...]and C H Wuth), props Denver Fidi- Harding Charles, lab, r 3629 Milwaukee.
bus-Herold, 1429-1431 Market. Harding Charles, waiter Royal Restau-
Harcourt Charles E, jeweler George Bell, rant Co.
r 6 Go[...]Harding Clyde, pressman Western Advt
Harcourt Charles H, merchant, r 907 & Pub Co, r[...]
[...]JSP~Hardman, see also Hardeman. l l t h S.
Hardman Jacob R, lab D & R G R R, r Ha[...]Harker Charles L, mining, 514 Cooper
G O Hardman Robert W,[...]Harker Oliver H Mrs, r 1363 Evans.
Hardy Charles F, waiter J W Condon, Harkin Richard, solicit[...]ifornia. Lawrence.
Hardy Charles W, r 1895 Lafayette. Harkins Fanny Mrs, r 10[...]Hardy F A & Co, whol opticians, Paul HARRISON CHARLES T, treas Denver
Weiss mgr, 1606 C[...]
[...]Harold The, furnished rooms E Colfax
Harman Charles S, ins agt, r 3459 av ne cor Cla[...]Edwin P, lawyer 702 Ernest & Harper Charles D, elk Wolfe Londoner,
Cranmer Bldg, r 1[...]
[...]Mrs, r 550 San-
ta Fe av.
Harrington Charles A, driver JosSchlitz
Brewing Co, r 219 Ida[...]iROCIO MUINTAIN^
Harrington Charles C, bkkpr, r 3207
Hayward PI.[...]! I VEI. ( o.
Harrington Charles H, printer Carson-
Harper Printing[...]
[...]H i r a m O, salesman Tontine I n v c o *
Harris Charles, porter C E F e t t a . r m s Co, r 22[...]i s H u l b e r t A, solicitor, r m s 1227
Harris Charles, col'd waiter A r c a d e W 8th av.[...]H a r r i s H , conductor, b Columbia Ho-
Harris Charles H , col'd, teamster, r 4654 tel.
Jos[...]i s I r w i n , chain man Board of P u b -
Harris Charles, col'd, r 2044 L a f a y e t t e . lic W o r k s , r 3143 Denver PI.
Harris Charles W, prop S t a r Stables H a[...]
Ascertained .iy Tr[...]
[...]iN>URANG UPON K I M S Charles Bldg, r 1213 S Pennsylvania av.
simnv-BONOs „[...]L o g a n av.
Harrison Charles, porter C o u n t y Hos- Harrison N a t h[...]r 1004 C h a m p a .
Harrison Charles E , boilermkr, r 747 S Harrison Nay man[...]on P a u l , col'd, porter, r 1915 Arap-
Harrison Charles F , sec Mitchem Wool- ahoe.[...]Harrison Robert, teamster T P Duffy, r
Harrison Charles R, elk Vernon Davis, 1941 Hartford.[...]H a r r o u n Charles E , r 1412 Curtis.
Harrison I Edward, steamfitter[...]Mrs, col'd, r 1915 Arapa- H a r r y m a n Charles B, salesman, b 1760
hoe.[...]n John, r m s 1015 14th. Harsen Charles A, elk, r 1411 28th av.
Harrison John I, e[...]
[...]25 16th. 59 Byers.
Hart Charles A (Brownsons Steam Car- Hart Lorren M, lawy[...]Cranmer Bldg, r 1537 Cleveland PI.
Hart Charles H, mgr County Directory Hart Mabel E Mrs, r[...]Hart Margaret Miss, physician 2510
Hart Charles K (Hart & Sons), r 2829 Welton, r 2000 Wel[...]Hart Mary L Miss, teacher Hyde Park
HART CHARLES N, physician 16-17 Barth School, rm[...]
[...]tephens), real estate and loans, 202 to Hartman Charles, wks Windsor Hotel.
200 Symes Blk 16th cor Cham[...]Hartman Elizabeth Mrs, r 3553 Justina.
Hartburg Charles, lab Globe Smelter, r Hartman Flavius J, mg[...]Hartman George D, carp Burkhardt 9 QO
Harter Charles L, mining, r 517 26th. Packing Co[...]
[...]Hartzell Charles (Hartzell & Steele), r[...]HARTZELL & STEELE (Charles Hartzell
DUFF BLOCK, 1756 LARIMER ST.[...]470 S Water. Idaho.
Hartmann Charles F, State Cattle In- Harvey Augustus, carp,[...]Hartnett Richard, painter Eaton-Ritch- Harvey Charles, bricklayer, r 2830 High,
Hartz Charles C, motorman Tramway
GO Co, b 355 Clark[...]
[...]H a r z e r Charles, cook J E Shaver, r 133 O O
Harvey Harry L , stage h a n d T a b o r S l l t h S.
Grand Opera House, r 88 S Water. Harzer Ewald L, r 133 S l l t h S.
Harvey Horace G, physician 1705 C h a m - Hascall Charles W, mining, 416 Mining
pa, r 235 E 31st av.[...]lle E Miss, r 925 L o g a n av. Hasfurther Charles E, driver Stephen
Harvey James, expressman, r 107[...]Hasness Charles H, ins agt, rms 28,1839 p[...]
[...]F bet W 10th and W l l t h avs. Hatch Charles O (Hatch & Cook), rms
Hasselgreen C, lab G[...]nger Lillie Mrs, r 1728 Downing av. Hatfield Charles, salesman C S Morey
OO Hastings Alonzo, sales[...]d John T, excavator, r 1232 Santa
Hastings Charles C, box mfr Geyserite Fe av.[...]
[...]Haughwout Charles S, r 1415 E 16th[...]ton, r 1607 S Broadway.
Hauck Charles, butcher K & B Pkg &
Prov Co, rms 1108 2[...]
[...]r John, rms 28 King Blk. Hawkes Charles T, collr T B Croke Car-
Haux Mary E Mrs. r 4[...]s Emeory Miss, teacher Columbine Hawkins Charles A, mining, r 1228 S
School, r 1821 Lincoln[...]s Frank M, bkkpr L Wolff Mfg Hawkins Charles F, adjuster of fire
Co, r 6 Smiths[...]
[...]Hawkins Willis A, lab D & R G R R, r Hawver Charles E, trav agt Clay, Rob-
919 S 10th.[...]er.
Hay Charles Mrs, r 3835 Larimer.[...]
[...]Hayes Charles, teacher, r 2927 Lafayette.
oo Hayden Charles H (Tremont Grocers) r
530 Milwaukee.[...]es Conneta Mrs,, col'd, rms 10, 1944
Hayden Charles P, r 530 Milwaukee. Larimer.[...]
[...]Haynes Charles W, real estate, 49 Bank
Hayes John C, salesman Co[...]Champa. Hays Charles, porter L B Heep.
Hayes Oliver, col'd, lab, rms 2442 Law- Hays Charles C, elk, rms 1960 Curtis.
rence. Hays Charles I, teacher North Side
Hayes Orville M, r 3[...]
[...]Hazen James, carp, rms 1635 Stout.
Hayt Charles D (Hayt & Dawson), r 1533 Hazen Lou[...]abler Walter S, machinist, r W llth
Hayward Charles E, r 2821 Stout. av cor Hom[...]Head Julia A Mrs, r 2527 Humboldt.
Haywood Charles F , student, r 1263 Head Royden[...]1263 Marion. Headbrak Charles P (Broadway Wall
Haywood Fred W, but[...]
[...]ng Co, r 1157 S 6th. Heasley Charles K, boiler inspector Fi-
Heale George H B, tinner[...]av, Heath Charles P, real estate 200 McPhee gOI
Healy Fred B, cook[...]Patrick J, machinist, b 3127 W
24th av.
Heartz Charles S, butcher Kroeger Pkg
& Prov Co, r 10 E[...]
[...]Hedberg Anna Mrs, r 1015 Julian.
Heazle Charles F Rev, r 52 Logan av. Hedberg L, lampman Ci[...]cor E 45th av.
Hebert Charles, C lab, r 1935 New Hedemann Frederick J,[...]ert Edward E, plumber Denver Hedenskog Charles G, apprentice J G
CO Plumbing & Chande[...]
BARTELS RROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. " T Real Estat[...]
[...]. imer.
CD Heil Charles, elk I Sapiro, r 19 Starr, Heins Andro, l[...]r 19 Starr, Elyria. Heintz Charles P, farmer, r 300 E Iliff av.
CO Heil George A, l[...]Ewald F , apprentice H H Heiser,
Heimbecher Charles (Seubert & Heim- r 3016 Osceola.[...]rket, r 223 23d. Heisler Charles W Rev, supt Anti-Saloon
Heinbach John, hors[...]Heindrichs Anna Mrs, r 1147 7th.
Heineman Charles, driver Burkhardt v[...]
[...]Heller Charles L, engineer, r 1132 32d.[...]Heller Moses, tailor 303 Charles Bldg, co
SURETY-BONDS ph Q * ARAPAH[...]Charlotte Mrs, r 1527 High. Hellerstein Charles, dry gds, r 2650 W
Heitler Edward, r 2019 Welton.[...]teacher Central
School, r 1226 S 13th.
Helander Charles, r 1226 S 13th.[...]rederick, music teacher, rms 14 Hellstern Charles F, salesman New York
La Veta PI.[...]
[...]ph M, porter D & R G Ex-
Helm John, bartdr Charles Lundberg press, r 2446 Grant av.[...]g, r 2937 Gray. Hendershot Charles W, machinist, r 3151
Helmle Alex E, sec We[...]eich Emma B Mrs, instructress F Hendershott Charles J, conductor P P
W Helmreich, r 2513 Stou[...]eader Den-
£ Helms John F, lab, r 46 S 12th S.
Helpin Andrew, lab Globe Smelter.[...]314 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.
Helvison Charles, lab Globe Smelter. Henderson Benjamin F, g[...]wig Clarence F, elk auditor Colo & Henderson Charles, elk Domedian &
Southern Ry, r 1[...]
[...]19th, r 309 McNassar av.
Henderson Charles, col'd, lab, r 2502 Henderson Rebecca M Miss,[...]15th.
Henderson Charles T^ carrier P O High- Henderson Russell I, r 18[...]umboldt. Hendricks Charles M, printer W H Kis-
Henderson Joel, elk P[...]
[...]Feav. Hene Charles Mrs, r 1609 Clarkson.
Hendricks Raymond S, pr[...]Stout.
Hendrickson Charles, driver Capital Ice Henig Mary H Miss, r 3336[...]am H, lab, r rear 2633
W 23d av.
Hendrie Charles C, teller First Nat Bank, .CITIZENS CD AL CO.[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Hendrie Charles F, treas Hendrie & HECLA AND[...]
[...]n r y George R, grocer 2010 W 32d av,
Henningsen Charles G. carp A R Wilf- r 2723 Bert.[...]r. Benton sw cor Arkansas.
Hen rich Charles, lab. rms 3521 Mar- H e n r y J a m[...]THE DENVERTENTa AWNING GO.
Henry Charles G, harnessmkr J H.Wil-
son Saddlery Co, r 921 Ty[...]PRES, A I3IDA
Henry Charles J , elk auditor D & R G R
R, r 2318 Emerson.
Henry Charles W, mining, r 525 22d. 1[...]
[...]r 137 S Broadway. Henson Charles M, lab, r 4712 Josephine,
Henry Rus[...]
[...]Abstract Co, r 10 E 16th av. Hermann Charles, lab, b ws Watervliet
Herbert Thomas H, ic[...]
[...]th, r 1170 Josephine. Herrin Charles W, r 2125 W 34th av.
Herold & Golden[...]
Herron Charles E, teamster, r 2557 16th.
Herron Lee R, excavator[...]Hersekorn Ernest L, barber 1528 Cham- Hess Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
pa, r 2727 Tennyson. Hess Charles ~J. finisher Orrock Carriage 2 *
[...]rence. Hewes Charles W, yard carp Colo Iron
Hesselberg E[...]
[...]Bewitt Milward, dep County Clk, r 1166 Hickam Charles S. brakeman D & R G
Vine.[...]Edward, lab, r 914 W 7th av. • S
Heyer Charles F , solicitor Enterprise Hickey Edward, r 250[...]phone Co, r 1221 S Tremont.
Heyn Charles, lab Colo P k g & Prov Co.
Heyn Julius, la[...]
[...]Hickey William J, pipeman Engine Co Hicks Charles, r 1459 Welton.
No 4 2026 Curtis.[...]Bldg, r 2021 Marion.
Hicking Charles, bartdr Koppers Hotel Hicks James, bartdr J[...]ment Co, 24, 1643 Champa, r 1G38
Hicklin Charles M, genl agt Mallory Ogden.
Line[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Hickman Charles, lab, rms 2470 Lari-
[...], r 915 l l t h . Higgins Charles, lab, r 700 W Colfax av. c o
Hieks R Ernest, reporter Denver Times, Higgins Charles W, bricklayer, r 1937
r 145 W 1st av.[...]13th. 2633Larimer,
Hickson Charles H , r m s 1702 C h a m p a . Higgins Edwa[...]GCO.
6 Stationery Co, r 1640 Downing av.
Higdon Charles M, driver, r 512 W Col- AIF[...]
15th, Cor[...]
[...]Hildebrandt Charles G, lab, r 849 N[...]kee. Hill Charles, driver,rms 13,2307 Market.
Hildebrand Edward (Sanford's Furnace Hill Charles, rms 2543 15th.
Co), r 615 E 31st av. Hill Charles C, driver Weicker Bros &
Hildebrand Frank H, help[...]gomery Machinery Co,r 1325 W 14th av. Hill Charles E, meterman Denver Cons
Hildebrand Henry W[...]
The Standard Time isemaliil IT faistt Oteemttoi l?[...]
[...]ill Richard T,apprentice Denver Times, Hiller Charles P, student, rms ws S
r 3818 W 30th av.[...]ill S A Mrs, r 1649 Race. Hilles Charles H, blksmith T M Ford, 2 ••*[...]L WILLIAM J, contractor and builder Hilliker Charles, elk C C Bischof, rms
213 Peoples Bank B[...]
[...]Lee & Co, r 1509 Clarkson. Hinch Charles W, rms 16 Witter Blk.
Hills Edward W, elk, r[...], r 3 S 12th. Pennsylvania av.
Hilton Charles A, miilman, r 1449 Lari- St^-Hinekley, see al[...]Hinckley Harry E, foreman Colo Casket
Hilton Charles H, rms 2622 Gilpin. Co, r 977 S llth.-
Hilton Charles W, lab. r 4157 Lowell. Hinckley Lewi[...]
[...]Champa. H i n m a n Charles, elk, r m s 1642 Welton.
Hinec Winnie Miss, wks D i a m o n d In- H i n m a n Charles A,wood wkr L S Snapp,
candescent L a m p Co, r[...]bert H, nurse, rms 336 22d. Hinman Charles E, electrician, r 22 E
Hines Charles W, brakeman Colo &[...]
[...]Hiss Henry, driver Denver Fish Co, r
Hinton Charles W, restaurant 2205 Mar- 4039 Newton.[...]ton Noble J, lab Palace Stables, rms l l t h S.
724 15th.[...]WIN
JSpHirsch, see also Hersh.
CO Hirsch Charles, fireman U P R R .
Hirsch Leon, bart[...]
[...]- SURMY BONDS, Hoagland Charles B, engineer, r 2236
UUONHNSURAMt, .[...]Hively Arthur F, r 2119 16th. HOBBS CHARLES M, purchasing agt D
Hively Sarah L D Mrs,[...]
[...]HodgeB Charles A, conductor City R R,[...]Hodges Charles S, paper hanger, r 1210[...]fantry, Fort Logan.
Hobua Charles, painter, rms 2021 Arapa- Hodges Frank[...]
[...]ffman August, painter, r m s 1850 L a r -
HOECKEL CHARLES F, blank book mfr, imer.
printer[...]Hoffman Charles, lab, r 42 S 10th.' 9 On
Hoef[...]Hoffman F r a n k , saloon, r 2036 Lincoln
Hoel Charles, mgr boys clothing dept av,[...]
[...]Hofmann Charles F , farmer, r nr Argo[...]
[...]Holberg Charles, carp, r 1844 Holden.[...]e A Mrs, r 1520 Fremont. 1844 Holden.
Hogen Charles U, driver, r 1520 Fremont. Holbrook Anna Y Miss[...]MFREDS.PROCU PHONE
Hogue Charles E, restaurant 1323 17th, PRES.[...]
[...]Holderman Charles, rms 3055 Larimer.
Holderman Charles F, lab, r 3653 Clifton.[...]Holden Blanche L Miss, elk, r 16 E 14th Holland Charles G, mdse broker 1637
[...]Holley Charles A, col'd, janitor, 3443
SOUTHERN[...]Holley Charles A, lab, r 3634 J u s t i n a .[...]av. Hollingshead Charles A, teacher Ash-[...]el, switchman, r m s 875 S Hollingshead Charles F , bicycle repairer,
10th.[...]Hollingsworth Charles P, elk F P Hol-[...]
[...]Cooper Bldg, r 3024 California.
Holloway Charles G, mining, r 2337 Holman Mary E Miss, tea[...]Holmberg Emma A Mrs, grocer 1075 S
Holloway Charles D, elk Hotel L'Im- University av.[...]Grocery Co, r 2337 Marion.
Hollowell Charles A, conductor, r 3154 'CITIZENS COAL CO.[...]well Ruth A Mrs, r 3154 Williams.
Hollstein Charles, brakeman Colo & M F R S OF G[...]
[...]Holmes Maud Mrs, chambermaid Co-
Holme Charles G, b k k p r P H Balfe, r lumbia Hot[...]218 Charles Bldg.
Holmes Albert J , miner r 2439 W 28th[...]I r o n W k s Co 71017tb, r 601-603 Charles
Holmes Clarence F , col'd, s o d a m a n[...]
[...]Homan Annie E Miss, laundress, rms
Holt Charles E, coml trav, rms 2255 2144 Curti[...]
Hood Charles F , switchman D & R G[...].
Sherman av. Hooper Charles E, chief elk genl supt D
Hon Joseph, r 112 S Sher[...].
Hon J Lutz, vice-pres Western Litho- Hooper Charles S, mining, r 30, 2330 9 OO
graphing Co, r 1[...]BANK, STORE, OFFICE. DRUG ,^° BAR
Honnecke Charles, machinist Nock & OFFICE, 2 3 r d A[...]
[...]ket agt C R I Hopkins Elihu, porter Charles Knutson,
& P Ry 800 17th, r 2659 Welto[...]kins, r 2753 Forest.
Hoover Charles, b 644 S 12th. Hopk[...]
[...]ns Orlando J , mining, r 1832 Hopson Charles M, painter D & R G R
[...]elton. Hornisher Charles A, lab Kent & Stuch-
Horn Julia Miss, mill[...]t_p""Home, see also Horn. Horst Charles F, music teacher 601 Kitt-
Home Edw[...]
[...]eina C Mrs, r 26 S Wa- av.
ter S. Hosker Ri[...]M, brakeman D & R G R R, r Hoskinson Charles G, pres Western
1717 Stout.[...]
[...]l l t h S.
REAL ESTATE LOANS[...]Houba Charles, painter T H Miller.[...]Houck Charles C, rms 1231 Stout.
Hostetler William E, swi[...]Houck William M, salesman O E Adam-
Hotaling Charles, engineer Nock & Gar- son Produce & Veg[...]ugh Carrie Miss, milliner, r 3053 W
Hotchkiss Charles N, elk auditor D & R 26th av.[...]
[...]i a A Mrs, r 1160 Lincoln av. Houseley Charles H, r 1319 S 15th.
Houghton Lewis C, r 1045 S 14th[...]n , see also Horan. H o u t z Charles W, elk, r 2935 Lincoln av.
Houran Anna Miss, dres[...]Miss, dressmkr, r m s 1642 Hover Charles L (W A Hover & Co), r
Tremont.[...]ruce F , civil engineer, r 19 W
10th av.
House Charles, oculist, r m s 800 14th.[...]
[...]HOWARD JOHN T, capt Pinkertons Pro-
Howard Charles, lab, rms 10, 1854 Lari- tective Patrol 1 Opera[...]409 S Pearl.
5* Howard Charles, rms 21, 1854 Larimer. Howard John W, r 1630 E 34th av.
Howard Charles E, elk A Booth & Co. Howard Joseph, r 1247 Champa.
Howard Charles E, lab Overland Cotton HOWARD JOSEPH M, mgr Denve[...]sit & Warehouse Co 1319 16th, r 1145
Howard Charles W, elk, r 103 W Vir- Ogden.
ginia a[...]oward Joseph T. r 103 W Virginia av.
Howard Charles W, dentist, r 38 S Grant
[...], How.
Howard Laura M Miss, elk Colo Dry Gds Howe Charles H (C H Howe & Co), r
Co, r 2340 Eliot.[...]a
fer Co, rms 1408 15th. Howell Charles E, motorman Tramway
Howard William, teamst[...]
[...]Howland Charles H, motorman Denver[...]Howland Charles J, elk, r 2021 Welton.
REAL ESTATE LOANS Howland Charles W, porter D K Hickey.
R P M ..^JTZ-JT A N D[...]Howerton William H, grocer 3269 Hay- Hoy Charles, cook Miss Mattie Silks,
ward PI.[...]JB^-Howes, see also House, Howze. Hoyer Charles D, elk Joslin Dry Gds Co,
Howes Benj[...]
[...]Hubbard Maria J Mrs, elk Mrs R A
Hovt Charles D, dentist W K Dameron, Hubbard 1927 Lari[...]14th av. co
Hubbard Charles A, elk Florence & Huber Ireanens[...]
[...]O 4th and 5th, Globeville. Huff Charles L, mining broker, r 1349
HUDDART JOHN J, archi[...]Blk, 17th cor Arapahoe, r 210 24th. Huff Charles W, coml trav, r 1305 25th.
Huddleston James R,[...]udson Minnie Mrs, grocer 2962 Welton, Huffman Charles, lab A T & S F R R.
r 3101 California[...]
[...]6 Stout, r 1436 Evans. Hughes John W, elk Charles B White- C O
Hughes Block, 728 16th cor Stout.[...]Josiah), lumber
dealers 403 W Alameda av.
HUGHES CHARLES J JR, lawyer 2 to 12
Hughes Blk, 728 16th, r 1200 Grant av.
Hughes Charles M, cold, janitor, r 1317[...]
[...]bet 7th and 8th, Globeville.
SUR[TYBOM)S. Hult Andrew,yardman Colo Iron[...]" /Jrupuhoc St Human Charles G, genl mgr Human
C/' PM2N.E[...]411-412 Kittredge Bldg.
Hull Charles, brass finisher Smith & Human Samuel H, com[...]ut. Gas Co, rms The Gilsey.
Hull Charles L, elk genl pass dept Colo Humane Society, E K[...]. Jacobson Bldg 16th cor Arapahoe.
Hull Charles V, auctioneer 13, 1317 HUMBERT GEORGE J, l[...]ull Edwin W, city pass agt Chicago & HUMBURG CHARLES, importer of Rhine
Alton R R 1017 17th, r 1643[...]vania & Vandalia Lines 1029 17th, Hummel Charles, horseshoer J P Kling, *ss
r 3103 Fife Cou[...]bine. Hummel J Charles, student, rms S De-
Hull Rufus, rms 9, 908[...]
[...]Humphrey Horace, treas Chicosa Coal Hunn Charles T, real estate 203 Quincy
Co, r 118[...]
[...]r 2625 Caithness PI.
Hunt Charles, driver, rms 1814 Central. Hunt P Thatcher, r 3017 Osceola.
Hunt Charles, enameler Silver State Hunt Thatcher R, stu[...]e Co. ceola.
Hunt Charles D, sign painter 1428 Arap- Hunt Thomas, painter[...]Hunt William H, lawyer 1528 Champa,
Hunt Charles K, music teacher, rms 512 r 3459 Humboldt.[...]Co 404 Charles Bldg. d3*
Berkeley,[...]Hunt George E, policeman, r 3328 Clear Hunter Charles, col'd, r 2332 Market.
Creek av.
Hunt Geo[...]
The Standard Time Ascertained by Transit Observati[...]
[...]H u r l b u t Charles M, mgr tel office D & R[...]H u r l b u t Hiram E, r 557 Washington av.
HURD CHARLES R, merchandise broker H u r l b u t L[...]H u r l b u t Walter S, treas Denver Omni-
Hurd Charles W, r 2851 Blake. b u[...]
[...]dept Northwestern Mut Life Ins Co, r
Huston T S. chemist Denver Paper Mills. 104 S 15th.
Husto[...]Hutchinson William, engraver W H
Hutchins Charles F, blksmith D & R G Kistler Stationery Co,[...]/V

Ranch % mile w of Paper Mills.
Hutchinson Charles J, student, r 1645
[...]boldt se cor E 32d av.
Huth F Charles, elk Harvey Bros, r 573 Hyde Park School, Fr[...]Bro Merc Co, r 4603 W 33d av. Hyer Charles F, solicitor Enterprise
Hutton Howard G, ma[...]utzlee F C, rms 7, 929 18th. Hyland Charles, hackman, r 1535 Frank-
Huxhold Augu[...]
[...]rion. Hynes Charles F, supt C J Kelly, r 1331 C O
Hyman Louis, mgr H[...]3340 Gray. Iliff Charles R, elk auditor Colo &
Ickis Alonzo F, farmer, r 2[...]1640 ARAPAHOE ST. a S.
Igoe Frank, rms Hotel Abbott.[...]
[...]av. Evans avs.
Imhoff Charles A, plumber, r 3234 Eliza- Ingersoll George, ped[...]aundry, 1212 18tb.
Industrial Advocate, 618 Charles
Inman Charles T, grocer 2000 Marion, r
Ingersoll , brakeman[...]Inman George F, sec Colorado Music
Ingham Charles K, real estate 508 Ern- Co 1645 Lawre[...]
[...]NTERSTATE SAVINGS & INVESTMENT Irons Charles W, teamster, r 3708 Del-
CO, Lawr[...]
[...]Ish Howard J, investigator Board of
Irwin Charles W, waiter C E Hogue, Co[...]gars and tobacco 1513 La- Ivers Charles, bartdr A Lissner, r 646 S ©iff
[...]Ives Charles W, helper Denver Engi-[...]or Mary J Mrs, r 1134 Market.

oo JABELMANN CHARLES, prop Denver Jackson Annie[...]
[...]c k s o n George F , r 1509 E Colfax av.
Jackson Charles, lab, r 3617 Wynkoop. Jackson George F Mrs, modiste Denver
Jackson Charles A, elk J o s e p h Creswell Dry Gd[...]Jackson George G, mining machinery
Jackson Charles E, col'd, dyer S o u t h e r n 1734 W[...]Jackson George H, col'd, lab, r 2024
Jackson Charles I, meat m a r k e t 333 23d Lawren[...]Jackson Hay Press Mfg Co, 16th nw cor C O
Jackson Charles L , col'd, lab, r ns P l a t t e[...]
A Full Assortment of[...]
[...]ss, bkkpr, rms 707 21st. Southern Ry.
Jacobs Charles F, gardener, r ss W Jacobsen Augusta Miss[...]6th, Valverde. hackel, r 606 S 9th.
Jacobs Charles H, lab R C Creek Ward Jacobsen Christian, p[...]bson Alfred, driver M T Erb. CO
Jacobs Charles S, bkkpr Hendrie & Bolt- Jacobson Andre[...]
[...]Jacques Charles W, gasfitter, rms 532
CO[...]lntyre, r 487 Canosa Court.
Jacobson Charles, inspector Daniels & Jacques Frank N Jr, s[...]Canosa Court.
Jacobson Charles H, real estate 1 Iron Jacques John, lab, rm[...]son E P Mrs, r 1651 California. Jaderblom Charles, saloon 778 S 9th.
Jacobson Hans B, photogr[...]cobson John, lab, r 2162 Winne. Jaeger Charles, physician 1705 Champa,
Jacobson Joh[...]
[...]James J M W Mrs, r 53 S 12th.
Jamerson Charles L (Colo Portrait James Lewis, mining, r[...]James William M, col'd, bootblack 1703 0 2
James Charles B, physician, 1417 Broad- Arapahoe,[...]
[...]ansen Oscar W Rev, r 3731 Gallup av.
CO Jameyson Charles, r 1417 Knox Court. Janssen John J, bee[...]1738 Larimer.
Janes Charles W, see Central Dept Y Jarecki George M,[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
CO Janousky Charles, lab, rms 2546 15th.
EP"Jansen, see Je[...]
[...]INSlRANCf* Jeardoe Charles E, pedler H Haller, rms[...]Stout. Jeffers Charles, elk E Reid, r 1428 S 13th.
Jarvis Charles, elk C T Shelton, r 1104 Jeffers James G Rev,[...]ler Neef Bros
Brewirjg Co, r 435 Monroe.
Jasper Charles, r 2716 Myrtle PI. Jefferson Mining Co,[...]D & R G R R Equitable Bldg, r Brown
Jay Charles A, wks M J Penney, Steele Palace H[...]
[...]Jenkins Charles C, shoemkr John G[...]aurant 1727 Cali-
Jenkins Charles, wks Carter, Rice & Co,[...]
Jennings Charles, stockman May Shoe 3 Higgi[...]n s e n Joseph, bricklayer, r 3811 Down-
Jennings Charles F,engraver624 Charles ing av.
Bldg, r 2511 Prospe[...]nny Rudolph, lab Colo Ice & Storage
Jenoski Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
§WJensen, see also J a[...]T PHONE 4 - 2 7
Jensen Charles, r m s 1449 Larimer.[...]
[...]28 Champa. Joeckel Charles, truckman A T & S F R
Jesoleman Alex, 1613 La[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Jessup Charles H, r 3219 Hayward PI. HECLA A[...]
[...]J o h n s o n Albert, lab, b 3958 H i g h .
Johns Charles F , elk, r 1353 S a n t a F e av. J o h n s o n Albert, r m s 529 22d.
Johns Charles R, foreman frt depot U P J o h n s o[...]r m s 1609 Welton.
Johns Charles W, b u t c h e r J H Chrisin- J o h n s o[...]r 1327 C u r t i s .
Johns W H, stenographer 529 Charles
Bldg, r Arvada.[...]
CHICAGO LUMBER & MFG. CO.15th,'Phone[...]
[...]J o h n s o n Charles A, lab, r Converse se
TheCOLO.FUELllRONCo.[...]J o h n s o n Charles A, machinist, r m s 2247
106 SEVENTEENTH ST^PH[...]J o h n s o n Charles A, shoemkr 1906 Broad-

-—' S O[...]J o h n s o n Charles A, r 3050 W 29th av. [
J o h n s o n Charles C, hostler D & R G
DENVERCONS G A S CO*S[...]J o h n s o n Charles C, prop Occidental
Johnson B F , confectionery,[...]J o h n s o n Charles D, lab Tramway Co, r
Johnson B P , col'd, porter[...]. J o h n s o n Charles E, b u t c h e r H a r r y Geier,[...]J o h n s o n Charles E, dairyman Old E n g -
Johnson Calvin, fireman[...]1928 L a w r e n c e . J o h n s o n Charles E , r 1420 Gilpin.
Johnson Carl, elk Daniels & F i s h e r , r J o h n s o n Charles G, lab Denver Cons
1305 25th.[...]J o h n s o n Charles G, lab Argo Smelter. CO
Johnson C[...]o. J o h n s o n Charles H , taxidermist, r 2921
Johnson Carl, janitor McC[...]J o h n s o n Charles H , col'd, porter, r m s[...]lab, r m s 1516 M a r k e t . J o h n s o n Charles J , helper D & R G R R ,
Johnson Carl A, coachma[...]J o h n s o n Charles J , lab, r 36 Fisk av,
Johnson Carl D, lab, 3451[...]J o h n s o n Charles J H, r 2128 Raleigh.
Johnson Carolina Mrs, r 1256[...]J o h n s o n Charles M, conductor City R R[...]J o h n s o n Charles O (Tucker-Johnson Co),
Johnson Carrie Miss, waitr[...]1005 16th.
Johnson Charles, carp, r E 3d av ne cor J o h n s o n Charles O, carp, r 2930 Arapa-
Columbine. hoe.
Johnson Charles, driver J o s Schlitz J o h n s o n Charles O, lab, b 3800 Down-[...]SB
Brewing Co.
Johnson Charles, fireman Colo & S o u t h -
ern Ry.
J o h n s o n Charles P , coachman, rms 4,[...]d t . •a
Johnson Charles, foreman S E Vance, J o h n s o n Charles P , lab F M Davis Iron
r 2226 Lawrence.[...]W 14th avs.
Johnson Charles, lab D P Hadfield, r m s
1954 Arapahoe. J o h n s o n Charles W, b a r t d r Campbell &[...]Banigan, r 3702 J u l i a n .
Johnson Charles, lab, r 2115 19th.
Johnson Charles, lab, r 1725 35th. J o h n s o n Charles W, lab, b 3800 Down-
Johnson Charles, lab. r 4227 E d m a n d s . in&av.
Johnson Charles, lab, r 136 N Pearl, J o h n s o n Charles W, stock raiser, r 1664
Globeville. Marion.
Johnson Charles, machinist A T & S F
J o h n s o n Charles W, upholsterer, r 1431 co[...]Julian.
R R, r 136 W Cedar.
Johnson Charles, p l u m b e r L a m o n t &
Mclver, r 1119 E v a n s .
Johnson Charles, stone mason, r 355 TH^SAYRE-HEWT[...]^ANuFAcruRERs Of^snow CASES
Johnson Charles, rms 943 S 9th.
Johnson Charles, r m s 1940 L a w r e n c e . BANK, STORE, OFFICE. DRUG A H D BAR
JOHNSON CHARLES A (Lyons & J o h n -
son), 1025 17th, r 1646 G[...]• FFICEl, 2 3 r d A N D V I A D U C T
Johnson Charles A, c i g a r m k r P h i l i p[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
McPhee & McGinnity,MannfaotureM Saeh, Doore[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. V Insurance[...]
I l i C D I P l l l 50WARD, ELGIN and WALTHAM WATC[...]
McPHEE&McGINNITY, Office and Warehouse[...]
[...]mith, rms 2555 15th. Johnson William, bartdr Charles Knut-
Johnson Swan, carp, r 506 18th[...]
[...]carrier Post, rms 946 l l t h . avs.
Johnston Charles A, tel opr, r 3222 Johnston Joseph A,[...]way Co, r 2419 Caithness PI.
Johnston Charles E, motorman Tram- Johnston Laura B M[...]Johnston Loran A, pressman C J Kelly,
Johnston Charles R, miner, rms 942 r 513 19th, Berk[...]Johnston Margaret Miss, millinery 1626
Johnston Charles M, grainer, r 84 Mar- Californi[...]
[...]ston Mary Mrs, r 1440 Stout. Jolly Charles G, opr Western Newspaper
Johnston Ma[...]
[...]n e s E d i t h V Mrs, r ns W E v a n s av
Jones Charles, washer W C F r e r k e r l 3 5 5 b e t S 1[...]o n e s Edward, coachman 1620 G r a n t av.
Jones Charles C, painter, r 23 Logan av. J o n e s Edward, col'd, porter J W Peil
Jones Charles E, tailor, 1124 18th. 1312 16th.
Jones Charles E, r 829 Emerson. J o n e s Edward B, r 309 E 34th av.
Jones Charles F , r 2346 C u r t i s . J o n e s E d[...]w a t t a cor 7th. a en
Jones Charles H, painter, r 1539 S Lin-
coln av.
Jones Charles H , w k s City P a r k Stables,[...]J o n e s Eliza Mrs, r 514 W 14th av.
Jones Charles L, music teacher, r 1645 J o n e s Eli[...]J o n e s Ella H Mrs, r 1373 S 14th.
Jones Charles Walter, elk Columbia J o n e s Ell[...]J o n e s Elmer J , printer Carson-Harper
Junes Charles W, barber 1591 S Broad- P[...]
• • • E N T COATED[...]
TELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street " S r[...]
[...]ngineer, r ws Epper- R R, r 182 S l l t h S.
son av bet Mercia and Gray, Manches-[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails, Plate Glass, Cement,[...]
[...]goods, J Jay Joslin pres and treas, Judd Charles, cook, rms 1621 Larimer.
Frank A[...]
[...]Juneman Charles H, r 866 S l l t h .
Judelowitz Abraham, locksmith, r 1959 Juneman Charles W, elevator pilot
W 14th av.[...]Kittredge Bldg, r 866 S l l t h .
Judelowitz Charles, mer tailor 1008 W Jung William, bkk[...]d car inspector
U P R R, r 3438 Marion.
Julian Charles A, carp, r 807 W l i t
[...]Kaiser Carrie Mrs, rms 2256 Stout.
Kaiser Charles A, bkkpr W Blum, rms M F R S OF[...]
[...]ery Co. CD
Kaltenbach Charles H, fireman Colo & Kane Patrick, la[...]
[...]p Samuel S, motorman Tramway Karstedt Charles A, elk Denver Engi-
Co, r 751 S Water.[...]1361 Curtis. Karth Charles F, tinner J C Mayer, r
Kapsche John, saloon[...]larkson. Kassler Charles M, elk First Nat Bank,
KARCHER HENRY R, mgr[...]ard Lumber Co, r W 35th av nr Hamil-
Karges Charles F, lab, r 2648 Blake.
Karl Joseph, machinis[...]Kasteliz Frank, lab, r 2 West Elyria

ss Karn Charles A, paperhanger, r 3443
Ka[...]33d av.
BgTKarr, see also Carr.
Karr Charles M, lab Grant Smelter, r[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %' Insuranci[...]
[...]Keavan Kate Mrs, medium, rms 80319th.
Keana Charles M, janitor Twenty-third Kebler Joh[...]
Camant and Plat* Qlasa,[...]
[...]Bank Equitable Bldg 17th cor Stout, r Keepers Charles E. mgr C F Adams Co,
940 Pearl. r 2442 Boulevard F .
Keemle Charles, mining engineer 1 to 5 Keepers John G, tail[...]Keeping Irving F, elk Continental Oil
Keen Charles, rms 6, 1954 Larimer. Co, r 2350 Lafayette.
Keen Charles L, salesman James G Kil- Kees Lewis C, carr[...]gin), r 2021 E Colfax av.
Keenan Charles, lab, rms 1441 Blake. KEEZER & DURGIN (Fra[...]"1 VVA. CO]
Keener Charles C, office 5, 1529 Law-[...]
[...]Keith Tanning Co (Charles E Keith and[...]Keller Alvah D, bkkpr Manitou Mineral e
Keith Charles E (Keith Tanning Co), r
8th bet N Logan and N G[...]8l
Keith Charles W, agt Parlin & Oren-
dorff Co, r 22 S Lincoln av. Keller Charles H, tel opr Colo & South-
Keith David, with[...]
[...]eller Fred, lineman Colo Telephone Co, Kelley Charles H, elk Mayer & Holz-
b 1421 Blake.[...]
Window Glass,Lead, Oil,l l tVarnish, Mixed Paints[...]
[...]R & MFD. GO. Theae 15S.
646 KEL BALLENGER * RIC[...]Kelly John F , ladderman Hook & Lad-
Kelly Charles (Kelly & Meikeljohn), r der Co No 2, r[...]Kelly John J, engineer Denver Union
oo KELLT CHARLES J, printer, bookbinder,
blank book mfr,[...]Kelly Joseph, rms 1758 Glenarm.
Kelly Charles J Jr, printer C J Kelly, r Kelly Jose[...]
[...]Lumbtr^Building Material
Kelsey Charles Mrs, r es New York bet[...]
[...]mpster Thomas G,elk C D Cobb & Co, Kendrick Charles A (Hamilton & Kend-
r 1890 Vine.[...]st, rms 806 13th. change Bldg.
Kempton Charles J, r Newton sw cor W Kendrick Jennie Miss,[...]drick Tilden, painter Richard Bees-
Kendall Charles M, lawyer 405 Quincy ley, r 2523 Cu[...]
[...]& Southern Ry, r 209 S Lincoln av.
REN1S. Kennedy Hor[...]Grant av. Andrew, r 3451 Market.
Kennedy Charles M, car cleaner Colo & Kennedy Leo[...]
CHICAGO LUMBER & MFG, CO,lfttk, Cor. Basset*[...]
[...]Kephart Charles E, engineer, r 2144
. — .- ., L F[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
[...]s 1007 S 15th. Kestler Charles, mining, r 1904 Curtis.
Kersten Jacob, lab Colo &[...]Laundry Co, r 2234 Arapahoe. Keyes Charles H, dept mgr C S Morey
Kessler Albert F, co[...]
[...]Kidd James, r 35 S Tremont S.
CO Kidder Charles H, upholsterer Silver
Keyes George W, carp,[...]v nw cor Gallup av. Bryant,
Keys Charles J, waiter Brown Palace Kidder Willard C,[...]Keyt William B Jr, musician, rms 432
Charles Bldg.
Kibby Edward E, salesman American[...]ployee, rms 845
Santa Fe av.
Kibler Charles, pres Queen Stove Co[...]
[...]er William S, carp, r 4251 Colum-
Kiessig Charles, bicycle repairer Bilz riage Co, r 1422[...]
[...]av. No 8, r 2321 Downing av.
Kimball Charles N, lab, r 12 Union PI. Kimmis Thirza Mrs, r 355 S Water.
Kimball Charles I, r 1033 9th. Bg^Kincaid, see also K[...]r 1762 Logan av. Kindel Charles J, r 1346 S 8th.
Kimball Hal M, elk[...]
King Charles, wks Broadway Theatre*
King Charles M, wks Tramway Co, r es
OUONE'lNSlRAfNCl. .[...].
King Charles S, butcher John Thomp-
[...]3118 W 26th av. CO
Kingerman Charles, elk, auditor D & R K i n m a n & P[...]h n L , b k k p r , r m s 44, 2257 Lar-
Kingsbury Charles, gardener, r H o m e r imer.
Boul[...]Life Ins Co, 111 Boston Bldg. Kinney Charles E , elk L a w r e n c e & H a n -
[...]vich, rms 1750 Stout. Kintner Charles S, helper Studebaker
Kinney William H, off[...]Kintner Edwin J, lab Charles Edwards,
Kinney William H, lab, ns[...]
[...]Harry G, lab J F Schmutz 1741 Kirkland Charles D, pres Kirklands
Curtis.[...]3642 Franklin.
KIRBT SAMUEL, mgr Charles Scribners Kirkland Samuel M, real estat[...]irkpatrick Jane E Mrs, boarding, r 1322
Kirchhoff Charles E, carp 2701 Market, Champa.
r 2705 Ma[...]Kirkpatrick John E, lab, r 3041 Market.
Kirchner Charles W, shipping elk Chi- Kirkpatrick Mary A M[...]Co, rms 35, 2507 fax av.
Kirk Charles A, brakeman, r 3753 Gilpin
Kirk Frank E, l[...]
[...]kpatrick Silas P, elk Hurlbut Gro- Kistler Charles H, butcher Goohs Mer-
cery Co, r 2547 W[...], r 1430 Franklin.
Kirschner Charles A. rms 1323 Market. KISTLER W H STATIONERY[...]Kittler Henry, lab Grant Smelter.
Kiser Charles C, elk, r 1252 S 10th. Kittredge Building[...]Frank R, brakeman Colo & South- Kittredge Charles M, Kittredge Bldg, r
ern Ry, r 3350 Monc[...]George F, salesman Knight-Camp- Kitzmiller Charles, brick contractor, r
bell Music C[...]
Klasgye Charles L, brakeman D & R G rear 1115 13t[...]Kleiner Moses, physician 2203 Welton.
Kleeman Charles J, sec Tontine Inv Co, Kleinhen[...]
[...]Klingerman Charles C, b Hotel Broad-
Klemencic John Jr, lab Gl[...]r Klingzell Hilda G Mrs, r 3010 High.
Klenk Charles, cabinetmkr, r Jefferson Klink Charles, waiter, r 833 20th.
Heights.[...]. 2063 Larimer.
CD Klewer Charles H, lamp repairer Den- Klipfel Frank, saloon 2063[...]mah, r 1148 California.
KLINE CHARLES S, pres Broadway Phar- Kloer Joseph J, plumber Lo[...]Kline Ethel Miss, rms 1709 Stout. Charles Bldg.
Kline Frank, musician, rms 1813 La- K[...]Kline Harry B, mfrs agt 30 Tabor Blk, Kloninger Charles, r 2723 W 25th av.
r 2507 Champa.[...]
[...]IS. Knapp Samuel S. helper D & R G R R ,[...]
[...]oan Assn, r 2241 W 34th av. Knights Charles W, r 3136 W 14th av.
Knight Harriet[...]
[...]Knowles Charles N, pres Knowles Paper
Clayton Blk.
KNOCH CHARLES J, genl insurance agt Knowles Thomas C, s[...]nox John W, r 2260 Champa. oo
Knopke Charles J (Knopke Bros), 2100 Knox Minnie E[...]
[...]Knox Robert, engineer B & M R R, r Koch Charles P, r 2803 Market.
1243 Argo.[...]JMarket.
Knutson Charles C, saloon 1930 Market, Koch Max, help[...]
[...]arl, rms 1431 15th. tina.
Koehler Charles, mgr Club Stables 1439 Koernig Theodore H, ci[...], prop Charpiots Ho- cal Co, r 354 S llth S.
tel 1540 Larimer.[...]
[...]Konstanzer William O, barber Brown
Kohn Charles H (Kohn Bros) r 2655 Palace Hotel, r[...]Yetta Mrs, r 2655 Arapahoe. Kopenhafer Charles, messenger, r 1316
Kohrer Fred, lab[...]
[...]PHONE408, 806,I7 T -STREET! KOUNTZE CHARLES B, pres Colorado[...]ter, r 3241 Marion. Kovsky Charles F, policeman, r 2755
Kopplinger John, dairy, r Ch[...]Paulson, r 337 S l l t h S.
Kortum William, lab, r 1426 E 34th av.
Kortz Harr[...]llth. Krafft Charles L, salesman C R Hurd,
Kortz Herman, cooper.r 1545[...]on, lab, r 2749 Market.
Kottal Joseph, tailor 631 Charles Bldg,
r 1220 Champa.
Kotteman M, pedler,[...]
[...]m Wellington J, elk Union Brewing Krause Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
Co. r 2447 Du[...]
[...]Kreutz Jacob, gardener, r E 3d av cor
Krebs Charles E, plumber P W Doyle, Gaylord.
rms 104[...]th. Kreutzer Charles B, foreman carpet dept
Krebs Minnie Miss, r 1442[...]JS$~Krieger, see also Kroeger, Krueger.
Kreiser Charles J, barber F Jurgens, Krieger Conrad[...]
[...]o Lumber & Mfg. Co. 'Phone 15S. Wholesale Lumber
674 KRI[...]ueger Augusta Mrs, midwife, r 1166
Krippner Charles, lab Albany Hotel. Stout.
Krizel Anna, steward Steele Memorial Krueger Charles H, brakeman, r 2638
Hospital, 702 Evans.[...]IEP~Kroeger, see also Krieger, Krueger. Krueger Charles M, chief elk U S Land
Kroeger Cecelia A L M[...]25 Marion. Krulisch Charles R, real estate 29 Iron
Krogh Edward,[...]
[...]Kuhn Charles, coml trav, roiB 2108
—[...]bet 4th and 5th, Globeville. Kuhnke Charles, carp, rms 1327 Curtis.
I^Kruse, see also Crews,[...]Kuhns George F, trav frt agt Southern
Kruse Charles C, carriagemkr 1407 Wa- Pacific Co 1112 17[...]Times, rms 1955 Champa. Kulp Charles, barber, rms 1411 Stout.
Krushnic Joseph,rl25 Rav[...]7 Archer.
Kubler George, rms 2114 Market.
Kuchler Charles, lab Kroeger Pkg &[...]truction Co. GO
Kuersten Charles P, dentist 1,122815th,
r 2763 Homer Boul[...]
[...]av bet W Mississippi av and Mer-
Kunsemiller Charles F, bkkpr, r 4901 W cia, Manchester.[...]Kuykendall Temple D, foreman Piatt
Kurth Charles R, baker, r 4557 Thomp- Park 1518[...]
[...]esch Frederick H, miner, r 2655 W
La Combe Charles F, pres Mountain 39th av.
Ele[...]nty. Co 1425 Tremont.
Lacroix Charles A, butcher, rms 904 W Lahl Lawrence, weaver,[...]Laird Charles Mrs, b 1430 Tremont.
Lacy S D Mrs, modiste[...]aird George, elk H T Ungemach, r 3430
Ladd Charles W, grocer 3955 Franklin, W 32d av.[...]
[...]Hooper b e t W 13th a n d W L a m b Charles G, veterinary surgeon,
14th avs.[...]L a m b Dorothy Miss, milliner T h e Fair,
Lake Charles S, conductor Colo & S o u t h -[...]
[...]Lafayette. 1374 Elizabeth.
Lambert Charles, elk, rms 1942 Champa.
Lambert Charles, shoemkr 1128 18th, r Lamkin Mary B Mrs, r[...]mbert Emily Mrs, dressmkr Mrs V LAMMERS CHARLES A, genl mgr C A
Charpantier rms 1942[...]
Window Glass,Lead, Oil,18thVarnish, Mixed Painte[...]
[...]Lane P J, conductor D & R G R R .
Landwehr Charles S, musician, r 2319 Lane Rachel B Mrs, r 195[...]bakery, 2800 Larimer. rome Pk.
SI Lane Charles D, engineer, r 3622 Hum- Lane William,[...]
[...]L a n g a n T h o m a s , elevator pilot Charles[...]L a n g e Charles, r 1223 32d.
Lang Charles H, elk George T r i t c h
Hdw Co, rms 914 14th.[...]L a n g e Charles, carp, r Watervliet av bet[...]r ws S l l t h bet L a n g h i l l J Charles, carp, r m s 1515 P l a t t e
Boulder and W Mississippi av, Val- Langley Charles C, s t u d e n t , r 2020[...]
[...]Langley May, physician, rms 28, 10 E Lapham Charles C, elk Mine & Smelter
16th av.[...]Columbine. ne cor 15th.
Langren Charles J, lab, r 3325 Market. La Porte Mary M[...]
[...]ward E , r 1134 l l t h . Larsen Charles, 2462 California.
Lariviere Felix F , barb[...]
[...]son John, car repairer, r 4246 Thomp-
Larsh Charles M, bkkpr F J Fisher & son av.
C[...]Larson Lawrence, lab Grant Smelter.
Larson Charles, lab, r 4310 York. Larson Leander, lab Globe Smelter, r
Larson Charles A, lab, b Madison nw N of Globe Smelter[...]arson Leonard A, car repairer Colo &
Larson Charles E, miller Hungarian Southern Ry Shops,[...]Larson Lewis, carp, r 916 S 8th.
Larson Charles F,fireman Colo & South- Larson Louis, miner,[...]Larson Mae Miss, rms 80813th.
Larson Charles F , lab, 3830 Franklin.
Larson Chris[...]
[...]Larson Mary Mrs. r 3928 Race. Laten Charles, varnishmkr Hallack
Larson Mary O Miss, dr[...]m
Lash Daniel W, expressman r 200 S
llth S. Latta Wi[...]
[...]TATE&^VESfMENT SECURITIES Laughren Charles J, machinist, r 1912[...]ubach John B, ticket elk Union De- Lauman Charles A, carp, r 1540 Dale[...]imer. Lauterbach Charles W, coml trav J L
Laughlin C A, 1651 Curtis.[...]aughl in Hugh J, blksmith, r 2432 Stout. Lauver Charles A, motorman Tramway
Laughlin Ida Bel[...]
[...]John G, wks Daniels & Fisher, r Lawless Charles A, saloon,r 3210 Market. CO
3[...]edler, r 214 Canosa C o u r t Glenarm.
Law Charles W (Law & Lee), r 55 Clark- Lawrence Ben[...]lbion bet B a t e s av a n d L a w r e n c e Charles E , painter, r 736 Clark
Mountview Boule[...]
15th, Cor[...]
[...]way. CO
Lawson Charles L, r 11, W 10th av. Lawton Lillian Miss, r 39 W Cedar.
Lawson Charles R, lab, r 3553 Williams. Lawton L u c y Mrs, r[...]Lawson Edward L, col'd, lab, r 1360 Lawver Charles A, motorman Tramway
Hazel Court.[...]
[...]W 4th avs. Leadbetter Charles F, dairyman, r
Layton Eliza F Mrs, r 319 23[...]ncis G E, elk, r 319 23d. Leader Charles M, r 3014 Lafayette.
Layton Galwey, stenogr[...]ville Lime & Fluxing Co, 641 Equit-
Lazarus Charles, pawnbroker, r 1127 22d. able Bldg.
Lazarus Charles G, r 930 W 4th av. Leadville &[...]Leahy W M, car repairer Tramway Co,
Lea Charles J (Lea-Bentley Mfg Co), r[...]
[...]a Miss, elk, r m s 2452 C u r t i s . Leavy Charles, lab, r 2750 Homer Boule-
23f~Leapold, see also L[...]L e Bas Thomas, machinist Dillon Iron
Leas Charles, switchman, r 249 N Penn- Wks.[...]L e b e a n Alphonse, prof College of Sacred
Leas Charles Jr, elk, r 249 N Pennsyl- H e a[...]P u b - L e b e n s P e t e r , c u t t e r Charles W C r a m e r CO
lishing Co, r 2725 W 25th av.[...]b , lab, b 842 L a r i m e r .
Leavenworth Albert S. r 828 S l l t h . Lebf rom F r a n[...]e Boeuf E u g e n e , mining, r 2466 W 23d
Leaver Charles E, molder Denver Engi-
neering Works Co[...]
[...]Lee Charles S, conductor D L & G R R,[...]Lee Charles W, col'd. waiter Windsor[...]den Fleece Min-
Leckband August H, butcher Charles ing & Milling Co 501 Boston Bldg, r[...]eal estate, r 1530
Cleveland PL
Lee Charles, cigar stand St James Hotel.[...]—;'\ 1
Lee Charles A, with Denver Stove &
Hardware Co, r 147[...]ROCKY MOINTAIM
Lee Charles A, Jr, apprentice Flint &
Lomax, r 1472 Fillmore.
Lee Charles E, salesman Walter Cool,
rms 1535[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street P £ T LOAN[...]
Diamonds c ^ S F n ^ K . % ^ i k Gottesleben & Son[...]
[...]ning Co, r 1204 S Pennsylvania L e h r e r Charles W , janitor Villa P a r k
av.[...]School ws Hazel C o u r t bet W 8th a n d
Lehman Charles, janitor Neff's Hall 1329 W 9th avs.[...]e r F r e d W, b a r b e r P i q u e & Ro-
Lehman Charles W, broker, r 1629 Lin- wedder, r 165[...]CD Oi
Lehmann Charles G, hostler P h Z a n g Broadwa[...]
[...]23^°Lemmon, see also Lemen.
Leimer Charles F, real estate 205 Quincy Lemmon Charles B.druggist 3400 Frank-
Bldg, r 737 Lincoln av. lin.
Leimer Charles J, elk Continental Oil Lemmon Edwin P, stude[...]3th. Franklin.
Leimer Charles W, car repairer Tram Lemmon Eugene B, com[...]136 W Alameda av. Lemon Charles, tailor, 805 Broadway.
Leiper John H[...]
[...]OLO.FUEIJIRONCo. Leonard Charles, elk Daniels & Fisher,[...]
[...]REAL ESTATE LOANS Leppert Charles, meat market 2031 Lari-[...]^W^rNVEsfMtNTirtlT|S Leppla Charles H, watchmkr and jew-[...]Lerchen Charles, cattle dealer, r 214 S
oo Leonard Lide Mrs, rms[...]Leoni Amanda Mrs, r rear 1217 12th. Lesenea Charles, special boy Daniels &
[...]salie Mrs, r rear 1255 L e t t s Charles J , elk Colo & S o u t h e r n
[...]rms 803 Champa.
Levasseur Charles, engineer, r rear 1216 Levitsky Marie Miss, elk[...]Levy Bernard, whol jeweler 507 Charles
Leveque Josie Miss, cook Enterprise[...]
[...]th, r 1488 Columbine. Lewis Charles, cornicemkr, r m s 1449
Levy Wolfe, second-hand g[...]r. Lewis Charles, student, b 3933 W 32d av.
LEVY & LEWIN MERCANTILE CO, L Levy Lewis Charles A, r 2206 G r a n t av.
pres, A Lewin sec and treas, 16th se cor Lewis Charles B, sec Lewis Jewelers
Larimer.[...]rk William T, coml trav, rms Hotel Lewis Charles E, r 2344 Lincoln av.
Midland. Lewis Charles F , fireman Colo & South-
Lewin Albert, sec and t[...]wis Mercantile Co, r 2202 Ogden. Lewis Charles W, elk Formosa Tea Co,
LEWIN EDWARD, wholesale an[...]aler in liquors and cigars 2400-2404 Lewis Charles W, dairyman, r Booth's
Larimer, r 2307 M[...]
[...]Daniel H, elk, rms 1912 Arapahoe. J Lewis pres, Charles B Lewis sec. 410
Lewis Don R, stove dept Denv[...]ewis John A, bkkpr Copeland Glass
Lewis Elwin S. real estate 1729 Arapa- Co, rms 707 14t[...]
[...]Peter, lab, r 3431 Merrill. Leyner Charles P , machinist J G Ley-
Lewis Peter R, r 3429 W 34[...],
Lewis Thomas B, printer, r 40 S 12th S. 1640 ARAPAHOE ST.[...]
[...]Liebhardt Charles, roofer Henry Miller
OO[...]boldt. Liggett Charles D, stenographer Denver
Liddecoat Tho[...]
[...]GHT-CRAFTS SHOE CO, James Light Lillie Charles M, lawyer,r 2714 E 12th av.
pres, G A Crafts se[...]ot Harry, lab, r 560 S l l t h . Lillybridge Charles S, photographer, r 9 OO
Lighthall Albert C, coml trav, r 2014 144 S l l t h S. >—•
Champa.[...], col'd, driver, rms 623 22d. erson.
Lightner Charles, S col'd, janitor, r 725 Lilyard Floyd[...]
[...]Lind Charles, lab, b 1600 19th.
Lind Charles, masseur Windsor Turkish[...]Lind Charles A, stone mason, r 860 S 9th.
CD[...]ds Co, r 3331 Goss. Lindberg Charles, driver Lewis & Wheel-
Lincoln Hall, 1415 Lar[...]th avs. Lindberg Charles, car inspector, b 842
Lincoln Park Ter[...]
[...]Lindgren Fritz, lab, rms Argo House,
Lindb'om Charles, bricklayer, rms 1344 Argo.
S 12th.[...]Lindgren Peter, helper T M Telander, r
Lindblom Charles W, driver Cascade 1307 Larimer.
Lau[...]dbloom Gus A, elk J J Fontius, r 501 Lindholm Charles, baker Crocker Bak-
Santa Fe av.[...]*Linde, see also Lind, Lynd. Lindhorn Charles E, fireman, r 1012
Lindeau Charles, baker, rms 1455 Blake. 24th.
Lindee August[...]Lindhult Eric, a6st editor Svenska Kor-
Lindel Charles, furniture repairer, r 923 respondenten, rms[...]W 12th av. Lindl Charles, upholsterer 1029 18th, r
Lindell B Karl, painter[...]Lindquist Charles, porter D & R G R R . 0
Lindeman Henry[...]
[...]say Frank, col'd, porter Colo & Lindstrom Charles A, tailor rear 1345
Southern Ry,[...]
[...]l i n n Charles, wks Windsor T u r k i s h
BROOKSIDEANDMAITLAND[...]8, 806,17^STREET L i n n Charles, shoemkr 538 S a n t a F e av.
L i n n Charles W, elk Samuel Steiger.
Lindwall Caroline M Mrs, r[...]th av. field, r 3735 Bryant.
Ling Charles J , teacher Manual Train- Linn G[...]
[...]it&INVtSI MLRI o r w . - - Lippincott Charles D, elk Diamond
DUFF BLOCK, 1756 LAR[...]ppincott G .Clarence, bkkpr Hendrie
LINTON CHARLES T, genl agt United & Bolthoff Mfg &[...]Maud I Miss, r 1204 20th. Lippold Charles R, prop Enterprise
Linton Robert J, laundry m[...]Mining Exchange Bldg. Lipscomb Charles H, salesman F H
Lipe Elizabeth Mrs, r 1331[...]Ernest & Cranmer Bldg, r 1357 Clay-
Charles Bldg, rms 22, 2949 Gallup av. ton av.[...]Cigar Mfg Co, rms 17,1108 22d.
Lipovetzky Charles, waiter Miss Annie CITIZENS C[...]
[...]LITTLETON CREAMERY CO, butter, cream
List Charles G, teamster, r 917 Market. cheese and da[...]Edward, molder Denver Engineer- Livermore Charles T, mgr Summit Fuel S o
ing Work[...]
[...]bel Miss, rms 1362 Santa F e av.
Livingston Charles G, r 2727 Marion. Lloyd I W Mrs, rms 803 20[...]oyd William, lab Globe Smelter.
Livingstone Charles H, metallurgist Om- LLOYD WILLIAM B, sa[...]
[...]a Miss,rms 1019 Downing av. Loechel Charles F , brass molder, r 3312 0 *
Locke Bradfor[...]
[...]M Mrs, dressmkr, rms 20, 53018th.
Lofland Charles W, cornice mkr, rms Logan M Scott, pain[...]n Ry, r 525 S 12th. Logsdon Charles E, grocer, r 2035 Ma-
Logan Alexander, pan[...]Logue Katherine Miss, elk Colo Dry
Logan Charles, lab, r 4618 Stallcup, Gds Co,[...]
[...]Long Block, 530 18th cor Welton.
Lojowiski Charles, lab Grant Smelter. Long B, rms 10,1854 Larimer.
Loman B, lab, rms 1541 Market. Long Charles, plasterer, rms 1324 15th.
Loman Edward H, col'd, piano mover Long Charles O, machine hand, r 4058
Montelius Piano Co, r 2[...]v.
Lomasney Michael, confectionery 545 Long Charles R, bkkpr Burleson-Gale GO
Clear. Creek av[...]s.
Lomax Alfred H, elk Colo Nat Bank, r Long Charles W, physician 302 Kitt-
3345 Bryant.[...]rms 2323 Logan av Co, r 3508 Humboldt.
Lomax Charles S, driver Crowell & Long David W,[...]
[...]Lord Charles H, cigarmkr Silver State
SOUTHERN[...]T PRY^ T H E> Lord Charles M, teamster, r 2 Page.[...]Lord Gertrude M Miss, teacher, r 2247
Loomis Charles W, local frt agt B & M Grant av.
R R, r[...]Globeville. 2 5f*
Loper Charles H (Loper & Muhleisen), r Lorenz Otto, tinner[...]Lopez Bros (J, P and V), confectionery Lorje Charles M, miner r 1423 36th.
622 17th.[...]
[...]non, r 725 S High. Lotz Charles A, piano tuner, r 25 S
Lorton Charles, helper C W Fair, rms Logan av.[...]Gerardo, r 3942 Bell. Louderbaugh Charles C, prop Went-
Losasso Gerardo, gard[...]
[...]ee also Lewis. av.
Louis Charles, salesman C F A d a m s Co, Love R L o u[...]on, Berkeley. Lovejoy Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
Louise French Miss, r 1934 M[...]Jt5F"Lovett, see also Loveitt.
Love Charles G, cashier Colo S u p p l y Love[...]
[...]9th, Overland.
Lovett Charles, canvasser, r 1823 26th. Lowe Mary Mrs, r 132[...]Lowe Raymond W, printer F M Davis
Lovin Charles H, buyer Denver Dry Gds Iron Works Co.[...]Lowe William Y, broom mkr Harry H
Low Charles, col'd, lab, rms 2442 Law- Post & Co, r 46[...]Lowell Clara E Miss, prin Stanley
oo Low Charles M, elk Colo & Southern Ry School.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St, %e Real Estat[...]
[...]fl Lucas Sallie Mrs, dressmkr, rms 6 King Ludwick Charles C, lab Griffin Wheel
[...]arion. Clay.
Lukens Charles H , sawyer, r 2073 S L u n d a h[...]L u n d b e r g Charles, joint inspector D &
Luker Bessie Mrs. r m[...]
[...]l Committee Peoples Party 216 En-
Lundburg Charles, saloon 1517 19th, r terprise Blk, rms 17[...], r 2207 S Evans. phone Co.
Lundgren Charles, lab Grant Smelter. Lunney John T (Lunney Sons & Co), r
Lundgren Charles J, printer Swedish Boulevard se cor W 1[...]unney Sons & Co (George, J D, J T
Lundgren Charles F, lab, r 3729 Marion. and A A Lunney and C[...]City Park. Lunt Charles C, elk treas D & R G R R ,
Lundine Anders[...]ket.
Lundquist Charles H, boilermkr, r W Lupien Edward R,[...]
[...]uthy John, tailor 3542 Market. Lyman Charles, lab Mansion Stables, • OD
Luthy Lenh[...]1920 Winne. rms 1738 Champa.
Lutolf Charles P, sadler J H Wilson Lyman Charles B, physician 205-206
Saddlery Co, r 1411[...]
[...]r 624 E 36th av. Creek av.
Lynch Charles A, col'd, porter P P C
Co, r 2512 Lawrence.[...]Co, b American House. Lynd Charles, rms 1954 Arapahoe.
Lynch James, jeweler Fran[...]20th. Lyon Charles, tinner Scherer & Whyte,
Lynch Kate Mr[...]
[...]Lyons J o h n , plasterer, b 3705 Lafayette.
Lyon Charles C,janitor,r714 W Colfax av Lyons J[...](Lyon & Emery), r 3429 Lyons W Charles, student, r m s 1353
Lyons Charles A, s t u d e n t , rmB 1256
Washington a[...]
[...]ific Co, 1112 17th, r 1283 Downing
McAdams Charles R, salesman Hewitt av.
Candy Co[...]5th av. McAndrews Charles H, brick molder, r
McA leer John W,[...]
[...]ies Thomas P , linotype machin- McAteer Charles W, lab Globe Smelter,
ist, r 713 E 1st av.[...]. McBeth Charles S (Smith-McBeth Co), r
McArthur George, steamfitt[...]ilor ^ANufAcru^Rs oF. SHOW CASES
314 Charles Bldg, rms 2134 W 29th av. BANK, STORE,[...]22 30th.
McArthur Philip C, carp, r 173 S l l t h S. •-PHONE 4 2 7 - .

[...]abe Lillie J Miss, elk, r 1841 W 12th
McBRIDE CHARLES, gravel roofer, office av.
and yard 2[...]McCabe Otis W, teacher, rms 14, 2247
McBride Charles E, engineer Tramway Larimer.
Co, r[...]McCabe Patrick, mining, r 1724 W 33d
C O McBride Charles E, fireman Ph Zang av.
Brewing Co, rms 810 14th.
McBride Charles W, r 50 W 43d av. McCabe Peter T, paint[...]neering Works Co, rms 712 23d. McCaddon Charles M. mgr Western
McBride James B, janitor Garde[...]Hotel.
C O McCabe
Charles M, plastering, r 1849[...]
McCallister George D, rms 243 S Lin- Charles Bldg, r 1401 S Water.
coln av.[...]McCarrick John, lab Grant Smelter, r
McCamey Charles M, engineer The 3809 Blake.
Tel Co, r 1407 Court PL
McCampbell Charles A, student, r 452
S Tremont.
[...]McCarthy Annie C Miss,r 1422 Grant av mont S.
McCarthy Caroline Mrs, r 2311 Law- M[...]Co), r 2818 W 27th av.
McCarthy Charles R, machineman McCarthy Mary A Mrs, r 3[...]McCarthy Eugene, grocer 3460 Hum- mont S.
boldt. M[...]Carthy Frank, gripman City R R Co, Tremont S.
rms 2459 16th.[...]
[...]e .
McCartney George A, real estate, Safe McCary Charles P , blksmith, r 1137
Deposit V a u l t s[...]
[...]McClaren Charles C, brakeman D & R[...]oln av. McClellan Charles B, machinist A T &
McClair William (McCl[...]erger), rms 23 Waugh Blk. McClellan Charles K, ladderman Hook
McCLAIR & SCHMITZBERGE[...]der Co No 2, r 1242 S 9th.
McClair and Charles Schmitzberger), McClellan Charles W (McClellan & Ast-
tailors 161[...]
[...]McClung Charles W, lab Colo & South-
McClelland Nellie Mis[...]
[...]ollister Mary Mrs, rms 1902 Arapa-
McClure Charles W, r 111 W 9th av. hoe.
McClure Charles Y, sec H D Smith Mu- HtyMcCollum, se[...]
[...]Coal Co, r 256 S Marion.
McCorkle Charles S, elk M C White, r[...]STORE, OFFICE, DRUG ^° BAR
McCormack Charles, r m s 2137 Welton.
McCormack E, lab Palac[...]
[...]janitor 2SP"McCrea, see also McRae.
Charles Bldg, r room 319. McCrea Christiann[...]10th
McCowan Willis R, col'd, janitor Charles McCrea Ella M Miss, missionary, r 1216[...]
[...]lough John W, lab Overland Cot- 2 **
McCrone Charles W, inventor, r 2423 E ton Mill Co.[...]
[...]Cullough R, lab, r 386 S 10th, Over- McDaniels Charles B, 1651 Curtis, rms
land.[...]ahoe. McDermott Charles H, rms 1601 Platte.
MeCune John[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %'LOANS[...]
[...]Pennsylvania av. McDonough Charles, lab Globe Smelter.
McDonald Michael, brickmkr, r 1566 McDonough Charles R, collr G G Lieb-
[...]William F , chancellor Uni- s<§
McDougal Charles, lawyer, r 332 W 13th versity[...]
[...]McEwen Charles, 123 E 25th av.
McFadden Charles L (W R McFadden[...]McFarland Charles L, scenic artist
ver Typewriter Ex[...]
[...]McGavic Charles O (McGavic & H a n n a ) ,
McFarlane J o h n , co[...]McGee Charles J, engineer Colo 8c C O
McFarquhar H u g h[...]
McGill Charles J, piano tuner McKannon
Bros Mus[...]
[...]r a n k , collr, r m s 2925 Gray. McGlinchey Charles, car repairer, r m s
McGINNIS JAMES S, lawyer, su[...]2451 River Drive. McGonigle Charles L , waiter W h i t e &
McGinnis Samuel C,[...]
[...]McGrath Mamie E Miss, elk J R John-
McGowan Charles, driver D D Herrick. son, r 2717 Cla[...]
[...]Leonard, p u m p repairer, r 117 McGruder Charles E , col'd, lieut Hose
N Grant av, Globeville.[...]Parly, lab, r 117 N G r a n t av, McGuckin Charles G, checkman Denver[...]gor John, bkkpr, r 1539 Gilpin. McGuire Charles F , cigarmkr, r 2921
McGregor John, elk, r 3345 W[...]McGuire Charles H, engineer S t a t e
McGregor John, lab, r 1231[...]2451 L o g a n av. S 14th.
McGrew Charles, miner, r m s 26, 1311 McGuire E[...]
[...]dg, r 1824 Lafayette. Mclntire Charles W, marker Crystal
McGuire William J, elk Ho[...]Steam Laundry, r 2437 Eliot.
McGwire Charles H, conductor Tramway Mcintosh Alexander, l[...]ale William J, tailor A Stromsoe. Mcintosh Charles, prop Capitol Cream-
McHardy David F , carp[...]t Hyde Park and Albion avs, Mont- Mcintosh Charles L, r 1019 Logan av.
[...]gr 15th cor C h a m p a . OO
Mclntyre Charles, driver Denver E n g i - McKannon Will[...]Bros Music Co, r 2724 Gilpin.
Mclntyre Charles E , r 661 S P e a r l . | ® ~ M c K a y , see also Mackay.
Mclntyre Charles H, mining 511 Boston McKay[...]
[...]n G, r 2842 Stout.
McKay F C, mfrs agt, 419 Charles Bldg. McKee John H (J H McKee & Co), r 129[...]express Champa ne cor 16th and Law-
McKean Charles B, r 1048 Detroit. rence, ne cor 18th, r 519 W 13th av.
McKean Charles L, supt construction McKeever Thoma[...]
[...]McKenna Ella A Mrs, r 1123 W 12th av. McKeon Charles H Mrs, r 2541 Dunkeld
McKenna Hugh H, engineer, r[...]ee also McKinney. Express Co.
McKenney Charles F, mining 830 Equit- McKernon Charles, lamp man City R R
able Bldg, r 1658 Clarkson.[...]Kenney F r a n k P, feed master Denver McKernon Charles C, gardener, r Homer 9 **•
Union Stock[...]
[...]ington av.
McKimson Charles E, printer C M McKissick John[...]enjamin, tinner Eaton- McKnight Charles, watchman Joseph
Ritchell Co, rms 1[...]
[...]. McLaughlin Charles B, carp, r rear 2653
McKnight Fred L, collr Denve[...]yette. McLaughlin Charles J, engineer, r 2920
McKnight John H, engineer Bro[...]McLaughlin John H, motorman Tram- CO
McLagan Charles B, woodwkr Robert-[...]
[...]E Maple.
M c L e a n Charles A, elk, r 811 20th. JU^°McLeo[...]d J (E J McLean & Co), McLeod Charles, carp McPhee & Mc-
r 1277 Downing av.[...]m e r Boulevard. M c L e r a n Charles, foreman Q M dept U
M c L e a n J o[...]
[...]McMahon Ray J, elevator pilot Howland
McLeran Charles H, r 922 22d. Millinery Co, r 2959 Mar[...]. McMains William S, r 338 W 14th av.
McLoyd Charles, canvasser, r 2941 Gal- McMakin DeKalb,[...]
[...]echen Hanson G, r 416 S l l t h . McMurray Charles H, yardman R Beck-
McMechen William[...]
[...]Walter W , elk Auditor D & R G McNamee Charles A, lithographer Ea-
R R, b 353 S Tremont.[...]ara J o h n , r 1509 Tremont. McNeer Charles H, news agt, r 2109 W eo ©
McNamara J o h[...]
[...]eill John C, city detective, r 3155 W McParland Charles, painter Nielsen Wall[...]
[...]. McQuaid John H, steamfitter Frank C
McPHEE CHARLES D (McPhee 8c Mc- Goff & Co, rms 39,[...]McQuarrie William F, business chances
McPhee Charles D Jr, collr McPhee & 513 Cooper B[...]
[...]r t J a m e s , r 2011 Ogden. McWhorter Charles H , mgr I Merchant,
M c T a m m a n y Ale[...], r 3955 Merrill. McWilliams Charles B, elk J D Ross
McTavish D u n c a[...]
[...]J, cigarmkr Solis Macdonald J o h n Charles (Robt Gibson,
Cigar Co, r 2342 C u r t[...]
[...]Mack Charles L, elk, r 1341 9th.
Mack Charles T. brewer Ph Zang Brew-[...]1622 CURTIS
Machette Charles C, r 1328 S 8th.[...]
[...]er A Maclear Wallace A, printer 528 Charles
Mackenzie, r 622 E 28th a v.[...]William J , sign writer A Mac- MacMILLAN CHARLES A, lawyer 815-817
kenzie, r 622 E 28th av.[...]24 Cooper Bldg. King.
Macklin Charles B (Macklin & Buckley), B ^ M a c[...]
[...]Macpherson Livingston, salesman Hus- Maddox Charles R (R B Spaulding &
ted, Hess & Co.[...]Madison Hans, lab Globe Smelter.
Macy Charles B, shade man Cordes & Madison Harry E, tel[...]18 Bert. depot, b 1367 S 15th.
Macy Charles T, elk P O, r 3234 Meade. Madison Maxey[...]
[...]ances Miss, r 147 W Alameda » 01
Maeder Charles A, elk R Reinke, r 626 av.
Wash[...]any, Merritt & Grommon agts Magnes Charles, lab, r m s 3712 Lafayette.
1652 Curtis.[...]er D r y
Gds Co, rms 2148 G r a n t av.
Maggi Charles B, expressman, r 1152 S
[...]Richard, windmills 1027 Larimer.
Magnussen Charles, lab G r a n t Smelter. r 1538 6th[...]ss Bros & Co, r
Magnusson Olof, tailor 506 Charles Bldg, 3127 W 24th av.
r[...]h E . f u r n a c e m a n Western Mahlinger Charles, b k k p r H H Heiser,
Chemical Co, r Va[...]Fisher, r 420 E 29th av.
Magraw Charles A, elk, r 1462 S Penn- Mahlke E[...]Minnie Miss, elk N D Polites &
M a g r u m Charles E, trav frt agt C R I & Co, r 1312 1[...]36th av.
Maguire Charles F , cigarmkr W i n t e r
Cigar Mf[...]
[...]SEVENTEENTH SIPHONE 4 0 8 Maier Charles A, driver Neef Bros Brew-[...]
[...]Hotel, r 2449 Logan av. Mall Charles J, tinner, rms 2420 16th
Malaby Zachary T, ph[...]Mall Jacob P, tinner, r 90 S 12th S.[...]llonee Joseph C, driver Haines Seed
l l t h S.
Malcolm Alexander C. stereotyper Re- Co, r 3235 Julian.
publican, r 3 S l l t h S. Mallonee William K, . draper, r[...]Malcolm John, stone cutter, r 3 S
l l t h S.
Malcolm K P Mrs, r 1450 Clayton a v.[...],
Malcolm Peter, r 3 S l l t h S. HECLA AND BALDWIN
OO Malcolm William, driver Bogue Lead Co,
r 3 S l l t h S. M F R S OF[...]
[...]mont S.
INSURANCE^[...]Co, r ns W 16th av bet Dale Maloney Charles L, elk H C Cones &
Court and D e c a t u r .[...]Maloney Joseph J, stone cutter, r 1242
Malmstrom Charles C Mrs, b 3 L a Veta S Tremont.[...]ble Bldg, b Brown Palace Hotel.
Tremont S.
Malone Daniel, lab. r 1328 M a r k e t .
[...]S N Herold, r 2219 L a r i m e r .
Maltby Charles H, barber 820 15th. Mangi[...]
[...]Mann Charles J , bicycle repairer J C
Tynon PI and 6th, Globeville.
Manley Charles, driver, r m s 2725 Mar- r 2328 Champa.[...]Manning Bertha L Miss, r 1819 Center. 9 Pi
Manley Charles, lab George Stevenson, Manning C[...]
[...]Manson Charles B, helper Grant Smel-
- ^ ^ X i ^ 1 1 I k[...]surance Co 639 17th, b 1811 Grant av. Mantz Charles G (Chase & Mantz), r 245
Manning Wil[...]
[...]A J Norton), architects 206 Equitable
Manville Charles P . elk P O, r 626 S 13th. Bldg.
Manville C[...]Williams. Marinoff Jacob, tailor 531 Charles Bldg, ft<
Marble Walter E , r 15[...]
M a r k h a m Charles J , cook, r 4258 H o m e . M a r k w a r d t Charles F , b a k e r Palace
oo MARKHAM HOTEL, J D F[...]Corona.
Markle Charles, engineer Colo & South- Marnette[...]M a r q u a r d t Charles, miner, r 3344 Meade.
M a r k m a n Charles H , cabinetmkr J P M a r q u[...]
[...].FUELllRONCo. Marsh Charles, lab Denver O m n i b u s &[...]Marsh Charles H, r 8 C h a m p a PI, Cham-[...]r s h F r e d L (Marsh Printing Co), 202
Marquis Charles A, vice pres Silver Charles Bldg.
State Towel Supply Co, r 1033 S 14th.[...]Marsh P r i n t i n g Co, 202 Charles Bldg.
Marrow R u t h E Mrs, home-cooked foods[...]NUFacnJRERs Of^SHOW CASES
Marsh Alvin, lawyer 413 Charles Bldg, b
Hotel L ' I m p e r i a l e .[...]
[...]Marshall John, b 3128 Fairview PI.
Marshall Charles A. butcher J N Doyle, Marshall John, col'd,[...]Marshall John C, r 3046 Gray.
Marshall Charles C, switchman, r 3445 Marshall John S.broomm[...]av.
Marshall Charles H Rev, rector St Bar- Marshall JohnT, elk Ma[...]hall Joseph E, bicycle repairer, r
Marshall Charles M, painter, r 1303 W 844 29th.
14th[...]Marshall L W Mrs, rms 16,311 16th.
Marshall Charles W, assayer. r 323 E Marshall Mary C Mrs, r[...]earl. Marshalsay Theodore, butcher Charles
Marshall George B, wks Excelsior Ste[...]
[...]sland Emma M Mrs, r 529 E 35th av. Martin Charles, elk L J Card, r 184
Marsland May Miss, stenograp[...]35th av. Martin Charles, teamster Board of Pub-
Marso Michael, furniture[...].arket Martin Charles C (Martin Bros & Co), r
Marston Elizabeth B Mrs,[...]tel L N, overseer Overland Cotton Martin Charles C, telephone boy Brown
Mill Co.[...]tel Mae E Miss, teacher of lan- Martin Charles E, carpet fitter, r 1137
guages, r 2215 Curtis.[...]tenesi Angelo, lab, r 3434 Bell. Martin Charles E, elk John Thompson
Marten is Gertrude K Mrs. r[...]tenis Hattie Miss, dressmkr, r 922 S Martin Charles F, sec National Live
[...]Martin J Howard, artist, rms 502 Charles
Martin Harold[...]
[...]a u g h t s m a n Rol- Martin William, driver Charles D Grif-
landet Drafting & Blue P r i n t Co, r[...]rtin Patrick, saloon 4300 York. Charles Hall), brick contractors 213 o 0
Martin Pr[...]
[...]Southern Ry. Mason Charles, col'd, lab, r 3416 Garden
Marugg Edward G,[...]Works. Mason Charles R. elk, r 1640 Lafayette.
Marugg Joseph, bicycle repairs, r 3737 Mason Charles W Mrs, b 1410 Grant av.
Gilpin.[...]M F R S OF G A S COKE
Marzyck Charles F, cigarmkr 2652 Law-
IIADUEC 9 I I A P I I I I I I T V office * W[...]
[...]Matherson S W, elk Daniels & Fisher, r
Mast Charles L, r 1322 Glenarm. 1237 Ogden.[...]Matheson Angus, grocer 121 S Tre-
Masten Charles J, mining, r 1673 Lin- mont, r 347 Irvingto[...]Bicksler, McLean & Bennett, r 25 E Mathews Charles R, plumber, r 3942
18th av.[...]Mathews H A C, rms 1638 Ogden.
Mater Charles F Jr, bkkpr Mine and Mathews James[...]
[...]ENTEENTH ST.PHONE 4 0 8 Matteson Charles E , coachman 2159[...]' S COKL M a t t h a e y Charles B, tailor 2628 W Col-[...]M a t t h e w s Charles, cook, rms 1323 Mar-
Mathewson Clifford E,[...]
[...]REM ESTATEfclNvUfMENT SErUMTitS. Maul Charles B, gardener, r Vrain nw[...]W 12th av. r 2103 Welton.
Mattson Charles, lab, r 118 N Pennsyl- Maurer Howard M, bar[...]Mauro Ralph, elevator pilot Arapahoe
Mauff Charles, florist Capitol Hill Green- Bldg, r 29[...]
Maury John M, inspector Colo Car Serv- May Charles 8 9,1528 Champa,
ice Bureau, r 502 E 33[...]1310 A
California, r 1445 S llth.
Maxwell John T S. rms 29,1643 Champa.
Maxwell Joseph F, lawy[...]
WIRE MAILS Chicago Lumbe[...]
[...], r 1018 Champa. (phone A1911).
Maynard Charles H, paperhanger J G Mazza John, butcher T[...]ransfer Co, r 1018 Champa. Mazzulli Charles M, farmer, r ws Clay H 2
Maynard Edward F, forema[...]k, r 1430 Hooker.
Mayo Oscar, Jr, piano tuner 203 Charles
Bldg, r 1430 Canosa Court.
Mayo William C[...]
[...]Medcraft Katherine B Mrs, 603 Charles
Meagan John J, tailor C H Webster, rms[...]Medical Libraries, 3 Denison Bldg.
Meagher Charles E, special agt New Medical M i s s[...]
[...]Meeker Charles A, rms 26 Witter Blk.[...]Meeker William E, packer Crescent
Meehan Charles H, harnessmkr, r 921 Flour Mil[...]
[...]. Melvin Emmett L, flagman City R R
Mellish Charles H, money elk Adams Co, rms 2459 16th.[...]Mentzer Rufus. r 2344 Ogden.
Melsheimer Charles, brewer Milwaukee Menzel Charles T, cashier frt dept D &
Brewery Co, r 207 Market. R G R R, r 2505 Lawrence.
Melsheimer Charles Jr, beer bottler Mil[...]
[...]roney John A, with Cook Medical Co,
Mercer Charles L, dentist 722 14th, r 127 r 1305 Glena[...]
Office end[...]
[...]Merz John, b 2427 Clay. Metcalf Charles, elk J N Brownyard.
Merz Lena Mrs, r 1516 W 12th av. Metcalf Charles C,; ins agt, r 3841 Ar-
Merz Robert, lab, r[...]Mesa de Mayo Land & Live Stock Co, Metcalf Charles S, publisher, r 3051[...]etcalf Earl K, elk Metcalf & Metcalf,
Mesch Charles, bkkpr F W Gromm, r r 1129 S Loga[...]
[...]Metzger Charles, expressman, r 214 S
Metzge[...]Meuser Jessie Miss, nurse County Hos- 5 Pi
Metske Charles, houseman Brown Pal- pital.[...]
[...]eyer Paul R, trav agt Colo Journal, r
Meyer Charles, col'd, soda water man 1415 W 13th[...]Meyer Philip A, r 1700 Sherman av.
Meyer Charles A, florist Park Floral Co, Meyer Robert[...]Jerome Pk.
Meyer Charles L, pretzel bakery 1122 MEYER SAMUEL[...]& R G R R Co 628 Equitable Bldg, r
Meyer Charles W, stenographer genl 2734 Frankl[...]Meyers Charles, waiter Brown Palace
Meyer Frank B, bkkpr C[...]Sherman av. Meyers Charles, col'd, elk, rms 928 10th.
Meyer Frederick, saloon 2536 Market, r Meyers Charles A, driver, r 1301 Hooker.
1311 25th[...]
[...]ers John C, butcher C Leppert, r Michaelis Charles, musician, b 925 S
3536 Clifton.[...]rs Louis, prop Meyers Art Studio Michaelsen Charles O, machinist Colo
2615 Larimer.[...]
[...]Middleton Charles H, asst chief en-
[...]general contractors, 1907 Arapahoe.
Miles Charles, genl agt National Educa- Milheim John, r 13[...]chool District No 1, r 2432 Lincoln av. Millar Charles H, sec Illinois Gold M &
Miles Enos, lawye[...]
[...]Miller Annie Mrs, rms 1839 Arapahoe.
Millar Charles J, driver Denver Fire Miller Annie E Mrs,[...]iller Adolph, carver Chicago Lumber Miller Charles, driver William C How
& Mfg Co.[...]iller Albert, barber L E Warner, 630 Miller Charles, lab St Anthonys Hospi-
17th.[...]iller Albert E Mrs, r 128 W 13th av. Miller Charles, meterman Denver Cons
Miller Albert F, stereo[...]r 1910 Curtis. Miller Charles, molder F M Davis Iron
Miller Albert G[...]
[...]d H, r 1357 llth.
rhorx 10
Miller Charles, teacher, rms 1840 Miller Delanie L,[...]Lumber & Mfg Co, rms 2507 15th.
Miller Charles, col'd, lab Hotel Broad- Miller Deloss G, s[...]Water Co, r 945 S 10th.
Miller Charles A, bartdr Brown Palace Miller Dennett E,[...]ce. 325 Irvington PI.
Miller Charles A, bookbinder Marye & Miller Dock, lab.[...]Miller Duncan W, stenographer District
Miller Charles A, car cleaner B & M R R, Court, r 2730 Gil[...]Miller Edgar W, saloon 4031 Downing
Miller Charles A, elk May Shoe & Cloth- av, r 3855 Frankl[...]Miller Edith Miss, rms 1750 Stout.
Miller Charles A, lab.r rear 2623 W 23d av Miller Edna Miss, b 2533 W 32d av.
Miller Charles B, engineer Colo & South- Miller Edward, rms[...]Miller Edward C, jeweler, r 748 S Pearl.
Miller Charles C, lab, r 95 Nelson, Elyria. Miller Edward H, cigarmkr, r 4541 Fill-
Miller Charles E, printer News Job more.
Printing C[...]Miller Edward W, painter, r ns W Ala-
Miller Charles F, lawyer 207 Peoples meda av bet S 8th[...]H
Miller Charles F, machinist Vulcan Iron rms 3100 Lafayett[...]Miller Electa J Mrs, laundress, r 13
MILLER CHARLES F, saloon 16th ne cor Swansea Terrace.[...]Miller Eliphas P, pres and genl mgr
Miller Charles H, carp, r 3337 Clear Denver, Longmont[...]ra House Blk. * aV
Miller Charles H, helper J R Martin, Miller Eliza Miss,[...]av. 1640 Blake.
Miller Charles H, machinist, r 1875 Fre- Miller Elizabeth M[...]Miller Elizabeth Mrs, r 4235 Bryant.
Miller Charles H, mining broker, r 648 Miller Elizabeth G[...]Miller Elliott S, dentist 9-10, 910 16th.
Miller Charles L, student, r 1656 Vine. Miller Emily M Miss, stenographer, rms
Miller Charles M,cook,r 3126 Downing av 1908 Lincoln av.
Miller Charles M, pres C M Miller Co Miller Emily P Mis[...]ette. School, r 1037 S 9th.
Miller Charles W, elk P O, r 932 l l t h . Miller Emma Miss, r 1037 S 9th.
Miller Charles W, helper D & R G R R, Miller Emma[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N[...]
Jewelry, Diamond!, Wat[...]
Lead, Oil, Varniih,[...]
[...]Milligan Charles W, printer, r 2411[...]87 Railroad Bldg, r 1081 Downing av. Milliken Charles R, motorman Tramway
Miller W, rms 67,1434^[...]5gg"Milleson, see also Millison. Millis Charles A, conductor City R R
oo Milleson Elisha, nurs[...]Millis Charles H, car repairer Colo &
ne cor S 3d.[...]Millett Arthur N, r 2014 Vine. Mills Charles E, elk John Thompson
Millett Nelson, pres N[...]Co, r 2014 Vine. Mills Charles V, r 222 E Dakota av.
Millett Nelson[...]
[...]Mills William F R, broker 502 Equitable
Mills Charles W, asst genl agt North- Bldg, r 3827 W[...]
1104-1106 16th S[...]
[...]nier D Evart, fireman Colo & South- Minto Charles, machinist Colo Iron
ern Ry, rms 3304 Curtis.[...]SB
mgr, G G Merrick editor, 609 Charles
[...]Curtis. Charles Bldg.
Mississippi House, 3800 Downing av.[...]estate 308 Mining Exchange Bldg, r
Mitchell Charles D, confectionery 1712 3037 Julian.
A[...]chell Jessie Mrs, boarding, r ss W
Mitchell Charles H, elk Rocky Mt Fuel Mississippi av bet Am[...]avs, Manchester.
Mitchell Charles L, elk stationer D & R Mitchell John, foreman[...]gan av. 938 9th.
Mitchell Charles S, salesman C F Adams Mitchell John A.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %'Insurance[...]
[...]B. (South), rms 3148 Lafayette.
Mobley Charles T, bricklayer, r 626 Moffitt George, porte[...]bier Frederick W, tinner, r 1444 S
Mockford Charles, driver Pacific Ex- Tremont.
press[...]reer, r 2930 Forest.
Parks prin, 5th floor Charles Bldg. Mogensen Rasmus, machinist D & R G[...]d. ^larket
Moe Charles L, miner, r ns E 4th av bet Mohan John[...]
[...]N^URANCf UPON -• • " Moll Charles F, expressman 20th cor
UENIS.[...]Moore, More. Mollandin Frank H, bartdr Charles
Mohr Edward, lab, r 1837 Wynkoop. Green[...]Monaghan Charles N, prop Standard CO
Mohrmann Charles A F, blksmith En- Cigar Factory 1125 Lar[...]1526 California. Monahan Charles Mrs (Welch & Mona- 2 co[...]Brooks), restaurant 1522 California. Monahan Charles W, special agt Mutual
Moise Columbus Mrs,[...]
[...]Monroe Charles H, opr C A Nast. b 2512[...]R G R R, r 1439 Monroe J Funston, lawyer 521 Charles
S llth.[...]749 Pearl.
Monical Thomas A, lab, r 56 S 12th S.
jgp~Monk, see also Monck.[...]
[...]Montgomery Charles H, r 1133 W 13th
Montgomery Charles, driver F L Adams
& Co, r 2256 Marion. aSMXTURESI
Montgomery Charles, col'd, porter Ar- O F F I C E . , 2 3 r d[...]
[...]Moon Charles E, molder Queen City[...]ican, r 24 Idaho. Moor Charles F C, real estate, r 3914
Montgomery William[...]Sons, rms 1407 Larimer.
Montre Charles, lab, r 2109 Delgany. Moore Andrew[...]av. Moore Charles C, driver Atlas Coal Co,
Moody Bruce H, r 2[...]A, elk Inter-Ocean Hotel. Moore Charles H, dairyman 10th, nw cor
Moody Fred,[...]
Moore Everitt J, tel opr Charles B White- Moore John, teamster, r 1436 S[...]
WIRE NAILS Chicago Lumbe[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th S t r e e t s LOA[...]
[...]Morell Theodore J, real estate, r 1534
Morast Charles W, elevator pilot Wind-
sor Hotel, rms 1756[...]Morey Anna Miss, elk Sauer Mfg Co, r
Morcom Charles, carp, r 721 S Tremont. 1365 S 9th.
OD Morc[...]rgan Belle Miss, coremkr B F Slack,
Morehouse Charles H, genl agt frt dept r 1422 S 9th.[...]
[...]Celia Mrs, r 2330 Blake. 13th.
Morgan Charles, canvasser, rms 1430 Morgan Isaac H, r 1326[...]Morgan James A, coal, r 1275 Marion.
Morgan Charles P, lab Argo Smelter, r Morgan James T, cook,[...]Morgan Jennie Mrs, col'd, r 1901 Lafay-
Morgan Charles S, elk Colo, Wyoming, ette.
& New Mexico[...]PI. Washington av.
Morgan Charles W, car inspector, r 3760 Morgan Jesse, e[...]
[...]Charles Bldg.[...]and E 5th avs.
Morgan Lydia Mrs, r 40 S 12th S. Moriarty Elizabeth J Miss, starcher[...]COAL,
Morgan William II, 309 Charles Bldg,
rms 41, 2257 Larimer.[...]K
[...]Morris Charles A, lab Seymour Clark &[...]DENVER C O N S . G A S C O ' S C O K E . Morris Charles F, student, r 2531 Clark-
Moritzky John E, lab Co[...]age Co. Morris Charles H, mining engineer, r
Morlan Robert J, r 32d bet[...]Maple, Berkeley. Morris Charles W (Morris Bros & Co), b
Morley Andrew, r 2501 Law[...]Co), i
Morrell Alfred, lab, r 24 S l l t h S.
Morrell Anthony, helper D & R G R R . b 17[...]P
Morrell Arthur, lab, r 24 S l l t h S. S°[...]rust Co, r 1309 25th.
Lumber Co, r 24 S l l t h S. Morris Gertrude Miss, teacher[...]
[...]ris Lizzie A Mrs, r 1542 Glenarm. Morrison Charles, switchman U P R R ,
Morris Louis, el[...]
Morse Charles Mrs, r 1323 Corona. 1622 CURTIS '— !—
Morse Charles M, conductor Colo & IROCKYMOUNTAIN
Southern Ry, r 4613 W 33d av.
Morse Charles W (Denver Manufactur-
ers Agency),[...]
'PHONE408, 806.17^STREETi Moses Charles F , driver F H Leonard
Morton Maud M Miss,[...]
[...]. ceola.
Moskovitz Ernest, tailor 425 Charles Motley James, dairyman, r ws Milwau-[...]r 2,2422 Market.
Moskovitz Paul, tailor 425 Charles Bldg, Motley John S, elk Trunk Bros, r ws[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
Mossberg Charles, lab, r 3761 Race.
Mossberg Elbert,[...]
[...]and 36th avs. mer.
Mount Charles W, coml trav Kuner Moyer Andrew, r 26 W[...]Mount Olivet Cemetery Association, 515 mer.
Charles Bldg.
Mount St Vincents Orphan Asylum,
[...]Mueller Charles, lab, r 61 Legge, Elyria.[...]Mueller Ernest J, cook Charles Smidt,[...]Welton, r 1860 Welton.
Mudd Charles E, mining, r 603 S Tre-
[...]Miss, candymkr, r 4021 OO
Mulford Charles W, wks McPhee & Mc- Fillmore.
Gi[...]er & Weil), b 1580
Mullahey J o h n W, lawyer 527 Charles Pearl.[...]
[...]Munroe Charles M, r 3116 California.[...]undhenk Carl, tailor 129 S Broadway, Munsell Charles R, buyer Denver Club. OO
r 168 W Bayaud. Munsell Thomas W, machine hand
Mundhenk Charles W, lineman, r 168 W Sayre-Newton Lumber C[...]Munger George F, stenographer, r 36 Munson Charles B, coach cleaner, r 943 ftOn
Estes. Elyria.[...]Munger Herbert O (H O Munger & Co), Munson Charles C, coml trav, r 226 W 0 T
r 3336 Bryant.[...]Munson Charles M, lab Grant Smelter,[...]a, b Metropole Hotel. 9S
Munger Leroy S. bkkpr Studebaker Munson Horace J, stude[...]7th cor California, r 2801 E
Colfax av.
Munnell Charles H, lab Globe Smelter, r 1640 ARAPAHO[...]
[...]Murphy Charles B, cashier Nicoll The[...]Murphy Charles B, col'd, lab, r ws Fill-
Munson Myra Mis[...]Munson Nathan S, lab Globe Smelter, r Murphy Charles F, blksmith, b 3923
3734 Lafayette.[...]Munson R D, with P Simmons Ticket Murphy Charles L, paper hanger George
Agency 1122 17th.[...]Munson Swan, lab U P R R , b 2728 Arap- Murphy Charles P, helper Colo & South-
ahoe.[...]Murphy Cornelius, r 2524 California.
Munz Charles J, student John T Bot- Murphy Daniel[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N S[...]
[...]Murray Charles H, elk County Clk, r[...]Murray Charles L, printer C A Nast, r[...]rimer. HECLA AND BALDWIN
3 Murray Charles A (Stuart Bros & Mur-
ray), r 1254 Evans.
Murray Charles A, elk D & R G R B, r
40 W 3d av.[...]
[...]Park School, r 1411 Julian. Musgrove Charles F, asst sec Tramway
Murray Mitchell D, eng[...]
[...]Myer Charles S, salesman Du Bois Sara-[...]Mussared Eva Miss, rms 59,1434^j Lar- Myers Charles, cook, rms 1740 Market.
imer. Myers Charles, section man, rms 1516
Mussared Evelyn H M[...]Mussared Frank, lab, r 3927 Gallup av. Myers Charles E, elk American House
Mussared John E, bri[...]Gallup av. Myers Charles F, driver, r 2305 Law-
Musselman Lula M Mi[...]2115 Champa. Myers Charles L, mgr P F Collier 70 71
Musselman Michael[...]Musser Etta F Miss, vocal teacher Myers Charles W, card writer, r 2438
School of Music 14[...]Mussey William O, teacher High School Myers Charles W, driver City Bottling
District N[...]
[...]Myers Joseph E, vice pres Central Busi- Myles Charles E. lab, r 275 Boulevard F .
ness College, r 1569[...]rc Co, r 1032 10th. Mylott J Charles, elk, r 503 Wazee.
Myers Lee, lab J E Kiefer, rms[...]1st.
Nacht Dora Mrs, r 2712 Myrtle PL Nagel Charles, sausagemkr, rms 2146
Nadeau W E, coml trav, rms[...]raham, b W Ellsworth, St
Lowrey Heights.
Nadler Charles, collr Ph Zang Brewing[...]
[...]Narath Charles F, watchman Ph Zang
Nagel Frank J, watchmkr H[...]am J, mgr T J Cox Trading Narron John W, salesman Charles Scrib-
& Mercantile Co, rms 1812 Curtis.[...]Nagling Sophia Mrs, 237 24th. Nash Charles A, bkkpr, r 22 W 12th av.
Nahrig Augustus G, carrier P O, r 3613 Nash Charles A, butcher, r 1432 32d.
Julian. Nash Charles J, elk H P Steele, r 3650
[...]National Standard 30. Granite Bldg.
Nassimbene Charles, saloon 2111 Lari- NATIONAL-STANDARD INSU[...]F Edmonds genl agt, 11 Equitable
NAST CHARLES A, photographer 16th ne Bldg.[...]
[...]eal Ceil M Mrs, elk P O, r 1369 Ogden.
Neal Charles W, saloon 2248 Larimer. Neef Frederick, pr[...]lan, r 1854 Larimer. Neely Charles, with McCormick Har-
Neal John, r 511 Santa[...]Cones & Co, r 7 Champa PI, Champa
Neander Charles L, foreman stereotyper nw cor 28th.[...]
[...], r 63 Byers.
Neff Isaac T, carp, r 225 S l l t h S. Neimoyer Adelbert E, printer H H
Neff Joseph L, carp, r 225 S l l t h S. Moore, r 4740 Josephine, Elyria.
Neff Martha[...]Nelson Adolph, helper Colo & Southern
Neikirk Charles O, chemist, r 3430 Clif- Ry, r 2742 Bl[...]
[...]Nelson Charles, car inspector, r 3639[...]Nelson Charles, carp, r 552 S Washing-[...]Nelson Charles, janitor Stedman Bldg,
REAL ESTATE LOANS[...]Nelson Charles, lab Creamerie Restau-
S^sfefciNvSfMMT SEC[...]UFF BLOCK, 1756 LARIMER ST.I Nelson Charles, molder Denver Iron[...]lson Albert A, elk. r 3509 Wewatta. Nelson Charles, waiter Brown Palace
Nelson Albert M, hay a[...]17th av, r 1120 E 17th av. Nelson Charles., wks Denver Union Wa-
Nelson Alfred, lab A[...]W 43d av. Nelson Charles, rms es N Clarkson bet[...]& Co, r 2529 18th. Nelson Charles A (Sanden, Anderson &
Nelson Alvin J, eleva[...]Hotel, r 1218 33d. Nelson Charles A, driver Hurlbut Gro-
Nelson Amelia Miss,[...]Colfax av. Nelson Charles A, engineer, r 2817 Mar-
Nelson Andrew (Nel[...]Lafayette. Nelson Charles E, lab Tramway Co, rms
Nelson Andrew, engin[...]ern Ry. Nelson Charles E, saloon 1801 Arapahoe,
Nelson Andrew, lab[...]erome Pk. Nelson Charles J, blksmith 3554 Blake,
Nelson Andrew, lab[...]ills, r rear 45 Winne. Nelson Charles J, machinist, r 3435
Nelson Andrew, machini[...]lson Andrew, policeman, r 2490 Argyle Nelson Charles P, shoemkr 307 Santa
PL[...]lson Andrew C, bkbinder W H Kistler Nelson Charles R, carp, r 211 N Grant
Stationery Co, r 21[...]k. Nelson Charles V, lab, r ws Converse bet
Nelson Andrew J,[...]on Carl L, waiter, rms 1446 Larimer.
Nelson Charles, baker W J & I Meikle-
oo ham, r 2439 W 28th[...]M F R S OF G A S COKE
Nelson Charles, bottler Denver Bottling MINING EXC[...]
fnDUCC P. ilrtniyillTY ^ ^ * Warehotl8e ' 18thft[...]
[...]Neureiter Joseph, lab Globe Smelter.
Nestel Charles H, b 5132 Highland av. Neuroth W[...]
[...]Welton, works 2352 Larimer.
Nevins Charles, waiter, r 1513 Arapahoe.[...]
[...]Newell Corall M Miss, r 2601 W 32d av.
Newbury Charles, lab B F Salzer Lum- Newell Frank B, driver, r[...]Newell Frank M, w a i t e r Walker &
Newbury Charles G, machinist Denver Parker.
Novelty Works[...]ewell James W, mining, r 1030 Penn- 0 o»
Newcomb Charles, lab Denver Paper sylvania av.[...]Newell John H, lab Mouat-Palmer Lum-
Newcomb Charles E, engineer, r 1551 S ber Co, r 1715 Platte.[...]Newell Lucy D Mrs, stenographer, rms
Newcomb Charles H, grocer 325 16th, r 1616 Washington av.
241[...]Newell Luther F, rms 142 Broadway.
Newcomb Charles M, elk Denver Furni- Newell Luther F Jr[...]
[...]Newman Charles, baker H J Macomber,[...]wman John G, baker, r 44 S Broad-
Newlander Charles (Newlander & Rolin) way.
[...]Newton Henry B, lab, r 28 S l l t h S.
Newman S, rms 1647 Stout.[...]
[...]obeville. Nichols Charles, hackman Roberts Liv-
Neylon Thomas, d r i v[...]undry, r 1248 S 10th. Nichols Charles, miner, rms 1635 Market.
NIAGARA FIRE INSURANCE CO, New Nichols Charles H (Nichols & Atchison),
York, T T[...]
[...]W 8th av.
Nicholson Herman, lab, r 129 S l l t h S.[...]
[...]27 8th. ket.
Niedenthal Charles, lab Crescent Flour Nilan John J, stone maso[...]Mills, r 929 Water. Niland Charles R, druggist, rms 1840
Niederhut B[...]
Nilson Charles E, expressman, r 3848 No Name Clothing[...]Noce Angelo, printer, r 524 Bell.
Nitschke Charles, messenger Colo Tele- Noce James[...]
Cat Glass, Porcelain, Pocket Bo[...]
[...]olumbia Hotel. Norman Charles A, lab F L Wood, Jer-[...]
Norquist Frederick, lab, b 16 l l t h S. NORTH GERMAN FIRE INSURANCE CO,
Norqu[...]North Side Drug Co, 3655 Palmer.
Norris Charles H, waiter, rms 1320^ North Side High Sch[...]is John C, real estate, 805 17th, treas, Charles T Brown sec and atty,
OO rms 1342 St[...]
[...]Norton Charles, bricklayer, r 2523 Fre-
[...]Bryant. Novak Charles, lab, r es N Grant av bet
Norwall Otto J,[...]30th av. Nowatney Charles C, asst baggage agt
Norwood Lorenzo P (H &[...]Hotel, Overland. Nugent Charles, b Denver Union Stock
Nostrand Loui[...]
[...]I INSURANCE, Nyberg Charles L, blksmith F M Davis
- S U R r T Y BONDS,[...]NSURANCE UPON Nyberg Charles O, r 1528 Welton.
RENIS. "[...]Nylander Gabriel N, lab, r 1380 Grove.
Nunemacher Charles H, salesman G G Nylander George, helper[...]r 1812 Downing av. Nylen Charles R, druggist Royal Chemi-
Nungesser George, miner,[...]h.
r2903 W32dav. Oakley Charles Alonzo, driver Camp-
Oakes George W, drive[...]
[...]Obluda William, lab, r ws N Emerson av
Oaks Charles A, carp, r 251 S 12th. bet 8th and 9th,[...]bet Tennyson and Sheridan Boulevard.
Oatman Charles E Sr, cigars 425 16th, r Obrecht Ulrich, lab,[...]ok John Wolf, rms
1752 Blake.
Oberg Charles, carp, r 425 Clarkson.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %" Real Estat[...]
[...]O'Connor Charles, lab D & R G R R, r[...]O'Connor Charles O, switchman D & R[...]O'Connor Charles V, rms Clifton Hous(\[...]M F R S OF G A S COKE
O'Connor Charles, elk D & R G R R, r MINING EXC[...]
[...]YCLONE-INSURANCE Oder Charles W, mgr Wrought Iron
INSURANCLLUPONRENIS J[...]r Thomas, rms Clifton House. Oderfield Charles R, r 486 S Pearl.
O'Connor Thomas E, bricklayer,[...]o, r 708 S Clarkson. O'Donnell Charles J (Tilley & O'Don-[...]rs James, rms 1839 Arapahoe. O'Donnell Charles J, switchman U P f
O'Connors Mary[...]
[...], conductor U P R R, r
O'Donnell & Tilley (Charles O'Donnell 2239 W 26th av.
and L[...]depot, r 201 W 14th av. Ogilvie Charles H, dairyman, r 2801
O'Dowd Michael,[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N S[...]
[...]O'Keefe Daniel W, proofreader News, r Olds Charles D, mgr Colo Pkg & Prov
2740 Larimer.[...]
[...]vid B (Olinger & Ivers), r 3445 Olmstead Charles D, chipper Queen City
Clyde PI.[...]459 Welton. <*0
Oliver Charles J, elk W T Sampson, r Olmste[...]
[...]Olsen Annie Miss, elk Daniels & Fisher, Olson Charles D, electrician, r 2255 Lin-
r 3547 Wewa[...]Olson Edward, butcher Herold & Gol-
Olsen Charles, lab, r 3528 Clifton. den, rms 1719 Blake.
Olsen Charles A, shoemkr Thomas Gold- Olson Emil, lab. rms[...]Olson Emily O Mrs, r 960 S 10th.
Olsen Charles E, furnaceman Western Olson Fritz, lab, r 4223 Argo.
Chemical Co, r 16 S l l t h S. Olson Gust, lab Grant Smelter.[...]
[...]O'Neil Oscar, paperhanger, rms 15, 706 Opie Charles, lab Dunwoody Bros Soap
19th.[...]n av. Oppenlander Charles G, grocer 1351
O'Neill Eugene, lab,[...]
[...]7th, r 2751 Champa. Ormsby Charles R, bridge builder, r 1064
Ordway, Snow & A[...]
Corrugated Iron CHICAGO LUMBER[...]
[...]OSGOOD CHARLES E, acting cashier Colo[...]O'Shea Timothy, porter Stickfort Bros
Osborne Charles E, elk T B Croke Car- 1427 Lawrence.
p[...]O'Shea Timothy J, student Ward, Pless-
Osborne Charles K, r 1131 S 10th. ner & Ward, rms 632 13th.
Osborne Charles P, gripman City R R, O'Shea William F, yar[...]30th bet
Oak av and Maple, Berkeley.
Osenbaugh Charles M, prin Wyman
School, r 88 W Cedar.[...]
[...]Ottenheimer Charles, s a l e s m a n M[...]atrick R, printer Western News- Otto Charles H, lab Pinhorn & Parker,
C-D paper Union, r 5[...]rms 1455 Blake.
O'Toole Charles, lab Grant Smelter, r Otto Ed[...]
[...]Owen John Q A, canvasser, r 3437 Clear
Ovelman Charles, bkkpr, r 3055 Larimer. Creek av.
Ovens[...]an Dora Mrs, r 478 S Broadway. Owens Charles, fireman U P R R, r 4442
Overman Edward C, firema[...], Elyria. Owens Charles, col'd, head waiter Amer-
Overman Hattie Mrs, col[...]Owens David J, driver D T & W Co, r
Overton Charles, col'd, head porter 1241 S T[...]
[...]Pacific Echo,510 Charles Bldg.
Iron and
Wire Fences DENVER WIR[...]
[...]635 S Pearl. Pagano Charles (Pagano & Tolve), r 3720 C O
Packham Alice A Mrs,[...]ors agts 20 Bank Blk 17th cor Arapa-
Paddleford Charles E (J W Beach & hoe.
Co), r[...]
[...]almer Anna Mrs, r 1650 Washington av.
Paige Charles F (National Refrigerator Palmer Ant[...]see also Payne. Palmer Charles, lab, r 1 Union PI.
Paine Eugene C, apprentice J H Mont- Palmer Charles, lab, r 3210 High.
gomery Machiner[...]
UnDUCC 9M MoniMUITV Office & Warehouse, 18thftWast[...]
[...]Park Charles H, farmer, r 2310 Grant av.[...]k Geraldine E Mrs, r 2205 Larimer.
Paradice Charles W, books and station- Park Hotel, 1717 18th.[...]Logan av.
Parents Charles .W, waiter, rms New Parker Alonzo[...]
[...]Parker John M, lab City R R Co, r 1040
Parker Charles, r ss W Alameda av, bet S llth.
S 8[...]Parker John M, blksmith, b 111711th.
Parker Charles A, chief lineman tel dept Parker John R,[...]Parker Leander, carp, r 1624 7th.
Parker Charles H, pres Merchants Pub- Parker Lillian[...]Parker Loren B, mining, r 1238 W l l t h
Parker Charles S, bicycle repairer F W av.[...]
[...]os, r SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 5th floor Charles
735 S Water.[...]acher MODERN
OO Bldg[...]
[...]Lomax, r 2442 Lake PL
Parmeley Charles H, engineer Colo Ice Parrish John L, appren[...]Mrs, col'd, r 1915 Arapa- CO
Parnall Louis S. bicycle repairer D H hoe.
[...]ings Assn, r 1059 Marion.
Parsons Charles C, lawyer 507 Boston Partridge Charles C, elk, rms 1727 Tre-
oo Bldg, r Denver Athl[...]ridge Edwin M, mining, r 2123 High.
Parsons Charles S, saloon W 25th av cor
Sheridan Boulevar[...]tridge Eva A Miss, stenographer 305
Parsons Charles S, shoemkr Broadway Peoples Bank Bldg, r[...], lab, rms 1534 Larimer. Partridge William S. elk treas D & R G[...]
[...]ws N Washing- Patten Berenice G Miss, bkkpr Charles 9f fo.t.
ton av bet 1st and 2d, Globeville.[...]Patch John, rms 2147 Grant av. Patten Charles L, r Sheridan Boulevard p-fcl[...]
[...]son M F Mrs, r 1425 Cleveland PI.
Patterson Charles, expressman, r 13 S Patterson M V, bkkpr, b 3902 High.
Tremont S. Patterson, Phenie Miss, elk Colo South-
Patterson Charles B, office 202 Mack ern Ry, r 2800 A[...]
[...]rant av. Paulin Charles, lab Grant Smelter, r
Patton Jessie Miss,[...]
[...]Payne Charles S, tailor 2956 Welton.[...]
[...]Pearce, see also Pearse, Peirce,
Pearce Charles B, plumber 615 19th.
Pearce Elizabeth Mrs,[...]
[...]Pease Charles T, draughtsman U S Sur-[...]se William S, elk Colo & Southern
Pearson Charles J, rear 918 17th, r 3134 Ry frt depot, r 284[...]Pearson John E. physician, r 59 Irving- Peck Charles E, pressman Publishers
ton PL[...]
[...]Mary L Miss, r 2628 Williams. Peglar Charles W (Peglar & Whitehead),
Peck Minnie M Mrs, r 2841[...]Oren H, elk Auditor D & R G R Peglar Charles W Jr, elk A J Thomas, r
R, r 19 S Tremon[...]
[...]Peltz Herman, wks A Schupp 601 17th.
Pelzel Charles, baker Heitz & Urban 524
W Colfax av.[...]r n
Pence Charles J, lawyer, r 2324 Decatur.
Pence Edw[...]
[...]. Peoples P a r t y Club, 424 Charles Bldg.
Penney Joseph P , b r a k e m a n , rms 211[...]a m e s , r m s 85, 2247 L a r i m e r . Pepple Charles, tinner W r o u g h t I r o n
Penrod Jenni[...]
[...]PHONE 9 0 .
rms 2, 2607 Welton.
Perkins Charles N, mining 8-9,1624 Cur- HECLA AND[...]
[...]Perrin Charles O, pres and treas Colo[...]boldt. Perry Charles, lab B & M R R. 30
Perrault Francis E, salesman G M Wal- Perry Charles, rms 803 19th.
ker, r 2604 Humboldt. Perry Charles P, physician 317 Charles
Perrault Mary J Mrs, new healer, r 2054 Bldg.
Humboldt. Perry Charles W, bkkpr Denver Paper
ISF'Perren, see also Perrin[...]Perren Elizabeth B Miss, r 2856 Welton. Perry Charles W, printer W S Keller, r
Perren Ella M Mis[...]
[...]switchman B & M R R, r Pershing William S. r Cleveland Heights.
2809 Prospec[...]
[...]Pereico Emelio, lab, r 2122 16th. Peters Charles Harvey, r Clayton sw
Persman John, lab Denver Sew[...]& Clay Co. Peters Charles H, sec F A Bailey Co, r
Persmann Nelson, l[...]
[...]tthias S, brickmkr B F Peterson Charles, driver Mine & Smel-
Merchant, r 305 S Trem[...]ul, butcher, rms 27 Starr, Peterson Charles, lab, r 1107 W 6th av.
Elyria. Peterson Charles M, barber V J Olson
Petersen Peter, lab, r 45[...]ter, rms 1834 Curtis. Peterson Charles O, engineer, r 2008
Petersen Peter Gus[...]
McPHEE&McGINNITY, Office and Warehouie[...]
[...]eterson Nels, carp C E Kirchhoff, r Petit Charles, waiter Brown Palace Ho-
2736 Market.[...]P, machinist D & R G R R , Petit Printery 619 Charles Bldg.
r 134 S 9th.[...]
[...]Pettinger Charles, lab Capital Ice Co.
-" SOLE: A G E N T S[...]r.
Petro Michel C, lab, r 327 Garfield. Petty Charles O, druggist, r 367 S 12th.
Petro Walter R, lab, r[...]rbett.
Petroskey J H , machinist F M Davis Petzke Charles E, cigar mkr, r 333 Cor- C O
Iron Works Co.[...]rapher
Petsch William J, elk C B Lemmon. r Charles Nast, r 2505 Dunkeld PL
417 E 34th av.[...]Peyton Frank, plumber, r 2505 Dunkeld
Pettalko Charles, lab Crescent Flour PL
Mills.[...]rms 1454 S Tremont.
Pettibone Charles H Rev, pastor Boule- Pfaff Jacob, boilermk[...]
[...]Pharson Charles F , elk Hewitt Candy[...]ery Co, r Curtis cor 5th.
Pfefferkorn Charles F, elk Wolfe Lon- Phelan Sadie Miss[...]lan Thomas J, lab Grant Smelter, r
PFEIFFER CHARLES P, contractor for 3455 Larimer[...]r 521 E Colfax av. der), rms 318 Charles Bldg.
Pfeiffer Philip, r 2460 W 23d[...]
[...]Philips Charles H, elk Auditor D & R G[...]Mrs, r 332 Gerspach av. Phillipps Charles K, lawyer 504-505
Phelps Mathias M, r 20 Nelson,[...]20 Bert. Phillips Charles A, cook R E C h a t t e n ,
HtgThifer, see also P[...]am D Rev, pastor Asbury M Phillips Charles K, lawyer 504-505
E Church, r 2215 W 30th av.[...]MORTGAGE & TRUST CO, Phillips Charles W,pedler,r2004 Holden.
L F Bartels agt, 533 17[...]A 1310 A
Philhour Charles A, fireman A T & S F
R R, r 135 Alaska.[...]
Corrugated Iron CHICAGO LUMBER[...]
[...]Piano Peter, lab W J Davis, rms 1428
Philipson Charles C, motorman Tram- Market.
way Co, r 2319[...]ms. Pickard Warren, r 2617 W 29th av.
Philp Charles T, sec Natl Mutual Fire Picken William, barber[...]k W, cook, r 1010 13th. Arapahoe.
Phister Charles S, dep County Clk, r Pickering Thomas, driver[...].
Sheridan and S Lincoln avs. Pickett Charles H, mining, r 2415 OO
EEP"Phoenix, see also Phenix[...].
PHffiNIX ASSURANCE CO, London, Lyons Pickett Charles H, col'd, porter P P Co,
6 Johnson agts[...]
[...]ce Lizzie R Mrs, r 208 E Ellsworth.
Pierard Charles J, musician, rms 9 Wit- Pierce Llewellyn D,[...]erce Walter F , trav salesman Burle-
Pierce Charles H, lawyer 624 Kittredge son-Gale Candy Co,[...]Pierce William, r 223 W 14th av.
Pierce Charles P, trav salesman J D Pierce William B, carriage f[...]3 W 29th av. 2459 15th.
Pierce Charles R. sec Scott Supply & Pierce William C, el[...]
[...]ntice W r o u g h t
- S U I U I \ IVOM)S.
( H I O M I N M K A M 1.[...]w, carp, r 4428 Columbine. Pillar Charles, real estate 1654 Welton,
Pierson August, lab, r[...]Pille George J Mrs, r Western Hotel.
Pierson Charles, millwright, r m s 1323 Pillers Charles E , driver Troy L a u n d r y
Market.[...]Pillsbury Charles H L, elk N a t B a n k of CO
Pierson Charles O, cattle dealer, r 138[...]
[...]pin Nelson A, watchman U P R R , r
Pinegar Charles, elk Daniels & Fisher, r 1523 Decatur.[...]ptist Church, b 2405 Boulevard F .
Pinkney Charles C, r 915 E 17th av.
Pinn Barbara Mrs, r 11[...]Pinney Benjamin C, r 263 Logan av.
Pinney Charles A, musician, rms 1846[...]
[...]Plain Perry D. r 413 S Water.
Pitschke Charles G, dep sheriff Court Plaisted Danie[...]
[...]vania av.
Platfoot Charles, trav salesman C S[...]
[...]PI Colfax cor Downing avs.
Plummers Hall, Charles Bldg.
Plunk John, bartdr, b 1501 W 12th av[...]
[...]Lawrence, r 1266 Downing av.
Pointkoski Charles, painter H H Too- Pollock Benjamin L,steno[...]Poison Charles C, drain layer Graves-[...]lard Carrie Mrs, rms 2217 Champa.
Pollard Charles W, mining, r 1404 S 13th.
[...]Poole Charles H, foreman News, r m s 23,[...]Candy Co, r 1450 S 10th,
Pomfret Charles H L , elk Falke Mercan- Poole Theodor[...]ce H, cornicemkr, r m s 2632 Pope Charles, lab, r ss W 48th av b e t
Champa.[...]Pope Charles C, helper, r 327 S Tremont. fe[...]
[...]Porter Minnie Miss, rms 2227 California.
Port Charles C, motorman Tramway Co, Porter Rachel Mrs,[...]orter Robert, mining, rms 1908 Lincoln
Porter Charles, col'd, janitor Jacobson av.
Bldg.[...]Porter Roy J, elk C S Morey Mercantile
Porter Charles C, driver D & R G Ex- Co, r 3311 W 29th[...]Porter Samuel, patternmkr Queen Citv
Porter Charles E, janitor, r 3014 Welton Foundry Co,[...]
[...]0 o«
Posner Charles, grocer 2801 Larimer. Poterson L, cond[...]Pothoff Charles, plumber Chris Irving. 9 «
Posner Philip, ta[...]2027 S Logan av.
Post Charles C, r 419 W 3d av. Potter Albert W, inspector Daniels 8c
Post Charles C Mrs, r 1030 W 14th av. Fisher, r 16[...]5 Ogden. Potter Charles A, teacher High School
POST HARRY H & CO (Harry H[...]Potter Charles G, r 2027 S Logan av.
Moses J), wooden and will[...]er dealers, 1421 to 1427 15th. Potter Charles L, elk genl frt dept Colo IB
Post Hettie[...]
[...]cational publishers 404 Charles Bldg.
Potthoff Charles L, plumber, r 819 S[...]Potts Charles, lab, r ss W 17th av bet
Potter Charles W, adjuster Mtna In- Bryant and Alcott.[...]Potter Ella D Miss, teacher, r 3049 Law- Poulot Charles, Poulot & Voilleque). r
rence.[...]rth D, engineer D & R G Poulot & Voilleque (Charles Poulot and
R R, r 719 S 10th. Charles Voilleque), chemists 3225
Potter Emeline J[...]Agnes E Miss, cigars New Mark
Potter James S. r 3049 Lawrence. Ham Hotel.
[...]N, finisher W H Kistler Powers Charles, watchman, r m s 1724
Stationery Co, r m s 164[...]e s E , lab, r 2933 W 16th av. Powers Charles A, motorman Tramway
Powell J o h n D, warehousema[...]044 L a r i m e r . Powers Charles A, physician 13 Sted-
Powell Joseph, rms 4[...]
[...]Prall Charles W, elk. r 1415 Champa.[...]OWERS LEWIS D, agt Dr Conants Com- Pratt Charles H, mining machinery, r
oo pound Vapor[...]
[...]P r e n t i c e Charles E, elk J E Prentice[...]
[...]Prezant Charles (Tannenbaum & Prez-
OO[...]Kittredge Bldg, r 215 W 14th av.
Preston Charles A, accountant Gorham Price Benjamin S, trav[...]Preston Frank O, salesman Denver Price Charles L, genl agt Traders &
oo Stove & Hardware Co[...]America, r 1225 Larimer. Price Charles S, bicycle salesman, rms
Preston George C,[...]bert & Ellis, r 1260 Corona. Price Charles S. motorman Tramwav
Preston Harry W, chief elk[...]State, r 1251 Clarkson. Price Charles W, cook H O Koch 1839
Preston Henry,[...]
[...]Priess Charles, rms 1928 Lawrence.
SOUTHERN COAL Priest Charles C, repairer Hartford Rub-
T F?Y[...]Priest Charles M, lodgings 929 18tb.
Price , rms 1926 Curtis.
Priday Charles H, drain layer New York Printz Adolph (Gros[...]ital.
Pridham Richard A, r 2533 W32d av.
Pridmore Charles H, watchman Conti-
nental Oil Co, r 4567[...]
[...]W 33d av. Procter A C, carp, r 24 S 12th S.
Prisk Michael, expressman, r 97 Archer.[...]John N, contractor, r 135 S Cor-
Pritchard Charles, policeman, r Univer- ona.
Pritchett Charles L, upholsterer, r 711
oo S llth.[...]M F R S OF G A S COKE
Pritner Charles E, elk J D Ross 1134
[...]Chemical Co, r 136 S l l t h S. 6 •
INSURANCE UPON - - • "[...]th. Prowitt Charles S, sec and treas Prowitt
Prosser Elias A, cabine[...]1961 Grant av.
ton Lumber Co, r £3 S l l t h S. Prowitt Pharmacy Co, 439 17th cor
Pro[...]Oriental Tea Co, Glenarm.
r 57 S 12th S. Prowse William H, tr[...], b 3300 Blake. Champa.
Proudfit Charles E, elk John Thompson Pruitt Charles P, elk Burlington Route,
Grocery Co, r[...]
[...]Pullen Charles, teamster, r 818 12th.[...]PURLISHERS PRESS ROOK CO, Banks B Pulver Charles R. r 2043 Curtis.
Hall pres, Louis Willi[...]rcell, see also Pursel, Parcelle.
Pueschel Charles, cook Charles Smidt, Purcell Edmond C, physician 4606 Jose[...]2 2 CURTIS - 1 — '\-
Push Charles H, teacher Denver Nor-[...]
[...]camp fixtures, ore sacks,
& Fisher, r 58 S 12th S. flags, etc, 1729 Larimer (phon[...]cell Lawrence, saloon 520 15th, r 1328 Purinton Charles A, elk O E Adamson
S Tremont.[...], lab Globe Smelter.
Purcell Richard, r 58 S 12th S. Purnell Jane Mrs, col'd, r 1217 Gaylo[...]forge, interfering and overreaching
Purchase Charles U, driver Troy Laun- horses cured, 1015 E[...]Pursel John T. mgr Pursel Carriage Co
Purdum Charles F, bartdr C Saunders, 1427 to 1439 Waze[...]rdy Clifford H, bkkpr Queen City Puryear Charles F, foreman J L Brown,
Pottery Co, r 3741[...]
[...]Charles Bldg 15th cor Curtis, r 1725
CO DUFF BLOCK,[...]ce Bessie C Mrs, r 1408 30th. Quayle Charles (William Quayle & Co),
[...]Quick J a n e Mrs, r 1220 S 13th.
Charles Quayle), architects 98 Opera Quick[...]inlan Rose E Mrs, dressmkr, r 319
QUEEN STOVE CO, Charles Kibler pres 26th, Berkeley.[...]ENVEFTEHTSAWHINCCO.
1132 Washington av.
Quereau Charles H , master mechanic D[...]
[...]Cons Gas Co, r 1031 W l l t h av.
Quinn Charles H, driver S Norman, r Quirk Bridget J Mr[...]nd E 29th avs. Quist Charles H, lab Argo Smelter, r
Quinn John F, b[...]
[...]Co, rms 1731 Larimer.
Race Charles M, lab Globe Smelter, r ws Radin Mauri[...]
SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 5th floor Charles Ralston Martin F, lab, r 4555 Columbine.[...]r 1658 High. Elyria.
Ragon Charles E, brakeman D & R G Ramblers Bicycle Club Champa[...]kson. Ramey Charles W, col'd, cook Metropole
Ragsdale Sy[...]
[...]. Ramus Charles C, brakeman D & R G[...]/frupdhoe St RAMUS CHARLES J, groceries, meats[...]Ramus Charlotte C Miss, stenographer
Ramsay Charles J, stair builder Hallack Keezer[...]
[...]Rankin Charles, R R man, r 1726 Grant[...]
[...]RASMUSSEN M, boots and shoes 1949
Ransom Charles H, lab, r S Broadway Larimer, r 1951 La[...]ers, mgr M Rasmussen,
r 1951 Larimer.
Rasmussen Charles, lab, rms 1530 Mar- 'ANUFACTURER[...]
[...]wlings Owen F, elk William Haxby, r
Rattray Charles A, elk Straubs Ticket 3759 High.
Rau Victor, baker Charles Zwickel, rms Raworth William, mining, rms 212[...]. Ray Bessie Miss, r 2010 Market.
Rauh Charles, elk Colfax Market 8c Ray Charles, cook Louis Klipfel, rms
Grocery Co, rms[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Raulz Charles, shoemkr 1377 S llth. HECLA AN[...]
[...]rannen Raymond Charles A. pres Raymond In- co
flREINSUR^NC[...]PONRtNlS Raymond Charles W, driver Capitol
SURETY-BONDS ^ ^ ^[...]r Queen City Pot- Raymond E d m u n d S. r 15 E Maple.
tery Co, r 3548 Clifton.[...]
[...], r Wolfe Hall. av.
Read Charles H, driver Metropole Sta- Reavis Bessie Mrs,[...]be Smelter. ham pres, Charles H Scott vice-pres.
Reagan Jerry T, s[...]
[...]Redmond Charles H. lawyer 306 Ernest
PHONE408, 806J7T-STREET[...]t^°Reed, see also Read, Reid, Riede.
Redd George S. lawyer, 627 Kittredge Reed Albert W, lab[...]Campbell L, col'd, cook, r 1819 La- oo
Reddish Charles J, hostler W C Frerker fayette.
1355 12th. Reed Charles, yardman New York Res-
Redfield Alta O Mrs, dress[...]av.
Redfield Anna Mrs, rms 2252 Welton.
Redfield Charles A, cook S P Moore, rms[...]
[...]Reed Harry H, driver F C Reed, r 3232
Reed Charles B, col'd, lab, r 725 28th. Humboldt.
Reed Charles E, carp, r 2516 Washington REED HARRY J, pres[...]PUBLISHING CO 1448 Curtis, r 82912th.
REED CHARLES F, sec Lee-Kinsey Im- Reed Harry W, carp[...]Reed Henry, lab, r 2739 Market.
Reed Charles O, lab, r 1144 S Evans. Reed Henry E[...]
[...]ardson 8c Hawkins. Rees Charles, weighmaster Argo Smelt- CO
Reed Raymond, st[...]bootblack 1119 16th. 0 01
Reed Robert G, barber Charles F Wine, Rees John, saloon 360 McNass[...]
[...]J W, conductor Colo & Southern
Rees Thomas S. driver D & R G Ex- Ry.
pre[...]h av. Reichard Charles W (C W Reichard &
Reeves Joseph P,[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th S t . p - Real E[...]
[...]Reindel Frederic, r 2904 Franklin.
REILLY CHARLES J, contractor for steam Reineke Fann[...]REINERT CHARLES H, prop Tabor Opera
co Reilly Edward T, genl agt[...]P, elk, r 1453 Detroit. Reinfeldt Charles, bricklayer, r 3709 ]La-
Reilly John, elk Sau[...]ie Miss, milliner Mrs A A Bass, Reinhard Charles F, foreman Clark
r 2317 Lawrence.[...]se cor Johnson avs. N Swansea.
Reilly Mae G, stenographer G G Lie[...]
[...]Reiss & Zimmermann (M Reiss and S
Reinhardt Charles, cook R Pinhorn, rms Zimmermann), whol cig[...]Thompson av. Reitler Charles W, stenographer District
Reinhardt Jacob,[...]
[...]Reno Charles A (Tobin & Reno), rms 1762[...]ll Mrs,portrait painter 18 E 16th
Renberger Charles, bellboy 1737 Califor- av.
nia.[...]so Rentfrow. Lawrence.
8 Renfro Charles F, waiter J J Meskew, r Replogle Henry P, en[...]250 Lawrence.
1440 l l t h .
Renfro Charles W, bricklayer, r 1143 Repp Frederick, carp[...]an, K G Cooper
Renfro Winfield S. bricklayer, r 1143 pres, 1118 16th.[...]
[...]Nassar av.
l ^ R e u l e , see also Rule.
Reule Charles, polisher Denver Onyx &[...]Reynolds Augustus S. r 1547 Stout.[...]Alois, lab Downing & Co, r 1069 Reynolds Charles F, mgr Reynolds Land
S5th.[...]r Adolph, pipemkr Weigele Pipe REYNOLDS CHARLES H, pres Western
Wks, rms 2951 Larimer.[...]r Michael J, prop Western Ma- Reynolds Charles L, conducter P P C
chine Wks 1420 Blake[...]
Reynolds Charles W, rms 95,1750 Stout. Reynolds Lyman[...]
[...]ahoe S t Rhodes Charles A, restaurant 2358 15th, co[...]Rhodes Jacob M, expressman, r 2532
Rhoades Charles, lineman, r 3431 S 9th. Clarkson.
Rhoade[...]Rhodes Walter (Rhodes Bros), 639 Equi-
Rhoads Charles G, elk Colo, Wyoming table Bl[...]
[...]Rice Andrew H Mrs, r 3603 Alcott.
RICE CHARLES J, genl agt J B Millet Co sylvania av.[...]d gasoline Glass Works, b 291 S l l t h S.
dealer 2255 Larimer (phone 747), rms[...]er Bryant Rice William Arthur, lawyer 507 Charles[...]
[...]Richards Edward B, lab, e 3444 Blake.
Rich Charles E. bkkpr Municipal Deben- Richards Edwin[...]Richards Jesse, special agt Union Acci-
Richards Charles D, mining 846 Equi- dent Co, r 2301[...]Richards John, brakeman D & R G R R .
Richards Charles L, lawyer 311 Cooper Richards John, bu[...]S 8th. Co.
Richards Charles W, cattle dealer, r ns Richards J[...]
[...]Richardson Charles A, trav Auditor Vic-
Richards John, stone c[...]rds John G, flagman City R R Co, Richardson Charles H, r 2947 California.[...]
[...]Richter Mary F Mrs, r 1343 S 13th.
CO Richman Charles, baker W J and I Richter Oswald H, ba[...]chter Paul E, sec National Advt Co
Richmond Charles B, physician 8-9, 711 402 Quincy Bldg, r[...]ter William, lab Mount St Vincents
Richmond Charles L (Walter & Rich- Orphan Asylu[...]
[...]dell Philip H, plasterer 1729 Welton, Ridley Charles F, elk Auditor Colo &
r 215 E 25th av.[...]
[...]eck Andrew Cclk George Tritch Hdw Rigdon Charles M, elk auditor Colo
Co, r 180 S Evans.[...]Riggs Joseph S, engineer The Bryan,
Rieks Charles H, lab, r Irving Park.
Riel Alexander[...]
[...]ey William J,painter,r 1817 Wynkoop. f8
Riley Charles B, r es S Columbine bet Riley William M, c[...]earl. 9 1
Riley Charles V, elk D & R G Express, r Riley Willi[...]
[...]Bar, r 2044 Curtis.
Rinn Charles E (Grae&ng & Rinn), r Rische Augus[...]
[...]R i t t e n h o u s e Charles T,b 1576 Lincoln av.
Risley Elizabeth M Miss, el[...]ket.
Ritchie Charles A R, b a r b e r 1233 Lari-
[...]764 Gilpin.
CO Roach Bell Mrs, r 113 S l l t h S. Robbins B, rms 17, 1854 Larimer.[...]h David, rms 1455 Welton. Robbins Charles B, grocer 756 Broad-
Roach D, switchman U P[...]h George, lab, rms 917 22d. Robbins Charles B, Jr, elk Doyle Tea
Roach James, lab Globe[...]ns David C, r 3836 Goss.
r 113 S l l t h S. Robbins Frank Z, g[...]
[...]rry F (Roberts Bros), r 148 0 "
Roberts Charles, gardener, r 3358 Alcott.
Roberts Charles, wks 950 Logan av. W 4th av.
Roberts Charles A. office 223 McPhee Roberts Herbert, lab,[...]ts Hugh H, gardener, rl600 Sheri- &0
Roberts Charles E, elk John Thompson dan Boulevard.
Gro[...]Roberts H L Mrs, rms 2, Fisk Blk.
Roberts Charles H, apprentice J G Ley- Roberts Isaac N, lab,[...]bet Mercia and Gray, Manchester.
Roberts Charles N, sec Overland Trot- Roberts James, baker,[...]26 E Colfax av. rence.
Roberts Charles W, prop American Tea Roberts James[...]
[...]Robertson Charles A, r 439 P a r k av,
SOUTHERN C[...]T FR^' T H EL Robertson Charles K, r 439 P a r k av,[...]
[...]W r i g h t Repair S h o p 201 Charles Bldg.[...]F BLOCK, 1756 LARIMER ST. Charles Bldg.
CD[...]rence. Robinson Charles, col'd, porter, 1422
Robertson P e t e r ,[...]Robinson Charles E , coppersmith, rms
Robertson Robert, mine[...]Robinson Charles T,elk. r 855 Broadway.
CD Robertson S Miss, seamstress Daniels & Robinson Charles W, col'd, lab, r 9, 2420
Rock Charles T, driver A T Lewis & Son,[...]
[...]rd F Wilkerson Maple.
sec, 406 Charles Bldg 15th cor Cur- (UPRodgers, see also[...]s. Rodgers Charles, stone cutter, r 1446 S
Rocky Mountain Hot[...]T MOUNTAIN MONUMENTAL Rodgers Charles S, rms 1609 Gaylord.
WORKS, Bayha & Bohm[...]Union Depot. Charles Bldg.
Rocky Mountain Official Railw[...]
Roe Al, Metropole Stables.
Roe Charles E, sec City Transfer Co, r Roeschlaub[...]W 1st av. 2437 Lincoln av.
Roebuck Charles B, conductor Tram- Roewedder Chri[...]r t h u r N Mrs, r 3459 H u m b o l d t .
Roehrig Charles F , editor Associated Rogers[...]
[...]Rogers Guy E, carp, r 170 S l l t h S.[...]GERS I N & SON (I N and C A), under-
Rogers Charles, elk W A Hover & Co, r takers and funeral[...]Champa.
Rogers Charles A (I N Rogers & Son), Rogers Jacob, r 221[...]Rogers James B, r 516 Clark.
Rogers Charles E, driver Denver Stove Rogers James H, cond[...]. Southern Ry, r 966 S 9th.
Rogers Charles E, Jab, r 170 S l l t h S. Rogers James H, teamster, r 1220 4th.
Rogers Charles F, rms 2504 Champa. Rogers Jennie Miss,[...]Rogers Jessie Miss, dressmkr, r 122o
oo Rogers Charles L, conductor D & R G
R R, r 2623 El[...]
[...]r 1332 S
Rogers Melvin W, barber, r 170 S l l t h S. Pennsylvania av.
Rogers Merrick A (Rog[...]
[...]llins Robert P (Walley & Rollins), rms
Roll Charles M, potter, r 853 S Water. 1520 Lincoln av[...]1027 W l l t h av. Rollo Charles O Mrs, r 23 E 28th av.
Rolland Nettie Mrs,[...]mer George, lab Overland Cotton Mill
Rolley Charles S, col'd, porter P P C Co.[...]
UftDUCC & MftfillltllTV offi«» * Warehowe, 18th[...]
[...]Root Howard D, r W 35th av nw cor Rose Charles A, r 1319 W 35th av.
Hamilton av, Columbia Heights. Rose Charles E, photographer 1740 Lar-
Root Irving F, sa[...]Root Kate Mrs, seamstress, r 1159 S 5th. Rose Charles H, elk Higgins Mercantile
Root Laura F Mrs.[...]Root Mary A Mrs, r 4622 W 33d av. Rose Charles W, dynamo man Denver
Root Matt R, ph[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %' Real Estat[...]
[...]Ross Charles J, lineman Colo Telephone[...]715 17th.
Rosenzweig H Charles, barber 917 19th. Ross George, miner, rms 5, 1[...]James, car repairer City R R Co, r
Rosinski Charles, tailor 1844 Lawrence. 3333 W 37th av.
Ross Carl W, rms 2213 Lawrence.
Ross Charles carp, Denver Fire Clay
Co, r 2818 Welton.[...]CITIZENS COAL CO.
Ross Charles, elk H J Rigden, r 2621 TELEPHONE[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
Ross Charles, lab, r 3638 Palmer.
Ross Charles B, lab, r 1049 Fremont.
Ross Charles F, bricklayer, r 1425 Bou- M F R S[...]
[...]Roszell Charles F , elk A Borg, r 552 S O O[...]t A, machinist, b 208 S Lin- R o t h Charles, jeweler 813 16th, r 2121
coln av.[...]bert F , foreman Denver F i r e Roth Charles C, mgr J a s A P u r i n g t o n f t f t[...]
[...]thnick Tena C Miss, r 2712 Curtis.
Rothrock Charles C, driver Superior Rountree Henry[...]
[...]Route Jerry, pedler, r 3550 Merrill. Rowland Charles J, stenographer Thiel
Routledge Roland, bkkpr, r[...]2135 Grant av. Franklin.
Powe Charles F, packer Hungarian Rowley Emma E Mrs, r[...], inspector Denver Dry 9 (d
Rowe Charles J, bottle washer Hoshour Gds Co. r 2152 Wel[...]way.
Rowell Arthur G, artist, r 85 S 14th.
Rowell Charles J, lawyer, rms 39, 530[...]
[...]estate and invest-
Royal Printing Co, 613 Charles Bldg. ments 1-3, 1529 Lawrence, r 1670[...]Brooks Ptg Co, r 511 Clear Creek av. Rubin Charles G. collr News, b 1922
Royall George[...]
[...]- Rudman Charles A, rear 918 17th, r 1211[...]Robert A, cold, lab, rooms 1131 Rue Charles C, fuel and feed 1964 Park
21st.[...]Newton L, salesman Humphreys Rueve Charles B, tailor 19, 808 17tb, rms
& Wolf, b 2961 Cal[...]l J, lab, r 1175 Hamlin.
Rude Isadore, tailor 423 Charles Bldg, Ruff William M, elk, r 11[...]
[...]Rumble Charles A, f urnaceman Western[...]Rugg Bertram G, elevator pilot, rms Rummel Charles H, stenographer Colo
1407 Platte.[...]Rumpf Charles, rms 223 E 20th av.
Rugg Isadore Mrs, mus[...]col'd, r 1912 New Ha imer, r 225 S l l t h S.
Rugg Percival N, r8[...]
[...]petor August E, salesman, r 1919 Russell Charles, col'd, porter D & R G R
Ruple George[...]Russell Charles E, feeder Publishers o3*
Ruple George H,[...]Bldg. r 1548 Gaylord. Russell Charles H, notions 3024 Down-
Rupp Ernest, helper Colo &[...]a av, r 546 S Sherman av.
RUSH SOL K, printer 510 Charles Bldg,
rms 604 Charles Bldg.[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, Cut1104-1106[...]
[...]Ruter Charles, genl purchasing agt[...]
verde Glass Works, r 291 S l l t h S. ton School, r 2720 Lawrence.
Rutledge[...]Ryan J W, conductor Colo & Southern
91 Ryan Charles E, bricklayer, r 123 W
Alameda av.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p ^ r Insuranc[...]
[...]Sabin Fred, printer R M Davis Photo Saddler Charles, confectioner 1335 17th.
Stock Co, r 240[...]2410 Boulevard F.
Sachs Charles, stencil cutter Sachs- Sadtler Benjamin S,[...]
[...]ffi^-Salisbury, see also Salsbery.
Saffell Charles O, driver Edward Bryant. Salisbury Albert[...]C3
Sage Charles H, sec Western Investors
Co, r 969 Detroit.[...]Sallstrom Charles, wireman Albert Se-
Sahlgaard Hjalmar R, lawyer a[...]Sallstrom William A, student, r 1051
Sahra Charles H, reporter News, rms Ogden.
Sahn Anna Miss, rms 401 21st.
Sahrbeck Charles J, butcher, r 3745 Salmon Fran[...]
[...]lter Elizabeth A Mrs, r 2332 High. Samples Charles B, driver C O Green, r
Salter Ella S[...]
[...]Samuelson Magnus, machinist McPhee
Sampson Charles, solicitor W T Samp- & McGinnity, r 3735[...]Samuelson Samuel, ironer S & H Laun-
Sampson Charles H, steam fitter, r 1471 dry Co.
5 Clarkso[...]San Antonio & Aransas Pass Ry, 1112
Sampson Charles S, elk, r 3022 Meade. 17th.
Sampson Clara[...]Fe av. Sandbaum Walter, bartdr Charles Ja-
Sampson Minnie Miss, elk, r 2526 Lin-[...]1617 Larimer. Sandberg Charles A, carp, r es Quitman
Sampson Sallie Mrs, r 3722[...]•a
Samser Charles, lab, r rear 2319 Market. Sandeen Olie, lab Hallack & Howard
Samson Charles F, broker, r 1445 S 15th. Lumber Co.[...]
[...]Champa, r 1737 Central.
Sandell Charles J, lab, r es Watervliet Sanders Otto, farmer,[...]e. Sanderson Charles, porter Capitol Ho-
Sandell Thomas (Sandell B[...]Sanderson Walter S (W S Sanderson &
Sanders Charles, rms 1935 Welton. Bro), r 1337 Corona.
Sanders Charles A, driver, r 1005 Water. Sanderson William, supt Registry dept
Sanders Charles A. undertaker I N Rog- P O. r 36[...]
[...]ford & C u r t i s (A B Sanford and L B
Sandstrom Charles F , cook Du Bois Sar- Curl is), assay[...]SANFORD'S FURNACE CO (W H Sanford
Sandstrom Charles M, brakeman Colo and Edward Hild[...], Berkeley. Sangwin Charles E , press feeder Mer-
S^"Sanford, see also[...]
[...]Exchange Bldg, Sari Joseph, real estate 515 Charles Bldg,
1038 15th cor Arapahoe 4[...]t Edward E, elk, r 1627 S Clark- Satterrield Charles A, with Tramway
[...]R Y THE. S a u n d e r s Charles, saloon 1321 17th, r m s[...]AND S a u n d e r s Charles F , mining engineer 18
PHONE408, SOfrtf^STREET[...]s t u s F , sec Parkinson & S a u n d e r s Charles H, bill poster Curran
Wallace China Co, rms Gl[...]u n d e r s E d w a r d M. opr Postal Tele-
Sauer Charles, elk, r m s 1304 Stout. graph-Cable Co, r 2437 Clay.
Sauer Charles L, pres Sauer Mfg Co. r S a u n d e[...], col'd, porter, r m s
r 2676 S Broadway.
Saul Charles E , machinist Colo & South-[...]
[...]Champa. Savory Charles E, driver Walter East, r
Sauvlet Margaret Mrs[...]Sawdey Curtis I, elk Fort & Co, r 2820
Savage Charles, dept mgr Colo Dry Gds W 43d av.[...]
[...]Sayers William B Mrs.rms 2934 Gallup av
Sawyer Charles, expressman, rms 1928 Sayers W, brake[...]Lothrop Blk.
Sawyer Charles, r 1120 9th. Sayler Lydia P Mrs, dressmkr, r 1856
Sawyer Charles, rms 1451 Curtis. Downing av.
Sawyer Charles H, engineer Hotel Dew- Jt^"Sayles. see[...]man, r 3106 Clay Gallup av.
Sawyer Ed S. engineer, r 2101 Welton. Sayles[...]
[...]Schad Charles, actor O r p h e u m T h e a t r e ,
oo Sc[...], elk S c h i r m e r I n s
Scarbrough Charles E , elk Cook Medical &[...]

Schaefer Peter Charles, asst teller Colo Sehardt Benjamin C, e[...]
[...]Scheidemantel Charles L. driver Ameri-[...]5t^~Scheier, see also Schayer.
Schechter Charles W. cigarmkr W i n t e r Scheigner[...], elk Colo & S o u t h e r n Schenck Charles Meigs, pres Colo S u p -
R y frt[...]
[...]iam, carp, rms 1850 Larimer. Scherwitz Charles G, driver Rocky c o
Schepper H e n r y C,[...]
[...]Schirk Frederick M, fireman D & R G
Schieb Charles, cook, rms 1244 Champa. R R, r 744 S 9th.[...]P R R, r 27, 2355 Larimer.
Schieferdecker Charles,harnessmkr 2401 Ginnity, r 2537 W 36th av.[...]hild William Mrs, r 150 S Broadway. Schlacks Charles H, asst genl mgr D
Schildt Carl E, tailor[...]Grant av.
Schill Charles O, stenographer Denver Schlacks Henrv, supt[...]G R R , r 1012 Grant av.
Schiller Charles H, blksmith, r 569 S Schlacks William J, mec[...]lling Carl, cook, b 2601 Market.
Schilling Charles, miner, rms 1540 Lari-
Schilling Charles E, asst mgr Elitchs[...]
[...]Schlicher Charles P, policeman, r 413
Schlapp E H Mrs, elk A T Lewi[...]ry, 510 Peoples Bank Schlink Charles L, restaurant 100618th, 9 fn
Bldg.[...]Schlitter Gottfried, iron molder, r 2349
Schlentz Charles J, carriage painter[...]
[...]hmidt Alfred B, city pass agt Bur-
Schlotz Charles, brewer Ph Zang Brew- lington Route, rms 173[...]Schlueter Alvin E, mailing elk Republi- Schmidt Charles, lab Henry Schneider
can, r 1437 Hooker.[...]lican, r 1437 Hooker. Schmidt Charles O, ice, r 1420 12th.
Schlueter Ernest F W, engineer, r 1437 Schmidt Charles R, woodwkr Stude-
Hooker.[...]Schmidt George, lab Denver Union
Schmahl Charles F, b St James Hotel. Water Co.[...]
[...]d, elk, r 507 Larimer. CO
Schmidt Julius F (Charles Starkloff & Schnable Jessie Miss, ca[...]
[...]Tremont. l l t h S.
Schneider Jacob, sausagemkr Charles Schoefer Joseph, butcher, r 2718 Market.[...]o, r 3900 Bell. Schoefer Louis, cook Charles Smidt.
Schneider John, baker, r 214 Lawren[...]ider Joseph, pedler, r 2006 W 14th Schoeneman Charles W, rastaurant 1637
[...]Schonian Ernest W, music teacher 802
Schofield Charles F, supt Bennett Amal-
gamator Mfg Co, rms 2815[...]Welton.
Schollenberger Charles F, physician, rSchordt Benjamin C, elk, rm[...]
[...]ODS HOUSE Lawrence cor 16th, Schricker Charles D ( C o s e n s &
rms 1549 Washington av[...]rock E William, cook Clark Trans-
Schrader Charles A, lab, r rear 1166 fer & Con[...]
[...]' A nnnAunc
Schroeder Charles E. asst bkkpr K & B Decatur bet W l l t[...]Schueler Katharine Mrs, r 2224 Irving.
Schroeder Charles L, carver Chicago Schuelke Charles F, lab, r 1332 9th.
Lumber & Mfg Co, r 3231 Qu[...]ntz Silas B.millwrightr 1362 S9th. Schuffler Charles j , furrier R Wenzel, 9 co
Schropp William, mgr B[...]nv Co 1763 Larimer, rms 12 La Schuknecht Charles T, motorman Tram-
Veta PI.[...].
t y S c b u c k , see also Shook, Shuck.
Schuck Charles F, driver Buerger Bros,[...]
[...]hampa. Schultz Charles E, toolmkr Flint &
Schultz Charles, lab, rms 1516 Market. Lomax. rms 1225 Lincoln av.
Schultz Charles H, gardener, r ws S 5th IGP~Schulz, see also[...]ulz Alfred F, mgr Denver Acetylene
Schultz Charles W, lab.r 1121 W 36th av. Co, 1449 Broadway.[...]Alameda av se cor S 10th, Valverde. Schulze Charles G, elk P O, r 1983 S
Schultz Frank[...]
[...]Schutzbach Frederick, teamster, r 1142
Schumaker Charles L, carp, r es Mon- 8th.
roe av bet Hig[...]umaker Gus, molder Colo Iron Schuyler Charles M, foreman T H Mil-
Works, rms 1231 33d.[...]
Schwartz Charles, cigarmkr G D Schwarzlander Charles, dairyman, r es
Schwartz, r 828 25th.[...]Madison av bet Emerald and Agate
Schwartz Charles, dry gds 2944 Gallup avs, Edgewater[...]
[...]Scientific Publishing Co,206 Boston Bldg Scott Charles, lab, r 2660 Blake.
Sciple William K,' barber W H Geno, r Scott Charles, salesman, rms 800 14th. CO
2546 Arapahoe. Seott Charles A, carp, r 2139 Perry.
Seipp William, dynamo man Denver Scott Charles A, stock elk R Douglas &
Cons Electric Co, r 72[...]Sclunge William, lab, b 3663 Downing av. Scott Charles B, lab, r 6 Allyn Terrace.
Scobey Frederick C, student, r 1430 Scott Charles C, restaurant 2232 Lari-
Clarkson.[...]Scobey Gertrude M Mrs, dressmkr, r 2 Scott Charles F, rms 1517 Glenarm.
Laundon, Elyria. Scott Charles H, vice-pres Record Ab- C O
Scobey Judson L, r 14[...]Scobey Orlando B, 21 Bank Blk 17th cor SCOTT CHARLES J, oculist and aurist
Arapahoe, r 1430 Clarkson[...]Scott Charles W, lather, r 1324 26th.[...]Scofield Viola M Mre,r 546 S Sherman av.
Scoggins Charles H, carrier P O, r 1425[...]
[...]S Logan av. Scribner Charles D, messenger D & R G
Scott Robert A, wks 1401 Gle[...]Susan Miss, r 1579 Emerson. SCRIBNER'S CHARLES SONS, S Kirby
Scott Susan L Mrs,[...]
[...]lly Claude L, lab D & R G R R, b Searight Charles, lab, r 33 Winne.
1424 13th.[...]'CITIZENS COAL CO.
Sealey Charles B, driver, r 530 Clark. TE[...]
[...]Charles S, policeman, r 109 Lin-
Sears William, col'd, r[...]Security Building & Loan Assn, 6, 1628
Seastone Charles, lab, r 2441 Market. Stout.
[...]Wynkoop, r 1645 Humboldt. Segale Charles, r 44 W Colfax av.
Seekamp John, r 5 S Eme[...]eley Bertha Mrs, rms 1641 California. Segaloff Charles, watchmkr H Stras-
Seeley Edward J,[...]
[...]eibert Catherine E Mrs, rms 714 21st. Selby Charles J, brakeman D & R G R R ,
Seibert C E Miss, dress[...]den Frederick E 1401 Lawrence, rms CTQ
Seidenberg Charles, stone mason, r 1810 1032 14th.
Stout.[...]Restaurant, r 837 S 10th. Seldon Charles, stenographer Chicago &
Seifert Felix, rms 41,110[...]Self ridge Charles F, elk Tucker-Johnson "a
Seifus Gust, lab, rms 17[...]ESJTSeiler, see also Ceiler. Sell Charles W, student, r 1535 Cleve- C O
Seiler John,[...]
[...]Seller Henry A, carrier P O, r 1134 W Semper Charles S, printer C J Kelly, r
10th av. 2717 Bert.
Sellers Charles H, salesman Struby- Semple Frank B, city pas[...]Senn Albert, bkkpr, rms 904 14th.
Sells Charles F, fireman D & R G R R , Senn Emma Miss, tailor[...]th av. Stout.
Sells Charles F Mrs, dressmkr, r 933 W Senn William F, bkkpr,[...]Sells Horace, elk, r 2625 California. Senter Charles J, miner, r es Thomas av
Sells John[...]
[...]INSURANCE. and Charles Heimbecher), gravel roof-
- SURLTY BONDS,[...]Serantino Joe, lab, r 2426 19th. Sewall Charles E, engineer, r 1747 W
Seregelly Nicholas Rev, pas[...]Sero Frank, pedler, r es N Lincoln bet Seward Charles, lab, b rear 1644 7th.
7th and 8th, Globeville.[...]Sexton Catherine Mrs, r 1242 Glenarm.
Setchel Charles F, druggist 3100 Gilpin, Sexton Ed*ard J, elk C[...]New Mexico Fire Underwriters, rms
Setchel Charles J, elk C F Setchel, r 2662 Market.[...]
Chicago Lumbar & Mfg. Go,15th,'Phone[...]
[...]Shannon Charles B, rms 2543 15th.
-• ' SOLE A G E N T S FOR[...]Shannon George W, porter Robertson &
Shafford Charles, rms 1850 Champa. Doll Carriage Co, rm[...]Shannon Jennie E Mrs, r 3521 Market.
Shain Charles B, packer Standard Bot- Shannon John B, mgr[...]Blake.
Shallenberger Charles F, r 1129 13th. Shannon Ligget E, cigars wh[...]Thomas F, lab, r 5 McNassar av s
Shane Charles A, r 71 S Water. Shapiro Isid[...]
[...]REAL ESTATE LOANS Sharpe CharlesCharles W, lineman Colo[...]happell Rufus I, rms 678 Santa Fe av. Sharrah Charles D, fireman, r 771 S 9th.
CD Shappell Wilbur T[...]Shattuck Hattie Miss, r 1219 6th.
Sharland Charles (Sharland & Rose), r Shattuck Hubert L, elk[...]2 Mining Exchange Bldg, r 20 S 15th.
Sharp Charles, elk P O, r 2749 Bryant. Shattuck Roy D, copyholder Smith-
Sharp Charles, col'd, waiter American Brooks Ptg[...]
•%p»4g^ %p 4m> %s- %^ %^ • « • %s- <[...]
i^f "•xm^^my '<<my W "'^v "W *MV *vt ""W '%>*•[...]
[...]School, r 2719 W 32d av.
Shaw Charles, driver Q-M dept U S A S h a w Mic[...]t i s . hoe.
Shaw Charles E, driver Boulder Springs Shaw Neil S[...]S h a w Peter W, prop Denver Metal Bed-
SHAW CHARLES H, pres Denver Boiler stead Co[...]ing Co, r m s 1228 15th.
Shaw Charles M, mining engineer 1616 Shaw[...]
[...]Shea Michael, lab, r 1209 Clark. Shedd Charles H, opr W U Tel Co, r 20[...]ea Richard W, cook Windsor Hotel, r Shedren Charles, rms 1312 Lawrence.
100213th.[...]hearer A T Mrs, r 1501 E 16th av.
Shearer Charles F , meatcutter A Peter-
son, r 8[...]
[...]City R R
Sheehan Millard F, lab, r 134 S l l t h S. Co, r 2321 W 38th av.
Sheehan M J, stone c[...]Water Co.
Sheffer Charles B, elk Overland House Shellabarger Willi[...]Mrs, r 3352 Market. Champa.
Shelby Charles F, chemist Globe Smel- Shelton George A[...]23rd STREET and VIADUCT , ^
Sheldon Charles, r 1540 Larimer.[...]
[...]on Lawson B, conductor Tramway Shepherd Charles, teamster Crescent
Co.[...]on Reuben, col'd, rms 2239 Arapa- Shepherd Charles H, carp, r 1130 Cali-
McPHEE&McGINNITY, Office and Warehouse[...]
[...]ance Co, r 2718 Gilpin. Tremont S.
U^~Sherriff, see also Sheriff. BgsF*Shick, see also Schick.
Sherriff Charles E, lab, r 2640 Franklin. Shick Emma Miss, nurs[...]mer.
Sherrill Charles P, paperhanger, r W Shields Carrie V Mrs,[...]olfax av se cor Broadway. Shields Charles D, nurseryman, r ws
Sherrill Henry[...]
[...]t, painter A R Wilfley, r
Shields Frank V, waiter Charles Smidt, 2638 W 27th av.
r 2118 Ara[...]
[...]Shollenberger Charles F, physician 6-7,
oo Shirley Samuel J, mining[...]hissler Nellie C Miss, hairdresser, r Shontz Charles F, bkkpr Hurlbut Gro-
1914 Broadway.[...]rms 911 16th. Shook Charles D, fireman, b 3923 High.
Shively Lo[...]
[...]Shreve Amos, lab Globe Smelter, r 124
Shorey Charles E, mgr C E Shorey Pro- N Pearl, Globevill[...]an Shreve Walter H, druggist 270 S l l t h S.
and Raleigh. Shrews[...]brewer,r 2525 W 25th av 17th av.
Shotwell Charles, waiter, rms 1445 Mar-
Shotwell Ge[...]
[...]William, lab St James Hotel.
oo Shufflebarger Charles E, elk J W Smith Shurbet Celia Mrs, dressmkr, r 3[...]& Mfg Co, r 519 Santa Fe av. Shurlotte Charles W, col'd, lab, r 1427
Shugart Peter S, car[...]|§F*Shultz, see also Schultz.
Shultz Charles C, bricklayer, r 4613
Hayward PI[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %n< Insurance[...]
IIADUCC 9. U n n i M M I T V Office & Warehouse[...]
[...]Simon Charles M, conductor Tramway
Co, r 19 S Tremont S.[...]ngton av. Simons Charles, rms 1018 13th.
Simmons Philander,[...]
[...]Gds Co. r 1317 Glenarm.
Simpson Charles I, student, r 4622 W Simpson Methodist Epis[...]ss E 37th av bet Humboldt and Lafay-
Simpson Charles R. elk Colo Fuel 8c Iron ette.
Co, r[...]
[...]l l t h S.
Simpson William J , pressman, rms 1960[...]udfit), com mers 1443 M a r k e t .
Simser Charles D, brakeman, r 1418 22d.[...]
[...]Sisler Charles H, r 506 S Tremont.
ra[...]Wheel Club.
Singleton Charles, col'd, janitor, r 3407 Sisty Robert M, elk Dan[...]ks Henry A, salesman McPhee & Mc- Sitterle Charles, bartdr J Sitterle, r 1431
Ginnity, r 416 Mack[...]ks John, elk Daniels & Fisher, r 416 Sitterle Charles C, apprentice Denver 2 K*
Mack Blk.[...]
[...]39 Market. Skinner Charles A, b 1439 California.
Skala John, lab Globe Smelter. Skinner Charles H, druggist 100 Broad-
Skedgell Adah M Mrs, d[...]22 Broadway. Skinner Charles W, r 2055 Blake.
Skeel Florian, lab Globe Sme[...]ll. sw cor 2d, Globeville.
Skeels Charles, r 3956 Bell. Skinner Dan[...]
[...]Slater William,harnessmkr, r 1342 S 12th.
Slack Charles, elk Denver Typewriter Slate[...]
[...]Slaviero John, r 1249 l l t h . Slocum Charles E, engraver W H Kistler
Slavin John J,[...]
[...]iam, elk Wolfe Londoner, r CD O l

Slusser Charles R, chief elk U S Post
Office Inspector 26 Fede[...]all Bros & Co (J S and G R Small Smart Charles, pressman, rms 1521 Tre-
and S T Miller), bicycles 410 17th. mont.
Small Charles H Jr, stenographer B L Smart Charles W, bookbinder, r 2349
James Mer & Mfg C[...]
[...]Smith Adolph, wirewkr, b 1421 Blake.
Smeby Charles, upholsterer 929 21st. Smith Agnes M Miss, c[...]Smith Albert, carp, r 4347 Race.
Smedes Charles W, elk P O, b 1430 Smith Albert, lawyer 3[...]Smith Amos E, plasterer, r 649 High.
Smidt Charles, restaurant 1553 Lari- Smith Andrew,[...]
[...]Smith Charles, driver, r Madison se cor
Smith A Wynne, r 1609 F[...]Larimer. Smith Charles, lab Denver Union Water
Smith Barbara E Miss, rms[...]fornia. Smith Charles, painter, rms 1904 Curtis.
Smith Barbara R Mrs, r 1434 S 10th. Smith Charles, watchman State Capitol
Smith Barclay P, lab Gran[...]Smith Charles, rms 1647 Stout.
Smith Charles A, bricklayer, rms 1448 o o
3915 Wyncoop.
Smith[...]Smith Belle Miss, elk Appels Big Store, Smith Charles A, mining 18 Iron Bldg
r 1111 S llth.[...]
[...]Smith Charles S, blksmith Paul Rich-
OO[...]Smith Charles T, hackman.r 1367 S 15th.
Smith Charles W, grocer 2322 Champa.
REAL ESTATE LOANS Smith Charles W, wool buyer 800 Ern-[...]1258 Curtis.
Smith Charles C, blksmith, rms 1846 Smith[...]Smith Christopher H, carp, r rear 2119
Smith Charles C, r 2840 Franklin. Curtis.
oo Smith Charles D, rms 18 King Blk.
Smith Charles E, elk W A Hover & Co,[...]ith Clara R Miss, tel opr, r 2455 Lin-
Smith Charles E, engineer Colo & South- coln[...]mith Clarence L, bkkpr Colo Milling &,
oo Smith Charles E, lab, r W 7th av bet
Bryant and Alcott.[...]Smith Claudius G, hostler Michael
Smith Charles E, Ry Postal elk, r 1430 O'Don[...]Smith Clinton Mrs, bkkpr Domestic
Smith Charles E, tel opr W RRay Brok- Baker[...]Smith Clinton M, brakeman Colo &
Smith Charles E, r 625 E Colfax av. Southern Ry, r 2608 Boulevard F .
Smith Charles F , b r i c k l a y e r , r 2912 Smith[...]Hdw Co, r 2&S2 Humboldt.
Smith Charles F, col'd, porter P P C Co, Smith[...]Smith Cyrus E, expressman Champa
Smith Charles G, milling, r 1658 Lincoln cor 2[...]Smith C Addison, b 618 Downing av.
Smith Charles H, bridge contractor, r es Smith[...]h avs. Stout.
Smith Charles H, conductor A T & S F Smith C H, paperhanger S R Weigand
R R, r 345 S l l t h S. & Co, r Jefferson Co.
Smith Charles H, dentist 12-14 Clayton Smith[...]Smith C W, night dispatcher B & M
Smith Charles H, driver The Market Co. R R, r 1522 Central.
Smith Charles H, electrician, r 1465 Bou- Smith[...]Smith Daniel W, col'd, bootblack J A
Smith Charles H, office 1613 Blake, r McCl[...]mith David, tailor 1310 18th, r 1230 W
Smith Charles H, col'd, porter Miss l l t[...]Smith David H, circulator Evening
Smith Charles J, brick contractor, r 2721 Post[...]Smith Delia Mrs, rms 2470 Larimer.
Smith Charles J, lab, r 4332 Milwau- Smith[...]Smith Dexter H, physician, rms 626
Smith Charles J, paperhanger 3259 Lari- Charles Bldg.
mer, r 3638 Downing av.[...]Smith Disney, elk Denver Dry Gds Co,
Smith Charles K, plumber Suess Bros, r rms 525 E 29th av.
1339 2d
Smith Charles L, elk A T Sweet, r Pet-
ersburg.[...]"CITIZENS COAL CO.
Smith Charles L, conductor Tramway[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
Smith Charles L, confectionery 1024 W
Colfax av.
o o Smith Charles L, paperhanger B L M[...]MINING EXCHANGE. 15"' a ARAPAHOE ST.
Smith Charles'ci R. rms 44, 2205 Larimer.[...]
McPHEE&McGINNITY, Office and Warehouse[...]
CHICAGO LUMBER & MFG. CO.15th,'Phone[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %• Insuranc[...]
A Full Assortment of[...]
[...]SMITH JOHN R, lawyer 415 Charles Bldg
15th, Co[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. "ST Real Estat[...]
[...]gel Mrs, card writer, rms 607 Larimer.
Charles Bldg. Smith[...]
[...]ieff PI. Smithpeter Charles W (Mardis & Smith-
Smith W Henry, lawyer 821 Erne[...].
estate 301 Times Bldg 1549 Lawrence. Smock Charles C, carp, rms 1228 Market. GO
Smith W J, rms 20,18[...]h & Thompson (E L Smith and F Sraythbower Charles, elk, rms 1343 G O
W Thompson), assay bal[...]
[...]ider C H, rms 1616 Washington av.
Snapp Lewis S. blksmith 630 Santa Fe Snider Edgar E,[...]Jeannette Miss, stenographer, r
Sneed Samuel Charles, plasterer, r 1217 525 E 24th av.[...]Snodgrass Alexander D, accountant 810
Snell Charles, helper D & R G R R, r Boston[...]
[...]: Snyder Charles A, elk B I Look, r 213
INSURANCE.[...]CYCLONMNSljRAMf . Snyder Charles D, barber 7 E 30th av.
Snyder Charles N, policeman, r 3057
RENTS.[...]Snyder Charles W, sexton, r ws Ontario[...]
[...]625 Glenarm. House, r 1551 Clay.
Solf Charles, saloon 1334 Larimer. Solomon S[...]
[...]s Paul J, City Treasurer City Hall,
Sonson Charles, tile setter Denver Man- r 2314 Bouleva[...]South Broadway Christian Church, E
Soon Charles, laundry 1227 20th. Ellsw[...]
[...]rannen Colo 420 Charles Bldg,r 785 Lincoln av. co[...]ide Laundry, 375 S Broadway. Sowerby Charles R, r 1111 Columbine.
South Wilson Lee, stockman,[...]Vine.
Southwell Charles, teamster, r 1222 W Spalding
14th av.[...]John F Rt Rev, Bishop of Col-
Southwell Charles D, carp, r 1368 S 8th. orado, r 2011 Lin[...]
[...]Sparks Charles L, rms 2005 W 41et av.[...]
[...]ver F A Burnell, r
Spears Docia Mrs, dressmkr 511 Charles 505 Wazee.
Bldg.[...]Speier John, driver E Bryant, r es Caro-
Specht Charles E, messenger D & R G lina av bet Johnson[...]N Swansea.
Specht Charles W, r 820 S 10th. Speight George, shoem[...]23rd STREET and VIADUCT
Speckeen Charles C L, rms 1545 Lari-
[...]r 1540 Lafayette.
Spencer Charles E, driver Kuner Pickle Spencer O C, conductor[...]cer Philip J, potter Denver Stone-
Spencer Charles L, r 830 Clarkson. ware Co, r 4[...]
[...]Spikesman Jane Mrs, r 336 S l l t h S.
RENIS.[...]2723 California.
Sperry Charles M, stenographer North- Spillman Benjam[...]. Spillman Charles S, stenographer, r 245 co
Sperry Enos A, pres[...]William E, miner, rms 1106 Spinney Charles N (Dr Spinney & Co), r
Santa Fe av.[...]Wynkoop. Spivak Charles D, physician 3 Denison OO
[...]ay Walter J, salesman W S Sander-
Sprading Charles T, painter E Mat- son & Bro, r 9 S Loga[...]ton av bet 3d and 4th, Globeville. Sprenger Charles O, reporter Denver
Spragg Mary W Mr[...]
[...]n a Miss, elk G Sell, r 1326 Squires Charles C, b r a k e m a n Colo &
Sproul Charles F , asst foreman Colo
Telephone Co, r 35[...]
[...]ert J, butcher George Schollay, Stallings Charles, rms 622 23d.
rms 2125 Lawrence. Stallings Charles, col'd, waiter, r Over-
Stahl Andrew T, elk J[...]3122 Osceola. Logan av.
Stahl Charles R, druggist 339 13th, r Stallin[...]
[...]rannen Standley Charles M, lab 1503 East End
flRMNSURANlt[...]ce. Stanley Charles, machinehand J P Paul-
Stanchfield Edward[...]
[...]Stapper Carl P C, elk Charles Stapper
5* STANLEY & OLDENETTEL (Gilbert S t[...]ley and G Oldenettel), plumbing, gas Stapper Charles Mrs, r 2449 Stout.
fitting, sewerage and ventilation 2508 Stapper Charles Jewelry Co, 1619 Stout.
15th (tel[...]
[...]tarasink Nic, lab Grant Smelter. Starkloff Charles (Charles Starkloff &
Starbird Edwin P, r 323 23d.[...]tarbird Frank J, r 2844 W 25th av. Starkloff Charles & Co (C Starkloff and GO
Starbird George A, surve[...]• oo
STARK ALBERT J, watchmaker and jew- Starr Charles A, elk cashier Colo Mid-
eler 924 16th, r 1434[...]ing.
Stark Arthur B, elk Florence & Cripple Starr Charles A,mining.b Windsor Hotel 0*
Creek R R, r Montcl[...]tual Fire Ins Co, r 3339 Prospect av.
Stark Charles, lab, r 213 S Water. Stashco Nick, lab Globe Smelter.
Stark Charles O, plumber Johnson & State Armory, Curtis[...]
DiamondSc^r^SM'e^u'n^B,,.Gottesleben & Sons
[...]Steel James W, printer Charles Bldg, r[...]arns William S, dairyman, r es Ver- Steelberg Charles G, lab Colo & South-
mont av bet Leetsdale Dr[...]Steele Alfred G, mgr Swedish Ptg Co, r
Stebbings Charles, elk Daniels & Fisher, 3210 Marion.
r 322[...]teele Alonzo E, r 1645 Pennsylvania av.
Stebbins Charles C, elk B & M R R frt Steele A Rosco, pressma[...]29th. Steele Charles S, elk, r 1404 S 13th.
Stebbins Jessica M Miss,[...]. STEELE HENRT PEMBER, groceries and
Stecker Charles W, blksmith G A meats 900-902 15th[...]ALFRED S.PRDCTER PHONE
Stedman Charles R, real estate 819 17th, PRES.[...]
[...]Compound Vapor Baths.
Steen Charles, teamster, r 39 Cottage Stein Georg[...]
[...]h sw cor Blake. Steinmetz Charles A, millwright, r 2708
Stein Isaac, trav frt agt U[...]328 17th. Steinmetz Charles M, collr Donaldson &
Stein John, r 2724 Clarence.[...]6 Howard Com Co, r 211 Sherman *o
Steinberg Charles, shoemaker 1858 Lar-[...]inberger Joseph, wks 849 Emerson. Steiss Charles F, press helper News, rms
Steinberger May Miss, r[...]ANuracTURERs o ^ SHOW CASES
Charles Bldg 930 15th,r 1065 Clarkson.
[...]Stephens Charles N, mining engineer, r[...]AL ESTATE L O A N S Stephens Charles T, student, r 1361 Lo-[...]ns Herbert, r 2611 Williams.
grain dept Charles B Whitehead 1015 Stephens Hiram B,[...]
[...]vestments and rentals, 1730 Champa. Sternberg Charles, shoemkr, r 1244 13th.
2^°Stephenson, see also S[...]Platte.
Stephenson Charles, rms 1832 California. Sternberg Fritz (F Sternberg & Son),
Stephenson Charles, rms 65, 2205 Lari- 2346 15th.
[...]B Frank, carp, r 1135 California.
Stevens Charles E, piano agt, r 3475 W Stevens John R (R L S[...]r 829 S 15th.
Si Stevens Charles E, rms 1545 Larimer.
Stevens Charles W, salesman, r 249 S[...]
[...]Co, r 1431 Cleveland PI. Steward Charles, stenographer Pacific
Stevens William H, lab, r e[...]Stephenson. Stewart Alexander, lawyer 415 Charles
Stevenson Albert W, opr News, r 501 S Bldg[...]rt Amanda Mrs, r 2741 Lawrence.
Stevenson Charles E, sec and mgr West-
ern Book Co 73 Rail[...]
[...]wart J K, plasterer, rms 603 20th.
Stewart Charles, student, r 709 14th. Stewart J T, news agt Denver R R News
Stewart Charles, r 520 E 25th av. Agency.
Stewart Charles, col'd, porter F Jurgens Stewart L, section m[...]ket.
Stewart Charles Mrs, rms 1417 Curtis. Stewart Marvin E, with F E Coe Inv
Stewart Charles S, solicitor Pacific and Co 819 17th[...]
[...]Stiles Charles, rms 2236 Arapahoe. e[...]y, Millesons Add. Stillhammer Charles F, carp Denver
Stickford John C, r 1146 12th.[...]v
Custer bet S 8th and S 9th, Valverde.
Stickle Charles A, bkkpr California bet Mercia and Gray[...]de PI. •
Stid S J Mrs, r 3433 Clyde PI.
Stidger Charles W, printer 12,120615th,
r 2825 Eliot.[...]
[...]imson John A, mgr Amusement World St John Charles B, elk Complete Title
25 Good Blk, r 126[...]2656 Williams. 6th av.
Stinson Charles N, painter O'Hallaran St Josephs Hos[...]
[...]rd Carlton J (Stoddard & Loth), 9 00
Stobie Charles S, rms 22,1605 Larimer. r 2538 19th.
Stock Charles C, butcher Burkhardt Stoddard Edward D,[...]*£
Stockdale Charles A, elk First Nat Bank,[...]^
Stocking Charles H, tinner M J McCar-
thy & Co, r 1071 ll[...]
[...]L ESTATE LOANS | Stoll Charles, draughtsman City En-[...]tone Allen R, lab McPhee & McGinnit v,
Stokes Charles A, lawyer Benedict & r 1589 S[...]tone Amos, col'd, janitor, r 2351 Lin-
Stokes Charles F, butcher, r 925 Water. coln av.
Stokes Charles W, machinist, r 125 S Stone Arth[...]nk M, laundryman Brown Stone Charles, lab Globe Smelter, b 3919
Palace Hotel.[...]d J, engineer Good Blk, Lari- Stone Charles E, r 2657 17th.
mer cor 16th. Stone Charles W, car inspector D & R
Stokes Iverson[...]
[...], r 1531 Steele. Stoneburner Charles J, pressman, r 419
Stone Herbert E, elk B & M R R[...]ohn, horseshoer 1200 Market, r Stonehocker Charles F, salesman, r 1410[...]
[...]Storer Samuel T, driver, r 65 S 12th. Stout Charles V, horsetrainer 737 Broad-
Storey I Holga[...]r W S Keller,
Storrie Michael, tailor 631 Charles Bldg, rms 1631 Stout.
»8 r 443[...]
[...]ngton av. Strain Augustin S, genl agt 529 Charles
Stover Luther, electrician, r 165 Byers. B[...]ames W, mechanic, r 3922Forest. Strandberg Charles V, lab,r 4529 Clayton
Stowell Carrie Miss,[...]
[...]Fair Co, r 1458 Josephine.
Stratton Charles C. butcher Alta Mar- Strausser Fannie Miss,[...]Strawbridge Isaac H, collr George A
CO Stratton Charles E, pres Star Loan Co, Barrows, r 2623 Do[...]trayer George W, real estate, r 2017 S
Straub Charles, r 1612 Larimer. Washington av.[...]rs, prop Brunswick Hotel Streater William S. elk Auditor Colo &
1309 17th.[...]
[...]el Oscar, baker P E Leschke, r Strobridge Charles W, cook C E Butz, r c o
2933 W 25th av. 2420 15th.
Strenberg Charles, lab Grant Smelter. Strobridge Hannah M Mrs, r 2420 15th.
Strong Christian, lab, r 3 S l l t h S.
Strong Julius, elk, rms 1626 Larimer.
[...]PI. Strong Charles H, wks Kendrick Mill
Stroebel Frederick S,[...]Lawrence, r 418 S 12th.
Stroh Charles, lab, r ws N Grant av bet Strong Harriett C M[...]2062 Lawrence.
Strom Charles A, upholsterer H R Sad- Strope Mary[...]
[...]Stuart Mary Mrs, waitress Miss S J
Struble Charles, cook, r 1&39 32d. Ibbotson, r rear 22[...]Wynkoop. Stubbs Charles, rms 14, 1646 Arapahoe.
Struby Fred F, pres Struby-Estabrook Stubbs Charles E (Howard & Stubbs), b
Mercantile Co, r 1600 Og[...]truck Henry W, musician, r 42 Broad- Stubbs Charles H, mgr American Bil-
way.[...]rH<5AYRE-HEWT0N L.C2
Stuart Charles, lab, r rear 2227 Larimer. MANUFACTURERS o ^ SHOW CASES
Stuart Charles A (Charles A Stuart & BANK, STORE. OFFICE. DRUG ^° BAR
Co), rms 37 Steele Blk.
Stuart Charles A & Co (C A Stuart and EIXTU[...]
[...]Mexico Investment Co, r 1447 Eliza-
Stuiner Charles, b 353 S Tremont. beth.[...]
Sullivan Charles, porter Brown Palace PRES[...]
[...]OOKSIDEANDMAITLAND Sumner Charles L, molder F M Davis[...]ONE 4 0 8 , 806,17^STREET SUMNER CHARLES M, real estate and
Sullivan Willian J, bricklayer[...]48 Bald-
Sullivan William M, r rear 35 S l l t h S. win, Elyria.
Sullivan Willis W, trav salesman Mon[...]ummers Henry E, student, r rear 2950 Sunderland T S. r 215 E 33d av.[...]rk.
Summers Juliet W Mrs. lodgings, r 1933 Sundin Charles A, stone cutter, r 253 S
Lawrence.[...]Sundquist Olof, cabinetmkr J P Paul- oo
Summerton Charles E, mgr J J Fontius eon, r 119 W Bayaud.
Electric Belt Co, r 145 W 1st av.
Summerville Charles, elk, r 636 S Wash-
ington av.[...]
[...]trom Oscar, carp, r 1312 S 13th. Sutherland Charles M, physician 2251
Sundwell Augustus T, pai[...]Mouat av, Elyria.
Sunsbein Charles, lab, r ss Gibbon PI Sutherland Humie Miss,[...]rber Henry - D, lab, r 2820 Firth Sutliff Charles S, teamster, r 1447 Platte.
[...]uttle George H, r 2602 W 32d av. Swahn Charles E, lab, r 1119 Clark. co
Suttle Mary L Miss[...]phone Co. Swain Charles B, watchman, r es Boule-
Sutton Ernest, musician,[...]Swallow George R, pres Denver Savings
mont S. Bank 16th co[...]Market, r 3251 Market. Swan Charles A, sec and genl mgr Con-
Sutton May Miss, r 1301[...]Sutton Roland, harnessmkr 3251 Mar- Swan Charles C, lab, r W 35th av nw O O
[...]Station B, 2449 Dunkeld PI. Swanson Charles, carp, rms 1550 Larimer
Swanberg Swante, carp, r 3555 Gallup av. Swanson Charles, helper McFarlane &
Swanbrough Edward W, s[...]Cumbe, r 823 27th. Swanson Charles, lab Argo Smelter, b
Swanbrough Mary S Mrs[...]waney Martha Mrs, r 1234 W l l t h av. Swanson Charles, painter J G Crosskill,
Swank Bascoe H, wi[...]Ry, r 3405 Gilpin. Swanson Charles A, conductor City R
S2 Swank Basil B, r 1419[...]Swanson Charles A, expressman, r 661
Co, r 1419 S Water.[...]wank Florence J Mrs, r 1419 S Water. Swanson Charles B, cook Brown Palace
Swank John, machinist[...]Water Co, r 2834 W 34th av. Swanson Charles D, yardman 1013 E
Swanland John B,[...]
Swanson Charles P, lab, r ns Elk PI bet Swanson[...]b, r 53 2d, Globeville. Swanzer Charles, blksmith, r 825 Cur-
Swanson John, lab, r ns Elk[...]ry av, Argo. Sward Charles H, tailor 906 15th, rms
Swanson John, poli[...]
[...]Bldg, r 1349 Josephine.
Swearingen Charles L, barber 1532 17th. Sweet Clara L Miss, r[...]
[...]INSURANCE Swenson Charles E, wks C Bender New-[...]t, r 175 max, r 70 Logan av.
S l l t h S. Swett Anna L Miss, m[...]mining 107 Boston
Sweet Rupert E, r 175 S l l t h S. Bldg, rms 4.33 17th.
Sweet Samuel J, b[...]1236 Evans. Swift Charles A, trainmaster Denver
Sweet William E, coal, hay[...]l l t h S se cor Bayaud and 259 S Water Swift Charles O, barber 2244 Larimer,
(phone 1917B).[...]m Asa G, coml trav, r 1077 S l l t h . Swigert Charles H, lab Denver Sewer
Swem James M, rms 433[...]
[...]Swire Jennie K Miss, dressmkr, r 939 Syman Charles S, musical instruments
Broadway.[...]Symon William (Symon & Walker), r
Switzer Charles J, grocer 150 S llth. 2756 W 21st a[...]
[...]Taber Will T, plk Paymaster U S A, b Taisey Charles H, pres Taisey-Davis
1013 E 17th av.[...]ot Anna M Mrs, r 1210 S 13th.
TAGGART E RCOAL CO, Charles M Good Talbot A Jackson, salesman N B Mc-[...]
[...]W 24th av. Tandy Charles B, bkkpr C G Fisher &
Talbott Sada M Miss,[...]oe. 20th.
Talley Charles W, r 1343 Detroit. Tangye Charles R, driver Daniels &
Talley Herbert, r 1343[...]lley Paul, r 1343 Detroit. Tankersley Charles W, lawyer, r 1460
Tallmadge Clarence D, mi[...]Tannenbaum & Prezant (M Tannen-
Tallman Charles E, r 1050 S l l t h . baum and C Prez[...]
[...]Tascher Charles E. r 709 E 32d av.[...]Lincoln av. Taubert Charles, shoemkr 907 Larimer.
Tarantino Joseph, pe[...]
[...]Taylor Charles De W, painter T H Mil-[...]Taylor Charles F, coml trav 301 Enter-[...]Taylor Charles H, elk D & R G R R, r[...]Taylor Charles H, r 3120 Fairview PI.
oo Taylor Charles S, elk D & R G R R, r[...]Taussig Arnold S, physician 1519 Stout, Taylor Charles W (Taylor & Bunn), r
r 1543 High.[...]Taussig Claude M, lawyer 831 Cooper Taylor Charles W, bricklayer, r 29G2
Bldg, r 1543 High.[...]Taussig Florence J Miss, music teacher, Taylor Charles W, mining, r 2161 Grant
r 1543 High.[...]G, lawyer 700 Ernest &
Tavis John, roofer Charles McBride, r Cranmer Bldg, rms 414 E 17th av[...]n House.
oo Taylor Albert R, lab, r 24 S 12th S. Taylor Eliza G Mrs, r 325 S Corona.[...]lor Bessie Mrs, r 208 S Lincoln av.
Taylor Charles, baker W J & I Meikle- RonoN!(ii\rAiN
Taylor Charles, pres and mgr Adams[...]
[...]44 Welton. cor Emma.
Taylor Frank S. elk, r 1315 Market. Taylor Jennie Mrs, r 111[...]301 Taylor Joseph B, elk Denver Fire Clay H i -
Charles Bldg. Co, r 2840 Linco[...]rms 1650 California.
Taylor George F, lawyer 521 Charles Taylor J Buchanan, student, rms 2118[...]
Cut Glass, Porcelain,[...]
[...]Tegeler Charles F, gardener, r es S l l t h[...]Telford Frank J, brakeman, r 317 E
Tebeau Charles, musician, r 2042 Del- 36th av.
gany.[...]Teller Willard (Teller & Orahood), r 1198
Tedford Charles W, div supt Tramway Grant av.
Co, r 3[...]5th. Telner Oscar, baker, r 1429 23d.
Teed Charles M, laundryman Troy-Globe
Laundry, r 125 Market.[...]ervliet avs, Globeville. *
Teegarden Charles A, rms 1458 Court PI. Teltz Jacob, butcher Co[...]also Teter. WRED 5.PR0CTE
Teeter Charles O, elk John Thompson PRES.[...]
[...]Tenney Charles H, bkkpr, rms 1920 Cali-[...]nal John C, steam fitter C J Reilly, r Terrist Charles H, wood turner McPhee
4147 Palmer.[...]
[...]Tescher Samuel, elk Louis Tescher, b
Terry Charles A, bellboy Hotel Albert, 440 S Broadway.[...]Tesnow Henry Rev, pastor First Re-
Terry Charles H, driver United Car- formed Chur[...]
[...]Theisler Charles, blksmith Colo & South-
Thaler Frank X, co[...]r 3315 Arapahoe. fornia.
Thams Charles, riveter, b European Theosophical Socie[...]Walker, r 2429 15th. Thiess Charles J, mgr Thiess Floral Co
Thayer Lewi[...]
[...]INSURANCE:, l l t h S.[...]fifth Street Kindergarten 3501 Thomas Charles, baker D Thomas 2746
Market.[...]second Avenue Primary School, Thomas Charles C, engineer Colo &
Lafayette cor E 32d av.[...]sixth Street Mission 3619 Del- Thomas Charles E (Henry Miller & Co),
gany.[...]Jesse, wiper A T & S F R R , r Thomas Charles E, draughtsman R S
136 W Cedar.[...]John, molder Denver Fire Clay Thomas Charles F, col'd, expressman, r
Co.[...]arl A, gardener 1260 Sherman av. Thomas Charles M, bkkpr J Rae, r 2001
Thodes C H, carp, b Lindel[...]lizabeth Mrs, r 773 Lincoln av. THOMAS CHARLES S, Governor of Colo-
Thoman Freeman, mining, r 10[...]Joseph, lab, r 3430 Wewatta. Thomas Charles S, r 2953 California.
Thomas Abraham E, la[...]
[...]Thomas Joseph, driver, r 1836 Quincy,
Charles Bldg. Argo.[...]
Thomas Morgan C, mince meat, r 30 S
l l t h S.
Thomas Orville V, book agt, r 287 S
l l t h S.[...]
[...]nting Co, r 1913 Curtis. Thompson Charles, elk Denver Dry Gds[...]ms 2420 16th. Thompson Charles, lab,r 1849 Wynkoop.
Thomas W G, b 1717 18th.[...]apprentice D & R G R R . Thompson Charles A, brass molder, r
Thomas W L, fireman Colo &[...]Thompson Charles A, elk. r 25 W 8th av.
Thomas & Thomas (Harlan and H S), Thompson Charles A, real estate 6, 1623
architects 512 McPhe[...]omas (Theodore H and Thompson Charles B, machinist Joseph
Thornton H), lawyers 35[...]Stout. Thompson Charles E, bicycle repairer
Thomason Fernando C, cab[...]us & Cab Co, r 2515 Lincoln Thompson Charles F , dep sheriff A H
av.[...]Pickens, r 2719 Eliot.
Thombs Charles M, mining 515 Cooper Thompson Charles F,fruits 1806 Champa
Bldg, r 1260 Gaylord. Thompson Charles H, salesman E T
Tbommen John J, pres Wilmore[...]aint Co, b 1435 Champa. Thompson Charles L, druggist 3763
ItgpThompson, see also Thoms[...]Thompson Charles L, r S Evans nr Han-
Thompson Albert, r 1214[...]bert I, mining, r 1608 S Thompson Charles R, elk genl supt Colo
Pennsylvania av.[...]exander, col'd, butler, rms Thompson Charles W, carp, r 1215 S
2038 Champa.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th S t r e e t s LOAN[...]
[...]Thomson Charles I, associate judge[...]
[...]Thorp Charles D, engineer B & M R R,[...]e. Thorp Rollin L, physician 318 Charles
Thorn Clifton B, electrician 1725 Cali- B[...]fornia. Thorpe Charles, plumber, r 3652 Hum- CO
Thorn Daisy L Miss, teac[...]oo S.
Rinn), grocers 330 15th. r[...]HEfThost, see also Tost,
Thornton Charles L, lab Greenlee & Thost Christia[...]
[...]Thurin Charles J, conductor Tramway
CO[...]INGIA INSURANCE CO, G e r m a n y ,
Thrall Charles W, blksmith, r 41 S Tre- Edward S Rich & C[...]armacy, r 41 S Tremont. Thurlow Charles D, elk Ward Auction
Thrall James M, carp 2[...]1 S Tremont. Thurlow Charles W, r 2022 Welton.
Thrall John L, mining, r[...]Thurman Lee S. driver, r 2 Union PI.
oo Threet Charles R, col'd, wks Colo Pav-
ing Co, r 3550 C[...]hic PI 22d sw cor California.
Throckmorton Charles,lab Colo & South- Thurston George W,[...]
[...]3 Wynkoop. (TQ
Tibbitts Charles N, mgr Deane Steam TIFERRO EMIL, teache[...]2544 18th. Tifft Charles J, elk Imperial Laundry 9 0»
Tichenor Cla[...]
[...]ning av. r 2540 Clarkson.
Tilley Charles, expressman, r 2526 Wel- Tinges Frank, Ry Postal[...]r 3020 Gallup av.
oo Tillier Charles D, col'd, janitor, rms 2507 Tinker Lizzie R Mrs,[...]3 Stout. 1st and W 2d avs.
Tillman Charles L, lab, r 3942 High. Tinsley Benjamin, col[...]Timberlake Lucile Miss, rms S Colum- Tischler Charles G, blksmith, r 1429 S
bine ne cor E Asbu[...]Hyde Park School, r 1274 S 14th. Tisdale Charles W, pastry cook, r 1201^
Timberman M[...]
[...]ill foreman B F Salzer
Tishler A r t h u r H, elk Charles Green- L u m b e r Co, r 758 S[...]Ry, r 1717 H u m b o l d t .
Titley Charles W, b k k p r Denver Nat Tobin[...]Todd Alexander M, 302 Mack Blk.
T i t u s Charles W, s t u d e n t , r 2533 Emer- T[...]
[...]TOLL CHARLES H, lawyer 5, 1657 Lari-[...]ning, r 1307 25th. Cobbey), lawyers 411 Charles Bldg
Todd William, engineer Mining Ex-[...]odd William H (Gougar & Todd), r 404 Tolson Charles W, r Connecticut se cor
W 12th[...]
[...]Toogood Fannie Mrs, china and glass-
Tomlinson Charles H, blksmith Tram-
way Co r 43 W Bayaud.[...]
[...]hy Thomas C, elk frt dept U P R R ,
Toppan Charles B, coml trav, r 3821 r 2804 Champa.[...]opping Thomas B, plasterer, r 1422 Tousley Charles W, elk J J Fontius, r
[...]437 Downing av. Co, r 56 Nevada.
Towns Charles M, wood turner Sayre- Tracey Bridget Mrs, r 3[...]e. Tracey Thomas W, machinist D & R G
TOWNSEND CHARLES H, special agt R R, r 3346 W 8th[...]
[...]Trail Charles W, lab Colo Pkg & Prov[...]rainor Mary E Miss, r 1162 l l t h .
Tracy Charles C (Tracy Bros), r 3702 Trainor Sarah A Mrs[...]vatory of Music, b 1332 Stout. Tranmer Charles W, r 2440 W 35th av.
Tracy James P,[...]
[...]Trchka Charles G, oiler, r 1470 S Tre-
Q Q 6 SEVENTEENTHSLPHONE[...]r Co 2,1617 Lawrence, r 222 E Treadwell Charles E, cabinetmkr 1857
Vassar av. California.
Traut Charles J, driver Red Star Laun- Treadwell Jenni[...]Treasure William J, cook James A Mes-
Charles H Townsend special agt 525 kew, r 1[...]elers Protective A s s o c i a t i o n of TREAT CHARLES A, pres Denver Wall
America (Colo Div), 25 Good[...]ersee Marietta Mrs, r 2130 W 30th Treff Charles A, carp, r 2428 Newton.
av.[...]wood School, r 803 W l l t h .
Travis Charles E, photographer Will- Trelhelm[...]
The Standard Time Ascertained by Transit Observati[...]
[...]plett William R, lab, r 864 S 8th. Trotter Charles, col'd, porter P P C Co.
Tripp C A, genl Western frt and pass Trotter Charles E, gripman City R R
agt Missouri Pacific Ry 170[...]Troutman Howard, col'd, carp, r 3131
Trobitz Charles T, elk M C White 1632 Humboldt.
Arapah[...]Trowbridge Harry C, waiter Creamerie
Troka Charles, lab Hungarian Flour Restauran[...]
[...]4, 512 16th.

i Troynsky Samuel, tailor 303 Charles
Bldg, r 1443 l l t h .
Truan J Mr[...]Henry A, smelter, r 859 Emerson.
Truesdell Charles A, cabinetmkr J R[...]
[...]^STREET r 1237 Clark.
Tschudy Charles, driver Edward Beh- Tuengel Wanda M Miss[...]ucker Emmett T, rms 1007 15th. Tufts Charles W, engineer Engine Co
Tucker Fanny L Miss[...]
[...]tracting Co 44 Opera House Blk, r Turner Charles, expressman, r 9 Fair-
Hotel Metropole.[...]r John, stone qutter, r 1466 l l t h . Turner Charles, col'd, porter, r 2612
Tunnell Alfred, lab Gl[...]tte River bet E 36th and E 37th avs. Turner Charles E, carp, r 2214 Larimer.
CD Turner Charles T, special agt Mutual
Tunnell Maria L Mrs, rm[...]Turner Georgie Miss, col'd, r rear 1827
Turk Charles L, machine hand Sayre- Lawre[...]
[...]Albany Hotel.
Turner John, r 221 S l l t h S. Turner William, lab U P R R.
Turner J[...]01 W 10th av. der, Valverde.
Turner John S. driver, rms Hotel Abbott Turner Willia[...]
[...]Ty Chung, laundry 1010 19th.
Turton Charles M, mgr Denver Type- Tyack Emily[...]
[...]ler Ralph B, opr News, rms 208 16th. Tyson Charles W, salesman Walter Cool,
Tyler Robert, harnessmkr[...]Ulbrich Herman A, pressman Carson-
Udall Charles E Mrs, r 1352 Marion. Harper Printing[...]all H A, coml trav C H Howe & Co. Ulery Charles J, elk, r 1033 W 5th av.
Udell Grotius N,[...]
[...]Bldg. Charles J Knoch agt, 14-15 Good Blk
Ulwelling Edwa[...]2 Downing av. Ungemach Charles H, elk H T Unge-
Ulwelling Julia A Mrs, r[...]er William, brewer Ph Zang Brew-
Underhill Charles E, helper D & R G R ing Co, rms 2[...]
[...]sing & Mining Co, 6 Jacobson CO, Baltimore, Charles T Linton genl
[...]llth. Uzzell Charles V, r 2731 Forest.
Utard Frank J, barber 1558 Blak[...]Lumbera^ Building Material
Valentine Calvin S. elk frt dept U P R 23rd STREET an[...]
[...]Van Brunt Charles M, printer, rms 430
Charles Bldg.[...]Charles Bldg.
OO WW^&rNVESTM%EWITjS[...]if t Florence I Miss, teacher,
Van Arsdale Charles, rms 1540 Larimer. rms 10,1371 Broad[...]
Cement and Plate Glass,
[...]b, rms 2434 Lawrence, av.
Van Gorden Charles H, salesman Silvey Van Meter Miles H (M H[...]Medicine Co, r 1234 Josephine.
Van Horn Charles J, driver Weicker Van Ness Alonzo C, ve[...]rapahoe. Van Ness Charles N, teamster Campbell
Van Horn E B, printer[...]1875 S Clarkson.
VanKleek Charles E, machinist F M Van Note Mae I Miss,[...]AW CLARENCE H, city pass and VanOlinda Charles W, fireman Tram-
ticket agt Chic[...]
[...]n Orden Lafayette, expressman, r 3339 Vantress Charles H, lab, b 856 S Logan
Lawrence.[...]SCHAACK HENRY C, lawyer 801-802 Van Winkle Charles, col'd, waiter Wind-
Peoples Bank Bldg 16th cor[...]Van Zant Charles B, physician 18,1427 g*[...]
[...]Vaughn Charles E, motorman City R R[...]Vaughn Eugene, teamster Kavanagh &
Varney Charles E, elk B H Dufur,r3540 Clark, r 2839 W[...]s, Valverde. Vawter Charles A, lab,r 43 Starr, Elyria.
Vashall William,[...]Mills, r 1419 Fremont.
Vasser Charles R, lab Globe Smelter, r Veatch Benjamin F[...]er Stationery Co, r 2472 Lawrence. Veazey Charles A, elk, r 128 Clark.
Vasten A. lab, r[...]
[...]edmir Anton, lab Globe Smelter. Verner Charles Mrs, rms 628 Charles
Vedmir Matt, lab Globe Smelter. Bld[...]ket. Vernon Charles, lab, r 2443 Central
Veitch Jennie Miss, dressmkr[...]Co, r 2456 W 38th.
Velie Charles E, pres Silver State Re-
frigerator & Butchers[...].
Ver Bryck Willis A, loans 1406 Curtis.
Verchota Charles F, tailor O S Roslund, 1640 ARAPAH[...]
[...]Co, r 1 Lee Court.
Verrey Charles A, elk W S Dugger, r VickRoy Alonzo F,disp[...]VIDAL & WRIGHT (H C Vidal and J B
Vetten- Charles, butcher, b 3447 Blake. Wright), lawy[...]
[...]en Andrew, lab Globe Smelter, r ns Vinquist Charles, pipe setter Colo &
6th bet N Washington and Wa[...]VINTON CHARLES H, loans 721 Ernest &
Court nw cor W 9th av.
Vi[...]Vinton Michael, lab B & M R R.
Villars Charles T, cigars 1018 18th. Violette Louis[...]
[...], r 3339 Homer
CD Vivian
Charles H, physician, rms 1123[...]rapahoe. R R, r 804 Santa Fe av.
Voader Charles, lab Seymour, Clark & Voight Bernard G, t[...]Alvin C, elk Eppel & Pinkett, r Voilleque Charles (Poulot & Voilleque),
2311 Eliot.[...]Vola James, saloon 3700 Bell.
Vogel Charles, saloon 943 Larimer. Volk Alexander (Vo[...]e av. Vollmar Charles L, prop Platteville
Vogelsang Josephine N Mrs[...]MINING EXCHANGE. I5TJ & ARAPAHOE ST.
Voglw Charles S. barber, r 423 29th.

[...]ndow dresser A T Lewis Vorhees Charles, s t u d e n t , rms H i g h
& Son, r 2[...]
[...]Wade Charles F (Wade & Young), r 825
fin 926 13th.[...]
Wagner Charles H, grocer 3262 Larimer.
Wagner Charles H, rms 1476 Pennsylva-[...]"-— S O L E A G EI N T S F O R WAGNER CHARLES M, agt D Appleton
Wadsworth Charles W, lab Turner Wagner Harry E. r 1[...]
[...]Wagner Lizzie Mrs, r 2936 Market. Waid Charles O, billiards 1858 Stout,
CO Wagner Louis, law[...]GNER PETER A, watchmkr and jew- Waidemann Charles, tailor, r 3905 Ed-
eler 714 17th[...]
[...]Waldo Charles A, real estate 1246 Cur-[...]rona. oo
Wakefield Charles, lab A A Bodine, r Waldron J M, rms 1609 W[...]Waldstrom Peter, lab, r rear 1644 7th.
Walbrook Charles H, motorman Tram-
way Co, r 2502 Yates.
Waid Charles J, barber D C Beam, rms THE DENVER[...]
[...]Walker Charles M, expressman, r 2551[...]Walker Charles M, teamster Continen-[...]Walker Charles O, supt City Transfer[...]Walker Charles T, horse dealer Empire[...]Walker Charles T, salesman Sauer Mfg
Wales Arthur J, r 2142[...]R T I S ' — -
3649 Clifton.
WALKER CHARLES E, physician, prac- ROCKYMO[...]cor Arapahoe, r
1471 Josephine.
Walker Charles H Rev, pastor Beth[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p ? r Insuran[...]
[...]Walker Raymond J, real estate and Wall Charles H, engineer Colo & South-
treas Monte[...]
[...]Wallace John I (Wallace Bros), r 947
Wallace Charles, patternmkr 1815 15th, Broadway.
r[...]Wallace John M, barber rms 1935 Cur-
Wallace Charles A, r 3306 Witter. tis.
[...]Incandescent Lamp Co, rms 2115 Cali- Wallbrecht Charles, bartdr F L Siebott,
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. "Sr Real Estat[...]
[...]Globeville. 20th.
Walter Charles S, bkkpr Columbine Walters Harry, stone cu[...]
[...]ters Lida E Mrs, bottler Hoshour Wanderlick Charles, cook, rms 1323
Pickle Co, r 619 29th.[...]Walters Wilder H, laundryman, r 619 Wanner Charles, saloon 163116th.
29th.[...]lor Machine & Mfg Co 1543 Larimer. Wantland Charles E, land agt U P R R S •-,
Walther Fred[...]Marcus H, carp, r 1240 S llth. 25 S l l t h S.
Walton Alexander H, restaurant 1317[...]
[...]Gds Co, r 3933 Clear Creek av.
Ward Charles A, col'd, coachman, rms Ward Joseph G, wi[...]Ry, r 3249 Franklin.
Ward Charles E, druggist 790 Broadway Ward Joseph M, ci[...]an av. Post, r 2 LaVeta PI.
Ward Charles E, lab, rms 1837 Wyn- Ward Julian H, ca[...]son- Haffner Engraving Co.
5 l l t h S. Ward Lizzie A Miss[...]chool, r 2564 W 32d av.
Ward Frank T, cook Charles F Miller, Ward Mark S, watchmkr an[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N S[...]
[...]Warner Mary F Mrs, rms 1013 13th.
Warner Charles, lab, b ws Watervliet Warner Nellie M M[...]Warner Paul, elk Colo Cycle Supply Co,
WARNER CHARLES W, furniture remover r 135 W 1[...]
[...]Cotillion Hall 25 E 13th av.
Warren Charles A, elk the Fair, rms 829 Warren William C, co[...]Co No 3, r 2932 Welton.
Warren Charles B, driver Hurlbut Gro- Warren William L, da[...]15th. 1400 Lawrence.
Warren Charles E, bkkpr, r 831 S 15th. Warren Winnie B, r 2749 Bryant.
Warren Charles O, chemist, r 246 W 12th Warrender Louis E, d[...]ren Frank C. lab, r 37 Winne. Warriner Charles H, wks G W Warri co
Warren Frank E, expres[...]Warriner Verne S. reporter Hotel Bul-
Warren Fred R, elk Samuel May[...]California. Warsop Charles, elk Thiess Floral Co,
Warren George T, r[...]
Washburn Charles A, bkkpr Hallack Washington John W, col'[...]gton Joseph, col'd, cook, r Over-
Washburn Charles C, bailiff U S Court, land Park.[...]
[...]Wason H H, wiper Colo 8c Southern Ry, Waters Charles M, inspector in charge
r 223 E 34th av.[...]WASSENICH ALBERT G, real estate and Waters Charles W, engineer Court
loans, 929 15th, r 846 Sherman[...]Waters Thomas J Mrs, r 1458 Pennsyl-
Waterman Charles W, lawyer Wolcott
& Vaile, r 1302 William[...]
[...]Watkins Mdse Co 1525-1527 Wazee, r
Wathen Charles, mfg jeweler 1723 Arap- 1438 Frankli[...]ton.
Watkins Charles F, fireman Colo & Watkins May A Miss, elk, r 24 L[...]don, Elyria.
Watkins Charles H, lab Denver Union Watkins Michael, painter, r 1[...]ins Pauline Mrs, r 2217 Lawrence.
Watkins Charles H, col'd, janitor 2251 Watkins Pauline Mrs, col'd[...]kins P Miss, elk, rms 1438 Stout.
Watkins Charles S, r 978 Broadway. Watkins[...]
[...]Watson Lillie E Miss, elk, r 54 S 12th S. GO
Watson Carrie A Mrs, r 1230 Market. Watson Lulu Miss, wks Red Star Laun-
Watson Charles A, opr News, r 36 Logan
Watson Charles F, Conductor, rms 1211
22d.[...]ick G, elk auditor Colo 5 F R R. r 54 12th S.
& Southern Ry, rms 1329 California.[...]
[...]g Co 50 King Blk, r Markham
Watson William S. r 1323 S 10th. Hotel.
[...]Weaver William S, electrician Tramway
Weatherhead Charles B, hatter Weath- Co.
erhead Hat Co, r 3[...]Weaver William S, r 3409 Gilpin.
Weatherhead Charles E, pres Weather- Webb Ace W, opr News, rms 326 15th.
head Hat Co, r 3334 Gray. Webb Charles F (Glauber & Webb), r
Weatherhead Elizabeth M Mrs[...]ol'd, wks R E Chat-
ten, rms 1928 Blake.
Weaver Charles, fireman The Earl 1430
Weaver Charles F, r 2232 Washington av.
Weaver David S, p[...]
Webb John T, mining, r 217 S l l t h S. Midland.
Webb John W. physician[...]
[...]t h . 4434 Clayton av.
Weber Charles, lab, r ws N Clarkson bet Webster Bethuel M (All[...]Champa. WEBSTER CHARLES H, merchant tailor[...]
[...]Wedow Charles, wagon mkr, r 1322
oo Webster L R Miss[...]
^ ^ "4^-'4m? *4>m> *4Mt " V "4s^ "<4m> *4m?[...]
[...]. H3iF*Wehrle, see also Werley.
Weede Charles M, physician, r 2849 Cur- Wehrle August, musi[...]Wehrle Robert, cabinetmkr, r 2429 Eliot.
Weeks Charles H, lab, r 1435 33d.
Weeks Charles H, waiter William Wil-
Weiand Charles E, bartdr Albany Hotel.[...]
[...]226 Larimer.
Weiford James F, r 138 S l l t h S. Weimer John K, rms 1702 Champa.
Weiford Mary J Mrs, r 138 S l l t h S. Weimer Samuel J, lab, r 2673 S Pearl.[...]
[...]Weintrub William, tailor 531 Charles
INSURANCEUPONRE[...]1151 Welton.
Weinberg Charles, watchmkr and jewel- t§T*Weir, see also War[...].
Weinberger Simon, r 1551 Gaylord. Weis Charles, brickmkr, r 1517 Dale[...]ngart Edward, driver Leiper & Weisensee Charles, saloon 974 S 7th.
Schuyler, rms 2005 Law[...]
[...]Welch Charles A, r 2415 Champa.
Weishaupl Xavier, brewer Ph Zang Welch Charles C, real estate 524 Mining
Brewing Co, r[...]Weisman Jacob, cattle dealer, r 2549 Welch Charles C Jr, elk First Nat Bank,
Paul.[...]Weismantel John V, elk P O, rms 223 E Welch Charles F, delivery elk B & M R
20th av.[...]{gT'Weiss, see also Weis, Wise. Welch Charles F, lab, r 1005 Gallup av.
Weiss Adelaide[...]Corona. Welch Charles R, rms 1634 Larimer.
Weiss Fanny M[...]
[...]Wells Charles B, elk supt Tramway Co,[...]elch William R, tel opr Colo & South- Wells Charles E, butcher.r 1254 Champa.
ern Ry, rms 2147 Grant av. Wells Charles H, floor walker Denver
WelcH & Monahan (M Welch a[...]Monahan), props The Arno 1811 Grant Wells Charles N, conductor P P C Co, r[...]
Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Sil[...]
[...]Werner Ferdinand, carriagemkr 1131
Weninger Charles, cook Louis Levy & Welton, r 1036[...]elk L P Koch 141915th. W e r n e r t Charles C, r 1319 S 12th.
Wentling Willis E, elk H[...]
[...]West Charles H, printer, rms 1323 16th.
West Charles O, col'd, barber Russell &
Wernet Albert,[...]Wernli William, mining, rms 1713 Lari- West Charles T, state agt Northern As-
mer.[...]Wernstrom J Alfred, tailor 506 18th, r West Charles W, harnessmkr W B Lloyd.
1919 Washington[...]Cline, Elyria.
Wertheimer Charles A, coml trav 83, West End Street Railroad C[...]West George W, live stock, rms 1015
28 Wesley Charles F , r 151 Alaska. 15th.
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %• RENTALS[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
[...]Erville *L, elk J G Eversman
Westlake Charles H, r 1940 Lincoln av. & Co, r 2632 Bert.
Wetherell Charles A, bartdr George A[...]Westland William E, coml trav, r 24 S Wetter Charles W, engineer University[...]Wetter Fred W,candymkr,b 3524 Blake.
WESTLEY CHARLES, fine art and sub- Wettstein Jacob[...]
[...]y &
Co, r 1125 W 36th av.
Wharton Charles W, agt Hibbard, Spen-
cer, Bartle[...]
[...]Stearns-Roger Mfg Co, rms 1346 Stout.
Wheeler Charles, pedler, rms 1402 9th. Wheeler Mary E Miss, nurse, rms 7,1371
Wheeler Charles, treas Colo & Southern Broadway.
[...]Hotel Co 17th cor Tremont.
Whipple Charles H S, printer, r 915 E White Alva A, machinis[...]te Carson, policeman, rms 2061 Cur-
Whipps Charles H (Irrigation Era Pub tis.
Co), rms The Abbott. White Charles, bricklayer, rms 1324 29th.
Whisler Harry A, r 1261 Clarkson. White Charles C, cashboy Daniels &
Whisler John Rev, r 1[...]B^"Whist, see also Wist. White Charles E, collr, r 3277 Lake PI.
Whiston Frederick W, agt Prudential White Charles Fred, bicycle tire repairer
Insurance Co[...]5t^"Whitaker, see also Whittaker. White Charles F, elk Colo News Co, r
Whitaker Albert S,[...]Gaylord. White Charles H, col'd, porter City R R
Whitaker Benjami[...]Assurance Co, r 3318 Lawrence. White Charles M, b 1268 S 14th.
[...]1721 Champa, r 1310 Curtis.
White Charles N, salesman L A Watkins White Frederick W, mgr We[...]Assn 1019 16th, r W Colfax av cor
White Charles R, printer Rocky Mt Sen- Stuart.[...]White Frederick W Jr, reporter Evening
White Charles S, elk Colo Dry Gds Co, Post, r 15 W 14th av.[...]White F A Mrs, rms 1413 Lawrence.
White Charles S. elk, rms 1612 Larimer. White F C & Co (F C White and Will-
White Charles W, tel opr, r 3345 W 33d iam Odett), com m[...]e Elvira A Mrs, musician, r 1310 Tremont S. 9 co[...]
[...]E SEWING MACHINE, Springsteen WHITEHEAD CHARLES B, investment
& Minney sole agts 1510 Champa.[...]rakeman Colo & South- Whitehead Frank.with Charles B White- 9 Ol
ern Ry, r 3142 Lawrence.[...]
[...], stone cutter, r 2521 Whitlock Charles A, driver John Thomp-
Kensing Court.[...]Sherman av.
Whitescarver Charles A, nurseryman, r Whitlock Matild[...]Whitman Charles B, mgr Garlock Pkg
Whiteside William W, elk[...]ennessee av bet E 5th and E Whitman Charles N, cattle raiser, r 840
6th avs.[...]
[...]Whitney Charles M, elk D & R G R R[...]ington av.
Whitmore Charles A, printer Thomas Whitsell James, col'd, l[...]ef surgeon D & R
G R R , r 1370 810th.
Whitney Charles E, janitor, rms 2934 1 6 4 0 A R[...]
[...]Wibel Charles, cash boy May Shoe &>[...]Whittemore Frank A, printer C J Kelly, Wiborg Charles, cabinet mkr, rms 1550
rms rear 1137 Cal[...]Whittemore Lora E Mrs, r 1254 Stout. Wiborg Charles F , pressman Colo Jour-
Whittemore Oliver[...]ICH JOHN, prop Star Boiler & Sheet
Whitten Charles C, coml trav 703 Min- Iron Works 2166-2176 15th[...]H, barber F A Richter.
Wiard Frank, waiter Charles Smidt, rms -TEL.226 -[...]
[...]Wiedemann Charles G, grinder Hallack

SOUTHERN COAL[...]Wieland Maggie Mrs, r 3951 Race.
Wicks Charles, col'd, lab J W Wier 2905 Wielpuetz Benjamin, g[...]rms 1128 W 10th av. Wiening Charles, butcher K & B Pkg &
Wickstrom Swan, miner, r 371[...]t Mayme L Miss, teacher, r 3054
Wiedeman Charles, lab. r 1.332 15th.

[...]Wiggeman Joseph, lab Globe Smelter. Wilber Charles H, machinist, rms 1,2319
Wiggenhorn Joseph B,[...]Blake. Wilcox Charles E, elk J W Smith Dry
Wiggins Thomas J, col'd,[...]Co, rms 2229 Arapahoe. Wilcox Charles F, carp, rms 1449 Lari-
Wigginton Albert H, h[...]W 33d av. Wilcox Charles M, r 2459 Clarkson.
Wigginton William[...]
[...]Field a n d F a r m 1516 Arapahoe, r 306 Wilder Charles A,lumber, r 1489 Detroit.[...]Co, r 3047 Forest. Wildey Charles W, opr Denver Times, r
Wilcox S J , real estate a[...]ilcoxen H e n r y T, gasfitter, r 4711 Hay- Wildt Charles M, elk, r 928 S 8th. 53 e
ward PL[...]a it
ward PL
Wilcoxen William S. bridge builder, r THEDENVERTENT&A[...]
[...]ildt Elizabeth Mrs, r 302 S Water. Wilkie Charles H, inspector Denver
Wildt Ida V Mrs, r 928[...]iles Oscar, special agt Midland Savings Wilkin Charles E, teamster Excelsior
and Loan Co 204-206[...]iles William, brakeman U P R R . Wilkin Charles H, mgr Excelsior Flour
|-P~Wiley, see also[...]iley Elizabeth G Mrs, elk Denver Dry Wilkin Charles M, driver, r 2941 Lincoln
Gds Co, r 1415[...]ley Mary B Miss, teacher Villa Park Wilkins Charles H. lab, b Cotton Mill*
School, rms 3 Goth[...]elm George, lab Colo Iron Works, r Wilkinson Charles O, r 3327 Witter.
3517 Blake.[...]
[...]Willey Jesse, brakeman D & R G R R .
Willard Charles A, ticket elk A T & S F Williams Ada Mrs, rms[...]see also Wilcox. way Co.
Wille Charles G, printer Western News-
paper Union, r 2[...]
[...]Williams Charles W, r 416 S High.[...]r 119 E 31st av. Boulevard.
Williams Charles, lab, rms 1445 Market. Williams Elizabeth P, Miss, music teach-
Williams Charles A. fireman A T & S F er, r 1716 E 16th a[...]ms Ella Mrs, col'd, cook, rms 2357
Williams Charles C, groundman Denver Lawrence.
C[...]ams Ella A Mrs, rms 24,1371 Broad-
Williams Charles H, switchman, rms way. ___
1224 14th.
Williams Charles H, r 24 E 33d av.
Williams Charles T, janitor Central[...]HECLA AND BALDWIN
C O Williams Charles W, prop The Elmore
1320 Stout.
Williams Charles W Rev, pastor Capitol MFRS OF G[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p ™ Insuranc[...]
A Full Assortment of OTCDI IIIP Oil 1/CD kept on h[...]
[...]od Shepherd. Williamson Charles E, r 2825 Lincoln av.
Williams Walter, col[...]
[...]w B, tinner, r 1546 S Logan neers Assn 309 Charles Bldg.r 1038 29th.
av.[...]Willoughby Frank, cashier 1646 Law-
Willis Charles, salesman, rms 1617 Lari- rence, r 112126th[...]Willoughby Frank W, tinner Sanfords
Willis Charles W, grocer 2805 High, r Furnace Co[...]
[...]Wilmore Charles T, honey 1447 Market,[...]Willson Caroline L Mrs, r 3222 Champa. Wilsey Charles H, R R conductor, r 1341
Willson Edwin J,[...]
[...]REAL ESTATE LOANS Wilson Charles, lab, rms 1626 Larimer.
Wilson Charles, lab, rms 1516 Market.
••—t"rAND"rKTsra»n® Wilson Charles, sign writer Curran Bill[...]Wilson Albert L, elk Superior Hand Wilson Charles, teamster McPhee & Mc-
CD Laundry, rms 1844[...]Wilson Alexander, stockman, r 2535 Wilson Charles, col'd, porter R W Lich-
CD Arapahoe.[...]Wilson Alexander H, driver, r 1831 W Wilson Charles A, contracting frt agt A
34th av.[...]Wilson Alexander R, col'd, policeman, r Wilson Charles A Mrs, millinery 1652
CO 2337 Lincoln av.[...]Wilson Algot, janitor Pentecostal Home Wilson Charles B, warehouseman C S
Mission 1541 Larimer,[...]Wilson Alice I Miss, teacher Wyman Wilson Charles F, insurance 108 Boston
School, b 1013 E[...]Wilson Alice M Miss, elk Miss E A Hoyle, Wilson Charles F, lab, r 9 Washington av.
rms 1757 Welton. Wilson Charles L, lab Colo Telephone
Wilson Altus T, bicy[...]E 31st av. Wilson Charles W, gripman City R R
Wilson Alva, el[...]
Window Glass, Lead, Oil.18thVarnish, Mixed Paints[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Streetp • LOANS[...]
[...]M F R S OF G A S COKE
Wiltz Charles, elk Martin & Co, r 928 S MIMING EXCH[...]
[...]Wingate Charles E, carp 1106 18th, r
H R F WSURANCE,[...]nce. W i n n Charles D, mining engineer, r 2647
Windsor P h a r m a c[...]Winn Thomas, brickmkr, r 2515 Market.
Wine Charles F , barber 2011 W 32d av, Winne Pe[...]arry, tel opr, r 1152 S 14th. Winslow Charles E, teamster S m i t h[...]t e Mrs, nurse.rms 1515 P l a t t e Winslow Charles H, driver S u m m i t F u e l £?[...]
[...]Winteriuann Charles J, candymkr O P[...]inslow William D, molder, r 502 Santa Winters Charles B, conductor D & R G
Fe av.[...]inslow William S, machinist Colo Iron Winters Charles H, chief dispatcher
Works, r 3631[...]
[...]Wishart Samuel, paperhanger Reitze
Wirth Charles H, r 2316 10th. Wall Paper & Paint[...]oe.
Wiscamb Andrew,lab, r 473 McNassar av
Wiscamb Charles, lab, r 806 Curtis.
Wiscamb Frank, lab, r rear 20[...]^~Wise, see also Weis, Weiss, Wize. Wissell Charles, lab, b ws Watervliet av
Wyse.[...]Alfred J, rms 2306 Welton. Wissenbach Charles D (Gollong & Wiss-
enbach), 1030 W Colfax av.
Wise Charles, col'd, cook Mrs Augusta
Koester.[...]"Wist, see also Whist. oo
Wise Charles E, brakeman B & M R R, Wist Charles, tailor 1335 16th, r 3019
r 1328 S 8th. Franklin.
Wise Charles F, barber J G Graham, r[...]
[...]019 Franklin. Witmer Charles H, pressman, r 3114 For-
Wistrom Marcus F,[...]n Live Stock Com Co, r 2719 Marion
Witcher Charles, real estate, rms 11 Wittenberg Frank, pr[...]16th, cor Blake.
patent attorney 519-521 Charles Bldg, Witter Charles B, elk County Assessor,
r1504 15th[...]
[...]Woeber Charles W, sec Woeber Carriage
Co, r 29 S T r e m o n t S.
rannen[...]a r i m e r . Woelke F r a n k B, barber Charles Graf,
Witter Emily O Mrs, r 1405 S l l t h[...]
[...]Wolf Ruth Miss, elk S J Wolf, r 1221
Wolf Charles V, fireman Colo & South- Lincoln av.[...]
[...]Wolff Charles, lab, r 1518 Blake.[...]3d and 4th, Globeville.
WToHe Richard, lawyer 415 Charles Bldg,[...]lfer Harry H, apprentice C A Crosta, Wolffram Charles E, r 632 20th.
r 1466 Irving.[...]ahoe, Wolfkiel Harry C. elk, r 80S Tremont S.
r 2338 Gilpin.
B^-Wolff, see also Wolf, Wolfe, W[...]and S Solomon),
pawnbrokers 1603 Larimer.
Wolff Charles, rms ws Watervliet av bet[...]
[...]1741 Pennsylvania av.
Co. r 80 S Tremont S. Wood Alonzo P, elk G W Gilders[...]Wohl. Wood Charles C, lab, r rear 1451 S l l t h .
Wollaston Theodore, prop The Princeton Wood Charles C, mgr S M Wood, r 2153
2137 Stout.[...]Wollerton Annie C Mrs, r 2629 W32d av. Wood Charles D, mining, r 1344 Gaylord.
Wollerton John B, r 2629 W 32d av. Wood Charles H, asst mgr Edward P
Wollesen Sine Miss, r[...]Wolschlaeger Mary E Mrs, r 2140 Stout. Wood Charles H, miner, r 1256 l l t h .
Wblschon Julius, engineer McPhee Bldg. Wood Charles S (Kline & Wood), r 1202
r 1040 S[...]
[...]. Wooddill Charles, machinist, r 3048 Cali-
Wood Toutant B, com m[...]Woodhave James S, engineer, r Warwick
Woodard Charles G, b Hotel Broadway. av nr Nich[...]
[...]Woodin Frederick, rms 833 20th. Woods Charles M, contracting agt St
WOODING BENJAMIN F, physici[...]Woods Elizabeth G Mrs, r 2112 Lincoln
Woodley Charles W, cattle dealer, r 12 av.
Lincoln av[...]Woods Hiram T, com mer 2311 Califor-
Woodman Charles E, teamster F J nia, r 3529 Gray.
F[...]Woods HughM, repairer C F Ellis, r
Woodman Charles M, bkkpr First Nat 1046 S 14th.
Woodruff Charles B, engineer, r 3549 SSFIXTURE^[...]
[...]D RUSSELL, mfr of cigars, no
Woodside George S. elk A J Woodside low grade s[...]38 Curtis, r
1530 Sherman av.
Woodward Charles N, engineer Colo & CITIZ[...]TELEPHONE 9 0 .
Woodward Charles W, carp, r 2249 Fre-[...]
[...]Wooster Charles F , broom mfr 670 S a n t a[...]ldg, r 1824 Race. Worden Charles A Mrs, r 1154 E Colfax C O
Woodworth Wilson P , y[...]t h e r n Ry. r 2519 Dunkeld PI. Worden Charles F , carriage painter, r m s
way Co, r 14 S 12th S.
Woolsey Aline D Mies, teacher of elocu-[...]
[...]nd pumping machinery, W H Eman-
Wormington Charles W, elk G E Hath- uel sales agt 1711-1713[...]Golden Eagle, r
1835 Stout.
Worth Charles M (Worth & Waterman),[...]
[...]Wright Charles W, lab, rms 1127 13th.
Wright Charles W, physician, r 911 23d.
THE COLORADO FUEL&1ROKC0[...]e Dairy, r 2550 Larimer.
Wright Charles, flagman Colo & South-
ern Ry, r 3445 Arlington.
Wright Charles A, barber 1651 Larimer, • ni I-I ' i ; iv
rms 2120 Stout.
Wright Charles H, messenger D & R G
Express, r 342 Lincoln av. Lumber/* Building i later 10I
Wright Charles W, elk A T Lewis & Son, 23rd STREE[...]
Diamonds o % % S & Gottesleben & Sons
1240 WRI[...]
[...]da Mrs, r 1465 S Broadway. Wulff Charles A, cigarmkr Solis Cigar
Wright S B, mining, rms 1[...]m D, lawyer 615 617 Ern- Wurich Charles, lab 1646 Lawrence, r
est & Cranmer Bldg, r 1945[...]Wuth Charles H (Denver Fidibus-Her-[...]
[...]ycle Lena Mrs, col'd, r 5, 2420 Market. Wynkoop Charles W, pipeman Engine
Etg^Wyckoff, see also Wi[...]Tremont.
Chemical Co.
Wygant Charles T, carriage mfr 2932
Larimer, r 2[...]
Co, r 29 W Alameda av. Wyss Charles, wks Club Stables 1439
Wynkoop William C, r 1163[...]21^"Yeager, see also Jager, Yager,
Yarden Charles G, conductor City R R Yaeger.[...]
[...]ranmer Bldg, r 960 Logan av. Yoder Charles E, carp, rms 433 W 3d av.
Yeaman & Gove (Cal[...]iter John D, solicitor Colo Mutual Yont Charles A, draughtsman F M Da-
Fire Insuran[...]
[...]av. Young Charles A (Wade & Young), rms
York Roscoe T, student, r 1[...]meda av. Young Charles A, carp rear Boston Bldg,
York Seth W, prop Eurek[...]dry 222 16th, r 19 W 14th av. YOUNG CHARLES H, supt Wells, Fargo CO
York Street Pres[...]se cor E 13th av. Young Charles W, foreman pressroom
York William H, driver P W T[...]S Water. ©••
Youmans Charles G, furrier, r 2707
[...]Young John S. lab, r 3 Union PI.[...]
[...]ung Samuel C, accountant 9,808 17th, Youngman Charles F, machinist Dillon
r 134 Lincoln av.[...]Iron Wks, r 2151 Champa.
Young Samuel J, cashier Charles B Youngquist Andrew, lab C Fullman, r 87[...]Youngstrom Charles G, dry gds 3843 % pi
River bet 37th and[...]Curtis. Younker Charles, lab W W Conover.
Young Walter, elk H C Keyes & S[...]ung William, mining, r 1640 Gilpin. Younkman Charles E, elk P E Steuck, r GO
Young William[...]
Yount Charles A, draughtsman, rms[...]Zavitz Frank D, head janitor Court
Zahl Charles F, rms 1932 Champa. House, r[...]
[...]Ziegler Lewis, lab, rms 1012 W Colfax av.
Zeitler Charles J, watchmkr Samuel Ziegler Natha[...]way, rms 438 Broadway.
Zeiler Charles, grocer S Evans ne cor W Zietz Charles, boilermkr Colo & South-
Dakota av.[...]Zietz Theodore J, boilermkr Colo &
Zembower Charles I, engineer Charles Southern Ry, r 1222 30th.
Bldg[...]Zietz William, boilermkr Denver Engi-
Zeninger Charles E, rms 1369 S 14th. neeri[...]
[...]Zimmermann Charles F, coml agt Colo[...]Zimmer Louis, porter F Marquardsen, 526 Charles Bldg, r 2324 Lawrence.
rms 1948 Broadway[...]Colo & Southern Ry 731 Cooper Bldg, Zink Charles, machine hand, r 1240 S[...]Edward A, salesman, r 3023 Down-
Zimmerman Charles L, baker Old Home- ing av.
stead[...]ffie B Miss, dressmkr 3749 Down-
Zimmerman Charles P, driver Elite ing av, r 3325 C[...]
[...]Santa Fe av.
Zirkler Charles F, helper D & R G R R . Zupan John, lab Glo[...]r Mike, rms 743 2d, Globeville. Zwickel Charles, bakery 1955 Curtis, r
•Zohorski George, lab, r[...]Prov Co, r 17 Baldwin, Elyria.
Zollars Charles O, r 2082 Ogden. Zwinkman Joh[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street p . r LOAN[...]
eettesleben & <SM*/£ft££S S S M r Union Block[...]
Sauerwen F P, 609 McPhee Bldg.[...]
[...]6th. Butterfass Charles Sr, 910 Larimer.
[...]n John, 1963 Larimer. Zwickel Charles, 1955 Curtis.
Marechal D, 3056 Larimer.
1104-1106 16th S[...]
[...]ng av. 1 6 4 0 A R A P A H O E ST.
Graf Charles, 1907 Larimer.

Denver Plumbing[...]
[...]McClellan James A, 2304 E Colfax av. Torbert W S. 1633 15th.
oo McClellan T A, 2932 Gallup av.[...]Wine Charles F, 2011 W 32d av.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. Wnsorance[...]
[...]Bradbrook Charles, 3212'Goss. 0«*[...]a. Ellis Charles F, 1760 Stout.
Warriner G W, 3062 Larimer.[...]Brandt local mgr, 618 18th.
Morgan & Wright, 201 Charles Bldg.[...]
[...]6th. Hall M D, 37 S l l t h S.[...]Lawton Edward, 1813 15th.
Waid Charles 0,1858 Stout. LEYNER J GE[...]
[...], 2004 W Colfax av. and treas, 623-627 Charles Bldg 15th
Strong M R, 539 Santa Fe av.[...]
[...]TELEPHONE I 4 I 4 - B
Graul Charles. 1424 13th.
Hauck W F Sr, 3362 Mar[...]
[...]Block F G, 320 Charles Bldg.[...]PHONE
[...]Becker John, 1036 Larimer.
Rice Charles J, genl agt J B Millet Co Birkedahl B L, 61[...]Blum Philip, 2112 Stout.
SCRIBNER'S CHARLES SONS, Bock H C, 18 E 20th av.[...]Bridgford Albert, 2700 Larimer.
oo WESTLEY CHARLES, Brown J Q, 1419 Lawre[...]Lewis L C & Co, 1454 Arapahoe. Dunst Charles, 315 16th.
LOUTHAN 0 E,[...]15th se cor Lawrence. Eiser Charles, 637 15th.
McClain, Pitt & Co, 835[...]
Lambert Charles, 1128 18th.
SOUTHERN C O A L Linn Charles, 538 Santa Fe av.
T RV THE.[...]n. Merrill M N, 1442 Lawrence.
Flach Charles, 329 S Tremont. Merrill R A, 2409 Dunke[...]rederick, 1827 Lawrence. 69
Gratz Charles, 1728 Larimer. Nichols & Atchison, 161[...]is.
Raulz Charles, 1377 S l l t h , oo[...]
[...]J A, 711 S Water. Abrams Charles, 4049 Downing av.
Rovell Pierre, 1735 Wazee[...]cor California.
Sinclair W A, 132 S l l t h S. Douglas W L Shoe Co, 1025 16th.[...]res at 1913 Larimer and 3753-3755
Steinberg Charles, 1858 Larimer. Downing av.[...]Gemmer John, 836 Santa Fe av.
Taubert Charles, 907 Larimer. Goetz Phil[...]
G H Fishering mgr, Water[...]
[...]W Iowa av ne cor S Evans (tele-
WHITEHEAD CHARLES B, phone 1367), P O ad[...]
[...]n Association, W T Parks prin, 5th floor Charles
904 Equitable Bldg.[...]
DAVIS F M IRON WORKS CO, Dunn Charles J, 1827 Arapahoe.
723 to 743 Larimer[...]
[...]Jackson J B, rear 1717 Stout. Wingate Charles E, 1106 18th.
Jerden Nels C, 1113 1[...]
[...]NVER DRY GOODS CO, Wygant Charles T, 2932 Larimer.
16th nw cor Californi[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. "ST Real Estat[...]
[...]S. c*
Ahlstrom Charles, 1323 19th. Magness B F , 1663[...]1310 A
1017 16th.
Doyle Charles S, Equitable Bldg.
[...]J. Herzicopf. S. H. Brown.
16th sw cor C u r t i s .
Gottesleben & Sons,Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Sil[...]
Charles M Good mgr, 1640 Champa,
[...]Brule & Bourk, 1544-1546 Market.
Charles M Good mgr, 1640 Champa, BUTLER J C & CO,[...]d Blk. ^ANUFACTURERS O F ^ S H O W CA5E5
Brandon Charles Commercial Co, 745-747 BANK,STORE. OFFICE,[...]
[...]Eckert John C, 1010 16th.
HURD CHARLES R, Fraser Ale[...]
Manufacturers Sa[...]
[...]irs Proofing U t i l f CK H i n t & lnUH I f UimO s.« P .«....
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th « I n s u r a n c[...]
[...]BAGLEY CHARLES H, D D S,[...]DUFF BLOCK, 1756 LARIMER ST. Barlow Charles H, 432 S Brtfadway.[...]1732 1736 Blake. Clarke R S. 1563 Blake.
[...]zee, wareroom 1443 Larimer (tele-
Mercer Charles L, 722 14th. phone 724).[...]
[...]xv. E . G I E S E , 401 to 404

w. s. SEAVEY, Mining Exchange[...]
[...]A Mrs, 309 16th.
and treas, 623 to 627 Charles Bldg. Davis E A Miss, 2049 Emerson.[...]ldrich E L Mrs, 1623 Pennsylvania av. Dillon Charles Mrs, 24 E 19th av.
Allamon Opha Mis[...]
[...]s, 221 W 14th av. Spears Docia Mrs, 511 Charles Bldg.
Musselman L M Miss, 2115 Cha[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N[...]
[...]Rauscher J F, 1078 Santa Fe av.
Goldammer Charles A, 2800 Downing av. Ray E E, 3301 La[...]
[...]s William G, 2509 15th.
Shreve W H, 270 S l l t h S. Pearsall J A Mrs, 258 S Broadway.
Shu[...]. Peyser Robert, 1917 Larimer.
Skinner Charles H, 100 Broadway. Rosenberg Benjaman, 4376 Quincy.
Stahl C R, 339 13th. Schwartz Charles, 2944 Gallup av.
Charles Blk 930 15th. 720 to 72616th.[...]II
Fraser Charles, 2653 Welton.

Denver Plumbing & Chanfclie[...]
Charles Jabelmann prop, 1426 Lari- Irving Hale[...]
[...]Mfr., 1 8 3 3 S. Clarkson S t r e e t .
Ear and Ey[...]
McPHEE&McGINNITY, Office and Warehouse[...]
CHIGAGO LUMBER & MFG. CO.15th, 'Phone[...]
Mitchell E Mrs, 205 Charles Bldg. 1518 Lawrence.
Jennings C F, 624 Charles Bldg. 1111 16th.
"•OUR NEW L O C A T[...]
Cement and Plate Glass,
15th, C[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. "Sr Real Estat[...]
[...]Saddler Charles, 1335 17th.[...].
cor Emerald av, Edgewater.
Mitchell Charles D, 1712 Arapahoe. HECLA AND B[...]
BARTELS BBOS.& BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N S[...]
[...]Roofers. Black James S, 2719 Larimer.
s. Kinsman John E, 1230 21st.
Bl[...]zon, 2005 W 32d av. Castle F W, 1 S l l t h S.
Backlund & Ericson, 3832 DowniDg av[...]
[...]Dugger W S. 2201 Washington av.
F I O F INSURANCE,[...]cor E Evans av. oo
Coakley E G Mrs, 210 S l l t h S. Fabrizio Antonio, 3434 Justin[...]ghan Patrick J, 2159 Delgany. CD B
Crowley Charles, 37&3 Franklin. Gaul G B, 1[...]rty J E, 1600 S Evans.
Douglas T W, 210 S l l t h S.
Downey John, 3446 Marion.
Doyle Andrew, 71[...]
Hargreaves M J Mrs, 23 S l l t h S. Kelty Edward, 2145 Logan av.
Harmon Edwar[...]and Sheridan av. Ladd Charles W. 3955 Franklin.
Hitchman L Mrs, 1029[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %'RENTALS[...]
[...]Sharpe S F, 2732 Larimer.
Posner Charles, 2801 Larimer. Sharpe S S, 917[...]
[...]Zeiler Charles, S Evans ne cor W Dakota[...]
Tuck George E, 478 S Broadway. Schieferdecker Charles, 2401 19th.
Sutton[...]d Prior, 1721-1723 Lawrence.
Wharton Charles W, 36 Railroad Bldg,
1515 Larimer.[...]
[...]Hotton J P, 35 S l l t h S.
Corn & Tanner, 710 Santa Fe av.[...]
M6PHEE&McGINNITY,^A w ^ BM WholesaleLiini6er[...]
15th, C[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. %' Real Estate[...]
Ascertained Dy Tra[...]
[...]ew York City, C L Price agt, 201-
TOWNSEND CHARLES H, 202 Mack Blk 16th[...]Craomer Bldg. Hartford, Charles H Townsend
Tuttle Joseph F Jr, 1„[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %'LOANS[...]
[...]L ESTATE LOANS Boston, Charles J Knoch agt, 14-15[...]
[...]12-314 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.
worth sec. 420 Charles Bldg 15th cor HOME FIRE INSURANCE CO,
Cur[...]2 0t
Denver, Charles J Knoch sec, 14-15 THE DENVERTENTa[...]
DENVERCONS G A S C O ' S COKE. Charles J Knoch agt, 14-15 Good[...]
[...]228 Equitable Bldg. Hartford, Charles H Townsend
[...]nes pres, 119 120 Boston Bldg.
CO, Baltimore, Charles T Linton Colorado & Mexico Investment Co,[...]
[...]Ohio Finance & Investment Co, 506-507 WHITEHEAD CHARLES B,
Kittredge Bldg.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p ™ Insuranc[...]
[...]1401-3-5-7 Market (phone 1248). Wathen Charles. 1723 Arapahoe.
Cement and Plate Glass,
[...]Kriege pres and treas, Lou S Andrew W A, 515 Charles Bldg,
Kriege sec and genl mgr, 2200-2[...]
Charles Bldg.[...]Clay Henry C, 304 Cooper Bldg.
BLAKENEY CHARLES J, Cochran C H, 705 17t[...]H, Collins T H, 204 Charles Bldg.
413-414 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg. Cooke William W, 1202 14th.
Bond William, 408 Charles Bldg. Cover William W, 1 Essex Bldg[...]ssey T W. 821 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.
Brierley Charles H, 18 Bank Blk 17th Cronkhite Edgar B. 8[...]h.
Brooks A F, 819-820 Cooper Bldg.
Brown Charles M, 552 Equitable Bldg.
Brown Charles T, 404-406 Peoples Bank ' C I T[...]
[...]F r a n c e L B, 408 Charles Bldg.[...]306 E r n e s t & Cranmer Bldg.
Dickerson Charles L , 602 Equitable Bldg. Graham David B[...], 708 E r n e s t 8c C r a n m e r
Duff W M, 431 Charles Bldg. Bldg.
D u[...]«<•
D u n n G W, 521 Charles Bldg.[...]
[...]E COLORADO FUEL&IRONCO MaeMILLAN CHARLES A,[...]Bldg. Marsh Alvin, 413 Charles Bldg.
Lang Leon A, 609 Peoples Bank Bldg. Martin[...]ence.
Bldg. May Charles D, 8-9,1528 Champa.
Laurie K M, 504-505 Quincy Bl[...]A, 526 18th. Monroe J F, 521 Charles Bldg. • Pi
Lovelace W G, 602 Ernest &[...]nis James S, suite 205 Ernest & Mullahey J W, 527 Charles Bldg.
Cranmer Bldg.[...]
[...], 1756 LARIMER ST. Putnam T G. 402 404 Charles Bldg 15th[...]ll T J & Milton Smith, 822-826 Rice W A, 507 Charles Bldg.
Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.[...]
[...]uincy Bldg. Stewart Alexander, 415 Charles Bldg.
Royse C A, 548 Equitable Bldg. S[...]. Taylor G F, 521 Charles Bldg.
Silberstein E A, 12-13 Jacobson Bldg. T[...]Bank Bldg 16th cor Lawrence.
415 Charles Bldg 15th cor Curtis. 1 6 4 0 A R[...]
[...]ilson E H, 205 Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.
TOLL CHARLES H, Wilson James L, 205 Er[...]Bldg.
Tolles & Cobbey, 411 Charles Bldg 15th WOLCOTT & VAILE,
Cor Curtis.[...]TTE JOHN F, Wolfe Richard. 415 Charles Bldg.
408 to 412 Quincy Bldg 10[...]
[...]Charles & Co, 2245-2249 Lar- "a
Leather and Findings. HUMBURG CHARLES,[...]
Gottesleben & Sons, 1104-1106 16th Street, Union B[...]
[...]Leiper & Schuyler, 2040 Market. Burpee Charles L, 1530 Curtis. »•*

Lewis H[...]
COOPER CHARLES J, 14-15 Good Bl[...]
[...]Miners Home, 1639 Blake.
VINTON CHARLES H, Ohio House,[...]
[...]EDWARD P GO, Allen W S. 57 Tabor Blk.
R J Cory mgr, 1649-1651 Tremont.[...]Barrow S J, 313 Charles Bldg.
Office and works 33d cor Wynkoop,[...]F M IRON WORKS CO, BRIGHAM CHARLES C,
723 to 743 Larimer cor 8th.[...]
[...]and treas, 623 to 627 Charles Bldg.[...]
[...]2d avs. Starkloff Charles & Co. 1921 Blake.
East Walter, 2300 2306 Larimer.[...]CO
Lpppert Charles, 2031 Larimer.
McClarty Daniel, 3806 Downi[...]
The Standard Time Ascertained DT Traisit otsemtloi[...]
[...]1637 Market.
Hopper & Betterton, 1723 Wazee.
Thompson R J S. 4. 1605 Larimer.

Denver Plumbing & Chande[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %e LOANS[...]
Diamonds c S ^ ^ n ^ ^ r s l ? ^ ^ Gottesleben & S[...]
Lead, Glass, Nails, T M M r MCPHEE & McGINNITY[...]
[...]Revenue Tunnel Co, 830 Equitable Bldg. Keemle Charles, 1 to 5 Sheridan Bldg.
Rocky Mounta[...]
BARTELS DROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p r RENTALS[...]
[...]V t b l MLNI Otuujw• •-- Briegleb C C, 532 Charles Bldg.
[...]614 W 29th av. Thomas Gwilym, 304 Charles Bldg.
Johnson F M Miss, 739 S 12th.[...]Yuille Ninian B, 3319 E 14th av.
Lipfert C B, 213 Charles Bldg. Zaccarini Eugene, 625 W[...]Vincent, 310 Mack Blk. Syman Charles S. 828 16th.
Mosby R W Mrs, 2751 Arapahoe.[...]
[...]Colorado School Journal, 505 Charles[...]108 Larimer. Denver Investor, 306 Charles Bldg.
Wiese W F, 1112 Larimer.[...]COAI
Catholic Calendar The, 306 Charles Bldg.
Colorado Catholic, W 6th av s[...]
[...]rtis. cor Champa.
Industrial Advocate, 618 Charles Bldg. West Denver Review, 850 Santa Fe av.
Insura[...]ng Reporter, James F Callbreath
Mini[...]Douglass PI, Highlands Station.
Pacific Echo, 510 Charles Bldg.
Pythian Triangle The, 1445 Curtis.[...]
[...]rapahoe. DENVER DRT GOODS CO,
ENOCH CHARLES J, 16th nw c[...]
INSURANCE,[...]Scott Charles J, 9 Union Blk 1114 16th.
JACKSON RICHARD C,[...]one Novelty Works, 426 16th. WALKER CHARLES E,
Lea-Bentley Mfg Co, 1016 18th.[...]
[...]CHARLES ARMBRUSTER,[...]Optical Goods.
913 17th.
Eilers supt, Charles Ruter genl pur-
chasing agt, 514-515 Bo[...]
[...]15th. Withaup Louis C, 519-521 Charles Bldg.
Smith Charles. 3259 Larimer.
'•%^ t ^ <^» ^ ^ ^ ^[...]
[...]dan Bldg.
Spencer Henry, 1618-1628 Blake.
Wallace Charles, 1815 15th. Photogra[...]Blk 16th cor Curtis. Nast Charles A, 16th ne cor Curtis. • Or[...]d STREET and VIADUCT , _ co
519-521 Charles Bldg. .[...]
Gottesleben & S o i ^ ' s S s S t t S t t s f f r[...]
Lead, Oil. Varnish, Mixed P[...]
[...]Hail T W, 1 to 4,1209 17th.
Denison Charles, 823 14th. Hainline J G, 39-40[...]mundson William, 15 Steele Blk, 16th Hart Charles N, 16-17 Barth Blk, 16th
cor Stout.[...]. Harvey H G, 1705 Champa.
Elder Charles S, 1517 Stout. Harwood W[...]
[...]Neill J E, Clayton Blk 17th cor
Jaeger Charles, 1705 Champa. Lawrence.
James C[...].
Meyer Charles, 1149 Broadway. OO
Kapp Ju[...]
[...]Perry B J , 1515 Stout.
Perry C P, 317 Charles Bldg.
Pershing Howell T, 14-15 Stedman Bld[...]M F R S OF G A S C O K E
Powers Charles A, 13 Stedman Bldg, MINING EXCHAN[...]
[...]T P Duffy prop, 1635 Curtis (phone
Thorp R L, 318 Charles Bldg. 1340), storage wareh[...]lton. WARNER C W,
[...]kdorf Fred T, 1525 Champa.
Mayo Oscar, 203 Charles Bldg. Thomas William, 712 15th.,[...]ge Bldg 517-519 16th.
CO Montgomery & Co, 213 Charles Bldg.
Nichols Bros, 1549 Champa.[...]
SAYRE-NEWTON LUMBER CO, Brown Charles M, 2421 Washington av.
Office 23d and[...]
[...]Plumbers, Steam and Gasfitters
Fullman Charles, 315 16th.
GILL & MOODT,[...]
[...]Carnahan G E, 619 Charles Bldg.
KIMS.[...]ANT POWDER CO CONSOLIDATED, Comstock Charles E, 916 18th.
R H Rennie agt, 1220 18th.[...]rs—Book and Job. Maclear W A, 528 Charles Bldg. CO
Acme Printing Works, 305 Charles Bldg. Marsh Printing Co, 202 Charles Bldg.
Adams & Logan. 30 Granite Bldg.[...]
[...]nes James M, 715 23d.
oo Royal Printing Co, 613 Charles Bldg.
RUSH S K,[...]1624 to 1630 Market.
510 Charles Bldg. Lynch T F & Co, 2300 St[...]oe: Stevens D W, W% 23d.
Steel J W, 608 Charles Bldg. Woods Hiram, 2311 California.[...]tory, 22, 93116th. SCRIBNER'S CHARLES SONS,
3 w Wahlgreen Printing Co, 65 Barcla[...]
BARTELS RROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. p - r Real Es[...]
The Standard Time Ascertained by Transit observat[...]
[...]Boston Bldg. Burpee Charles L, 1530 Curtis.
McGAVIC & HANNA,[...]Blk.
1640 Champa (phone 571). Colman Charles, 5,1623 Curtis.
Baer Max, 521 Mining Excha[...]
[...]ing James A 8c Co, 602 Boston Bldg.
Donnelly Charles, 1653 Champa. 1653 Champa.[...]Erb L A Mrs, 1631 Champa.
Estey A M, 418 Charles Bldg.
Evans Frank, 61 Railroad Bldg, 1515[...]! -TELL.226 - !
Felt Zeph Charles, 207 Boston Bldg.
If on Wor[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street %" LOANS[...]
[...]pa. SPEER R W & CO,
Pillar Charles, 1654 Welton. 213-214 Coop[...]
Waldo Charles A, 1246 Curtis. 515-517 Ernest &[...]Western Investment Co, 1633 Champa. COOPER CHARLES J,
Western Slope Land & Development Co,[...]
[...]Enterprise Restaurant, Charles L An-
&- 1404[...]
[...]Dill C C, 1528 Champa (phone 443.)
Smith Charles, 1553 Larimer. GITHENS GEOR[...]
[...]Druggists' Sundries Garden Hose, etc.
McBRIDE CHARLES, in Rubber.[...]Wholesale.
1815 Arapahoe (phone 604).
Cement and Plate Glass,
Anger Christian, 1900 Downing av. Dehn Charles F, 132116th,
Angsten P J, 1310 16th.[...]shworth W H, 1741 Larimer. Doehling Charles, 2601 Market.
Atlantic Hall, 1430 Blake.[...]
[...]Flaherty John, 1529 Larimer. HUMBURG CHARLES,
CD Forman Emile, 179 Watervliet av, Globe-[...]oster & Ek, 1840 Lawrence. Jaderblom Charles, 778 S 9th.
CO Fox John, 4001 Downing av.[...]Kilcoyne P J, 877 Santa Fe av.
Greenclay Charles & Co, 2245 2249 Lar- Kimball J F, 300 Santa Fe[...]Guida & Catello, 2400 19th. Knutson Charles, 1930 Market.
Guth John, 1005 15th.[...]
[...]Naesimbene Charles, 2111 Larimer.
ran ent[...]Y-BONDS „ , .„., ARAPAHOE. Nelson Charles E, 1801 Arapahoe.
rhone 1083[...]Orblom Andrew, 2032 Larimer.
Lundberg Charles, 1217 19th. Owen Merit, 701 17th.[...]Rett Maria Mrs, 3900 Clear Creek av.
MILLER CHARLES F, Richter Bern[...]
[...]Vogel Charles, 943 Larimer.[...]Wallace J H Mrs, 1937 Market.
Saunders Charles, 1321 17th. Wanner Charles, 163116th.
Sawaya M J, 1301 Market.[...]chwab John, 2963 Market. Weisensee Charles, 974 S 7th.
Schwab Joseph, 682 Broadway.[...]17th. WRIGHT HENRT J,
oo Solf Charles, 1334 Larimer. 3300-3302 Larimer[...]Strempel A G, 701 Larimer.
Stuart Charles A & Co, Boston Bldg.
[...]IRON WORKS CO, Potter & Putnam Co, 404 Charles Bldg.
1401-3-5-7 Market (phone 1248).
Berger V M, 2267 7th.
Otto Charles, 951 10th.[...]
Gottesleben & S o n ' S S 5 K £ : IKSaJftr Union[...]
•%i^ '4m -%^ 4m %s> 4m <s# ^[...]
w h 0
McPHEE &[...]
[...]Copper. Eilers supt, Charles Ruter genl pur-[...]
McPhee & McGinnity, Manufacturers Sash, Doors[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th St. "Sr Insurance[...]
[...]921). Colorado Steel Range Co, Charles Kibler
DENVER TRANSIT & WAREHOUSE CO,[...]Charles Kibler pres, 1635 Curtis,
[...]Brown Charles, 1438 Lawrence. CO
CO, 1624[...]
[...]Steinberg S. 910 18th.[...]Hilberg John, 1449 S l l t h . Wist Charles, 1335 16th.
Isenberg H, 923 15th.[...]rting.
oo Johnson G O, 726 15th.
Jones Charles E, 1124 18th. ADAMS SARTORIAL ART CO,[...]638 17th cor California.
Lemon Charles, 805 Broadway. NICOLL THE TAILOR,[...]6th.
oo Luthy J, 3542 Market.
Matthaey Charles' B, 2628 W Colfax av.
Milam J S, 2950 Gall[...]Muller Alfred, 1566 Broadway.
Rosinski Charles, 1844 Lawrence. Rubinsal Adolph, 2043 Champa.
Rude Isadore, 423 Charles Bldg.
Sabbarth Robert, 5,1854 Stout[...]
[...]AUGUST A, O o
Cramer Charles W & Co, 928 15th. 1655 Welton.
Heldt Christian, 2958 Larimer.
Ascertained by T[...]
1525-1527 Wazee.[...]
BARTELS BROS. & BISHOP, 53317th Street S L O A N S[...]
* 1432[...]
[...]NCE UPON Lindl Charles, 1029 18th.
KENIS.[...]JOHN W, Smeby Charles, 929 21st.
2409 15th (phone 303).
WILMORE WALL PAPER & PAINT CO, Leppla Charles H, 828 16th. OO
1622 Welt[...]
[...]v. Weather Vanes.
Roth Charles. 813 16th.
Schreiber A J, 1308 17tb.[...]av. LETNER J GEORGE,
Stapper Charles Jewelry Co, 1619 Stout. Office 6, Sheridan B[...]Kendrick Mill Mfg Co, 1517 Wazee.
Weinberg Charles, 1519 Larimer. Maher Richard, 10[...]
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Edwards Charles. W Colfax av nw cor I E Evons p[...]

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